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GOD's Puzzling Cup

2018 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

When Mary heard the angel say
That she would have a child
She reminded him there was no way
For she had known no man.

But Gabriel soon reminded her
That GOD was capable:
A son was in her future,
She had to alter her plans.

What was in her heart that night?
What went through her mind?
Did his words cause her fright?
What would her child look like?

Was he to be the bush ablaze,
Like Moses saw one day?
Or when Moses did amaze
With his shining face?

Was her child to be like his Dad,
Who rained manna, parted the sea,
And miraculously punished the bad?
Would she be afraid of him?

All she knew about GOD,
The Father of her son,
Was unusual and odd,
What would her child be like?

Would he, like his Father, love
Those who turned their backs
Repeatedly shunning His love,
Ignoring His commands?

That the Savior of the world -- her child --
Would redeem those who believed,
Without him being meek and mild,
She was not told, just "king".

But soon enough the babe was born
Within a manger stall,
And all the doubts from her heart were shorn,
As love replaced them all.

As miracles soon filled their days
And her child became a man,
That "king" showed in how many ways
He was "Son of GOD" as planned.

And Mary, too, believed on Him,
Whose birth she was blessed to give,
And her faith grew daily to never dim
As with him she lived.

No burning bush, nor shining face,
Was needed from her son,
Just a cross in Golgotha's place
Where his victory was won.

His mother's heart was torn apart,
Watching there at his feet,
As he gave her away to man of his heart
Before victory took over from defeat.

A sinless life, GOD's Son
Lived all of his days,
If he had sinned, no victory won,
Just another dead sinner needing saved.

So when they saw him alive again
After three days in the tomb,
True victory they realized then,
To hell no one need be doomed.

To heaven Christ went up
And Mary's heart assured
That GOD's puzzling cup
She was glad she endured.

The gossip whispered behind her back,
Or the accusations to her face,
The boldness others to give her flack,
Though undeserved 'twas commonplace.

Was this the "highly favoured",
How "blessed art thou" was she?
When innocent of gossipped

Finally, she understood
The promises she'd heard before,
Of the kingdom of her Son for good,
As he walked through heaven's door.

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