The TRUTH About Incorporation


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This is the best part of PSJ's Historic Flirt With Incorporation. This is why I did all of that work. This is what allows us the freedoms we have today in PSJ. We defeated having another layer of government. We defeated having government tax us more. We defeated the scare tactics of those pushing for incorporation. This is history. Remember it, learn it and repeat it.


We Did It!

Congratulations PSJ,
Williams Point,
and Frontenac!

Good Job!

Working together we did it! Everyone who got out and voted today made a difference. It wasn't a single person's effort: it was EVERYONE who cast a vote, made the effort to come to the meetings, volunteered to hold a sign, put a sign in their yard, called someone and told them the truth, or whatever effort you put forth to defeat this horrible idea. I can't tell you how proud I am of all of you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you did! Thank you for believing! Thank you for trying and for caring! TRUTH will win when we all speak it together! Congratulations!

Check back soon because I might reformat and make this web site a permanent fixture; and thanks for coming here. I hope it made a difference.

Sincerely, Linda McKinney

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