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Welcome to my Government Links page. Here you will find all kinds of links to different government agencies, entities and crackpots. You are more than welcome to use these links to do contact any of them. I encourage you to keep an eye on all of them. After all, they are all using your money, so don't you want to know where your money is going? So, here are the links. Use them often to educate yourself as to what is going on and keep an eye on the truth for yourself. Be sure to let me know if there is a malfcuntion in the link so I can fix it ASAP, won't you? Thanks.

Start with the local government stuff because that is what effects you most. If those who live in the cities would like to see specific links to their governments here, please let mem know and I will be sure to put those links in, if available.

Brevard County

Florida State Government

Federal Government

November 20, 2012   You've heard for the past week or so Glenn Beck talk about Agenda 21. The link is the .pdf file of the Agenda and you really should spend the time to read it. If it's anything close to what Beck says it is, it's really, really bad! Know what they're trying to do to you. Also, notice the "buzz" words: sustainable future, managed growth, environmental impact, quality of life, etc. Then remember who in your neighborhood uses those same words. Are they pro-America, or for a "One World Government" as is Agenda 21?

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