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The Orcs of the Real World

By Linda McKinney

As I write this, I just finished watching J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" for the umpteen-dozenth time. This time I was struck with the likenesses between the evil of the bad guys (Sauron, Saruman, Orcs, etc.) and the evils we face today.

The first that comes to mind is the Afghanistan Taliban and their conduct leading up to and after the overthrow of the Ghani government -- the beating of women in the streets or murdering them for not wearing burkas, murder of Christians, assassinations of people who helped Americans, killing of journalist's relative when trying to find and kill him because he was showing the truth of the Taliban's brutalities. Orcs couldn't have done a more heinous job. The Taliban is as hateful and murderous as those who served Sauron and killed as many Middle Earth inhabitants in their quest for power and control over Middle Earth as possible.

The Taliban doesn't have as many animals in their service as did Sauron: no flying dragons, no elephants driven by weirdly arrayed drivers, no trolls pushing attack towers. They don't have a bunch of differently sculpted people with different body shapes and sizes as did Sauron. In fact, in the Taliban, it seems the more alike you look in your attire, facial hair, hatred of anything non-Taliban and/or different, the better you can serve the agenda of hate and demanding compliance to their rules. Many Taliban men have turbans, beards, light-colored shirts and carry guns over their shoulders until needed to shoot a woman in the head in a public place.

(Note: The Christian lesson of "Love thy neighbor as thyself" [Mark 12:31] is somewhat lacking in the Taliban.)

Taliban fighters have killed, killed and killed again. It's not unusual for children to be killed as well as the old, women (even pregnant women), the disobedient and truth-tellers. Homosexuals are routinely thrown off roofs as part of the observance of Muslim teachings. Watching videos of the Taliban beating, murdering, maiming is a horrific thing, but we must know what they actually do to be fully informed, but also to know with certainty, what it means to truly believe the teachings of the Koran/Quran. This is what the Taliban purports to be fighting in support of, so knowing the truth of the implementation of its practices means we will be less easily influenced into thinking it a "religion of peace". After watching a group of Taliban members beat and stomp on an unarmed female, who can believe anything peaceful being related to that sort of practice? If the above is "peace", who wants it?

(Can anyone truly imagine a Christian doing that, and then being protected and supported by the leftists of the world? If not, does that not create at least half the answer to the previous question?)

Another group whose actions and beliefs remind me of the Orcs and followers of Sauron is the American left (world left, as well, but that's another story). We've seen their worship of power and what they will do to get and keep it (2020 election, anyone?) . We've seen their efforts to impeach a sitting president on absolutely and provably false charges three times. We've seen their lies about their own self-righteousness, while in reality they were doing exactly what they preach against (A.K.A. hypocrisy). Most recently "squad" members who put together a bill banning evictions for renters who don't pay their rent during the alleged pandemic, punishing other landlords, but themselves being landlords who collected rent during the same period.

The left's support, demands, rhetoric and love of abortion at all stages of pregnancy, at any cost to the taxpayer, the mother, our nation's soul and their own damnation, sets the tally of how many babies the left has killed, dwarfing the Taliban's numbers annually and consistently. Murdering the most innocent life on earth is as unfeeling and hateful as anything the Taliban does; it's usually done in a more sterile environment, but murder is murder and the left loves to do it, as does the Taliban -- ditto Orcs.

It's not just abortion that the left supports that ends a beating heart. The "defund the police" movement is supported by and has been implemented by some leftist mayors, governors and legislators. Defunding the police leads to more violence, including homicides; ask NYC's DeBlasio, Chicago's (Shootcago's) Lightfoot, CA's Newsom how much higher their murder rates are now after defunding the police. Look at Seattle, Washington, for an example of a city that went to the criminal dogs who don't give a rat's patootie about laws, right and wrong, or property rights. If they want it, they'll take it at any cost.

Defund the police adds to the left's death rate, as does Obama's attitude shared by the rest of the left. Remember in 2009 when a woman asked Obama about whether her mom, who was elderly and needed a pacemaker at age 100, would that have been covered on his Obamacare plan? Remember Obama's answer? He said (paraphrasing) that maybe her mom, instead of having the surgery should have been told to just "[take] the pain killer"; meaning that she wouldn't get the pacemaker and her death would soon follow. Death's grim reaper president, Obama was a tool of the left's hatred of life. Add all three things together - abortion, defund the police and euthanasia - and you get a perfect picture of what Orcs will do to get and maintain power: death, life's sweetest fragrance for the left.

The left's inherent need - addiction? - for/to power is another Orc/Sauron trait. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill (abortion on demand is a law passed and supported by the left: a sacred right, some would say) for it. Power is their aphrodisiac, their raison d'etre. Pelosi uses her Speaker's Seat to enrich her family; Biden has been doing the same; the Clintons ditto. How many of the left have been doing so? How high can you count? (I am not saying that there is no one on the right who does the same thing there, I'm just saying that the left is infamous for it.)

What were the Orcs willing to do to get the power their master, Sauron, desired? It wasn't just the "one ring to control them all" that Sauron wanted: it was the murder of those who would impinge him and his road to power. It was the destruction of the "little people" who didn't want conflict, just a peaceful, normal life without interference from the guy who would be in control if he got his way. Standing up to that strong desire for power is what the peaceful elves, humans, dwarves and four Hobbits did; paying a high price in the process. The Orcs were his tools to try to get that power. Sauron used them in order to commit atrocities in his name; Antifa/BLM, abortion and defund the police ditto.

The left in America uses Antifa, BLM, abortionists, RINOs, cowards and their "useful idiots" who vote to keep them in power because they like a "woman's right to choose" (have you ever met anyone who supports abortion who has not had one themselves, fathered a child illicitly, or loved someone who has had an abortion?), or want to keep welfare benefits (taxpayer teat), or they just don't like Conservative candidates and ideals. They used BLM for the last few years to create division within America along racial lines, but it is the left who are the racists (Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd, for instance). Antifa in Colorado and Portland, Oregon shot innocent American patriots because they can, but the left calls Conservatives "haters". Lies are one of the left's best weapons because their side is full of easily swayed, non-curious, true-believers who won't go find the truth for themselves. Reality is what they "feel like" it is.

The left sells America out to foreign countries (Biden/China, anyone?) in order to enrich themselves, but putting the country and Americans at risk because they want the money a foreign country promised them. In the recent abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban, our faux-president, Joe Biden, left behind weapons, heavy artillery and several of our airplanes went missing to who knows where, but, hey, Biden got what he wanted, did he not? He made the Chinese happy, and we all know that his priority is the Chinese and the money he can get from them.

Covid-19 gave the left the opportunity to put Covid-19 positive people into nursing homes with the elderly, the most vulnerable to the disease. This resulted in a massive death count of the people in nursing homes in Michigan, NY and elsewhere democrats were in control. It gave the left a reason to try to assert massive restrictions on America's freedoms. From the shutdowns/lock downs of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, to CA's Gov. Newsom and NY's Gov. Cuomo, the left's favorite things to do were to demand businesses close until the governor was ready to give them permission to open again, some governors even demanding that certain things not be sold during the shutdowns, or that certain services could not be rendered. We saw the vaccine turn overnight from a horrible, unworthy, untested waste of time and effort under Pres. Donald J. Trump, into a wonderful thing being pushed by all and sundry the day the faux-president was sworn in. Now the left is talking about "vaccine passports", travel restrictions, shutting down again, removing any freedoms regained this summer. After vaccine passports, will we have in America the concentration camps parts of Australia are starting to implement, with arrests of the unvaccinated and involuntary internment? Pressure is being asserted by leftist politicians, leftist Hollywood "A listers", sports figures on the left and leftist social media "influencers" to "take the jab", even though our Constitutional freedom dictates we don't have to, but what does freedom matter anymore? It's a health issue and we all must do our part, right? Remembering Frodo's vision in the basin with Galadriel's help, Orcs wanted slaves for Sauron's use, as do the left for their use. You will be the slave of the left if you are not part of their "elite" friends and family; their useful idiot voters, included.

Since the "Biden administration" came into power, the U.S. military has been decimated of honest, loyal and Conservative members. Their beliefs relegated to the "PC dustbin" of leftist Generals and the CIC, Conservatives are considered in need of re-education, charged with the crime of "wrong think" and having a spine. Spines are no longer allowed in America's military. Verboten are words like "right and wrong", "male and female"; it's all about being LGBTQ+ friendly, admitting that being "white" bestows automatic guilt of racism, being Christian admits to being anti-everything the left loves and embraces. That's the worst sin of all; disagreeing with them.

Orcs: warriors for Sauron, an evil source and horrible taskmaster who demands complete obedience. The Taliban serve their master just as loyally and just as heinously: America's left no less so.

When will Americans who love America wake up and realize that this is the kind of evil we are dealing with and that if we do not stand up and start fighting the Orcs of this world and of America, we will wind up the same as the innocent Afghans who were beheaded, or the Middle Earthers who were also just trying to live their lives in peace? Will that happen, or will the Orcs of this world win without a single battle?

In "Lord of the Rings", the "one ring to rule them all" was destroyed and the evil ended. There was a lot of blood shed in order to enable that to happen. With the left and the Taliban, there is no "one ring", there are many, and if either the Taliban or the left are to be defeated, there may have to be the same kind of blood shed in order to do so. Do Americans have the stomach for that?

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