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The Left: America's Radical Islam

By Linda McKinney

2018 All Rights Reserved

When I see how Antifa, leftists, progressives, liberals are "behaving" nowadays, I don't see rational, capable Americans expressing their opinions. When I see their violence, their rhetoric, their hatred of any and all who disagree with them, their discrimination against those who think differently, even their vindictiveness against children who wear a t-shirt or carry a Bible to class, I see not the First Amendment, I see LSL: Leftist Sharia Law.

To be clear: I do not limit the leftist groups to Antifa. Those groups include the likes of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, etc. It includes those who parade down a street yelling stupid slogans about "defeating fascism" while demonstrating that they are the fascists. "Think like us, or you will pay the price." It includes "teachers" who teach lies like America was never great, or Conservatives are Nazis, or any other leftist lie. They include the moms and dads who have one issue they disagree with Conservatives on but who will use that issue to build hatred within their children over that issue, or who condemn everyone who disagrees with them and wants to silence opposition.

It includes every legislator, attorney general, judge or justice who takes their power to the next level to target those who believe that America is great and that our Founding Fathers were good men who created a great land, and that if we got back to their vision that we would have a wonderful place to live. It includes those who say that Americans should not have guns to be able to defend themselves against those who would do them harm, or against a government filled with those who believe in LSL.

Look at the similarities between those two groups, Antifa/leftists/progressives/liberals and those espousing worldwide Islamic Sharia Law.

In LSL's world, they get to burn and break things, and sometimes to hurt people, with impunity because they're angry about the most recent alleged, concocted outrage: a word used by someone, someone elected they didn't want in office, an incident they consider racial, homophobic, or any other "ic". In Islamic Sharia, they are allowed to riot, to take whatever they want, to kill whole villages of Christians, or to rape whomever they choose (pregnant women to babies torn from their mother's womb) as long as their Sharia and the example of Muhammed supports it.

In the LSL world, they get to choose which words are allowed to be used - in private or in public - and they get to be the arbiters of who gets to use the words that are disallowed to some, but not to others. If a LSL black person uses the "N" word when talking to or about another black person, that's okay. That's not discrimination, it's not offensive, it's not an outrage. But let a Conservative of any race, color, nationality, religion, gender use the "N" word, even while relating what they thought of an LSL black using that word, and it's time for the LSL to break things and hurt people. In Islamic Sharia, they control what words can or cannot be used in talking about Islam, the prophet, or their god. If you say something as innocuous as "I don't believe that Muhammed was a prophet" or something that would, among reasonable people, start a conversation and discussion that could last for hours (if not days), you can have a fatwa (holy war) issued against you and your life is no longer safe.

Representative Maxine Waters ("The Mouth") gets to call on her followers and supporters to go up to Conservatives anywhere and everywhere no matter what they are doing, who they are with, the occasion they are celebrating, or anything else, and get into the Conservatives' faces and scream, yell, assault them if they want. She sounds no better and no worse than a Sharia pushing Imam calling on his followers to do similar things to the "infidels". LSL Imams are as bad about pushing their followers into creating a scene as are Imams who believe in pushing violence. Ask Maxine if she regrets having done so and she will deny having done so, as do Imams, and she will double down and do it again, as do Imams. In Islamic Sharia, the Imams do the same thing: call on their followers to do harm to those who do not accept Islam, who have slandered the prophet, or done any harm to the alleged "religion of peace". The pulpit is a platform for targeting "infidels", calls for violence or even death of those who denigrate what they hold sacred.

The young LSL camera Hogg who survived the Parkland shooting and is now trying to make a name of not having been shot (as did hundreds of others; why are they not out there trying to push elected officials out of office and wanting to "take over")? When he gets the chance he pushes his agenda: total gun control and if you disagree, then you are not only wrong, you're wrong and stupid. Similar to those in Islam who get it into their heads that they have the right to push their beliefs into the mainstream and that they are going to be successful no matter what the general public wishes. Disagree with some Muslims (the name Linda Sarsour springs to mind) and you are evil, you have no right to speak against what they want and you will be subjugated to their demands and wishes!

In Islamic Sharia, they subjugate the women and make them cover up head to toe, not drive (except in Saudi Arabia recently) and make sure that a woman's voice is not as powerful as a man's. In Leftist Sharia Law, if you are female (you don't even have to be Conservative for this one to be applied) and disagree with abortion being a right, or even a good thing, then you must be anti-woman (misogynistic), under the thumb of a man, self-hating, in denial, old-fashioned, stuck in the forties. Every female - whether born female or gender change female - must be pro-abortion. Every female must want to kill at least one of her babies in the womb, must "shout their abortion" and if they don't want to, then there's something wrong with them and they must be silenced, scorned, ridiculed. Women have no choice in LSL except to conform.

In LSL you must support women no matter what. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win because "it was time" for the thing between her legs (permanently, not temporarily) was supposed to be the determining factor in for whom we vote. The calendar was supposed to decide the election: "it was time" for a woman to be president. It was time for a vagina to be the most powerful vagina in the world. It doesn't matter that the world has Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth II, and other world leaders. It was time for America to have a powerful vagina, too. Those who disagree must be silenced and we heard on election night how much we hate women, how we voted because our husbands told us to vote for then-candidate Trump, how we screwed up. Men who didn't vote for her were also misogynistic and were reviled, but not as much as the women who refused to go along with the LSL and refused to make their choice based on the calendar and reproductive parts. In Islamic Sharia, you must either become a Muslim or, at the very least, support the religion, the way they worship, the foot baths in public places placed there at taxpayer expense, or you are a bigot, an anti-Islamist, a hater and you must be killed, taxed for the jizya, or at the least held up to ridicule.

In LSL, Pres. Trump's victory in the 2016 Electoral College was a wrong perpetrated upon America that the Founding Fathers (misogynists, all -- according to the left) and because it was not what the Leftist Sharia Law followers wanted to happen, they showed up at his inauguration and screamed, protested, carried horrible signs, hated on those of us who voted for him. In Islamic Sharia Law, if you don't vote for the people they want in office, they rig the elections and whomever the powerful Imams or leaders in that country wanted elected are elected. There are no surprises there; and the Leftist Sharia Law adherents are so jealous.

In LSL, the police and Conservatives are always wrong. A cop shoots a black person and it's automatically police brutality, racism, white supremacy, abuse of power. It doesn't matter that, as in the Michael Brown case, he was attacking the cop and trying to take the cop's weapon from him, and that Brown was the initial aggressor. That didn't matter and the truth even today, four years later, the truth is not being told to those who are being taught to hate cops, to hate Conservatives, to hate authority. The truth be damned: what matters is the narrative the LSL wishes to push. In Islamic Sharia, everything is seen as an offense, no matter what it is. If you draw Muhammed, that's blasphemy, an offense to the prophet, a slur on Islam. If you want Islamic women to have to show their faces for security purposes, you are automatically labeled Islamophobic. If you do NOT want Sharia Law in America, you're anti-Muslim and you are against the First Amendment for all people. Your concerns and views must be silenced, ridiculed, stopped, if you think America was founded as a Christian nation, is a Christian nation and that we should stay that way, without accepting Sharia Law.

Islamic Sharia demands the death of those who refuse to convert, who blaspheme their god, or their prophet (or anything else that they don't like). People have been beheaded, skinned alive, drowned in cages, boiled in oil, seen their children raped and killed in front of them before being killed themselves because they were not Islamic and would not convert. In Leftist Sharia Law, their adherents on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, call for the deaths of those of us who refuse to kowtow to them, accept their ideas and kiss the backsides of those who would control us. Those who run the "social media" platforms are Leftist Sharia Law practitioners and allow those calls for violence against Conservative voices and people to stand, while silencing the voices that refuse to bend the knee.

In Leftist Sharia Law, our children in public schools are told they can't pray over their food, can't wear a Christian cross, can't wear a t-shirt that has a Bible depicted, or a pro-Second Amendment logo. The public schools are run by those who believe in Leftist Sharia Law and children are told to turn their clothing inside out because their t-shirt is "offensive" to someone (usually a teacher). In Islamic Sharia Law, offense is a way of life (read Nonie Darwish's "Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values"). They use the Leftist Sharia Law to their advantage and take offense easily so that they can try to force others to allow them the freedom to ____________ (insert whatever they want), while silencing others, or trying to punish those who believe differently. Islamic Sharia crosses over to use as a whip the Leftist Sharia Law that our own citizens put into place, enabling Islamic Sharia in more ways than would otherwise have been accepted.

Islamic Sharia Law and Leftist Sharia Law are very similar. Both have the belief that they are correct and they should be obeyed, converted to, given power over every area of our lives and if we dare defy either, we are to be executed, tortured, targeted, harassed, destroyed publicly, our businesses shut down and our families targeted with violence or harassment.

Both Islamic Sharia Law and Leftist Sharia Law are very dangerous to freedom, to the Representative Republic (not a democracy) our Founding Fathers were wise enough to give us. Both Sharias demand total obedience or there will be consequences. Both Sharias are power-based and if power is denied them they will retaliate. Both Sharias have blind followers who will do whatever commanded to stay out of trouble with those in power over them: useful peons who do not think for themselves, who do not read anything outside of the approved texts and who will gladly die or kill their children for their Sharia. In Islam, it's suicide bombers or strapping a bomb to their children; in Leftist Sharia it's abortion, murder (see Chicago, or the Clinton list of dead associates), or suicide for those who practice that religion.

The American Left and Islamic Sharia have way too much in common to not realize the danger. If we don't fight both we shall lose America and our freedom. If we don't wake up to the reality of what the left is doing to America and to our future, we will wake up five years from now and have only one way to think, one way to live, one way to act: however they want us to that day, that hour, that minute. Leftist Sharia Law is a real danger to America. I assert that it is as dangerous - if not more so - as Islamic Sharia Law. At least with Islamic Sharia Law, we see the real danger in a glass darkly, but with Leftist Sharia Law, our eyes glaze over and we tune them out as they try harder to enforce their group think, group act, group belief onto us and we go about our business thinking that they will burn themselves out soon enough. We go months without seeing a city burning because Leftist Sharia Law is taking a break until the next alleged outrage and think all is well. What we don't see is the plan they have in the making for our schools, our government, our individual freedoms, our Constitution.

Freedom's future depends upon us waking up now. If we don't, those two Sharias will unite to destroy us, with Islamic Sharia playing the Leftist Sharia Law adherents like a fiddle and the useful idiots will be bowed all the way to conversion to stay alive.

First Amendment of the United States of America:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

It shan't be Congress. It already is and shall be a form of Sharia that destroys America if we do not wake up.

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Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn't care about you. It's those of us who do wake you up who care.

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