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IMHO: Mother Hatred Leads Obama to Hate America

Originally posted to my blogger account Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was considering the way that Obama is treating America and I got to wondering about the question above. Does Obama hate his mother and is that why he is so dead set on making America, a nation perceived by most as a Caucasian majority country, pay for the hurts of his past? With a sad history of bigotry, did America reflect the actions of his mother in Obama’s eyes as a child? The following is my opinion on what happened to make Barack Hussein Obama so desire to destroy America. Consider:

  • Obama’s parents supposedly met in HI when his mom was eighteen (page 9 of “Dreams”), first her parents were said to have been “won over by his [father’s] charm” (pg. 9) then on page twelve, his grandparents – the white ones – said yes to the marriage of his parents “no matter how grudgingly” (pg. 12). Although the question of their “marriage” still is up for grabs, as admitted to on page 22 of “Dreams”. “There’s no record of a real wedding” he says. If there was no real wedding, there was no marriage. Considering the words of Michelle Obama, his mother was “very young and very single when she had him” so the marriage is even more in question. No marriage equals his birth out of wedlock and thus, he was a bastard child.

  • His mother took him from HI within two weeks of giving birth to Obama to attend college classes in Seattle, WA. She took him away from his father after only fifteen days with him in HI, not even giving them the chance to bond.

  • Supposedly they stayed in Seattle until sometime in 1963 when Obama and Momma returned to Hawaii. Obama would have been just a little one at the time, so no real resentment would have resulted from that. However, it was not too long until Momma found someone else to love. March 15, 1965, Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro, when Obama was three. Or did she? Stanley Ann gives two different dates for their wedding: March 5, 1964 and March 15, 1965 (read the whole thing and the commentary on it – very interesting).

  • A year or two after the wedding on whichever date, she dragged little boy Obama to another country where he had to adjust to new food, new customs, a new language, new people. After a while he also had to adjust to a new little half-sister, Maya, Stanley Ann had with Soetoro. As all this conspired against him, his mother’s attentions were elsewhere: school (she was still studying for her degree in Mathematics), husband (newlywed husband at that) and then little sister (cute, cuddly and doted upon no doubt): all this change and no room for Obama.

  • Stanley Ann used that math degree to fit her career choice: International Banking. She travelled extensively while he was young and that meant even less time for her little boy. She was gone and he was with nannies and saw that he was no longer her first priority. Everything else came first: her new husband, her new daughter, her new career. (BTW, Stanley Ann participated in a similar program as did her son years later, a program to give loans to people with bad credit and low incomes; think ACORN). Obama saw his mother as having more time for people she didn’t know, who didn’t love her, didn’t need her, who didn’t want her to love them than she had time for him. He saw the distance between himself and his mother growing and realized that she had no more time for him. Is this when resentment began to build?

  • In Indonesia, Obama’s Kindergarten year was repeated. He had done one Kindergarten year in Hawaii, and apparently they insisted he do another in Indonesia, learning their ways and their beliefs. So his first year of school was repeated. The boy was always a year older than his classmates while he was in Indonesia because of this repeated Kindergarten year. Did he resent this? Was he embarrassed that he had to repeat? Didn’t he want his mother to stand up for him and tell the school that he had been to Kindergarten already?

  • (While there, Obama studied “mengaji” (read about it under “Quranic Studies” and I do mean READ IT and “Mates”. Proves me right again.)

  • Then, lo and behold, Stanley Ann does the unthinkable. She took Obama as a ten-year-old back to Hawaii to live with her parents. The ultimate rejection, she left him there and went back to live with his step-father and their daughter. The ultimate betrayal, she chose to keep the daughter with her, but the son got sent away. A white woman chose her “white” daughter (although the daughter had Indonesian blood in her) and denied, left, abandoned her half-black son.

  • It would be years before the two were reunited, and only then for relatively short periods of time. That’s when the resentment, the anger, the feelings of betrayal, abandonment, hatred and resentment began to build. Every time she would leave him, she would take the daughter she loved more than her half-black son with her. Maya got to go; Barry stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Mom chose Maya.

  • According to his first “auto”-biography, on page xv, he states, “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites”. He was no longer happy with his mother being white, so he stopped saying her race – half of himself – was white. He didn’t like her being white, or he would have continued telling others. Notice also, he calls himself “the tragic mulatto”. It is a “tragedy” that the world is the way it is and he is “trapped between two worlds”. All this thanks to his mother: the one responsible for his existence and his mixed race. The one responsible for abandoning him and treating him so shabbily, his mother’s white blood made her choose the way she did and he hated her for it.

  • To make a rather long, self-absorbed, too utterly artistic, melodramatic, self-loathing story shorter than a millennium, or just his double “auto”-biographies, I will shorten it to a few key instances in “Dreams”. He says that his parents met in HI when his mom was eighteen (page 9 of “Dreams”). First her parents were said to have been “won over by his [father’s] charm” (pg. 9) then on page twelve, his grandparents – the white ones – said yes to the marriage of his parents “no matter how grudgingly” (pg. 12). According to Obama his great-grandmother – mom’s mom’s mom – was rumored to have been such a bigot that she was even embarrassed of her Cherokee blood. (He even says that his grandfather would probably say something bigoted and not even realize it when they met his father for the first time. [pg. 17] Sweet. But I digress.)

  • So in his own words when he wrote the book, his grandparents who raised him were bigots. He also tells of an instance when his grandmother was scared by a black panhandler and he heard her tell the story of what happened that day and got angry. While writing the book, he focuses on race. He uses it as both a violin to make you weep and as a whip to make you bleed. If you are a white person, you are partially responsible for the things that personally happened to him; whatever he experienced, you did. If you are black, you are supposed to identify with him for you are in the same position. Either way, race is at the core – the epicenter – of everything that happens in life.

  • If your mother leaves you to be raised by someone else even though she may think it was the best thing to do for you, it was because of your race. If your grandmother was scared by someone of your race, it’s because of his race. It wasn’t their actions or attitudes it was race; pure, plain and simple. White folks did all of this. They caused Barry to be miserable. They were responsible for his being raised by old folks (cool old folks, for the most part, but old folks nonetheless).

Because of this, Obama punishes white America. Everything that happened to him as a child was a white woman’s fault. Everything that happened to him as a teen was a white person’s fault (teachers, neighbors, whomever). Everyone must pay because his mom treated him poorly. As president, he can do something to make them all miserable. He can make them all feel his pain. He can make them all sorry for treating him that way. Even the memory of his mother’s love and desire to do what was best for him cannot stop him from making the white world pay.

This truth is evident in everything he does. From his failure to prosecute the New Black Panther Party to his statement that police acted “stupidly” in the Professor Gates incident, Obama can always be counted on to – without knowing the full facts of the case, or sometimes in spite of knowing the full facts of the case – take whichever side has a black person in it. The problem is, he hates his black side just as much and makes the blacks of America pay dearly, too.

It also shows in the way he treats the women of his administration.

So the truth is, Obama hates his white side because of his mother’s abandonment (see “Punahou”), and he wants to make America pay the price for that. But he also must punish the black side as well because he perceives that as being the cause of her abandonment. Thus, America pays because Obama’s mother played.

(NOTE: I have "Dreams From My Father", Three Rivers Press, © 1995, 2004 by Barack Obama, Paperback edition, ISBN 978-1-4000-8277-3)

© 2011 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

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