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NOTE: The yellow pages on this site are related to the truth of the PSJ incorporation efforts of Port St. John For Tomorrow (PSJ4T) and are six years old. However, due to the fact that the former members of that organization are or have been running for public office, it is best to have the truth out there to stand against them. Please do not count on every link working properly.

What about TAXES?
City Charter vs. PSJ4T
Refutations: Refuting PSJ4T's claims.
Common Sense
What If... Is fear making up your mind for you?
Sewers: State Laws and Titusville Ordinance
Is Happenings Biased?
PSJ4T Speaks What they tell the County Commissioners regarding taxes.
Compare Budget Item Costs of PSJ4T with Incorporated Cities.
A Heritage at Stake
Response to Ms. Tidd's Threatening Letter
Seven Deadly Sins: Is PSJ4T using them against you?
Debate Transcription: October 8th; PSJ4T's Bill Bender vs. Peter Costello of the Civic League.
E-mail from Carmine Ferraro to Commissioners, etc.
Injunction Maureen Rupe, and others, filed to keep your taxes high.

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PSJ4T claims that PSJ, Hardeeville, Frontenac, Delespine and Williams Point becoming a city is "More than Feasible." (For my comments on "Feasible" see page one [TRUTH] of this web site, or check it out for yourself in any dictionary.) If you look at the numbers PSJ4T is putting out, you will see some pretty amazing things. They think we can run a city of 22,000 people and 16.5 square miles on just under $6 million.

Reality check. Below are the links for the budget pages -- or just budget info -- on quite a few Florida cities. Look for yourself and see if you think PSJ4T's wishful thinking could actually be a budget for the forceful incorporation of four communities and the traditional boundaries of PSJ.

Look at their numbers, compare those to what PSJ4T plans for us, and then decide if PSJ4T's numbers are "More than Feasible."

(Note: ANY link you see that ends with ".pdf" needs Adobe's Acrobat Reader in order to read that page. Make sure you have it, or you won't be able to check the numbers. Go here to download the latest version.)

(Note: Instructions may accompany the pages. When there are two links for the same city, that means you will have to visit one page to look at the budget, and another page to find the population and/or square miles within the city. Some cities are bigger than we will be; some are about the same size; some smaller.)

Remember: PSJ4T (I call them PSJ4Taxes) says that they would only have to raise the tax rate by 0.5 mil. on a tax base of $485,000,000 (485 million dollars). Do the math: $485,000,000 $1,000 (you pay taxes per $1,000 of property value) = $485,000. Multiply that by the millage rate of 0.5 and you get how much they would be getting out of our "huge" tax base. Look at the numbers you get out of our tax base, then look at the budgets from these other cities, then decide if the "only additional taxes" from the 0.5 mil PSJ4Taxes promises is really going to be enough to run the City of Port St. John.

$485,000,000 1,000 = $485,000 x 0.5 = $242,500

Cities within Brevard County

City of Rockledge 2001 Numbers

City of Cocoa 2002 Numbers

City of Titusville 2002 Budget Transmittal Letter

City of Indialantic - "The 1.05-square mile area was incorporated in 1952 with a population of 1,500. It is today a quiet, primarily residential Town with a population of 2,844."

City of Cape Canaveral 2002-2003 Budget Page

City of Melbourne 2002-2003 Budget Letter

City of Melbourne General Info

City of West Melbourne Budget Info

City of West Melbourne Population and Acreage Info

Outside Brevard

City of Coconut Creek 2003 Budget Summary Page

City of Coconut Creek Population & Acreage Info

City of Palm Coast Start Page

City of Palm Coast Budget Page

City of Coral Springs Demographics

City of Coral Springs Budget Overview

City of Crystal River Info -- Population 3,485

City of Crystal River FAQ (go to question #9)

City of Boca Raton 2002-2003 Budget Page

City of Aventura 2002-2003 Budget Page

Town of Davie Budget -- Population 78,000; 34.4 sq. miles

City of Eustis General Informationn - Notice the Population, City Millage Rate, Municipal Boundaries and Sworn Police Officers Categories.

City of Greenacres Budget Summary Page -- Scroll down to bottom of page.

City of Greenacres General Info

City of Mount Dora General Info -- Notice the millage rate.

City of North Port 2001 Budget Info -- Go to Financial Services, then scroll down and click on Adopted Budget.

City of Royal Palm Beach General Info -- Pay attention to the City Millage Rate and Demographics

City of Royal Palm Beach 2001-2002 Operating Budget

City of Sebastian General Information

City of Sebastian Budget Transmittal Letter Page

City of Tamarac News Release Re.: 2003 Budget

City of Tamarac General Information

City of Temple Terrace -- Click on "Finance Dept.," then "Accounting & Budget," then "2002 City Wide Budget"

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This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for by Linda McKinney; independent of any political group, organization, league, and political action committee.