Definition of "True Conservative"

Remember the good ol' days when we were allowed to disagree without the threat of lawsuits or "hurting someone's feelings"? Remember when America had a spine and had a moral compass that rarely erred? Remember before the 1960's when it all went crazy and drugs took over our culture and this all came to pass as a result? Let's get back to the days when our moral compass was strong and our children were our children and we raised them as we saw fit (and most of us raised our own kids; not some government program raised them) and we were strong as a nation? Remember Ronald Reagan? Let's do it, America. Let's get back to the belief in a God who is good, loving and kind, but who is also just and righteous and has laid down the "right and wrong" of our lives. Let's become again the "shining beacon on a hill" that brought the Soviet Union to its knees and toppled an empire. Let's stand up to those who would take away our God given and Constitutional freedoms whether they be extremist terrorists or local busybodies who would browbeat and threaten us into submission because they want what they want and they want it now!

If you noticed the header, some of you are asking, "So what do you consider a true Conservative?" My definition of a true Conservative:

  • Believes that God is the God of the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments and that He created Heaven, Earth and all that in them is. They worship God and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior who rose from the dead after living a sinless life and sits at the right hand of the Father today.

  • Believes in the US Constitution, has read it and knows something of its history. They stand up for the First Amendment, Second Amendment (the Right to Keep and Bear Arms [guns]) and all of the US Constitution.

  • Believes that the United States of America is -- bar none -- the best, absolute best country on Earth and that we are blessed to live here even with all of our current problems and flaws (most brought about by liberals, I might add).

  • Believes that Abortion is wrong: period. Abortion takes the life of a human baby and that is always wrong. No abortion should ever have to be performed: not for money (isn't that a conspiracy to commit murder?), and not for convenience. If -- and there are very few of these -- the life of the mother is actually at risk (say for instance, the mother has a heart defect that went undiscovered until she became pregnant and carrying the baby to full term would actually kill her, not just scare her), then the mother should be told all the facts (including the fact that the baby is a human, feeling, living, breathing through her, moving being and that it would be killed if she had an abortion) and then given ten days to pray about it, talk about it, gather more information and get counseling from family, friends, attorneys and clergy. If she chooses to have an abortion at that time, then the baby should be removed as humanely as possible, without being torn limb from limb, burnt with a saline solution, sucked apart via vaccuum, nor its body delivered and its brain sucked from its head before the head exits the birth canal. The woman should then have the opportunity to hold her baby, name it and bury it. That's the only way an abortion should be carried out: after much information, time and consultation. Of course, that is if any happen at all.

  • Believes that smaller government and lower taxes are the best things any country on Earth can do for its citizens and votes accordingly. No tax and spend measures would ever be supported; no bigger government plan ever voted for. Smaller government, less intrusive government and lower taxes are the only way to go and if other options are present, a true Conservative does not vote for those options, nor for any candidates who espouse those options (in private or in public).

  • Believes that the death penalty is the proper sentence for someone who has committed murder and has been proven guilty: especially via DNA evidence and witnesses (video camera witness as well). For those shouting, "Abortion is murder, so is the death penalty!" shut up. The death penalty should not be visited upon the innocent; and no baby still inside its mommy's womb ever committed a murder. The death penalty punishes the guilty. The death penalty is for those who have been proven guilty. Guilty; not innocent. Proven; not maybe. It is biblical. It is the best deterrant society will ever have (dead people don't commit more murders) and it will never be something that society will ever be able to prevent. Consider: one victim lies dead in the street and sixteen witnesses saw who did it. They do not cooperate with the police investigation because it's not the cool thing to do. But one of those sixteen witnesses knows who did it and where that person will be next Thursday night and -- Bam! -- the death penalty is served up by a vigilante citizen, not the State. It is not the vigilante's right to charge, sentence and execute sentence on anyone. It is not their right. But it is accepted in neighborhoods across America and around the world because it's not cool to cooperate with the police. Which is better? Allowing a perpetrator to take their chances with the court system (as messed up as it is), or allowing another Thursday night? The death penalty happens either way sometimes, but at least with the court system, the chances may be slim, but the chance of a life sentence is still there. Play the odds.

  • Believes that homosexuality is a sin and loves the sinner, but not the choices he/she is making. Even the mixed up feelings of the homosexual can be changed and the former homosexual can find a relationship that God would bless. Some people say that God made them that way. Wrong. God says that homosexuality is a sin and God does not create sin. If you have feelings for someone the same gender as you, that does not mean you are automatically homosexual. It means that Satan is lying to you and you are believing the lie. Until you act on your belief in the lie, you still have the chance to fight Satan's lies and to turn him away. If you choose to act on them, then you are choosing the homosexual lifestyle, nest ce pas? Do not believe the lies of Satan. Choose to get help. Choose to talk to someone about it. God LOVES you and doesn't want to see you in that kind of hurt. If you are already there, God still loves you but He has rules about sin. Turn away from your sin and your lifestyle and turn toward God. He will welcome you with open arms. I say all of that to say that if you are homosexual, I do not hate you. God loves you and He is so much better than I that I could never presume to hate what He loves. I do wish you well and healthy and that you turn away from that lifestyle and learn to love the way God ordained for you.

  • Believes that the United States of America is -- bar none -- the best, absolute best country on Earth and that we are blessed to live here even with all of our current problems and flaws (most brought about by liberals, I might add).

  • Judges a person by that person's actions, words and attitudes and not skin color, pay scale, religion, nationality, age, gender, or hair color. It doesn't matter what a person looks like; it matters who that person is. As my mother taught me; it's what is inside that makes a person good or evil, smart or not, a person to be friends with or not. If someone is worth knowing, they're worth knowing no matter what.

  • Does not believe in the farce that is "Global Warming" (or should that be "Dumbing?") because they have done the research themselves and know that there is not a consensus amongst the scientific community that Global Warming is happening and that the "science" that supports it does not add up! Think about the truth, folks: What will 1 F difference make? Instead of being 100 in the Sahara, it will be 101! Oooohh... Global Warming! In fact, the "droughts" that are being threatened usually come in cycles and it could be time for another one. What are we supposed to do, reverse "Mother Nature" (a true Conservative doesn't believe in "Mother Nature" either: it was all God, not "Mother" involved), and undo what is scheduled to happend even without man's interference? How? Send a few thousand jumbo jets to fly around the world really fast all at the same time until the world spends backwards and time travels backwards and we are all safe in the seventeen hundreds again? Get real! But believing in Global Warming is just as ridiculous as that scenario.

  • Actions speak louder than words. A true Conservative raises their own children and doesn't let others raise them; especially not government agencies. They put things aside and put their children first. A true Conservative works hard to keep one parent at home (preferrably the mother) so that the children will have someone to come home to, someone to count on and someone to turn to when troubles come their way. Better still, a true Conservative spends at least some time home schooling their children because the school systems in today's America are not doing a good enough job. They know their children like they know how much they themselves love their favorite foods and they have seen their children learn and that moment of, "Oh! I get it! I understand!" that passes across their children's faces is something they live for. They have heard their children playing and laughing in their rooms and stopped to hear the second best sound on Earth. And they have smiled at that and laughed with great joy when they've heard the best sound on Earth: Their children laughing in their sleep.

  • A true Conservative does his/her own research and finds out which companies to do business with because those businesses haven't caved to the political pressure of Global Warming, the political correctness of Partner Benefits (by the way, why don't long time business partners get the same benefits? They have known and "loved" some of the beneficiaries longer than their lovers), or any of the other political klaptrap that is out there. I don't shop certain stores. I just refuse to spend my money there. I have done the research and I know which business I want to do business with and which I do not. You can do the same. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • A true Conservative stays married through thick and thin, unless infidelity or abuse is present in the relationship. No one has to put up with being beat on; nor should they allow their children to be abused. I am not talking being happy all the time. I am talking real abuse: hitting, kicking, beating, etc., or sexual abuse. Without those things present, if you are not happy every moment in your marriage, work on improving your marriage, not on finding the right divorce attorney. Don't feed the system with another statistic: stay put and work on it. You said your vows in front of witnesses, and even if you did not say the words, "till death us do part", you still vowed to love him/her, to work together, to put the effort into your relationship. It's the idea of your marriage lasting until the end of life for one of you that you promised in front of God (oh, yes, He was watching even if He wasn't invited) and man. Stay and fix it. It's not easy nor pleasant, but it's the right thing to do.

  • Obeys the laws of God and Man: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. (Matthew 22:21)" The things that are Caesar's are the laws of the land. God commands us elsewhere as well to obey those in authority over us. If that means paying our taxes without "fudging", then we must pay without lying. If that means doing the speed limit, then we must do the speed limit. However, if that means turning our backs on God and obeying a man's order over God's, then God's order comes first and foremost. Obeying God leads to obeying man; but not to the exclusion of God nor instead of, in deference to, nor prior to obeying God.

  • A true Conservative supports our troops that are in harms way because they are brave enough to obey the orders they received. Because they are doing what we cannot do ourselves. Because they fight and try and win some and lose some and battle on no matter the odds and do what they have to do to stay alive and keep their fellow soldiers alive as well. They do not break the laws or morality on a regular basis (no matter what the mass media resources would have you believe) and they are the good guys 99.999999999% of the time. Our troops live, work, play, fight, and die in order to keep us alive and free and they are doing a great job of it and I, for one, thank them very much for their sacrifices. I thank those who lost limbs, who lost eyes, who are now deaf, or lame because they served and carry that with them now and forever. I cannot imagine what that must be like, but I am humbled by and appreciative of your sacrifice. I thank their families as well, especially the families of those members (men and women) who will not be coming home without the chaplain accompanying their bodies. I thank the men and women for their service, their courage and their time away from comfort, hot food and hot showers because I have those things due to their giving, obedient determination to stay on and do the job and do it right. I thank them for their kindness to others -- both in their own ranks and the other side -- because this, too, wins wars and influences people. Children on both sides will now sleep easier because of our brave men and women in the US Military and I cannot speak highly enough of them and I cannot thank them all enough. God bless them all.

  • Is a true Conservative first; party member second. If you put your party above your principles, above what your gut tells you is best for America, then you are not a true Conservative. If you would cast a vote for someone who supports abortion, who wants to take as much away from you -- land, money, children, privacy, freedom, rights, voice, whatever -- as possible, even if it means passing new, questionable laws, then you are not a true Conservative.

  • Refuses to compromise any of these principles. A TRUE Conservative will not sway with the wind, go with the crowd, do what is popular, or cave to fit in. A true Conservative stands strong and firm and refuses to kowtow to anyone or anything for the truth is on his/her side and it matters that the truth and Conservatism wins. A true Conservative has a spine made of steel to stand tall, a voice made of loud speakers to be heard clear and strong, and feet made of cement to stand firm. No bending is allowed because principle matters and it is of great value that someone somewhere on Earth stand firm for the things that matter most. Remember what happened to Noah and his family and Lot and his daughters. They were saved from destruction because they took a stand and stayed with it in evil times. They lived and others perished because the others became wicked and went along to get along. Take a stand for right. Take a stand for life. Take a stand for doing the right thing, and then do it yourself.

That's what a true Conservative is.

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Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn't care about you. It's those of us who do wake you up who care.

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