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Editor's Note: I received the following information from a reader. I looked up what the reader was saying and found that the information is supported by the websites I linked to. The reader did put some sources at the end of the article, but not all of the links were given by the reader; I found more.

Editor: Events of the past few years have led me to research, review and reconsider what is the driving force that is causing the rapid decline of our once great nation. It seems a huge amount of blame can be laid at the doors of many of our churches. The United Methodist Church is on the cusp of totally accepting Socialist/Marxist doctrine as their new creed, unrecognized by most in their congregations. Like an insidious cancer it has taken root little by little, a thief in the night.

This writer is a member of the Methodist faith and is witness to these events. The UMC Book of Discipline and their Resolutions read very much like Karl Marx. It is with profound concern for the youth who are being propagandized I write to expose the situation in the UMC.

Sermons focusing on subjects such as "inclusion", "advocacy, "reconciliation", "social justice", "economic justice", "restorative justice, "selective forgiveness", "political inequity", "transformational religion", "gender inequality", "renewal discipleship", and "reproductive liberation", etc, raised concern and led to many days of research. It became a quest to solve the mystery as to what is influencing the leftist direction some churches are taking. That mystery was solved after reading the UMC Book of Disciplines, Resolutions approved at recent Conferences, Resolutions for the upcoming 2012 Conference and writings by a number of UMC Bishops. A very good book entitled "Taking Back the United Methodist Church" by Mark Tooley provided further insight.

Reading through Mr. Tooley's book, I researched every name, every organization, every quote to either disprove or authenticate the author's findings. Not only is he on target, it is far worse than exposed in Tooley's book. He examines the efforts by the homo-sexual/lesbian/transgender groups to achieve complete inclusion in the UMC. In fact, the ultimate goal of these groups is to send enough delegates to the 2012 UMC Conference to accomplish the acceptance of their marriage vows in the UMC.

"Sing a New Song conference this past August was focused on achieving total "inclusion" of this aberrant lifestyle in the UMC. The espoused theme "love the sinner, not the sin" will give way to a real coup for the radical "social justice" and "gender equality" crowd. Many young people will be exposed and induced to accept this abnormal lifestyle.

The UMC 2012 Conference will be voting not only "marriage equality" and "inclusion", they face legislation supporting immigration reform (legalization for illegal aliens), solidarity with unions and workers (economic justice), euthanasia (assisted suicide), gun rights restrictions, community "justice" through church involvement rather than criminal justice for offenders (restorative justice) an end to capital punishment, "globalism" boycotting of business which does not meet their agenda of economic justice and redistribution of wealth, support of the green agenda, etc. Some of these measures have been adopted in previous Conferences, others forthcoming. Each Resolution is presented from a Socialist point of view and will forever alter the United Methodist Church.

If you are a UMC member or from any other church advocating for the above mentioned, have thrown off established hymns for hand waving, repetitive and hypnotic "praise singing", speaks of the New Discipleship and urges you to accept what your heart and mind tells you is not right, then run, not walk to the exit. To stay is to empower the Socialist agenda toward a new AmeriKa using the neutered church as the gateway. Stand strong and depart from this evil influence. Please do your homework, learn the truth and disconnect.

According to Jeff VanVonderen (founder of Intervention) many church members suffer from the addiction of church attendance. Even when disturbed by questionable sermon subjects or church activities, some will stay because of friendships, embarrassment to leave, and some because of the euphoric feeling of the social aspect of their church, much like the high of addiction. The mature and thinking Christian will seek out a more Christ based church. It's your decision, your challenge. Do not be misled by wolves in sheep's clothing.

God bless America.


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