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These are some of my favorite places to go online. If you like them, great. If you don't, too bad. I like them and if you're a raving-lunatic-liberal (yes, that should be all one word, shouldn't it?) you probably won't. Well, maybe you'll like the Trikke and the Fluidity pages. They're good stuff for both sides of the isle.

Remember: Just because the businesses are listed here that does NOT mean they endorse my politics. It does NOT mean they agree with anything at all I say, believe, want, or do. It means simply that I like the product/service. These businesses/services do NOT ENDORSE this website.

Politics and Commentary on Politics

  • National Black Republican Association An organization for Black Republicans to get information, support the Republican platform and realize that it is okay to be a conservative Black person.

  • The Ayn Rand Institute, not exactly what I call conservative, but it gets the ball rolling.

  • Dr. Thomas Sowell has a lot of resources as well. Read his books (although I doubt anyone can read them all since he keeps writing more and more and more...) and learn the truth about what is happening to our country. Excellent stuff and excellent writer!

  • Americans For Limited Government is a new site I've found. It's interesting and hard hitting, but it uses humor as well. And who doesn't enjoy laughing at the Left?

  • Congress[dot]Org: check it out to stay informed and to stay ahead of the game that is Washington D.C. (Know what the "DC" stands for anymore? IMHO, it should be "Delete Congress!")

  • My Blog2: the second -- and most recent place to find some of my blogs.

  • Mark Steyn is one of the best stand-ins for Rush Limbaugh there is! I love his sense of humor and his wicked sarcasm. Good stuff!

  • The David Horowitz Freedom Center and his other site, Front Page Magazine: both really good!

  • Wallbuilders: Putting a wall around religion so that government can't stifle it with their power!

  • Check out this anti-NSA site. It's good and you need to be aware. Bookmark it. Visit it often. Be informed. FIND THE TRUTH!

  • Florida Tenth Amendment Center and their Facebook page. Good stuff! We Will NOT COMPLY!


  • Joseph Prince's website and teachings will introduce you to the FULL MEANING, FULL BREADTH and WIDTH and DEPTH of the word and implications of GOD's GRACE. If you don't understadn how much GRACE covers, how fully it impacts every aspect of your life, soul, spirit, future, being, then you need to find out what it is via watching Joseph Prince's videos, reading his books, and listening with your soul to what he is saying. Learn the full implications of GRACE and you will be amazed, transformed, renewed and remade. Check it out!

  • WallBuilders.com: American History -- A Christian Nation!

  • The Clash Radio: It's Pitbull Christianity! I LOVE IT!

  • Discovery Institute: Gives you the info you need to be able to credibly argue in support of intelligent design.

  • Signature In The Cell: A book that will teach you the truth supporting intelligent design.

  • Investigative Project. org: A website I found that I think I'll be checking often.

  • A Question of Origin Takes a look at whether man "evolved" from the primordial ooze, or if we are here because of a Creator, GOD, who is the mind behind the creation, us. Personally, I believe in GOD as the Creator. If you don't I'm sorry for you.

Military and Ex-Military


  • American Center for Law and Justice (Note: OPPOSES the ACLU).

  • Gun Owners of America: Better than the NRA!

  • Hillsdale College

  • Trikke riding is a blast!

  • Grassfire: An organization that helps FIGHT THE LIE of Global Warming and environmentalism (a true sickness).

  • National Hurricane Center get the latest info on tropical storms, hurricanes and their positions.

  • Cake Wrecks a really funny blog about cakes. Caution: sometimes contains suggestive language. Not always safe for the kids or work. Usually safe, but not always.

  • PSJ HISTORY: A look at the TRUTH about the things that happened in PSJ's history.

  • Balloons And Beyond hot air ballon rides. Took my Mom on a hot air balloon ride for her birthday. She had a great time and I enjoyed it, too, even though I am terrified of heights! Price break for AAA members, too!

  • Self Defense Products USA is a great place to get stun guns, preparedness products and other things to help keep your family safe.

Pro-Life and Post-Abortion Help Organizations

  • Silent Scream: A website that has an ultrasound of an abortion in the eleventh week of the baby's life. An ultrasound of murder is NOT for children. Please do not let anyone under age twelve (or maybe even older) watch this video. It is graphic and it is disturbing. It is also the truth of abortion.

  • Feminists For Life: A PRO-LIFE Feminists group that says that abortion is the wrong choice, the wrong message and the wrong way. Check it out!

  • Pro-Life: A Christian group that supports the right to life.

  • National Right To Life: Resources and reality.

  • Pro-Life Action League: Shows the male side of the effects of abortion, too.

  • LifeNews.com: A pro-life newsletter format.

  • Hope After Abortion is a website to seek help and resources after you have undergone the life changing decision to have an abortion. Please do not be afraid to reach out if you are hurting emotionally. Please seek help.

  • Rachel's Vineyard is another website and organization that may help a post-abortion mother to recover from the trauma and distress of an abortion.

  • Ramah International: another post-abortion counseling organization. Please get help.

  • Silent No More: A combined ministry of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life.

Breast Cancer and Women's Health Issues

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a rare, but aggressive type of cancer that shows up as a bug bite, or swelling, hotness or itchiness (or a combination of these, as well as other symptoms) and it does not have any lumps associated with it. If you have this kind of breast cancer, doing a breast self-exam will do no good in finding it; an MRI or biopsy will be the only true tests. Please check out the website above and watch this video to see if you should be concerned.

Breast Cancer info on the "usual" breast cancers that come with the lump you can find with self-exams, mammograms, etc. Do not forget to check monthly and do not forget to be aware of the kinds of cancer above.

Pro-Animal and Anti-Animal

A rather inflammatory heading? It makes you think, does it not? Well, read the information below from the different animal organizations and see if you get the same reaction from their own statements on killing ("euthanizing") animals that I got by reading their various positions. It may make you rethink which animal organization you support.

  • The Humane Society has on their "policies" page their policies regarding euthanizing animals (my bolding):
    "The Humane Society should keep animals for as long as there is room for them and they remain healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always possible if there are more animals waiting for adoption than can be cared for. Those animals which are unhealthy or aggressive or those that cannot be placed will be euthanized with dignity."
  • ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has on its "euthanisia" page (my bolding):
    "Background "While it cannot be said that the ASPCA is “for” euthanasia, it recognizes the inevitable necessity for euthanasia in certain circumstances. In many areas of the country there are more pets than there are appropriate homes. The ASPCA believes that unwanted pets deserve a dignified, painless death rather than suffer from such cruelties as malnutrition, disease or trauma, outcomes commonly associated with an unwanted and/or uncared-for existence. Similarly, long-term housing of individual dogs and cats in cages without access to exercise or social activities is not an acceptable alternative. Euthanasia must be understood for what it is: a last-step, end-of-the-road option to spare animals further hardship and suffering."
  • PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals practices this policy of "euthanasia" on their fact sheet page (my bolding):
    "Euthanasia: The Compassionate Option
    "Approximately 6 to 8 million animals are handled by animal shelters in the United States each year. Even though some are reclaimed or adopted, nearly 4 million unwanted dogs and cats are left with nowhere to go.(1) Shelters cannot humanely house and support all these animals until their natural deaths—they would be forced to live for years, lonely and stressed, in cramped cages or kennels, and other animals would have to be turned away because there would not be room for them.

    "Turning unwanted animals loose to roam the streets is not a humane option. If they don’t starve, freeze, get hit by a car, or die of disease, they may be tormented and possibly killed by cruel juveniles or picked up by dealers who obtain animals to sell to laboratories.

    "Good and Bad Solutions Because of the high number of unwanted companion animals and the lack of good homes, sometimes the most humane thing that a shelter worker can do is give an animal a peaceful release from a world in which dogs and cats are often considered “surplus” and unwanted. PETA, The American Veterinary Medical Association, and The Humane Society of the United States concur that an intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital administered by a trained professional is the kindest, most compassionate method of euthanizing animals. The American Humane Association considers this to be the only acceptable method of euthanasia for cats and dogs in animal shelters."

Note: If you want more information on PETA (yeah, right: "Ethical") go to this website and read their revealing story.

Are these the kinds of animal groups you want to support? Groups that think that it's kinder to kill an animal -- even "humanely" -- than to allow it to live and make its own way? Personally, I think that's an ugly, cruel, hateful idea: the idea that killing an animal is better than letting it live. The only time killing an animal is better than letting the animal live is when the animal is too ill or too injured to save it. My dog, Buster, was about seventeen years old when we had to have him put down. He had cataracts in both eyes and was practically blind, he had very few teeth left and had difficulty eating, had digestive problems, and had some good days still. But he also had arthritis in his spine and joints but when it got to the point that I saw him limping on three of his four legs and I said that was enough. He couldn't go on to make us feel better. But when he was healthy, not in pain, to suggest that because he was a stray my mom found roaming the streets of her hometown and because of that, he should be put down, is hateful. I support only organizations I believe are "Low Kill" organizations. I was told by the clinic workers at the SPCA in Titusville (455 Cheney Hwy.: S.R. 50 at Sisson Rd) that they keep the animals until they can be adopted unless they are too sick to cure, in which case they will be put down. That's who I support: an organization I have been told was willing to keep the animal for as long as it takes. And the newsletter of the Titusville SPCA supports that idea.

Computer and Internet Help

A great place to find computer help and info: Kim Komando's site. You want to secure your internet connection with firewalls, virus protection, etc.? Go there. You'll find great recommendations and all kinds of programs; some you pay for, some are free. Whichever, she tests it and finds the best.

One of my favorite places to go find great software? Tucows.com! I found my HTMLKit from Chami there and I highly recommend it. Please be aware that Tucows tries to keep any software out of its listings that may have a detrimental effect on your computer and files are screened. But always consider the possibilities.

If you can't find it at Tucows.com, go to CNet and click on their "Download" tab. You can find system-specific downloads and they're a safe site to download from.

And speaking of Chami, I do highly recommend their HTMLKit. It is so easy to use that almost anyone can create a website and keep it updated and make it look how they want it to look with a little bit of knowledge. Goodness knows I had a book and HTMLKit to do the anti-incorporation pages when I first started. I haven't improved that much in my knowledge of web programming, but I think I have learned to apply my knowledge more efficiently. And, I still have books (I love books!).


If you like porcelain and china like I like porcelain and china, you'll love the following links:

Antique China Porcelain and Collectibles has marks you may have been searching for information on.

Gotheborg.com Specializes in antique Asian porcelain and pottery. Check it out for those mystery markings you have been searching for but have never been able to find.

T.S. Restoration has a long list of marks you can look up and find info on. Some of the sites I listed here are also listed there.


Breitbart.com is a news site and you can get all the info you want. Combine that with...

NewsMax.com and you'll never have to visit the totally liberal news wonks again.

The Gateway Pundit: A great news source!

P.J. Media: More news that you can rather count on.

The American Mirror finds little-covered news, as well as big stories.

RedState.com: Sometimes Pro-Trump, sometimes anti-Trump, so grain of salt.


Art Supply Warehouse has all the art supplies you will ever need at pretty good prices.

Jerry's Artarama is another great source for good prices and art supplies.

If you're into scrapbooking or papercrafts, Scrapbook.com is a great place to find some excellent prices and deals! Check out their sale section every visit!

CD Universe's movie section is where we buy a lot of our DVDs: "Mystery!" to "NCIS" and BritComs. You'll find it here at great prices. Check here before buying elsewhere.

Bass Pro Shops will help you find the right fishing gear, the hunting things you need, outdoor gear of all kinds and even boats!

ArkivMusic.com is where to find some of the best music on earth. If you love classical, you'll love this place. Have a favorite piece? You'll find it here. Have a favorite orchestra? You'll probably find it here. Have a favorite conductor? Find that conductor here. Amazing assortment and great prices. Wonderful customer service, too! My sons love finding new things here: Sibelius to Poulenc, you'll find the best.

Levenger for luxury items that are very well made: leather briefcases, leather totes, leather wallets, quality paper, pens, etc., you can't go wrong with Levenger. Watch their sales for great deals!

AbeBooks.com find just about any book you have ever dreamed of finding here. You may have to pay an arm and a leg for it if it is rare, but you'll probably find it here.

Dover Publications is a good place to buy books that are anything from the classics (the Bronte sisters, Shakespeare, etc.) to architecture, to costumes and decorative wallpaper patterns of the 1850s. You'll find children's books there, too! Amazing range and fun to see. You may have some books that are "seconds", but even on those that aren't the price is really good.

Other Stuff

HealthGrades.com: Get information on your physician, surgeon and/or hospital, including to which medical colleges your doctor went, how your hospital rates when it comes to costs, length of stay, complications, etc. It's a good site to get info.

If you ever go to St. Augustine get a cupcake at Luli's Cupcakes. Luli's does NOT endorse my website, my politics or anything else I stand for, but I endorse their cupcakes! I have tried many of their delicious combos, as of this date, most recently their Strawberry Chocolate cupcake with Blueberry Frosting. YUMMM! Try any of their cupcakes and you'll be going to St. Augustine more often! You can order from their website. Try them and you'll be ordering often. Budget for it.

Have foot problems? I highly recommend Dr. David Simonson of Brevard Foot and Ankle. He treated my foot and he's not just a nice guy, he's a great doctor and I only had to get two shots in my foot and he fixed it. Hurray! Like I said, if you have a foot problem -- besides it being in mouth -- go see Dr. Simonson. He'll get you walking!

The best dentist in Brevard? Go see Dr. Thomas Lunstrum of Cocoa Village Dentistry. He's an excellent dentist, a nice guy and he's got a great staff. He's also a Veteran who served in either Afghanistan or Iraq, oI don't remember which, so you'll be dealing with someone who has served you in another way already! He's been my dentist since he bought the practice. I highly recommend him!

We liked their service so much, we used them twice! Personal Touch Countertops did both our kitchen countertop in 2018, and our master bathroom countertop (both with matching windowsill) in 2016. They were so sweet when they did our master bathroom countertop that when we told them we had ordered the hall bathroom marble countertop and needed it cut a little to fit, they offered to take it with them and cut it for free! They not only did that, but they also rounded the edges of the countertop for us without us asking them! They are a great company and seem to really care about the work they do. I highly recommend them!

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