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August 4, 2022: 4:41 p.m.   I finally got it done! I finished my 2022 ENDORSEMENTS PAGE! TWO UPDATES: Judicial Circuit Court Judge Group 18 and County Court Judge, Group 2. Sorry I missed Group 18 the first time and I changed my mind on County Court Group 2, so I posted why. I hope this helps you make up your mind about for whom to vote. It was a lot of work!

August 12, 2022: 3:38 p.m.   fbLIE:   They raided Mar-a-Lago and when they did, they took some stuff away. Allegedly, this was stuff the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, was not supposed to have. The problems are: 1) he had already gone through the paperwork he had with the "powers that be" and they didn't want those papers back. 2) Any paperwork he had HE, as PRESIDENT, had already DECLASSIFIED and they were supposed to be even available to the public. And 3) He was the President, he had the authority to declassify anything he wanted. The fbLIE went to PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP'S house because they were trying to do a CYA (Cover Your Ahem) search so that they could take away any evidence he had against them. As PRESIDENT, he had the authority to get that information and if it's true they came to look for damning information on themselves, then HOW BAD DOES IT HAVE TO BE FOR THE fbLIE to do such a horrendous, ILLEGAL thing? Can ANYONE trust the fbLIE? (My answer: NOPE.)

August 12, 2022   fbLIE 2:   They waited "several days" before they went into Mar-a-Lago. I bet they were waiting to inform all of the msm people so they would be able to put stories together about how bad it's going to be for the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, because the fbLIE found all of this paperwork that they have now recovered. Yep. That's the way the fbLIE operates nowadays: use the msm to help create a FALSE NARRATIVE before the event even happens. J6, anyone?

August 12, 2022   Love My Gov.!:   His Press Secretary has resigned. But, don't worry. She's not really leaving. She's going to head his "Rapid Response" team! She says "Now the gloves are off!" This is going to be GOOD!

August 12, 2022   FAUXcahontas:   This is SOOOOOOOO STUPID! She says that if she were a man -- had a penis -- she would be prezidunce! Rrrrrriiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhhtttt! And if marshmallows were money Lucky Charms cereal would make us all rich, right? I think she's highly delusional and very egotistical. I mean, really. She has no idea how poorly people think of the faux Cherokee. REALLY delusional. I bet she thought she was class president in second grade, too.

August 12, 2022   Election Integrity:   The LEFT is setting up the 2022 election STEAL right NOW. The LEFT LOVES TO CHEAT in order to stay in power. Power is their thing because while in POWER, they can make MONEY, which is their god. They will do ANYTHING to keep POWER. ANYTHING.

August 12, 2022   Trendie Transie:   The feds are trying to make it necessary for nonprofits to PRETEND "that boys are girls" and vice versa. In other words, they're threatening to REMOVE the tax exempt status from nonprofits that won't play along with the trendie transie crap. If a Christian church or organization won't AFFIRM that boys are girls and girls boys -- or even kangaroos, dolphins, or rose plants? -- the organization or church can lose their tax exempt status. Is this America? Is this what those people who helped STEAL 2020 wanted? Did they want their children to be forced to use certain words because their school and government DEMANDS they do so? What happens to their child if their child uses the wrong pronoun for their teacher, principal, or classmate: jail time? Do the parents lose the privilege of claiming that child as a dependent on their taxes for that year? What happens if an adult uses the wrong pronoun and it irritates a transie? Will that adult be sent to a re-education camp to learn RIGHT SPEAK? IS THIS AMERICA? WE HAVE THE THIEVES TO THANK FOR THIS.

August 12, 2022   Mar-a-Lago Raid:   The fbLIE tried to tell people that the reason they raided the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP'S, home was because they feared he had nuclear weapons info, but that LIE enboldened a LEFTIE to want Pres. Trump EXECUTED. Sweet. Now, we know for CERTAIN that the nuclear weapons pretext was another fbLIE LIE. Shock. Surprise. How low will the LEFT go to ensure that the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, doesn't get re-elected (for the THIRD TIME) in 2024? They'll stop at nothing. I hope he has good bodyguards because I do believe they may try to assasinate him. Would it surprise you? How long is that crooktOOn death list now?

August 12, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   Moderna's CEO is saying that, like cell phones being replaced annually (Apple iPhones are replaced almost as soon as there's a new version for a lot of people), the POISON "vaccines" will be an ANNUAL thing. I don't think so, dude. People are regreting getting it and they're watching their loved ones DIE because of the POISON "vaccine". People are tired of feeling horrible, their brains in a muddle and their health declining as they get case after case after case of Fauci-China-19. This stuff is POISON! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT, but people believed the LIES.

Those of us who didn't take it listened to our heads, though it through, looked at the evidence. I watched videos of people in China who allegedly had this thing and just dropped where they stood and within moments the hazmat dressed people were there to pick them up. EVERY ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE -- with ONE exception -- fell forward AND PUT THEIR HANDS OUT TO BREAK THEIR FALL and impact with the pavement. IF you are passing out, YOU DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS OUT. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. The ONLY reason I didn't hit the pavement is because my hubby (boyfriend at the time) was there to catch me. I didn't believe the very secretive Chinese government would suddenly be allowing all of this scary video of people alllegedly DYING IN THE STREETS to be put on YouTube, to be allowed out of the country, to be sudddenly OPEN about a disaster in their country. Think back. Has China EVER been open about a catastrophe previously? NO! That's what made me think that it was all a hoax and the POISON "vaccine" was the world governments -- those who want to be One World Government -- were working together to do something horrible and I talked to my family and told them why I could NOT get the POISON "vaccine" and didn't want them to do so either. All of my immediate family but one, listened. My Mother and brother listened, and my sister made that decision on her own. We are what is now being referred to as "Pure Bloods" and we will NEVER take the shot. NEVER.

August 12, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I have to get ready to go to Georgia. Y'all have a great weekend and I will try to see you on Tuesday.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

August 11, 2022: 12:32 p.m.   Good afternoon and I hope you're having a great day. I wanted to remind you that I may not be here tomorrow because we are going to the farm and I don't know what time that will be. IF I have time, I'll do some updates. If not, I won't be back in town until Monday night so I'll try to do next week's updates starting on Tuesday. For today, I don't have much time, so let's get started.

August 11, 2022   Election Integrity:   Did you know that in 31 -- THIRTY-ONE!!! -- states, demonRAT operatives control the voter rolls? That's not just partisan, it's WRONG. It's DANGEROUS. It facilitates CHEATING and the 2020 STEAL. How do we change it? Lobby our State Legislators and election personell, and our governors. We need to change that and change it FAST! In Missouri, the effort to make demonRATS the party of choice forever via ranked choice voting has FAILED! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! That's a great thing. Why? Here's what ranked choice voting does:

"It will eliminate the ability of Republican voters to primary unpopular candidates who do not follow our platform. It will usher in corrupt elections wherein multiple rounds of vote juggling sometimes results in the person with fewer votes actually being declared the winner. It will throw state elections to Democrats. And it will ensure anti-establishment, pro-citizen candidates never get elected to state office in Missouri again at all costs."
RINOS and demonRATS in Alaska recently got it passed there as UNPOPULAR RINO, lisa murkowski, previous staff members pushed it there, probably LYING to the good people of Alaska to get it passed because when you have something that takes away the REAL CHOICE of the PEOPLE, then you have the LEFT in control forever! Alaska needs to undo that. Ranked choice is bad for America and needs to die a quick, painful death.

August 11, 2022   LEFTIE Wimps:   Can you believe this? After the fbLIE raided the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP'S, house the fbLIE claims -- are you ready for real stupidity and snowflake-ism? -- they are the real victims! Yes, really! fbLIE director, christopher wray said so! Can anyone say, "Lame!"? How pathetic to claim victimhood in this! They were doing wrong! I think that it's time for the LEFT to stop LYING about absolutely everything and start opening their mouths without a LIE coming out anytime there's not food or drink going in! Thank goodness this illegal raid is awakening America to how BAD the LEFT has gotten. America no longer trusts the LEFTIST enforcement agencies, and are losing trust in the LEFT overall. Good. We should NOT trust them! They're as corrupt and evil as satan! They're also misreading the American people.

August 11, 2022   Lefties Use Religion Like a Weapon:   Why is it that when the left wants to shame someone, wants to bludgeon them with an alleged religious tenet, they drag out things that they vaguely remember from a religion of choice (whether or not they practice that religion or believe in its teachings) and try to use it to either defend themselves and their abhorrent practices abortion, or randi weingarten attacking Sen. Rubio (R-FL) based on her ill-gotten misunderstanding (or intentional misstatement) of the Talmud's teachings:

"The Talmud (Yoma 9b) is explicitly clear that the Temple was destroyed because of 'baseless hatred' between Jews. It teaches that even though the Jews at the time of the Temple were engaged in Torah study, good deeds, and acts of kindness, their baseless hatred of each other (paralleled by Ms. Weingarten’s attacks on Rubio) caused the Temple to be destroyed. The Talmud even states that this baseless hatred is the equivalent of idol worship, forbidden sexual relationships, and bloodshed combined."
See that part about "forbidden sexual relationships"? Yeah. Weingarten is a lesbian, which in the Bible is forbidden (see Leviticus 18, Romans 1:26, etc.) So where does she get to be all "holier than thou" about a FALSE accusation against Marco Rubio? Rather convenient to pull something out of a religion and try to bash someone with it when you don't even understand OR BELIEVE what you are saying. The left LOVES to quote the Bible, Torah, Quran, whatever, if they can use it for something to bash Conservatives. If they have to stand up to the standards set in that religion that they're using to bash others, they take a very convenient PASS. Isn't that typical of LEFTIES?

August 11, 2022   Big Tech ELECTION Interference:   Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Dead Blue Bird says that they WILL MEDDLE IN NOVEMBER'S MIDTERMS. Hey, if they're going to announce it, who are we to DOUBT IT? Just ARREST PEOPLE NOW FOR COLLUSION TO INTERFERE IN AN ELECTION. It's the RIGHT thing to do! After all, do you want your vote interfered with?

August 11, 2022   lizardlychinney:   She's been getting RICH in office. Just like most of the "elites" do. Her Daddy must be proud of her for raking in the dough -- 600% worth of INCREASE -- and being a kiss-butt RINO to the LEFT. I'm sure he's just happy as a mud puppy in mud. Yes, sirree! He's gotta be proud of his little RINO. I bet her Momma's just as happy. They can rely on her to take care of them in their dotage and there's no worries about her ever being poor when they and their millions are gone. Ain't that sweet?

August 11, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I have something I have to get done. I'll try to be here tomorrow. If not, then Tuesday is the earliest I can be here.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

August 10, 2022: 1:08 p.m.   I'm here! Can you believe it? Went to the farm, found out that there is no way we can use the window we purchased for the master bathroom renovation, so when we returned I had to find a new window. Did that, so we're going to go back to the farm this weekend and stay until Monday as we install the new window and start on making the shower area useable. That's going to be so nice! I haven't showered in my own bathroom up there in quite a while, so it's a good thing our farm has three bathrooms! Anyways, we did that and also found out that our fireplace won't work up there because it's not rated for bathroom use (would have been nice if they had listed that in the specs, agree?). So we're bringing that down here and I'm going to rearrange things down here so that we can use the fireplace in the living room here. We're still going to have a fireplace in the bathroom up there, though, because I found a bio fuel ethanol fireplace and we're getting that Friday. Hurray! I get to have a bubble bath and look at the fireplace with a fire going. That's going to be nice. So, let's do this for today and see what tomorrow and Friday bring.

August 10, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAILconomy:   He's an idiot: a senile idiot, but still an idiot. Being old doesn't mean you're smart. It just means for lefties that you get older and dumber. This guy can't solve a two word crossword puzzle if the words were both "Cat". He's a demented old pervert and moron. He was bragging about the month of July having 0% inflation growth. What he is NOT telling you is that the numbers will be revised in a few weeks because that's what they do for LEFTIES in office: revise the numbers after they say that all is well and good, they come out in two weeks and revise them UPWARD because that's the TRUTH of LEFTIES in power: It's always BAD. They did this during themuslimvileone's two terms, also. (NO. I am not portending bloodycommiePEDOjoe's getting a second term in office. I don't think he'll be alive for a second term.) What he doesn't say:

"Zero Hedge pointed out that real weekly earnings are down for a RECORD 16th consecutive month.

"'Inflation-adjusted earnings have declined for 89% (16 of 18 months) of Biden’s presidency' Zero Hedge."
Yeah. Really good news. Another thing he didn't tell you is that food prices are at historical HIGHS, with or without July prices going up:
"The food index increased 10.9 percent over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending May 1979."
The list of food price increases is at Breitbart and it's scary. I don't know how people making minimum wage are making ends meet. Thanks to the LEFT -- including those who helped STEAL 2020's election -- we have to put up with this nonsense. They love their POWER and they LOVE DESTROYING AMERICA, so this is all part of the plan. This is what they're willing to do to YOU so that they can have POWER to get MONEY: even if they have to commit TREASON to do it (ask pelosickpig about that).

August 10, 2022   2022 Primaries:   The REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, has an exemplary record of helping people he endorses WIN. This time, the fbLIE helped in that, maybe a little, but his endorsement has meant a great deal to those who are endorsed by him. It's good to see him helping others win. I just hope his endorsements are all the kind of people we NEED in office: TRUE CONSERVATIVES. I don't want RINOS in office. I want GOOD, TRUE CONSERVATIVES in office so that they can start rebuilding America and stopping the LEFT from doing further damage.

August 10, 2022   TRUMP HATRED:   The witch hunt in NY is still going on and the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, has been hounded by the NYAG since she was elected into office on the PROMISE of "being a real pain in the" AHEM, and she has kept that promise. This being her CAMPAIGN PROMISE, means that it was an ASSUMPTION SHE WAS MAKING that he had done something wrong. So he has decided to invoke his Fifth Amendment RIGHT to stay silent. I think that's an excellent strategy; however the LEFT will use his silence as an "admission of guilt", which is TOTALLY NOT CONSTITUTIONAL. We have the "right to remain silent" according to the Miranda Rights, and we are "PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY", but the LEFT won't worry about those principles on which we operate our PREVIOUSLY-ONE-TIERED justice system. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. They have FOUND NOTHING and TWO PROSECUTORS QUIT because there was nothing to pursue on PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. That's the TRUTH of the matter, but letitia james, NYAG? Like lizardlychinney, she won't let it go. It's about STOPPING PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP from being re-elected in 2024. They have to CREATE A CRIME to make him a FELON so that he won't be eligible to be in office. That's what the TRUTH is: STOP TRUMP so he won't be able to dismantle the Deep State Swamp (DSS) that helps the demonRATS and RINOS use their positions to get richer and richer and help their family members and buddies do the same. It's about the "us" and "them" of those in power and doing as much harm to we, the folks in "flyover country" as they possibly can as they try to keep us under their thumbs. The left is full of real bast---- and that's the TRUTH.

August 10, 2022   Trendie Transie:   A trans-activist (READ: "sicko weirdo") is pledging to send CHILDREN HORMONES ACROSS STATE LINES despite the fact that

"According to the United States Department of Justice, 'It is illegal to use prescription drugs without a valid prescription or to distribute them.'"
So if the DOJ is familiar with this promise by this trans-activist, why is the trans-activist -- who is ALREADY ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT -- being allowed to advertise wrongdoing? WHY is this heshe allowed to advertise lawlessness? This guy -- I think he's a he dressing as a she -- has allegedly already sexually assaulted at least one person who is younger than him. Another problem: there is NOT JUST ONE ACCUSER, but multiple accusers have said he has raped them. Should this guy/gal be allowed to do ANYTHING with young people, allowed to even be around them, or should we close our eyes and turn our backs as heshe sends hormones across state lines and BREAKS THE LAW and gets away with it because it's a heshe? I say ARREST THE CREEP NOW and throw him into the men's prison and let them deal with this alleged rapist of young people. Let's see how heshe likes it.

August 10, 2022   Idiot LEFTIES:   They're so STUPID. Everything they're doing against the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, is backfiring "BIGLY". For instance, the J6 Committee's making people DISBELIEVE THEIR NARRATIVE, the DOJ's recent fbLIE raid on Mar-A-Lago as they searched for "evidence" to MANUFACTURE A CRIME against the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, and are trying darndest to FRAME him with even spitting on the sidewalk (which the demonRATS and RINOS in the House and Senate will quickly make into a felony) if they can. They're trying to prevent him from being elected in 2024:

"DNC and Hillary Clinton attorney Marc Elias wrote this week on Twitter that the point of the raid on Mar-a-Lago was to keep Trump from running in 2024."
The fact is, it's the LEFT who are the criminals! The fbLIE was looking for documents that PROVE IT. That's why they raided Mar-A-Lago; to protect their own backsides! It's ridiculous! With the LEFT in charge, America is now looking like "Marxist 1917 Russsia" and like a Chinese/North Korean tightly controlled regime's homeland instead of America. America, where have you gone? How have they destroyed you and the RULE OF LAW so quickly? What of our promise, our laws, our land, our American dream? The LEFT has taken it all away, destroyed it as quickly as they may make money hand over fist to make their families richer at a cost so high... too high, but they don't care. They have their dollar signs in front of their faces, and the money going into the bank. They can sleep on it, swim in it, burn it in their fireplaces, because they sold America, your parents, your children and your grandchildren out in order to get it. America: on the precipice she wobbles and we must grab her quickly, or she will topple over into the abyss and the only thing that will be left is her memory as Communism and thevilegeorgesoros and all those who pay homage to him celebrate her demise. Is this what you want?

August 10, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. Remember, we're going to the farm Friday so I don't know if I'll be posting or not. This past Monday I was busy finding a replacement window to use at the farm; yesterday my hubby called and said he'll come home early and go with me to pict it up, and then we went to get some more tiles to use in the master bathroom (we needed 25 more to finish that part of the tiles), then we went to try to find some bio ethanol fireplace fuel for the new fireplace for the bathroom, and a few other things. That's why I didn't do updates earlier: life is busy nowadays. I thought that as you get older life got simpler and quieter. That's not happening in my life. I'm not complaining, just saying that it's not always easy to find the time to do these updates.

Remember to check out my 2022 ENDORSEMENTS PAGE!

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

August 2, 2022: 2:02 p.m.   I am not doing any updates today except to say that I am working on the ENDORSEMENTS PAGE and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow's updates. It's not easy with a lot of candidates in so many races and it's a lot of research, so I am getting closer to being finished and hope to have the page completed by tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have some patience left for the research yet to complete. Sometimes I hate doing this because of all of the things I find out about people, but it's well worth it if I can help keep a RINO or a demonRAT out of office. I'll try to see you tomorrow.

July 28, 2022: 12:52 P.M.   Just a note to remind you that we're leaving tonight for the farm and will return late Sunday night. I will try to be here Monday. I have time for a few blurbs but still have to do a few things around the house, so it will be just a few. Let's get started.

July 28, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   Well, it's looking more and more and more like we're in a recession. It doesn't matter how the LEFT tries to redefine it, it's a RECESSION. The LEFT did this to us. They've done their utmost to destroy America and they're doing a very good job at it. How many people do you know who are now struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table and gas in the tank? It's the LEFT'S FAULT. They are in control of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the House and the Senate (BY CHEATING), so they get to take responsibility for this recession, although they'll surely try to blame the REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, it's the LEFT'S FAULT. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Our numbers keep getting worse and the FAUXministration and demonRAT led House and Senate are doing NOTHING to change that. In fact, they keep piling on the bad so that it will only get worse. Sweet, yes? (end SARCASM)

July 28, 2022   Insider Trading:   Raise your hand if you're surprised that pelosickpig's hubby did it again? Yeah. It's totally illegal but, since when does the law matter to the LEFT? Hm? If they want to do it, if it will make them wealthier, if they want to LIE about it -- even under OATH -- that's okay. They're demonRATS. They're PROTECTED and SPECIAL. They're allowed to KILL PEOPLE (hillosercrooktOOn, anyone) and get away with it. They know that as long as they have friends in high places, there's never going to be a price for them to pay. They operate with impunity and don't even blink an eye when the public finds out (or suspects) that they are lawless egotists. After all, they deserve to be special, because -- in their own hearts and minds -- they ARE. I think they'll face a judgment someday in front of someone who knows all of their thoughts and deeds and then they'll figure out what they should have done. Then there will be consequences that they'll pay for a very, very, very long time.

July 28, 2022   stacey "I WON!" abrams:   She's pathetic. She can't get over her loss (or even admit to it) and she is running again for Governor of Georgia, but she's incapable of raising the kind of money she needs within her own state so she's getting truckloads of cash from OUTSIDE Georgia (BTW, not literally "truckloads"; that's an illustrative term, not literal). When your own constituents don't want you enough to finance your campaign for an office within the state, just hang it up! If you're not popular enough for the people of that state to send you $10, you're not popular enough! Give up! Roll over and play dead! That goes for idiots like lizard cheney, too! Give it up! People don't want you! Go away! And, for lizard; you'll NEVER EVER, EVER be President. Well, unless it's in your own mind, like abrams is governor of Georgia.

July 28, 2022   Election Integrity:   bloodycommiePEDOjoe is doing everything he can to prevent Republican wins this November. He has been LYING about everything positive the Republicans try to do, declaring "emergencies" left and right, probably going to push another shut down or something similar for the "October Surprise" so that the CHEATERS can stuff ballot boxes again. He signed an Executive Order back in March of 2021:

"allowing third-party organizations (like Zuckerbucks) to infiltrate elections like they did in 2020." ... "...a Biden executive order could potentially use taxpayer dollars to fund the use of ballot harvesting, which could include the use of unsupervised ballot drop boxes, in U.S. elections — leaving election integrity experts highly concerned about how this could lead to potential voter fraud."
Shocked? Didn't think so. The left: POWER AND MONEY AT ALL COSTS: EVEN AMERICA!

July 28, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe, hydrated and sunscreened if you're going to be outside. It's so very, very hot out there! I'll TRY to be here Monday. Life happens, so I won't promise.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 27, 2022: 1:22 p.m.   Election Integrity:   Look at this! TWO Michigan counties' GOP have decided to vote to rescind the Michigan 2020 presidential election, joining GOPs in counties in Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The problem is, this is only the GOP organizations in a few counties in those states, not the whole of America and not just the GOP. I love that some people are stepping up and doing what's right, but it's not actually doing anything except making people happy to see that someone did the right thing. It's a feel good, but it accomplishes nothing. I suppose those of us who KNOW that 2020 WAS STOLEN (NO doubt about it) need some good news every now and then considering how bad things are with this THIEF in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

July 27, 2022   Hate Crime:   Three girls beat a grandmother on a NYC bus. They said as they beat her that she was probably a Trump supporter and because she was white. Yes, they are black and they are minors, and two of them have been arrested, the third is still being sought. A few days/weeks ago, when little kids hit and cussed a Minnesota cop. First, don't teach your kids to hate. Second, don't teach your kids to cuss. Cussing is a lazy person's vocabulary and the world has heard enough foul language. Learn different words and express yourself with those words instead of cussing. Cussing should be reserved for extreme situations. But a child -- one in the background still in diapers -- cussing like that and hitting a cop? That's bad, really bad, parenting and that parent/those parents should have to go to parenting classes, or lose custody!

July 27, 2022   Big Tech INTERFERENCE:   They're at it again. Big tech is trying to interfere in our 2022 election -- yet again! They like to stop the TRUTH and encourage the LIES of the LEFT. They're acting as though YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT. They seem to think that the only VOTE that counts is their own: whoever they want as president, senator, CONgressperson is what counts and they'll do everything they can to PREVENT anyone from learning anything that would make them vote AGAINST what big tech wants. They're the overlords of our election system. Vote WITH their desires, agree with them, or you will pay the price of having your social media account shut down. Fakebook and the Dead Blue Bird owners/board members are so special and so smart, that we don't need an opinion, nor do we need a VOTE THAT COUNTS. The candidate THEY support shall be supported and shall be helped to WIN -- one way or another -- or else! This election, tell mark zuckmuckerberg and jack dempsey that YOUR VOTE COUNTS, TOO! Tell them to take their INTERFERENCE AND TAKE A HIKE!

July 27, 2022   Fauci-China-19:   There are a few GOOD things that came out of this manmade tragedy. First, we got a really good lesson in why NOT to trust our government -- especially the LEFTIES in it. Second, we learned that when the government says, "Take a shot!" we don't have to obey. Third, we learned that within our government there are LIARS and then there are SUPER LIARS: falsiefauci is one of them. Fourth, we learned that public school systems are even worse under a PLandemic and that taking our children out of public schools is a GREAT IDEA and GOOD FOR OUR CHILDREN. Homeschooling is a great thing and more people are homeschooling or moving kids to private schools since they found out their public schools were staffed by tyrants and perverts.

Speaking of perverts, do you realize that there are teachers, school boards and "activists" out there who are still pushing the trendy transie agenda and they're trying to keep PORNOGRAPHIC BOOKS in YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL LIBRARY? Worse still, the FAUXministration threatening public schools who accept federal funds for their school lunch program MUST

"allow students to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers and play on the sports teams".
The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS PUSHING, BLACKMAILING PERVERSION INTO OUR SCHOOLS AND PUTTING YOUR DAUGHTERS AT RISK and they KNOW it and are doing it anyways, all in the name of normalizing PERVERSION so that hunter and bloodycommiePEDOjoe can feel like they're NORMAL.

July 27, 2022   Trendie Transie:   A group of pushy, self-entitled weirdos are suing Gov. Ron DeSantis as they try to FORCE Gov. DeSantis to allow PORNOGRAPHIC books in school libraries. They're suing our Governor because he signed the bill that the legislature wrote and the people of Florida support. But, you know, they're SPECIAL so we -- the majority -- have to kiss their butts and we have to obey! That's the way the LEFT works: right and wrong don't matter as long as they can twist what is wrong into what is pushed into the "right" category, they're happy. Otherwise, they'll SUE to make it so. Sick, perverted puppies.

July 27, 2022   Election Integrity 2:   So how does this happen? Yet another Michigan station aired the results of the 2022 primaries that HAVE NOT YET HAPPENED, but this time they had different numbers for the RINO winners. Sounds to me like they're not just running prep tests getting ready for the election, they're testing people's reactions to the early numbers and anesthetizing people to seeing "mistaken testing leaks". This way the people of Michigan think nothing of the results being WAAAAAYYYYYY OFF when the actual election comes around. After all, they've already seen numbers that were WAAAAYYYYY OFF in these "accidental leaks", why should they be surprised by it now?

July 27, 2022   FBLIE:   We have the goods on the FBLIE and we know that they are "corrupt to the core". How do we know? Sen. Chuck Grassley has proven that a "dirty" FBLIE agent, Assistant Special Agent Timothy Thibault, covered up hunter's laptop and all of the ADMITTED TO AND VIDEOED CRIMES. Meanwhile, this "dirty" FBLIE agent also pushed the LIE of the "Russia collusion" hoax. He is a disgrace, but it's more than that. He's a LEFTIST PUPPET and that's beyond despicable because he's helping DESTROY AMERICA which makes him a TRAITOR!

July 27, 2022   WOMAN = XX Chromosomes:   You want to know how stupid the LEFT is? Want to know how much they have to kiss the backsides of the weirdos amongst them? There are some demonRAT candidates who are afraid to define what a "woman" is. How absurd is this? What happened to "Follow the science"? Science used to say a woman was a person with XX chromosomes. Nowadays, the COWARDS are saying "there's no simple way to define a woman". Ha! Liars. There is a simple way. It's called S-C-I-E-N-C-E, NOT PC!

July 27, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I have some research to do and I have to get it done. I'll try to see you tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 26, 2022: 3:36 p.m.   I'm late, but I had a really good thing happen today and I was quietly celebrating for an hour or so. I am very excited about this good thing and it means we can look forward to future good things, too. It's all good!

July 26, 2022   Islamic Money:   Did Islamic Jihad terrorism financiers actually organize (and pay for?) campaign events for moron rash-i-duh tlaib? Would it surprise anyone? Question: IF they did, did they also help ilhan "I Married My Brother" omar do things, too? IF this is what we get when we have Muslims in CONgress, do we want to support that? Do you want TERRORIST FINANCIERS to be funding CONgress members? What are the loyalties of the member of CONgress when they are beholden to ISLAMIC TERRORISM FINANCIERS? To whom do they listen, appeal, have loyalty, when Muslim TERRORISTS give them MONEY? You have three guesses. The first FIVE don't count.

July 26, 2022   DemonRAT Brings Devistation:   A Wisconsin demonRAT "leader", who is 70 and underwent cataract surgery the previous day, was on the phone and had an accident that killed a mother and her 5 year-old daughter. I can't imagine the pain of the family and I hope that the demonRAT has to pay the same price you or I would have to pay in the same situation. She was ON THE PHONE, which most states have outlawed for several years now. Wisconsin hasn't outlawed (per se) talking on a cell phone use while driving as long as you're not in a construction zone, or a new driver. However, they have laws against "distracted driving" and that is what the demonRAT should be charged with: IF she's going to be treated the same as you and I.

July 26, 2022   Election Integrity:   In Maricopa County, Arizona, the demonRATS are at it again. They're trying to CHEAT already for 2022's midterms. They're telling people in AZ to use "Sharpies" to vote election day, but NOT in early voting. Why the differences in pens/marking instruments? What would that difference result in? If you recall, in the 2020 STEAL, when "Sharpiegate" filled the news hours, and the LEFT decided that it has now been thoroughly debunked, why would they this election make two different rules for marking the ballots, if the 2020 election was NOT STOLEN? Remember: if the election is on the up and up, why make the ballots before the actual day marked with Sharpies, but those on the actual election day marked with something else? WHY THE DIFFERENCE IF NOTHING NEFARIOUS IS GOING ON? Why?

July 26, 2022   BABY-Killing:   I'm very grateful to the Lord GOD Almighty that Roe was overturned. It was based on two lies: LIE ONE: That the "right to privacy" is in the U.S. Constitution and that's the "right" that the Roe decision was based. And, Norma McCorvey, "Roe", LIED about how she conceived the child and what happened afterward. I'm glad that those Justices who signed the Roe-ending BABY-KILLING "right", didn't cave to pressure; not even pressure from chief "justice" (read COWARD) john roberts, who worked until the last minute to try to get them to change their minds. So I thank Justices Amy Coney-Barrett, John Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh for sticking to their principles, sticking to the ACTUAL U.S. Constitution and to what is RIGHT (correct, good; not politicly). They did good on that one. GOD approves, and so does Michigan Coach, Jim Harbaugh. Good for him!

July 26, 2022   OB/GYN TRUTH:   An OB/GYN who serves as the Senator from Kansas has spoken up about the LIES that the LEFT tells about women who have ectopic pregnancies allegedly not being able to get treatment now that Roe has been overturned. Treatment for an ectopic pregnancy IS NOT AN ABORTION. They are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Yes, the child is going to die, but if left inside the fallopian tube, the child will die anyways, and if left untreated, the mother may die as well. So Sen. Roger Marshall, MD (OB/GYN) wrote an op-ed that explains the differences and TELLS THE TRUTH about the LIES of the LEFT. Read the TRUTH, ignore the LIES. You'll be smarter that way. Actually, ignore anything the LEFT says. It's all LIES and nonsense anyways.

July 26, 2022   FBLIE:   Their protection of crackhead/porn addict/prostitute addict, hunter "I'm a PERV like my Dad" biden, is ILLEGAL and wrong. There used to be a concept in America called "Equal justice under the law". Nowadays? If you're a LEFTIE, you can get away with TREASON (ask the bidens), insider trading (ask pelosickpig), using and possibly selling crack cocaine (ask hunter), taking illegal money from illegal donors (ask the crooktOOns), marrying your own brother (ask ilhan omar), etc., etc., etc. It's all about the "US" and the "Little People who work to SERVE US" to the LEFT. They think of themselves as kings and queens and "We, The People" as their servants and lackies. We don't get "Equal justice under the law"; we get the shaft.

July 26, 2022   J6:   Does it surprise ANYONE that the J6 group is HIDING EVIDENCE THAT EXONERATES PRES. DONALD J. TRUMP from any and ALL responsibility for what happened -- or allegedly happened -- on Jan. 6, 2021? This group of alleged "representatives" is NOT representing the American people unless it's people who hate THE REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP. No one else supports this fallderall.

July 26, 2022   Fauci-China-19:   A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that UNvaccinated C19 patients were contagious for LESS time than the POISONED patients. Well, shock me, surprise you, right? EVERYTHING the NIH, CDC, FAUXministration, hollyweird, etc., have told us about C19 has been PROVEN TO BE LIES. Never believe anything the LEFT says. They LIE. They LIE. They LIE.

July 26, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I'm so excited about my good news today. Looking forward to more! I'll TRY to be here tomorrow, but I know that we are going to the farm this weekend, so I don't know quite yet about Thursday and Friday. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 25, 2022: 11:35 a.m.   Yep. I missed Thursday and Friday. Thursday we went to Winter Park to pick up our "going to Georgia" car. It gets at least 30 mpg in the city and over 40 mpg on the highway: mixed, so far we've seen 38.3 mpg, which ain't shabby. It took about six hours if we include travel time, but the paperwork for buying a car nowadays is way too ridiculuos! You sign and sign and sign and sign and by the time it's all signed and done, you're done, too! I got to drive it home, though, following my hubby in the SUV and it is a fun car to drive and has so many bells and whistles, it does everything except make breakfast and slap your momma! Friday I felicitously met my youngest son at a shop (didn't know he would be there; and he didn't know I would), so I took him for a ride in my new vehicle and then I bought him a Fluffernutter milkshake at the Moonlight Drive-In in Titusville, and if you loved those sandwiches as a kid, GO GET ONE OF THOSE SHAKES. You will LOVE it! I had just a sip and it was delicious and really did taste like the sandwich I remember. That took my afternoon update time, then the weekend was busy as well, so I've been running behind in more than just website updates. My apologies.

I must apologize for something else, too. I didn't get to the candidate research I thought I'd be able to. I thought that as you get older that life slowed down, but it seems the opposite is showing itself true in my case. Life keeps getting busier and busier! I will TRY to get that research done before next Monday and post it, so please be patient and keep checking back. I will have it before the primaries.

July 25, 2022   Fauci-China-19:   When the "experts" within the NIH, CDC, alphabet "healthcare" federal agencies, and lefties told us that we need to get the POISON "vaccine", they KNEW IT WOULD NOT PREVENT ANYTHING! They KNEW it wouldn't stop transmission, or you coming down with it. They KNEW that they WERE LYING TO YOU! That's PROOF that this whole thing was NOT about anyone's health, it was about MANIPULATING YOU and MAKING YOU GET THE POISON. That's all this was about. Now, the U.S. death rate, according to figures by the insurance industry, has skyrocketed UP 40%. Hmmmm... Coincidence? Or is it all related to the POISON "vaccine"? Remember, they're already pushing a "vaccine" for monkeypox that the World Health Organizatin (WHO) is actually admitting is a "clinical trial" of the drug and not something they know for certain will work. That's ridiculous. Putting the whole world under a "clinical trial" to see who will fall in lockstep -- sorry, I mean in line -- with whatever the powers that be tell them? No. This is Facist, to say the least (or is it "Faucist"?). Don't take the POISON for either illness. Don't take the POISON for Fauci-China-19, nor for the monkeypox. You are not a guinea pig. Don't obey, obey, obey.

July 25, 2022   Election Integrity:   So how did a news channel in Michigan publish the results of the upcoming primary even though the election is still a WEEK AWAY? Hmmmm? If the FIX was not in, how would they know the results? Hmmmm? It wasn't just them, either. The "authority" in elections, the Associated Press (AP) published the results as well. Sound kinda' fishy to you? Yeah. Note that ONLY the Trump-haters "won". I wonder why, don't you? Keep an eye on Michigan, folks. They have the cheaters embedded and the cheating down to a SCIENCE. "Trust the SCIENCE" is what the left always says, now don't they?

July 25, 2022   Kids, Don't Do Like This Guy:   Want to see a perfect example of Forrest Gump's "Stupid is as stupid does"? Yeah. I've got one. One of thevilegeorgesoros's employees is a homosexual (sodomite) man who, during NYC's "gay [homosexual] pride" weekend of events had sex with "multiple men" and wound up with both monkeypox and gonorrhea, and he's blaming the GOVERMENT for the "system" letting him down!!! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! IDIOT OF THE TENTH ORDER! His actions and decisions got him monkeypox and gonorrhea, not the government's. HIS choices led to the illnesses he contracted, not the "system letting him down". He wanted to take all the chances he could because it's exciting, "naughty" (read, "SINFUL"), and the number of homosexual men in town and out to celebrate with him (be willing partners in perversion) was higher than usual. So he got two diseases. I'm surprised he didn't get more. Who knows, maybe HIV/AIDS isn't showing up on the tests yet, but what if he has that, too? Did the government fail him for that, or was it HIS CHOICE to have sex with as many total strangers as he could and the results, consequences, be darned? Intelligence isn't this guy's strong point, so let's just leave it at the nicest I can be to him in this situation: "Moron! Make better choices!"

July 25, 2022   Monkeypox:   Speaking of that, why not tell you that this "monkeypox emergency" was NOT identified by healthcare experts (do you trust the "experts" nowadays anyways?), but it was decided to be an "emergency" by none other than the World Health Organization's Tedros: who is NOT a doctor. He's an ADMINISTRATOR, but NOT A DOCTOR or a "scientist", and he LIED about the results of the health committee's 9-6 AGAINST vote to declare it an "emergency". He said that the majority vote of 9 against and 6 for declaring it an emergency was a TIE. I'm sorry, but who taught him about numbers: a monkey?

Something else about the monkeypox is in need of consideration. The population most likely to get monkeypox is the homosexual community: sodomite men. When Fauci-China-19 was recognized as a "health emergency", we were all told to stay in our homes, don't go out and if we do, wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart. There were circles on the grocery store floors so we could stand in line six feet apart, footprints on the floors to show us the proper way to approach, arrows to show us which direction to go down the aisle so we wouldn't pass anyone face to face. It was ridiculous. Then came the shaming, bullying, blaming, hollyweird pressure, etc., to get those of us who didn't want the POISON "vaccine" to take the POISON. Why, if monkeypox is a worldwide "health emergency" is there no behavior shaming to make sodomites behave instead of just an announcement that it's out there and c'est la vie, such is life and we're not going to tell you to be celebate, to have sex only with the guy you're currently with (faithful; as it were), etc.? Why is there no attention given to encouraging the sodomite community to stop having sex with everyone willing? Maybe because homosexuals are one of the left's "useful idiot" class of protected individuals as long as they vote as we wish? They're not going to upset them? Is that it? Just asking.

July 25, 2022   BABY-Killing:   Class act (yes, that is sarcasm), Gov. (read; TYRANT) Gretchen Whitmer, of Michigan, has decided that pregnant women who want to keep their babies are NOT a priority in her state as she slashed care and aid for them from her budget.

"Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed funding for maternity homes, adoption tax credits, and other budget items that assist pregnant women."
Babies? Women who want to keep their babies and raise them, or want to give them up for adoption? Nah. Not important to the LEFT. They don't deserve any assistance, help, or healthcare funded by taxpayer dollars. "If they're NOT ABORTING THE BABY, CUT THEIR FUNDS and don't do anything that may help that mother give birth to a living child. How can women even think of carrying a child to full term in Michigan? How DARE they?" seems to be Whitmer's attitude. What a class act.

July 25, 2022   kackleharris:   What can I compare her (and a lot of other demonRATS) to that would not insult the thing I'm comparing them to? For instance, people (including myself) have compared certain (or all) demonRATS to rocks, but that insults the rocks. Others have compared demonRATS to mud, snake poop (yeah, that's one of my favorites), toasters, big/little toes, etc., etc., etc., but EVERYTHING they are compared to in the I.Q. department has a higher I.Q. than they, so how does one compare them to anything without insulting the compared item? Hmmmm... I think I know. I'll compare them to each other. For instance, kackleharris proves her stupidity when asked a question she can't answer intelligently (anything besides her name, it seems), so she cackles (I spell it with a "K" for her "name" because her first name starts with the same letter). She's so stupid she makes aoc look almost alive. Now kackleharris wants lgbtq+++++ teachers to go full groomer on kids. She said,

"'We’re gonna stand up against a law that says 'don’t say gay' basically restricting kindergarten through third-grade teachers in Florida to be able to love openly and teach what they believe is important for people to understand.'"
Nope. That's NOT what the law says or stands for. The law doesn't have that phrase in it, but it does say that teachers in Pre-K through third grade cannot teach about sexual identity because it confuses children and that teaching should be left to the parents of those children and not up to the teachers. If you want to have a bunch of confused children who don't know right from wrong, don't know if they're little boys or little girls, if heterosexuality is normal, right and designed by GOD and is the only acceptable sexuality, then the teachers should be able to teach the CRAP they want. This bill just says, "No. Leave that to the parents until the children are at least eight or nine years old." To me, they should have said that sexual perversions should NEVER be taught, approved of, or indoctrinated in schools. That's not the job of a teacher. Teaching CONFUSION is NOT APPROPRIATE. But that's what the LEFT wants; confuse the children and make the boys incapable of defending their homeland, their families, or their rights and you'll have a nation the LEFT and their worldwide dominance culture will be able to take over without a fight or whimper. That's the goal. Don't you agree?

July 25, 2022   louzy lizzy:   Can you believe how DELUSIONAL she is? She is thinking about running for dictator prezidunce in 2024! If I'd had milk in my mouth when I read the headline, I would have given my computer a bath in it. Got ego? Ridiculous thought, but she is apparently toying with the idea. Who is suggesting it, supporting it, encouraging it, I have NO idea. I can't imagine anyone who is HONEST saying to her, "Yeah. That's a good idea. You actually stand a snowballs' chance!" Amazing ego. How that thought has the spheres (to be nice) to even contemplate entering her little tiny brain, I have NO IDEA. It's like me considering becoming a brain surgeon when I know that I don't tolerate the sight of other people's blood well: I have a history of freaking out a little or puking; or both. It's almost as if she looks in the mirror and someone else is looking back at her and it's someone people like: Mr. Rogers, or Winnie The Pooh, or Harry Potter, perhaps. But if she sees herself and thinks that enough Americans would vote for her to put her anywhere near the office she would be seeking is not just delusional, it's borderline INSANE. She needs help! Really, she does!

July 25, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I have things to do and I finally have time to do them, so I'll TRY to see you tomorrow. Again, apologies for missing days again. Life happens. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 20, 2022: 1:01 p.m.   The crooktOOns:   Is this one step forward (or just a dead man walking?) in the search for TRUTH AND JUSTICE when it comes to the dirty dealings of the crooktOOns? One of their henchman, Stefan Halper is on trial and the judge in the trial just acknowledged that he probably INTENTIONALLY LIED to the FBLie. Did the FBLie do anything about that, or did they just accept the LIE because it was one of the crooktOOn's buddies/helpers/allies/henchmen/crooks? Will this be a step closer to actually putting the crooktOOns on a REAL trial, or are halper's days now numbered?

July 19, 2022   Election Integrity:   How many of you remember that bloodycommiePEDOjoe has federalized our elections? You know, that Executive Order that

"directs all 600 federal agencies to focus on increasing voter registration and turnout. Multiple agencies subsequently decided to turn federal facilities — especially those that deal with federal benefits — into voter registration agencies. The agencies are also allowed to work with left-wing get-out-the-vote groups."
Yeah. That's making the federal government a left-wing voter service. If they were told to equally register people for ALL political parties, that would be a little different, but considering the original paperwork that created those agencies, none of them mention registering voters, pushing elections, pushing a party, or anything else to do with elections with one exception: the Federal Election Commission. Other than that, to have ALL of government working to get the LEFT ELECTED is ILLEGAL and WRONG. So the judge who said for the FAUXministration to turn over documents related to the Executive Order BEFORE the November midterms may just put a splash of cold water on their plans. I'm sure that there is nefarious doings related to this, or the FAUXministration wouldn't have tried to postpone it until AFTER the midterms. They'll take the slap on the hand they'd get afterward and count it worth the slap. Prior to the election for their plan to be revealed could really hurt. I hope it does hurt and that it puts many people in PRISON. They deserve it!

July 20, 2022   Trendy Transie:   The FAUXministration has been trying to force men into women's sports, bathrooms, changing room, showers, etc., since the first day they took office. It's a mental illness -- or desparation for weak male losers who can't win against men who are better at sports than them -- when men try to "transition" into a woman. It CAN NEVER HAPPEN THAT A MAN BECOMES A WOMAN, OR VICE VERSA (WOMAN A MAN) because the DNA DOES NOT CHANGE. That marker, XY or XX, is PERMANENT and cannot be erased, cut off, carved out, filled in, or covered over. Just because you put lipstick on an aoc, that doesn't make her pretty, put a cap and gown on her, that doesn't make her intelligent, or put her in CONgress, that doesn't make her representative of what her constituents want and believe. Nope. Putting DNA MALE (XY) into DNA FEMALE (XX) sports does not make that MALE a FEMALE, no matter how small the thong he wears! Thankfully, we have some judges who still have common sense and believe in the rule of law, protecting WOMEN from predatory MEN (predators who want to take away a WIN for women, not sexually assault them), and that's just what stopping the FAUXministration from putting transies into women's (girls') sports in schools via the "Education" (read: Indoctrination) Department in at least 20 states. Thank you, Judge!

July 20, 2022   CALLED IT!:   Now none other than Dick Morris, who knows the crooktOOns like the back of his hand, is echoing my prediction that hillosercrooktOOn will run in 2024. I don't hate to say it, but I knew it was coming and I told you so. IF she does not run, I will admit I was wrong (and Dick Morris was wrong as well), and I will be happy that she is not trying for the reigns of power again. However, I think that the ONLY reason she WON'T run (if she decides to not run) is because the ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, ballots out from under the table late at night, etc., thing has been discovered and she doesn't believe she could get away with it because she's so despised that the people of America would rise up en masse against her STEAL. That's the only thing that would prevent her: knowing that she would be found out to have CHEATED to "win" and she would be run out of office, tarred and feathered, on a red hot rail!

July 20, 2022   Trump Carries 'Em:   Almost all of THE REAL, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT'S, DONALD J. TRUMP'S, endorsed candidates have won their race. Last night in Maryland, another Trump endorsed candidate won the Republican primary for Governor and will face the demonRAT winner in November. Pres. Trump's record is a lot better than anyone else's when it comes to endorsements leading to victories. I hope he endorses HIMSELF before the 2024 election!

July 20, 2022   Pedophile LEFTIES:   Yet another leftie has been caught trying to meet with underage children to have sex. This leftie, not surprisingly, is yet another PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEE, this time in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. He addressed that school board sometime prior to his arrest and admitted that he was a "'proud member of the LGBTQIA community, and an employee of Mt. Pleasant Public Schools.'" Sounds to me like YET ANOTHER reason to HOMESCHOOL YOUR KIDS! Who wants a pervert teaching their children? Who knows what kinds of fantasies they have about your children? If you love your kids, sacrifice the nicer, bigger house, new car and vacations in order to protect them and raise them yourself, putting their SAFETY FIRST! PLEASE! Don't subject your children to the perverts to "fulfill yourself" with a job that will pay you, but won't protect your children! Pedophiles go where their prey is. Public schools are one of the easiest places to get your prey. They're automatically assumed to be safe because they're "teachers". Question is, what do they want to teach your children besides political correctness? How "hands on" do you want your child's teacher to be with them? Homeschool. It's best for your kids.

July 20, 2022   Depression Meds:   If you're on depression medication, there is a new study you might be interested in reading. This study says that they may not be fixing what CAUSES depression. The study revealed that depression is not a chemical imbalance in the brain, but

"the study suggests depression may be more strongly correlated with adverse life events, which lower mood."
A family member of mine is on anti-depressants, but hasn't come out of it. After he had some good news, things improved, but he's still struggling because of the things that have happened in his life (some his own decisions; mostly others' actions) and I can see that this study is probably correct.
"Since the 1990s, antidepressant use has grown alongside the theory that drugs establish correct levels of chemicals in the brain. However, researchers say that is unfounded."
The answer to depression is Jesus Christ and GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU. Turn to Him and you'll feel better. My favorite pastor is Joseph Prince and he has several wonderful sermons that may help you. Visit this page that has DVDs and CDs that will help you get out of depression. Drop the pills and pick up Jesus! (Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor so don't take my advice on your pills without checking with your MD first.)

July 20, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   With gas and diesel prices soaring the price of trucking products (food and everything else) is going so high that some truckers are parking their trucks because they can't afford to drive anymore. Farmers are having difficulties affording the cost of running their tractors and equipment to harves the produce they planted. Everyone is hurting. With high interest mortgage rates and housing prices astronomical, too, people can't afford to buy homes now, either. Interest rates are now 5.82 percent compared to a year ago's 3.10%. That's not good. Even if you're trying to have a new home built, that has slowed way down as well. Also,

"Supply chain issues for materials necessary for construction are a factor, so is a worsening general perception of the world economy. We could soon be seeing cuts in construction jobs as well as jobs in related industries like steel. And there could be other negative downstream effects. If home prices decline due to weaker demand and higher interest rates, that will cut into people’s perceived net worth, which will worsen economic sentiment even more. What’s more, fewer showings of homes, according to a survey of realtors, indicate that this trend won’t be stopping any time soon."
All of this, and more, are why Moody's Chief Economist says that "parts of the economy are already in a recession". Thanks, LEFTIES: everyone who helped with the 2020 STEAL, those in political power now and especially, the FAUXministration who is trying to destroy America as quickly as they can! I hope you lose everything like so many regular Americans are thanks to you!

July 20, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I will try to be here again tomorrow. I'll try to get the political candidates endorsements page up on Monday, okay?

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 19, 2022: 2:41 p.m.   Autism Abounds:   Autism as defined by the APA is:

"a neurodevelopment disorder that is characterized by difficulties with social communication and social interaction and restricted and repetitive patterns in behaviors, interests, and activities."
That, according to a study, there has been a marked increase -- 50% -- in autism in the last five years! Now, I wonder if that's because more people are aware of autism and the signs and symptoms, or if that's because autism's definition has been expanded to cover more, as well as less severe, symptoms in the last five years. So don't panic about this. Your child's health is in your hands and if they expand autism's definition is expanded to include that your child is breathing, again, don't panic. It doesn't make it so.

July 19, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   Mark Steyn has done a one hour special on The Victims of the Vax" and I think you need to be aware of what has been happening to those who have taken the POISON. I have family and friends who have taken the POISON and I don't look forward to seeing what it will do to them. It's not that everyone will have immediate bad results, but that over the long run, there will be a price to pay by EVERYONE who took the poison. Whether you got one shot or four shots, it's all bad. In fact, the POISON "vaccine" are so INeffective at PREVENTING Fauci-China-19 that the CDC has decided to stop reporting the cases of FC19 on cruise ships because they have SOOOO MANY CASES of FC19 on them. Why is that? Because the cruise industry took the federal government seriously and made the rule (or did the feds do that?) that EVERY PASSENGER AND CREW MEMBER MUST BE "VACCINATED". That's why every cruise has the potential for being a FC19 cruise. Considering that we know that the cruise industry has a proven record of FC19 case increases since requiring everyone to have the shot, I'm a little surprised (very little) that ComicCon is requiring proof of POISON "vaccines" and masks to be worn. Of course, it is happening in San Diego, CaliMarxiFornicatia, so maybe that explains the government overreach power play and stupidity.

July 19, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   It's being said that he may declare a "national climate emergency" as early as this week, after he finishes his disappearing act after his fist bump. This "climate emergency" will lead to LESS FREEDOM, more restrictions,more demands that you do "X, Y and Z" in order to help protect the earth. The problem being that, in order to be an "emergency" there should be something happening NOW, an immediate, present danger. But, the climate activists have been screaming the end of the world since at least the 1970s (although back then it used to be global COOLING in the 1970s!) so it's not an "emergency", now is it? So why now? Because it's what his puppetmasters want. We all know that what they want, they get, right?

On another bloodycommiePEDOjoe note, the American people don't believe that he's as innocent as a newborn lamb when it comes to his son's business dealings. In fact,

"Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Likely U.S. voters believe it’s likely the president was aware of at least some of Hunter Biden’s major foreign business dealings, including 49% who think it is Very Likely."
So all of his denials, all of his son's and family members' denials added up to the people disbelieving him anyways. Maybe that's because we ALL KNOW HE'S A LIAR and his entire family are, too! So why would America believe him? Of course, we SHOULD NOT believe him. He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended upon it!

He's also out to destroy the American family by supporting -- to the point of using YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS SUE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN -- DNA MALES in the DNA FEMALES' bathrooms and in FEMALE SPORTS! Thank goodness for a federal judge who has put a stop to men in women's sports: for now. I'm sure the bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAUXministration will use MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS to APPEAL the judge's ruling and will continue to push to destroy WOMEN'S sports and safety for little girls and women nationwide. He cares about women being safe, right? That's why he gropes them and sniffs females of all ages as often as he can. That's how much he cares.

July 19, 2022   Think ALIKE, OR ELSE!:   The "climate emergency" may have been brought around by a decision to think for himself on the part of Sen. Joe Manchin, who would not vote for bloodycommiePEDOjoe's alleged "Build Back Better" bill (a rip off of "Make America Great Again" if ever we heard one!) and that stopped the bill from passing. This, of course, brought about the left's wrath and this time it's Sen. bernie sanders who railed on Manchin for not supporting the FAUXprezidunce's agenda. They're all supposed to think alike, want the same thing, believe the same thing, vote for the same thing because of that "D" after their name. It's not a good thing to not support the BIG D'S (demonRATS') plans! How dare Sen. Manchin not support it and think for himself! He must be brought to heel!

July 19, 2022   DemonRAT RACISTS:   demonRATS are so sweet and caring that they like to fund other demonRATS to post racist rants against Republicans they don't like. I don't mean "Republicans" like mitch mcCONnell, susan call-ins, or the likes of rotten romney; I mean the more Conservative Republicans like newly elected Rep. Mayra Flores, funding calling her "Miss Frijoles" as well as other racial smears. DemonRATS always say that they're NOT racist. Their actions speak louder than words. Agree?

July 19, 2022   LYING LEFTIES:   Whenever the left gets the chance to tell the truth or LIE, they choose to LIE. That's a marker for the LEFT: LIES, LYING, LIARS. If you talk to a leftie, if their lips are moving, or you're reading their words, know that there's a 99.9999999999% chance they're LYING. For instance, some members of CONgress decided to block the road in front of the Supreme Court building and LEFT enforcement had to clear the road and led them away from the building and out of the road. (Shocking, I know!) So when the Lipstick Loser, aoc, was escorted away, she put her hands behind her back as though she had handcuffs on! She was LYING in the picture, pretending to be arrested when there were NO CUFFS ON HER! Guess what? muslim ilhan "I Married My Brother" omar did that, too! (One might begin to suspect that they PLANNED TO DO THAT, mightn't one?) How many ways can a leftist LIE? Let's add NON-VERBALLY to the list!

July 19, 2022   I'm going to stop with that for today. My hubby is on his way home and the storm's getting closer. Enjoy the rest of your day. I'll try to be here tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 18, 2022: 3:58 p.m.   Just a few blurbs today because I've been asked to do additional work by my employer, so I'll try to do some of that before I start on the candidate investigations. Sigh. I have this week booked solid with things to do so I don't know how much time I'll have for the website, but I will try to do at least a few blurbs every weekday. Let's see.

July 18, 2022   Uvalde:   This incident isn't just a tragedy, it's an awful example of what NOT to do in cases such as this. The newest info on the Uvalde school shooting is that there were 400 LAW ENFORCEMENT officers of one sort or another standing around, but none of them did anything to save the children and teachers who were dying inside the building until almost an hour later. That's not the way it's supposed to happen. FOUR HUNDRED law enforcement officers and NONE OF THEM could find a way to save some of those children? Really? Who set this up? Who was in charge and said, "Stand down!"? Who made those 400 men and women say, "Okay. Let's let the children die because a boss somewhere said they have to."? Who did this? 400 LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and NOTHING! That's ABSURD!

July 18, 2022   Trendy Transie:   BloodycommiePEDOjoe's Assistant Secretary of Health, the alleged female RICHARD Levine says that we need to "empower children" to go on puberty blockers! Excuse me? No. We don't need to "empower" children to do something that is harmful to their bodies just because an screwed up idiot MALE is prancing around in long hair and heels! He's a DNA MALE and nothing can change that. He's got XY chromosomes and to have this weirdo who is wrong in the head try to influence parents of children trying their darndest to fit in with anyone who will accept them, trying to get attention, even if it's negative attention, etc., is beyond unamiginable. Remember, parents, the reason men dress up as women is that women are considered SAFER than males so that children will trust them more and become more vulnerable to being sexually abused by men in dresses! That's why men do this: to get closer to their prey. Don't allow your child to go to drag shows, to participate in "Drag Queen Story Hour" or anything else that will put them in harm's way. Not all men in dresses are going to do physical harm to children, but ANY MAN IN A DRESS is a psychological confusion to impressionable young children and NONE of the children on this earth should be exposed to that nonsense and confusion! Just keep your kids away from that harmful world; both for their mental and physical safety. If you are seen to approve of men in dresses, then you have a bigger chance of your child accepting the trendiness of transies and going down that dark and dangerous path!

July 18, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   While in the Middle East on his latest boondoggle, he asked Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to produce more oil and sell it to America. But no matter how he begged, oil prices are still going UP, and bloodycommiePEDOjoe's poll numbers keep going DOWN. Should we feel bad for him? Nope. He and his handlers did this. They chose to try to destroy America and they've done a really good job of it so far. STEALING 2020 is what started this decline and the STEAL was intentionally done, orchestrated over who knows how many months prior to the election by MANY people and it was something that bloodycommiePEDOjoe was aware of. Remember, he said that his side has put together,

"'the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics' [caps in the original]"
I don't care that his poll numbers are in the sewer and getting rained on daily. That doesn't bother me at all. What I care about is that the LEFT STOLE 2020 and there have been no LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ANYWHERE that seem to give a CRAP or want to PROSECUTE ANYONE INVOLVED IN THE STEAL; and YES, that includes Durham's "investigation"! It's wrong that this has happened to us and it's wrong that the LEFT is geting away with it. Why can't LAW (now LEFT) ENFORCEMENT see that they are paying the price for NOT ENFORCING EXISTING ELECTION LAWS at all and that their CHILDREN are doing without because they won't put the man who LEGALLY WON the 2020 ELECTION in the office where he belongs? Want to see an illustration of what happened in 2020? Watch the video here, and the two videos here. They make more sense if you read the stories they are embedded into first, but they're short explanations of what you are seeing, so that won't take long. It's important to understand what happened in 2020 and to see what the LEFT has done and why it's abominable that LEFT ENFORCEMENT has done NOTHING about it. The question is now: what will the LEFT do this November to STEAL 2022? What's next? How low can they go and how low will LEFT ENFORCEMENT allow before they'll have to start saying, "Enough is enough"? Or is there an "enough" when it comes to the LEFT getting everything they want?

July 18, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   His cognitive decline is visible to all and it's elder abuse that he's being used by his handlers/puppetmasters to ruin America. A doctor has written a great article looking at his dementia and bloodycommiePEDOjoe's life expectancy is and the most important sentence in the whole (very interesting and well-written) article is this:

"By Inauguration Day, January 2029 (at what would be the end of a second term), President Joe Biden will, more likely than not, have died of natural causes."
Is it wrong of me to say, "GOOD!"? I don't think so considering what a total disgrace and disaster he's been.

July 18, 2022   I am going to close with that for today because my hubby has already called and he's on his way home. Have a great evening and I'll hope to be here tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 14, 2022: 9:37 a.m.   I found out last night that my hubby has to work an almost full day today because of meetings he has to attend so we'll be leaving after work. That means I have a little while to do things here. Let's get started.

July 14, 2022   Corruption:   In Stonecrest, GA, an Atlanta suburb that voted to incorporate (idiots), the mayor of the city has been sentenced to 57 months in prison because he was corrupt. I searched and searched but couldn't find his political party affiliation, which leads me to surmise that he's a demonRAT because the left protects its own, and we all know the media is part of the left.

This story reminds me of the PSJ incorporation push; not that I'm saying any of those pushing it would have done something like this: I do not. However, the things I read in the story of the buildings the new city (incorporated in 2016) had to purchase for a city hall, the city departments, etc., I am so very glad we dodged that bullet twenty years ago this November. Remember, I have the complete history of the push on my PSJ History website. Read about the things that happened twenty years ago: the lies told, the truth uncovered and the people who pushed for incorporation. Then be happy that we did NOT do the foolishness of incorporating!

July 14, 2022   J6 Corruption:   Do the J6 senators know that coercing testimony is ILLEGAL? Do they understand that it's considered a very bad thing to do? If so, I don't think they care because they are coercing testimony from witnesses, trying to get them to say what the senators want to hear in exchange for a lighter sentence recommendation. That's coercion: pure, plain and simple. Oh, and ILLEGAL.

July 14, 2022   China:   Is bloodycommiePEDOjoe's favorite nation on the brink of bankruptcy (a la Sri Lanka; Which, by the way, was destoryed by green policies)? There have been runs on banks in China for weeks and people are not happy that they either can't get money out, those who got their first got all of theirs, but those later got only some. What is going on in China? The government (corrupt Communists) are saying "Nothing's wrong. Don't believe your eyes." Yeah. Sounds like the demonRATS here in America, does it not? Don't believe your lying eyes?

July 14, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   Gas prices have come down slightly in the past three weeks. I saw $4.17 the other day, which was nice, but with bloodycommiePEDOjoe selling our Strategic Oil Reserves (SOR), we may have to pay these lower prices to rebuild that. Meanwhile, he's BEGGING the Middle East to sell the U.S. more oil. If bloodycommiePEDOjoe had not shut down the pipelines, train shipments of oil, fracking, offshore drilling, and some oil refineries in America, we wouldn't have to beg for oil. Under THE REAL, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, we were leading the WORLD in crude production. When bloodycommiePEDOjoe entered office, on the first day, he shut down U.S. oil production! That's why you're paying more at the gas pump, and that's the ONLY reason. You're not getting ripped off by the gas station owners, you've been ripped off by the bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAUXministration! We were doing so well under Pres. Donald J. Trump. Now the 2020 STEAL has led us to a recession. We have everyone who helped with that STEAL for what the LEFT has done to America since bloodycommiePEDOjoe was led to the swearing in ceremony and promised ice cream if he was a good boy!

July 14, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy 2:   Are you still having difficulties finding things at the store: tampons, baby formula, dog and cat food, etc.? If the answer is yes, you may want to prepare for even more things missing from the store shelves. That's thanks to a new law in CaliMarxiFornicatia. This new law that forces independent truckers to make a choice:

"AB5 forces the state’s more than 70,000 independent truckers to decide if they will lose their freedom by becoming an employee, forever park their rigs, or flee the once-Golden State for other gig-friendly states."
Considering that two of our major importing ports are in CA, that leaves a LOT of independent truckers no longer trucking in CA. Which means that those who will make the decision to become employees, but that doesn't mean ALL of those 70,000 will choose that route. Some will have to leave the state for friendlier states. That means fewer trucks bringing supplies out of CA. Sweet, huh? But, wait. There's more:
"While the supply chain crisis and the placation of the California protestors continue, for now, remember the Democratic Party ultimately intends to take AB5 national, so be on the lookout for more freedom-damaging bills just like it coming soon near you."
Isn't that nice? (/Sarcasm)

Why do I call it the "FAILconomy"? Because everything the LEFT is doing today is WRONG for America. Everything they touch DIES, withers on the vine, is destroyed because their policies are just BAD. Their goal is to destroy America and they're just about there. Our Consumer Price Index inflation is now 9.1%, a record HIGH, the Producer Price Index number is 11.3%; and now, because of all of the other bad news, stock prices are expected to FALL. Everything they touch they destroy. Aren't you happy they STOLE 2020?

Should we take any solace whatsoever in the fact that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is predicting worldwide economic problems and a shortage of just about everything? No. It just means LEFTISTS/Socialists/Marxists/Communists are in control of a lot of the world's countries and that it's THEIR FAULT that this is happening. No solace in innocent people hurting, but we know where to place the blame, that's for certain! We have all of that to thank for the upcoming interest rake hike on every kind of loan you can imagine. Want to buy a home? Save a little more. Want to buy a car? Get that loan locked in NOW. Want to buy a new refrigerator on your credit card? Interest rates will go up there, too. Thanks, LEFTIES! We couldn't have done this without you!

July 14, 2022   Election Integrity:   In the 2020 STEAL we saw all kinds of bad things happening -- none of which mattered to LAW (now LEFT) enforcement. We have video evidence of all kinds of illegal things happening that PROVES the STEAL, but they don't matter. We have thousands of eyewitness sworn affidavits attesting to the illegalities that were being done in front of them during counting and they don't matter. We have cell phone tracking evidence that proves the "2,000 MULES movie correct but that doesn't matter. None of those things matter to LEFT enforcement because they enforce whatever the LEFT wants: right and wrong, laws and regulations be darned. That is slowly changing, though, and we have two court rulings that are making it harder to STEAL another electin -- IF the LEFT obeys the courts (and they're infamous for doing so!) In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania the courts have ruled AGAINST ballot drop boxes and that the people in charge of the elections DO NOT have the authority to change the way an election works, drop of the hat, whenever they feel like doing so. It's not up to them. The LAW says how elections are conducted in their states and for them to presume to change the elections because they so desire is NOT acceptable. Will that matter? Who knows? We'll see in a few months.

July 14, 2022   Stupid Is: DemonRATS:   In their ever-idiotic push to do everything WRONG, the LEFT has been pushing Americans to buy ELECTRIC CARS for a few years now. The Lipstick Idiot (ooh. I like that), aoc, has erotic dreams about electric car charges everywhere, and bloodycommiePEDOjoe wants us to buy electric cars, too. Well, well. How will that work out? They're trying to do away with power companies and reliable energy, moving everyone to windmills and solar, so how are we going to charge a nation of electric cars when electric cars are already overloading the power grid? Hmmm? How is that IDIOTIC dream going to work out? Oh. I know. We pleabs in "flyover country" will have to take mass transit while the Special People (politicians, hollyweirdos, the rich elite: our betters) will have personal vehicles and chauffeurs as we sit in the heat awaiting a bus. Sweet. But they are better than us, so it's what they deserve, right? (/Sarcasm)

July 14, 2022   Another LEFTIST HOAX?:   Did Chris Cuomo just try to pull a fast one? Yesterday he released a video that tried to make us believe that he was reporting from Ukraine as an independent reporter. Today, he's seen in the Hamptons. Hm. Maybe he just travels well in fast airplanes and doesn't need rest like the rest of us. Who knows. Just asking the quesiton.

July 14, 2022   Baby-Killing:   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has reminded pharmacists nationwide that when a WOMAN (XX chromosomes), comes in with a prescription for medication that will KILL THE BABY INSIDE OF HER that it's allegedly ILLEGAL to not fill that prescription because of SEX DISCRIMINATION. I'm sorry. If the FAUXministration doesn't know what a WOMAN IS, then how can the pharmacists who does NOT fill the prescription be committing SEX DISCRIMINATION? Hmmm? Idiots.

July 14, 2022   And with that I will wish you a wonderful weekend. I will be at the farm for the next few days and I think we're coming back Sunday, but you know my life, so I can't be certain. I'll work on my endorsements and recommendations for candidates next week, if all things go as I expect.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 13, 2022: 1:48 p.m.:   POISON "vaccine":   As I've said over and over and over again: don't take the POISON "vaccine" and don't give it to your children if you love them at all! Why? Because there have been 55 deaths of children in the last 7 days after receiving the POISON because Mommy and Daddy were too weak to stand up and say "NO!" and prevent the deaths of their children. Children have a 99.99% recovery rate from Fauci-China-19, but that rate is not as high for children who get the POISON. Why can't parents see this? Why can't they do the right thing instead of giving POISON that '"don’t protect overly well' against infection"?! That's what falsiefauci has actually ADMITTED! Why can't people see the TRUTH?

July 13, 2022   RINO mccAIN'T:   She's such an idiot. Not only is she an idiot, she's a traitor to America and the U.S. Constitution as she participates in the corrupt and illegally formed, illegitimate group of LIARS and POWER WHORES. She's attacking Kari Lake, candidate for Governor of Arizona because Kari Lake is Conservative (can't say as yet if she's a TRUE Conservative -- I hope she is) and because Lake had a rally at a place called "The Maverick", but idiot mccAIN'T thought Kari Lake was taking her dead daddy's nickname. So she attacked Lake on the Dead Blue Bird, but after being told by several people who can read, deleted the tweet and isn't commenting on her idiotic mistake. Can she be any more sensitive and stupid?

July 13, 2022   Great Political Cartoon!:   I think this is a perfect summation of the differences between the left and the Right. Check it out here. I think you'll get a giggle.

July 13, 2022   Mom's on the phone. I'll go for now.

July 13, 2022   Back from talking to my Mom and my hubby, so let's continue for a few more blurbs.

July 13, 2022   Baby-Killing:   The story of the little girl in Ohio who was raped and went to Indiana to get an abortion has now a shred of possible truth to it. There is an illegal alien invader who has come forward and confessed to raping the girl at least twice and he is now in custody. To me, this sounds fishy. First, since when do illegal aliens admit they've raped anyone? Second, if he's going to go confess it also means he'll lose his chance to be free, which is why he came to America in the first place (and for a job that will pay well), why would he do that? Third, how convenient is it that there is now someone who says it did happen, and it just so happened to be the alleged perpetrator who came forward out of the goodness of his heart? (Can a guy who would rape a ten-year-old twice have any goodness in his heart?) This just REEKS of way toooooo convenient, don't you think?

July 13, 2022   WOMAN:   What is that? That's a person who

  1. Has two X chromosomes (XX)

  2. Does NOT have a Y in their sex chromosomes (males have XY)

  3. Nothing else

That's what a woman is. I am not a biologist, a "scientist", nor a medical doctor, but I know what a woman is and anything other than XX is NOT A WOMAN. When you die if they have to dig your body up, they'll do a test and if it comes back XX, that's a female skeleton in the grave, scattered around, or found in the crawlspace. If it's XY, then it's a male. There are skeletal differences, too, but that's the most reliable test: XX = Female, XY = Male. Period. In England, the "Church" of England has decided that it's not going to acknowledge GOD'S handiwork and His designated design of XX and XY, and they've decided that "There is no official definition of a woman". Idiots. The Bible would have a different view of that idea, but the "Church" of Englad has been extra-biblical for a long time now. They don't even qualify as a "church" any longer in my book, just like several progressive denominations here in America: some Lutherans, Methodists, and other denominations have gone way too far away from the Bible to be considered a real Christian religion anymore. That's my opinion and my First Amendment right to say so. Anyone doesn't like it, too bad.

July 13, 2022   J6:   The ILLEGAL J6 group has had PROOF of the Proud Boys' INNOCENCE since J6 but they have been HIDING IT FROM THE PUBLIC and LYING ABOUT THE DEFENDANTS (committing perjury and SLANDER), and we KNOW THIS because the FBLIE had an infiltrator inside the Proud Boys and he reported before, during and after the J6 Capital event that the Proud Boys had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, were not violent, were not armed, were not destructive, cleaned up things people dropped, helped the police clear the area and other GOOD THINGS. Did the J6 group PUBLICIZE THIS? NO! They just keep LYING about everything in their efforts to get THE REAL, LEGALLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, and his SUPPORTERS and to keep him from running in 2024. That's what the J6 committee is all about: LYING about Trump and those who support him. They're beyond despicable!

July 13, 2022   I'm going to close for today. I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow becuase I have been told (during that short break I had to take to talke to my Mom and hubby) that we might be leaving early tomorrow, or may not. Five minute increments I live my life in, and it's going to happen again tomorrow. Sigh. Anyways, whether I'm here tomorrow or not, have a great weekend.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 12, 2022: 2:33 p.m.   I want you to know that I will be working next week to do the research on the candidates for this November's election and making my recommendations and endorsements. It's past qualification days so all of the candidates that are still in the running (some have since withdrawn) will be stabilized and I can focus on those who will be a possibility for you. It's a lot of work, many hours, but it's worth it to try to get the right people into office. And, yes, by "right people" I do mean the TRUE CONSERVATIVES that may be running, or those as close to TRUE CONSERVATIVES as I can find. I don't want "progressives" or leftist liberals in office because they're bad for America and bad for Brevard County and Florida. Let's do what is good for us, instead of bad for us. TRUE CONSERVATIVES are what is best for America and the world!

July 12, 2022   Baby-Killers LIE:   That story about the alleged ten-year-old girl in Ohio who was raped, six weeks and three days pregnant as a result of the rape, who allegedly had to leave Ohio and go to Indiana to get an abortion is debunked by the Ohio Attorney General. It was a manipulative LIE from the start, trying to give people a reason to accept Baby-Killing and once you accept it in one case, it's a lot easier to accept in in another and another and another and another... You get the idea. Sympathy for children will make a pro-life grandma want to save the 10 year-old an experience that her body is not truly ready for -- child birth -- and will make grandma not feel bad for supporting killing the (non-existant) baby in order to save the little girl. That's the way the left works: psychological warfare trying to break down your morals via LYING TO YOU about situations that may make you choose something that otherwise you would not. Manipulating others is their forté and they're very good at LYING.

July 12, 2022   Fauci-China-19:   Of course it's going to happen again just before election time! You knew it was coming and you knew they'd pull this crud again. Falsiefauci's saying that there's going to be another round just before the elections. Oooooohhhh. Be afraid! Be very afraid! Manipulation via LIES. Of course, this will allow some leftist controlled cities to do the drop boxes again. Lying: that's the left's forté. Remember: If they will LIE to you about one thing, they'll LIE to you about another. That's why, when the CDC Director urges more vaccines, I say, "IGNORE HER!" You don't need more poison in your body! The "vaccines" are POISON and they KILL! Also remember, it's just in time for the November elections that they're pushing this POISON again. How many must DIE to keep the demonRATS in POWER?!

July 12, 2022   dr. jidiot:   She's such a moron. If I were the head of the college she "graduated" from I would rescind her diploma and I would send her back to junior high! She's ridiculously stupid and ill-educated. She can't pronounce simple things like "Si se pueda!" or "bodega" and she's a Ph.D.? She also can't help but insult people she thinks beneath her highness herself. I am amazed she can walk and breathe at the same time!

July 12, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   Oh, my! He's so bad that even the LEFT doesn't want four more years of him! Not only have the NYTimes and the Washington Post have written about not wanting him, urging him to not run; and they're not alone. Now, there's a leftist organization that is running ads with the hashtag Don't Run Joe. While I can't disagree with the sentiment, I wonder who they want to replace him: hillosercrooktOOn? themuslimvileone (I know he's constitutionally banned from running, but since when does the LAW matter to the left)? Or do they want bernie sanders, aoc, howard stern, maxine "The Big Mouth" waters? Who would they like to replace bloodycommiePEDOjoe? They can't want BJ harris, can they? If so, wouldn't they just encourage bloodycommiePEDOjoe to step aside, instead of not running? Of course, they have probably realized she has as many grey cells as a bookmark, so they probably don't want her. So who would it be? Who else has the money and EGO to do this kind of thing? After all, hillosercrooktOOn would be deemed better than bloodycommiePEDOjoe and his alleged VP combined, at least in the LEFT'S eyes, right? I'm guessing that they're hoping to try to sell it as an improvement that even the RINOS could live with, so she'd be considered a "shoo-in" and she'd still be the first DNA female that would be president. So, my guess is that they'll try to replace bloodycommiePEDOjoe with hillosercrooktOOn because EVEN she'd be better than what we have now, and she'd get the leftists' agenda done in no time. What thinks you? Is my thinking way off, or might it be correct?

July 12, 2022   Party Affiliation:   Hehehehe. DemonRATS are abandoning a treasonous ship and flocking to the Republican Party and registering as Republicans; many for the first time in their lives, or the history of their families! The demonRATS have gone so far left, so wrong and bad for America, that many people are tired of it and have decided to switch parties. In Florida, for instance, we now have more Republicans in Florida than demonRATS, for the first time ever! I bet the demonRATS are not happy about that. Awww... too bad.

July 12, 2022   DemonRATS Arrested:   The charges may or may not stick, but it's surprising that it has happened in the first place. Two of bloodycommiePEDOjoe's people, "a current U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent and a former agent", have been indicted by a federal grand jury. The charges?

"accessing and providing information about the Chinese activists from a restricted government database to two other individuals who then used the records to target the victims".
Why would anyone in OUR government help the Chines...... Oh. Wait. Our resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is in office, isn't he? Yeah. That's exactly why: follow "dear leader". If it's okay for him, it must be okay for the underlings, right?

July 12, 2022   Trendy Transie:   It's stupid that all of a sudden, there are at least 57 genders and we ALL MUST ACCEPT THAT! We are scorned and punished, mocked and ridiculed if we say, "No. There are TWO genders and ONLY TWO GENDERS!" But, the LEFT, including those in the United Nations World Health Organization say that it's all good: 57+ genders are what our reality now is. To me, that's not just scientifically WRONG, biblically WRONG, morally WRONG, and historically WRONG, according to more than one study, it's causing increasing youth suicides, causing more deaths than creating good results, and if the young people going through the hormone treatments and puberty blockers does much more harm than good. Why would ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT support this harm? Political power at any cost is the only visible reason. They're sacrificing our children on the altar of transgenderism/57+-ism and the POISONOUS VACCINE in order to stay in power. How AWFUL are these alleged human adults that they are willing to sacrifice YOUR CHILDREN to stay in power? Despicable does not begin to describe it!

July 12, 2022   Vaccine Mania:   First, it was bill "I Want To Rule The World" gates who was doing "vaccines" that wound up not being "vaccines" but were killing people both with the disease they were ALLEGEDLY trying to "vaccinate" against and with the bad reactions to the POISONS in the "vaccines". Now, another billionaire, Amazon's jeff bezos, is allegedly developing a cancer "vaccine". Sounds to me like they both want to depopulate the planet and these "vaccines" may be just one way to do so. After all, bezos wants us in space instead of living on the earth, and bill gates has created a foundation for population control! They both want to kill people to save the earth! Problem: Who made them gods? Who made them the "right people" to decide who gets to live and who should die? Did you vote for them? I didn't. They don't even want you to have CHILDREN! Watch the video at the "foundation for population control" link. WATCH IT and see who he really is!

July 12, 2022   Fauci-China-19 2:   In New Zealand, there are doctors who are asking for the police and authorities to investigate why an inordinate amount of people have DIED SINCE THE C-19 "vaccines" were administered (in NZ, they were administered by force and made mandatory for everyone, whether or not they wanted them). Healthy elderly and young people both have been dropping like flies, just as everywhere else the POISON has been given -- by force or voluntarilly -- and there are doctors asking for ANSWERS as to WHY people are dying. I don't understand why there aren't more New Zealanders who want to find the answer to this question, too. The people of the world deserve the TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY about ANYTHING the governments are trying to push on them that goes into their bodies. For ANY government to say, "YOU MUST TAKE THIS BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT'S IN IT AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESULTING DEATHS/DISABILITIES" is tyranny in its purest form. Why did people worldwide acquiesce to this? Why did people trust a government that would hold them down, hold their grandma down, their child down and prevent interference as this POISON was injected into their bodies? Where are the signatures of the remaining population of New Zealland?

July 12, 2022   Ukraine:   The bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAUXministration is sending more of YOUR taxpayer dollars to the money laundering Ukraine. Now they've washed at least 65 BILLION U.S. dollars through Ukraine, back to bloodycommiePEDOjoe and his crooked family and the dnc (IMHO) and they're using this to break America, but enrich themselves. This is nothing that we have had a say in, that we've had a vote in, or that the House and Senate have approved, which is totally illegal for bloodycommiePEDOjoe to do, but (as usual) since when did the rules and LAW matter to the left as long as they get POWER and MONEY?

July 12, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. I'll try to be here tomorrow, too. We'll be going to the farm this weekend, but which day -- Thursday or Friday -- I have no idea, so I may or may not be here Friday, and there's a chance I'll have to miss Thursday, too. I don't know yet, so we'll play it by whether I'm here.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

July 11, 2022: 3:00 p.m.   Missed a week due to life happening. Monday we were in Georgia for Independence Day. Tuesday I forgot to mention it (I think) but my son and I had a date to go "toodling" (just going wherever our path took us; thrift stores, mostly), Wednesday I was still up from Tuesday and didn't think I'd be able to sit down and type without a lot of "lespling" [sic] errors. Thursday and Friday were errands to run and obligations at home as well as talking to my Mom on the phone. I sent her something and she called and told me thanks and we talked for over ninety minutes, using my update time. So, I'm back today, so let's get started.

July 11, 2022   Term Limits Time:   I think that the Founding Fathers did not imagine that there would be anyone serving in the House or Senate who are older than (can you believe it?) chocolate chip cookies! I really wish the author had focused on something else -- liver paté, perhaps -- instead of the classic chocolate chip cookie. It's sad to think of people like the loud mouth, maxine waters, when I sink my taste buds into the delicious gooeyness of a properly made, delicious, sweet and wonderful chocolate chip cookie. That's just wrong.

July 11, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   No one is happy with what he has done to America and our economy (FAILconomy under this FAUXpresident) and the proof of that assertion is the fact that even the NYTimes has decided to start pushing to have him replaced. That's pretty amazing, but with his poll numbers hitting even lower lows (in fact, he's the "least popular president in 75 years"), the left is desparate to get rid of him so that he doesn't take them down with him. The writing on the wall is a RED TIDAL WAVE, and there's no getting around it, but the left (and some RINOs) want to keep him in office to finish the destruction of America, the land they hate!

July 11, 2022   Trendy Transie:   When a minor child decides to become the other gender (there are only TWO: otherwise people would be asking their doctors to turn them into a non-binary, etc.) it's all wonderful and "Hurrah!" to the left. When they decide to go back to their original, REAL GENDER, the left HATES THEM because they're going back to GOD'S design for them. The left hates anything to do with normalcy, GOD and right (not politically right, although they hate that as well, but right as opposed to wrong). Don't let your children make LIFE HARMING decisions when they're young. Make them wait until they are at least twenty-one because then they are old enough to have gone through the difficulties of the teenage years, through the emotions of "everything is a crisis" and maybe matured enough to figure out that it's not really what they want, it was "just a phase" and "trying to fit in". Being cool is not important enough to go through that sort of horrible operation in order to be considered someone who "fits in". Transie is trendy. Don't fall for the trend.

July 11, 2022   Election 2022:   Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) says that Republicans can win a "fillibuster proof majority" this November. I think it's quite possible if the LEFT doesn't CHEAT enough to STEAL another election. I hope and pray that Republicans get both the House and Senate, and that there are a LOT MORE Lauren Boeberts and MTGs in there than RINOS. I would love to see both the House and Senate overrun with TRUE CONSERVATIVES! That would be GREAT for America, and we'd see the J6 prisoners released and we'd get the TRUTH out about what really happened. That's why the left doesn't want Republicans -- especially TRUE CONSERVATIVES -- winning in November. They hate the idea of the TRUTH about J6 coming out, the TRUTH about their part in it being known and the TRUTH of THE REAL, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP being INNOCENT of ALL of the fake charges they made against him in THREE FAUXpeachment efforts. The LEFT is afraid of the TRUTH because it always CONDEMNS THE LEFT. That's because if their lips are moving, they're LYING.

July 11, 2022   Elon Musk:   I think it's hysterical that he wanted to buy the Dead Blue Bird (DBB), asked how many bot accounts they had, the DBB refused to tell him, then when they did let him into more info, he changed his mind about buying it and now, the DBB says they'll SUE to force him to buy! To which Elon Musk replied -- and I LOVE THIS! -- "Now they have to reveal bot info in court!" Well, "stupid is as stupid does" as the character, Forrest Gump said, and the DBB is proving it with their lawsuit threat. Anytime you get into court during discovery, it's one side telling the truth about the other side that they don't want known. Musk had the financing almost completely lined up, but the number of bots dissuaded him and he said he was going to back out. Now the DBB is trying to force the issue and they'll wind up revealing if they LIED about how many bots they have and then they'll be in trouble with the SEC. That's why Musk was laughing. I don't blame him.

July 11, 2022   TRUTH About...:   If you're a fan of a DBB account called "Patriot Takes" then you need to know that it's a superpac funded by thevilegeorgesoros, the crooktOOns, and other vile leftist creatures. Their goal is to get the left riled up to go do damage against Conservatives. They could also be doing money laundering for the crooktOOns because they collect a lot of money, but they didn't give to anyone for a donation, but instead, used the money for "salaries" and misceallaneous expenses. Sounds shady to me, but it is in support of the crooktOOns, so is anyone surprised?

July 11, 2022   LouzyLizzy:   Does it surprise anyone who has been paying attention that LouzyLizzy is so hated and reviled amongst her Wyoming constituents that she's being funded by themuslimvileone and hillosercrooktOOn? Yeah. She's a LEFTIST in the wrong seat and she is NOT popular at home. She's so unpopular in her home state, in fact, that she was kicked out of her Wyoming's Republican Party! Her poll numbers are horrible and getting worse. She's so hated that she's had to ask demonRATS to support her, but even rich demonRATS cannot make her win in Wyoming. There aren't enough people who will vote for her to give her the "W". See me smile?

July 11, 2022   Baby-Killing:   There's a story floating around that is quite doubtful, but it's a popular tale for the LEFT to use in trying to justify killing babies. The story was told by a BABY-KILLER (who breaks the Hippocratic Oath daily) who said that in Ohio, there was a ten-year-old girl who was raped and was three days past Ohio's six week cut off for abortions after the reversal of Roe and the little girl had to travel to Indiana to get the abortion she needed. I was skeptical about the story because it's very unusual for ten-year-old girls to have a period and during rape, according to the NIH, there is a 5.0% possibility of a 12 year-old girl conceiving due to rape. That's two years older than the alleged victim in Ohio. Take into account other information that considers hormone production, the chemicals released during a rape, and you get a much LOWER number of pregnancies from rape. A ten-year-old-girl, even if she is already menstruating at that very young age, would have the same chemicals and hormones, which are designed by GOD to prevent conception. Add to all of that, the doctor who originally told the doubtful story considering that the doctor has been in trouble for failing to report underage abortions before. Sounds to me like she might have some problems ahead of her, but none of this really matters. The fact is, hiring a hit person to kill someone -- even a baby inside you -- is MURDER FOR HIRE and you and the hitman should both go to prison.

July 11, 2022   RINOS:   In Pennsylvania, they're banding together to form a PAC whose aim is to prevent a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, Doug Mastriano, from winning the Governor's race. I think that proves they're panicked and afraid. Awww... Too bad.

July 11, 2022   China's Influence:   Who is running America? Is it an American who loves the USA, or is it someone under China's command? Are they controlling all of America, or just the politicians? Do they have control over our military, as well? What is happening that America is being controlled by China? Oh. I know. We were sold out by those who helped STEAL 2020 and bloodycommiePEDOjoe is taking money to give them control. That's right: TREASON. That's all. Never mind. It's not important. Just go on with your lives. (MAJOR SARCASM.)

July 11, 2022   I think I'll close with that for today. I have something to do before it rains and it's starting to look like that's going to happen any minute. Gotta' go. Try to be here tomorrow.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 2022

June 27, 2022: 3:03 p.m.   First Amendment:   The SCOTUS did more for America in the last two weeks than it has in the last ten years. They ruled that NY has no right to limit the people's Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms" via requiring a "proper cause" to need a concealed carry permit (rich, powerful, famous) and they ruled that Roe was a bad decision and sent the States the right to decide what to do about making abortions legal or illegal. Both of those rulings were good, right and CONSTITUTIONAL. Now, they have made another CONSTITUTIONAL ruling in that the 6-3 ruling stated that a high school football coach DOES HAVE THE RIGHT to kneel after a game, on the fifty yard line, and PRAY and that others can join him if they desire and that it's LEGAL to do so because the First Amendment PROTECTS prayer, even on school property! That's been a consistant ruling for the last twenty years. They have ruled that students and teachers have the right to read the Bible and pray on school property, so this ruling was not a total surprise. Although I have to admit that without Antonin Scalia, I was wondering if they would keep up the tradition. I am glad they did, but there are others out there who disagree with the ruling. Like "justice" sotomayer, and those who agreed with her (kbj and kagan). The left doesn't like us being able to pray especially not on school property or in government buildings. You know, that whole ALLEGED "separation of church and state" thing. (BTW, did you know that that phrase is NOT included in our Founding documents, but was only written -- and now taken WAY out of context -- in a private letter from Thomas Jefferson to Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut?) Yep. Read the TRUTH about the phrase and you'll see that it WAS NEVER intended to be used in the way it is now being used. The LEFT found it, twisted it, and is has been using it to beat Conservatives over the head for many years. Too bad the TRUTH is coming out. Too bad the SCOTUS is now using the TRUTH to make their decisions and the LEFT -- even those on the SCOTUS -- HATE it! Let them hate it as long as the TRUTH and the U.S. Constitution keeps WINNING!

June 27, 2022   Leftist WACKOS:   The PRO-BABY-KILLING idiots are STUPID. They support killing BABIES IN THE WOMB and then they get angry when asked about the POISON "vaccine" mandate. Wow. They really do need chill pills! It is all about the fact that they don't like what others want to ask about "their bodies" because it's WRONG to stop BABY KILLING, but RIGHT to DEMAND women get the POISON? That's what the LEFT says. It's something that people on the LEFT can't stand: logic.

June 27, 2022   More Good News!:   This time it's the NY Supreme Court that is doing something good for America! Imagine that! They have ruled that the NY legislature's giving ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS CANNOT VOTE until they are U.S. Citizens. Question is, will the NY people listen to their courts or will they just allow it anyways? If the LEFT can say that they're going to "defy them" (the SCOTUS), then why should the NY Supreme Court be obeyed? Even the Resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. ignores the SCOTUS rulings and they told businesses to ignore the court order and implement the POISON mandate anyway. So we are FORCED, THREATENED, OR COERCED into obeying BAD SCOTUS rulings, but the LEFT? They are ABOVE THE COURTS and they don't think that they should be subject to the rules as are the rest of us. Anyone surprised?

June 27, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   In all of the hubbub about the SCOTUS's overturning of Roe, there was a little story that just happened to slip out without much interest or notice. Do you remember the scarf lady, dr. debra birx? Yeah. Her. She testified to Congress that

"'All I know is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was occurring. Since the vaccine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make the conclusion that the vaccine will do better than natural infection. Although it can often do slightly better.'"
Follow the science, the left is fond of spouting every chance they get. Did she and falsiefauci? Apparently not because she also testified that "'it was hoped that the vaccine would work in that way'". HOPED? HOPED?! Yeah. Science.

June 17, 2022   RINO Found Out!:   The OPPONENT of U.S. Representative, Matt Gaetz (R-FL), has been outed as a RINO. He is an ANTI-TRUMP guy, who is linked to the misleadingly named, "Lincoln Project". The Lincoln Project, as you may recall, was founded by the idiot, rotten, skunk of a human, george conway, who is a real piece of.... work. So Matt Gaetz's OPPONENT is using that worm to try to unseat Gaetz? I hope people know a RINO when they see one and Gaetz's OPPONENT, Mark Lombardo, is a RINO!

June 27, 2022   Outrage FAIL?:   The LEFT is angry that the SCOTUS overturned Roe, and people expected there to be massive crowds in the streets. Well, it turns out, there aren't that many people out there. "Millions" were expected. Hundreds are participating. The FACT is that the younger generations are "following the science" and learning the TRUTH about the development of babies in utero and ultra sound pictures of their mothers, friends, aunts, cousins, etc., are showing them that the BABY inside them is NOT "just a blob of tissue" as they used to tell girls and women. It's a BABY with a beating heart that starts beating MUCH SOONER than they used to tell us. The younger generation has learned the TRUTH and many of them are now PRO-LIFE!

June 27, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   Well, shock me, surprise you, HE LIED about not knowing about NOT talking to his crackhead son about the crackhead's business dealings. They got the VOICE MAIL PROVING that bloodycommiePEDOjoe LIED. Well, what else do you expect from a demonRAT? THEY LIE.

Also, bloodycommiePEDOjoe helped his son all the time, even though he was enabling a crackhead when he sent him $100,000 to spend on crack and hookers, his son's two favorite things.

June 27, 2022   Foreign Aid?:   bloodycommiePEDOjoe has just announced he has pledged 200 BILLION US DOLLARS to OTHER COUNTRIES (Angola, the Far East, France, Egypt and Romania) while our FAILconomy is taking a nose dive, thanks to his policies and destruction! There are people losing their homes, vehicles, having difficulties feeding their children and this IDIOT is following the orders of thevilegeorgesoros as they work together (with themuslimvileone) to try to complete the destruction of America that themuslimvileone started! It's WRONG and it's EVIL, but the LEFT LOVES EVIL and HATES America, so they're happy with what they're doing. Are you? Will you vote for LEFTIES and RINOS this election, or will you allow another election to be stolen? Think carefully before you answer because voting for LEFTIES and RINOS only gets you more of this and it only gets worse if we give them more of themselves. I promise you that.

June 27, 2022   My hubby has called so I will finish here. I won't be here tomorro because I have an appointment. I MAY NOT be here Wednesday, either, because my son and I have been talking about going out and about together for a while now and it may actually happen Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 24, 2022: 2:33 p.m.   PRO-LIFE!!!:   Hurray! Praise the LORD! EXCELLENT!!! The SCOTUS's released ruling STANDS and now the Federal government no longer has control over BABY-KILLING! Now the States -- all 57 if you're themuslimvileone -- have control over their States' laws in regard to KILLING BABIES! Florida, I hope and pray you go totally NO BABY KILLING, and they could join the 26 states already likely to go NO ABORTIONS. That would be so excellent! I would love to see EVERY state in America and every country in the world start protecting the most vulnerable -- and the most innocent -- among us, the baby in the womb. Wouldn't it be nice if that happened? It's going to be impossible for as long as there is evil in the world, though, and evil there is. Take, for instance the following:

And that's just so far! That's why there are now busloads of riot police and snipers now surrounding the SCOTUS building. They know that when the LEFT doesn't get their way they harm people, break and burn things. This is just in D.C.; imagine what they're doing in L.A., Seattle, Shootcago, Austin, Denver, NYC, Philly, etc., etc., etc. ALL of the demonRAT controlled cities are going to be in trouble tonight. It's going to be bad because the LEFT'S Golden Calf. They WORSHIP it because it means that they don't have to be responsible when it comes to sex. They can get pregnant, create a baby with a stranger they have no intention of having a relationship with (that's men, too!) and then the WOMAN can go abort it and the baby's daddy need never know, has no say if he does know and the baby doesn't get a vote, either. That's the LEFT'S bread and butter: keeping BABY-KILLING legal. What will they do NOW? Their raison de vivre has just been overturned by the SCOTUS. Is it any wonder they're melting down?

June 24, 2022   SCOTUS 2:   In other SCOTUS news, yesterday they ruled that NY's stupid "proper cause" rule for those applying for a concealed weapon permit is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and that means that the State of NY now must find a go-around to be able to deny people their Second Amendment right to "keep and bear arms". Trust me, they will try. You may see an influx of NYers trying to get a concealed carry permit, but the State and the people in positions to grant those requests will do everything they can to find a way to still say, "Nope. You're not important enough to get a permit. If you're famous, rich, or otherwise 'important', you can have one. Otherwise, nope. You're not good enough to be able to defend yourself." That's the LEFT for you: if you're not one of them, you're nobody. I am very glad the SCOTUS ruled on the side of the U.S. Constitution. It's been a LONG TIME COMING!

June 24, 2022   Second Amendment   Second Amendment:   The Second Amendment is still under attack even after the SCOTUS ruling came down. The House and Senate passed a bill that will be signed by the Pretend prezidunce and it will try to LIMIT us in what kinds of guns we can buy, what kinds of magazines for guns we can buy, who can buy what, who is going to be PROHIBITED FROM BUYING a gun (domestic violence perpetrators and there will now be a "Red Flag" law that means that ANYONE can say that a gun owner is a danger and LEFT ENFOCEMENT will go to a gun owner's home and (forcibly if necessary) REMOVE EVERY GUN in the home, whether the named "dangerous person" owns that gun or not. It takes an appearance before a judge to get those guns back, and maybe even more than that, but depending upon the judge the LEFT ENFORCEMENT may slow roll the return for so long that they are never seen again; sometimes claiming that the guns were "accidentally" destroyed during one of their programs. This is not good. This is not good for our Second Amendment rights and I hope and pray that someone SUES soon and it, too, gets overturned by the SCOTUS because it will make its way there.

In other Second Amendment news, an attorney who was well known for being a pro-Second Amendment litigant has been FORCED OUT of the law firm where he worked and brought in good money to them because other clients whined about them employing a pro-gun attorney. I'm sorry, but if I hire someone who is KNOWN for being a PRO-GUN person and I know that going in, the possibility -- PROBABILITY -- of a law suit headed my way because I fired him for doing something I HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG is also called "Wrongful Firing" and the PRO-GUN guy would WIN. It's like saying, "I hired a maid who told me up front that she's also going to wash the windows outside as well as inside and the were neighbors complaining that she was washing the windows so I fired her!" It makes NO SENSE to fire the PRO-GUN attorney. It does show who that the law firm they worked for has NO SPINE. Oh, and by the way, these attorneys who were FIRED for being PRO-GUN? They're the attorneys who just won their case against NY's "proper cause" rule that is linked above. Yeah. Successful litigants fired for being successful. Maybe it's better to get away from the idiots employing them before the stupidity rubs off.

June 24, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAILconomy:   How many of you are going to fall for this one? You know, the one where the LEFT is trying to convince us that recession and inflation aren't so bad. Yeah. That's the newest LIE they're trying to convince us to believe. If you can't afford new shoes for your growing kids, can't take a vacation unless it's a one day trip to the local beach, and those braces for the youngest will have to wait a while, then you should be able to see through that tactical LIE. The fact that they're trying to tell you that black is white and round is square, the world is flat and right is wrong, tells you that it's not about the TRUTH, it's about CONTROL. Anyone who LIES to you on a consistent basis-- lovers to politicians--is trying to CONTROL you: your reaction to their actions, your beliefs, your feelings, your thoughts, your desires. When people LIE to you, it's all about CONTROLING YOU. Remember that when you listen to pelosickpig, schumer, schifforbrains, bloodiecommiePEDOjoe, etc. The LEFT'S CONTROLLING PEOPLE is NOT good for America and it's not good for anyone still believing their LIES.

June 24, 2022   Lying LIARS Crossing Over:   You know that a candidate has NO SUPPORT within their own party when they have to cross over to the other side and ask it for support, right? That's what is happening to LYING RINO, lizard cheney and apparently RINO, michael guest (R-MS) asking the demonRATS in the area to register as Republicans long enough to vote for guest in the primary election run-off, then to change back to demonRAT and vote in demonRAT primary Guest's buddy sent an email that said:

"Even if you are a Democrat, you can vote in this primary for a Republican and then vote Democrat in November (let our Democrat neighbors know we need their help)"
Isn't that the way that our election process is supposed to work: change parties long enough to influence the opposing party's outcome and then switch back again so that you can vote in that election, too? If that be the case, then why don't Conservatives switch long enough to vote for the most Conservative demonRAT and then switch back to vote the same way in our primaries? It's because we know right from wrong, and the LEFT relies on our knowledge of that premise and they know that they can break the rules, not feel bad about it and take the Win because they don't care about the rules. That's bad on their MOMS for not teaching them that doing the right thing matters always and forever. It's bad on them for ignoring their GOD-given consciences and doing whatever it takes to get what you want.

June 24, 2022   2020 STEAL:   People with spines have been found in Maricopa County, AZ! The Maricopa County Republican Committee has just voted to reject the 2020 Presidential election results. It's not that it's going to make a difference in who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but it's a start; perhaps even the first of many dominoes to fall? I don't know, but it's at least a crack in the dike.

June 24, 2022   Aaahhhhhh... Public Schools:   Do you want your little girl to be forced to use the same bathroom AND LOCKER ROOMS as the boys in her public school? You know, like the girl who was raped by a GUY in a dress at her school because he was allowed to use the girls' restroom? Yeah. Like that. That's what is coming for EVERY CHILD IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS becuase bloodycommiePEDOjoe is signing an Executive Order that extends Title 9 protections and ensures that ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS would be FORCED to allow boys in girls rooms and vice versa. Isn't that what you want for your third grade daughter? Or would you prefer to HOMESCHOOL your kids and teach them what is right and wrong, about GOD and Who He is, about sex/gender when YOU believe it's time (not in Kindergarten as the LEFT wants), and that America is a GOOD PLACE as the Founding Fathers set her up, but it is being RUINED by LEFTIES? I homeschooled the whole way through, K-12, and they are both highly capable and were reading at the college level in sixth grade. It's best for your kids and easier than you may think. There are whole curriculums out there, Bob Jones to Abeka, there are many options out there there are options that will help you teach your children the TRUTH about America and her founding and that will help you teach everything from reading, writing, arithmetic, science, art, history (help with that at Consider it. Your children need safety more than a bigger house, don't you agree?

June 24, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. Sorry for missing yesterday, but I think I made up for it today. Enjoy your weekend and I'll try to see you Monday.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 22, 2022: 2:57 p.m.: Happy Birthday, Friend!:   Missed yesterday because we didn't leave the farm until Tuesday morning at 3:00 in the morning. I stayed up all night to make sure that Keith woke up when he wanted and most of the way home, sleeping only about 30 minutes until I got to hit my bed down here. Had to set the alarm for a few hours later, though, because I had to take my vehicle to get the oil changed. Today I have a few minutes to do blurbs, so I'll get started.

June 22, 2022   Crooked demonRAT:   Another demonRAT has been indicted on fraud charges. Shock. Surprise. We now have the former mayor of Tallahassee and former candidate for Florida Governor, Andre Gillum has now been indicted on 19 counts of "wire fraud and making false statements to the FBI". Sounds like a typical demonRAT politician (and some RINOs), given the fact that we also have convicted demonRAT who served just over two years for fraud, Corrine Brown running for Congress AGAIN! Even after being indicted, and pleading GUILTY to the fraud and serving her prison time (reduced for good behavior, of course) she still thinks she should be able to be elected to Congress. Personally, I think there should be a law that says that once you've been FOUND GUILTY (or PLED GUILTY) to a crime, you should be barred from running for public office ever again. But, with demonRATS, prison time seems to be part of their resumé enhancement! The former mayor of Washington D.C., was sent to prison for drugs and came back after his prison sentence was up and was re-elected mayor! That's not a good thing! That's wrong, but it happens so that tells you something about what the LEFT thinks of the law! Imagine if Newt Gingrich -- who was fined by the House, but never charged CRIMINALLY wanted to run for office again? The LEFT would eat him for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! No, demonRATS who think that their crime doesn't matter seems to be a thing. It's all about getting back into the throne of POWER and then they can get the MONEY. That's the goal, no matter what the cost to America.

June 22, 2022   First Amendment Free Speech Lawsuit:   Missouri's Attorney General filed a suit against the FAUXministration of bloodycommiePEDOjoe and he did so because the FAUXministration conspired with big tech to censor America about the Fauci-China-19 LIES the FAUXministraion was telling. The American people were not allowed to comment on the LIES they were telling. The American people were not supposed to speak up about the POISON they were trying to FORCE US TO TAKE. The American people were not supposed to try to tell others what they found out about the POISON, or the people they knew who were adversely affected by the POISON. There's an actual LIST of things "We, The People" are not supposed to talk abotu -- according to the U.S. Government. Which is against the First Amendment's Free Speech clause. So, he is suing the bloodycommeiPEDOjoe FAUXministration. I hope that Florida's Attorney General joins the lawsuit and that every Conservative states' AGs do the same. I also think -- and hope -- they win this suit and that the FAUXministration has to stop trying to SILENCE US because that's totally AGAINST the Free Speech clause and they KNOW IT!

June 22, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   No matter how much it irritates him, we are seeing a plethora of real economists say that yes, there is a RECESSION COMING because of bloodycommiePEDOjoe's policies and because the House and sometimes the SENATE are controlled by LEFTIES and RINOs. It's all about themselves getting rich but the rest of us getting POOR. That's their goal: they want to be Lords and Ladies while the rest of us are the peasants who wait on and serve them. It's disgusting how much the people who have been in the House and Senate for over 12 years are there to enrich themselves and NOTHING ELSE. They don't care what their policies do to the rest of us; they care about how it makes them RICHER and makes it EASIER for THEM to STAY IN POWER. More POWER, more MONEY for them. That's their goal and nothing else. GREED, don't ya' love how it corrupts?

June 22, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   Even though we KNOW that the POISON "vaccine" is KILLING CHILDREN and those who survive are sometimes having PERMANTENT DAMAGE, bloodycommiePEDOjoe BRAGS about giving POISON to CHILDREN. He is a MURDERER MILLIONS OF TIMES OVER and he seems so very proud of that fact! He's EVIL and so is falseyfauci and all of the people pushing this POISON as good! History, if the TRUTH is told, will not reflect favorably on these EVIL LIARS! They will be looked back on as EVIL, MENGELE-like MURDERERS! I hope and pray that we will be able to prove it soon (this year would be good) and we can put these EVIL people--ALL of them-- in PRISON FOR YEARS!

June 22, 2022   FAILconomy 2:   Home sales are slowing down, even as home prices have increased 15% since last year. The average home (not new-builds) now costs $407,600. That's proving inflation is real, but it's only the beginning for those in Florida. Need to sell your home because you have to choose your mortgage, or feeding your children and paying for gas? Sorry. With the Florida insurance debacle that could possibly lead to the COLLAPSE of the home insurance market in Florida, you may now have a BIGGER problem selling your home because anyone with a MORTGAGE in Florida MUST have insurance on that home. However, the insurance companies are covering fewer and fewer homes that are over fifteen or twenty years that we have the absolute possibility of having a complete homeowning drop as people who cannot sell their homes because people trying to buy it can't get insurance, cannot buy the home. Without being able to sell their home, if they can't afford to stay in it, the home will be abandoned and then there will be a lot of empty homes in Florida. That's what I have been predicting for three months, but I HOPE does not happen. I don't want people to have to choose between food and their mortgage, or paying medical bills and food, or anything else like that. I want people to be able to afford to pay for their needs: Roof over their heads, food, care payment and gas, clothing, electricity, water, medical and dental, and have enough left over to be able to go do something fun with their families as they wish. Too bad the left doesn't want that for anyone except themselves!

June 22, 2022   SCOTUS:   In a RARE move, the SCOTUS has made a UNANIMOUS ruling that gives Christian schools -- religious schools -- the right to be given government vouchers for educating children instead of ONLY SECULAR schools having that right. Naturally, the left is having a fit over that because Christian schools should not be able to get government money, in their opinions, because (Heaven forbid!) Christian schools getting government vouchers as a choice their parents made in their children's education is a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE THING!! (Sarcasm, of course.) Yeah. The LEFT has a problem with anyone believing in the GOD of the Christian Bible and abhors anything to do with Him because He teaches AGAINST LEFTIST IDEALOGY and they can't have that! No! Not even from the Creator of Heaven and Earth!

June 22, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. My hubby is on his way home, so enjoy the rest of your day and I will try to see you tomorrow.

Note: I won't be here Friday because my son and I will be toodling (that's going out and doing fun things: thrift stores, lunch, that sort of thing).

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 19, 2022:   Happy Father's Day!

June 16, 2022: 1:39 p.m.   I only have a few minutes for updates so I won't be here long. Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!

June 16, 2022   BABY KILLING:   Unfortunately, and regretably, abortions are on the rise for the first time in 30 years. That's awful! I thought that women and teens were learning better and finding out that their babies have heartbeats three weeks after inception. Killing them stops a beating heart and that's called MURDER. Anyone who stops a beating heart -- except in an operation in which it's necessary and the doctors will restart it -- should be charged with murder, IMHO. That includes any doctor who performs an abortion and any mother who contracts for an abortion. All this, even though Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned and abortion limit decisions will be sent to the individual states. If they do overturn it, bloodycommiePEDOjoe may declare a "public health emergency" and try to GO AROUND THE LAW, as he has done with the SCOTUS rulings on illegal alien invaders. The SCOTUS has ruled twice AGAINST his actions, but it never matters what the law is, or what the SCOTUS says because the LEFT IGNORES it anyways. After all, how else could the crooktOOns have gotten away with so many MURDERS and rapes if that weren't the case?

June 16, 2022   J6:   Those who believe that the REAL, DULY- ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, had anythng at all to do with the VIOLENCE that took place on January 6th is totally delusional. What the TRUTH shows is that the FBI and antifa/blm had people in the crowd who did things to start violence, that the Capital Police and the FBI both took part in being VIOLENT to the American people in attendance that day, that PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP ASKED FOR AND WAS REFUSED by pelosickpig National Guard troops that day, and that TWO WEEKS BEFORE the J6th event, there was a warning about possible violence (antifa/blm were known to be scheduling their attendance), and that even that far ahead, pelosickpig turned down the extra support and troops. She wanted something to happen so they could try to FAUXpeach PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP again! That's what J6th is about: Keeping Pres. TRUMP out of the White House he was duly elected to, and making sure YOU ARE TOO AFRAID OF THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTEST AND FIGHT BACK! If you dare, you will be given the same treatment as the J6th political prisoners are being given! Don't even THINK of standing up for AMERICA, standing for what's RIGHT, standing for the U.S. Constitution because the LEFT WILL PUNISH YOU AS HARD AND DESPICABLY AS THEY CAN FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN, American LAWS on the treatment of prisoners and of the accused be damned!

June 16, 2022   Fauci-China-19:   So the tide turns. Even msn is figuring out that FC-19 among those who are UNvaccinated (UNpoisoned) is RARE and it's a lighter case. How about that? Give people POISONS that are KILLING PEOPLE and making their immune systems all but shut down and you're surprised that it's the people who took the POISON who are getting sick more often and with more sever cases? I'm sorry, but your Mom raised a MORON if you're surprised by that!

June 16, 2022   Sick, Twisted Freaks:   Drag queens in every school: that's what Michigan's Attorney General wants and thinks will be good for your children. She wants to expose children to sick, twisted freaks who are mentally ill and delusional if they think that their sickness should be spread to little children. Why target children with this kind of thing? Why make them feel safe and familiar with it? Because if they can make it a game, a "Mommy and Daddy approve of this" thing, then they can make your children accept what the sick, twisted freaks want to do to your children, and it's not reading them a story! Children being subjected to this brainwashing (and make no mistake, that's exactly what it is) are more sucseptible to being raped by the pervets who want to harm your children. Don't fall for the "It's safe" routine. It's NOT. Don't subject your children to the chance of harm! Protect them becuase that's YOUR JOB as a parent. Don't let them go to the "Drag Queen" ANYTHING because it normalizes that kind of behavior and illness and makes them feel safe around freaks. Don't do it. Teach them that it's a mental illness, or acting out for attention, or a way to be able to get around little kids and it's NOT SAFE to be in that room, situation, or near those people. Ask the people of Virginia whose daughters were raped and attempted to be raped by a BOY IN A DRESS because they'll tell you that it was an OPPORTUNIST who saw an easy way to get to the upcoming VICTIMS. He was NEVER a real "girl" in a boy's body: He was a PREDATOR finding a way to get to his VICTIMS. PERIOD.

June 16, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   He and his policies are so unpopular that even "The Atlantic" is saying he should not run in 2024! He is too senile to run in two years! He's bad enough now, imagine what he will be like in 2024. He will be nothing but a drooling, walking-with-his-hand-held, doddering, old fool who will publicly take the orders given him because he won't be able to navigate an ice cream cone by himself, much less say the right things without being told what to say. He does that part already, in two years he'll have to just move his lips and have someone lip synch for his voice! He doesn't have a snowball's chance of being capable of running in two years. Of course, pelosickpig is the same, as well as others in the House and Senate, but the left doesn't care as long as their puppet masters keep pulling the strings and they keep responding accordingly. Brains don't matter on the left: obedience does!

June 16, 2022   Lawless Lefties:   We've known for a LONG time that the law doesn't matter to the left. They break as many of them as often as they wish as long as they can get away with it, and with the left's control of much of the D.A. offices in America (especially in big cities), and in control of many like-minded "judges", they get away with just about anything they want (witness the antifa/blm riots that burned cities, murdered and beat innocent people and are still walking in and doing smash and grabs across the nations in LEFTIST D.A. cities), and it's no different with the things they say about people on the right. Take Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), for example: she was recently SLANDERED by a LEFTIST website that says horrible things about her, without ANY KIND OF PROOF, and they think it's okay. I am so glad that Boebert is going to SUE them and I hope she takes every penny these lefties have, and even take their socks (I'll leave them their undies because no one wants to see that)!

June 16, 2022   Second Amendment   Second Amendment:   The left wants to DESTROY the Second Amendment and they want to ensure that there is NO WAY for you to defend yourselves if they come after you with false allegations (see above) and stormtroopers. They don't want you to be able to fight back, to stop them, to protect yourself against LEFTIST TYRANTS AND KISSBUTTS. So, they want to prevent you from owning ammo or ANY KIND OF GUN, especially those they label "assault weapons" (hands are used in assaults, do they want to get rid of those, too?). They are now pushing a 1,000% TAX on "assault weapons" because they LOOK like a "military weapon" they must be BAD! OOOOOOOhhhh! Be VERY AFRAID! That big bad gun lying there on the table is going to jump up on its own without anyone touching it and start shooting people! Bad gun! Bad! That's the left's thinking on guns. It's NOT the PERSON who is holding the gun and pulling the trigger's fault, it's all the gun's doing. Idiots.

June 16, 2022   I'm going to stop with that for now. My hubby is on his way home and we are leaving to go to the farm. I won't be back with updates until Tuesday of next week. Have a great weekend and a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY if you're a dad. Even if you're just a baby-daddy, you need to start taking responsibility for your children, don't just create them and walk away!

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray that EVERY demonRAT be DEFEATED in November!Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 15, 2022: 2:28 p.m.   Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Flag Day yesterday. I missed doing updates on Friday, Monday and Tuesday because we had things happening here. I was on the phone all day Friday, trying to get things set up for a future good thing. During the last four days we finished the big project down here that we've been working on for a few months. It has worked out very well and we are all happy with it! I visited friends Monday that I hadn't talked to in a month or so, and yesterday was mowing and getting caught up on some sleep. I am feeling healthy again and have been getting caught up with some housework; laundry should do itself, but it never does. So, that's what's been happening with me. Let's get started.

June 15, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   He and the demonRATS are trying to convince people that things are going just fine in our economy, but the TRUTH is that we are technically in a recession. A recession that THEY CAUSED, their policies and decisions, their cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline, drilling, fracking, etc., has caused the gas price increase. Their policies are even destroying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They're helping ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS enter the country and be a burden on the American taxpayers doesn't help our pocketbooks, but it does increase taxes. Their anti-America policies are harming our reputation worldwide and their idiot, senile old fool of a "leader" (who takes orders from someone else who is the puppetmaster behind the scenes), is incapable of doing anything that makes things better. (Maybe I should tell you how I really feel? *wink*) The problem is, they say it's only going to get worse and worse and worse. For as long as demonRATS are in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and in the U.S. House and almost in the Senate (but they have RINOS who help them implement their horrible policies, so they may as well be in charge), things will only get worse. They are TRYING to destroy America. That is their goal: destroy America so they can make her in their image and make us all slaves to them, our "betters". They are superior to us, after all, and that's why the laws do not apply to them. Remember, they don't care that we're paying ridiculous prices at the gas pump. They all have so much extra money that it doesn't matter to them. They drive electric cars and want us to forced to do so as well. Who can afford that $65,000 electric car? Them. And if they choose to not go electric, their chauffeurs can pay with their credit card and their masters will pay that off at the end of every month because they're being paid BY US to do what is RIGHT AND BEST FOR AMERICA, even though they will never do so! Remember, last year they predicted gas prices of $2.88 per gallon for today! (Yeah. That worked out well, didn't it?) We're paying more for food, clothes, shoes, furniture, gas: everything (and this heat wave isn't helping), and the demonRATS are raising interest rates so that you'll pay even more for everything you charge and for big purchases like homes. They're doing everything they can to make YOU hurt while they live off of being crooked and taking bribes to do China's bidding and doing everything they demand. TREASON, thy name is joe biden, nancy pelosi, etc., a many-headed beast!

June 15, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   The POISON is not working to prevent people from getting Fauci-China-19. It's actually damaging your immune system so that you can get it more often. You may get every variation three or four times each, PLUS regular lung viruses like colds, the flu, pneumonia, etc. It may be making you more prone to getting those things, too. Studies are showing that it's INEFFECTIVE in preving the spread and yet, they're still pushing to give it to CHILDREN aged 6-17 even though some of them cause heart problems! HOW ROTTEN AND EVIL IS THAT? Those in power right now are so evil (many of them; not absolutely all) that they have been forcing people to get the POISON, whether they want it or not (see Australia and New Zealand) and they're pushing it up to THREE POISON SHOTS as being "fully vaccinated" (read "FULLY POISONED"). They KNOW that these POISON "vaccines" are bad! Even the CDC says that Moderna's POISON produces HEART INFLAMMATION but they STILL PUSH IT! Read the "CHILDREN aged 6-17" link and you'll see that they're trying to get MODERNA'S POISON into CHILDREN! WHY? Does this sound like a DEpopulation scheme to you? It does to me! The best thing that comes out of this is that LEFTIES supported the release of Fauci-China-19, but they are not IMMUNE to it. Even Fauci has Fauci-China-19 now and I believe that he had it a few months ago when he disappeared for a few weeks, too, but it wasn't announced. He's such a camera hound that only Fauci-China-19 would keep him away from the press, so he was probably sick in February 2022 because he was gone and everyone wondered about that, but no explanation was ever given. I think this is at LEAST the second time he has had it. I think that's only fair.

June 15, 2022   BABY-KILLING:   It's time for women who have had abortions and are now PRO-LIFE to start sharing their stories. Pro-LIFE women should feel their stories will help others choose to NOT have abortions because they KNOW the devastation of what it is to KILL YOUR OWN BABY. These women had the courage to do so and it's going to upset those who want to KILL BABIES and they will HATE PRO-LIFE women telling their truths about what horrible consequences abortions have on their families because those TRUTHS will help others heal, may prevent another woman from choosing to KILL their BABY, or may help change laws that will save lives; little, tiny, precious, wonderful lives full of promise if only Mommy will let them live!

June 15, 2022   "Feminism":   What is a feminist? In MY understanding of "feminism" it means a woman who is angry all the time, hate men except for a man they want to have sex with (and then only "liking him" during sex), a woman who wants to have as much sex with as many men (and women) as she wants without taking responsibility for the possible results of that sex (a BABY can be prevented by NOT HAVING SEX), and who wants EVERY FEMALE to have ABORTIONS because they want everyone to be as miserable as they are in their own lives. A "feminist" is a woman who thinks that just because she has certain body parts she is entitled to being paid because she has those parts, not because of her experience, her education, her training, or qualifications. That's what I've seen as I grew up (I was a child in the sixties). Now we're seeing that they have a problem with defining what a "woman" is, and they're finding out that "feminism" is WEAKENING WOMEN instead of making them stronger. Stronger is what "feminism" promised females, but it NEVER DELIVERED because it's all about having a chip on your shoulder, instead of being stronger. ALL LEFTIST PROMISES ARE LIES.

June 15, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today since my hubby just called and we need to go south to pick up one of his Father's Day presents (he got three nice presents this year). So, enjoy the rest of your day and I'll try to be here tomorrow. We are going to the farm this weekend, and he has enough hours to leave early, so we'll see if he works the whole day, or just part of the day and we get that and all of Friday, too. That would be nice. I don't know if we're coming back Sunday or Monday, so I may or may not be here Monday. I just don't know yet.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 9, 2022: 1:14 p.m.   Okay. Feeling better after I presumably had Covid. My hubby tested positive two days in a row so I'm assuming I had it, too. We have a replacement refrigerator coming today. Our new one's freezer door handle wouldn't stay on, so we were told we'd get a whole new refrigerator. Okay. The replacement came but had a big ding in the freezer door like someone took a ballpean hammer to it. It didn't even get to come off the truck. Today we're supposed to get the third new refrigerator since we started this process. Hopefully, this one will work. The guys who tried to deliver the hammered one came inside and forced the screw to stay in via using an impact driver on it, which I'm not sure was the best idea, but it did stay on. Now we'll see if the new one that they are delivering today has any issues and if not, we'll be finished with that process.

Paying off the house really seems like someone got a voodoo doll and did all kinds of things to us since we started the process. We had to replace our microwave a week after we made our payoff amount request, our refrigerator broke, our air conditioner went out and my son's vehicle needed work. My hubby got sick almost every weekend, I injured my left foot twice, my back twice and we both got Covid. I am so glad this is over! Anyways, enough of the last two months of my weird life. Let's get started.

June 9, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe:   He's such a train wreck. He is senile, evil and an idiot, so that will automatically make a train wreck. For instance, he went on late night television and rambled about biracial couples in television commercials. Really. He's always been a racist and his comments prove it, but to be the alleged prezidunce and say crap like he does is ridiculous. When he wasn't be a racist, he was "mumbling nonsense" and he makes a fool of himself (naturally). Then he was "joking" about sending his political opponents to jail but it wasn't a joke! He was actually having a J6 attendee ARRESTED within the next twelve hours even though that attendee did NOT enter the capital building, nor do any harm! Arrested for being in D.C. is what the left is doing to those on the right who support the REAL, DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, because they have to stop anyone who supports him from fighting back. It's political intimidation and that's NOT what America is supposed to be! If the left can't win against a Conservative candidate, they'll use the FBLIE to deal with that person under false pretenses so that they won't have to face a viable opposition candidate. It's not just wrong, it's very, very wrong! But that's the left today: Incapable of a fair fight, they weaponize the LEFT enforcement agencies against their opposition. It's all about the POWER.

June 9, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe's FAILconomy:   Gas prices are still skyrocketing, said to be $6 per gallon nationwide by Labor Day, Sep. 5th! Worse, people have stopped believing they can afford to buy a home. Applications for home loans have dropped and now they're at a 22 year LOW. Add to that, the World Bank Organization is forecasting stagflation and a global recession, and Americans don't expect things to get better any time soon. Because this economic disaster is rightfully laid at bloodycommiePEDOjoe's feet, he's spending MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS on his social media presence. Sorry, but that's such a STUPID thing to do in this age of Americans hurting! They spent $6.7 MILLION of YOUR MONEY to try to make bloodycommiePEDOjoe look good on the Dead Blue Bird! Meanwhile, you're paying more for smaller products (shrinkflation), and we're spending BILLIONS on military weapons that won't WORK! DUH! How did that happen? The LEFT is in control, so if we lose military members because of this screw-up, it's all on them. And the LEFT fiddles while America burns and and food crisis looms because prices have gone up OVER 40% since bloodycommiePEDOjoe and the LEFT STOLE THE 2020 ELECTION! Yet, with all of this, the bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAUXministration wants us to believe the economy has never been in "a better place". What? Really? This is what they think is "better"? Better than what: the Weimar Republic? Absurd!

June 9, 2022   Election Integrity:   The LEFT loves to STEAL elections, CHEAT to win, and do whatever it takes to get and maintain POWER. Power is their reason to live because POWER gives them MONEY and they LOVE MONEY. So, the stuff ballot boxes to win. They allow people to vote multiple times, or without complete information. Or, they make sure they use voting machines that will do things like ADD 15% to the totals for themselves! That's what happened in Georgia's 2022 primaries for Secretary of State, brad raffensperger. How convenient. Another LEFTIE, a RINO, who just happened to be in control of the machines and what happens with them. How convenient, don't you think? Those machines are used around the world, but in some states, New Mexico, for instance, they may be REMOVED from use! That would be very, very good for election integrity as long as Conservatives will volunteer to be poll watchers, apply to be employed to count the votes, etc., so that the LEFT won't be the only ones in the room anymore, even with hand counts!

June 9, 2022   Love My GOV!   Our most precious resource right now here in Florida, is our Governor, Ron DeSantis. He is doing everything he can to maintain our freedoms, to protect our rights and to stop the LEFT from doing more harm here. For instance, he's fighting back against thevilegeorgesoros' efforts to brainwash Hispanics. thevilegeorgesoros has bought a group of Spanish-language radio stations. DeSantis, brilliant tachtician that he is, has bought radio advertisements as PSAs (Public Service Announcements) warning the listeners about what is happening to their radio stations (most of which were more Conservative leaning) and telling them that thevilegeorgesoros is coming to change their stations! LOVE IT!

June 9, 2022   themuslimvileone:   He was in on the whole "Russian collusion" LIE against the REAL, DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP. He was in on it, knew about it, was part of it, supported it, agreed with it. In other words, he was in on the 2020 STEAL because he supported the LIE. He's always been an abominable person, wicked, horrid, evil, vile, crooked, a LIAR and the worst of the worst; along with the rest of the people he brought into his cabinet and advisors (including his VP and his SOS). He needs to go to prison for the rest of his life, but it will never happen, unfortunately.

June 9, 2022   J6:   Tonight the networks will play the hollyweird produced J6 Committee's version of LIES that they put together to try to make the world hate THE REAL, DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, even more. It's all going to be LIES, so if you watch it be sure to keep that in mind. Just know that the J5 Committee is FULL OF LEFTIES and they HATE AMERICA and MAGA and everyone who supports PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, so you, too, will be villanized tonight.

June 9, 2022   I'm going to close with that for today. We'll be heading to Georgia this weekend, so tomorrow will be a short update. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

June 2, 2022: 9:57 a.m.   Early day today because we've got people here replacing our air conditioning (both units) and I don't want to stay here and be in the heat of the day if I can go for a ride and be in my air conditioned vehicle. I got a nice gift from my hubby a few days ago and I may just take it out for a spin, so to speak. Right now, I'll do a few blurbs (probably not much because I am also sick, unfortunately, with Covid-19), and then be able to leave during the heat of the day. Let's get started.

June 2, 2022   bloodycommiePEDOjoe FAILconomy:   How many of you like eggs? Or maybe you only eat them in other things: cookies, cakes, or soufflés? Are you ready to pay $1.00 PER EGG? That's what they say it will soon cost. A dozen eggs: $12.00 plus tax. That's not even the end of it. Who knows how high it will go later? IF it reaches $1 per egg by the end of August, what will that same egg cost in December? Will you be able to afford Christmas dinner this year? Or will you have to combine your Christmas dinner efforts with others in the family in order to be able to afford a dish each? It's all kinds of ridiculous that America went from $1.89 per gallon of regular unleaded gas to OVER $8.00 PER GALLON in CaliMarxiFornia! Can you imagine? That's why the population of CaliMarxiFornia is losing a U.S. House seat and probably federal funding will decrease for programs there as well. If things keep going the way they are, our food prices will make us have to choose between having a pet or giving it up so we can put our money toward feeding our children instead of the dog/cat/gerbil. Will we have to make a choice between a new vehicle and a college education for our children? The feds say that the economy is slowing, but I must ask, how much slower it can get. "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night", as Joan Crawford's character says in "All About Eve". The problem is, that night is going to last until we stop the left from stealing another election and we can kick them to the curb: including bloodycommiePEDOjoe!

June 2, 2022   "pride" month:   First of all, YAWN. I'm so tired of all the "months" we have to endure now. It gets wearisome to those of us who are not designated as "special" enough to have a group that is designated as a set-aside for such a thing. There is no such thing as a "White, Heterosexual, Cis-gendered Pride Month" now, is there? There's nothing that says we are acceptable, that we are valued, that we are acknowledged by our government, except April 15th: TAX DAY. That's the ONLY acknowledgement our government will give us if we're white, heterosexual and don't want to "change" our gender (DNA still says a male is a male, no matter what the outside may look like.) or parade around in someone else's clothes (as males do when they dress as female. It's beyond tiresome. Now we have a month of weariness to endure and I am not the only one tired of it. It's time to stop giving parades to CELEBRATE SIN. What's next: Adultery Pride Month, Beastility Pride Month? Incest Pride Month? What is so spectacular about SIN? Homosexuality is SIN. That's all there is to it. GOD showed us what He thinks of homosexuality via Sodom and Gomorrah and other places in the Bible. I'm not saying GOD loves other sins. No, He hates ALL sins, including divorce, premarital sex, LYING, coveting, stealing, cheating, etc. Being "gay" doesn't make you "special", it makes you SINFUL; as does stealing and any of the others listed. We should NOT HAVE a "pride" month for SIN. We should have, instead, an "Honesty" month, or a Good Dad month, or how about a Strengthen the Family month? Would that not be better than celebrating SIN?

June 2, 2022   POISON "vaccine":   It's time to stop this nonsense, but the left keeps pushing it, don't they? I've tried and tried to warn people to NOT take the jab because of the risks and side-effects involved, but there are some who will not listen. Now, Pfizer, who is making money hand over fist, wants to POISON CHILDERN UNDER 5! Why? Why would anyone want to do that considering the KNOWN problems with this in adults, why would anyone LET THEIR CHILDREN take it? I don't understand that. I really don't. If you LOVE your children, don't POISON them! It's as easy as that.

June 2, 2022   Unfortunately, I have to stop there. There is a chemically smell associated with getting new air conditioning and it's making me nauseaus so I'm going to go for a ride and get some fresh air. See you next time, maybe tomorrow, maybe not, depending on how I'm feeling. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Remember to pray for America and that the TRUTH will matter again and the left be defeated in their efforts to destroy America. Pray for our citizens to wake up and demand the TRUTH about the 2020 election. Pray for RIGHT AND WRONG to be important again. Pray for GOD to help America see what is going on, to open eyes, to touch hearts and minds and to awaken righteousness in our country. Pray that the J6 LIES will be revealed and that the political prisoners will be released and exonerated. Pray for the REAL, CURRENT, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, will be returned to 1600 Pennsylvnia Ave. where he LEGALLY BELONGS. Pray for guidance and wisdom for me.

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