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July 29, 2009 Warning! Warning! Warning! The "Blue Dog Democrats" have found their price! Your health is at serious risk! You must act now to preserve your freedom of choice for your own doctor, health care provider, insurance, future! The "Blue Dog Democrats" have decided that the "compromise" (whatever promise Pelosi gave them; whatever power shift was exchanged; whatever they wanted to which Pelosi and the leaders caved: no one knows what it was, but they apparently wanted something -- and just got it!) they needed has been reached and the "Blue Dog Democrats" have decided that they can now vote FOR HR 3200. They have betrayed you and the country and are pushing us into Socialized medicine and, thus, further into Socialism. This is the exact road I said we would go down if Obamination got elected and he used Acorn's fraudulent votes to get him there, so we are definitely going down that road; at break-neck speed. Take back America's freedoms and America's bright and shining future. Take back the country we used to know and love. We don't have to let this happen! Call your representatives today and tell them that this is unacceptable. Tell them that they represent YOU and that you do not want HR 3200 nor any bill like it to pass! If you do not act, you have no one to blame but yourself for what lies ahead!

I have to admit: I am surprised that I have this much to say against this bill. Well, not really, but I honestly didn't expect to find something objectionable in (literally) almost every third paragraph. It's amazing to me how bad this bill really is. It's an Obamination! It's really, really bad for you and your family and your rights. It has stuff in it that I never thought I'd live to see in my day. But the Obama administration is pushing the disaster clock ahead at light speed and it's coming faster than anyone had foreseen -- or wants to foresee -- and we're just not ready, folks. If this bill is any indication of the bad stuff we can expect this administration -- this horrible, falsely, fraudulently elected administration -- to request, support and strongly desire, then we have a rough road ahead. And it won't get pretty for a long, long time. This bill is a nightmare and a black spot on the history of America's rights and liberties. This bill -- and the climate bill the idiots in the House and Senate are trying to pass and Obamanation will sign -- are so wrong for America that I can't tell you how bad they both are. All I can do is to let you in on a few of this bill's details. Read them and see if you want this to become law. Read this much, at least. I cannot put it all on one page, so I shall dole it out in sections. I don't think you want it all in one sitting and the page would go on forever. So I'll try to make this less painful -- although the pain mostly comes from the bill itself -- so I'll do several pages and let you see the truth. Read the bill for yourself if you desire. Just educate yourself on this thing. Then do what is right.

If the above link does not work, read the entire HR 3200 HERE!

2009 Health Care Reform Part 1

Pages 50-100

Don't you want the government to know your genetic makeup; your genetic code, the genetic history of your family; the genetic illnesses that are in your family? All of that and more will be available to the government if this bill goes through. On page 50 we find:

"(A) the requirements of this title do not supercede any requirements (including requirements relating to genetic information nondiscrimination and mental health) applicable under title XXVII of the Public Health Service Act or under State law, except insofar as such requirements prevent the application of a re11quirement of this division, as determined by the Commissioner;"
Your genetic information -- nondiscriminatory -- shall be open to the government to see, to access, to distribute as they see fit, to decide what kinds of medical treatment you receive, to decide what kind of medical coverage you may purchase -- or may not purchase -- to decide whom or if you marry? What right is it of theirs to see this information? Why should a bureaucrat in some government agency decide what kind of coverage you want, or what kind of insurance you get or who you marry? Why do they want that kind of power over you? Is that what you want?

At the bottom of page 50, I found this little lovely and had to say, "Huh?"

"(a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise explicitly permitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations consistent with this Act, all health care and related services (including insurance coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high quality health care or related services."

Just what does this lovely, lovely government, this government "of the people, by the people and for the people" mean by, "witout regard to personal charistics"? You're telling me that they get to see your genetic makeup and keep records on all of that and they are going to not discriminate based on "personal characterics extraneous to the provisions of high quality health care"? All this info they plan on keeping about you, and all the decisions they get to make about your health care, your insurance coverage, etc., and they say they're not going to discriminate? If they are not going to discriminate then why gather all of this information in the first place? Why go with a government program at all if they won't use the information in order to do something with it? If they don't want to discriminate against people with HIV/AIDS, why keep a record as to who has it? If they don't want to discriminate against people with Lupus, why keep a record as to who has it? If they don't want to discriminate against people with hemmorhoids, why keep a record as to who has them? If they don't want to discriminate against people of a certain age, why keep a record of it? (More on that later.)

Look at welfare. Does it do good for people on that program, or does it just trap them in poverty to wallow in and doesn't allow many to escape the cycle and the system? Is that what you want from your healthcare insurance? Do you want to be trapped into a system that won't be good for you, will trap your children into the same kind of disadvantages, and will hinder you ever making your own decisions on your healthcare and future? Or would you prefer to have something that is good for you and allows you the freedom (What is that word doing be associated with this program? Ne'er the twain shall meet!) to make your own choices and pay your own way and choose your own doctor (more on that later), and be free to say "No!" if you choose to? And when you look at welfare, what do you see? Do you see people who are free to say, "No!" to much of the system's desires, designs, regulations, requirements? No? Is that what you want?

Something else to consider, starting on page 53, there is a lot of info on the rules regarding the administration of this piffle. The problem is with all of this healthcare provided by the U.S. government, what kind of bureaucracy is there going to be in order to do this? How much do we spend on government bureaucracy already? How big is the federal government already? How many workers, buildings, computers, benefits programs, vacations and pensions do you want to have to pay for when/if this bill gets made into law? Consider how very well the federal government handles the things it actually does now: do you want them to handle your healthcare, too? Are you satisfied with the Social Security debacle? Are you happy with the Internal Revenue Service (oh, those of the -- currently -- 16,845 page tax code that no one can understand) and paying them to do their audits of you and yours? Are you happy with Medicare/Medicaid and their goings on? Multiply all of that with the new administrative people needed to do the healthcare bill. Think of all of the joys we would have to look forward to in dealing with all of that bureaucracy when we have to get an operation in order to save our own lives, but the bureaucracy doesn't think it's needed, or they've misplaced our paperwork, or they can't find the application because the doctor's office put a comma in the wrong place. Is that what you want?

Pages 68-69 has this wonderful little reminder of the cost share portion of this bill:

"(2) PROGRAM PAYMENTS AND LIMIT.—If the Secretary determines that a participating employment-based plan has submitted a valid claim under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall reimburse such plan for 80 percent of that portion of the costs attributable to such claim that exceeds $15,000, but is less than $90,000. Such amounts shall be adjusted each year based on the percentage increase in the medical care component of the Consumer Price Index (rounded to the nearest multiple of $1,000) for the year involved."
So when you think the government plan is helping you out, giving you free healthcare and it's all wonderful, the truth is, you only have healthcare coverage on the government's dime after you pay the first $15,000. Can you seriously consider that better than the plan you currently have? And, remember: that's only if "the Secretary determines that a participating employment-based plan has submitted a valid claim". The government program gets to decide whether your claim is valid. If your claim is determined to be invalid, you pay the whole cost, not just the first $15,000. Is that what you want?

Notice, also, that one little bit: "but is less than $90,000". That means that there is a cap on what the government will pay for your healthcare plan. You will be responsible for anything under $15,000 and anything over $90,000. If you have the horrible news that your spouse has cancer, you pay for the first $15,000 of treatments, hospitilizations, operations, medicines, etc., the government (and remember, you are the government ["of the people, for the people, and by the people]) gets the part between $15,000 and $90,000, and you pay for the rest. So let's say the cost for the first round of hospitalizations and medical treatment for your spouse's cancer is $145,000. You would be responsible for $55,000 of that cost. If your spouse requires another treatment within that year (read the quote above, "each year"), you shall be responsible for every cent of the second round of treatments. Oh, and 20% (the government plan covers 80% according to the quote above) of all of the other costs involved. Isn't that special? Is that what you want?

On page 71, under "SEC. 164. REINSURANCE PROGRAM FOR RETIREES", we see:

"(iii) LIMITATION TO AVAILABLE FUNDS.—The Secretary has the authority to stop taking applications for participation in the program or take such other steps in reducing expenditures under the reinsurance program in order to ensure that expenditures under the reinsurance program do not exceed the funds available under this subsection."
So the government can say that they have enough people signed up on the retiree program and they won't cover the next million people who wish to sign up. Of course, the retiree portion of the program is funded up to $10,000,000,000, so they may not run out in the first year (but of course, it is a government program so don't bet your bottom dollar on that one). By the way, that's ten billion dollars for this portion of the program alone. Can you imagine what the whole thing is going to cost? Is that what you want?

Page 72 starts the explanation of the establishment of the "Health Insurance Exchange" bureaucracy: A.K.A. the "Shakedown" or "Enforcement" arm of the Obama healthcare plan. This is said on page 73 to have the authority to:

"(2) under section 205 facilitate outreach and enrollment in such plans of Exchange-eligible individuals and employers described in section 202;"
They get to go to your employer and "facilitate" his dropping the insurance coverage you currently have and making sure he signs up to the "guvment's" plan. They are the ones who will explain to them how much better it will be for the company, the employees and the country to have the "guvment's" plan instead of using the company/plan they currently have. Is that what you want?

Page 89 has this:

"(3) FAR NOT APPLICABLE.—The provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulation shall not apply to contracts between the Commissioner and QHBP offering entities for the offering of Exchange-participating health benefits plans under this title."
The FAR rules, seen here not applying to this contract means that anyone the Commissioner wants to do business with in the name of the people, he/she can do business with. There is no bidding, no competition, no oversight; just the Commissioner's choice. If FAR is not applicable, as it says in this quote from page 89, then the Commissioner can sign contracts with whomever he/she decides to line the pockets of. There is nothing to stop it from happening, there is no such thing as "unfair practices" as FAR has in place, and there is nothing to stop the Obamination administration and the Dems from making whomever they choose rich at the expense of those not in current favor at the moment. In other words, it isn't going to be a "take the cheapest price for the best service you can get" thing. It's going to be a "who's my buddy now?" thing. Any time you get the Federal government -- or any government for that matter -- saying that they don't have to worry about federal regulations that will protect the consumer then there is a setup for trouble right then and there. If this goes through, mark my words, hear my voice right here right now, there will be fraud, waste and abuse througout this system because there will be absolutely no checks and balances. There is nothing in this bill that I have seen so far to protect the American consumer from the current administration -- crooked as it is, Chicago as it is -- from making sure that the system is NOT weighted with his friends and associates no matter who they be (Rev. Wright, anyone?) in order for him to pay back political support and favors. This Democratically -- but definitely not "democratic" -- written bill is nothing but an outline for payback and "buddy-ism". The American consumer will be messed over (there is another word that could be used there, but I try to be polite, even in my disdain for this bill) in order for the Dems to put money into the pockets of those who have done for them over the years. It won't matter that it will cost American lives, it won't matter that it may kill you, your child, your mother, aunt, sister, brother, or spouse. What will matter is that they -- those idiots who wrote this and who are ready, willing and able to vote for it -- will be able to say "Thank you!" in a very big way to whomever they tell the Commissioner to thank. And you and I and all those we love and care for will pay the ultimate price for that thanks. Is that what you want?

On pages 93 and 94 we again see that the Commissioner gets all of the power. He/She gets to decide when someone is going to be terminated as a QHBP (Qualified Health Benefits Provider) and what the rules are for that entity to set about trying to prove that they have not broken the rules that the Commissioner sets up. Do you see the circular logic here? Obama appoints "Rodney-Podney" (purely fictitious name as far as I know; no real life person is referenced here) as the Commissioner of the Health Exchange. The Commissioner gets to set the rules that the game is played by. The Commissioner also gets to set the rules that say how you break the rules. The Commissioner gets to say, "Hey, Fred's Health Insurance QHBP, you broke the rules!" It is Fred's HI QHBP's responsibility to try to prove themselves innocent. Too bad Fred's is playing against a stacked deck. Because, you see, the Commissioner, "Rodney-Podney", wrote all the rules and knows what they say, or at least what he meant the rules to say as he wrote them or so the game goes. So you better stay on "Rodney-Podney's" good side if you don't want to be told you broke the rules. Stacked deck and circular logic. There is no win for someone on the wrong side of "Rodney-Podney". You and I pay the price for that in that if all of the "good guys" get smoked with this game, there will only be bad guys and friends of friends to serve us. Is that what you want?

Do you want to have it in the plan that illegal aliens -- those who cross the border illegally, not legally -- who are pregnant have babies who are immediately legally enrolled in Medicaid? That's in there:

(A) IN GENERAL.—In the case of a child born in the United States who at the time of birth is not otherwise covered under acceptable coverage, for the period of time beginning on the date of birth and ending on the date the child otherwise is covered under acceptable coverage (or, if earlier, the end of the month in which the 60-day period, beginning on the date of birth, ends), the child shall be deemed—
(i) to be a non-traditional Medicaid eligible individual (as defined in subsection (e)(5)) for purposes of this division and Medicaid; and (ii) to have elected to enroll in Medicaid through the application of paragraph (3)."
Currently, illegal aliens come over and have their babies in this country and they get covered only because we are a kind and generous nation and the Hypocratic Oath means that doctors treat the babies and the mothers. In America, people don't get turned away just because all the money they have to their names is $15 and a $10 phone card. But with this bill, the child gets immediately enrolled in Medicaid. Do you know now why you will have a $15,000 cost share on your medical coverage from the government? It's going to be paying for all those babies who will be enrolled in Medicaid and it's going to be making you pay even more because they will be part of the system. Once a part of the system, always a part of the system. That's the way Dems like it. Do you think they'd have written something in there that would actually kick people out of the system? No. That's going to lose them votes. (Or at least that's what they think.) So, once in, always in. It's like a gang. You don't leave once you "blood in" unless it's your "blood out". That's the Dems' way of thinking for you. Look for gang sign-flashing at their next press conference.

I actually planned on getting to page 200 for this writing. But when I saw how much more crap -- let me say that again, CRAP -- was in this part of the crappy bill, I had to stop here. I don't want you to run screaming from this page, tearing your hair out and screaming at the top of your lungs, "Run for the hills! It's Socialism Time!" because that's what this is, folks. Pure. Plain. Simple. Socialism. Democratic style, but Socialism all the same.

I shall ask you again, Is that what you want? If not, call your Congressmen/Senators and tell them to "SCRAP THE CRAP" and to leave your healthcare system alone!

As always, more later. I'll try to actually get to page 200 next time.

Also read: "Reformers' Claims Just Don't Add Up", "Inside the Bureaucracy Obama Envisions" by Michelle Malkin and "Runaway Train To Less Freedom, Higher Taxes and Rationed Care". All of these pieces appear in "Investor's Business Daily". Check the internet and I'm sure you'll find more info that will scare you to death about this "reform" that we do not need.

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