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Why I Believe in GOD

There are many people who think that the “Big Bang” theory is correct and that there is no God. They would rather believe that all of creation came from the bang and primordial ooze (which they never tell us where it came from, by the way). They believe they are clever because they’re smug and sophisticated and don’t believe in that hillbilly hooey. Or they want to dismiss God because if they believe in Him, they’ll have to acknowledge in a powerful being bigger and higher than themselves. If there is someone bigger and higher than themselves, then there may even be a right and wrong (Heaven forbid!) and what then? If there is a right and wrong, then is there a possibility of having to pay for the right and wrong? After all, if there’s a God, then there may be an afterlife also: one in which there is a heaven and hell. If there is a heaven and hell and right and wrong, what then? Will they have to worry about going one place or the other?

When they speak of the “Big Bang”, they don’t usually know how to defend it. For instance, when someone tells me that the “Big Bang” is how the earth is actually here, they never say what caused the big bang. What happened to make nothing explode? There was NOTHING, then suddenly, BANG! and there’s something: but not just something, lots of somethings! Suddenly out of nothing came boulders, rocks and bits and the laws of physics, the elements in the periodic table (118 of them: how did that happen?), the ability for that bang to break the rules of physics that just came about (are they then “rules” or just suggestions?) and the possibility of life out of nothing.

We have the bang and things go flying into space in all directions, but no one says what things. Where did something come from in order to go flying? If they are flying from an explosion, they would keep flying in a straight line, in the same direction that the explosion sent them, according to the laws of physics, correct? An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by outside forces. But what outside forces existed at that time? It seems like gravity would be part of the forces that would act upon the things of whatever sizes flying out from the big bang. But there was no gravity at the time, was there? How big can a piece of exploding nothing be? If there was gravity, which has something to do with the MASS of an item, where did it come from? Nothing? Nothing exploded and all of these things of different sizes flew into space? Okay. But what made them fly back together? Was it gravity? If nothing exploded, how can an item big enough to create gravity be flying into space? And if there was something big enough to fly into space and have enough mass for gravity to be associated with it, how close to that piece of exploding nothing would another exploding nothing have to be in order to be caught in that other exploding nothing's gravitational pull?

Of course, there’s the “it was all dust theory”, in which the bang happened and dust came into being, flying out from the bang and suddenly gathered together denying “gravity” because gravity’s pull is based upon MASS, and dust has no real mass, does it? If dust doesn’t have enough mass to attract other dust to it, how can it be made to change direction from the absolutely straight path it was on via gravitational pull from one dust particle to the other? Also, no-mass dust started gathering together and forming a big ball of something and started rotating. Right? Hmm. What outside force started the ball of dust rotating? These things defy the rules of motion. So how did the Big Bang make the universe?

One more quick item. Count how many eplosions you have seen: fireworks, movie explosions, real life explosions, add them all up. No matter how many explosions you have seen (nor how few) you have never seen an explosion in which the thing that exploded put itself back together, piece by rotating piece and the thing that exploded was remade? Or, perhaps, the thing that exploded was not remade, but something new was made from it; without intelligent intercession? How many times have you seen that? If it cannot happen due to the laws of physics now, what makes you think that the laws of physics could not have prevented it then? Apply what you know today and think about what the Big Bang theory says about what happened.

Let’s just make this easy, shall we? Wherever you are as you read this, I want you to stop what you are doing and just make me a cake. Don’t pick up anything, don’t go to the kitchen, don’t get flour, sugar, vanilla, eggs, oil, water, etc. Don’t get a mixing bowl, or a mixer, whisk, or any other measuring cups or spoons. Don’t turn on the oven. Make me a cake anyways. If you can’t, then you are proving that the big bang didn’t happen. If you can’t make a cake out of nothing, then an uneducated, irrational vacuum cannot make a solar system – not one capable or incapable of sustaining human life.

You don’t get it? Consider the flour, sugar, etc., the periodic table of ingredients that we find within our universe. Consider the mixing bowls and mixer as the laws of physics: gravity, motion, thermodynamics, etc. Consider the measuring cups and spoons the correct numbers needed to make life sustainable, the earth spin at just the right speed to create the gravitational pull to prevent us from floating off into space, etc., and consider the oven the spark of life.

Science is still looking for something that would be shown to hold the universe together. They’re using the super-collider to look for something they’re calling “the God particle”. If science can’t find that, then what? Does it prove that life doesn’t exist? Or do they say that they just have to keep looking? (BTW, why call it the God particle if there is no God? A curious admission?)

Anyways, you have all this dust, all of it defying the laws of physics, and it comes together and makes a solar system that circles a ball of gas that is destined to burn and become a sun in perfect alignment so that, on one of those planets, life could begin. It doesn’t matter to those who believe in the Big Bang that the laws of physics were ignored to create this theory, does it? It’s all a matter of denying the existence of God.

How, exactly, does life come out of this? Where did it come from? You have to have certain things for life to start. If dust could form life, since it’s been around since the beginning of the universe why has it not been doing so ever since it first started doing so? Dust formed the ball that became the earth, then decided to make some liquid (where did that come from?), and then ooze, primordial at that. It stewed and stewed and stewed until, billions of years later, that wet dust suddenly said, “Let there be LIFE!” And there was life. Right? No, not human life, but it was at least a single-celled amoeba. After that, there had to be more for life to be promulgated, so more amoebas were made, correct? Then suddenly there’s a billion amoebas and… What? The problem is, they’re all the same.

You have a billion amoebas, all the same, and you get suddenly a quirky one. You get something that is different. Tell me, how is it that “evolution” is how the world was populated with the same amoeba populating an impossible world? Tell me, if giraffes were a result of evolution, how did they survive the process? Did you know that giraffes have a sponge in their heads that absorbs the blood that runs down their long necks into their heads when a giraffe puts its head down, and then a mechanism that squeezes the blood back out of that sponge when it lifts its head back up? How did that happen in an evolutionary way? After all, if the giraffe started out with a long neck, how are giraffes still here since the first tall giraffe to lean over without that sponge would have passed out upon lifting its head and become food for other creatures. If the giraffe started with a short neck and “evolved” to have a long neck, there would be no need for a sponge until the long neck reached the length of necessity. Problem: the first giraffe to have the need, didn’t have the sponge. Dead giraffe.

There are other things that don’t make “evolutionary” sense, but those are quite obvious if you think about them and research a little (although you may have to go to websites that aren’t leftist websites to get the truth). Let’s move on to the diversity of life.

Have you ever seen a cat give birth to a canary? A rhinoceros give birth to a snake? Has a duck-billed platypus ever given birth to a hyena? No? Then how did all of these amoebas, who allegedly started in primordial ooze, become so many different things? We have the strange scenario that the mouse gave birth to the elephant if you want to believe in the Big Bang creating the universe and life.

We have an impossible – if the laws of physics matter at all – Big Bang that started the universe (allegedly) and butterflies giving birth to lions. Logic and reason dictate that the beginning of the earth the way that the left wants to portray it cannot be true. Is that not so?