I suppose this is going to be where I recommend businesses I really like. I have a few businesses that I recommend to just about anyone. And there are a few that I wouldn't send a dead and decaying skunk to. You get the idea. This is the page where I list the businesses that I really like and trust. You can trust these businesses, too. They'll treat you right.

If you are one of the businesses that I have listed and you wish to be removed from my recommendations list, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I do not want you to feel like you have to stay on my site, but I do recommend you highly.

Please remember that the businesses I am recommending here have no idea that I am recommending them and have nothing to do with this site. They do not endorse what I am saying, nor do they agree with it. They do not think the same way I do, and they do not wish to be considered as agreeing with what I am saying. My site is not known to them; nor should their appearance here be construed in any way as an endorsement, agreement with, nor condoning of what I have to say. The businesses I recommend are being recommended because they have treated me right and I want to tell them, "Thanks!" and because I trust them to treat you right as well.

That being said, on to the businesses I trust to treat you right.

Dr. Thomas J. Lunstrum: Our family dentist. He bought the practice of Dr. Christopher Marlette sometime in 2006 and Dr. Lunstrum has been as good to us as Dr. Marlette was. He won't hurt you and doesn't mind if you laugh while you're in his chair (and I do: without laughing gas). He's good with kids, too. So if you need a dentist, check him out. I think you'll be well pleased.

C.O.R.A. Rehabilitation Clinic in Titusville on Cheney Hwy. next to the little post office I also highly recommend. That is where I went to physical therapy after tearing up the muscles on my right shin. They did an excellent job and the people there are so nice and fun to work with. They made me work, but they made me work while having fun. Some of the exercises were not easy at first, but they were patient and kind and I never dreaded going. If you go in there, say "Hi!" to everyone for me, okay? And, here's a hint: Ask them what kind of cookies they like... (Chad likes snickerdoodles.) They'll treat you right.

Fine Line Printing and Graphics: a company I have worked with for printing projects for over ten years. They have never let me down: even when I found I had a typo and needed a last minute reprint. I went into their office and was out of their office with a completed, high quality print job twenty minutes later. I have never been told "No, we can't do that." at Fine Line. They have always come through for me.

Antiques and Collectibles, Too in Cocoa Village on Harrison St. is a great antique mall. The owner and I have known each other for six or seven years and it is where I used to have my vintage hats for sale (although I had to close it within the year because I wanted to keep all my inventory!). It's a very nice place to find some great things and if you like to see some of the vintage things from the fifties to the eighties, you can find some of that in there as well. Go in and look around. Browse a little and you'll see some wonderful things. Who knows, you may just find a new hobby or collectible.

If ever you're in St. Augustine, be sure to stop in at Luli's Cupcakes. They're sooooooo gooooood! Absolutely delicious! I have to have one every time I'm in St. Augustine and every flavor I try becomes my new favorite. They have seasonal flavors, too, so be sure to check them out at different times of the year. You'll be addicted, too. (Now I want a cupcake.)

All About You Travel, Inc.,: Jean Paugh, Owner. I have known Jean Paugh for about six years now and she has been the best travel agent in the world for us. She has arranged everything we have done travel-wise for all these years and I have never had a problem with her. She's the absolute best there is and I think she's capable of fixing any problem you may encounter. She's beyond competent, well trained, easy to work with and patient as a saint. Jean Paugh is the best of the best and don't bother with the rest.

Have foot problems? I highly recommend Dr. David Simonson of Brevard Foot and Ankle. He treated my foot and he's not just a nice guy, he's a great doctor and I only had to get two shots in my foot and he fixed it. Hurray! Like I said, if you have a foot problem -- besides it being in mouth -- go see Dr. Simonson. He'll get you walking!

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