Freedom’s Way

© 2024 Linda McKinney


Freedom is a byword here,

A thing of claim and fame

It’s a call worldwide heard

A clarion, a favorite word

Yet, with this current lot,

It’s no longer what it was

It lost its flavor, no longer salt

Its reality brought to a halt.


We’re not allowed to raise our voice

To demonstrate our different choice

To not follow the democrats

And kiss their butts and tip our hats

To not be cowed by their demands

To give our children into their hands

To refuse to agree with their politics,

They consider us stupid hicks.


The rest of us, with common sense

Who love America and aren’t so dense

As to want to be exactly like

The actor, singer and common shrike

Who hates America in every way

Work under socialism’s sway

And spout their bile through blackened lips

In other gender’s clothing on their hips.


America, our precious, our red, white and blue

A beacon of freedom, strong and true

Founding Fathers, who risked it all,

Glad to not see America’s fall

Into the troubled thing it is today

Tattered, torn, and courts helped decay

Our freedoms, rights to property,

Thanks to their skullduggery.


America, ‘tis now the time that you must see

What could have been, but cannot be

Until “We, the People” take our stand

And restore freedom to our land,

Our America, the dreamer’s dream

Of coming here and schemers scheme

To break our laws and enter here

Break our borders, it is clear

They’re being used by democrats

To cheat and “win”, like little brats.


Let’s change things up, and make it right,

Take the plunge, renew the fight

To “Make America Great Again!”

Renew our courage, let hope begin!

Let’s screw our “courage to the sticking-place”,

As Trump, our leader, turns his face

To be the president of the U.S.A.

And return to us freedom’s way!