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And, ya' know, our US Constitution used to call it "Freedom of Speech". What happened to that?

Shall we start at the beginning (the distant past), or at the "end" (the recent past)? I have something to say about all of it. I think, however, that it would be best to acquaint you with Maureen Rupe with her most recent escapades. Her announcement for political office is as good a place to start as any. So we shall start there, yes?

Maureen Rupe's candidacy announcement went like this:

"I am entering the race to be the next Commissioner for District 1 because I believe there are a great many issues that require attention and strong leadership. I believe my experience over the last 20 years in being an advocate for growth management and quality of life issues shows that I am uniquely prepared to deal with the difficult challenges facing our county and its residents. I look forward to serving the people of Brevard and will fight for needed changes in our county that protect and enhance our community."

Maureen Rupe says that she has been an advocate for "quality of life issues". Really? Let's explore that topic a little.

Maureen Rupe is a member of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance which had a speaker in February and March of 2006 who spoke to the group about Venezuela and presented the film, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". The talk focused on the "facts" of Venezuela: "Learn how Venezuela is trying to address healthcare, education, literacy, and economic inequality with profits from its oil industry." The Alliance's site also has links to the Hugo Chavez speech at the United Nations, in which Hugo Chavez refers to President Bush as "...the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the devil...". However, truth be told, Maureen Rupe and her group does not link to another website that talks about Venezuela: Human Rights Watch. This is part of what they say about the conditions in Venezuela:

"President Chávez and his supporters have sought to consolidate power by undermining the independence of the judiciary and the press, institutions essential for the protection and promotion of human rights. State interference in trade union elections has weakened the right to free association. The government has failed to tackle widespread police abuse, and prison conditions remain among the worst on the continent."
But will Maureen Rupe tell you this part of her involvement in her resume? Nope. (Correction: I beg your pardon. I do see on her resume now that she does list her membership in the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, and she lists her position in the group: Executive Board Member, (2004 to present) which makes her 2006 Hugo Chavez ties even stronger.) According to the rules there, you have to be a member to submit info and as of March 26, 2010 Maureen Rupe is still successfully submitting info to them. According to their rules, that makes her membership still active.

Human Rights Watch is an internationally known organization that keeps an eye on how people are treated worldwide and they think that Hugo Chavez is not someone to be touted as having a country that is "free of illiteracy" (NOTE: They took the page down but it used to be similar to this.) as the Space Coast Progressive Alliance says. In fact, if you will read this page, you will see that the organization they say made the statement, Unesco, says differently! Unesco's Sue Williams denies that claim uncategorically. And, the Unesco report states that: "A person is considered literate if he/she can read and write with understanding a simple statement related to his/her daily life." (Read that report here.) The problem being that being able to read and write a simple statement related to his/her daily life does not make you literate! It means you can read, "Buy beans and rice" on the grocery list, but not a contract to sell your land. The ability to understand things that are going to impact you -- contracts, tax statements, permits, doctors' reports -- those are the things that makes one literate. Being able to recognize your own name and the fact that you play with the dog is not literacy! The Human Rights Watch page on Venezuela states:

"In a 1998 study which compared reading and mathematics skills in Grade 4 students in thirteen countries, Cuba scored the best performance - although it is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Cuban students scored roughly 100 points more than their counterparts in the other countries studied (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela)."
Being outdone by Cuba, whose Human Rights violations we are more familiar with, is a big black eye to Venezuela, and yet, it is being touted as being a good thing by Maureen Rupe's group, the Space Coast Progressive Alliance.

In the Human Rights Watch's 2002 report on Venezuela, things don't look much better, and in 2005 things got worse. And yet, in 2006, Maureen Rupe's group was touting a Venezuela "free of illiteracy" as though that would be something that trumped "government persecution of political opponents". Hurray for reading "See Spot Run"!

UPDATE! In Venezuela there is now a new Chavez law that "requires people in the country to comply with requests to assist the agencies, secret police or community activist groups loyal to Chávez. Refusal can result in prison terms of two to four years for most people and four to six years for government employees." And the Space Coast Progressive Alliance was so happy that people can read, "See Spot Run!" How wonderful for them! Can they read the new law that says they'll go to jail if they don't turn their family and friends in? Can anyone say Communist Russia, Hitler's Germany, or any of a number of other dictators who some folks would probably praise? How absolutely absurd and ridiculous that this candidate, Maureen Rupe, who wants to have an "ethical leadership" will stay in this organization and not distance herself from Chavez and those who apparently support him! Is this the kind of ethics we can count on from Maureen Rupe if she gets elected to office? I think so!

UPDATE TWO! Venezuela tests missiles, and accuses the United States of being its enemy. Which doesn't make sense since Venezuela is the United States' fifth largest oil supplier, but according to the story,

"Latin American countries including Colombia and Peru have voiced concern about billions of dollars of arms that Chavez has purchased, but Rangel said new weaponry is needed to keep Venezuela safe from the U.S."
I suppose Chavez calling President Bush "the devil" and these tests are just part of a good adult literacy program. Let's consider this another Chavez success story because the people firing the missiles and dropping an 1,100 pound bomb could read the instructions! WooHoo! Celebrate, Brevard County!


CORRECTION: On the Supervisor of Elections website is this little bitty thing that does speak to the CAPIT referendum. It happened in March 1996, during the Primary Election, not at the General Election (which is why it was difficult to find):

"Charter Amendment - Limits Annual County Property Tax Increases

"Yes for Approval 49,972    85.25%
"No for Rejection 8,646     14.75%"

According to Maureen Rupe's new videos on the subject:

"Now this new amendment to go.... this new proposal for an amendment to go on the ballot, if passed by a constitutionality review, I will support."
(Maureen Rupe "CAPIT and the Constitution").

The first section of the Florida Constitution states:

"SECTION 1. Political power.--All political power is inherent in the people. The enunciation herein of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or impair others retained by the people."
When I see CAPIT, I see that first section. I see WE, THE PEOPLE, standing up and saying, This is what we want! And I see Maureen Rupe helping to take it away from us. Don't you?

The fact that Maureen Rupe spoke on March 4, 2008 (minutes of that BOCC meeting here) in front of the Brevard County Commissioners stating she supported the CAPIT idea tells me these things about Maureen Rupe:
  1. She is the consummate politician.
  2. She is willing to put her name to stopping lower taxes.
  3. She doesn't seem to care what the voters want.
  4. She had already decided to run for D1 Commie (I had heard rumors about that in 2007).
  5. She wasn't speaking in support of CAPIT, she was speaking in support of her candidacy. You know, the old "end around" that politicians play? Yes, that's the one.
  6. When Maureen Rupe wrote in a message dated 10/5/2007 9:22:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, to the Partners for a Sustainable Future, and posted on the Audubon Society website,

    "I'm not a politician so trust me."

    Was she telling the truth? Or was she just missing the word "yet"?
When you look at the rest of the facts surrounding Maureen Rupe's tax stands, and her lawsuit and her appearances before the BOCC, I think the truth is apparent.

Now back to what I had previously written and corrected.

Maureen Rupe's resume shows nothing that would qualify her, does it? Ooops! My mistake! That's not her resume! That's the truth about her tax beliefs! Maureen Rupe sued the County to make the County take more of your hard earned money! Look at the second to the last person (Plaintiff 4) listed as one of the people suing the County: "Maureen Rupe".

Maureen Rupe wanted higher taxes and as a result, our taxes have gone up over 140% (NOTE: No longer available.) (total Ad Valorem Property Tax Revenue -- All Funds: 141.6%!), thanks, in part, to Maureen Rupe's lawsuit against our vote! Yes, that's right: OUR vote. Remember voting back in 1998 for this?:

Shall the Brevard County Charter be amended to limit annual increases in revenue for each County non-ad valorem special assessment program to 3 percent or the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index from the previous year, whichever is less, without the approval of voters residing within the district or other area of the County where such special assessments are levied?"
That's just another example of our desire to have lower taxes. It passed 71.29% to 28.71%. We don't want sky high taxes, and yet Maureen Rupe has the audacity (not of hope but of something else) to sue to keep our taxes high. She never explains her reasoning for her lawsuit. She never said why she sued. Not even in her new video section did she explain why she chose to get involved in the lawsuit. If someone came to me and said, "Hey, you want to get into a lawsuit to raise your own taxes? Sound good?" I would tell them they are stark raving mad! If they told me the CAPIT charter amendment was illegal and declared so in three counties, I would tell them to let the County Commissioners and Scott Knox figure it out, it's not my job. What was she thinking? Did it sound like a day at the amusement park? And yet, Maureen Rupe says, "Sure! I'll come along on that ride. I'll take part in keeping my D1 neighbors' taxes high."

On this page, Maureen Rupe has the audacity to talk about "challenges" to implimenting tax increase limitations. I have proven that she is the one who is challenging them! Do you see how well she will work at "Advocating for all our residents", a "duty" of elected office and one that "I personally take very seriously."?! Will the way Maureen Rupe takes "advocating for us" mean that as District 1 County Commissioner, she will be raising our taxes or suing us again so that she may again have higher taxes? Talk about chutzpah! She has it in tons! What gall!

And it doesn't stop there, folks. It keeps on going. Read the County Commissioners' meeting records and you will see that many, many times Maureen Rupe goes to them and "advocates" for higher taxes, stiffer penalties and increased fees! A few you may see go like this:


    "Maureen Rupe stated she spoke to the Board last week on the importance of an increase in impact fees" and, "growth should pay for itself, but does not; and the taxpayer has to subsidize it."

    Note: The taxpayer has to subsidize it. We pay for growth all the time: impact fees for new houses, fees of whatever kind the County can come up with, gas taxes, permit fees, recording fees, property taxes, etc., etc., etc. How many times do we have to get our pockets picked by the federal, state or county governments before Maureen Rupe will be satisfied that it is enough? I have yet to see her say that she was not for an increase in some form of taxation or fee. And Maureen Rupe wants us to believe that she wants to "save taxpayer's money, improve services and maintain the quality of life" we Brevard County residents "deserve". (BTW, Who decides what quality of life you and I "deserve": Maureen Rupe, or ourselves?


    "Chairman Higgs called for the public hearing to consider adoption of tentative ad valorem millages for FY 2000-2001."

    "County Manager Tom Jenkins advised this hearing is to set the tentative millages; the budget hearings will be held on September 6 and 19, 2000, at 5:30 p.m.; and all the General Fund issues do not have to be settled today. He stated since the last meeting, the Public Safety Department put forth a drug court proposal reallocating existing funds; however, Circles of Care will partner with the County again, so the Board does not have to add $40,000."

    "Maureen Rupe stated without law enforcement the laws are not worth the paper they are written on; and the County can have the best schools and parks, but if they are not safe, it defeats the quality of life. She advised of the COPS Program, deputies off the road because of repairs, robbery in Port St. John; and that deputies are to keep the streets safe for the people. She stated she hopes the Board will keep the streets safe."

    "Chairman Higgs advised the Board needs to set a tentative millage today that will go forward to the final hearings; in terms of the law enforcement budget, there is the MSTU issue as well as the General Fund issue; but the Board needs to deal with the overall tentative millages today. She pointed out that in 1994-95 the Sheriff's budget went up 3.76%; in 1995-96 it went up 4.29%; in 1996-97 it went up 6.06%; in 1997-98 it went up 11.32%; in 1998-99 it went up 6.49%; and the amended budget for 1999-00 went up 3.32%, so there have been commitments to law enforcement every year, which have been sizable in terms of the priorities of this Board. She requested a motion on the tentative millage for the Sheriff's Department."

    "Chairman Higgs requested staff comment on Option 1 comparing funding for budgeted amounts and increase of this year over last year as well as transfers from the General Fund. Management Services Director Stockton Whitten advised Option 1 provides an additional $769,297 to the MSTU budget which is an increase of $220,756 from the adopted budget. Chairman Higgs inquired if Option 1 provides $51,578,945, which is a $2.1 million dollar increase; with Mr. Whitten responding it is $2.1 million increase over the adopted budget. Chairman Higgs inquired if the General Fund transfer of $39,393,551 is $2,000,000 more than the Sheriff's Office was given in the adopted budget last year; with Mr. Whitten responding that is correct. Chairman Higgs stated there are significant increases in the proposed budget for the Sheriff's Office."

    Commissioner O'Brien advised the Board has been supporting of the Sheriff's Department; since 1997 to 2000, the Board increased the Sheriff's budget by 20% or $8.5 million..."

    Note: I am not against law enforcement, but 20% increase in three years?! Maureen Rupe supported it. I think law enforcement could have found ways to cut that back a bit.


    "Maureen Rupe supported the gas tax."

    "Public Works Finance Director Jim Helmer responding they get $13 million from the local option gas tax, $3.8 million from the Constitutional gas tax, and another $2.2 million from the County gas tax, so it is close to $20 million..."

    Note: Twenty Million Dollars?! This was way back in 1999, folks! How much more do they take out of our pockets now?!


    Commenting on the possible tax abatement to a company to bring more jobs to Brevard County, Maureen Rupe "recommended no tax abatement".

    Note: Bring jobs to Brevard County for the people via tax abatements? No. That's not the thing to do.


    "Maureen Rupe stated both are good ordinances, and recommended fines..."

    Note: "Recommended fines" tells you what she thinks about how to enforce rules, or another way Maureen Rupe thinks it is acceptable to take money from your pocket!

I think that covers enough for one page, but there will be more. I still have to go over the rest of her statements on her website (or web "sight" as she prefers to call it) and I will be sure to tear them apart bit by bit with proof of the absurdity of her statements and bring you the facts of Maureen Rupe's true self. A true self no one in District 1 should want as County Commissioner.

Now Available:

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Coming Soon:


Paid political advertisement. Paid for by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927 No candidate approved this advertisement.

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