Liberty's Call

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Although the Flag of Freedom
Is sometimes tattered, torn
Although the Constitution
Is ignored as the norm,
Although this Mighty Nation -
Once proud, strong and true -
Has leaders who have abandoned
All we thought we knew.

Our Rights are lying, wasted,
In dust and broken bits
And Congress has no answer
For how the pieces fit.
No answer for their actions -
Explanations go unsaid -
Reside still our Freedoms
Inside our hearts and heads.

Our Flag is spit and burned,
Shredded by hatred, despised
By those within our Nation
America they'll always deride.
Even though this America -
The greatest of all the lands -
Provides for them the Freedom
To shred it with their hands.

Those who have died for Freedom,
Those from this land so brave,
Men and women, leaving all
America's Flag they waved.
As they walked away to battle -
Some to die and some be maimed -
They gave their lives for Freedom,
Love for this country untamed.

There are those in this country
Who hate this land so free,
Who want power for themselves only,
And not more Liberty
Who want to rule this nation -
Socialize it if they may -
To change it into something
Our Founders against would pray.

America's Founding Fathers,
Jefferson, Washington, Paine,
Did not risk life and fortune
For momentary Freedom gain.
They risked their lives and fortunes -
Their Sacred Honor, too -
For this Nation's founding principle
Of freedom's cry and hue.

While others sit and wait
For someone else to stand
When will you rise and say,
"This is my Freedom Land!"?
While others fought and died -
And some came back, not whole -
What did you do for Freedom,
What price is your soul?

While Congress votes away Freedom
From those they "represent"
We wait until November
Our anger, frustration to vent?
Why wait until November -
We have our voices now -
To stand up for our Liberty
And hold them to their Vow?

This flag still stands for Freedom
Dirty, torn, and proud,
Look closely, please, and remember
That dirt is America's shroud.
It encourages us and reminds us -
As nothing else can do -
That We still have the Freedom
That comes from Red, White and Blue!

And now, America, Rise Up!
Be strong and brave and true
For those who fight for Freedom
Are not just in Air Force Blue!
We all need raise our voices -
In writing, voice and deed -
To Stand up for America,
The land and the home of the freed!

Be strong now, America!
Take the stand of our Founders!
Deny the "right" of Congress
Or any such Louts and Bounders,
To take away our Country -
And all that with Her comes -
For in their eyes 'tis theirs to ruin
And to change from Jefferson.

Be careful for your freedoms,
Look closely at Freedom's Flag,
For in that dirt you see it,
The starting of revolution's stand!
See the sparkle of resistance -
There: look closely past the dirt -
And you will find a twinkling,
Freedom's cry within your shirt.

That sparkle, though now small,
Has a history of Growth and Spread
And when you hear its calling
It runs from your heart to head
And soon you find your feet -
Without a seeming call -
Going forth for Freedom
Your Soul -
    Your Heart -
         Your ALL.

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