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September 11, 2018: 3:47 p.m.: Always Remember:   Today is the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America in which airplanes hijacked by followers of Islam were flown into both World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and (because Todd Beamer and other passengers fought back) crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Thousands of Americans died, as did people in both WTC towers from other countries, and the people in the hijacked planes were killed on impact. My brother-in-law was working in the Pentagon at the time, but had a meeting in another building and had left just minutes prior to impact. My Aunt Sue was scheduled to be in one of the WTC towers that day to work a business deal for her employer (a power company for which she was Treasurer), and a friend of mine whom I met afterward worked in one of the WTC towers and was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor when the plane hit that tower and she left because something told her to. She survived and has a wonderful husband and two sons today. Today is a difficult day for those people, I'm sure. "Survivor's guilt" is real and I don't know that any of them have that problem, but I do know that they had skin in the game that day and because two of them were related to me, so did I. For me, it's personal. For me, it's real and for me, I shall ALWAYS REMEMBER. That's why I wrote what I shall consider my whole update for today:

9/11 Memorial Poem: The God of Hatred

They came to live among us
And spent so many days
Pretending to fit in
And adapting to our ways.

They all took lessons
To learn how to fly
To enable them to murder
Strangers from the sky.

Hatred seethed within them --
The teachings of their god --
Obeying him they did this
To death they gave their nod.

And Islam's god was smiling,
Infidels paid the price,
Men, women and children:
Are hijackers in "paradise"?

A god of murder and hatred
Killed thousands of innocents
In buildings with the airplanes;
Spouses, siblings, kids, parents.

Yet the god of hatred's triumph
Was of short duration here
In shock we stood silent,
Then got our butts in gear!

And America roared like lions,
Flew like eagles soar
And the world saw our thunder
And heard the lions roar!

And still today we fight it,
The god of hatred's call
To kill infidels of freedom
The "Greatest Satan" of them all!

As Islam's violence continues,
Infidels' throats slit around the world
Murderous Islam's terror
Unabated, Allah unfurled.

How long will it continue?
How long until they cease?
How long until his followers choose
To live with the world in peace?

Will Islam ever choose to live
Allow us freedom's choice?
Or will they continue to kill
In obedience to Allah's voice?

What gives them the "right"
To force the rest of us
To bow to their god in obeisance,
No voice, nor chance to discuss?

I shall never bow to Allah,
Nor give Muhammed his "due",
I serve the GOD of the Bible,
I won't bow down to you.

Force and violence does not win
When freedom is at hand
No god of murder can take
This country, nor the Holy Land.

So Islam, give up on murder,
Know hatred cannot win,
The more "infidels" you kill
Determination further digs in.

Your own actions defeat your purpose,
Prevent your own victory,
For each death brings out in us
Greater fight and faith in our GOD's glory!

Islam's god of hatred and murder
Cannot begin to compete
With our GOD of love and mercy
Who made this world, complete.

Islam's god of hatred
Cannot defeat this land
For the GOD of love and mercy
Holds us in His hand!

I pray for Islam's followers
To turn from their religion of hate
And look to the GOD of the Bible,
Whose love and mercy await!

I will not force them to change,
As they would do to me,
But I pray for their hearts
To be touched with GOD's mercy.

2018 Linda McKinney All Rights Reserved
That's my update for today. ALWAYS REMEMBER. It wasn't a one time thing. Islam has continued to try to reign in terror since its inception. Do not think that they are confined to the Middle East and beheading whole towns of Christians there. It's here. It's now. It's time to face the facts. Let us be ready. Let us beware. Let us ALWAYS REMEMBER. GOD Bless the heroes of seventeen years ago today, the families and loved ones of those who were murdered and the people who have given their lives in the battle against the murderous beliefs. GOD Bless them all!

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