Why I seek the Personnel Contracts of the Clerk’s Office

Here is one of many rent-a-friend contracts issued to various Friends of Mitch (FoM). Ms. Roberts is paid $1200 a month with public money to supposedly write press releases and handle personal appearances of Mitch Needelman, fundamentally (if you read the contract attached) she is an assistant to the assistant to the Clerk.

I have included a sample of Ms. Roberts work below. Ignoring the content, the poor writing skills of Ms. Roberts opens the question of why would she be hired to write anything for anyone? Checking the Clerk’s official website, where are the press releases?

While her article speaks of my financial insecurities, Ms. Roberts fails to disclose then Representative Mitch Needelman was instrumental in securing for her a $100,000 GRANT from the State of Florida after the hurricanes of 2006. Ms. Roberts alludes to requesting public records, yet there is no record of her ever going through my personnel file or any other records (no record of payments for redaction and copies of the public records). The reason is simple: she went through various records, including my personnel file, for free while masquerading as a Clerk’s employee.

The Clerk’s Office is now riddled with these personal contracts. I have been stonewalled in getting them but fortunately, when I post articles, I reach another person outside the Clerk’s Office who has access to the County’s SAP financial system and can (on occasion) find various contracts and invoices.

The taxpayers of Brevard County are paying for a suite of personal servants for the current Clerk. The purpose of the lawsuit I have now filed for public records will go a long way toward exposing who is on the ‘payroll’ while not being carried as a regular employee.


Why Mitch?

"The Misuse of Freedom of Speech
"Why Scott Ellis Scares me…

"The first amendment right to freedom of speech is both a blessing and a curse. It allows us to freely express ourselves in public forums, but it also guarantees a public platform for liars and cheats. Unless those listening to them bother to check the facts, they go away with erroneous information. That is often to the detriment of another person who IS telling the truth.

"Scott Ellis quit his ELECTED position as Clerk of Courts in the middle of his term. This is a position that pays roughly $140K per year, and in these economic times, one has to ponder the reason behind giving up that kind of salary. Mr. Ellis is not financially secure, if you look into it through the Broad Public Records Law of Florida that allows all citizens to request records on everything regarding our elected officials. Mr. Ellis frequently requested an advance on his salary prior to the scheduled pay date. Obviously he needed to cover his personal expenses. So why did he quit this lucrative job? This is just ONE example of how you can strip back the rhetoric of Scott Ellis, if you only spend a little time researching him.

"In this election year, are you going to believe what Scott Ellis tells you about the Clerk of Courts operations? Are you going to nod your head and say, “Oh, he was the clerk for 10 years, so he must be right.” Will you vote for someone who quit his job when there was a proven, verifiable from several audit sources, shortfall in his court budget (similar, apparently to the shortfall in his personal budget) that he simply walked away from, leaving the new Clerk to deal with it?

"Scott has had a whole year to come up with lies and excuses about why he left office. Now he wants to come back. Are you going to let him, or are you going to do your duty as a voter, use the Sunshine Law to research what this man actually did while in office, and vote for the person who fixed the mess. We all have “rights” but we also have responsibilities as voters to cast a vote intelligently and responsibly. We can only do that if we do our homework before going to the polls.”

"by Bonita Roberts - Grant-Valkaria"

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This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

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