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April 11, 2024: 4:12 p.m.   demonRAT Woops!:   They scheduled their Grand Poobah meeting a little too late in the year! They have Ohio's and Alabama's laws to contend with that both say that they have to have the demonRAT candidate confirmed in BEFORE the demonRAT's National Convention in which they allegedly nominate their presidential candidate, "like, for real". You know, they go through the show of having speeches made, of people "voting" on the floor, of having "deals made" to give delegates and super delegates to certain candidates (they only have one running, bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe, so why go through the show, I have no idea), and that show is meant to make people feel like, yeah, this is a democratic process (even though America is a Representative Constitutional REPUBLIC). Well, the dnc's Convention is not scheduled until August 19th, while the Alabama deadline is FOUR DAYS EARLIER at August 15th, and Ohio's deadline is August 7th. IF the dnc doesn't confirm bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe as their candidate, officially, by those deadlines, the law says that he will be left off the ballot. That's 26 electoral college votes he would be totally ineligible to receive any votes to receive. If someone voted for him in Ohio, without him being on the ballot, they'd have to do so as a write-in candidate, which he may have to run for in Ohio if he's too late to be printed on the ballot. The problem with that is that it may be too late to register as a write-in candidate in either state. What are the lefties going to do? Are they going to just submit his name without going through their own official nominating process at their Convention, just to save the possibility of him getting on ballot on those two states? Or are they going to just CHEAT enough to win WITHOUT being on the ballot in either Ohio, or Alabama? Hard choice for the left. They love to win, even if it takes cheating to do so (see elections from 2016, 2020 and 2022 for proof: how many times do dead people get to vote, cartoon characters get to vote, or people vote from different houses in different precincts?), but can they let their cheating be so darn obvious that a deaf, mute, blind and lame person see it? Tough choice, but they may have to make it.

April 11, 2024   bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe HATES CHRISTIANS:   You've seen story after story after story about how this FAUXministration, and the "devout Catholic" leading it, are targeting and discriminating against Christians. There was another story about it yesterday and today, of course, there is another example. The U.S. military's chaplains are taking the SecDef (Secretary of Defense), Lloyd Austin, all the way to the SCOTUS

"[T]he chaplains filed a petition with the Supreme Court challenging the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ dismissal of their claims for an injunction against continued retaliation for requesting religious accommodation [against the Covid-19 mandate] and the District Court’s dismissal of their constitutional and statutory claims."


"[O]n Friday, April 26, the Supreme Court will have the opportunity to stay, or pause, the policies that have continued to impact these chaplains’ careers."
The U.S. military has taken retaliatory steps against the chaplains (and other military members) who refused to take the jab on religious objections grounds and SecDef Austin is making them STILL pay for it. This, even though even the CDC downgraded Covid to about the same as THE FLU, yet the U.S. military still pushes the POISON "vaccine" and punishes those who don't get it! That's absurd! It's this FAUXministration's way of trying to keep a foot on the neck of everyone who would disobey. If they can do this to the U.S. military, what can they do to civilians who disobey? Trust me. They don't want to find out what happens if they try it!

April 11, 2024   BABY-KILLING:   The REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, recently released a statement about abortion. Some said he followed Lincoln's example of settling things. Others disagreed and said he did a Stephen Douglas on it. Whichever, you think he did, I think that he's trying his best to support the ruling of the SCOTUS on Roe v. Wade and their returning that choice to states. I think he's kinda' "threading the needle" on it, and in this contentious time when the LEFT is going to try to make abortion (BABY-KILLING) a focus of this election, his statement is very astute. When he gets back into office (which he will barring MASSIVE, MASSIVE CHEATING BY THE LEFT), he can turn on the WHOLE ENCHILADA PRO-LIFE guns again and "Make Babies Safe Again!" I look forward to that. In the meantime, give him some grace and understand that he is PRO-LIFE, but not Pro-DESTROY AMERICA. If he has to "free the slaves" (that is, save the babies) slowly, he'll do it in order to save America. After all, to Pres. Donald J. Trump, babies in the womb ARE AMERICANS, TOO. That, he has made abundantly clear.

April 10, 2024   PEDOPHILE DEATHS:   They're not dead yet, but under Rep. Anna Paulina Luna's bill, the "Holding Child Predators Accountable Act" would not only "impose harsher penalties and mandatory minimums", but would

"mandate the death penalty or life imprisonment for those convicted of producing, distributing, or possessing child pornography involving the sexual exploitation of minors."
I like this! I SUPPORT THIS! I LOVE THIS! She goes on to say,
"'Death penalty. It will come to the floor. Let’s see who tries to protect pedophiles,' on Facebook."
I want names! I want to find out for certain who is going to stand up and say, "Uh. No. We can't do that!" because anyone who does is NOT YOUR FRIEND and NOT TO BE TRUSTED AROUND YOUR -- OR ANYONE ELSE'S -- CHILDREN! I think that's something we can all agree on. This should get the support of EVERY parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, child out there who IS NOT A PEDOPHILE, GROOMER, or PERVERT! Call your local U.S. Representative and Senator and tell them that you want them to support this bill when it's introduced. IF they refuse, tell them that you now know you cannot trust them around your children and they won't be getting your vote in the future if they won't protect your children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, etc. IF they won't vote to protect children, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

April 10, 2024   Trendie Transie:   A study has been conducted in England about the NHS's procedures for allowing children to get transgender treatment and surgeries and it's quite damning. The results show that "the pillars of gender medicine are ‘built on shaky foundations,'" and one of the most damning conclusions (IMHO) was this:

"While a considerable amount of research has been published in this field, systematic evidence reviews demonstrated the poor quality of the published studies, meaning there is not a reliable evidence base upon which to make clinical decisions, or for children and their families to make informed choices."
That's pretty damning. "The poor quality of the published studies" means that people are making decisions on a really damagaing decision based upon BAD OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION, and that the MEDICAL PROFESSION IS PUSHING IT ANYWAYS! You thought that the Covid-19 POISON "vaccine" was the only reason to distrust the medical profession? Wrong! Any doctor/surgeon/psychiatric practitioner who pushes or encourages, suggests, approves of, or even agrees with this LIE is TOTALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY! How many ways do doctors and the "medical profession" have of messing things up?! I want to know why any "First, do no harm" "medical professional" would want to push this transgender LIE onto children besides for the MONEY it can make them! Can you trust anyone who tries to harm children like this? I cannot!

April 11, 2024   Well, my hubby just got home so I'm going to close for now. We didn't go on our date night last night. I wasn't feeling up to it. Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom's death last year and it wasn't a happy day, so we agreed to stay home. Chocolate helped, though, and I'm feeling better today. Which reminds me of my favorite sign: "Day three without chocolate. Lost hearing in my left eye." (Yep. That's correct: "left eye". Too funny!)

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

April 10, 2024: 3:37 p.m.   I don't have much time for updates (it's date night), but it's been so long that I thought I'd try to get at least a few in.

April 10, 2024   PRO-TRUMP AD:   One of the best Pro-Trump ads that you have ever seen. Will it stop the left from their TDS? No. Will it make some of the "I don't like mean tweets" people rethink their dislike of President Trump? Maybe. Maybe it will wake some people up to the reality of what America is facing. I think you should see it so here's the page about it and a direct link to the commercial video. There's a "Part 1" to the video that is available here. I think they will make some people wake up. I hope and pray so!

April 10, 2024   BUYthem's Border:   He says that he's now going to "take action" on the border. Yeah. Right. Sorry if I'm a bit skeptical, but he's had three years to do this. Why would he stop making excuses and start taking action now? Oh, yeah. It's an election year, but that doesn't stop him from lying.

April 10, 2024   TDS:   A 76 year-old man, a friend of The REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, is going back to jail because he is said to have lied under oath about the size of Pres. Donald J. Trump's penthouses. Let me repeat that: about the size -- the size -- of one of Trump's penthouses. Excuse me while I find my jaw and pick it up off the floor. How many times has a LEFTIST LIED UNDER OATH? Shall we start with crackheadhunterBUYthem? He LIED under oath with almost every word he spoke. How about the many, many times Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas lied under oath? How about the J6th committee and their LIES and their destruction of exculpatory evidence? Sounds to me like there is yet another instance of LEFTIES getting special treatment. As usual. And such a LITTLE lie, compared to what Mayorkas did! I mean, really! The SIZE of a penthouse? Really? SMH.

April 10, 2024   Reparations via NO TAXES?:   A black congresswoman (no respect, no caps) said that she doesn't think that blacks should have to pay taxes because of slavery. Um. No. IF their ancestors were slaves, they should have been exempt from paying taxes, but not today's blacks. The fact is that the people wanting reparations and to NOT pay taxes were never slaves and their parents were never slaves and they never suffered under that system. Also, we have no slave owners today, so we have a people who are saying that YOU should pay the price for something your ancestors may not have even done. Is that fair? Is it right that you should pay for something that YOU DID NOT DO? I don't think so. I think that anyone calling for reparations is actually saying "I'm special. I need something from everyone else because I have a certain skin tone!" What about the people who moved here from Africa in the last ten years? Do they get "reparations", too? Do they get to cry about slavery, too? Do we pay everyone? Or is it just for those who have been here for ten years and a day, or longer? I'm so tired of this nonsense. Let's just stop it, right now.

April 10, 2024   bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe HATES CHRISTIANS:   He's now trying to make sure that the federal government can control who Christian organizations can hire. That's against the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"
If this policy gets putinto effect, then we hava the problem of the government interfering in religion. If you have a Christian organization who wants to hire a specific person -- or to NOT hire a specific person, an atheist, for instance -- the government has no right to demand that you hire that person, or NOT hire that person. It's not up to them to decide for you. Tell bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe that he's not allowed to do so. He proves daily that he hates Christians and Christianity, that good "Catholic" boy. It's rather absurd to think that he's "Catholic". He's more like the anti-Christ than any sort of Christian or Catholic!

April 10, 2024   2024 Election:   Sounds to me like the LEFT is losing voters--a LOT of voters--because of BUYthem. People are tired of paying so much more for everything, they can't afford the things they used to under Pres. Donald J. Trump, and they are working two or three jobs to try to make ends meet, and paying twice as much for the gas to get to each of those jobs! That's why blacks and Hispanics are switching to support Pres. Donald J. Trump! We have to rethink the way things happen in our elections. IMHO, we have to rethink how to PREVENT THE LEFT'S CHEATING! Let's STOP it this year and we'll be able to (perhaps) trust our results. We'll see.

April 10, 2024   Well, my hubby just got home, so I'm going to go. I'll try to see you back here tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 29, 2024: 4:16 p.m.: Easter Weekend Begins:   I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful, reflective, Christ-centered Easter weekend and that your reflecting on Christ's sinless life, humbling sacrifice in horrific pain and agony, death on the cross and finally, His resurrection will lead you closer to HIM! I'm very grateful for His sacrifice for me. John 3:16:

"New International Version
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
That's what GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ did for you. This was planned from BEFORE God made the heavens and the earth! It's GOD'S plan that you know Him, that He has a relationship with you and He and Jesus AGREED to this plan before they created the sun, moon, stars or earth. They LOVED YOU BEFORE THEY CREATED ALL OF THIS FOR YOU. That's why they came up with a plan to get you to heaven before they created anything else. They LOVE YOU. Remember that this weekend and every day thereafter.

March 29, 2024   TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome):   It may be that at least one of the cases against the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, is falling apart and jack smith is not happy about it. (As my brother says, "Oh, wah!") The documents are now under the control of Judge Aileen Cannon (a Conservative judge with true Constitutional knowledge and integrity), and she can rule that some of the testimoney that was given in Washington D.C. can be excluded and she gets to decide which documents are going to be used in the trial. Sounds like jack smithieboy could be sobbing into his beer and wetting his bed for quite a while, if she does the Constitutionally correct things.

He's not the only TDS sufferer who is throwing hissy fits, though. His company is wade mistress, fani willis, and she's not happy that Rep. Jim Jordan is sticking with the contempt of Congress charge because they've been

"requesting she send documents that recorded how the DA’s office spent federal funds, and requesting the documents be sent by Feb. 28."
A whistleblower employee said that she planned to use
"part of a $488,000 federal grant—earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention—to pay for "swag," computers, and travel."
So there are now two TDS sufferers/"attorneys"/prosecutors who are upset because they're not getting their own way in all of their wrongdoings. Awww... Too bad.

And of course, there's a third leftist TDS sufferer who is involved in a Trump TDS "trial" (read: Effort to prevent Trump from being able to be sworn into office next January). This one is a "judge" and he's throwing the book at J6 defendants (stand-ins for Trump) and he's breaking judicial ethics by going on cnn and speaking about "pending legal matters". He is threatening J6 defendants with STIFFER SENTENCES if the SCOTUS rules in favor of the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, in any of the cases that come before the SCOTUS. This "judge", if they rule in Trump's favor, will review his sentencing of every J6 case that came before him and push back their release dates; even though there were NO REAL CRIMES COMMITTED BY THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE. Despicable doesn't even begin to describe how terrible these pieces of human excrement who passed the Bar exam are! They should all be brought up on charges of their own and lose their licenses, their positions, their pensions and anything else associated with their MALpractice of the law!

March 29, 2024   RACIST!:   Warning! Coming soon to all government programs near and far from you! The "reclassification" of who we are by a more detailed "race and ethnicity" metric. Soon, we'll be able to be more exacting on our government forms and the government will be able to demand more "representation" of certain groups because of the new race/ethnicity classification system. Don't ya' love that the LEFT is implementing something so that Somalia can have more representation in American government? After all, they need more than just ilhan-I-married-my-brother-omar in Congress, don't they? Remember: she said that her

"'No. 1 job' is to look out for Somalia and that one day, the country will go after other territories to 'unify all Somali-speaking people.'"
Yep. That's what America needs. We need to divide us more and to make sure that more foreigners are here to break America into little enclaves of specific language-speaking people who hate America and Americans. Remember that Muslims have vowed to destroy America and that Somalis are Muslim. The LEFT SUPPORTS THIS. Do you?

March 29, 2024   LEFTIES Harm Families and Children:   We've seen how often LEFTIES have been taking custody of children away from their parents because the parent won't use the "right pronouns" that the kid is now claiming, falling prey to the "trendie transie" movement and demanding to be made something the kid was never meant to be. We've seen how the LEFT encouraged (from the nineteen-fifties and on) single motherhood -- especially among blacks -- and then subsidized single motherhood; the more children the more money they got. We've seen how the LEFT made divorce easier and faster, usually kicking the father out of the child's life except for brief visitations every other weekend or even fewer times throughout the year. There is a PRICE to pay for the LEFT'S inteference with the "nuclear family". That price is written about in a book that I must read. The problem is, the LEFT is still pushing the destruction of the nuclear family and they're doing so vehemently through public schools! This is not a good thing! Children need a few basic things to grow into well-adjusted, stable adults:

  • A two parent household with parents willing to talk instead of walk out.

  • A relationship with GOD; and the parents to have one also.

  • A home, no matter where it is, grand or shabby, a home to feel like the child belongs somewhere.

  • Discipline: NOT abuse, but rules and guidelines that are to be followed and enforced.

  • A decent education that does NOT include the lies of the LEFT.

  • Parental guidance and counsel: listening to a child's heart and concerns does a world of good.

  • Freedom to learn from their own mistakes, with the corrective discipline that goes with those mistakes.

  • Food: it doesn't have to be filet mignon, but they do need to eat to function.

  • A sense of self-worth that comes from praise for accomplishments, not just participation trophies.

  • A worth ethic: Chores are always a good idea because it teaches them responsibility, and gets them praised when well done.

  • Protection from evil: Sexual predators are everywhere and so are drugs and other bad influences. GOD is important here.

That's what children need, NOT the LEFT'S interference in every aspect of their lives and certainly NOT the LEFT'S pushing hormones and "gender-affirming therapies" on them! It's time to get back to the basics. It's time to be the Cleavers and get Ward and June raising the kids with love, discipline and integrity. It's time to TAKE PARENTING BACK AGAIN!

March 29, 2024   Leftie Females Need Change:   A FORMER leftie female wrote about how the single leftie females (or maybe I should write non-males to make them happier?) are in need of change and GOD. I totally agree and hope that they all find the peace she did in Christ.

March 29, 2024   I'm going to close with that for today. Everyone have a great Easter weekend. Remember the Reason for the Season: Jesus Christ loved you enough to DIE for you, and was the ONLY person who was sinless and rose from the grave and lived again for YOU to be able to go to heaven to live eternally with Him and GOD, HIS FATHER. You can walk streets of gold or you can have eternal torment. The choice is yours. Choose wisely because you'll be in either place forever. Which shall it be for you?

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 28, 2024: 4:17 p.m.   May have a little time to do blurbs today, despite my late start, because of the traffic from the expected Delta IV Heavy launch attempt. So I'll get started with...

March 28, 2024   DemonRAT Cheating:   This time, it's not in an election it's a reminder that RFK Jr. cheated on his wife MANY times and when she found his secret diary (with names and codes to tell how far he got with each of 37 named women) she couldn't cope and hung herself after years of self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. That's so sad that we have a family history of Kennedys who can't even spell the word "fidelity" yet they're frequently elected to public office. If they can't keep their wedding vow to the person they allegedly love the most, who should be most important to them, how does anyone expect them to keep their campaign promises? Don't get me wrong, I think that RFK Jr. being on the ballot will help the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, legally win a THIRD election because RFK will be taking votes away from BUYthem. However, the people who voted for him should know ahead of time that he's NOT a promise keeper. Pres. Donald J. Trump, I acknowledge, is not known for his marital fidelity, either, but when it comes to his presidential promises, I think his first term in office was a pretty good indicator of what he can do for America and how good his policies make things. I want to go back to that. Don't you want to pay less for gas, food, clothing, etc., not have to work two jobs to make ends meet and have time to spend with your family? That's what I'm voting for; that and PRO-LIFE, because President Trump is PRO-LIFE while RFK is PRO-BABY-KILLING

"'Mr. Kennedy’s position on abortion is that it is always the woman’s right to choose. He does not support legislation banning abortion,'"
Babies' Lives Matter! In fact, Mr. Kennedy was one himself at one time. I bet he's glad his mother didn't kill him!

March 28, 2024   Trendie Transie:   In Kansas both the Kansas House and Senate passed a bill banning sex change hormones and puberty blockers for minors, but the demonRAT death-loving governor vows to veto it. The KS Senate has passed it with a veto-proof majority, but two Representatives were absent for the House vote, but they had already voted for the legislation previously, so if it comes to an overturn the veto vote, I hope they are there and that the House and Senate get to vote to overturn the demonRAT'S veto and that Kansas children can live through their confusion without doing irreversible damage to their bodies thanks to the Kansas House and Senate Republicans. That would be excellent!

March 28, 2024   Hate Crime:   The Missouri Attorney General says he's open to charging the black teen who beat Kaylee Gain's head into the pavement until she was "unconscious and twitching" with a HATE CRIME! I'm not certain, but this may be the first -- or one of the first -- times a black person may face a hate crime charge. It's about time! Hate crimes are not a one-way street and if the person committing the crime is white, black, brown, yellow, purple with green polkadots, it doesn't matter. There is SUPPOSED TO BE "equal protection under the law". There isn't supposed to be a law for blacks and a law for whites. We did away with segregation in the 1960s so all of that nonsense is over. Of course, the LEFT wants it to continue because they can use that animosity against Conservatives who are the ones who SUPPORTED the END of slavery, the END of segregation (demonRATS created the KKK and wanted segregation to continue), elected Robert Byrd, a KKK Grand Kleegle, and put bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe into office with all of his racist remarks (remember that links to an article written in 2021, so he's made many other racist remarks more recently!). I'm glad that a HATE CRIME may be laid at the perpetrator's feet. I don't care that she's a multi-lingual person, a good student, or anything else good they say about her, nor that she was allegedly BULLIED (oh, wah!). She did the CRIME and that's what matters. She assaulted someone so badly that her victim is still in the hospital and that's what she should have to pay for! There's no "get out of trouble free" card in real life... Well, is she registered to vote as a demonRAT yet? If not, she needs to do so quickly because that will get her right out of trouble and put her on the presidential fast track. We've seen the LEFT elect so many adulterers, people arrested for doing drugs (DC Mayor, Marion Berry, anyone?), re-elect embezzlers, etc., that I wouldn't be surprised if the attacker here was sent to the U.S. Senate, instead of prison. They'll just LIE about her age.

March 28, 2024   Leftist Hypocrisy:   As usual, if there's something the LEFT can be hyppocritical about, there will be at least a zillion of them doing so. I'm sorry. Did I write, "a zillion"? What's the next highest number above that? Anyways, LEFTIST television guy, jon stewart (never watched a moment of his show), has derided the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, because of the ALLEGED over-valuing of Trump's Mar-a-Lago in a real estate loan. The problem is, we know jon stewart did the SAME THING, BUT WORSE and he's not be prosecuted by LEFTIST letitia james, now is he? Hypocrisy, thy name is LEFTIES.

March 28, 2024   Well, that didn't take long. My hubby is home and he wants us to run errands, so I'll go for now. I'll try to see you tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 26, 2024: 2:47 p.m.:   Well, that was fun! I made a call last week to an aunt of my husband's that we hadn't seen in quite a few years and she remembered me and we arranged to get together last Sunday. We had a great time with Aunt H. and her daughter, N., and we talked for over four hours. Then I stayed up to make sure my hubby got up early to go back to Florida and get to work on time, which meant an all-nighter for me, but then I couldn't get sleepy and stayed up from 8:30 Sunday morning until almost midnight Monday night. That was also okay, because I got to watch some of my favorite DVDs: Dr. Who. I was tired and thought that if I sat down to do my updates I might fall asleep. After all, it does get a bit boring writing all the time about the LEFT'S wrongs; but there are so many that impact you, my readers, that I feel like I have to keep covering them. Anyways, I'm here today (won't be here tomorrow since I'm driving back to Florida tomorrow), and I'll get started.

March 26, 2024   Fauci-China-19:   There are so many things that were LIES surrounding this man-made disease that I totally believe it was meant to do what it did: shut down the world in order to facilitate the 2020 STEAL. One of those LIES was that all of the POISON "vaccines" were "safe and effective":

"The Danish Medicines Agency has warned that chronic hives is a possible side effect of the Moderna mRNA injection."
That's according to the "PeterSweden" article that reveals the DMA's findings. It also says
"the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is in agreement with the Danish findings."
So now that the studies are actually being done on the HORRIBLE side effects, they're finding more and more and more of the LIES that we were told about the safety and efficacy of the POISONS. In another study, this time by Japanese researchers at the Asahikawa Medical University, Hokkaido, Japan, has found that
"[T]he spike protein’s presence in blood transfusions could lead to various health issues, including thrombosis (blood clots), cardiovascular problems, and a wide array of systemic diseases affecting multiple organs.

"The study meticulously reviews the existing literature and reports on post-vaccination phenomena, such as the persistence of vaccine components like mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) in the bloodstream of vaccinated individuals.

"It highlights concerns that these components might not only remain in the donor’s blood but could also be passed on to recipients through transfusions, potentially leading to unintended health consequences."
So if you did NOT get the POISON "vaccine" (good for you!), then I strongly URGE YOU do NOT accept blood that has been "vaccinated" with any mRNA-type "vaccines" of any sort. They're using mRNA shots for more that FC-19 now so make sure that you have NON-mRNA blood transfused if you are going to need it. Better yet, have them collect your own blood PRIOR to your operation and use that during your surgery. Zero Hedge reported
"Some studies have reported that the spike protein in the mRNA vaccines is neurotoxic and capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, the review stated. 'Thus, there is no longer any doubt that the spike protein used as an antigen in genetic vaccines is itself toxic.' [my bolding and italics]"
Donate your own blood PRIOR to any surgical procedure, if you can. Otherwise, you may wind up with tainted blood. The article reminds us,
"[U]ndercover recording reveals that the Red Cross does not track or separate blood based on vaccination status. This means that patients requiring transfusions could unknowingly receive blood from vaccinated donors."
That's what you DO NOT want! In America, even the FDA has admitted that giving the Fauci-China-19 POISON "vaccine" to babies under 5 years-old "significantly increased" febrile seizures in those children! Even though this is a KNOWN side effect, our horrible, death-focused government agency,
"the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added the COVID-19 vaccine to the routine immunization schedule"!
They are trying to kill the children! Why are they doing this? Because they want to reduce the population of the world so that they can be the kings and queens of their now-servile population who are not "one of them". There is no other explanation that fits the FACTS of the Fauci-China-19 truths.

March 26, 2024   Aww... Too bad Funny!:   I'm sorry to be practicing Schadenfreude, but I can't help it. It's funny to me that another Rotten Romney, ronna romney-mcdaniel, is now unemployed again. She was removed from the RNC and replaced with pro-MAGA people and thought she had landed a gig at nbc, but the other hosts there (LEFTIES all) complained so much that the msnbc/nbc execs decided that hiring her in the first place was probably a bad idea. She gone! I guess when you betray America the LEFT knows you can't be trusted with their side, either. Should have listened to what the people of the Republican Party wanted, but I suppose she thought that the "little people" were not important enough to take into consideration. She was too busy buying expensive flower arrangements, staying in high-end hotels and being pampered like a princess. Perks were everything to her, who cares about the country? So I say, "Buh-bye! And good riddance!" For both jobs! (And to you LEFTIES who are gloating that I'm admitting to Schadenfreude, aren't you doing the same right now? Hypocrites.)

March 26, 2024   BABY-KILLING:   Republicans need to tell the single women of America the TRUTH about abortion. They need to find a way to tell them about what a child in the uterus actually is, teaching them about the baby's heartbeat and when that starts beating. That, according to some research, is at five or six weeks after fertilization. Did you know that? After six weeks, every abortion is stopping a beating heart. According to other, more modern research, a baby's heartbeat is detected AT 21 DAYS AFTER FERTILIZATION! That's according to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S OWN WEBSITE, but they still push ABORTION ON WOMEN, saying it's a RIGHT TO KILL BABIES! So ANY WOMAN having an abortion after day 21 is definitely killing a LIVING BABY. The federal government's website states:

"The developmental period defined as CS-10 was first described in 1957 (at that time called 'age group X' or 'horizon X'), and it was already in this paper that the onset of cardiac pumping activity was assigned to this stage of development and that the age of CS-10 embryos was estimated to be 22 ± 1 days after fertilization."
It also quotes a German study from 1898 that states,
"'A circulation, driven by contractions of the heart tube, is already present in human embryos of approximately 2 mm length.”) [48] (pp. 445–446). His descriptions and illustrations of such embryos matched with the morphology of CS-10 and CS-11 embryos but the age of these embryos was reported to be 12–14 days after fertilization"!
Twelve to fourteen days! That's 1898's knowledge and since then the LEFT has slowly but completely HIDDEN THAT KNOWLEDGE FROM THE PUBLIC SO THAT THEY CAN KILL BABIES! Thank you, Margaret Sanger! It gets WORSE! In a paper done by Wilhelm His, Sr., in 1880 he wrote,
"... the heart is formed as a tube and, according to observations made on animal embryos, is actually working.”) [49] (p. 155). The age of these embryo was reported to be 16–18 days after fertilization".
The author of the paper this information comes from reminds us that:
"The term 'heartbeat' is used to describe 'the regular movement that the heart makes as it sends blood around your body' [11]. The above-mentioned observations suggest that, with regard to the embryonic heart, we should not speak of a beating heart before coordinated regular movements of its walls generate a unidirectional fluid flow within the vascular network of the embryonic cardiovascular system. In human embryos this functional state seems to be reached during CS-10 [21 days]."
Remember: this information is at least 25 years old so more recent findings could lead us to an even earlier day!
"Thus, on the basis of these data, which are more than 25 years old, the first heartbeats of an individual human embryo may be expected to appear during a time span that starts at 20 days after fertilization [my bolding]".
Add to this the fact that the FDA has approved UNSAFE mail order abortion pill, Mifepristone,, that can not only kill the baby but
"is responsible for a 500 percent increase in abortion-related emergency room visits for complications such as hemorrhage, 'fast, weak pulse,' 'shortness of breath,' diarrhea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and 'pain' across the back, arms, neck, and abdomen, and a myriad of other risks. Even the FDA admits in the mifepristone label that 1 in 25 women who down the drug will end up in the hospital.[links omitted]"
Sounds to me like the Federal government, that published the study with the dates on its own National Institute of website, is pushing to not only KILL BABIES, but likes the idea of KILLING WOMEN, TOO!

March 26, 2024   Attack, or Accident?:   The cargo ship that took out a bridge in Baltimore, Maryland allegedly had a power outage and hit a support for the bridge. This bridge was an important route for transporting hazardous materials and some claim it was NO ACCIDENT! I watched the video and it looked to me like the ship headed straight for the support. It looked like it was done on purpose to me, but I don't know all of the facts as yet, and with this FAUXministration we may never know the truth of what happened. We'll see what disasters (please note the plural) result from this "accident" and how the FAUXministration handles them. How much do you want to bet that we'll have a sudden increase in hazardous waste road accidents now? Be prepared. The LEFT is in control and they're trying to get rid of the rest of us, any way they can. Of course, bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe LIES about taking a train across the bridge even though it never had train tracks on it at all, and that's what we could understand of what he was saying because most of it was mumblefarf qodehcid chorchyrsy. Yeah. I couldn't understand him, either.

March 26, 2024   LEFTIES Losing It:   When you vote FOR a LEFTIE, you have to expect to get the policies you VOTED FOR enacted. That's the way it works. Now, there are many LEFTIES who are regretting their vote and "obamacare" is RED PILLING people left, right and center. The LEFT is regretting voting for themuslimvileone/BUYthem because their "healthcare insurance" (read: RIP OFF) has gone up so much that they can no longer really afford it. It's time to put THE REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, back into office and to put TRUE CONSERVATIVE HOUSE AND SENATE candidates into office and to KILL OBAMACARE and get America back on track again! MAGA ALL THE WAY! (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, candidate, committee or crappy, lying LEFTIES who hate America and Americans!)

March 26, 2024   I'm going to close with that for today. Remember I won't be here tomorrow because I'll be going back to Florida. Y'all enjoy the nice weather (if you're having nice weather) and I'll try to be back here on Thursday.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 21, 2024: 3:53 p.m.:   Well, I made it to the keyboard. That's a big step! I have been in Georgia since the 13th when I drove to the farm and the next day bought the peanuts to use as seeds for my hubby to grow and eat, and the corn to plant and okra for the deer. While we were trying to make our secondary water well to work so we could water the okra and corn patch (God wound up doing that for us a few hours later) my hubby figured out that the pump for the well wasn't working anymore. He bought a part for it and installed it, but that did not fix it, so we called an expert out (turns out he's one of my hubby's second cousins!) and he worked on and fixed our well by installing a new pump and changing the control box out. Now our secondary well works and we can water our crops with it when it's time. Hurray. I will be here at least through this weekend because I want to try to visit some local relatives we haven't seen for quite a while and I hope to be able to arrange that while I'm up here. I did get every card that I brought the supplies for completed and that means I have over sixty cards that I made in the last few days and I will have more room in my "supplies" drawers. Now I can use those drawers for junk journal supplies becasue I want to focus on them as soon as I get my santas painted for Christmas. You do know I do a lot of crafting, right? If not, now you do. Anyway, I will do a few blurbs for today and try to get some done tomorrow, too, although that depends on when/if my relatives are going to want to get together. We'll see.

March 21, 2024   Election Integrity:   The LEFT has been at it again; planning to STEAL the 2024 Election is what they're doing, just like they did in 2020. There is a whistleblower who is telling us what to expect and he says that in the 2020 election,

"'20 million fraudulent mail-in ballots were used to rig the 2020 election against Trump. The Deep State shadow government realized that to defeat Trump, they would need to dramatically increase the number of mail-in ballots – especially in swing states. This would require creating fear on a monstrous scale. To create this fear, they released a biological warfare weapon called COVID-19. Also, to create even more fear, they introduced a fake PCR test which artificially magnified the number of cases by a factor of 30.'"
That's according to a
"former leader of the Washington State Democratic Party. He was the East King County Representative to the King County Central Committee and Training Advisor for King County Democrats [my bolding]".
Because of that, I think we should listen to him. He, David Spring, is the one who wrote, "Exposing the DNC Plan to Rig the 2024 Election". He also wrote, "A Crime Against All of Us...Evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged". Read both of them and see how the LEFT operates in the dark, and that under the cover of "democracy", they STEAL our elections and pervert the very thing they profess they are trying to protect. Typical LEFTISTS: LIE, LIES, LYING and LIARS trying to hid the LIES that keep them in power. Power is their aphrodisiac and having it gets them money, their god. They don't care about anyone else, or anything else as long as it keeps them in POWER.

March 21, 2024   Loathesome scotus:   I can't imagine how COWARDLY one has to be to NOT stand up for PARENTAL RIGHTS. If the State had a pregnancy and gave birth to a child, would they want US telling them how to raise that child, taking that child away if we disagreed with the way they were doing things, or allowing that child to be removed from the home (basically kidnapped), because we disagreed? That's what the scotus (no caps because I do NOT respect them) has basically done. They've allowed a STATE KIDNAPPING to stand because the parents would not use their son's prefered pronouns of she/her. How ABSURD AND RIDICULOUS is that? It took two years to get to the loathesome scotus so the then-sixteen-year-old is now eighteen and considered an adult so they may have used the "moot point" excuse, but they should have ruled on it because PARENTAL RIGHTS mean something and it does NOT mean that the STATE can FORCE SPEECH FROM YOU! You CANNOT be FORCED TO SAY ANYTHING, not by the State and not by the "child protective services" (whatever they're called in your state and they PROTECT no one except their own ideology!). The loathesome scotus did NOT do its job in refusing to hear the case. They punted and in doing so put other children at jeopardy of being taken away from their parents by state actors pushing a transgender agenda. Trendie transie-ism is NOT good for children, but the LEFT pushes it anyways as a way to put a wedge into any family with a confused child trying to fit in with any group that will take them. If he or she has to "become" transie in order to fit in, a lot of kids have done so. Thankfully, there are a lot of kids who are realizing their mistake and coming out of it, and there are a few websites about reversing a transgender medical treatment/social mistake. I found Detrans, which has a hopeful "About Us" because they are two DNA females who transitioned to men (double mastectomies included) when they were young, then realized that they were not happy as men and detransitioned and started living as women again. This is what the TREND of transie is doing: confusing, scarring and marking young people for life as someone who went along with the crowd. I also found "Resouces for Detransitioners" at a website for a group called "Rethink Identity Medicine Ethics". I read a little of their "Position Statement" and agree with it. Gender Dysphoria is a passing thing if children get help with it and it can resolve itself -- as long as weak parents do not go into the doctor's office with their child and accept the hormone treatments, surgery schedule, etc.! Stand up TO your child telling them "NO!" and then stand up FOR your child, telling the State, school, doctors and others to "Take a flying leap off a tall building!" because your child is YOUR child and no matter what the loathesome scotus says or does, that's the way GOD made it!

March 21, 2024   "Mouth-iot":   Yes, I've coined a new term for aoc (alexandria ocasio-cortez): "Mouth-iot". It's a combination of Big Mouth and Idiot, "Mouth-iot". She has the IQ of a cotton ball and didn't know what a garbage disposal was (Remember that?). She is now so certain that she knows everything about BUYthem (bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe) being so good, clean and pure that she lost it when Tony Bobulinski said he saw BUYthem commit RICO crimes as well as breaking corruption and conspiracy laws. Being the world renowned attorney that she is[n't], the brilliant (sarcasm), legal mind said,

"'Excuse me, sir, RICO is not a crime. It is a category'".
Uh... It's both and Bobulinski was saying he saw BUYthem commit at least one of the crimes covered in the category. If BUYthem was doing ANY of those things listed in the previous link, then BUYthem committed a CRIME by doing that thing that is covered under the RICO Act. It's very simple; if there's a law that says "Don't do THIS THING" (whatever that thing may be) and you do that thing, then you're breaking the law and committing a crime. That crime is still a crime even if it falls into a category crime. The Mouth-iot's statement is like saying that because you didn't rape a woman that you did no harm to her body because all you did is beat her! It's still a crime! But the truth doesn't matter to her excellent legal mind because her double major in international relations and economics makes her the smarter person, right?

March 21, 2024   First Amendment, Free Speech:   It may be gone. This LOATHESOME SCOTUS is ready, willing and able to tell us to kiss our Free Speech rights goodbye and to roll over and make nary a whimper when they rule that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has a right to censor our speech. If they can do it on social media, they can do it anywhere and this loathesome scotus (kavanaugh especially) seems to be willing to agree with the government's past history of censoring us as well as any future efforts they may wish to make. I think KNOW that's UNconstituional, but since when does the U.S. Constitution matter anymore? When was the last known date of it being adhered to? Can anyone name it? I can't. The loathesome scotus ruling against our First Amendment right to Free Speech will be bad for America, but to these scotus members -- except Alito and Thomas -- that doesn't seem to matter.

March 21, 2024   IRS Oversees YOUR Bank Account:   Did you know that if the IRS wants to look into your banking practices -- how much money you have, where you spend it, how much you save, what your mortgage is, to whom you give birthday checks, etc. and everything -- they do so and they don't bother getting a warrant from a judge to do so? Did you know that? They do it to anyone they so desire and banks just cooperate. It's not as if the IRS has anyone holding them to accountability: our worthless House and Senate are too busy doing insider trading (that the IRS knows about and ALLOWS) to worry about protecting us. Heavens! We're just the "little people" in "flyover country"! Why should anyone in Washington D.C. care about us?

March 21, 2024   bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe:   He's trying to make you buy an electric vehicle, whether you want one, or not. Our little Hyundai gets (on a regular basis) 48-51.4 miles per gallon. That's why we bought it, great gas millage. We will NEVER buy an electric vehicle, though, unless it's a golf cart, or a fun little scooter thing to use on the farm. We don't want to have to pay extra for electricity and we don't need him telling us we have to! His desires are not our desires and he doesn't control our purchases. We'll buy USED cars if his rule is put in place, but we will NEVER buy an electric vehicle that is WORSE for the environment than our Hyundai! The electricity needed to charge the cars will be in great demand, so our electric bills will skyrocket anyways, so we'll not only be paying more to charge our stupid electric car (YOU will, at least; not I), but everyone will be paying more for cooking supper (remember, they already outlawed gas stoves), heating your homes, heating your hot water, running your microwave for popcorn, etc. This is just another POWER AND CONTROL effort by the LEFT to make you miserable. That's what happens when LEFTIES get into power: MISERY. Remember when the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, was in office and how great things were? Low gas prices, low food prices, higher prescription prices, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. It's BUYthem's policies -- with the help of the LEFTIES and RINOS in the House and Senate -- that are squeezing your wallet until it cries. Remember the LIES BUYthem tells about his "economic record"? Yeah. He's a LEFTIST: HE LIES.

March 21, 2024   I'm going to close with that for today. I need to do some chores around the farm. I washed my tractor, Aaron, on Monday, but I may go out now and make him dirty again. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 12, 2024: 3:49 p.m.:   I won't be here tomorrow. I'll be going to Georgia and I'll be (hopefully) doing updates from there Thursday and Friday. Don't know how long I'll be there, but at least until Sunday.

March 12, 2024   FAILconomy:   They say that the inflation rate climbed higher than expected in February. Um. My problem with that is that they seem to forget from info release to info release who is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. With him "in office" (falsely and stolen), they have to take that into account when considering what the numbers are going to be. Also recall, how many times they have adjusted the numbers UP? The published numbers, available here, but if you compare that with the number actually released during the actual days were LESS. Check out, for example, June of 2022. The number on the first link says it was 9.1%, the forecast was for ~8%, and the story the press wrote about it was written in such a way that the actual 9.1% was NEVER MENTIONED. That's how the LEFT gets away with their LIES: they're covered for by the msm, and they quietly (usually in the dead of night) raise the numbers but refuse to acknowledge the truth when it is discovered. Sometimes, they even take down the website, or stop updating it in order to keep the numbers hidden. That's how the LEFT does things. They LIE, they cover up and they cheat. Weren't we all told to NOT do those things when we were kids? Why didn't that stick with the LEFT?

March 12, 2024   BUYthem's FAUXministration:   There seems to be an UNTOUCHABLE in the White House who is abusive and sexually aggressive. "Doctor" jill's gay aide

"has engaged in bullying of employees and verbally and sexually harassed colleagues for more than a decade."
Sounds like they don't care about the LAWS that are supposed to protect others from this sort of aggressive behavior. They don't care about the LAW, they just BREAK them because they're special, above it all, the laws are for the little people. They are the chosen ones. They are better than you.
"'They talk a big game about integrity, decency, and kindness but when you work for the Bidens, you experience anything but that,' a source told the Post."
Isn't it the truth?

March 12, 2024   Free Speech?:   A man has been convicted by a federal judge for his FREE SPEECH in front of an abortion clinic under bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe's FACE Act ( Freedom of Access of Clinic Entrances Act). He was singing the Christian hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy" and reading verses from the Bible in front of the abortion (BABY-KILLING) clinic (SLAUGHTER HOUSE). You don't have any rights under bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe's FAUXministration. You are NOTHING under this FAUXministration. You are supposed to accept that quickly because once you do, you'll be more easily CONTROLLED. Isn't that what you want?

March 12, 2024   bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe:   Things are supposedly getting worse for him because Congress interviewed Special Counsel Robert Hur who is the one who said that they didn't charge BUYthem with a crime because he was too senile to be able to get a conviction of this nice old man with a memory problem. That's not just WRONG, it's PROTECTIVE of the LEFT and of bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe and it's an "IN YOUR FACE!" to the rest of America. It's just telling the rest of us how much they care about the law and how little OUR RIGHTS count to them. He's a KNOWN LIAR and he LIED about more than just classified documents!

March 12, 2024   I'm going to close with that for today because my hubby is on the way home. I won't be here tomorrow because I've got an eye appointment and then I'm going to the farm. I have to do some stuff up there. I will try to do updates from there on Thursday and Friday, but I can't guarantee because I get busy doing other things.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

March 6, 2024: 3:43 p.m.:   Life got busy and I had no time to do the website. Sorry about that. I have just a few minutes for today, so I'll get started.

March 6, 2024   Super TRUMP Tuesday!:   Of the sixteen states (and American Samoa) that were voting yesterday the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, WON 15 of 16 states! The only state that went for Faily Haley was Vermont, where demonRATS are allowed to vote in the Republican Primary, even though they couldn't save her in VA's primary. She won that and WashingNeededTon D.C. and nothing else so far. That's why Faily Haley dropped out this morning. I'm happy about that. I'm thinking that the left will be visiting their shrinks and their "crying rooms" all week. The Trump wins were so total that even mcCONnell endorsed Trump! Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for the Turtle? Too funny!

March 6, 2024   Election Integrity:   Yesterday in Texas, a demonRAT District Attorney tried to vote, but was told she had already voted. She's a demonRAT. She should have just accepted it and walked away. After all, that's what her political party encourages; cheating in elections. But it turned out that (allegedly) her female lover/partner, voted accidentally in her name (not her own name, but her lover's name) and then signed the paper saying she was the D.A. Sounds to me like the lover should go to prison for VOTER FRAUD instead of it just being laughed off and/or overlooked. It's going to be totally overlooked by the msm, but the truth is that they're demonRATS; they will get away with it.

March 6, 2024   Go Woke, Go BROKE!:   Do you buy North Face clothing products? I strongly suggest you stop. They are now giving people discounts -- only CERTAIN people, mind you, WHITE PEOPLE, precisely -- if they confess their "privilege". Tell the clerk that you're a white privileged person and you're sorry for being white and privileged and get 20% off your purchase. This is so wrong in so many ways, but the left does it anyways. Are you responsible for who your parents are? Did you have a choice? Did you get to look at the possibilities and say, "Okay. I'll take him and her."? Did you? If not, then why are the left acting as though you got to make a choice, had any say whatsoever in who your parents were, which resulted in your skin tone and your birth place? It's absurd on its face, but the left doesn't care about the TRUTH of that. They just want to make people feel guilty enough to have CONTROL over them. The left: hypocrites to the bitter end.

March 6, 2024   bloodycommietraitorPEDOjoe:   He thinks that the people who voted for Faily Haley will now come to vote for and support him. He's delusional, as usual, but he thinks that the people who voted for Faily will now support him. Problem: He is and idiot. Oh. Sorry. Problem: they already support him, but they voted for Faily because they wanted to defeat The REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP. He lost the American Samoa primary to an unknown and he only won the demonRAT primary because there were no other viable candidates. Although, how a dementia patient is considered viable by the LEFT, I have no idea. I guess that tells us how much the LEFT values intelligence in a leader. The fact is, they don't care about their "leader's" intelligence, or his morals. They just don't want people with morals to be in power. They want to be part of the power and when they think it's a possibility, they'll support anyone and anything that could make that happen. They don't even care if the person they are supporting is as corrupt as hades. They just want to be part of something -- anything -- at any cost: including their families, friends and nation.

March 6, 2024   Ketchup kerry:   The "climate czar" is retiring (only to become "more engaged", according to his speech) and he's warning us on his way out that the move to "green energy" is going to be "larger than even the idustrial revolution". The fact is that the "green movement" will be bad for poor people, which doesn't surprise anyone. The LEFT doesn't care about anything except POWER and MONEY. Poor people don't matter to them unless they can help keep the LEFT in power. It's the old "Let them eat cake" thing, and you're the ones eating the cake.

March 6, 2024   obamacare:   Themuslimvileone's "health care law" has been a bad idea since its inception. It's gotten worse, and more expensive at the same time. Imagine now with all of the illegal alien invaders, how many more people are going to be taking advantage of themuslimvileone's program. Americans will lose out, but the illegals will be taken care of, so that's what matters to the LEFT, isn't it? Now, even the do[IN]j has admitted it's wrecking healthcare. They promised us that things would be wonderful with themuslimvileone's wickedness. The fact is,

"[F]our election cycles ago, then-candidate Obama promised in 2008 that his health care plan would lower premiums by an average of $2,500 per family. That premiums continue to rise unabated shows the failure of Obamacare by Obama’s own standards — and the anti-competitive behavior the law has engendered explains why."
This has always been the LEFT'S plan: destroy something else that they don't control and do as much damage to America as possible. The LEFT will harm whomever they must -- remember how they killed people with the Covid-19 "medical care" that killed so many, and how many the C-19 POISON "vaccine" has killed with heart problems, or damaged in other ways -- in order to get their own way. The LEFT are a bunch of power hungry, spoiled, egotistical, evil bas****s and they will do ANYTHING to get tehir own way and stay in POWER. Those who support and vote for the LEFT are doing nothing but trying to fit in with a group they feel certain will accept them, no matter their sin or perversions. It's as Rush Limbaugh said, the lowest common denominator is what is making them support their crummy, corrupt leaders. They want to fit in! When the leaders are not worth fitting in with, they don't care, as long as they're accepted by the people they're trying to fit in with they are happy to put up with the evil. It's worth it when they have a group that accepts them.

March 6, 2024   I'm going to close with that for today. My hubby just got home.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

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For the idiots out there who will make a fuss because they're too stupid to think it through: This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney, 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927. No Party Affiliation, Phantom Candidate for a Phantom (Does Not Exist: created by obamination's administration: not reality) District in Florida Near You! Now bite me. Morons.

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Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn't care about you. It's those of us who do wake you up who care.

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