The Storage Room: 2009

Dec. 28, 2009   Want to understand how the Dems (Dumbs) are doing their accounting and their health care idiocy? Read Ann Coulter's article that explains it. Even if you don't like her sense of humor (a lot like mine), she is correct, she is smart and she is downright hated by the other side. I'm in good company.

Dec. 24, 2009   I was telling my eldest son about the possibilies of this very thing just yesterday afternoon. I said I wouldn't be surprised if more than twenty states -- 28-40 -- actually teamed up and took this sort of action against health care reform because it takes away States' rights and that was a big part of what the Civil War was about. If we went to war for it once, it must be very important to Americans, so watch for something like that. How prescient am I? I had not even seen this story as yet. I found it about one in the morning this morning. Darn, I'm good.

Dec. 24, 2009   Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! obamination has his mouth open again and every time his mouth opens he's telling a lie. But that's no surprise. He surrounds himself with liars as well. Birds of a feather...

Dec. 24, 2009   obamination is giving a foreign entity, Interpol, the right to do as they please, to whomever they please, with no accountability whatsoever -- no FOIA reqeusts can be given them, their records are sealed from our view -- on American soil. Isn't that special? Now if he has an enemy, he turns that enemy over to Interpol saying whatever he wants to say about them and Interpol can go get that person/those persons without anyone being able to find out why. Interpol doesn't have to answer questions, they have complete immunity -- as in diplomatic immunity -- on our soil, so to whom do they answer within these United States? Not even our FBI can touch them due to what obamination did on Dec. 17, 2009. Isn't that special? Don't you just love what obamination is doing to our country?! (Yes, that's sarcasm.)

Dec. 24, 2009   The liberals don't know how to do anything right, do they? No. Just take my word for it, no. That includes the fact that we should support Israel, not dump on her. But what do they know besides how many freckles they have on their own backsides?

Dec. 24, 2009   As I was changing a few things up above here, I realized something. Do you realize that the health care reform bills are smaller (have fewer pages) than the 4,200 page public records request that Maureen Rupe received on your taxpayer dollar? I was wondering how you like them apples? Write to her and tell her what you think. By the way, I'm working on another page about this because I received the verbatim record of the Dec. 15th BOCC meeting in which Rupester asked to be let off the hook for her request to print 4,200 pages of e-mails. I'll be getting that up in the next few weeks. First is Christmas and New Years, then it's my thirty-second wedding anniversary a few days after the New Year. So, I'll be a little busy but I'll get the new page (and a new page about Cullen, just to let you know) up ASAP.

Dec. 23, 2009   "Climate Change" (read "global warming") activists are not happy with the Copenhagen meetings. Well, the little countries who were trying to get money out of the big countries are not happy, is what I should say. After all, global warming is all about getting money for those poor countries and nothing more. Blackmail, I believe is the correct word for it.

Dec. 23, 2009   Want to know the truth about the "health care reform bill" (a.k.a. rip-off of America)? They tax everything and give your tax dollars to big corporations. I thought liberals were averse to that. Oh. I forgot. They're only averse to giving your money to those companies that don't support liberal ideas. Sorry. And liberals don't deny themselves the same types of payoffs.

Dec. 23, 2009   obamination wants to shut Gitmo down and move the terrorists to America: some to NYC (idiot idea). Those who don't go to NYC (idiot idea) are going to other places. One of those places is Illinois and the people of "Gitmo North" are not happy and a lawsuit may be filed. I hope they file the lawsuit and that they take the Gitmo North idea and shove it down this administration's collective throat. Too bad they couldn't prevent obamination from releasing twelve Gitmo detainees to go back home and start terrorist activities again.

Dec. 23, 2009   Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) sold out as soon as someone mentioned a price tag big enough. He was a "pro-life Democrat" (yeah. Right. No such thing.) who figured out who pays taxes and who doesn't and sold those who don't pay taxes to those who do. In other words, he figured out that the baby who is still in his/her mother's womb awaiting the loving arms that are supposed to greet it after its birth, doesn't vote. Nelson, instead sold those babies to those who do vote: the elderly who pay Medicare and don't want to pay more for it. I wonder if every one of those senior citizens who will now have the blood of aborted babies on their hands appreciate Sen. Ben Nelson's actions. I guess it doesn't matter to some; others it does matter. However, when a Dem. gets the chance to sell out something he supposedly believes strongly in, apparently that belief is out the window when the price is more votes. That's a sad commentary on the price of power. Sen. Ben Nelson would rather babies die than get fewer votes. Yeah. He's pro-life.

Dec. 23, 2009   Sen. Reid's health care reform (read "socialized medicine") does some really bad things. First, it agrees with Pelosi's Pig in making it illegal to not follow the government mandate and allows the U.S. taxpayers to be arrested and jailed if we do not conform. Second, it may be making private insurance companies into public utilities. That's also illegal, but who's paying any attention to what is legal and what isn't any more? After all, we have "Hope" and "Change" and isn't that what people wanted?

Dec. 22, 2009   The bailout money causes corruption. So tell us something we didn't know.

Dec. 22, 2009   Well, my visitors have gone back home and we had a great time during their visit. We shopped, we talked, we went bowling (my high score: 83). Now it's time to get back at it. So here goes.

Dec. 22, 2009   There is an organization within Brevard County called the "Child Care Association of Brevard County, Inc." They have been audited by a federal auditor because they receive many of your federal taxpayer dollars. The audit results are not flattering. The findings included, "CCA cannot effectively manage and account for Federal funds or operate its Head Start program in accordance with Federal regulations." But the worst part of the thing is the last sentence on that page: "Based on its current financial position and future debt obligations, CCA may not be able to continue functioning as a “going concern” unless it receives additional funding." Say what?! They "cannot effectively manage and account for" your money, but the auditors encourage the federal government to give them more money to mismanage?! How absurd! Read the whole report here; especially you good with money types. You'll be appalled. This is an organization that is partially -- Shock! Surprise! -- ACORN funded. This is how ACORN thinks your money should be handled. Remember, folks, this is a local organization that is mismanaging your money. Don't you think your money should be handled better?

Dec. 22, 2009   Along that same line, did you know that some of the child support payments made by those paying child support do not go to your children, but instead, go to the State? Read the summary here. And the whole report here. If you have paid child support in the past and it was "undeliverable" due to the child moving somewhere else and not reporting the address to the State, your money goes into the general funds. Did you know that?

Dec. 22, 2009   Go to the Office of the Inspector General's website to check out some more interesting information. You'll be surprised at how sloppy the government is with your money. Like this report from 2005 on the Indian Health Services Headquarters and how much of your money is mishandled there.

Dec. 22, 2009   obamination's "Safe Schools Czar" is back in the news. You know the one? He is over the federal agency that covers public education (yes, that is an oxymoron), Kevin Jennings: the one who supports and encourages disgusting sexual practices with and to children. Yeah. Him. He needs to be ousted from his position and he needs to be kept away from children. If you agree with me, contact the Red House (used to be White House until a commie moved in) and tell them that Kevin Jennings needs to be FIRED.

Dec. 22, 2009   We thought Clinton's Christmas trees with drug bongs, condoms, etc., was classy. (Yes, that's sarcasm.) Now we have obamination's version of Christmas decorations. I think that there should be some sort of limits as to what should go on any Christmas tree in the White House. After all, we paid for the thing.

Dec. 22, 2009   My eldest son is so frustrated with the politics that obamination has brought to America (from Kenya, his birthplace), that he's stressing about it almost daily. I tell him to stay active and to keep writing to his MISrepresentatives and to keep on their backs. This he does, but it doesn't do much good because as soon as he writes an e-mail to them, they still do something else stupid and he gets stressed about that. "Want to get high blood pressure? Watch politics." seems to be the theme for the idiots currently in office. Well, here is a suggestion as to how to handle things. I think that and a few massages, maybe a week off here and there vegging out instead of staying informed, and having good family and friends you can talk to and receive support from are all good things. That, and RECALL everyone of the idiots who are supporting socialized medicine and all the other crap that obamination, Pelosinazi and Reid are pushing. We shouldn't wait for 2010: we should kick them out NOW! Agree with me? Write to me and let me know. I'd love to hear from you if you agree.

Dec. 22, 2009   Well, we found out who is "flavor of the month" with the BOCC. Maureen Rupe went down and whined to the BOCC about being legally and morally billed for a $595.50 public records request bill she received for 4,200 pages of printing she had done. They listened attentively and gave her a free pass. She was not forced to pay. So, I put in a public records request for something that should equal about the same amount. I included, of course, all records of anything with the name "Maureen Rupe" mentioned in any way. That way, I can see what she's been telling them about this public records thing and whatever else I find. If she can fish, so can I. I also informed the BOCC that I will NOT be paying for this request because if they are going to give to Maureen Rupe, they are darned well going to give to me, too. Equal treatment under the law. IF they discriminate against me and make me pay, I should have a lawsuit ready, willing and able. I may even include Ms. Rupe in order to find out why she is receiving special treatment. According to an e-mail I received from the County Manager's office, they let Maureen Rupe off the hook, "based on evidence that staff led her to believe she would be given hard copies after she had paid for electronic copies that could not be opened." Considering the Sept. 29, 2009 e-mail (scroll down) to Rupe from Sally Lewis that was clearly worded and delineated what Rupe would be receiving and what she would be paying for and what she would not be paying for, I see no evidence to support that statement: especially considering that, according to one source, Rupe didn't pick up her seven boxes of papers until Nov. 17, 2009 -- AFTER she was refusing to pay for them! However, if that's the game the County wishes to play, I will go along with it. They lie to me, I can hold their feet to the fire and demand equal treatment under the law, or demand to know why I am being discriminated against. On what basis are they not treating me the same as Maureen Rupe? I'm sure I'll receive a bill. I'm sure it will be plainly worded, as Rupe's bill from Sally Lewis was. I'm also sure I won't be paying it; as Rupe refused to do. Rupe said the County would have to sue her to get the money. Sounds to me like I should say the same thing. After all, what's fair for the Rupester is fair for me. One person commented on the Rupe public records thing like this:

"This was ridiculous, Linda. It's one thing to say you didn't know the cost was $600, I can buy that. However, once you walk out with the item you owe the bill, just like shopping.

"The request was purely dynamite fishing."
I agree.

Dec. 22, 2009   obamination a Republican plant?! That's one man's punditry. I think it's funny, but he's not a Republican plant. He's an ACORN plant and a puppet of his white masters, Andy Stern, George Soros and others. He no more thinks for himself (can't; he wasted his brain on drugs -- read his books) than Lambchop and if he has an original idea it's to go to the bathroom standing up on the sink.

Dec. 22, 2009   Democrats (Dumborats) in Brevard are helping raise money to "help right the wrongs" of America's current - as of today, at least - health care system by garnering support for socialized medicine. Too bad they don't tell the whole truth to get it done. They state, "Americans are losing coverage and facing huge rate increases". Well, they're losing coverage because their Democrat (Dumborat) president made the American economy tank and unemployment is up to over 10% and their rate increases will go up even higher when socialized medicine comes in. But do they tell the people that truth? No. They will not say that when they knock on doors and try to get people to call their Senators and Representatives. But they will use scare tactics to get people to panic and not educate themselves with the truth. I hate liars. But even they are unhappy with obamination. Too bad they are unhappy about trying to keep their own children safe from terrorism. Morons.

Dec. 22, 2009   Sen. Bill Nelson comments on his pro-health care reform vote. Make him eat his words. RECALL BILL NELSON!

Dec. 22, 2009   While listening to Rush today I heard about Alabama Dem. Parker Griffith changing parties. My reaction was, "Another RINO". Apparently, my instincts were correct. Scroll down to the "update" section and you'll see what I mean.

Dec. 22, 2009   Michelle Malkin has compiled a "Cash for Cloture" list; things that certain states received in exchange for their Senators' vote for cloture in the Senate on health care reform. Part One is here and part two is here. What kinds of souls have these people, if any? Florida? Well, "Three states – Pennsylvania, New York and Florida – all won protections for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a time when the program is facing cuts nationwide." A little thing called, "Right and Wrong"? Nah... They don't worry about that. But maybe it will be delayed a little by this tactic of GOP Sens. Jim DeMint and John Ensign.

Dec. 22, 2009   Want to give your child a great gift for Christmas? Adopt this parent's attitude about eduction. And stick with it!

Dec. 22, 2009   For a few years now, my husband has been receiving mailings from the AARP asking him to join. Recently I started receiving similar offers. I reject those offers because the AARP supports everything I am against: health care reform (socialized medicine for America), abortion, etc. That's one of the reasons I like this response to an AARP solicitation. There are other organizations out there for those of us who are over a certain age to join and receive similar benefits. Find those and join those organizations. It's better to join something that will support you than to join something that betrays you.

Dec. 22, 2009   How many of you have been keeping a watchful eye on the Flor-idiot, Alan Grayson (D-Orlando)? Well, for those of you who wish he would go away, there's a website out there, My Congressman Is is an Alan Grayson dedicated website. Dedicated to getting him out of Congress, that is. I just signed up. John Stossel commented on Grayson's bullying the website's creators. Grayson is apparently, a wimp as well as a big mouth.

Dec. 22, 2009   South Carolina Attorney General, Henry McMaster, is thinking about finding a way of investigating the bribes that brought Nebraska Senator's obamacare vote (and other states') to fruition. Good for him; if he follows through.

Dec. 22, 2009   obamination is taken seriously by world leaders. Sigh. He's so respected.

Dec. 22, 2009   A deplorable, painful, hateful practice has been going on for years but should be stopped immediately. That practice? FGM: Female Genital Mutilation. It's happening in England due to a large Muslim population over there, even though the government has made a lame attempt (poor excuse) at stopping it as reported here. I think this is something that we should be aware of and prevent from happening in America. The Muslim population is growing here; shall we allow such barbarism here?

Dec. 22, 2009   I am a birther. I am not ashamed of it. I have way too many things that make me think obamination was born outside of the USA in order for me to believe a word of his that he was born here. Not going to happen. If obamination wants me to stop being a birther, all he has to do is show me his records. Until then, I do not claim obamination as my president because he isn't until he can prove to me that he was legally eligible to be; and that he won the election fair and square. Too bad all those ACORN people are being charge with election/voter fraud. That second caveat will never be met, thus, obamination will never be my president. If Allen Keyes had won, oh, yeah. He'd be my president. If this new guy, Col. Allen West, were to run and win, he'd proudly be my president. obamination? Never.

Dec. 17, 2009   Copenhagen shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who hasn't been dead for the last twenty-four months. obamination has been proving again and again and again how liberal and leftist he is, so if anyone's surprised by his Copenhagen decisions, that's because they have had their heads in the sand or so far up obamination's rear-end that it's hard to breathe due to the stench. It's not a surprise to me because I've known obamination was bad news from the get-go. Now we have to worry about how badly he's going to sell America out. Just what we need: something else to worry about due to obamination's actions. He brings the Gitmo Detainees to America, gives America away to the Chinese or anyone else who will take it and he makes sure that he inhibits our growth as a nation, punishes us as a nation (read: taxes our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the hilt) and expects us to just love him. Sigh. Isn't he just wonderful!? Gag. What an ego this guy has. It must be bigger than Bill Clinton's ego, and that's saying something!

Dec. 12, 2009   Sorry for such a long break in updating my site. I have company coming down on the 13th of this month for a Christmas visit and I've been working to get the house ready for visitors. Decorating for Christmas at our house is a big thing. We have no fewer than forty Rubbermaid® containers we bring in from the shed and they all contain Christmas decorations. That's how we decorate: Lots of beautiful things go up and this year, so far, we have four trees up. There may be another to go up as yet, if my son decides he wants a live tree this year. So, as you can see, busy, busy, busy.

Dec. 12, 2009   Along the lines of "It's Christmas", there is a story you need to be aware of. Marlene Adams is a tenacious woman who won't let go of something she sees totally wrong that the County is doing. She has been on their tails for two illegal taxes they've been taxing us with, EMS and Fire, and she has been on them about (among many other things) a particularly heartbreaking story. This is not for the squeamish, folks. Animal Services in Brevard County is in need of some real butt kicking because of how they "service" the animals in their care. I think that this is something all of us need to make some noise about. Would you like your animal to be in their control over Christmas because he/she got out of the house and was found wandering the streets two blocks away from your house? If not, make some noise! Contact write to the County and tell them what you think of the conditions at "Animal Services" and what you think of how they treat the animals. I think they ought to know what you think. I think you ought to tell them. Make some noise!

Dec. 8, 2009   Sad to say, but all of our Brevard County State Representatives voted in favor of the SunRail system and to put a bigger burden on our children and grandchildren. I have heard apologies from two of them: Steve Crisafulli and Ritch Workman. There is someone who is unapologetic, though, and that is John Tobia (District 31). He not only is unrepentant for following Republican leadership into the SunRail debacle, he has asked that his name be removed from further Ronald Reagan Club mailings. Sounds to me like he thinks he can go it alone next November (eleven short months away). I think we should prove him wrong and vote the jerk out of office. If he can't admit that he was following orders and be repentant about it, who needs him to represent us? After all, an unrepentant politician is already in the Red (used to be White) House, who needs one at the local level? Oh, yeah. We have Mary Bolin.

Dec. 7, 2009   This day in 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. God bless America and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and survivors of the lost on that day. Honoring those who died that day, and who served that day, we must not at the same time dishonor those who are currently serving.

Dec. 7, 2009   Happy Birthday, Sister-In-Law, Tracy.

Dec. 7, 2009   ACORN. Again. At the same old, same old. ACORN paid for a study to be done that wound up (Shock! Surprise!) clearing them. Is anyone surprised?

Dec. 7, 2009   The world is being destroyed by man's actions! Or so the "global warming" crowd meeting in Copenhagen would have you believe. Apparently their actions have no impact upon our planet because they chose to bring their private jets and limos to the event. Of course, we all know that because "they care" they are also immune to the rules they want to force us to live under. Hypocrasy is a luxury that only they can afford. But obamination's team won't admit that man has no impact on the planet. As newspapers all over tout "global warming" without proof and touting "social justice" as part of the reason for stopping a non-existant "threat".

Dec. 7, 2009   "Kidnappers, thieves and rapists were hired to collect signatures and addresses" for an Ohio anti-smoking push by people who want to control everyone, everything, every where. I do not smoke, nor do I like smoking, but breaking Ohio laws by hiring forty-seven "kidnappers, thieves and rapists" to collect signatures and addresses to support getting an anti-smoking ban on the ballot is beyond the pale. Not smart, anti-smokers, not smart. Break the law to get a law? Does that tell anyone how much they want to abide by the laws they get passed?

Dec. 7, 2009   obamination surrounds himself with fools, liars, Marxists and perverts. The biggest pervert is the perv obamination put over our public schools. Not only that, but the "SAFE SCHOOLS" CZAR promotes a book in which the author admits to an incestual relationship with his cousin. Warning! These stories may be shocking to some and are not for children. Is this what you want to be taught in your public school system? If not, you'd better stand up and let obamination know about it. Tell obamination to fire the school czar. This perv is not someone who should be influencing what your children learn in school.

Dec. 7, 2009   Speaking of public schools, how would you like your children to be taught that Marx is good? Oh, that's okay. It's just the school system's (and the History Channel's) version of the truth. After all, America is being shoved that way by the obamination administration, so shouldn't the children have something to look forward to and to edcuate their parents about? After all, the school system knows best!

Dec. 7, 2009   Another of obamination's really smart wizards, Attorney General Eric Holder, has found himself on the wrong side of the families of 9/11 victims due to his push to bring Gitmo detainees to NYC to prosecute them there. Can anyone say, "Duh!"?

Dec. 7, 2009   The Senate is still trying to push through health care reform. The numbers speak and it's not pretty, folks. This push to socialize our medical care is just wrong and should be stopped immediately. I don't know why they think that it's okay to try to force us to do this. Don't they think you know your family budget, medical needs and concerns better than someone in D.C. who has never met you? Are they that magnificent and clairvoyant?

Dec. 7, 2009   Algore can't face the public right now. In fact, he cancelled his big $1,200 per plate dinner in Copenhagen after the truth of the "global warming" hoax was revealed. Now, Algore has turned to writing really bad poetry to express his support in the hoax. Sad to see a grown man fall apart and get desperate, but Algore has brought it upon himself. Live by the lie, die by the same lie. He's facing the truth like a whimpering, blubbering, bad poetry-writing simp. He's going to go down hard because he can't let go of his gravy train and he can't let go of his way to stay in the public limelight. He's famous within the "global warming" crowd. He is someone as long as there is "global warming". Get rid of it, get rid of Algore. He's hanging on by the thready skin of his chewed-on nails to any last shreds of fame he may have. It's appalling to see a grown man who can't face reality. Oh, and I do recommend you read the article and the first few lines of the poem. As a poetry writer myself, I can honestly say that Algore's is bad; really bad.

Dec. 7, 2009   Dems. (Dumbs) will stop at nothing to take Republicans down a notch or two. That "nothing" includes (but is definitely not limited to) a botched trial in which the judge is trying to manipulate the outcome. Isn't it nice that the court system is immune from politics and that we can relax knowing that Justice is blind to everything including political affiliation? (Yes, that was sarcasm, folks.)

Dec. 7, 2009   Do I support Sarah Palin? Oh, yeah. Do I think she should run for President? Absolutely. Does Palin's visit to Iowa indicate she is thinking of it? I certainly hope so!

Dec. 7, 2009   Your taxpayer dollars are being used to pressure people to not appear on Fox News when it's their choice to do so. Is this an appropriate use of your taxpayer dollars? If you do not think so, contact Dick Meyer at NPR and tell him.

Dec. 7, 2009   My opinion of the GOP is currently very negative, thanks in part to how they treated Sarah Palin during and after the elections. Apparently I am not alone because someone else calls them, "bloated, corrupt, greedy, inept, licentious, devoid of ideas, and weak." To tell you the truth, that tickles me pink, but it isn't really what the story is about. It's about getting good people elected to office in 2010; something our beloved country desperately needs and I support wholeheartedly: GOOD people, not just GOPers. I left the GOP in January of this year. I would encourage you to do the same, but there is an election in 2010 for which I may have to temporarilly rejoin the GOP (yuck) in order to vote for the best person in the primaries. Not something I relish the thought of, but it could be a swallow hard and bite the bullet situation because I have to do what I can to help this country pull back from the edge of destruction. If that requires me signing up with the GOP again, then I suppose so be it. It won't be something I enjoy and -- if legal -- I can always jump back out as soon as I vote. However, I will rejoin only with a loud and resounding noise to tell the leaders of the GOP to straighten up and fly right, so I'm not sure the GOP will want me. But that's okay. I don't want them, either. Some would say, "Better than Dems." To which I reply, "Show me the difference." Anymore, you can't find one.

Dec. 7, 2009   Socialized medicine is going to be bad for America and we should all stand against it. Those first sacrificed, of course, are women. I think that should tell women what Dems (Dumbs) think of their importance.

Dec. 7, 2009   H-weird has a black list of conservatives that should not be allowed to work in H-wood. My usual response: Shock. Surprise. My unusual surprise: Whoopee. Tell us something we didn't know.

Dec. 7, 2009   Over the last few days we learned about Tiger Woods and his self-control problems. (Or should I also say the immorality of those women who participated in affairs with a known married man?) I shall not link to those stories. To me they are not news. They should never be covered. I mention this for one reason: I send my condolences and support to Elin Nordegren and to their children. My prayers are with them during this painful time.

Dec. 3, 2009   Happy Birthday, Son.

Dec. 3, 2009 Ridiculousness of the Day:   Barbara Boxer's response to the global warming "Climategate" issue. What a moron. She's a total moron. Amazing she can breathe.

Dec. 3, 2009   It's time that the rot-gut politics of putting our troops in harm's way and then demanding that the bad guys they capture be treated with kid gloves be over. There are three Navy Seals, honorable men, who are being accused of assaulting a prisoner who was responsible for "the March 2004 ambush, killing and mutilation of four Blackwater contractors in Fallujah, Iraq". As far as I'm concerned, the guy got off light. If I had been there, he'd have been castrated. But that's just me. I'm hardcore. And proud of it.

Dec. 3, 2009   Should Mike Huckabee ever decide to run for public office again, I think his own actions may come back and bite him on the butt. And rightly so. He should crawl under a basket somewhere and never show his face in political circles again. He has disgraced himself. He should feel shame. Problem is, so many people have lost that ability and cannot understand what they did wrong. Is Huckabee one of them? I don't know. But he should not be in the public eye any longer. That is, if he were capable of shame.

Dec. 3, 2009   Florida's laws support the "One Man/One Woman" idea of traditional marriage. I am very thankful for that. It is what I believe is right. I had a discussion on a forum last year (or was it longer ago than that?) in which someone was trying to tell me that "Separation of Church and State" says that we have no right to tell people whom they can marry. I said, that if you want to look at it through those glasses, then the State has no right to tell people they can marry a person of the same gender because God established marriage as male/female way back in Genesis and that was way before any country on earth had any kind of founding documents: especially the U.S.A. The State should keep its nose out of Church business! The person arguing with me? Matthew Nye. I guess he wouldn't be happy with what the State of New York has just done. But that's not my problem.

Dec. 3, 2009   The Kenneth Gladney beating has many, many ties. It leads to many people. One of those ties is to obamination himself. Thugs who work for the president. I wonder if those thugs will be getting together in the Rose Garden of the Red House for a beer with Gladney and obamination. Just a thought. Be sure to read the whole series in this link and watch the video.

Dec. 2, 2009   Know what I'm not seeing regarding the global warming hoax? I'm not seeing where Al Gore, oh he of the "carbon credit" scam, is standing up and taking responsibility to rebate all the money those who believed his lies and scare tactics spent buying his carbon credits. What's wrong with that picture? When will Al Gore be held responsible?

Dec. 2, 2009   Well, the fit has hit the shan in the climate change ("global warming": same thing) hoax. At Copenhagen yesterday, Professor Ian Plimer called the whole thing a "fraud". Take that, you global warming alarmists who fell for it hook, line, and sinker! You believed the idiocy and wouldn't listen to reason, so now you get what you paid for. You get to swallow the bitter pill that is admitting that the whole thing was a big, fat lie. Thank your leaders. They did this to you. Oh, and they did it knowing it was all a lie. Which means they knew how gullable you are.

Dec. 1, 2009   There is a push afoot among Brevard Democrats to help stupid proposed amendments get put on the ballots and voted into being via the Florida citizens' vote. I have no problem with voters being able to vote on things. However, I do not approve of people blythely going off into their ill-informed La-La Lands where no one would ever lie to them and the person getting them to sign something smiled so sweetly that the world turned to cotton candy raindrops and they ate their ways into Ha-Ha Heaven. Puhlease. The truth is that the things they are trying to pass are bad for Florida and bad for fairness. Consider that they are a group of Progressives putting this on the ballot (when was the last time you saw a "progressive" move you anywhere closer to a republic and further away from communism and their total control of everything?), consider that they are backed and supported by a progressive organization, one that is is pushing for overseas voter registration (consider the possible fraudulent activities there; it also covers military absentee ballots, and being military retiree dependent and military brat, I am not against registering military members to vote: I am against possible fraud in the system by registeration of non-U.S. people as being U.S. citizens with the right to vote), and that Democrats and progressives (not always the same thing: there are some progressives who are "Green Party" people) both support this thing. Can you imagine any progressive supporting something that would not benefit themselves? This thing is chaired by Thom Rumberger, a lobbyist for "Save the Manatee" and "The Everglades Trust", etc. (He calls himself a Republican?) Then it's former FL Comptroller, Bob Milligan, who wanted to increase taxes on business in Florida who also supports this thing. It gets tougher with contributions like this: "$50,000 from the Service Employees International Union, a politically active, Democratic-oriented union." The SEIU? Oh, yeah. I remember them. That's the organization whose thugs beat the tar out of Kenneth Gladney. Watch out, Florida. It's going to be a ton of whitewash and a bumpy ride.

Dec. 1, 2009   AMEN! Throw the bumms out! (And I don't mean homeless people!)

Dec. 1, 2009   ACORN. ACORN. Hypocrasy is thy middle name. Yeah. And tell me something the world didn't know.

Dec. 1, 2009   Mike Huckabee's past comes back to haunt him. Rightly so. As Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee issued hundreds of clemencies. Why, I don't know and no one can explain it to me well enough for me to see any kind of real logical reasoning behind his decisions. He's maybe getting another few people to vote for him; the family of the perp will do so: the victims' families and friends won't. That's a wash, so what reason could he have for doing "more than 700 pardons and commutations during his eight years in office"? Not good. Very bad, indeed. He's not a logical person and he's not a conservative.

Dec. 1, 2009   The "global warming" hoax hasn't slowed down the Copenhagen Conference that is Dec. 6-18, 2009. obamination is going over (and you're helping to pay for that trip so be sure to pay attention to how many planes, trains and automobiles he takes with him) and I'm sure he'll find a dictator or king to bow to somewhere over there, not to mention a way to apologize for America again. Add to that the whole idea that the "global warming" scam has been uncovered and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt as a way to milk America and the Western countries of billions of dollars, and obamination is still going to go over and try to sign away our sovereignty. Don't take my word for it. Find the Truth! Watch the video. Because if you don't find the truth yourself, you're a lamb to the slaughter. They always get their followers first because they're the easiest target. You trust them, why would you fight?

Dec. 1, 2009   I should have a "Ridiculousness of the Day" posting. One a day will do you. This would be the "Ridiculousness of the Day" for Dec. 1, 2009. But then again, there is so much ridiculousness out there, that this anti-Christmas story might have to qualify as well.

Dec. 1, 2009   (Warning: Paid political advertisement ahead. Paid for and approved -- independent of any political affiliation, party or powers -- by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927.) There. That's out of the way. Now on with the info: I do not support Gov. Charlie Crist in his bid to become our next Senator. This is part of the reason I do not support Charlie Crist. He's just not good enough. He's a RINO and he's a bad one at that. Good ones can at least keep the covers on until the election. He couldn't wait until he was a year out. Now he has to try to fix his RINO exposure time. Too bad it's not going to work. RINOs have had their day. Now True Conservatives are on the rise and RINOs need to run for cover. Maybe Crist will tuck his little grey suit into his RINO horn and go back to where he came from. Where that is, I do not know, but I am definitely tired of him and his appointees.

Dec. 1, 2009   What do ACORN and the "global warming" hoax have in common? No, not prostitutes (although considering this story, it could be something they share). It's trying to hide the evidence of their wrong-doings. That's what they have in common. And we thought they were totally unrelated. The obamination administration's response to the evidence of the "global warming" hoax? "Who cares?" Sweet. Smart? Not so much.

Dec. 1, 2009   Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of peace. Yeah. Maybe if I keep repeating it over and over to myself, I'll start to believe it (like global warming). Although I seriously doubt people at this college would argue with the mantra, I can't help but wonder if the victims of 9/11, or "honor" killings would?

Dec. 1, 2009   I don't like obamination's ideas and plans for America in the least. But would McCain have been that much better? They're both idiots. The only reason I voted for McCain is because I was voting for Palin; McCain was the unwanted freebie thrown in. Now he proves me correct. Shock. Surprise.

Dec. 1, 2009   Net Neutrality is not my flavor of the month: nor shall it ever be. An update is necessary to remind you as to its dangers and the lies associated with it. Trust me, folks, you don't want any of obamination's dreams to come true because that's where your nightmare begins. Look at what he's already done to the economy. Want that to happen to your interenet? I didn't think so.

Nov. 2009

Nov. 30, 2009   Well, after Thanksgiving and I'm ready to hit it again. So, on with the show!

Nov. 30, 2009   Finally heard from the County and got a copy of the bill the County sent to Rupe. I had to "cc" State Attorney General, Bill McCollum and the Brechner Foundation to get it. The bill was sent via e-mail and it looked like this:

"From: Lewis, Sally A
"Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 4:07 PM
"To: Maureen Rupe
"Subject: Public Records Request

"I have not forgotten you. It has taken a long time to print all of the records that you requested.
"Here is the breakdown.
"You already paid $30.00 for the disk with all of the e-mails on it.
"I printed all of the e-mails like you requested and they are ready to pick up.
"There was a total of 4,200 pages.

"4200 – 30(1st thirty pages are free) = 4170 total pages
"$30.00 dollars pays for 200 copies (4170 – 200 = 3970)
"Total copies at .15 page is 3970 x .15 = $595.50
"I did not charge you for the time it took to print the e-mails which was approx. 7 hours.

"Total amount due for copies is $595.50.


"Sally Lewis
"County Manager's Office
(SCC Note: The $30.00 for 200 copies refers to the cost of the CD the County had already given Rupe with the e-mails on it. Rupe had already paid for the CD, so they subtracted the cost of the CD from the cost of the printing. Fair enough.)

So there you have it. Maureen Rupe was clearly and comprehensively billed way back in September for the over 4,000 page printing job she had done at your expense. For Rupe to say that she didn't think she was being billed for the printing job is perhaps a testament to her ability to understand the written word. The bill is clear: "Total amount due for copies is $595.50." The bill delineates which items are being billed and which have already been paid. Notice they gave Rupe a break in the price by not charging her for the employee hours it took to print the e-mails. That's enough of a price break right there. Should the taxpayers of Brevard County -- you and I -- have to foot the bill because Rupe can't read or understand proper, clear, concise grammar in the English language? I think not. I have written to the County and told them so. You can write to the County and tell them what you think about footing Rupe's bill. Tell them that you're not going to pay for anything the County bills you for unless and until we receive equal treatment under the law and Rupe is made to pay her bill. After all, if it's fair for the Rupe, it's fair for the rest of the taxpayers.

Nov. 30, 2009   The "global warming" hoax has had "celebrities" (at least in their own minds) touting their support of "going green" for years. They've encouraged us to do everything from cutting back on our electrical use via compact fluorescent light bulbs (as opposed to regular light bulbs) to using less water per shower and per flush. Finally someone caught on to the fact that the same celebrities are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Nov. 26, 2009   First, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you remember the "Reason for the Season" and that is to give thanks to God who provided this land of plenty to the free and the brave so that we could live here and worship Him as we should and so that we could have our Republic and not have to bow to a king (as obamination likes to do). God provided this land for us and I hope and pray we do not forget that. I also pray that we do not let others take it away from "We the People": others who live and legislate within this land of "E Pluribus Unum" (From Many One) who wish to be the "One" in their version of this land: "Plures ut servo unus" (Many to serve one). I am grateful to the Lord God Almighty that He has given me the intellect to see that we have our freedom (one of the greatest gifts of all: second to Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us all) and if we stand and stand NOW, we will maintain that freedom. I am grateful to God for those of you who also see the truth. America: NOT AmeriKa! To that end, I give you the Heritage Foundation's reminder: "How Did the Pilgrims Beat 'Communism' With the Free Market?" Read it and learn. Please.

Nov. 26, 2009   For your reading pleasure this Thanksgiving, I give you something else to be thankful about. Angelina Jolie thinks obamination is a "socialist phony". Jolie's not usually someone I pay attention to but this tickles me. I can't believe a H-wooder got it right. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 26, 2009   Another Thanksgiving treat for you: Dr. Thomas Sowell's article, "Solving Whose Problem?" I love this man. He's so good! His writing is excellent in everything he writes and he writes a lot! Very good stuff and so well thought out. Love it.

Nov. 26, 2009   This is a difficult story to read. I understand that. But there is truth in it that we all must face. First: If we don't stand up and fight for America we will wind up with a socialist country with Sharia law. Second: The politics of women's rights are discussed. Third: The interviewee states the truth about the left:

"Leftists pay lip service to women’s rights, but they are full of empty words. They derive fame and recognition from the pain and suffering of women. They only talk and travel just to show off; they do nothing to help..."
I think that speaks volumes; especially when you consider what the story is about. Please note that it may upset some people. But the fact is that this is happening worldwide and every woman, every man who loves a woman, every man who has a sister, mother, aunt or grandmother needs to speak out against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.

Nov. 26, 2009   I think it's time to start holding colleges accountable for the liberal leftist ideology they force their students to swallow, hook, line and sinker. If you go to college as a believing Christian, a conservative who stands for your beliefs, you are ridiculed and graded on a curve for your beliefs. If you want to teach there as a conservative Christian, you probably won't even be hired. So does that surprise anyone who has been paying attention?

Nov. 26, 2009   NASA will be sued for not complying with multiple FOIA requests. Sounds like our County (see the top Nov. 23rd posting, below). I hope the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) wins and that the government is brought to heel. Government needs to remember who is in charge and this is a good first step. Remember, the scientific community lied about other things as well. So let's not take everything they say as gospel. After all, we don't want to be found out as believing another lie, do we?

Nov. 26, 2009   Considering the fact that "global warming" has been proven a big, fat, flat-out lie and that the truth of the scientists' obfuscations are now out in the open, one would think that things like Barbara Boxer's Cap & Trade bill would be dead in the water. I suppose I'm thinking too logically. I keep forgetting that the truth doesn't matter to the "Goddess Earth" worshipping progressives and leftists. It's put "Earth First" or die trying. Well, I've got news for them. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" is a biblical premise and we all know that God knows more than all of them combined. We know the truth now. The whole world does. China to Australia, Canada to Sweden, America to Greece: we all know that "global warming" has been proven a big, fat, flat-out lie and that sets us free from wanting to support the bills that would enslave us to the premise. We do not kowtow to those who would lie to us and support the lies of others. We do not want our children's futures to be taxed and enslaved in order to support the proven-false-premise. "Global warming" has been proven a big, fat, flat-out lie and when people found that out, they felt freedom start to creep in. Their children are no longer going to be spoonfed the lie by the public school system without parents countering it with the truth that "global warming" has been proven a big, fat, flat-out lie. When the eyes of the people are open, the lies of the government or anyone else do not stand! Our eyes are open. You lose!

Nov. 26, 2009   You all know that I do not like public schools. They used to be good; now they're trash. They've gone from an educational service provide by the government paid for by your property taxes and other ways, to institutions in which to brainwash children into the progressive mindset and a way to control the parents and their purse strings. That's my opinion of public schools (and, quite honestly, some private schools). Disagree with me? Too bad. Read the story that confirms my opinion and watch the video. Pay special attention to this quote from outgoing Chief Attorney of the National Education Association (NEA), Bob Chanin:

"Despite what some among us would like to believe it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power."
Could he have made my case any clearer or better?

Nov. 26, 2009   There is something happening that some of you are not aware of. I think it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. I told people early last year that if obamination were elected we would have race wars and trouble like this. I understand the politics of power and that it goes to some people's heads. I have a neighbor who had an obamination sign in front of her house. After the election, her daughter used to sit outside and sing a little song that said something about obamination (not what she called him, it was more like "The Almighty Obama!" Nah. Just kidding. She used his real name: Kenyan-born obama.) and that now (actual quote ahead), "We can do whatever we want!" I don't think her mother is all that happy right now with obamination and being able to "do whatever [they] want". I've seen the repo guys over there more than once. Where was obamination for them then? I guess not paying their bills was something they thought they could get away with. Maybe the companies they purchased those things from disagreed? Maybe they should call obamination and have him set it straight for them. Who knows? Maybe they'll get some stimulus money as one of my other neighbors did. Ooops. Sorry. She's working for an organization that received almost 400,000 taxpayer dollars back on July 2, 2009 but they cut her hours and now she's working only four days a week. Where did all that money go if not to her when the stated reason for the Stimulus money going to that organization was,

"Funds will be used to increase the compensation and benefits of staff through a cost of living adjustment to improve the overall quality of the program. (Total jobs reported: 129)"
So where did her COLA raise go if she's working four days a week when she used to work five? Kinda' makes you go, Hmmmmm....

Nov. 26, 2009   The United Nations is not on my "favorites" list. I am totally against us giving up our sovereign power to make our own decisions within our own borders, but that is exactly what the U.N. wants us to do. Nope. Not my cup of tea. Now they have decided to silence those who threaten to expose them and it doesn't surprise me not one little bit. The person they're trying to silence was criticizing the U.N. on a report that was on the terrorist activities against Israel that didn't -- not even once -- mention Hamas. Say what? That's a bit of a "duh" to me: not mention "Hamas" when talking about terrorist activities against Israel? But the U.N. does not brook criticism. So they detained the person and then they took away her credentials. I remind America: if we turn our backs on Israel, God turns His back on us. That's a biblical promise. We should not forget it.

Nov. 26, 2009   Kenneth Gladney is the black man the SEIU thugs beat up for trying to sell "Don't Tread on Me" flags and buttons outside a health care rally. Today, finally, charges are being filed against the SEIU thugs. It would not surprise me if there were also charges filed against Gladney because this is all ACORN run, and we all know who runs ACORN: Soros/obamination. Any charges against Gladney are me speculating because of how crazy things have gotten since obamination's coronation. But it would not surprise me if it did happen.

Nov. 25, 2009   Given obamination's proclivity for bowing to every "sovereign" he meets (the Saudi King, the Japanese Emperor, the Chinese Premier), one would think he was envious of those who get bowed to by their people. Wouldn't surprise me if he wants us to bow to him. Ain't gonna' happen.

Nov. 25, 2009   Now that "climate change" has been proven a hoax will organizations like this leave the rest of us alone? Or will they be trying to control you even though the whole thing has been proven a fraud? I say they need to shut the organization down and stop trying to bully us into higher taxes, dangerous light bulbs and other nonsense. The "global warming" thing is a hoax. There's no doubt about that now. They've been found out. Why should we pay any further attention to their nonsense? Also, answer me this question: If they can willfully deceive people on this, what else are they willing to deceive us on?

Nov. 24, 2009   I missed the Vince Young show yesterday. I was decorating for Christmas and forgot to listen. Fortunately, Vince taped it. He's going to send me a copy. Hurray! Hurray! Thanks, Vince. Oh, and he told me that my name was not mentioned. Did the paragraph below work? I wrote to the County (Scott Knox, Sally Lewis, Stockton Whitten, all five Commissioners) that they should put a lien on Rupe's house if she won't pay the $595 owed to the taxpayers of Brevard County for her printing costs. I don't know where that will go (if anywhere), but it is a legal way to make sure the money comes in.

Nov. 23, 2009   It has been eleven (11) days since my first request for a copy of the Maureen Rupe $595 public records request printing bill was sent to the County. I have yet to receive a copy. I have posted the results of my inquiries and Vince Young has posted more info on the subject. His show is on at 8:00 p.m. tonight and you can Listen Live to Vince Young's show (if their computer cooperates and it will be available; they sometimes have problems with that) and Maureen Rupe herself will be on tonight to tell her side of the story. I can't tell you that you'll enjoy it, but maybe it will be interesting. Listen and see if she tries to make it all about how terrible I am and how I've done everything I can to destroy her and how much I've tried to block all the "good things" in the community. Now that I've posted that, she may not have the courage to do it. Listen and see.

Nov. 23, 2009   Remember Terry Schiavo? Here's why I believe that coma victims in a "vegetative state" should be kept alive. Because who knows what they are hearing, understanding, etc.? And, who knows that you won't be committing murder? LIFE, people. It's precious. Little babies still in the womb and those in a coma shouldn't have to be killed for our convenience. They are innocent of wrong-doing and shouldn't be murdered. Those are yelling, "Well, you're pro-death penalty, aren't you?" Yes. I am. But those under the death penalty have been found guilty of some horrible crime. Schiavo and those like her, and little babies still in the womb have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to die.

Nov. 23, 2009   obamination's buddies at ACORN in San Diego have been trying to cover their tracks and have been caught trying to get rid of the evidence of their wrong-doing. Shock. Surprise. I bet we'll see more of this in the future. BTW, anyone notice obamination condemning the actions of any of the ACORN people who were going to help the "prostitute and pimp"? Has obamination said anything at all that would lead anyone to believe that he condemns what happened there? Silence is the same as condoning it. Agree?

Nov. 23, 2009   Japan can now laugh out loud at our idiot-in-chief, obamination. His visit to their country was a complete failure according to the Japanese media. He not only bowed low enough to be considered apologizing, he also can't get anything else right. Shock. Surprise. (When it comes to obamination, I should just shorten that phrase -- Shock. Surprise. -- to S.S.). He did so much wrong that the Japanese, usually a very respectful, staid people, started slighting him back. Turn about is apparently fair play even in Japan.

Nov. 23, 2009   Not one to avoid lying through his teeth, obamination said he would have an ethical and transparent administration. Right. That's why his labor department is ignoring FOIA records requests. (I wonder if those requesting them would have to pay for them? Just asking.)

Nov. 23, 2009   Support for obamination's and the Dem's health care reform is all but zilch. A new poll shows it is at its lowest, but the Dems in the House and Senate aren't listening, nor do they care about what you don't want. All they care about is what they want and, after all, they are in control, aren't they? We could change that if we got together to do so. So when do we?

Nov. 23, 2009   The real jobless rate is at 17.5%. obamination was good for America, yes?

Nov. 23, 2009   The NY trials of the masterminds of the 9/11 attacks will be bad for America. (It will also be bad for NY: see my notes of Nov. 16th -- third note.) It will give the terrorists a platform from which to spread their ideas and their hatred of America. Yeah. We need that. (That's sarcasm, folks.)

Nov. 22, 2009   Saturday Night Live (SNL) has some funny stuff sometimes. I don't waste my time watching the actual show, but when they do something that gets noticed by Big and they are taking on obamination. I like that. On the Big Government page you will also see info about a Sarah Palin thing they did. Problem is, the link doesn't work to be able to see the SNL video there, so I went and found it for you. To my way of thinking, it's rather ridiculous (except for the part where they say that the movie about Palin is brought to you by the mind of Keith Olbermann), but it's something to know about so that you can argue the facts. "Know thine enemy" is one of my favorite sayings. Even though it turns my stomach at times to do so, I study them. I read their stupidity. I must know them or they can take me by surprise and that's something I will never let happen. Besides, when you know them so well that you can predict what they are going to say and do, it makes them madder than anything. Isn't that the fun part?

Nov. 22, 2009   The SEIU's sister organization, Change To Win has a strange agenda. They want to "protect our borders" but at the same time, they want to allow illegal immigrants "the right to join together into unions". Sounds like a member building scheme to me. More members (higher numbers) equals greater power with the politicians in D.C. Don't believe me? It's right here:

"Pass a sensible immigration policy: We need to protect our borders and control the flow of immigration as we promote policies that prevent undocumented workers from being used as fodder in the corporate push to drive down wages and working conditions. Undocumented workers contribute much to America -- paying taxes and making significant contributions to their communities. They should be able to earn legalization and be provided with a path to citizenship. Immigrant workers also need full workplace protections, including the right to join together into unions, so that all workers are protected."

Nov. 22, 2009   *Insert wicked laughter here* Anyone want to go party crashing? Imagine the looks on their faces!

Nov. 22, 2009   The Food Nazis are in Brevard! They got together today and had a meat-free meal where they:

"will truly give thanks by sharing and enjoying food that is sustainable, healthy and delicious, thus embodying the true spirit of Thanksgiving."
I suppose the traditional, Christian way of giving thanks -- bowing our heads and saying a heartfelt prayer to the God of all creation who provides us with the food, the job that earns the money to buy the food and the right (so far) to choose what we eat -- is not the "true spirit of Thanksgiving". I wonder if they said a prayer to the Lord God Almighty who created them and everything/everyone else. What thinks you? Which do you think is the "true spirit of Thanksgiving"?

Nov. 22, 2009   Hey! Did you buy the Sarah Palin book? If you did, you must be a racist. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I will. I guess I'll just join the ranks of "racist" as well. Sigh. I love belonging.

Nov. 22, 2009   "You've got to be kidding me" were the words that I uttered upon seeing this story. Amazingly, Malkin answered me in her writing. Has the world gone mad?

Nov. 22, 2009   Another obamination appointee-idiot, Attorney General, Eric Holder, is having trouble finding any of his people to prosecute the 9/11 terrorists due to conflict of interests. Doesn't that tell you something?

Nov. 21, 2009   I've long considered "environmentalism" one of those "isms" the world would be better without. When I think of all the people who have had their rights trampled upon in order to facilitate the ease and comfort of a bird, turtle, tree, insect or whatever, I get flummoxed. I do not understand putting anything ahead of people. People are the most important things on the planet; nothing else takes precedent. That's not what environmentalist wackos think, though. They want us to organize everything around the animals and trees, etc. and us to have to kowtow to the birds and the bees and humans to give way to the liberal environmentalist's every demand. Well, I think I know where environmentalists get their ideas and why we should fight them. Kermit the Frog says, "It's not easy being green", but in today's world, it's even harder -- thanks to the Marxist environmentalist wackos -- being human.

Nov. 21, 2009   Attention all of those who believe that Free Speech is an integral part of our daily lives, our Freedom and our Constitution's guarantees! It's going away! Now don't say I didn't warn you.

Nov. 21, 2009   Reid & Pelosinazi are pushing socialized obamination care through without our support. That's why I call them and their followers our "MISrepresentatives". When it comes to our medical community, (with very few exceptions) we have the best, brightest and most dedicated medical people in the world (IMHO). Problem is, some of them (the AMA for example) are also liberal progressives who want socialized medidcine. The AMA supports it because they get something out of it. Well, according to a study that says America leads the world in wedical innovation my opinions have been well grounded. With socialized medicine on the way, our leadership in that arena will also fail. I guess that's what Reid, Pelosinazi and obamination want; a second- (or third-, or fourth-, or fifth-...) rate AmeriKa. If that's not what you want, practice standing up.

Nov. 21, 2009   For being considered by some (not I) so brilliant, obamination can't get anything right. Doesn't surprise me. I've always thought of him as an idiot.

Nov. 21, 2009   Seems everyone in America has an opinion on the obamination health care reform push. I agree with those who say it's a bad idea and has bad things in it. Of course, I don't like socialism, so naturally I would dislike obamination's health care reform. America -- AMERICA, not AmeriKa -- was founded in such a way that we would never go socialist. Read the founding documents, Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, as well as the Federalist Papers -- and you will see that we were not meant to be a socialist country. The Senate under Harry Reid and the House under Nancy Pelosinazi as well as the obamination have all turned their backs on those documents and the history and tradition of America and are betraying us in order to get a socialist/communist/marxist country in which only Democrats have power and they stay there forever. They do not want America; they want AmeriKa with them at the wheel. Remember that in AmeriKa, only the elites in government have the good things. The rest of us will serve them as in Soviet Russia, Communist China and Marxist everywhere. When was the last time you enjoyed working daily to serve and pay for others? For me that would be never. I refuse to do so now. Won't you join me?

Nov. 21, 2009   Anyone who wishes to use more than a square millimeter of their brains can tell that ACORN has been a corrupt organization since its inception. Now, finally, there are a few people willing to point out the proof that has been out there waiting to show its revealing face for the longest time. Maybe now ACORN will be made to pay for all the wrongs it has done since the prostitution scandal hasn't done anything to its reputation among its supporters except give it a better reputation. Does that make sense to anyone with any morals at all? Not to me.

Nov. 21, 2009   Have your children been taught to believe in the religious myth of "Climate Change" and to worship at its reclycling feet? Well, there's news afoot. Climate Change is an orchestrated hoax to get dollars from you and others who believe in the lie. A hoax that may end up in RICO ( Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act) charges. I hope they put the jerks in jail who taught the government (probably in on it), our children and our naive to believe that man has more control over the earth than what God set up. Our children (and by "our", I mean "your" because I homeschooled my children and they were never taught to believe in it; in fact they were taught it was a lie) should not have been scared into believing that they were horrible little things that were damaging the earth that sustains us and we're all gonna' die because of it. Hooey.

Nov. 20, 2009   Joe Lieberman is being targeted by the SEIU as their next person to intimidate into cooperation. I don't know about you, but I remember before obamination got elected that there didn't used to be public threats to people who disagreed. Well, unless you said something that a wannabe politician didn't like and then it was always, "I'm going to sue!" Nowadays, with obamination in office, the organization obamination loves, the SEIU is using its (borrowing the phrase of Glenn Beck) "Thugocracy" to try to rule the nation via intimidation. Welcome to obamination's AmeriKa.

Nov. 20, 2009   The Senate's 2,074 page "health care" bill (read "We control you and your future!") will be voted on tomorrow as far as opening it up for discussion. If it gets opened for discussion (which will take the proverbial sixty votes which is the hard part for them right now), it will go to the floor and if it's on the floor they just need fifty-one Senators to vote in favor of it and it will be passed. That's the sneakiness of these folks: they just have to get the votes to bring it to the floor then the sheer numbers of idiot Dems. in the Senate will make it a given that it will be passed. Well, America, welcome to socialism if it does get to the floor. Will you do anything to help stop it? The Capital switch board number for you to call your Senator and tell them not to do anything to help this thing get passed, to stand against it, is 202-224-3121. Call them. Let them know what you think about them being our Lords and Masters because they're certainly not representing us! Oh, and some info on it is available, too.

Nov. 20, 2009   Oprah Winfrey is shutting down her show. Yeah. So?

Nov. 20, 2009   Who says you can't buy good representation nowadays? It's only $100 million!

Nov. 20, 2009   Look at the title of this story on the Drudge Report, "EU president wants Copenhagen to give us 'global management'... ". Excuse me? The European Union wants Copenhagen... What does Copenhagen have to do with the countries in the EU making decisions on their own? They used to have freedom within their own countries to do as they saw best for their own countries. Now they are asking Copenhagen -- a foreign entity not of their own countries -- to give them "global management"? Global management of what and of whom? Are they trying to get the United States of America, land of the Free and home of the Brave included in that? How about Africa? Will they be included in their little power scheme? The countries of the EU could not have done this sort of thing without being a "united" Europe. With the "union", they think they can just waltz in and take over? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot for a moment we have obamination as our "president" (dictator) and Pelosinazi and Reid as his cohorts. I guess they won't have much opposition here.

Nov. 20, 2009   ACORN is not out of the woods as far as investigations are concerned. Now, after Giles and O'Keefe, even the House of MISrepresentatives is getting in on the act. Honestly? I don't expect this one to go very far.

Nov. 20, 2009   Will the foolish Jesse Jackson ever sit down and shut the crud up? Goodness, his day is over, he's just too blind to understand that.

Nov. 20, 2009   My husband is an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. He and his brother made Eagle Scout at the same time way back when. I have a picture of them getting pinned. The Boy Scouts of America is a group I like, encourage and support. Thank goodness they won't be threatened by the SEIU thug any longer.

Nov. 20, 2009   Three-term Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) can't take the pressure. He's tired and he's trying to find a solution to what is tiring him. His solution? Proposing a House Congressional Resolution to make the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving "Complaint Free Wednesday". Waahhh. Man up!

Nov. 20, 2009   Michelle Malkin's story on obamination's double speak (shock. surprise) about political dissent should be no surprise to anyone as far as obamination is concerned. If his lips are moving, he's lying.

Nov. 19, 2009   ACORN has another surprise for you. They have an employee who says, "she can do independent research for us, and that she has had meetings with Porn magnate Larry Flynt." This is all about the Giles/O'Keefe investigation and and tries to help funnel money into a make believe political campaign, “there are ways, people do it all the time. Yeah there are ways, especially out here in California.” Remember, this is obamination's ex-employer.

Nov. 19, 2009   Listen to Vince Young's radio show tonight Live on WMEL for more on the B-Rupe-haha. He has received a copy of County Attorney, Scott Knox's ruling on the Rupe records request and Scott Knox has ruled that,

"The short answer is yes.

"The county has satisfied its duty to provide the documents in the format in which the records are maintained (PST), as well as a format available in the county(PDF). Another manner of providing the documents is by hard copy. If that is the only alternative requested by an individual, the applicable BCC policy requires payment for every copy in excess of 30 at the rate of $.15 per copy. BCC-30"
Considering that Rupe has done a records request many times in the past and knows the procedure, and she has some sort of reasoning power, one would think she would have been aware of what the costs would probably be. After all, she wasn't unaware of the size of the files. She says she couldn't open the files, not that the file directory didn't show up on her computer, so at the very least she had a list of how many there would be, or an idea of the file size which would have to have been huge. Her campaign website states on her "Budgetary Challenges" page, "We must accept the fact that our resources are reduced... Waste and redundancy must be eliminated immediately.", and her "Education and Experience" page states, "This education system gave me a critical thinking foundation..." (her website, by the way, is still illegally available because it should -- according to campaign law -- have been removed from the internet within thirty days after being defeated and she was defeated in the August 2008 primaries). Taking her own words into consideration, I think it possible that Rupe should have known -- or at the very least used those "critical thinking" skills of her educational foundation -- what to expect when it came time to go pick up a stack of papers with every Comm. Infantini e-mail ever written. Taking her history of records requests, the info that was available to her via the CD she received from the County (even if it's just directory info), and the fact that she has "a critical thinking foundation", could it be that Rupe is pleading ignorance instead of poor mouse? It is tough economic times. That's a given. But shouldn't (Rupe's own words), "Waste and redundancy must be eliminated immediately" include the waste of not getting the $595 bill paid for printing 3,966 pages with the ink, paper and time the County Staff took to print these documents for a witch hunt? Again, I must say that I am glad she wasn't elected our D1 Commissioner. Who knows how big our bill would have been for that?

Nov. 19, 2009   Some of you thought that Kosmas listened to the majority of us who didn't want health care passed in the House of MISrepresentatives. Read her official, Democratic, reasons and tell me you think she listened to us.

Nov. 19, 2009   Sen. Joe Lieberman is no longer a Dem. (good for him), and he is showing his independence by slamming health care reform and not worrying about what the Dems think they can do to him. Sounds like a good place to be: not worrying about your future, just doing what is right on the issue. I'm glad Sen. Lieberman has found that place.

Nov. 19, 2009   Notice the name of the author of the American Thinker article, "Islam-Bashers Repent". Then read the article. Then understand why I have a problem with people who say that "Islam is a religion of peace." Peace doesn't kill your daughter, sister, or other females to save your face.

Nov. 19, 2009   Even John Conyers is getting tired of obamination's plays.

Nov. 19, 2009   There's an online game out there that is a game showing obamination's administration being hated so much that there's a coup and obamination is overthrown. Most of the designers of the game keep their identities a secret because of the threats they have received. When, in America, did we threaten each other for a game? Welcome to obamination's AmeriKa.

Nov. 19, 2009   It's back! There's a "monthly abortion fee" in the Senate's health care bill. Being anti-abortion, pro-life myself, I won't support anything that takes my taxpayer dollars and gives them to support abortion. If you are pro-life anti-abortion, then I strongly urge you to contact your state Senators and tell them that you don't want them to support any health care reform bill -- especially not one that supports abortion. I've contacted mine already, so I'm not asking you to do anything that I haven't done.

Nov. 19, 2009   America needs more picnic tables. Don't believe me? Well, you need to see what the Stimulus (stimulate fraud, waste and abuse) Bill has in it. Be sure to check out the website Stimulus Watch to find out where your taxpayer dollars are going. The State of Florida got some of our money, too. You'll be amazed.

Nov. 19, 2009   The U.S. Army is NOT going to let the media cover Sarah Palin's appearance at Fort Bragg. Hmmm... And I thought they were supposed to protect our rights, not to trample them. Anyone say, "PC ARMY"? I think we've seen the results of PC in the ARMY somewhere else just recently, too. Now where did I see that?

Nov. 19, 2009   Now I've heard it all. There are so many, many poor excuses for blaming "global warming" for things that I thought that I had heard it all. Until I read this story. NOW I've heard it all.

Nov. 19, 2009   I'm not the only one dissatisfied with obamination. There are gamers out there (see link above) who are unhappy, and other bloggers out there who share my opinion of obamination. Our numbers are growing and growing fast.

Nov. 19, 2009   The House of MISrepresentatives is at it again. They are trying to increase costs to us and pay off another of the lobbying groups that suppurts health care reform. This time it's the wonderful, caring people of the A.M.A. I just love it when our MISrepresentatives spend our money on getting their own way instead of our way. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Nov. 19, 2009   I quote Fortscribe:

"As every student of Al Gore knows, massive global warming that results in the melting of the polar ice caps will result in flooding that covers much of the [U]nited [S]tates. Rather than making an impassioned plea to fight against insane liberals, we here at Fortscribe propose a simple experiment. Will this experiment cost us millions to perform? Nah, you can do it yourself in your kitchen!

"Just take a glass full of water and fill it with ice. Then, fill the remaining space with water and mark the place where the water level is. Let all the ice melt. Recheck the water level and tell us what happens.

"Just do the experiment; science is based on testable theories. If you do for some reason want to reject the outcome of this very simple experiment, feel free to consult our resident science guru, Perankhscribe. We welcome elaborate theories and people buying "sea salt" to test our theory. If your argument is sufficiently compelling or testable we will post it!"
Mail the results to me. IF they are different than what I expect. I'll post them on this page and you'll get full credit and be front and center. Otherwise, global warming and melting ice caps are a religion and a myth.

Nov. 19, 2009   I think there's a lack of communication from obamination's eyes and ears to his head and mouth. He thinks his deeds have "Restored America's Standing in the World". Okay. That just tears it. He's flat out stupid. Pure, plain, simple. Stupid. He is too dumb to get it. He has no understanding of his own actions and the reactions that they are bringing about. It's official: obamination's an idiot.

Nov. 19, 2009   I don't know about you, but I'm not going to go see the movie, "The Blind Side".

Nov. 19, 2009   The "I care about your health more than you do"-Nazis are at it again. They're tryiing to take away your snacks. Schlock! Surprise!

Nov. 19, 2009   America, meet your Attorney General, Eric "I'm so smart!" Holder. Another one of obamination's outstanding appointees.

Nov. 19, 2009   Local Dems have a push going that is pro-abortion. If they're writing, we should also write and call McCollum and tell him that we are wanting to keep a child's life as sacred, precious and important. We want Florida to be a PRO-LIFE STATE! Don't let only those who hate babies and want to kill them have their voices be heard.

Nov. 18, 2009   Update on the B-Rupe-haha: Rupe alleges that Comm. Infantini has been conducting County business out of her private Google mail account. Rupe requested that Comm. Infantini open up both her County e-mail account and her private G-mail account so that Rupe can go through and read them for some possible damning information. I have no problem with the County stuff being requested, but if Infantini does not open her G-mail account to allow Rupe to poke through e-mail from Infantini's husband, children, friends and other family members, that's not a problem, IMHO. Without some kind of prior proof, Rupe has no business demanding to look at Infantini's G-mail account. IF, for instance, Rupe had an e-mail to County Staff from Infantini's G-mail account that was something besides, "Happy Birthday, Smitty", or something similar, then maybe look at the G-mail account: but only those things that could be considered "County business". "Happy Birthday" is not "County business" nor is asking if they wanted to go on a picnic with the families. That's personal and person-to-person stuff. Without some kind of prior e-mail proof that at least one County business e-mail came from Infantini's G-mail account and went to Staff that covers a contract, an agenda item, a discussion about the funding for something, Rupe has no right to view Infantini's G-mail. All of the previous list of things are County business and that should always be done via County e-mail. But to "think" that something is being done and to demand that a private e-mail account be opened without any sort of proof prior, is like saying (without a warrant), "Excuse me, I assume you're hiding something. I want to come in and look through your lingerie drawer, just in case." How well would that play at your house? Yes, Infantini is a County Commissioner, but she still has some degree of privacy without some prior proof of County business e-mail being received from her G-mail account. Otherwise, Rupe should go to the attorney general and ask for an investigation, get an indictment, go through the legal channels to do this witch hunt and let them handle wrong-doing. Rupe is not qualified nor educated (10th grade equivalent) for such things. A qualified, trained investigator should be doing this if Rupe is so dead certain that Infantini is doing wrong. That would be much more effective than a liberal, progressive leftist going after a conservative as a "just in case" witch hunt.

Nov. 17, 2009   Spent some time on Vince Young's radio show this evening talking about the Maureen Rupe $595 printing bill. Update on that subject is that Comm. Trudi Infantini has been contacted by Maureen Rupe and told that the County will have to sue Rupe in order to get the money. Isn't that special? She refuses to pay her bill, taking $595 out of the coffers and then she wants to take more out of your pocket by making the County sue her in order to get the money out of her. That's wasting taxpayer dollars and making you pay twice for her printing. It was RUPE who requested the information, the County who delivered it, but we who paid for it! Now Rupe is saying that she will not take care of her responsibility and Rupe will not pay for her responsibility and, thus, you, the taxpayers of Brevard County, shall have to pay her $595 or sue Rupe to get it. And she wanted to be our D1 County Commissioner? Can you imagine if she had won?

Nov. 17, 2009   Republican, Doug Hoffman, candidate for NY-23, has something to smile about. He may have conceded the race, but he's actually still in it. After finding "massive election fraud", it turns out he may just be the winner after all. Count still ongoing; cross your fingers and say a prayer. I'd love to pull this one away from the Dems!

Nov. 17, 2009   Our CIC (Commander In Chief) just can't make himself show respect for our flag or our National Anthem, can he? Can we get rid of this moron now?

Nov. 17, 2009   While Senator, obamination decided that the attack on the World Trade Center, carried out by the minions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, would go to a military tribunal, not the civilian court system. What changed? His title. Then you want to lose the contents of your stomach? obamination tells people not to turn the Fort Hood massacre into "political theater". He's the ACORN elected president. How can he even think of telling people not to think of the truth of the matter? As I said, his title. He's "President" (not mine, maybe yours, but not my president) and that what makes him think he can get away with the video statement he presented. What a moron.

Nov. 17, 2009   The obamination administration promised a "transparent and ethical" administration. Bullpuppies (my own word). They're tracking people who read Atlas Shrugs and other conservative sites. Is that "ethical"? I'd say it's more like sneaky and scared silly. But what do I know? Maybe it's just a little learning environment they are using via the internet and cookies to track you. You don't really mind, do you?

Nov. 17, 2009   How do leftist liberals win a debate? Threaten to sue, or just shut the opposition down with censorship. Censorship is the chosen weapon of the Pig Pelosi. And don't cry wahhwahhh over my use of a tag for her. She's a growed-up and she's one of the most powerful people in the world. If she can handle that, she should be able to handle a tag. Oh. I forgot. She hates dissent and a negative tag would be considered dissent, wouldn't it? So my tag of her would have to be censored, too. Hmmm... Maybe I should change it to "Prize-winning Pig Pelosi" then it's a more positive connotation. How's that?

Nov. 17, 2009   "Islam is a religion of peace." How many times have I heard that tripe in the last seven years? If it be a religion of peace, prove it. Stop the legacy of blood Islam has been providing us as proof that it's a peaceful religion. If that's peace, who needs it?

Nov. 17, 2009   People in Palm Bay who have had a lien put against their houses by the City have a possible break coming for them. Personally, I don't see how anyone can pay a fine they are unaware of having against them, but, hey, maybe the City of Palm Bay believes that all of its residents have ESP or something. You know, like, read their minds, folks. Read their minds.

Nov. 16, 2009   The latest B-Rupe-haha (broohaha): I received information from an outside source that Maureen Rupe had done a public records request for Commissioner Trudie Infantini's e-mails back in August. Assistant County Manager, Stockton Whitten puts it like this in a direct response from an e-mail sent to a question from Comm. Infantini regarding the matter:

"Sally forwarded to me your request as I am responsible for providing Mrs. Rupe with hardcopy documentation of the public records she has been requesting since August of this year. Mrs. Rupe has not been charged for the hardcopy records for the following reasons.
  • "Information Technology provided Mrs. Rupe a copy of the requested records in PST format which she advised she could not open.
  • "Information Technology then provided Mrs. Rupe a copy of the requested records in PDF format which she also advised she could not open.
  • "Mrs. Rupe paid $30 for the CD referenced in the first bullet point.
  • "Mrs. Rupe after being unable to open files formatted as referenced above requested hardcopies and expressed to me her concern that she was being denied public records as a result of the long delay in providing her files in a format in which she could open. Again, her original request came sometime in August of this year.
  • "Mrs. Rupe on Tuesday again advised me that she was frustrated with the long delay in meeting her request and ask that she be provided hardcopies of the records. I advised Sally to provide Mrs. Rupe with the hardcopies.
"By copy of this email I am asking the County Attorney to advise as to whether or not Mrs. Rupe should be charged for the hardcopy records. Upon his response I will take the necessary action to invoice her if necessary."
To which I reply: IF the County Attorney says that Maureen Rupe does not have to pay Rupe's $595 County printing bill, then none of us should have to pay for copies up to the same amount. The law states that there is equal treatment under the law. For Maureen Rupe to get off scott-free from a $595 bill for her own use -- not for the benefit of all of us -- is special treatment for Maureen Rupe. That's not right. That's illegal. If you agree, write to Scott Knox, Stockton Whitten, and all of the Commissioners and tell them to make Rupe pay! After all, $595 in this economy is nothing to spit at. And if Maureen Rupe doesn't have to pay, why should we? We should treat the County the same way Maureen Rupe did. Equal treatment under the law.

Nov. 16, 2009   Al Gore's favorite thing is to preach and profit from the "global warming" scare mongering he has been doing for the last who-knows-how-many-years. He's got the pathos down pat: "We're all gonna' die!" Now the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) is asking Gore to debate Lord Christopher Monckton regarding Gore's assertions. Do you want to give a dollar to bribe Gore to debate Monckton? It's up to you. I won't do it; Gore's not worth my dollar. But you may get a kick out of giving a dollar to see if Gore will jump if the pot gets big enough. I hope the CEI has Gore sign an airtight contract to appear and debate Monckton before they give him the money, because otherwise, your dollar will be totally wasted. But, hey, it may be worth it to some to prove that Al Gore is all talk, no action, no spine, no belief, no carrying through with what he spouts daily. Sounds like a typical liberal to me.

Nov. 16, 2009   Idiot, obamination, and his Attorney General-Idiot, Eric Holder, are bringing Gitmo terrorist detainees to NYC to be tried on terrorism charges with the same rights as American CITIZENS. As if that's not bad enough, Rush Limbaugh points out one of the multitude of problems bringing Gitmo detainees to NYC could have: the U.S. Citizen gets the right of discovery and the U.S. government, under obamination, would cooperate and give them anything they wanted to find out, and then the judge could throw the case out anyways because the terrorists have been questioned without being read "their rights" -- your rights, actually -- and the information would have been attained illegally, given U.S. Citizens' rights that the obamination administration is assigning to the terrorists. They do not actually have U.S. Citizen rights. In order to have those, you must be a legal U.S. Citizen, thus Miranda Rights would be afforded you. However, the terrorists are not citizens. They'll just be given U.S. Citizen rights when they are brought here. Isn't that special? Additionally, Glenn Beck reminded us recently that U.S. prisons are a vast recruiting ground for radical Islam. How many admitted or "alleged" 9/11 terrorists does it take to radicalize a whole prison system? We're about to find out, thanks to the obamination administration. Considering that we shall have the New York state prison system radicalized to terrorist-proportioned Islam with the help of Gitmo detainees, (and this is something I have yet to see tied together with all this other stuff) and the fact that New York's voters just voted in a prisoner work release program for their prison system, how long will it be before those radicalized Muslim prisoners from NY are out working for ACORN and doing their bidding? Think about it, America. Is this what you voted for when you voted for obamination? Did you vote to have your prison inmates radicalized and released into the general population? Read the last link and the description of what a "nonprofit organization" is:

"As used in this section, the terms “nonprofit organization["] means an organization operated exclusively for religious, charitable, or educational purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual."
Thus, ACORN is eligible for the "nonprofit organization" status according to the wording that New York voters just approved. Does this scare anyone besides me?

Nov. 16, 2009   From what I've seen of the ACORN organization, they wouldn't know the truth -- nor how to tell the truth -- if the truth came up to them and kissed them on the mouth and slipped them the tongue while grabbing their crotch at the same time. Amazing piece of work, that organization. Probably takes after its daddy. This story shows even more how bad ACORN is and how much they don't like the truth. I think that if ACORN cared about the truth, they would start telling it; especially to their own people. ACORN's practice seems to be "Do as I say, don't worry about what I do." ACORN also needs to start paying their bills.

Nov. 16, 2009   This is obamination's AmeriKa. Another obamination's AmeriKa story. Aren't they proud?

Nov. 16, 2009   Laugh of the Day: Under a photo of obamination being greeted by Chinese President, Hu Jintao, the AP had this caption: "Barack Obama, left, is greeted by Chinese President Hu Jintao after his arrival at the Diaoyutai state guest house in Beijing. | Photo by APClose". I think it's hysterical that the AP felt it necessary to tell the world -- "left" -- which person in the photo was the Communist leader! Sorry. We couldn't tell.

Nov. 16, 2009   Joe Lieberman is a Dem. who doesn't like the idea of health care being nationalized. So far he has held out against the pressures brought to bear on him. I hope that he is able to withstand the pressure. Write to him and tell him that you support his stand against nationalized health care. Tell him to stand strong.

Nov. 12, 2009   I would put a link up for the latest Carrie Prejean thing, but I've had enough of her. I supported her for her Miss America incident and thought she did the right thing there. Now, when she keeps forcing her way back into the public eye, even a video of herself at seventeen and half-dressed, I think it's time to wish her well and ask her to be on her way. If you're interested in the latest, look it up. You ain't getting it here.

Nov. 12, 2009   In trying to get propoganda done in support of obamination's ideas and desires (no, not that kind of desires: the political kind), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) participated a lot more than they were willing to admit, but papers prove otherwise. I love the Freedom of Infomation Act! It's so good, I'll give you another link to see another side of the story.

Nov. 12, 2009   Don't you just looovvee Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? She is just all that, isn't she? Well, love her some more because she's going to jail you if you don't buy her nationalized health care and she thinks that's just peachy. My, what would we do without people like Pelosi? Those of us who are undeserving and not liberal just wouldn't know what was appropriate and the right thing to do, now would we? I just love going to jail for not purchasing health care! It's the right thing to do. Spend almost $20,000 on health care for my family and I, or go to jail and get free health care which is better? Hmmmm... I'll go to jail and get everything free! That's the plan! I'll do that! Better than having the government dictate to me what I have to buy. I'll just let them pay for it for me. Yep. Yep. Yep. Think she'll like that? Won't she just be tickled pink?!

Nov. 12, 2009   Waxman-Markey is a strange environment bill. Strange in that people can read the same thing and get totally different meanings out of it. For instance, Senator David Vitter reads Waxman-Markey and sees presidential power increased to dictatorship, while the guy who wrote the article about Vitter's concerns doesn't see that. I haven't read the bill, H.R. 2454, but I plan to. It's only 1,428 pages. Read it and let me know what you think. I'm interested in how many of you agree with Vitter. I'm leaning that way, but...

Nov. 12, 2009   Alleged -- Yeah, I really do have to say that. Unbelievable, yeah? -- Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was a matter of concern for a long time. I wonder how everyone who said, "Nah! He'll never do anything dangerous." feels about it now? I wonder why they didn't just admit that it's better safe than sorry and why it was so easy to dismiss their own concerns and kowtow to PC? Why did fourteen people have to pay for political correctness with their own lives in order to maintain the ARMY's cover? Amazing. Simply amazing.

Nov. 12, 2009   I want to move to Texas. They have great concealed carry laws (out in the open), they have good cities, they have a very smart, conservative governor and conservative people (mostly). Sounds a bit like paradise.

Nov. 12, 2009   SEIU and obamination: what a combination these two are!

Nov. 12, 2009   Did Doug Hoffman Concede too Early? I hope the answer is "YES!"

Nov. 12, 2009   California's Jerry Brown has all kinds of trouble. I wonder why.

Nov. 12, 2009   Remember ol' Louis Farrakhan, he of the bow tie and Million Man March that was more like a mere 400,000? Yea, him. His son seems to be getting some preferential treatment up in Illinois. Shock. Surprise. I wonder why I am not surprised.

Nov. 12, 2009   ACORN's founder, Wade Rathke, is interviewed by Michael Volpe and his thoughts on the interview are posted on Amazing what this man thinks is important. Then there's this story about ACORN suing Congress to get their funding -- your taxpayer dollars -- flowing back into their coffers. Not something I support, and now our money will have to be used to pay for the attorneys, too. Happy Thanksgiving to us.

Nov. 12, 2009   There's a bill in Congress that is known as H.R. 264 "Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009". That "Save America" bit? Don't believe it. All it does is make illegal aliens into citizens without doing any kind of background checks on them, without doing any kinds of medical checks on them (allowing more diseases into our country) and it does not specify where they come from: Al Qaeda operatives, anyone? I think it's a bad idea and that we should let them know we don't appreciate it! And, of course, it comes from Ms Sheila Jackson-Lee.

Nov. 12, 2009   From Michelle Malkin's pen to God's ears, I hope Dodd is gone soon!

Nov. 11, 2009   (NOTE: When I first posted this link, the story said that Amy Tidd was a "Democratic candidate for District 30", with a link to "Democratic". However, the story no longer says that Tidd is a candidate, thus she must have requested a change in the story [to hide her intents?]. I saw the Tidd-candidate thing at 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, and I should have done a screen capture of the page, but I didn't think of it at the time and forgot that FL Toady [sic] changes stories to suit liberals but not for conservatives so I didn't do the screen capture. You'll just have to take my word for it.) I was right! Amy Tidd is running for House Dist. 30 again! (Oh, and that link takes you to the story of Amy Tidd's defeat in her effort to remove Sue Hann from the EELs Committee. Portend of things to come?) Even though she's not yet officially announced nor qualified, FL Today is saying she's a candidate. Whoopee. Here we go again (and again and again and again). What an ego! Will she never learn? Pages must be written, things must be done. Education must be made available to those who are willing to learn. Oh. Sorry. I still have all that from last time. I'll just use those and maybe a few new ones. Fun, fun, fun!

Nov. 11, 2009   I wrote a new blog early this morning titled, "Selfish is as Selfish Does". It's about the health care debate and you can read it here or you can read it here. They both work, they say the same thing, I just wanted a little backup plan. I hope it will make some people think.

Nov. 10, 2009   Two more people, EPA lawyers Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel, have made a video explaining why, in their own opinions, not that of the EPA, Cap & Trade is fatally flawed. These are EPA attorneys, shouldn't they be listened to? It's not as if they're trying to take Amy Tidd's word for it, or something. They're attorneys with the organization, for petesakes. Listen to them. Watch the ten minute video.

Nov. 10, 2009   I have two condolences to the people of Fort Hood. One: that you are hurting, you have lost, you are confused and disappointed, you live in disbelief and your trust in your fellow soldiers has been damaged. I am so sorry, especially for your losses. Two: that you have a politically correct guy in General Casey who is trying to make it less important that this happened, but that "diversity" is more important! (Watch the video.) Say what?! And follow every link in the Michelle Malkin piece that reveals more about Hasan and the clues that should have alarmed everyone around him, including Hasan's own business card!

Nov. 10. 2009   There's a first time for everything in this administration. Going after a news organization is a new low. Not unexpected, considering Net Neutrality, Cyber Security Act of 2009, etc., just a new low. Who is next? You have a website?

Nov. 10, 2009   Run and Hide! Even Dems (Dumbs) are running away from ACORN. Or, if they're not running and hiding from ACORN, they're suing them because affiliation with them helped them lose. At least, that's their story and they're sticking to it.

Nov. 10, 2009   Anyone ever watch Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball? (Didn't think so.) Anyways, he's complaining that staffers (first he said "Bishops") for Catholic Bishops are up in D.C. speaking their minds. What Matthews loves to ignore for the Conservatives is that we have rights, too: even staffers for Catholic Bishops. So bite me, Matthews.

Nov. 10, 2009   Two days ago I wanted to write a little blurb about the Hasan/Fort Hood shooting and how the anti-gun people would use it to try to take away my right to keep and bear arms. As usual, I was right about that. If they think that the Second Amendment is to blame for Hasan's actions, then tell me, who would a gun lying on the table but with every person around it obeying the law, who would the gun shoot? Would the gun pull its own trigger and shoot someone? No? Then get off my guns. It's not the law abiding amongst us who don't need to have guns. It was, in fact, someone who was obeying the law (a cop) who used a gun she legally had the right to use who stopped Hasan. Same would have happened if anyone else close enough who had a concealed carry permit (although from what I hear, in Texas it's unconcealed carry) were carrying that day in the vicinity. They would have stopped Hasan probably sooner and fewer people would have died. Remember, if ever you need someone to help you with a problem and those of us with a carry permit are in the vicinity, would you prefer the help right then and there, or do you prefer to wait until the cops arrive?

Nov. 10, 2009   Some of ACORN's donors are listed here, and there is a cautionary note regarding the feds and your tax dollars going again to ACORN. Notice who gives to them? Notice also, who does not? I think the money resources for ACORN are indicative of who they serve. Remember: follow the money!

Nov. 10, 2009   There's another kind of fight going on with. This one with UPS® and FedEx®. The video is educational. Didn't know this was going on. But it tells us something about our government, too. That's why I posted it.

Nov. 10, 2009   Is there no part of America that obamination will leave alone and leave as it is supposed to be? My guess: No. The Cap & Trade (A.K.A. Cap & TAX) bill will move us into a new world of environmentalist wackoism to the extreme. America will be paying for the world -- literally -- and we will have even more taxes taken out of our wallets. From our children singing adoration at the feet of the almighty god obamination to our health care system being washed down the proverbial abortion drain, to the banks, auto manufacturers and a few other things being taken over and now the environment is going to be next, America will not be the same America we knew and loved because we were not strong enough to stand and protect her. We kowtowed to those who demanded we be politically correct and took away our words, made our emotions illegal and mock, outlaw and penalize our beliefs. And we let them get away with it. We allwed them to do so because we wanted them to like us. We wanted to get along. We wanted them to "feel the love of Christ". Bull. You wanted to fit in and you cared what others thought of you but forgot that GOD had to think of you, too. Is HE proud of what you've become and allowed America to become because of your cowardice? I think not. Now it's either lose this great country our Christian Founding Fathers and GOD Himself gave us, or stand up and fight for it. Stop caring what others think of you (I don't care what others think of me: as evidenced by this posting) and start thinking of what your grandchildren will inherit as their America. Will it be the place that your history books taught you about, or the America of current history books that teach the children that America is a horrible place and that we're terrible people and we owe the world for all the evil things we've done? What America will your actions leave your grandchildren? Because if it's obamination's America, it won't be America any longer. It will be a nightmarish, slavish, downtrodden, beaten and jailed, more evil AmeriKa than the Soviet Union, Communist China, or any other dictatorial vile regime (including Machiavelli's) ever imagined. How is that? Because we once knew FREEDOM and we let it go so that people would like us. Is that what you want? If not, stand up and fight for AMERICA!

Nov. 10, 2009   Have you been waiting for an investigation of ACORN and all the wrongs they have been exposed as having done? Yes? How about an investigation of ACORN that ACORN is already promising the results of? As in, a tainted investigation with foredrawn conclusions? I think the people of California should be ashamed of Jerry Brown if that's what he's doing. As the ACORN official says, Jerry Brown has assured ACORN that, "the fault WILL be found with the people that did the video — not ACORN." If that be the case, Jerry Brown needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for intentionally blackening the reputation of the two young people who exposed ACORN's wrongs, and for lying during an investigation, and for throwing an investigation in order to please a political constituency! If the people of California can't do see that -- or just plain don't care -- wait until it's their turns to be on the loser's side of his tainted investigation. Remember, if he'll do it for one, he'll do for another whenever it's politically expedient. So don't trust him for anything if he can do this for ACORN.

Nov. 10, 2009   According to Washington, Pelosi's Passed Pig is going to cost the average family $19,496.94 and the single person $4,874.23. If you're paying more than that now, I'm so sorry, but I shouldn't have to help finance your health care insurance. As to our costs: they're at least doubling. Yeah. That's affordable. Thanks for nothing, PELOSI et al!

Nov. 10, 2009   Live by the union, die by the union. The CFPBA News, the newspaper for the union Lisa Cullen brought into the Tax Collector's office, is not happy with the way Cullen is conducting business as to her part of the union contract. Why can't they see that she used them to get elected because people liked the idea of being bribed into voting for her and for the union? The union was played by Cullen and the union can't see that yet? Get over it, union. You need to wake up and play hard ball with this woman. After all, you signed a contract with her and I ask you: has she lived up to it? According to your own newsletter, I get the message that you don't think so. So how good is Cullen's word, even in a written contract? You know what, union? You get what you pay for.

Nov. 9, 2009   Amy Tidd -- little Amy of long ago PSJ4T fame -- oh, she of the "Interesting" Cocoa Budget numbers ("I couldn't find $11 million dollars in the City of Cocoa's budget." Then it became $17 million a week later. Sigh. It must be wonderful to be so good with numbers!) is trying to push her weight around. She's crying "Foul!" because one Sue Hann was appointed to the EEL Program Selection and Management Committee and Sue Hann isn't a tree-hugging, environmentalist wacko who puts turtles ahead of people. Sue Hann comes at the EEL thing with a business head and that makes Tidd nervous. Oh, poor, poor Tidd. She really needs to learn to play nice and get along well with others. Someone disagrees with Tidd and instead of learning how to deal with it, she goes crying to the Commission, "Make her go away! I don't like her!" BooHoo. BooHoo. IF the Commission listens to Tidd tomorrow (I hope they don't but I can't be there due to a prior engagement to help prevent it [I did send an e-mail]), and removes Hann, then we need to make sure they have heat put on them to put Hann right back on. To have the Commissioners make an appointment and then undo it is an appalling lack of adult thought on both Tidd's part and the Commission's. Perhaps they can all go play in the same sandbox, but they won't be welcome at the adult's table until they learn to grow up and deal with it.

Nov. 9, 2009   During the Bush administration there was one thing you could probably count on: people liked ex-Librarian, Laura Bush. She was gentle, kind, never a harsh word and was/is a good soul. It didn't matter what her husband's numbers were, hers stayed pretty much the same. Can't say the same thing about obamination's wife, Michelle, though. He's taking her down with him. No "women and children first" here. Nope. If he goes down, everyone goes down.

Nov. 9, 2009   Even though Pelosi's Pig Passed the House supposedly without a federally (taxpayer) funded abortion portion in there, the game is afoot to ensure that abortion IS funded by you, like it or not. Of course, you can't have any problems with that because liberals like Pelosi and obamination know best. Be sure to watch the video.

Nov. 9, 2009   There was an incident a few weeks back in which a person attended a forum on aging and got the snot beat out of him by SEIU thugs. I think that's totally despicable. They didn't like the fact that Kenneth Gladney was not supporting their ideas. Ooooh... Bad. In AmeriKa we can't do that: have a different point of view. Bad. A copy of the police report is now available. What thinks you that not much will come of it? I would be surprised if it ever made it to court. But, who knows? It may. Only to be thrown...

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