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This is the truth of what happened, backed up with quotes from Happenings, the website the PSJ incorporators, Port St. John For Tomorrow (PSJ4T), used to have up, and from their own writings, publications and quotes from meetings I attended and recorded. Everything is provable. Everything is historic fact.

I think it's important to remember this because if we forget it, some of those who wanted it in the first place are still here in PSJ and could try again. Not a good thing. Some of these pages are the originals from 2002 so you will see a different format and different colors.

Port St. John Incorporation: (with pages about amy tidd's "Budget", etc.)

Maureen Rupe Info:

maureen rupe ran for D1 County Commissioner in 2008 and started giving the signals (patting herself on the back in her articles) that she was going to run for public office again, so I reposted the "no maureen rupe" pages. Can you imagine if she had been elected County Commissioner for District 1 that covers PSJ, T-ville, Mims, Scottsmoor, Sharpes, Belleview, Williams Point, etc.? It would have been an absolute, total disaster and nightmare! (To put it mildly!) I thought it best to repost since she was threatening me again. I think she's in need of some attention but why come to me for it, I have no idea. Anyways, just in case she is running for public office again -- even as "Gnat Catcher" -- better to be prepared. Florida Toady [sic] is praising her at every opportunity now, so that's a hint. Know that these pages are the same pages -- exactly as I had them up for her D1 County Commission campaign in 2008 -- as when I had other links on my site ("Writers", etc.) and these are, as of this date, seven-year-old pages, so not all the links work. BTW, some of the links to rupester's campaign are still working although, legally they were supposed to have been removed within thirty days after being defeated in August of 2008. Links below:

Pages that are NOT related to PSJ Incorporation or her D1 Commie bid, but are about rupester.

moron dupe pages related to her 2008 bid for D1 County Commissioner:

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PSJ Library official website

PSJ Community Center Official Website

Brevard Parks & Rec Official Website

North Brevard Parks & Rec Official Website

PSJ Sports websites (not my pages):

Port St. John Rockets

Port St. John Little League

Port St. John Soccer

Space Coast Sharx

PSJ Church websites (not my pages):

PSJ First United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church of PSJ

Victory Baptist Church of Port St. John

Other PSJ websites of interest (not my pages):

PSJ Dependent Special District Advisory Board: Minutes, Members and Ordinances surrounding them.

PSJ on Wikipedia

Websites about PSJ or that Include PSJ:

PSJ History.com

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