Oad to obamination

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In the year of our Lord, 2008,
In front of the world a man filled with hate
Began to run for President of the U.S.
And filled the land with words of excess.

He promised all everything and more than enough
To have what they wanted and with bellies stuffed
They would play on their toys in a house paid in full
By someone besides them; their neighbors would do.

He promised to give whatever was wanted
Including health care free - for his supporters, at least.
The others who opposed him would pay through their teeth
For his word was golden and delivered their dreams

Not exactly when, nor how, nor all;
Just the thimbleful of his word did he deliver,
But it was enough to placate and keep him in power
On their hopes and dreams, he had started to sour.

For now that he had tasted the ultimate power of the land
And been given the Prize from other hands,
He decided that was all that he wanted
His time was too precious to serve those who trusted

And when they cried loudly, he'd throw them a bone
A little thing, really, a single buffalo wing,
To make them shut up and leave him alone,
Quieting the masses became his full art

And when they'd start whining, he'd reply with this start,
"When I ran for office, I promised you this…"
And naming a thing he'd throw out the wing
That was their dream - or at least a small part.

It's a beginning, they'd sigh, and be contented again
With little, small things, beginning to end.
Until months later, when realize they would,
And it became clear (finally) that they didn't get their due.

Hue and cry would set forth and complaints they did rattle,
And on and on the leader had to prattle
About what he promised, though none could contend,
That deliver he had finished not one could amend

The list of unfinished promises and such
The leader had actually given all he had said
On any one thing - not a one - would be named
And there was the truth staring them straight in the face.

The leader had used them, and used them fair well,
For getting what he wanted and no one could tell
Anything he wanted more than the power
To do as he pleased and to waste 'way the hours

Consuming his high end food, wine and steaks,
Flying here, there and shopping trips did take,
So many - so many - that even his friends
Began to notice that their lives were in his hands

For if, in a battle, for one more hurrah!
Their lives were but fodder for the leader to draw
And to use and to discard as only leaders can do
And to ruin and lay waste to, just like you know who.

This leader refrained from doing what was right.
He insisted on doing just as he pleased,
He wasn't interested in laws, rules or promises;
Those were for others, not he, the great liege,

For in his own mind he was all that and more
And everyone must listen, bow and adore
And if they did not, he'd make sure to remember
And punish them later, come June or December.

Then in a fury the people of the land
Decided that enough of the leader was had.
They'd put up with all this, and more than they knew,
And it was time to give the "liege" his fair due.

To their House they did march, signs in their hands,
And demanded a return of their rights in their land.
From the window did look the leader with fascination
"What have I done?" Queried obamination.

"To bring out the ire in these little people?
To make them all hate me and want me to leave?
I've done all I wanted, they've nothing to grieve."
And stare he did nightly into the abyss
Of the people of the land he summarily dismissed.

A voice rang out from the people of the land,
"America is Freedom! Return to the Law!
Stop changing our nation to meet your desires.
We want nothing of your Socialist ways!
We want America in Founding Fathers' ways!"

"Oh!" Exclaimed obamination, now "understanding"
And he ran quickly to the laws and destroyed them completely
And declared himself King - Greatest and First.
And because "First" none dare call him the "Worst".
He'd rule until death and he'd be their Sovereign.
They'd learn to love him, whether like it or not,
And he'll leave to his successor the wealth of this nation,
The whole world would call him "King obamination".

The flaw in his plan, he saw not a one.
No inkling had he of the folly nor fun,
Others would now have at his expense
For Americans do not bow knees to a prince,
Nor curtsey to queens, kings and the like.

We take not to Duchess "Such and Such" or
"Baron So and So"; no. We prefer our Freedom
To bending and scraping and when obamination, the "King"
Revealed his new plan for our land,
We reeled him in tightly and took back our House,
Surrounding him closely with bars and a guard
Who would not listen to his foolish declarations,
For there was a greater, written for the Foundation.

The moral of the story, if one need it explained,
Is that with an ego as big and as plain,
As the one in obamination, the "King" in his head,
Ruining the country that is supposed to feed you,
Isn't the smartest plan and that you should heed to
Those "little people" who don't want to become
Something besides what our Forefathers had done.
We don't want to be ruled without being listened to at all.
We want our country to be as before;
greatest on earth and it we adore.

Now, obamination, "King" in your head,
The people say "No more taxes" if you wish to eat.
For taxing us more will lead to your defeat.
It may be earlier than you ever planned,
For we rebelled once, again if your plans demand.

America was built on rebels such as us.
Don't push us too hard, or soon you will dread
The things you have done and that went to your head
Will rise again in those "little people" a fire,
That will return to quench your desires.
So stop now, or else you'll learn the hard way
It's not to the "King's fiddle" the "little people" do play.
To the tune of Freedom is our favorite dance,
And dance it again hence we get the chance.
Take not for granted that "all's well" with your world.
It's more than a given that your flag is unfurled.

Soon you shall see the truth of these words,
"Give me liberty or give me death…"
And even if breathed with last breath,
Others will come and take up the banner
And more than enough will fill up the stage
To make the "King" in your head
understand that we rule the land.
Not one man, but many: "E Pluribus Unum",
Not Ruler, not "King", nor any such thing.
'Tis "We, the People" who Constitution brings
To make of this land what is supposed to be.
No room for an "organizer" who would be "King".

Be gone, obamination, to far off shores.
We want no more of your commies galore.
We want back our Freedom and take if we must
But you shall not rule us, nor of our land bust.
Our right, by God, is given to us,
Not from your hand, Alinsky's or Dohrn's;
And from ours it cannot be torn.
It's ours by birthright, not from Pelosi,
Reid cannot grant it, no Rahm can demand it.
God's own hand passed on to us
Our rights as Citizens of this great land,
Not a decree from someone else's hand.
So get not too comfortable in the chair as your "throne".
Your "kingdom" will not support you;
You'll be all alone.

Think now, obamination of the truth:
The "course of human events" not just Nation's youth,
We shall be here to hold you accountable for all of your wrongs
And not just one, there will be throngs,
To make sure you know that "We, the People"
Have finished with patience and wait for the sign
When we will rise up and take back our nation,
Returning her to the Founding Declaration
Of Freedom from tyranny, oppression and taxation
And bringing back our Rights that you can't deny.

'Tis true, it's an old song, an old truth, an old plan.
But more beautiful words were never spoken
Than, "We hold these truths…" and those that followed,
And live by them we shall, no "King" allowed.


© 2010 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved

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