Brevard County:
Considering the fact that the recent breaking of -- or at the very least, ignoring of, or delaying of -- the Sunshine Law by D1 Administrative Assistant, Kathie England and the resulting hassles, time and driving I had to do to receive the information that was mine by right and by LAW, I formally request the very reasonable reimbursement for my gas expenses. I had to drive from Port St. John to the D1 office in north Titusville, from there to Viera Bldg. C, and from there home to PSJ again. I figure that amount to be at least fifteen dollars ($15.00) and would appreciate the check to be made out to me, Linda McKinney, and sent to 6025 Keystone Ave., Port St. John, FL 32927 as soon as possible.
I think this is a very reasonable request considering the circumstances brought about  by Ms England's actions. I should not have had to do that driving -- polluting the atmosphere and adding to Global Warming, if you believe in that claptrap -- and I think that fifteen dollars ($15.00) is reasonable for the kind of vehicle I drive and for the number of miles travelled (mille borne). I could be harsher on Brevard County, but it is taxpayer dollars and it is my taxes that are being paid for Ms England's actions (remember: MY TAXES PAID HER TO DO THAT TO ME: and that's just WRONG), which she undertook as an employee of Brevard County. IF you choose to not send me a check, perhaps Ms England's personal account should be tapped for the reimbursement of my travel for which Ms England's illegal actions are directly responsible.
FL SS 119 gave me the right to the information I requested. The Florida Constitution stated that I should have been treated the same as rupester. The single e-mail requested was clearly recalled by Ms England, as proven in a previous e-mail from Ms England. The e-mail I requested was my right. It was a legal request. It was due to me just as much as my e-mail was due to rupester. Ms England chose to send my request to the "official Ombudsman"; from there to the IT Dept. If it were not for Ms England's actions, I would not have had to drive half the distance of the county. Therefore, I think this is a reasonable -- even a legal -- request for reimbursement and I duly request reimbursement for fifteen dollars ($15.00) due immediately.
Thank you for the gas money. I appreciate it sincerely.
Linda McKinney
6025 Keystone Ave.
Port St. John, FL 32927
Remember: If the City/County/State/Nation can do it to your fellow citizen, they can do it to you, too. Stand up for your neighbor, because if you don't, the City/County/State/Nation will come for you next.
Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn't care about you. It's those of us who do wake you up who care.