Now that the election of 2008 is over and most of my endorsed candidates won, I will be focusing on other things here. In the meantime, the links below will stay while I do other things and find new ways to use this space.

Remember, that the people in your City Council, your County Commission, the State Legislature, the US Congress and Senate, and the President (evil-that-is) and his GaffeMaster, VP, will be effecting you every time they vote on anything besides making something a "National (State or Local) Day Of _________" they are effecting your wallet. Pay attention. Be aware. Hold them accountable. And vote them out of office or impeach (recall) them if needed!

My Political Writings

Since maureen rupe is apparently running for office again sometime in the near future -- or just desparate for attention (not sure which) -- I am reposting my pages that were put up against her being elected as the County Commissioner for District 1 that covers PSJ, T-ville, Mims, Scottsmoor, etc. I thought it best since she's threatening me again. I think she's in need of some attention, but why come to me for it, I have no idea. Anyways, just in case she is running for public office again -- even as "Gnat Catcher" -- better to be prepared. Florida Toady [sic] is praising her at every opportunity now, so that's a hint. Know that these pages are the same pages -- exactly as I had them up for her D1 County Commission campaign in 2008 -- as when I had other links on my site ("Writers", etc.) and these are eighteen month old pages, so not all the links work. BTW, some of the links to rupester's campaign are still working although, legally they were supposed to have been removed within thirty days after being defeated in August of 2008. Links below:

May 24, 2010 3:46 p.m.   Spent some time today updating the links on my rupester pages from her D1 BOCC campaign days. If they're going to be useful to everyone, they needed to be updated. I wish the Supervisor of Elections office didn't change their base address every time someone new comes in, or with whatever server changes they make. Things like that make it more difficult to keep pages up to date. But, I am willing to do the work. Now all I have to do is get to the other pages (I did the first three so far) and then they will be mostly up to date. Some of the links were changed to new addresses and I couldn't find those pages. I will keep trying, but right now I have on three pages, I believe it's three links that no longer go where they are supposed to go. It's frustrating, but worth it. I'll update the blurbs later this evening and work on that some more. Right now, I have other things to do so I'll sign off and get those done.

Short History of rupester's Political Past;
Refuting rupester's "The History of the Port St John Incorporation Initiative";
Refuting rupester's "Issues" page during her D1 campaign;
rupester's Homepage Statement is Called into Question;
Her British Educational System Explained: I could add more info here.;
Top Ten Reasons Why NOT to Vote For rupester;
What is YOUR "Quality of Life"?: Refuting rupester's Assertions;
A Comparison: rupester's Views to Marx's Views;
Taxpayer Dollar Defense: Refuting rupester's Assertions again;
rupester in the Public Record;
Exposing rupester's Hubby's Ethics Complaint Filed Against an Opposing Website (Oh, waaahhhh!);
rupester and the Fishkind Report: Refuting again;
rupester No Nazi: My response to Rupester's Classy 2008 Campaign Exit

rupe-a-dupe says she's not going to read my site anymore. She's so upset about the whole thing. boo. hoo.

rupester likes to attack Comm. Trudie Infantini, getting things wrong, as usual. But I set the record straight, of course.

rupester doesn't like what Richard Ware told me. So she started a denial war. She lost, of course.

My Open Letter to the rupe-a-dupe. The one she took such offense to and said she'd send to everyone she could think of. Well, I had to help her because we all know how well she does at thinking.

She wasn't very happy with my response to her e-mail about that open letter. But that's typical. I'm not here to make her happy, so I don't worry about it.

My response to Maureen Rupe's Oct. 2008 Happenings article is still up, too. I had it linked elsewhere, but took that page down, so here's Maureen Rupe Is No Nazi. Enjoy. I read it about every two months and I enjoy it every time.

You'll also find the links to the Brevard County Tax Collector (and union organizer)'s page here.

PSJ's Historical Flirt with Incorporation

And Amy Tidd (tiddlywinks) Information

Note: Other pages linked below this info.

This is the truth of what happened, backed up with quotes from Happenings, the website the PSJ incorporators, Port St. John For Tomorrow (PSJ4T), used to have up, and from their own writings, publications and quotes from meetings I attended and recorded. Everything is provable. Everything is historic fact.

I think it's important to remember this and I think it's time to post this again because if we forget it, some of those who wanted it in the first place are still here in PSJ and could try again. Not a good thing. Some of these pages are the originals from 2002 so you will see a different format and different colors.

Sometimes County employees need to be put in their place. Sometimes they get the same attitude as politicians.

County employees are OUR employees. They work FOR us. They're not supposed to work AGAINST us.

And then you must lower the boom on them. They're a bit stubborn but they get the message.

Sometimes they work directly for Commissioners and they forget who their bosses are. But that's okay. I remind them.

My research into Economic Development Zones proves they're NOT a good thing. But the BOCC didn't listen. As usual.

Sometimes, it's a candidate who is a problem. So you contact them and set them straight.

My latest article Obama: The Ultimate "Uncle Tom"? is hot. Read it only if you're very, very brave.

Things like my opinions on B. Hussein O., etc. so check back when you get the chance because I will be posting other links here as well.

My pages against obamination during the campaign cycle have stayed up, but I realized the other day that there were no links to them anywhere. So, to remedy that situation, B. Hussein O's "Unmentionables" and B. Hussein O Unmasked are now linked.

thevileone's healthcaretax comments: 1. There's more.

Comments 2 on thevileone's healthcaretax. There's more.

For the third time, there's more on the healthcaretax. He got it very wrong.

I didn't like his healthsurvey that was being done, either.

I wrote a poem about thevileone. He won't like it.

The exchange between Thad Altman and I re.: High Speed Rail

Republican Party Links

Note: I am no longer registered as a Republican because the party is now too cowardly and too conforming to Leftist ideas for me. I will not be associated with a political party that supports evil, weakness, nor yellow spines. Get a grip, Republicans. Get a spine. Get re-elected because you stood for something instead of kowtowed to everything.

Republicans are anti-abortion right now: What the Bible Says About Abortion. I wrote in support of PRO-Life.

In short, the Republican Party is supposed to be about smaller government, lower taxes (something you'll never hear from a Democrat's mouth), pro-life (anti-abortion), for the right to "keep and bear arms", strong national defense (and that includes America -- the BEST country on earth! -- acting in her own defense without approval from other countries), the right of the people to speak as they choose; a.k.a. the First Amendment (except for John McCain-Feingold [yes, I know]: he's demonstrably for shutting us up), for religious freedom (not freedom from religion), for giving you enough help to start helping yourself and when you do that, letting go. That's part of what the Republicans are historically and supposed to be for. Right now the leadership doesn't have spine enough to make it stick and they need to rent one. I have one, but I don't think I can do it by myself. Anyone else have one? Contact me.

"Democratic" Party Links

You know what? I am so fed up with the Democrats that I refuse to post their links anymore. If you are a Democrat, do the work to find your own party links from now on! I won't do the work for you! No more free rides!

The "Democratic" Party stands for everything opposite the Republican Party, but their two favorite things on earth are 1) Abortion and 2) the "environment", good ol' kill the humans, save the trees, whales, golpher tortoise, etc. After that, they're for keeping anyone who gets to actually be born beholden to them for as long as possible for as much as possible so that they -- the Democrats (hear angels sing and see the sun shine) -- can look after them. Examples: socialized medicine, welfare (cradle to grave), social security (my mother is 71 and still working and not collecting social security), medicaid/medicare, before and after school programs, food stamps, etc., etc., etc. (this etc. thing could take several pages if I put one in for every "social" program the Dems want to "give" you -- read "tax" you). Democrats believe that killing human babies at six minutes, six hours, six days, six weeks, six months or six seconds before the entire baby is actually born into the world (partial birth abortion) is sacrosanct and to Democrats, nothing is more precious than the "right" to kill that child! Democrats stand by that and "Mother Earth" (a pagan idealogy) more than anything. Kill a human child at three days before it should have been born? Okay! Accidentally injure a Florida Manatee and you're toast, bucko! "Hug the tree, kiss the turtle, worship the whale, but don't have that baby and by all means, stay on welfare for as long as you wish. We'll take care of you!" That's what Democrats stand for. Now don't get your knickers in a twist over this statement. Their president is considered the defacto head of their party and the abortion statement is right up his alley. He considers it okay to kill a baby that survived an abortion; as does Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House. So it's not just my words; it is their own.

Health Care Information: Read Pelosi's latest effort (all 2,081 pages). Senate Health Care Reform Bill: Read it and kiss your freedom goodbye.

Libertarian Party Platform
America First Party Platform

“It will be a desirable thing to extinguish from the bosom
of every member of the community any apprehensions, that there are those among his countrymen who
wish to deprive them of the liberty for which they valiantly fought and honorably bled.”

    - James Madison proposing Bill of Rights to the House, June 8, 1789

See how they "measure up":

Check to see what they're doing:

Those are the links you need to keep track of things. If you check all of these daily your head will probably split open and your spouse and children will leave you because you will have nothing else to talk about but politics. However, you will be well informed on what is happening and you will be able to carry on a conversation about the issues.

This is a paid electioneering communication. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927 No candidate approved this advertisement.

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