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Georgia Pictures

Our Georgia farm is our get away, but it's still our "work a lot", too. The property has been in my hubby's family for over 100 years and we hope to contiue that for at least the next 100. Here are some pictures of what we've done. Some we have before and after for, others we don't have pictures until I look through the video tour I did of the house for our sons (who hadn't been there in a while) and grab some screen shots. Now you'll see why I've been gone so long and how hard we've worked!

Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before

Kitchen After (Yes, we did fix the trim around the light fixtures.)
Kitchen After

Living Room Before (with the cushions from the porch chairs in front of the couch. Sorry.)
Living Room Before

Living Room After:
Living Room Ater

Living Room 2

Master Bathroom Before (Picture slightly squished for space):
Master Bathroom Before

Master Bathroom After (SO FAR):
Master Bathroom SO FAR

That's it for now. Hubby's home.

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