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This page is where I have video links you need to be aware of: both good and bad. These are good things to keep an eye on. Know that these videos are not my property and they can be taken down by the owner at any time, so they may disappear.

YouTube Censorship:

Source: Mark Dice's YouTube Channel

Nov. 3, 2014   James O'Keefe does it again. Proving dumborats ENCOURAGE VOTER FRAUD. Nov. 3, 2014   In NC no identification needed means VOTE FRAUD is quite possible.
Nov. 3, 2014   James O'Keefe does it again. Proving dumborats ENCOURAGE VOTER FRAUD. October 24, 2014: 1:39 a.m.   More TRUTH about the NON-EXISTENT WAR ON WOMEN. Warning: This will make some of the libs out there cry and scream. Watch some of your liberal friends out there go crazy. Play this while they're with you!
Sept. 23, 2014   The alleged "War on Women" via men allegedly earning more than women is a big fat lie. Sep. 18, 2014   TOO GOOD! thevileone is taken apart and his lies exposed. SHOCK! (NOTE: One foul word.)
August 11, 2014:   thevileone promised no vacations if he was ever prezidunce. thevileone wouldn't know the truth if it kissed him on the lips, slipped him the tongue and grabbed his crotch all at the same time. The truth has never passed his lips. August 12, 2014:   thevileone's LIES come back to haunt him. The TRUTH is out there. FIND THE TRUTH!
April 10, 2014   BOING! LOL! Reality hits home.

March 21, 2014: 4:05 p.m.   Things my son sent me: The Tenth Amendment Center is something you should take a look at (possibly consider joining). He also sent Off an organization that focuses on turning OFF the spying! That is a GREAT thing! LOVE this video! And don't forget to check out schumer's proposed law protecting "covered journalists". "Covered"? Really? What about those who are not "covered"? Would they get any protection at all? Probably not.

March 10, 2014   I found this today and thought it would be a good idea
to share it with you. I have encouraged homeschooling for a very long time and
this video can be taken as an encouragement to consider it or other options.
March 7, 2014   It is as I have said since 2008.
February 27, 2014: 3:42 p.m.   Thought I'd give you a giggle today. I laughed out loud at this one. I hope
you do, too. Warning: Some language. Let your kids watch it only if you have it muted and are narrting it yourself.

January 16, 2014: 12:43 a.m.   This is the video about Hannah Parks I had watched on television and mentioned below. Again, I hope it blesses you and gives you something to pray about and think about. I do suggest that you mute the music portions unless you like people screaming at the top of their lungs as a song (I'll never understand why they do that). There is a second part to Hannah's story that I have yet to find but when/if I do find it, I'll post it here. January 17, 2014: 1:45 p.m.   Comm. Bolin is a DICTATOR and a TYRANT. She runs the BOCC as a Nazi SS agent and brooks no opposition. She runs Deputies to whomever she doesn't like what they're saying and she demands other Commissioners shut up. Such a Nazi.
December 27, 2013:   Happy New Year! Have a safe one and be smarter than some of these cats! Stay home and be safe!
Nov. 7, 2013 LOL! TOO GOOD! Thought I'd give you a giggle for this All Hallows Eve.
September 13, 2013   I bet thevileone doesn't like seeing this out there. September 12, 2013   Had to do it!
FOURTH trimester abortions? They signed the petition. I had to have this. "Phony scandals" indeed!
June 18, 2013   Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK), IS GOOD! Love his
courage. Wish he had called for impeachment.
Watch the video, then get the book,
Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians.
It's important that you understand what you're up against.
May 16, 2013 As goes California, so goes America? EVERY. ONE. OF. THOSE. COPS. SHOULD. BE. FIRED! I hate this. This is totally ILLEGAL. THIS IS AMERICA?!? May 17, 2013 Rep. Kelly takes the IRS to task. Is it enough? Nope. Should they all be fired? Yep. Will they all be fired? Nope. thevileone won't do anything about this beside "fire" someone who was retiring anyways. This is why you don't elect progressives/liberals/dumborats; because they think all of these scandals are nothing wrong.
This is funny. It's funny because IT WAS A FAKE EFFORT.The guy was finding out how many people would be willing to repeal the 2nd Amendment and allow only the ILLEGAL GUNS owned by NON-WHITES to stay on the streets. Watch and learn. Subsidizing our wealthy allies costs more than you think. It's time we make them pay their share, or at the very least, stop criticizing us for keeping them safe!
Glenn Beck tells us about the U.N. Arms Treaty BAD BAD BAD for America's 2nd Amendment (read all of the 2013 documents in PDF): Contact your representatives (202-224-3121) and tell them to vote for H.Con.Res.23 (House of Representatives) or S.Con.Res.7 (The Senate), which would resolve that 1) The President should not sign the UN Arms Treaty and 2) no federal funds be should be appropriated or authorized to implement the Arms Trade Treaty. February 26, 2013: 11:17 p.m.   Too funny! bumbling biden's advice could get you killed, but you have to laugh at this video anyways. Me? I'd prefer an AR-15!
Consider what you do as you walk into that voting booth tomorrow. Do NOT saddle your grandchildren with higher taxes because YOU want something. That's selfish, and you may think you get away with it, but you won't. There is a price to pay for selfishness. Vote tomorrow. Vote for what is RIGHT AND BEST for AMERICA, not for your laziness. Not for your greed. Not for your "GIVE ME!" attitude. Do the RIGHT thing. It's the future, not the past that is at stake. It is AMERICA that is at stake. DO NOT DESTROY AMERICA. DO NOT VOTE FOR THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA! Vote ROMNEY/RYAN and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR AMERICA!
October 20, 2012   This one surprised me. Can you tell who it was? October 19, 2012   This is what obamination is enabling and encouraging. Folks, send your children to a Conservative Christian College and don't accept anything less than an "I love America" curriculum. Don't accept Islam in the school as part of the curriculum! It's going to turn your children against you.
October 1, 2012   I wish I could vote for Allen West! He's a great man and I hope he gets re-elected! We need 450 Allen Wests in the U.S. Congress and 100 of them in the Senate! September 27, 2012   I think this Bishop is SO CORRECT in everything he says! He is absolutely honest about the Democrat party and the history of their USE of the blacks of America. Good for him, good for the black community and good for the TRUTH! Exodus Now! is his website.
September 26, 2012   Please, Lord, don't let these people VOTE! Amazing. Can you tell they're Dems/Libs? I can. This doctor would get my vote if I lived in her state and district! In a heartbeat!
Speculation is that Paul Ryan is going to be picked for Romney's running mate tomorrow morning. This is Ryan taking about six minutes to tear obacaretax apart. If speculation is correct, this could add some "ummph" to the Romney campaign. I'd like it.
July 17, 2012   In case you've forgotten where your taxpayer dollars are going with obamination's help.

True the Vote video from True the Vote on Vimeo.

July 17, 2012: Rep. Allen West: TRUE CONSERVATIVE. I LOVE THIS MAN! Totally Agree With Him! True The Vote! Don't let the election be skewed via one person voting multiple times, inelligible people voting, illegal aliens voting with false identification, etc. TRUE THE VOTE!
May 29, 2012   EVERY WOMAN IN AMERICA SHOULD BE UPSET ABOUT THIS! Planned Parenthood (more like Murder Central) aborts babies based on gender. Don't want a girl? No problem! Abort it! Where is the N.O.W. on this? Race is another "abortifacient". Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Update: Planned Parenthood (Murder Central) responded.
May 27, 2012   "Only the fool can say in his heart 'there is no GOD.'" (Psalms 14:1 and 53:1) The One TRUE GOD, the GOD of the Christian Bible is the ONLY one who has ever done this. Atheists, Muslims, other religions, watch this. It's good for your soul. May 20, 2012   Aaaahhhhhh... Public Schools! Caution: Language. Don't you love literate teachers? This woman knows nothing about the Constitution, right and wrong, or the law.
May 4, 2012:   Watch the video, then check out the page this video is from. Like Communism/Marxism? obamination is one. April 29, 2012:   Even on a Sunday, some things are too good to pass up! This is hysterical! My sons used to love MST3K and that's why I think this is so funny. I think you'll like it to. Be sure to read the pop-ups!
April 18, 2012: 9:24 p.m.   LOVE THIS! Socialism? Reagan teaches the truth about how it works and why it's a bad idea: no matter who supports it! April 24, 2012   I totally agree with the video here. This is totally what Wrongies and obamination (the Ultimate Wrongie are doing.
April 2, 2012   Remember that American drone that crashed in Iran? The one with secret abilities that America didn't want to get out? Yeah? obamination gave it to Iran. If he does anything else to help destroy America, we may as well just start calling him "The Wrecking Ball". April 4, 2012 I agree with Sarah Palin, but can you imagine an ALLEN WEST/SARAH PALIN ticket? Drool.
February 16, 2012   Better than Social Security? You saving for your own future. don't rely on the government because no Congress is held to the promises of the last, nor is any president. Which means, you can be on your own after any given election. Ain't that grand? February 10, 2012   The Family Research Council reacts to obamination's anti-baby mandate. If he hates babies -- the most innocent of us -- that much, how can he think anything more of us?
February 7, 2012   Shock! Surprise! Give 'em a little incentive and they'll vote however they're told? Just askin'. AMEN AND AMEN! WOOHOO! Preach it, Brother! LOVE THIS MAN! RICK SANTORUM, CHOOSE HIM AS YOUR VEEP!
(Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and Approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John FL 32927 Independent of any candidate, campaign, or committee)
January 16, 2012   Interesting video you may wish to watch if you're not an atheist. Religion is voted upon by man: relationship with Christ is personal and individual and without vote. Remember that. January 16, 2012   I think this would be a very, very, very bad idea. It's also probably a snowball's chance...
December 27, 2011   What a howler! Watch this video and pay attention to the 1:58-1:59 time. Listen closely. You'll LOL as did I! Newt "Woops! I messed up again!" GinGri[n}ch. Good for a giggle, at least that's something. January 5, 2012   Friend of mine had this video on their website and I had to find a way to get it. A poster there found the Youtube version and I grabbed the embed code. This video will scare you silly if you think about what is happening here. Think about the future and what the implications are. Is this what you want to live with in the future? Remember if a pizza place would have this much info in the future, how much more could the government have?
December 20, 2011: 4:29 a.m.   Found this video on and thought it was appropriate. Remember the Reason for the Season: Jesus Christ! "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16) GOD LOVES YOU. That's what Christmas is all about! December 16, 2011   A very interesting video. I say, "Let the EU fall. We must let it fall in order to prevent it from taking everyone down with it. We must let it fall."
December 7, 2011   An issue I've tried to ignore because of its content: Parents don't let your kids read nor watch this part. The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that allows beastiality in the U.S. military. Michele Bachman takes umbrage (rightly so) with that. What is wrong with this administration?!
November 29, 2011   I agree with this ad wholeheartedly, unreservedly and enthusiastically. Run, Sarah, Run! Run, Sarah, Run! (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney, Independent of any campaign, committee, political party, candidate, organization, union, or ideology. I want Sarah Palin as President of the United States of America.) November 26, 2011:   Amazing video of a baby, conception to birth, and a few other truths beyond. Warning: Parents watch this with your children. Do NOT ignore the truths here. Abortion kills a beating heart, a tiny baby, a human being.
October 11, 2011: 6:12 p.m. James O'Keefe -- of exposing ACORN fame -- finds out that "Occupy Wall Street" protestors protesting Wall Street money, are all about making money! Wrongies again demonstrate their complete and total hypocrisy.  
August 16, 2011: obamination's campaign is getting some tough questions from Tea Partiers. Good! Confront the clown. Make him answer to his own stupidity. August 17, 2011: This video was posted at a site, from a hearing that happened May 9, 2011. It is Alan "I'm an Idiot" Grayson, but he's asking some good questions. Why is the Federal Reserve not keeping track of our money? Why are they doing anything at all "off books"?
Finally! A U.S. Congressperson calls obamination on being a liar! obamination's obacare lies. If his lips are moving...
Former anti-school voucher, Michelle Rhee, is now PRO-school voucher. She had a turn of heart after finding out the truth. Do you know the truth? June 4, 2011 Public schools: kids in teachers' faces and teachers throwing punches. This is how education should be! (Sarcasm.)
I agree with SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY). There is no "right" to health care, and those who think there is, are actually supporting slavery. WARNING: LANGUAGE! This is the reading of texts from a book used in public schools! Do you really want your children learning this crud?! This is PUBLIC SCHOOLS, folks! Text books approved for use in public schools say this crud! Pay attention! Stop the anti-American, anti-capitalist, racist indoctrination of your children! PAY ATTENTION!
obamination's administration doing something wrong? Oh, say it isn't so! Yes. Sarcasm. They're immune to doing anything right, legal, constitutional. They'd break out in hives, their throats would swell shut and their eyes would bug out of their heads and roll 'round and 'round on the floor, staring, if they did something constitutional. They would die.Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) rebuts obamation point by point. The "brilliant scholar", obamination, can't hold a candle to Ryan.
Rush Limbaugh has it right: obamination is taking political credit when he doesn't deserve it. Michelle Malkin agrees with him. Folks, obamination didn't orchestrate this thing; he was too busy golfing and having vacations at our expense. He no more "orchestrated" the death of Osama bin Laden that did I. If obamination told me he was human, I'd have to see his DNA test results -- from the draw of his blood, hand carried by me to the test institute, and watching the testing personall -- before I believed a word of it.
A short history of obamination. More to come later. Good video, with a little humor, about our oil reserves and what obamination is doing to our gas prices.
Planned Parenthood claimed that it was essential for them to keep taxpayer dollars so that "millions of American women" would NOT lose access to basic services like mammograms. Is it true? No! Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms!
This is the short version of the Wrongies' (lefties, Dems., union bosses, progressives, whatever) plan to destroy America's financial base . Sweet of them, don't think? (Sarcasm.) This is the long version of the Wrongies' plan to destroy America's financial base: starting with JP Morgan. This will effect you. You need to stand and you need to be ready to do so soon!
obamination's solutions for America: WE PAY MORE FOR EVERYTHING! And that's putting it mildly. I love Allen West! He is EXCELLENT! ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT!


obamination to union members, while he's in the White House, "I'll walk on that picket line with you". Isn't that special? He'll walk with them. Good! Let him! At least he's not going to be implementing any more of his destroy America policies while he's out there! He can stay there the rest of his life for all I care.
This is a video my youngest son, Brandon, put together a few years ago. He did the drawings, the stop-action photography, the sound, the editing and timing: everything. I thought then, and still think, that it's funny. Very well done and good music to go with the action. Watch it full screen to see all of the details. Enjoy! (Okay, so I felt a little goofy and moved some news to the video page. You can still see the other things there.) If this is the case, then ALL AMERICANS need to support CLOSING OUR BORDERS and inspecting EVERYTHING that comes into our PORTS. Scary stuff.
This video teaches why smaller government is better government and big government stinks (my word). Watch it and learn. Then remind your local City, County, State and Federal representatives that it's better to have a smaller government than a bigger government. Always better. This government-employee union head says that people like you and I who want less government spending are "retarded". They want your taxpayer dollars. What you want to spend your money on does not matter to them. They have better plans for it. They want to spend it on themselves. Their kids need it more than your kdis do. Their retirement plans are more important than yours. Never mind that YOU WORKED TO EARN YOUR MONEY; they "wants it."
One would think -- after the O'Keefe and Giles exposing of ACORN -- that people would learn to obey the law, not break it. But, no. They're stupid enough to be involved in this crud so they're stupid enough to get caught breaking the law. Planned Parenthood should know better but I'm glad they got caught.This woman should be in jail! More Planned Parenthood people caught in the act of breakign the law. When it comes to Wrongies and the law, Wrongies don't care about breaking it, they don't care about what's right, they don't care to work within it. They want what they want and that's it. And obamination is covering up the true abortion numbers.Shock. Surprise. He must really hate babies.
WATCH THIS VIDEO! You will see what Islam plans to do to America. They want to attack our society, our government, our rights and destroy America as we know it. Do NOT let this happen. WAKE UP! Halal food supports Islamic terrorists and is being sold at Wal-Mart and McDonalds, etc.
"Kids Aren't Cars": A commentary on the public school system is something every parent should watch. It's not my work, it's someone else agreeing with me. Another Hollywood elite proven hypocrite. When Hollywood stops polluting with their movie explosions, use of fleets of cars, loads of natural resources to build their sets, etc., etc., etc., then maybe I'll start listening to them on enviornmental issues. Until then, they can kiss my shiney behiney.
Allen West (R-FL) will be sworn in on Jan. 5th. It's a wonderful thing and I agree with him!
Cong. Keith Ellison (D-MN) says "U.S. border will become an irrelevancy". Say what?
November 8, 2010: This will make some proglibs tear their hair out, wet their pants, and cry all night. I love it!
August 10, 2010 Thought I was finished for today, but at the last minute, this video caught my eye and I had to post it. Love it! August 10, 2010 And then there's Rush. Love him!
June 18, 2010   I found this link at Right Turn Forever. I think the video is important and should be watched by everyone. So watch it. That's an order.I think every American should see this video. Read who the speaker is. Know the truth. Be prepared.
I found this video at a website I visited for the first time. It has some information in it I have never seen before. I suggest you watch it all the way to the end. It's scary. June 9, 2010   Marco Rubio comments on the flotilla issue. CMA: This is or could be construed as (by desparate people) a Paid Political Campaign Communication. Paid for and Approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any Candidate, Committee or Organization. *sticking out my tongue*
June 14, 2010   As I have said time after time after time: the progressives/libs/Dems. are those who get violent. Watch as Congessman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) assaults a college student for asking one question. Then remember that video when you vote in November.
U.S. Senate candidate, Charlie Crist (I), thinks it's okay to keep the money Republicans donated to his campaign. Not really okay, but small price to pay to be rid of him.
April 30, 2010   The Heritage Foundation put together a great video that you really must watch. Then check out the link that makes the truth clear to even the most obtuse among us. Don't forget: it would also force the banking institutions to track your accounts and report them to the Feds! Read the blurb below and check out the link. You'll see.May 7, 2010 Can you believe Al Franken (D-MN)? What a moron. Using a cartoon to justify taking over more of the financial industry? Moron.
April 27, 2010   The Budget Director of obamination's administration talks about the "Health Care Rationing Board" and the powers it will have over your health care in this stupid new world obamination's Marxism has created. Watch the video and cry for what we lost. Then fight it! April 22, 2010   This video about Titusville gives some constructive criticism about Titusville and was done by Ryan Williams who lives there. I think this video was aimed at the Titusville City Council and at the Brevard County BOCC more than anyone else, so I have no problem with posting this video. I think it gives some people pause -- and problems -- because they feel as though the whole city is being mocked. That's not the way I took it. I think Ryan was saying that it is not the residents' or business owners' fault: regulation, taxes and other things are to blame for the condition of Titusville. That's how I took the video. Watch it and see if you agree.
April 20, 2010   I really do love Allen West. He's the best! I want him to be President!
April 6, 2010   Glenn Beck's Disney World® purchase should shock and appall us. It doesn't surprise me.April 10, 2010   Sarah Palin is correct: obamination's got no nuclear clue.
April 1, 2010   Want to see the truth and unicorns?! Watch this video. It will put a smile on your face and rainbows up your ahem...April 4, 2010   The left says they can't find anyone to take the challenge to debate them on obamination's "Health Care Enslavement Act of 2010" (my term for it). Watch the video. Think the progressives are telling the truth? No. If their lips are moving...
March 6, 2010   Lunatic Grayson (D-FL), loses to Michelle Bachmann in every sense of the word.March 10, 2010   These babies make me giggle. The subject matter makes me mad. If it passes, I'll join the babies.
March 18, 2010   Truer words were never spoken when it comes to our Congress and Senate. Sad, but accurate.
Feb. 23, 2010   A CA Congressman and his people laugh at the idea of starting a meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.Feb. 23, 2010   And obamination makes another "smartest man in the world" gaffe. Give me a break.
Jan. 27, 2010: Evening   Oh, he of the narcisistic egotistic emperorship: obamination speaks. Problem is, he speaks and speaks and speaks. About himself. He mentions himself 132 times in one speech. What an ego!Jan. 27, 2010: Evening   Dick Morris details how obamination, Reid and Pelosi plan on secretly passing obamacare in a very sneaky way. Watch it and go to Dick Morris's website and write to those Congressmen who are vulnerable. Put the heat on 'em!
Jan. 6, 2010   Pelosi, Reid and obamination are not going to keep obamination's eight promises that he would have the health care debate on CSPAN or on the internet. They want it that way. That way, no one can say what is in the plan unless they were in the room with those behind closed, locked doors. Not exactly the way he said it would be, but it's obamination. He lies even in his sleep.Jan. 7, 2010   CSPAN Founder is interviewed on radio by a Dem. talk show host and Founder says that they have only been allowed to cover an hour of the health care reform debate and that even that hour was "just for show". Sounds like transparency to me. Agree? (Yes, that's sarcasm.).
Jan. 6, 2010   And when they close the doors and don't let us watch what is happening and still tout "transparency", what is that called? It's called a lie. This is what they are doing and they're trying to pass it off as "transparency". Is their definition of "transparency" the same as yours? If not, let them know.

Dec. 17, 2009: On the Left:   Barring dire circumstances or shocking revelations, I support Col. Allen West for US District 22. Watch this video and I think you will, too. (Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney, 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927 -- Col. West has no idea I endorse him. But I do. Watch the video.) We need someone just like him in District 24 to take Kosmas's place.

Dec. 24, 2009: On the Right:   And so it is Christmas Eve --- by seventeen minutes. Considering this, I must bring you a Christmas lesson. First, stay away from the fruitcakes like the woman Laura Ingraham is interviewing here. Second, listen to the fruitcake's words. She says in one particular part, at about the 3:30 mark, that, "if there is no proof for something, we should not believe it." I suppose she -- like me -- can't believe that obamination was born in America because there's no proof that he was. He has never shown us the proof, so there is no proof. I wonder if she's a birther, too. Take these fruitcakes at their word and turn their words against them.


Nov. 23, 2009   I like what this guy has to say. obamination has been creating Phantom Congressional districts in order to assign money to them and to say that stimulus jobs have been created in those non-existent districts, although it's only stimulus money that has been going there. Where, I ask you to consider, has the money been going if the Congressional district is not even in existence? Watch the video. Listen carefully. I may just sign up for this thing. Vote for me for a Phantom District in FL near you! (Scroll down to FL.)

Nov. 26, 2009   On the Right This is the author of "A God Who Hates", Wafa Sultan, and her thoughts on being raised in the religion of Islam. Learn, people, learn!


Nov. 8, 2009   A friend sent me a link to a YouTube video that I think is something that people need to see. I think it's high time that people admit the truth and this video may open eyes. It is about ten minutes long, so don't start it and think it will be only thirty seconds. Also, pay special attention to the four minute time frame. Listen carefully to what is said.

Nov. 15, 2009: On the RIGHT   Judge Andrew Napolitano speaks about the US government's effort to do a nationalized health care program, and gives a scary example of what the government is up to. Listen for the story of the 86 year-old librarian and her 76 year-old assistant and the FBI's search warrant. This is what it has come to!

Oct. 31, 2009   Found this video on Michelle Malkin's site of obamination promising that any health care reform stuff would be televised on CSPAN. He's at the one minute mark. Have you seen any of that lately? On the right, we have obamination's ideas on what he wants in health care reform. A few other talking heads (does that make them ventriloquist's dummies?) thrown in for extra charm.


Oct. 30, 2009: LEFT   Lord Christopher Monckton and others are sounding the alarm on the United Nations effort to enslave Americans via (of course), the environment. I bring your attention to the report, Framework Convention on Climate Change dated Oct. 27, 2009.

Oct. 23, 2009   Wade Rathke, not a good man by my measure (IMHO), is an ACORN founder and he admits that ACORN -- that nationwide organization -- that -- nationwide -- has done what it could to encourage the forced sex slavery of smuggled girls from El Salvador, is one of the organizations behind the push for socialized medicine. Problem is, I don't want an organization whose membership -- nationwide -- wants to sell little girls into prostitution at the taxpayer's expense! Therefore, I have always been against socialized medicine (especially in America!), but am doubly so when someone as low and scummy as Wade Rathke (and the rest of obamination's friends) says he supports it!


Oct 14, 2009   My videos regarding the health care issue. They're fun and they're true. Enjoy!


Oct. 19, 2009   Any of you members of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee)? If you are, you may wish to reconsider your membership because their leadership may not be what you think they are. I just want you to consider this video and then think about what you believe in and if the leadership is doing the right thing.

Oct. 14, 2009   On the left: A video that explains the VAT (Value Added Tax). Watch this and see if that's what you thought it was.

Oct. 15, 2009   On the right: A video that tells you the truth about the Liberals' "health care" packages and abortion.

Oct. 15, 2009   And then below that, obamination tells Jane Strum what he thinks about the elderly and health care. You may wish to hold onto something before you watch this one. It's mindblowing.

Oct. 15, 2009   Then there's the RED (Truly, in this clip) House Communications Director Anita Dunn, who says that her hero, one of her favorite philosophers is, Mao Zedong. Isn't that special? Obamination has appointed another commie. Shock! Surprise! Can you tell that he surrounds himself with patriots and people who just love America?


Oct. 12, 2009   Al Gore has a real following: among "environmental reporters". "Environmental reporters" are not really "reporters" nowadays. They're kiss-ups and they have no real desire to find the truth. In fact, truth be darned for them, all they are interested in is pushing their own version of "global warming", their religion. Wouldn't it be nice to find a journalist besides Hannah Giles, James O'Keefe, Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart who is interested in the truth? Not in the world of journalism: not American journalism. They're more interested in their religion.

Oct. 8, 2009   These are great videos to help you educate yourself about where our country is heading financially. The "taxes and spendes" (new word) of the U.S. government are taking us down a dangerous road. Want to be a welfare nation? Well, that's where we are headed. Watch Dan Mitchell, Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, and learn what we are facing. It's not pretty, folks.


Oct. 8, 2009   "The History of Political Correctness" is a fascinating twenty-three minute movie about just that: what brought the PC thing about. Do yourself a favor. Next time someone is getting all PC on your bad self, just tell them that that's old news and that they should get with the program. PC died out in the 1950's. See what they say. Watch the movie, you'll understand what I'm talking about.


Oct. 6, 2009   The left "video" is actually just sound. It's the "Safe Schools" Czar saying that "heterosexuality is being promoted" in our schools and that it is a scare tactic. Remember that you can tell the character of a man by the quality of his friends. This is who obamination wants to teach your kids to be "Safe" in school. Isn't that special?

The right video is all about the mercury filled CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb). I won't use it. Watch this and see if you will. Remember, every time one of those things breaks, you are supposed to call a hazardous waste disposal team to get rid of the mercury that has spilled out all over your house.


Oct. 5, 2009 Now they want to control your meat? Watch how she sidesteps the question. BTW, this is EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, an obamination appointee.


Oct. 5, 2009 Let's stand for freedom and for the U.S. Constitution! Start doing that by supporting those who are Conservative, who believe in the U.S. Constitution (not in a "living, breathing document": the U.S. Constitution, as set down by our Founding Fathers!), and by ourselves, going out and talking to our friends, family and neighbors and by supporting the politicians who support the U.S. Constitution. Here is one of those folks, Charles Lollar, running for Maryland Congressional District, '05. Let's support him!


And let's not forget to have fun at their expense!


Children are being brainwashed in public schools. Is your child amongst them?

ACORN (of course and who else?) employee and ex-employee tells the truth about ACORN on Glenn Beck. Learn the truth, folks, for it "shall set you free." It's a three part series, so there are three of these videos. Then I have videos that cover the history of this organization. Watch them and learn.


ACORN employee advises how to do things; suggests that OBAMA doesn't give all his money sources on his forms isn't that special? Does it really surprise you after all of this?


Anita Moncrief, former ACORN worker, blows the whistle on ACORN and its practices.

ACORN is revealed for the things it does and for the things it helps others do. Watch the videos and be sure to cushion you jaws!


ACORN D.C. is caught in the Giles/O'Keefe video advising and encouraging the "pimp" and "prostitute" to break several laws. This organization has been funded by the Federal Government -- your tax dollars -- for years and stands to get more money from the government. Is this what you want?


Ronald Reagan had the right idea in his 1964 Republican National Convention Speech. It is linked on the left below. Change the numbers he uses for the numbers of today (don't go into shock as you do) and the words he uses are still applicable to today. It's odd how timeless he is. On the right below, is the link in which you hear Ronald Reagan talk about Socialized Medicine and how it will be brought into America if we are not careful.


I am opposed in every way, shape and form to everything the Obama Administration is trying to do to America and to its citizens. I am opposed to the Czars, to the socialized medicine, to the bailouts and to the bringing about of our ultimate and untimely demise via bankrupting America. I say that Obama is trying to ruin America. He is bringing about its demise in every way he can. And I accuse Barack Hussein Obama of TREASON and of going against -- to the point of breaking -- the Constitution of the United States that he swore as an attorney, as a Senator, and then as President to uphold and defend. And I now agree with Hillary Clinton's statement of a few years ago.


Obama speaks about how abortion will figure into his health care plan. Watch out, you'll be paying for more abortions if HR 3200 goes through!


Nancy Pelosi speaks on the health care reform issue, too. Don't you just love this whole thing that the Dems are doing to America? Tax us, spend for communism/socialism and call US the Nazis!


Remember: Anyone who does not give you a wake-up call when they see you being stupid, self-destructive, or both, just plain doesn't care about you. It's those of us who do wake you up who care.

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