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I Believe: An Independence Day Thought


July 4, 2016: Independence Day:

This Independence Day think about what you believe about America. Read the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and write your own beliefs. Then vote accordingly.


I believe that the Founding Fathers were great men who wanted to create a nation that was based upon Christian principles and that used the Holy Bible as the foundation of the nation's start. Read the Bible and you will see that not only did they quote it often in their writings and arguments for what they wanted America to be but you'll also see that our judicial system is founded upon Moses's father-in-law's suggestion in Exodus 18:13-26; our basic laws are based upon the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20:2-17. Our Second Amendment right to self-protection is found in Nehemiah 4:11-13. Our First Amendment "free exercise" right is based upon the Founding Fathers' personal family experiences with being persecuted because of their religious beliefs and in the mandate given by Christ to go out and preach the Gospel found in Mark 16:15. In fact, most of our laws have basis in the Bible! The separation of powers within our government may even be based upon Isaiah 33:22! I believe that the Founding Fathers used the Bible as their guide in what kind of country to make America and what kind of GOD they wanted to serve here.

I believe that the further away we get from the Founding Fathers' intent for this country the worse we make our country. We have kicked GOD out of schools, but He is being allowed back in via organizations like the ACLJ and parents who have spines and stand up for their child's right to pray over their own lunch, before a test, for a friend. When we remove the Ten Commandments from public buildings because of a NON-EXISTANT "separation of Church and State" we slap the Founding Fathers in the face and we deny ourselves our own freedoms in the future. What will happen if we stay silent now while they're removing those Ten Commandments from government buildings and courthouses now, but from our own houses and Bibles later? We should not stay silent as GOD is torn from the very fabric of our county. We should stand, speak and not stop speaking. The truth is the Bible and all of Christianity and Judaism are being treated in today's America as the Jews were in Hitler's Germany and we should never stay silent for atrocities like that again!

I believe that you are equal to me. I believe that you, as a human being, have the same human rights -not American CITIZEN rights - as do I. I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - those are the rights of every human. Not everyone in America has the rights of American CITIZENS, though: that includes illegal aliens and those who have overstayed visas. American citizens have every right enunciated in the U.S. Bill of Rights, and we should exercise every one of them! As an American citizen you have the ability to study hard and get good grades and be advanced because of those grades. You have the right to apply to college and (based upon your grades, not your skin tone) be admitted to a college whose standards you meet. I believe that you have the right to study hard and graduate based upon your own work and to apply to jobs and be hired based upon your experience, education and work ethic. If you have none of those then you have to work harder to get a job: as do I in all of those. I believe that if you have a different skin tone, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or whatever than I then you - as a human - have the right to try to get ahead, get what you want legally and to be unimpeded by prejudice . However, I also believe that NO ONE should be promoted or helped out because of their skin tone, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or whatever. If there are equal reasons to help someone I get to choose whom I wish to help and no one should cry "Racism!", "Sexism!", "Homophobia!", etc. because I made a choice based upon my own beliefs.

I believe that our soldiers -- from the civilians who took up arms against the British in the American Revolution to today's valiant men and women -- voluntarily give of themselves their time, their effort and their very lives if it is required of them. They are braver than I shall ever be, and their sacrifices are legion! We owe it to them to honor, celebrate them and embrace them as they return and as they become civilians again. It is our duty to thank them and to support them, unlike what this administration is doing to them as our troops return battered, torn and traumatized.

I believe that America is unique in the whole world in that it was founded as a country with "We, The People" in charge. No other country on earth took that path (until Panama copied over 80% of our Constitution in 1989) and it made our country a shining city on a hill to those who yearned for freedom worldwide. I believe that the current administration is intentionally making us into another cog on the communist wheel where there is no hope, no future and no desire to have either. Despair seems to be the goal of this administration yet the average American fights back, holds on and determines in their own hearts and minds that there will be better days and there will be another ray of sunshine, another glint of greatness and if they nurture that glint, and encourage the sunshine it will result in America returning to being that "shining city on a hill" once again!

I believe that if you take the opportunity to come to America seriously you will come here LEGALLY and not break our laws to benefit from our laws! IF you came here legally and became an American CITIZEN I believe in YOU. I believe that everyone who wants to be an American and not a burden should be willing to go through the right channels, fill out the proper paperwork fully and completely and that if they have to wait for eight or twenty-eight years to come here legally, they will do so because it's the right thing to do! I believe that if immigrants come here illegally they should be deported immediately instead of being allowed to commit crimes and remain, or being deported and returning time and time and time again. I believe that if you are breaking the law to come here - no matter what the president promises you - you should at least obey the laws once you get here. No hiding from immigration, no burdening us with your healthcare, no "anchor babies", no demanding Sharia. Our laws cover our land; learn them, live them, love them or leave. You allegedly came here because America is America and changing her into something else defeats your own alleged purpose. Do not try to deceive us and change our country into something else while you eat with money we provided, dress with clothing we bought, sleep in houses we pay for! You are living a LIE and you are not welcome!

I believe that the American CITIZEN who wants to be part of America as the Founding Fathers created her instead of wanting to change her into something vile, communistic, Islamic, or whatever she was never intended to be can be part of something absolutely great! If you are an American CITIZEN who tries to destroy or change America into something besides what America was designed by our Founding Fathers to be then you are part of the problem, not the solution. You need to re-examine what you are doing here and why you are doing it. If you hate America and hate what she stands for, then I wish you would go away. I believe that if you don't love America as designed by the Founding Fathers, you should leave. I believe that you have treasonous thoughts and plans for America and that's deserving of deportation. I believe that YOU have the ability to be a wonderful part of America's bright future. If you will learn the TRUE HISTORY of America, the TRUTH about the Founding Fathers and what America was meant to be then you have the responsibility to contribute to America's greatness and return to the Founding Fathers' intent.

I believe that GOD is watching over America and in doing so must be so pained by the way America has turned our backs on Him. I believe that He has infinite patience, mercy and grace, but that if He allows us to get too far into depravity, godlessness, selfishness (which is the basis for the previous two) we will have too high a price to pay for our sins and selfishness. In the Old Testament, GOD commanded Israel to destroy whole populations and leave nothing alive: man, woman, child, cat, dog, cow, goat, all must die. He did so because four hundred years earlier He had warned that nation that He would do so if they didn't turn from their wickedness and come back to Him. At the point Israel was ordered to do so that country had already been involved in severe sexual sin and they were sacrificing their children to Baal by burning them in fire. Abortion and the sexual distortions of America's LGBTQ community and others are so very close to what the nation GOD commanded utterly destroyed were doing that it scares me. I believe GOD has a limit for us. I believe that we have two choices: continue our path closer and closer to GOD's limit and face His wrath, or to turn from our wickedness, selfishness and godlessness and to turn back to Him and save our country and ourselves. Those two choices are all that are left. We have no other options.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe that the Supreme Court should adhere to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and if they don't they should be impeached immediately. Without the SCOTUS's adherence to those documents we have nothing to look to when it comes to justice and protection from unlawful prosecution. I believe we have the rights delineated in those documents and that I will not give up those rights, nor will I ever encourage anyone else to do so! I believe that if we elect "representatives" who are not well-versed in those documents and who do not believe in those documents for anyone but themselves we will have exactly what we've got: a House and Senate that votes for themselves but not for US. I believe that self-serving "representatives" are not representatives: they are masters and we their slaves.

I believe that this 2016 election is vital to America's future. I believe that if we elect true representatives (instead of masters), we shall have the opportunity to save America for our children's children's children. We will have the chance to turn this nation around and make America the country she was intended to be, or at least turn the nation closer to that direction. It may take years to do so, but at least it will be a start; IF we elect true Christian Conservatives as much as possible. Note that there are two delineators there: Christian and Conservative. If the candidate is neither of those, then they should not get a single vote unless someone is voting to destroy America. I believe that the future of America is here and now. It's your vote that will decide it and if your vote is against America, then curse you. If your vote is FOR AMERICAvia voting for the MOST CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES ON THE BALLOT then THANK YOU and you have just done the best thing possible. IF, on the other hand, you vote for liberals, progressives, idiots all, I believe that you have voted selfishly, ignorantly and foolishly and that you have done damage to my country and I pray GOD will have mercy on America because of you.

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