B. Hussein O.: Stolen, Illegitimate and Socialist Marxist

"Barack Hussein Obama's "Unmentionables"; Barack Hussein Obama Unmasked

For a video you just gotta' watch, go here! Oh, and you might want to put a pillow on the floor beneath your jaw. Just in case.

Check out the Israel Insider's information on B. Hussein O.'s birth certificate, in which doubts are placed as to the veracity of BHO's claims to be a natural born citizen, one of the requirements for being POTUS. Do you consider it possible that BHO, the man who stole the election, is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, inelligible to be president? I do.

You are asking, "What is she talking about: "stole" the election?" Consider: B. Hussein O. spent six years training ACORN people on how to register voters and get them to the polls for voting. BHO spent six years teaching them how to defraud the system. Six years. Then he runs for the Illinois State Senate and gets elected. Then he runs for the US Senate and gets elected. Trial runs. Perfecting the system. Making sure everything is the way it should be. Figuring out how to make sure it isn't questioned or challenged. And who would challenge it anyways? Wouldn't that garner a lot of cries of "racism"? Oh, yeah. He's got this thing down pat and the defense is always a bitter cry and something no one can disprove. But, then B. Hussein O. runs for president. He's gonna' get it because he can. He knows he can defraud the system. He's designed the fraud. He's tested and perfected it. And now he's put it to the ultimate test. And gotten away with it. Some ACORN registered voters here in Brevard were pressured into registering eight times or more. We had a story about it in the papers. Anyone remember that? Now I ask you: is the theif who masterminded and succeeded in robbing your bank the banker? Or is he just a thief? Exactly. That's why B. Hussein O. is no more my president than I am Pope.

Yeah. I leave these embeds here, and my B. Hussein O. pages up because I think it's important to remember what happened election night. A person America knows very little about -- except that he's the least qualified, the most hidden, the most vile persona ever to run for public office (due to his political beliefs - socialism - and his associates, his statements of his plan for raising taxes, his stance on killing babies after they are born alive and changing America) was elected via voter fraud (thanks, ACORN!), deceit and lies. B. Hussein O. will never be my prsident. And before you go saying it's because he's black, you're not just wrong, you have no idea what you are talking about. If that be the case, why have I voted for Alan Keyes twice?

No, I consider B. Hussein O. a terrorist's best friend (William Ayers, anyone?), a taxpayer's worst nightmare (higher taxes, anyone?) and an American's genuine enemy (socialism, anyone?) and that's why I do not accept, claim nor acknowledge B. Hussein O. to be my president.

Apparently others are having different reactions than they expected. I saw one person's post that said, "Even though the candidate I voted for won the presidential election, I am feeling pretty blue this morning..." Her elipses, not mine; that's what she said in the context in which she said it. Now when someone who voted for the loser-cum-president-elect, and is "pretty blue" about it, doesn't that tell us something?

This poster wasn't alone. I have seen others who voted for the evil-that-is saying similar things. I don't see them dancing in the streets. I don't see anyone saying, "Hey, I'm so happy about this, I went out and bought a new Mercedes®!" I see despair, uncertainty, nervousness, gloominess, depression and disbelief.

And that's just from his supporters!

Those of us who did not vote for the loser-cum-president-elect, are feeling much brighter and happier than those who did vote for him. Why is that?

I'm a Conservative Christian. I know who my God is; those who voted for the evil-that-is decided he was their god (definitely lower case there) and voted for their god. They wanted him to be president and they wanted to have him pay their rent and their car payments, put food on their table and take care of their children all as he sent them to the doctor for their medical care while not one dime of it came out of their back pockets; it all comes out of their neighbors'. And they rejoiced as they voted for the evil-that-is, and they celebrated his victory into the night.

And then came the morning.

And the evil-that-is didn't look so good any more to most of them. The bloom was suddenly off the rose and the colored glasses had suddenly lost their tint, and reality struck as people realized that the evil-that-is was not at all the god they believed him to be.

He was different now. He was colder. He was already changing the things he promised. He was already saying he couldn't do "X". He was backpedaling and reversing course. He was not "the little god who could, would and promised"; he was now "the little god who won't."

And that bothered them. And they filled their hearts with woe and dread and cried out, "But you promised!" but they realized that the loser-cum-president-elect's ears were covered with earmuffs with a presidential seal on each ear and he could no longer hear them. Their cries for delivery of his promises were not heard and they were ignored as the power he wanted desperately enough to spend years building an ACORN-based scheme to defraud the voting system into a win for him brought him to his desired outcome, and them to the category of "the little people" who live in "flyover country" and they were no longer of his concern.

Despair reigns in Obamanation. Gloom envelops them. Remorse eats at their very hearts and souls. They cry out to be heard; as though in a forest alone, their cries echo in the darkness that is their day. And as their hope slips away that they are now unimportant, that they are now to be ignored, that they are now to be left out in the cold until needed again to again make the evil-that-is into a second term presidency.

And when the evil-that-is runs again, we will know nothing more about him than we do now: that his friends are terrorists. His beliefs are socialists. His wife is not proud of America. That he hates America as it is and wants to change it. That he is not good for America and the next four years will prove this.

His minions and his supporters cry out, "Little "g" god, why hast thou abandoned us?!" and his ears are covered with the presidential seal and cannot hear.

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