Maureen Rupe is No Nazi,
No Matter What She Says!

Maureen Rupe has finished her campaign for D1 Commie with a classy exit. She used her October Happenings article in part for the following:

"The Primary Election

"Thank you to all my friends and neighbors who voted for me in the primary. As for the nasty little group of former PSJ Civic League that found it necessary to have two websites opposing me, I could forgive them if they had argued the facts. To use twisted logic and downright lies to control an election is shameful and deceitful. One site was like a Nazi or Skinhead hate site, unbelievably malicious and vindictive, but the woman in question has harassed me for 14 years and I have kept the proof. Every time I worked for the benefit of the community, her hatred of me grew. She opposed the referendum for the ball fields, community center, Fay Lake Wilderness Park, as well as the Community Police Unit. She has attacked almost every community leader in Port St. John. Her name is Linda McKinney. Now, even after I lost the primary, I am receiving hate mail, the content and phrases of which are the same rhetoric as her site, which shows how dangerous hate sites can be.

"What concerns me most is the owner of the other website, Pete Costello, has now taken out a Political Action Committee on another person running for office who has worked for many years for the PSJ Community. So does this mean that all a radical group has to do is work against any candidate with smear campaigns, and they can control an election? Freedom of speech does not mean you can lie, harass and maliciously slander and libel.

"I have been threatened that I had better stop appearing before the county commission or any other entity, along with a barrage of personal insults, as well as being told to go back to England and leave everyone in PSJ the hell alone. Whoever you are, take time to read the U.S. Constitution. I am an American. You will never take away my rights because I will never hand them over. Cheerio!

"- Maureen Rupe"

So now my site is "like a Nazi or Skinhead hate site, unbelievably malicious and vindictive". If Maureen Rupe wants to say that her words are Nazi and Skinhead hatred, then that's her problem. I don't think of Maureen Rupe as a Nazi or Skinhead: environmentalist wacko nutcase (EWN), yes. Nazi, no. Skinhead, no. Let's face it, my website was mostly her own words. Want proof? I'll put it all back up if needed. Every page, exactly how I took it down, no changes whatsoever. (Maureen, you can pull out the printed versions you have of my pages -- I know you have them -- and compare. They will be exactly the same and I don't think of your words as being Nazi words.)

NOTE: I have reposted the PSJ Incorporation pages as well as the anti-Maureen Rupe D1 Commission campaign pages. They can be found from the PSJ Information page. Check them out and enjoy!

I used the things I found on publicly accessible websites from Google® searches: The Sierra Club, Florida Today articles, articles from other interviews she had done, her campaign website, her answers to questions sent to her from news publications. I used her writings in Happenings and her organization's (PSJ4T's) publications to quote her own words. When she says that my site was "like a Nazi or Skinhead hate site, unbelievably malicious and vindictive", she must be referring to her own words because that is what I used. I used her words. For her to admit that her words are "like a Nazi or Skinhead" site is an amazing admission of guilt on her part.

I think of Maureen Rupe's words as being closer to Marxist than Nazi or Skinhead, as confirmed by the page I put up called "A Comparison". So if Rupe wanted to claim that she was a Marxist, I would have no problem with that. However, for her to state that her words were "like a Nazi or Skinhead" I do have to stand against.

And now on to other things within her October Happenings article.

She asserts that every time she worked for the benefit of the community my hatred of her grew. Well, not really. I don't hate the woman to start with. I dislike her leftist liberal beliefs and desires, yes. Hate her? No. If she needed my blood tomorrow I would give it (assuming, of course, that it is compatible). But if she wants me to agree with her on the issues, on what she wants for the community compared to what I want? No way. I will not compromise with her nor kowtow to her. That equals hatred in Maureen Rupe's book. Aren't you glad she didn't get to go further in the electoral process? Aren't you glad she won't be our D1 Commissioner?

For Maureen Rupe to write that she has been harassed for fourteen years and she has kept the proof, is something for which I would love to see the proof. She gave someone who has harassed her for all that time a real fur koala bear; why give someone like that a koala bear (that I still have) if that person is actually harassing you? If she has been so harassed by me, why call me for three weeks after the suicide of her friend (my acquaintance), Linda Williams, claiming that Linda did not commit suicide but was instead murdered by her husband, Don? Why do that if I had been harassing her for all those years? I wrote against the PSJ incorporation push in Happenings once. I learned HTML programming in 2002 and put together a website against incorporation (the forced incorporation of Delespine, Williams Point, Hardeeville, Frontenac and part of Sharpes). It was an extensive website, quoting the PSJ4T info and refuting it jot and tittle. I also kept my website up and commented on Maureen Rupe's Happenings articles after the incorporation battle was over (and incorporation was soundly defeated). I opposed the one cent sales tax that she supported. If that is harassment, then so be it. She still has no proof of fourteen years; and opposition is not harassment.

Maureen Rupe is correct in ONE assertion. I did stand against the referendum for the Fay Lake Wilderness Park/PSJ Community Center/Ball fields. I did indeed. In the February 1996 issue of Happenings on page 14, I wrote a letter saying that instead of a wilderness park, we should use that money and space for a way out of west PSJ because we had two schools over here and we should be worried about those kids having a way out if there were some sort of chemical spill on I-95 or something that happened that would prevent us from using the Fay Blvd. overpass. To wit: "I would like to suggest that instead of upgrading parks, adding horse facilities, or purchasing acreage, we find a way to apply that excess 1.2 million dollars to the emergency egress problem our Enterprise Elementary and Space Coast Middle School students face in the case of an emergency." Immediately beneath my letter, Randy Rodriguez, owner of Happenings, responded, "Ouch. Truth hurts. - RR".

As to the other thing I supposedly opposed: I do not even remember the start up of the Community Policing Unit (CPU). I remember something vaguely about a unit being formed, but I did not stand against the CPU until I found out that some of Maureen Rupe's cohorts were abusing the taxpayer funded privileges of the CPU: taking a CPU car for their own personal errands, etc. I stood against that, but they were already doomed because Sheriff Parker had already decided to all but delete the PSJ portion of the program due to the same things.

I think what Maureen Rupe was trying to think of instead of the CPU was the PSJ Dependent Special District Advisory Board. I did stand against that. From the very start of that Board I stood against it. You see, I had knowledge of some of the people who were supporting its formation and I knew, innately, what would happen there. Read the BOCC meeting minutes about it and you will see that the day they voted to put it on the ballot and start the idiot thing up, I was there speaking against it. Then when I found out that the PSJDSDAB (the PSJAB for short) was doing things that they were not supposed to be doing, I stood against them then, too. I exposed the fact that they were not operating in the Sunshine, as State Law requires and County Statute also requires. I exposed the fact that they were doing things not in their "charter" and breaking the rules, using the PSJAB to push for PSJ incorporation. I exposed so much that when then-Chair, Carmine Ferraro, wrote an e-mail telling Truman Scarborough's office that they were going to be meeting one evening in 1996, Scarborough wrote back that if they met that evening they would face "potential criminal prosecution". They were facing criminal prosecution. You know who was on that PSJAB at the time? Maureen Rupe, Randy Rodriguez, Amy Tidd, Carmine Ferraro and others were facing "potential criminal prosecution" and I exposed them to that possibility by telling the truth about them.

Maureen Rupe states that I have "attacked almost every community leader in Port St. John." Well, "almost every", yes. But she doesn't tell you that "almost every" includes those who have done the wrong things! Maureen Rupe, Amy Tidd, Randy Rodriguez, Carmine Ferraro, Helen Dezendorf, Ed Warner, DJ Olson are some of those she is referring to. If you recall the PSJ incorporation days, they were all supporting that. If you recall the PSJAB, most of them (Rupe, Tidd, Rodriguez and Ferraro) were on that when even Scarborough had to threaten them with "potential criminal prosecution". If you recall the PSJHOA days, led by Dezendorf, Warner and Olson, you will recall that Dezendorf led the illegal effort to kick Pete Costello and I out of the PSJHOA. The PSJHOA held closed and locked door meetings (totally breaking library rules) and wouldn't let others in, posting a sign to help in that effort, during which Dezendorf slandered me to the membership for almost all of the ninety minute meeting. I had a witness in there taking notes. When Dezendorf wasn't slandering me, she was working on Pete Costello. At the start of another of the PSJHOA meetings, Olson (then-Membership Chair and Treasurer) physically assaulted us when we tried to enter, including my then-minor son, Brandon, and Pete Costello's pregnant daughter-in-law, drawing blood from Pete's daughter-in-law's arm. I still have the picture. Warner called the Sheriff on me for taking notes (two different links there) during a PSJHOA Board of Directors meeting at the PSJ Community Center. Tidd was on the PSJAB during its worst times and also walked out of a meeting during the incorporation days whining, "I didn't come here to be attacked!" after I had to repeatedly ask her in an even tone of voice the same question because she refused to answer it after being asked thrice.

Note: Those of you whose names were mentioned in this article have Maureen Rupe to thank for the public being reminded of your deeds. If you wish to be angry at someone for your name and deeds being mentioned here, please contact Maureen Rupe and tell her "Thanks a lot!"

Maureen Rupe next asserts that even after losing the primary she is still receiving hate mail, "the content and phrases of which are the same rhetoric as her site, which shows how dangerous hate sites can be." Excuse me, Maureen Rupe, but I say it again: If there was hatred on my site is it your own words that expressed it. If someone is sending you hate mail, perhaps you are getting that "karma" thing, and those e-mails are something for you to handle with the proper authorities, not to accuse me of encouraging. I no more told people to hate you than I told the Pope to be Catholic. Questions of candidates are legitimate in a campaign, they are allowed and they are useful. I did encourage questions; I did not tell them to be hateful. If you are receiving e-mails or snail mail from people who do not like you, perhaps you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

Maureen Rupe's accusation against Pete Costello saying that he has another PAC formed against another candidate who used to be a leader in PSJ, I am sure refers to the candidacy of Amy Tidd for District 30 State Representative. First, Costello did not create a PAC against Tidd nor any candidate besides Rupe. Second, if he had, that is his right and his prerogative. If Maureen Rupe don't like it, perhaps it is she who needs to read the US Constitution. We conservatives have the right to Free Speech, too; not just EWNs like Rupe and Tidd.

If Rupe wants to talk "radical groups", how about that "The Nature Conservancy" Rupe supports? You know, the BILLION dollar industry that takes taxpayer money to get land off of the tax rolls so that we -- the landowners who keep our land in private ownership -- have to pay more in taxes? Or the other groups she belongs to that put turtles ahead of people? Radical is putting a tree, bird, or flower as being more important than the human who owns the land and their right to do with it as they wish. That's radical!

As far as lying, harassing and malicious slander and libel, I did not. But how about all of the times Rupe has printed in her Happenings articles bad things about me? See me cry babying about that? I'm not a candidate for anything, never have been and she has, on several occasions, written malicious things about me because I believe things on the opposite end of the spectrum from Rupe and I stand up for those things. Rupe takes the opportunity to smear my good name for exposing the fact that the PSJAB was breaking the Sunshine laws, etc., and that's okay with her. Or she smears a Titusville City Council candidate because the candidate disagrees with Rupe. She smears a great attorney running for County judge because he helped in the anti-incorporation effort of PSJ; he told the truth about the scare tactics she was using against the TiCo Airport regarding their runway extension; and he advised Costello during the PSJHOA debacle when they were illegally trying to keep Costello and I out of the PSJHOA. That's okay with her, but we dare not speak against her or her support of anything she wishes to support. Remember the quote from Rupe I posted on my site before the primary? In Happenings, September 2006, Issue No 196; page 13, Rupe smeared that attorney then wrote, "These are my personal thoughts. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but if I couldn't say what I thought, I couldn't live. Please Vote." Proving yet again that free speech in Rupe's mind is allowed only to herself and those she approves of.

For Maureen Rupe to say that Costello and I controlled an election (while flattering) is a crock. I can no more control how the voters vote than she can. I do not stand beside them in the voting booth and tell them, under penalty of death, to mark the other Democratic candidate. All I can do is give truthful information about the candidates. That is precisely what I did. I linked to Maureen Rupe's words and the voters decided what to do in the voting booth. If I could control an election, I would have no RINOs running, only (a miracle) a conservative Democrat running and only conservative - True Conservatives - Republicans running. That would be controlling an election and wouldn't that be nice? Other than that and the kinds of tactics leftist liberal groups like ACORN use to pack the ballot boxes for Democratic candidates or suing to try to make sure your candidate wins (another Dem. tactic), there is no such thing as controlling an election.

It's always a one way street with leftist liberals like Maureen Rupe. Conservatives are to shut up, sit down and fold their hands nicely in their laps any time a liberal leftist wants whatever idiot idea they come up with. While if we speak up, they are mouthy, physically pushy, draw blood, hateful and vindictive for no more reason other than we exposed them to the light of day or stood up against that idea, their candidacy, or whatever, and then they cry "Foul!" Rupe's assertion of, "I have been threatened that I had better stop appearing before the county commission or any other entity, along with a barrage of personal insults, as well as being told to go back to England and leave everyone in PSJ the hell alone." may be something that Rupe "cry-babys" over, but to tell you the truth, I had nothing to do with it. It is Rupe's words they did not like. Rupe's stances they disagreed with. Rupe's desires and plans and candidacy brought anyone who e-mailed those kinds of e-mails to the point of doing so. If she can't handle that fact, if she thinks that everyone must love Maureen Rupe, or there must be something wrong with them, she needs to think again. We have the right to not like Rupe, to disagree with Rupe 100% in everything she does, says, thinks, feels, wants, plans, stands for, and believes. We have that right. Deal with it.

Maureen Rupe, advice for you: Grow up and get with the program. It's politics, not patty-cake, and conservatives fight for what we believe in; even to the point of telling the truth about you.

Again, if need be, I will post all of my pages again so that people can see them and judge for themselves. I wonder how much Maureen Rupe would like that? Do you want to see them? Write to me and let me know.

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