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July 29, 2009 Warning! Warning! Warning! The "Blue Dog Democrats" have found their price! Your health is at serious risk! You must act now to preserve your freedom of choice for your own doctor, health care provider, insurance, future! The "Blue Dog Democrats" have decided that the "compromise" (whatever promise Pelosi gave them; whatever power shift was exchanged; whatever they wanted to which Pelosi and the leaders caved: no one knows what it was, but they apparently wanted something -- and just got it!) they needed has been reached and the "Blue Dog Democrats" have decided that they can now vote FOR HR 3200. They have betrayed you and the country and are pushing us into Socialized medicine and, thus, further into Socialism. This is the exact road I said we would go down if Obamination got elected and he used Acorn's fraudulent votes to get him there, so we are definitely going down that road; at break-neck speed. Take back America's freedoms and America's bright and shining future. Take back the country we used to know and love. We don't have to let this happen! Call your representatives today and tell them that this is unacceptable. Tell them that they represent YOU and that you do not want HR 3200 nor any bill like it to pass! If you do not act, you have no one to blame but yourself for what lies ahead!

I have to admit: I am surprised that I have this much to say against this bill. Well, not really, but honestly didn't expect to find something objectionable in (literally) almost every third paragraph. It's amazing to me how bad this bill really is. It's an Obamination! It's really, really bad for you and your family and your rights. It has stuff in it that I never thought I'd live to see in my day. But the Obama administration is pushing the disaster clock ahead at light speed and it's coming faster than anyone had foreseen -- or wants to foresee -- and we're just not ready, folks. If this bill is any indication of the bad stuff we can expect this administration -- this horrible, falsely, fraudulently elected administration -- to request, support and strongly desire, then we have a rough road ahead, folks. And it won't get pretty for a long, long time. This bill is a nightmare and a black spot history of America's rights and liberties. This bill -- and the climate bill the idiots in the House and Senate just passed and Obamanation will sign or has signed -- are so wrong for America that I can't tell you how bad they both are. All I can do is to let you in on a few of this bill's details. Read them and see if you want this to become law. Read this much, at least. I cannot put it all on one page, so I shall dole it out in sections. I don't think you want it all in one sitting and the page would go on forever. So I'll try to make this less painful -- although the pain mostly comes from the bill itself -- so I'll do several pages and let you see the truth. Read the bill for yourself if you desire. Just educate yourself on this thing. Then do what is right.

If the above link does not work, read the entire HR 3200 HERE!

2009 Health Care Reform Part 2

The Democrats have come up with a new health care package. I have downloaded the proposed law and I have been reading it. It's only 1018 pages (only) and it's full of fun and interesting facts. If you wish to read it for yourself, be my guest. I am not against you reading it. In fact, misery loves company. If you read it, you'll be miserable with me, so we'll both be happy! The link for the idiot thing is Health Care Reform 2009. Don't just take my word for it. Read the idiocy for yourself and check on what I am using for quotes to see if I am telling you the truth. Don't let anyone tell you that you weren't warned. It is long and laborious reading (1018 pages, good grief!), but it is something you need to be educated on and educating yourself is always best. Let no one make up your mind for you. Read it and see what the Democrats want to do to you, not for you. For instance:

Page 9 line 4 and page 10, line 7, covers definitions as used for this particular law. This part, this definition, redefines a particular term that we are all familiar with. That particular term? Read it and weep, Floridians. All those laws, all those votes we have taken confirming that we want a certain definition applied and then this:

"(5) DEPENDENT.—The term ‘‘dependent’’ has the meaning given such term by the Commissioner and includes a spouse."
"(9) FAMILY.—The term ‘‘family’’ means an individual and includes the individual’s dependents."

Isn't that special? The government is now redefining the term, "Family." Isn't this what the Dems have wanted for a very long time? Now they have the chance to do it and they have snuck it in. How many articles, radio commentators, etc., have told you about that? I haven't heard or read a word about it. But in this bill, the family is no longer a male husband plus a female wife and their offspring (biological or adopted). It's definition of "dependents" is based on whatever "the Commissioner" decides the dependent definition is, and that is his/her decision alone. The head of the family is "an individual" and his/her family "includes the individual's dependents." This includes single parent households, widows and their children, single dads raising their children, etc., which I have no problem with. But there is one problem. It doesn't exclude anything at all. If someone is dependent upon you, then you are that person's "family". Once that is law, then the possibilities are endless. No matter the configuration, as long as it's your "dependents" you are now family. Once the government defines you as "family" what is to stop the next step in allowing whatever kinds of marriages people wish to do out there? I'm not talking strictly homosexual; nowadays it's triple marriages and quadruple marriages, plural marriages of all kinds. Shall we bring polygamy back as sanctioned by certain sects of the Mormon church? Is that what you want?

Want to keep your current healthcare insurance? Read this paragraph that is on page 16 of the plan:

"(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1."

Under this plan, if it gets passed (and I pray it does not), if you lose your job, or your employer decides to change their insurance coverage, or if you change jobs after "Y1", you cannot be covered -- even by the same insurance provide and an equal plan as the one you used to have -- under your previous employer. As Investor's Busines Daily says in its editorial of July 15th, "the bill itself will kill the market for private individual coverage by not letting any new policies be written after the public option becomes law." You must -- must -- enroll in the government's plan, not the plan of your choice. If you get a new job, you cannot get employer provided healthcare if offered if you are hired after the government's Y1. My sons have private insurance. If they decide to join the insurance of their future employers, if it's after Y1, they will either have to stick with their current private insurance provider, or they will have to go on the government's insurance. Do you want to be limited to which kind of insurance you have? Do you want to have to stick with something you may want out of, or be given no other choice but to go to the government insurance? Is that what you want?

Oh, by the way, I can't take credit for the disclosure of that particular idiocy. Investor's Business Daily found that while they were reading the bill and I heard Rush Limbaugh comment on it.

Oh, and notice that in many places in the bill, they refer to health care coverage "that is not grandfathered in". They -- the government -- gets to decide whether to grandfather your plan in. What if your plan is deemed not good enough. What if they decide not to grandfather your plan in? What do you do then? What if they decide only to grandfather in the plan that the House and Senate are in? They have the option to do so. You have no choice. You are the person without the power if this thing goes through. They make the decisions as to whether your plan gets "grandfathered", not you. Is that what you want?

Also referred to multiple times is the fact that there will be a "Commissioner" making all kinds of decisions. You, again, have no choice. You have no say. You and your healthcare shall be determined by whomever Obama wants to make those decisions. Would you trust him/her? Is that what you want?

This plan will cost us much more than it will save anyone. Even the poor will pay. If, for instance, you work at a little company of fifteen employees, making $12,000 a year you cannot afford private insurance and the company cannot afford to offer it. Did you know that you will pay 2.5% tax because you cannot afford insurance? According to "Runaway Train To Less Freedom, Higher Taxes and Rationed Care, available here, "the bill would impose a 2.5% penalty — or tax — on those who remain uninsured. So if you don't feel you can afford health insurance, you'll get to send money to the IRS instead." That's in the bill. You don't have insurance because you cannot afford it and because you cannot afford it, they tax you for it. And if you have insurance through your company, they are forced (unless they are a very small company) to pay 8% of their payroll to the government; costing "American workers 5 million jobs." Does that make sense to you? Is that what you want?

You also have to pay for things you don't believe in. Things like, oh, I don't know, abortion, sex change operations, or whatever. On page 26 of the bill we find:

"(c) NO RESTRICTIONS ON COVERAGE UNRELATED TO CLINICAL APPROPRIATENESS.—A qualified health benefits plan may not impose any restriction (other than cost sharing) unrelated to clinical appropriateness on the coverage of the health care items and services."
I don't know about you, but I don't like that. I do not agree with abortion and I don't think that taxpayer dollars should be spent on it. I think abortion is murder and I don't think that murder should be something I pay for. It is morally wrong and it is a sin. And yet, my taxpayer dollars -- even if I am not enrolled in the government plan will definitely go toward that and a few other things I do not appreciate having to pay for. I'm not saying it isn't already happening, but why do we need another bill that taxes us more for it? Is that what you want?

They promise you the moon -- make you pay for it, too -- and then they say, "Nyah, nyah, we got you!" On page 29 of the bill, they tell you what your individual and family cost-sharing is going to be. Ready for a shock? Did you think they'd give it to you for free? Did you think that taxes were going to be enough for Democrats? (After all, they did write the bill.) Nope. Taxes are never enough for Democrats. Read the cost-sharing:

"(A) ANNUAL LIMITATION.—The cost-sharing incurred under the essential benefits package with respect to an individual (or family) for a year does not exceed the applicable level specified in subparagraph (B).
   (B) APPLICABLE LEVEL.—The applicable level specified in this subparagraph for Y1 is $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a family. Such levels shall be increased (rounded to the nearest $100) for each subsequent year by the annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (United States city average) applicable to such year.
Cost-sharing is what you pay that the insurance company won't. That's the part the doctor gets first. So what they do to you is they tax you for your "free healthcare" then they make you pay an extremely high deductible "Y1", the first year, "ythat increases every year. Sweet! Now that's the kind of "free" healthcare I really want! Is that what you want?

Then Obama -- in all his glorious, wonderful goodness -- gets to appoint a panel of twenty-seven (27) people, seventeen of those people, and his advisor, the Comptroller General, will appoint nine (9) (so it's basically Obama anyways) and the Surgeon General (an Obama appointee) rounds out the panel (pages 30-33 of the bill). These are the people who will make other decisions for us. He, the Almighty One, the Benifecent Obama, will control your healthcare in every single way possible. He will be the one uttering those magic words we all wait to hear, "Raise the taxes and raise the cost-share." Do you think the panel -- basically, all his appointees -- will stand up and say, "No!"? Of course, they do not get paid except for travel expenses and per diem for every time they meet, every day they are up there, but isn't that just what we need? To pay for more bureaucrats' travel? Remember date night? Is that what you want?

"Individual Affordability Credits" are mentioned on pages 2, 7 and 42. Those are the only places this particular phrase appeared when I had Adobe Acrobat Reader do a search on the whole document. Three places. I did a search for the section (Section 241) that it was covered in and came up with pages 128-140 (or so) in which they target giving free -- and I do mean free or basically such -- healthcare to "individuals with limited English proficiency". Let me highlight that for you:

"The Commissioner shall establish a process whereby, on the basis of information otherwise available, individuals may be deemed to be affordable credit eligible individuals. In carrying this subtitle, the Commissioner shall establish effective methods that ensure that individuals with limited English proficiency are able to apply for affordability credits." [my bolding]
Someone very knowledgable in the law taught me years ago that anywhere the law says "shall" that means that it has to happen. (Well, for the things that they actually want to do. Not when it comes to things like the Sunshine Law and all that good stuff.) "The Commissioner shall establish... limited English proficiency are able to apply for affordability credits." This basically means that illegal immigrants who should not be getting taxpayer dollars used for anything except to take them back where they came from, can be given basically free healthcare at our expense forever. Not just the emergency room visits they get now. Nope. They'd be welcome to "gender reassignment" operations, to drug and alcohol treatment, to abortions on demand: all off of your dime. Read the whole section. It will prove to you that I am telling you the truth.

There are no fewer than two new czars appointed in this thing. With czars you must have an administration and that means more bureaucracy and staff out the ying yang. Think of the local hospitals near you. How many people do they have working there who are not doctors or nurses? They have all kinds of people in billing, and Human Resources and in building maintenance, custodial workers, administration of all those workers, etc. When you have nationalized healthcare, you also have people who are not necessarily doctors or even experienced hospital workers handling your healthcare information. All those people in at least two new bureaucracies to look over the fact that you had the clap when you were a teenager, or mono when you were twenty. Do you think you want them knowing you that well? And, just think: you get to pay them to do it. Is that what you want?

On page 43 we find that the Commissioner is allowed to conduct "audits" (shake downs? Just asking.) of the companies that are what is referred to as a "qualified health benefits plan" (QHBP). These "audits" will be paid for by -- guess who! -- the healthcare insurance provider you have chosen instead of the government's plan. Yes. That's right, folks. You, too, can choose an individual healthcare insurance plan and still be shaken down by the government's healthcare plan! Read it and weep:

"The Commissioner is authorized to recoup from qualified health benefits plans reimbursement for the costs of such examinations and audit of such QHBP offering entities."
Is that what you want? Do you want to have to pay for the government coming and checking up on your healthcare insurance company and recouping the cost from them? Who will wind up actually footing the bill for that cost? That's right, you got it in one: you. The Commissioner also has the right to shut down any QHBP they see fit. This bill gives the Commissioner the right to perform an "audit" and then to shut the company down if he/she thinks that the company is not doing things properly. (Shades of GM, Batman!) So, if you decide to stay with the private insurance company instead of going with the government plan, your insurance company can be shut down at any time for any reason until, "until the Commissioner is satisfied that the basis for such determination has been corrected and is not likely to recur". In other words, you are out of insurance until they decide you can have it back. Section D states that the government can shut them down permanently, thus forcing you to go on their plan. I think that sounds like a stacked deck to me. How about you? Is that what you want?

Do you want your information shared throughout the government? Well, they give the new administration of healthcare that authority, too. On page 43, again:

"(c) DATA COLLECTION.—The Commissioner shall collect data for purposes of carrying out the Commissioner’s duties, including for purposes of promoting quality and value, protecting consumers, and addressing disparities in health and health care and may share such data with the Secretary of Health and Human Services."
Well, that's not shared throughout the government! How many hands will it pass through to get there? How many offices will it be in? The more people have to touch it, the more it is on a computer somewhere, the better the chances are that it is not secure. You know that by now. You know that it's not supposed to be that way. I know I don't want my info all over the place. Not that I have anything to hide (two C-sections and a gallbladder removal: so exciting!), but it's the principle of the thing. My medical information used to be something between my doctor and myself. They wouldn't even give it to my husband without me signing a permission slip for them to do so. The dentist my sons grew up going to when they turned eighteen, had to make them sign a waver that said that the office could share their dental information with me. That's the patient's right to privacy and that's the way it used to be. With this new plan, all that is gone out the window as far as no one else seeing your information is concerned. It could be fifty people seeing your info daily, or thousands having access to it via hacking government computers. We all know that happens. Is your medical information something you think is more secure on your family physician's computer and in his office files with a small staff and a few people knowing who you go to? Or is it safer in a government building, on government computer, with government workers handling it all the time? Can you think of no examples of government bungling? Is that what you want for your medical information?

Anyone want a QHBP Ombudsman? (Or is that Obamabudsman?) That's what you get with this plan. You get commissioners and czars and Ombudsmen. (Ooohhh... I'm impressed so far. Of course, you lose your freedom to choose your own health insurance, and quite a lot of money, but you get an Obamabudsman! Wow! Bonus!) He/She is supposed to help with complaints, address grievances, help with filing paperwork, or getting information for you. And I thought that insurance companies around America had a full staff of people to do that sort of thing; sales people hither, thither and yon. But, we'll have our Obamabudsman. Sigh. It's so satisfying. Oh, rest assured,

"The Ombudsman shall not serve as an advocate for any increases in payments or new coverage of services, but may identify issues and problems in payment or coverage policies."
I'm sorry, but that just doesn't set my mind at ease. Several questions are not covered in the explanation of what the Obamabudsman will be doing. How will they be paid? (Taxpayer dollars.) Will they have access to our medical information? (If they work for the system, they'll have access.) How many are there: one for each state, or one for each county, city? The bill says,
"The Commissioner shall appoint within the Health Choices Administration a Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman... [my italics]". Thus there shall be one Obamabudsman for the whole country to be able to "receive complaints, grievances, and requests for information submitted by individuals; provide assistance with respect to complaints, grievances, and requests referred to in paragraph (1), including— (A) helping individuals determine the relevant information needed to seek an appeal of a decision or determination; (B) assistance to such individuals with any problems arising from disenrollment from such a plan; (C) assistance to such individuals in choosing a qualified health benefits plan in which to enroll; and (D) assistance to such individuals in presenting information under subtitle C (relating to affordability credits);".
I think that's an awful lot of work for a single individual. Oh, wait. I see. They'll have an entire administration to help them with that since no one person would be able to handle that for an entire nation on socialized medical care! (Unless, of course, that person is the Messiah himself, Obama. But he'd never take the job: why take the paycut and loss in prestige? And let's not forget the perks: after all, an Ombudsman could never have gotten away with flying to New York for a date night with is wife and gotten away with it, now could he?)

I think that's where I'll end this page. I have more to say, but I don't want to have this page get too long; and it would have been if I had put everything on this page. Remember, the bill is 1018 pages and I'm just on page forty-three. How long do you think it's going to take me to get all of my grievances with this idiocy on the web? A lot more than one page. So, "keep it tuned to this station for more on this breaking story". I'll be sure to write more soon.

Also read: "Reformers' Claims Just Don't Add Up", "Inside the Bureaucracy Obama Envisions" by Michelle Malkin and "Runaway Train To Less Freedom, Higher Taxes and Rationed Care". All of these pieces appear in "Investor's Business Daily". Check the internet and I'm sure you'll find more info that will scare you to death about this "reform" that we do not need.

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