These Are My 2022 Endorsements

This is a Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or other influence. This is my page, these are my choices. Don't like it? Tough.

I, Linda McKinney, endorse the following people:


U.S. Senate: The only candidate I can endorse (who stands a snowball's chance) is running unopposed in the primaries, so I will just mention his name: Marco Rubio. He votes sometimes for the things I believe and want. He may be short, but he is learning to be more Conservative.

District 8 Representative in U.S. Congress: Bill Posey; unnopposed and same as above.

State Attorney General: Ashley Moody: She's a strong Conservative and can really stand her ground when the going gets tough. She has the support of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Florida State Chief Financial Officer: I think this one has to go to the incumbent as well. We have a pretty good team, with one exception (and I'll get to that next) and the current CFO, Jimmy Patronis, certainly isn't perfect, but we need to have a good, solid base for Gov. DeSantis to work with and I don't think that putting another demonRAT in office for him to contend with would be a good thing. So, I endorse Jimmy Patronis, and ask that he get his act together and do something about homeowner's insurance!

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture: There are two candidates that I looked into: the one I want to win is Wilton Simpson. He has the endorsements Pres. Donald J. Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis, the NRA and Sheriff Wayne Ivey, so that's a pretty good list of people I agree with, and I will take that as a good sign. I ENDORSE WILTON SIMPSON for Commissioner of Agriculture. ALTHOUGH, I do have a bone to pick with him in that he didn't get the homeowner's insurance protection legislation passed. He blames it on the Governor, but the DeSantis has to see a bill to sign it! If you want more information on how to pressure the Florida House and Senate, check this page out.

State Senator, District 8: State Senator (Incumbent), Tommy A. Wright, is running against two demonRATS, but no primary opponent so he will be the Republican candidate in November.

State Senator, District 18: Debbie Mayfield is running unopposed in both the primaries and the general, so she's already in.

State Representative, District 30: I cannot endorse Robyn Hattaway because I believe her to be a RINO. She pushes "quality of life" (a favorite term -- and dead give away -- of the LEFT) and she touts involvement in "LEAD Brevard" which has as its opening line on its Board of Directors page:

"The recent events in our communities and the impacts of the protests and civil unrest these last days and weeks are an unmistakable and painful reminder of the structural racism that continues to exist throughout our nation."
Not a Conservative group. I cannot endorse Hattaway, so let's see about her opponent, Chase Tramont is opposed by leftist environmentalists, so that's good, but he seems to have some financial issues. Although, he has the endorsement of the Florida Police Benevolent Association. I like what he says on his "Platform" page, and I like what I read about Chase Tramont here. I'm not going to gild the lily, he's not perfect, but he does seem to understand the things that matter to you and I.

The third person in the race is write-in candidate, Vic Baker, is the Volusia County Republican State Committeeman. I can't find much on him except this Facebook page. He seems to be a Trump supporter, which I do like. However, he seems to be a "spoiler" candidate because he hasn't raised any money (as of this writing) and he hasn't been seen much and doesn't even have a website up for his candidacy. Sounds to me like another Ross "Ears" Perot vote divider, but I could be wrong.

For State Representative, District 30, I ENDORSE CHASE TRAMONT because I think he understands the U.S. Constitution and supports our right to "keep and bear arms" and he understands what tough times mean.

State Representative, Districts 31 & 32: Both Tyler Sirois (31) and Thad Altman (32) are unopposed in both the primaries and general election in November, so they're both re-elected.

State Representative, District 34: We have two Republican candidates to look at: Robert Brackett and Dr. Karen Hiltz. Robert Brackett is raising more money, but Dr. Karen, is supported by the lefties, so I say VOTE FOR ROBERT BRACKETT (Sheriff Wayne Anthony endorsed him, too).


County Commission, District 2: It's difficult to figure out who to recommend when there are so many candidates. It takes a lot of research and a lot of reading, videos and digging to find out who is going to be the best, IMHO, for Brevard. There are five remaining candidates (as of this writing) and MY CHOICE for D2 County Commissioner is Joseph "Joey" Cholewa. I watched the interview here with four of the five candidates and I think that Joey Cholewa was the best candidate. I like that he's sticking with his belief that Conservative principles and capitalism is going to be best for Brevard. That's why I ENDORSE JOEY CHOLEWA for Brevard County Commissioner District 2.

County Commission, District 4: Again, five candidates, so more research. I know it's difficult to decided between candidates that are saying very similar (if not all-but-verbatim) statements on every issue, but MY ENDORSEMENT GOES TO ROB FELTNER who says what I want to hear (balanced budget: YES, PLEASE!) and he has a lot of endorsements from people I respect.

Property Appraiser: Dana Blickley: because she has the experience and she is backed by J. Roger Shealy (a good man if ever there was one) and Scott Ellis. And because Charlie Sitton courts Progressives.

Board of County Commissioners, District 1: Richard WARE! All over robin fisher, who raised our taxes, decreased our home values and spent millions of dollars the County does not have! No way I want four more years of fisher! fisher's obamination-local! I met with Richard Ware Oct. 5th and he's smart, knows the facts and numbers and he will be GOOD for D1 and the rest of the County! I gave him some advice: 1) He may wish to change the staff in that office because of the history of breaking the Sunshine Laws (I have the proof), and mistreatment of Conservatives the staff is prone to; to which he agreed. And 2) He should tell our favorite moron (rupe-a-dupe) that she no longer has special rights and privileges there and that she won't be given the keys to the kingdom as the current and previous D1 Commies have done. He agreed to that, too. I also suggested he team with Volusia County's southern portion to try to get manufacturers or big employers (Sam's Club or BJs, things like that) up in the Mims/Scottsmoor area. That would bring some vitality to the north end of the county and it would make a valuable contribution to the employment situation for Brevard and Volusia counties. The northern area needs help, not just promises of economic development that focuses on Titusville. Considering all of this, I enthusiastically give Richard Ware my endorsement for D1 County Commissioner See my FIND THE TRUTH, moron dupe! page.

School Board, District 1 While there were four candidates, only two are left as of this writing. Of those two, I find that the incumbent, Misty Belford, has allowed CRT (Critical Race Theory) in the schools and she wanted to remove the Freedom of Speech amendment for speakers from the Brevard Public School Board Meetings, so I ENDORSE Megan Wright FOR D1 SCHOOL BOARD. Free Speech matters. For someone who was supposedly a Conservative to try to limit what parents say at a school board meeting is NOT Conservative. Besides two terms is enough for school board members unless they exceed "excellent", and with that move of asking the Brevard County Sheriff's Office to remove speakers at her behest, she is NOT "excellent"! And good on Sheriff Wayne Ivey for telling her "NO!"

School Board, District 2: I am tired of hearing how allegedly every school teacher has the answer to our BAD schools here in Brevard County! For how many years have you had to vote for a teacher within the system to change the system that NEVER CHANGES?! That's gotta' end! This year, I ENDORSE Courtney Lewis, for TWO reasons: 1) She's an outsider who had to work hard to get the school system to help her son; 2) She knows how bad the school system in Brevard is and has done things to make the system work FOR HER CHILD, instead of AGAINST HIM. When we moved to Brevard County back in 1984, I began looking into the school systems here and in the State of Florida. The State had an overall rating of 48 and 49 in THREE DIFFERENT STUDIES OF EDUCATIONAL QUALITY! That wasn't good enough for my kids so we decided that we would homeschool them. They did extensive reading and were reading at the college level by the time they were in sixth grade under my teaching and using the books we did they learned the truth about American history, learned science (that volcano experiment I will never forget), they learned math, a great vocabulary, spelling and we went on some amazing field trips! We even got to tour the HMS Sceptre, a British Nuclear Submarine that came into Port Canaveral, with the First Officer doing the tour! How many kids have done that? Now, our Brevard County schools have been given a B rating instead of an A rating, so they've gone down instead of improving. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results" is the saying. Don't vote for a teacher for the School Board since we've tried that and it FAILS!

School Board, District 5: This is a special situation. I cannot endorse EITHER candidate in this race. One wants to raise teachers' salaries, after Brevard County schools got lowered to a "B" instead of an "A", and the other is a former teacher! I say "NO! NO WAY!" to both of those candidates. D5, YOU CAN DO BETTER. It's too late this year, but find someone else to run next time. You don't have to be a teacher to be on the School Board and considering what is happening on our School Board (CRT, Free Speech issues, etc.), I think that the best thing to do is to stay away from TEACHERS on the Board. They are already doing the things that are taking our schools down the tubes, so why add bad to make it worse?


County Court Judge, Group 1: I called the Supervisor of Elections office to find out how this works because he "ran" unopposed and he's the incumbent, so he's automatically re-elected. You won't see Judge Silverman's name on the ballot.

County Court Judge, Group 2: Between Judge Kelly Ingram and a newcomer, David A. Baker, I kinda' want the experience. However, there is also something to be said for a new face and I have heard it said that voting against judges staying on the bench too long is like voting for term limits for the House and Senate. I kinda' like that, too. This one is a toss-up for me. I think you should pray about it before you vote.

County Court Judge, Group 4: I ENDORSE KIMBERLY MUSSELMAN for County Court Judge, Group 4. She also has the endorsement of Scott Ellis and others, so that's a big plus. He was in the system for a long time and knows who is trustworthy. I trust his judgment.

County Court Judges, Groups 7 and 9: Groups seven and nine have only one candidate each that has not withdrawn as of this writing, so there will be no votes to cast. Both are automatically elected.

That's all I'm going to cover for this election. The smaller offices -- city council, Port Authority, special districts, etc. -- you can find out by talking to the people you know who know the candidates, reading the newspapers for yourself, doing a little bit of digging. Quite a few of those are a single candidate, thus not even on the ballot, but automaticaly elected, so it's a no brainer. If you have someone you specifically want me to look into, you may contact me and I will see what I can find.

Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, or committee. It's Free Speech, folks, so live with it!

This is a paid political electioneering communication. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

This is a paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

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