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If you're curious as to what Amy Tidd thinks of the American Dream, consider the fact that she buys tax liens (her right). That is, when people get behind on their taxes, a lien gets put on them by the State and those liens get put up to bid for the public to buy. Amy Tidd buys those tax liens, hoping to make a profit off of your, or your neighbor's, tough times. This is just another example of what Amy Tidd thinks is best for you and how she will rate your welfare and dreams compared to her own profits. There are many other examples of her tax lien purchases. Click on the links above, check out the tax liens and then realize that she has done this twenty-eight times! Twenty eight times Amy Tidd has tried to capitalize on your, or your neighbor's, difficulties. Is that who you want representing you in Tallahassee?

During the Port St. John incorporation push, the Port St. John For Tomorrow (PAC) put together what they considered a "selling point" in a "budget draft" that was supposed to show that we could afford to become a city: with money left over, no less.

This "budget" was just a little flawed. It didn't take into account things that other budgets did. As you can see in my "compare" page, the budget put together by Amy Tidd did not take a lot of things into account, or used numbers that were -- to say the least -- "a bit off". Remember, the "budget draft" below is supposed to be for a city of over 22,000 people and a city that would be the second largest city in Brevard County if we had incorporated. And this "budget draft" was part of what they used to push incorporation with.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the campaign for PSJ incorporation's "budget draft" and hope you don't laugh yourselves silly reading it.

NOTE: Read the letter Amy Tidd sent me threatening to sue me in 2002 over the correct information on my website! Funny stuff!

(Except the horizontal rule line below and the lines on the table, everything from here down is a direct, exact quote until further notice.)

Amy Tidd's "Port St. John Estimated Fiscal Budget-Draft"

Income TypeREVENUE
Loan 10year at 8%1,000,000
Ad Valorum [sic] Taxes1,034,180
Franchise Fees- Cable, Electric, Telephone774,840
Federal Grants0
Half cent Sales Tax1,044,821
Alcoholic Beverage License6,796
Grand Fund Total$3,860,637
State Combined Revenue Sharing564,346
Local Option Gas Tax278,096
State DCA Comprehensive Plan Assistance40,000
Building Permit Fees320,204
Planning and Zoning69,069
Deductions- Loan1,000,000
5% Contingency in case of revenue shortfall206,617

Submitted by
Port St. John For Tomorrow - April 25, 2002

Page 1

REVENUE- sources of information

Loan- Port St. John Feasibility Study Page 18
Ad Valorum [sic] Taxes- Incorporation Study Page 32
Franchise Fees- 11% of Brevard County Budget page F1-14A
Federal Grants- To be obtained by City Manager upon incorporation
Half Cent Sales Tax- Fl. House of Representatives Memo dated 1/2/02 p 17
Alcoholic Beverage License- Fl. Dept. of Revenue- 11% of County 2001
State Combined Revenue Sharing- FL House of Rep Memo 1/2/02 p. 17
Local Option Gas Tax- Port St. John Feasibility Study Page 32
State DCA Comprehensive Plan Assistance- City of Bonita Springs Budget
Building Permit Fees- 11% of Brevard County Budget Page PW-3-A
Planning and Zoning -- 11% of Brevard County Budget Page PZ-2--A
Traffice Ticket Revenue- Undetermined pending input from Brevard County Sheriff Dept.

Submitted by
Port St. Jhn For Tomorrow April 25, 2002

Page 2


Rentals and leases- Buildings24,000
Rentals and leases- Software
Clerk/Treasurer (State of Florida)1,800
Computer Equipment4,000
Communication Expense
Telephone - Local Service800
Telephone- Long Distance Service2,000
Internet Access1,200
Legal Advertising6,000
Books and Subscriptions100
Repairs and Maintenance12,000
Utilities- Electric10,000
Office Supplies5,000
Auditing and Accounting50,000
Mileage- Staff and Council1,500
Conferences and trips to Tallahassee2,000
Promotional Activities- Fourth of July etc [sic]1,000
Clerical Services60,000
Loan Repayment145,500
Code Enforcement, zoning and permitting459,548
Public Works960,169
Road and Bridge Construction500,000
Employee Cost -- 3 employees221,450
Law Enforcement Contract- Brevard County Sheriff434,851
City Attorney45,000
Street Lighting200,000
Capitol Improvements60,000
Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances60,000
5% Contingency to cover unexpected expenses175,770

Port St John Fiscal Budget
  Prepared by Amy Tidd


Port St. John Feasibility Study
Brevard County Budget 2001-2002
City of Bonita Springs 2001-2002 Budget
Florida Department of Revenue
Florida House of Representatives Package on the Incorporation
of Port St. John dated Jan. 03, 2001
City of Rockledge Budget Fiscal year 2002
City of Cocoa Budget Fiscal year 2002

Note- This budget contains no new taxes except .5 mil on the ad valorum [sic]
tax. This tax increase equals 50 cents on each taxed thousand.
Example- $80,000 value house assessed at 80% = 64,000 minus the 25,000
homestead exemption= $39,000 taxed value x 50 cents per thousand=
$19.50 tax increase

Submitted by Port St. John For Tomorrow May 9, 2002
Page 4


NOTE: The asterisk is where the page changed from page three (3) to page four (4). Also, it says,
"Submitted by Port St. John For Tomorrow 5-9-02 page 3" at the bottom of page three.

The Amy Tidd budget is an amazing piece of work. Considering the 22,000+ residents in what would have been the second largest city in Brevard, her numbers just don't add up. Consider what was in the Feasibility Study (a paltry $1,001,870 estimated expenditures) and compare that to the Amy Tidd numbers, $3,691,188, Tidd's number is slightly better. But not when you compare it to the comments below of Legislative Committee On Intergovernmental Relations. They looked at similarly sized cities (twelve of them) and their budgets and compared those to what the Feasibility Study numbers were. Their reaction is below. But considering that they think the $1 million is 8 percent, then wouldn't $3.6 million be just about 27% of Rockledge's numbers; and about 11% of the average? That's a long way from reality. And reality is what budgets are based on.

Five committees reviewed the PSJ Feasibility Study and they say that there are many problems with the numbers. One problem, for instance: According to the Legislative Committee On Intergovernmental Relations, "The estimated expenditures projected for Port St. John ($1,001,870) is less than 8 percent of reported expenditures for the comparison municipality with the smallest reported expenditures, Rockledge ($13,717,055), less than 2 percent of the comparison municipality with the largest reported expenditures, Jacksonville Beach ($70,661,990), and approximately 3 percent of the 'average' reported expenditures for the twelve comparison municipalities ($32,933,347). [my bolding]" Please remember, that according to the Legislative Committee On Intergovernmental Relations, they were using the real numbers from the comparison cities that were from fiscal year 1998-1999, thus they wrote, "It can be assumed that the total expenditures and revenues for these 12 municipalities will have increased during the last four years, and as a result, the gap will have increased between their 'average' reported expenditures and those projected for Port St. John. [my bolding]"

According to the Legislative Committee On Intergovernmental Relations, Amy Tidd's budget (and the numbers in the Feasibility Study) are not just off, but they are WAY OFF. Now you see why I fought so hard against incorporation. I knew the facts. I knew what the five committees in Tallahassee said about the Feasibility Study and the numbers that were being fed the community. I knew they were dead wrong. So I fought it.

This is why I also oppose Amy Tidd becoming a State Representative. If someone is going to be working with numbers that affect MY household budget (and anything the State does affects your budget), I want it to be someone who is better at it than Amy Tidd.

During the incorporation battle I copied the reports of the five committees and put a copy in Truman Scarborough's office and a copy at the Cocoa Library (PSJ's Library was undergoing renovation at the time and was not open) for everyone who wished to read it. What has happened to either copy, I do not know, but the Cocoa Library was supposed to have sent their copy to PSJ. The last time I looked in the PSJ Library for it the copy they had was no longer there. I did this to make sure that anyone who wanted to could go see if I was telling the truth. And I offer here and now to meet anyone at an agreed upon time and date in the Cocoa or PSJ Library to let them see my documentation.

NOTE: I did check at the Cocoa Library in the reference section upstairs on the second floor and they still had it available.

A final thought: Amy Tidd's "budget draft" contains no mention of a "Supervisor of Elections" and neither did the Feasibility Study (did they use Amy Tidd's "budget draft"?) which the Legislative Committee On Intergovernmental Relations noticed. On page 13 of their Feasibility Study review, they commented, "In addition, it should be noted that the budget contained in the Study included no provisions for elections or other activities involving the office of the Supervisor of Elections." So I suppose those would just be donated services? Don't think so? Do you really want her working on the State of Florida's budget?

This is a Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927 Independent of any group, organization, or committee.

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