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Fri, Aug 25 at 6:12 AM

I, Linda McKinney request to be appointed to the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board at the earliest opportunity. Below is my resume of local involvement.

Linda McKinney
(Address and Phone Number Removed for Privacy)

History of Involvement in Port St. John:

  • Resident and registered voter in Brevard County, FL since 1984

  • Lived in the same house in PSJ since May 1987

  • Homeschooled my two sons K-12 in PSJ

  • Owner/Editor of both (formerly since 2001) and and all website registrations found as part of both of those entities

  • Former writer for PSJ Bulletin, an online alternative to Happenings

  • Worked with Randy Rodriguez on Happenings as proofreader, writer, stand-in editor

  • Assigned by Randy to write article in favor of PSJ AB, but personally opposed it

  • Helped put together first and second PSJ Christmas Parades

  • Helped put together the first Thunder Over the Indian River

  • Former member, PSJ Fay Lake Wilderness Advisory Board

  • Former member, Port St. John First Baptist Church

  • Former member, Port St. John Homeowners' Association: Board member for two or three years, then later after the PSJ Incorporation battle, during the PSJ HOA battle (2005), Vice President

  • Former member, PSJ Civic League

  • Fought Port St. John Incorporation via going to meetings, putting an extensive website together ( to fight it: available at that includes the HOA files, Anti-PSJ Incorporation files, PSJ Advisory Board files, research into the alleged bias of Happenings regarding the incorporation battle

  • Proved that the PSJHOA and PSJAB (both of whom participated in putting the municipal overlay on PSJ and who were basically run by the same people), were using a rescinded law, thus making the PSJ overlay ILEGALLY because the community overlay law was done away with thirteen years PRIOR to the PSJ Community Overlay was done

  • Requested and received the report of the five FL House legislative committees that investigated the possibilities of PSJ Incorporation and exposed the LIES that both the PSJHOA and the PSJAB were telling the people in their push for incorporation

  • Exposed the biased coverage of Happenings in the push for incorporation, as the owner gave 99.035% more column inches to the pro-incorporation coverage in Happenings than he gave to the anti-incorporation side

  • Former member, PSJ Community Choir

  • Successfully fought the 2003 one cent sales tax

  • Helped prevent the election of both Maureen Rupe as D1 County Commissioner in 2008 and Amy Tidd as she ran for State Senator in 2016

  • Helped expose the PSJ HOA for their pushing for Incorporation and breaking library rules, preventing people they disagreed with from attending public meetings; and as they physically assaulted both a minor (my son) and a pregnant woman (drawing blood) while trying to keep us out of their meeting and later calling the BCSO on me for taking notes at an HOA meeting

  • The PSJ HOA tried to take away my First Amendment right to Free Speech and to kick myself and another member out of the PSJ HOA for exercising our First Amendment rights

  • Exposed the PSJ AB for their lawlessness. They were so lawless that in 2002 former D1 County Commissioner, Truman Scarborough, wrote them an email telling them that if they met that night that they would be opened to "POTENTIAL CRIMINAL PROSECUTION": my speaking to the BOCC prior to that shined a spotlight on the PSJAB being used as a pro-incorporation tool

  • Exposed the fact that D1's office (then Comm. Truman Scarborough) was denying a FL SS 119 request for the list of names that were submitted for approval as potential members of the PSJ AB that was submitted by Maureen Rupe less than 24 hours prior to my request for a list of names submitted for consideration

  • Was slandered by Randy Rodriguez, Helen Dezendorf (while President of the PSJHOA, although she asked the BOCC to NOT let me know she had done so) and Maureen Rupe - Rupe so badly that Attorney William Powell (now deceased) told me that I had cause for a strong lawsuit against her as she was defeated in the primary of her D1 bid

  • Exposed that the PSJ HOA was touting that Brevard County Attorney, Scott Knox, was acting as their attorney during the PSJ HOA meeting

  • My strong stance against the left of PSJ has resulted in the lefties threatening to sue me in (writing and in person) no fewer than five times. These threats came from Carmine Ferraro (then Chair of the PSJAB as he defied a FL SS119 request), Maureen Rupe (at least three times) and Amy Tidd

  • Exposed that the PSJ Community Foundation - a foundation started by Randy Rodriguez and two others - refused to accept my $400 to buy space A1 on their "PortStJohn-opoly" monopoly game board for my PSJ website, denying the community an extra $400 in aid so that they could deny someone with a different point of view from buying advertisement space on their board game. Randy did a similar thing back in 2005-ish with the PSJ Bulletin and not accepting their sponsorship money for TOIR [added link]

  • Investigating why both Randy Rodriguez and Maureen Rupe have served on the PSJAB for the better part of the last twenty-four years (when asked the total number of years they have served, I was told that they have been on the PSJAB since 2012 and 2018 respectively putting their eight year expiration dates at 2020 and 2022, but they're both still on the Board) when the term limit is eight years, unless it's difficult to find a replacement, then it's ten out of sixteen, unless there's a verbal request for a waiver before the vote; no waiver vote has ever taken place. Rupe and Rodriguez were both elected to the Board in 1996, were still serving or serving again in 2002; in 2013 Rupe and Rodriguez were serving; in 2015 Rupe made a dramatic departure from the Board trying to silence and shut down MY website, Since the old County website for the PSJAB says that both of their terms expire in 2021, thus they were both serving again in 2017. The current PSJAB page states that both Rupe's and Rodriguez's terms expire Dec. 31, 2025. Basically, since its inception, Rupe and Rodriguez have been the main players in the PSJAB and have served the majority of its existence

I request that, as a resident of Port St. John for the last thirty-six (36) years, I be appointed to the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board. It's better to have fresh voices than to continue an established kingdom.

Linda McKinney