FIND THE TRUTH, moron dupe!

With additional e-mails below.

10/14/2012   Today I received an e-mail from moron dupe:

"Linda, You forgot to add the email from Mr Ware. You can’t pick and choose to make the truth look different.
"'Find the truth'"
That's what she wants? Is she SURE that's what she wants? She wants "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"? Okay. If that's what she wants, that's what she'll get. She won't like it because the TRUTH always makes her look bad. But since she insists, I shall not disappoint. Poor pitiful fool that she is, she always thinks she's going to be the winner in every encounter with me. Delusional, perhaps? Whatever her excuse, she's really not going to like this so I shall apologize ahead of time. Sorry, Maureen Rupe, for further embarrassing you, but you DID ASK FOR IT IN WRITING. So, take your medicine like a big delusional girl and shut the heck up for a change. In fact, if you do shut up, you'll probably be considered smarter!

On October 5, 2012 I met briefly with Richard Ware (R), candidate for D1 County Commissioner's seat, at my house. Our conversation I noted in this posting:

"October 5, 2012: 10:16 p.m.   Forgot to tell you earlier that I met with Richard Ware (R) candidate for D1 County Commissioner today. He's smart, knows the facts and numbers and he will be GOOD for D1 and the rest of the County! I gave him some advice: 1) He may wish to change the staff in that office because of the history of breaking the Sunshine Laws (I have the proof), and mistreatment of Conservatives the staff is prone to; to which he agreed. And 2) He should tell our favorite moron (rupe-a-dupe) that she no longer has special rights and privileges there and that she won't be given the keys to the kingdom as the current and previous D1 Commies have done. He agreed to that, too. I also suggested he team with Volusia County's southern portion to try to get manufacturers or big employers (Sam's Club or BJs, things like that) up in the Mims/Scottsmoor area. That would bring some vitality to the north end of the county and it would make a valuable contribution to the employment situation for Brevard and Volusia counties. The northern area needs help, not just promises of economic development that focuses on Titusville. Considering all of this, I enthusiastically give Richard Ware my endorsement for D1 County Commissioner. (Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any campaign, committee, or candidate. Don't like it? Bite it!)"
moron dupe apparently took offense at that and wrote to Mr. Ware the following letter:


"October 7, 2012

"Maureen Rupe
"7185 Bright Ave
"Cocoa, Florida 32927
"(321) [redacted]

"Richard Ware
"2625 Driftwood Drive
"Titusville, Florida 32780
"(321) [redacted]

"Dear Mr. Ware,
"This is for clarification concerning the attached excerpt from the site owned by Linda McKinney of Port St. John.

"I have worked with both Republican and Democrat County Commissioners. I have had no special treatment in the past, any more than anyone who has always been willing to help the community and the county. I am disturbed that if what she writes is true, you would make agreements on volunteers and staff, would be in my mind unethical due to the defamation in the article. The agreement would at the very least, show we may have a County Commissioner that relies on the rhetoric of a well-known individual of twisted logic.

"I would like to know if conversation [sic] identified in the excerpt is an accurate account? If so, I am sure you will not mind me passing them along, as they are public on McKinney's website. Please look at her website, which will tell all on Ms. McKinney.


[no signature]

"1 Attachment
"Excerpt from Ms. McKinney's website

"Excerpt from Ms. McKinney's website [the Oct. 5th item above]


Yeah. Really. Richard Ware replied:


"From: Richard Ware
"Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2012 11:44 PM
"To: rupe32927@earthlink.net
"Subject: RE: Richard Ware Ltr 10-7-2012

"Ms. Rupe,

"While I met with Ms. McKinney the extent of the conversation went a bit differently than she portrays. The first part about the staff is partially correct as I told her that I would be unlikely to continue to use political aids that are from a commissioner that is politically opposite of my values and priorities. This should be of no surprise to anyone who follows the political process. My decision on this was in no way related to her complaint.

"As to the part about you (Maureen Rupe), she brought up your name and a complaint that you have some sort of influence with the present and past D1 commissioners. Since as far as I know, we have never met, nor I any contact with you or heard a complaint about you, I could not have a comment about her opinion. But my answer was to assure her that I am not going to give any person, group, or other special interest any enhanced influence when it comes to policy direction. Which she and I agree is the best way for all citizens to get representation in government.

"Hope this answers your concerns. If you need to discuss this further please call me at 321-271-0628.

"Richard Ware
"candidate BCC D1"


In response, I sent the following e-mail to Richard Ware which included some of the blurbs from my website's "2009 Storage" page:


"From: Linda McKinney
"To: Richard Ware
"Subject: Re: Richard Ware Ltr 10-7-2012
"Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 15:19:40 -0400

"Mr. Ware,

"As you may have figured out, rupe-a-dupe and I have a long-standing political rivalry and we are totally incompatible. I do not wish to bring you into the middle of things, but that is where you are. If you visit my website you can see that what I say about her is totally true, irrefutable and without slander/libel. Most often I use her own words against her (and there are a lot of them), so she has no legal recourse. I had a friend ([redacted]) who was an attorney who used to keep an eye on my website (visited it often and commented if he enjoyed something), and he would warn me if something was even close to slander/libel – a warning he never had to give. In fact, I would write something in an e-mail to him and ask if it was okay to post if I was uncertain. With the proofs I had provided, he always said that it was okay to post. He contacted me once in regard to something that was on my website and that was to say that the quote I used from rupe-a-dupe was her committing slander/libel against me.

"I understand that you don’t want her mad at you but I don’t appreciate being thrown under the bus: “the conversation went a bit differently than she portrays” and “partially correct”. What I wrote about on my website was MY side of the conversation, only saying a basic reaction on your part, “to which he agreed” and “He agreed to that, too.” There were NO QUOTATION MARKS on my website around your reaction, thus it was not an exact representation of what you said. It wasn’t misconstrued, it was a basic representation of your reaction. Similar to paraphrasing “Jesus wept” (John 11:35) to Christ cried. One is an exact quote (of most versions) the other is a general representation of what the verse says. Most people with a basic understanding of proper grammar and punctuation understand that. In fact, you told me that you had already considered the staff and had already decided to fire them and that you had two people in mind for your assistants and that you would have to advertise for a secretary who would be working from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (to be precise).

"As to rupe-a-dupe’s special treatment, you did agree that no one would receive special treatment; which includes her, thus my summary was correct. Should I have gone into further detail about your reaction that could have been misconstrued as easily as what I did write, and rupe-a-dupe is just the person to have done so.

"As to her letter’s assertion that she has “had no special treatment in the past”, I said I had proof of special treatment and I do; as well as others throughout the County who will back up in the assertion. Some of the proof is below:

"1) FEB 2005: rupe-a-dupe hand delivered to Truman Scarborough’s office a list of people that she had spoken to and who had agreed to be considered for the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board. Within 21 hours after that delivery (by chance or inspiration, whichever) I requested from that office a list of people who had expressed an interest in serving on that board (there were openings at the time and it is an appointed board). That office refused for three months to give me that list, getting the worthless Scott Knox involved in their defense and trying to prevent its release. It was not until I included the Brechner Foundation and the Florida State Attorney General’s office in the “Cc” list that the list and two phone messages were finally delivered to me and the Sunshine Law finally obeyed. That list is attached.

"2) SEP 2011: When I sent an e-mail last year to D1’s office (as well as the other four Commissioners’ offices), that e-mail was immediately forwarded by Kathie England to rupe-a-dupe. It took me six weeks after my Sunshine Law request to receive the e-mail that was forwarded to her and that is available here: http://www.spacecoastconservative.com/images/englandrupe.jpg.

"3)Nov. 16, 2009 The latest B-Rupe-haha (broohaha): I received information from an outside source that Maureen Rupe had done a public records request for Commissioner Trudie Infantini's e-mails back in August. Assistant County Manager, Stockton Whitten puts it like this in a direct response from an e-mail sent to a question from Comm. Infantini regarding the matter:

"Sally forwarded to me your request as I am responsible for providing Mrs. Rupe with hardcopy documentation of the public records she has been requesting since August of this year. Mrs. Rupe has not been charged for the hardcopy records for the following reasons.

  • "Information Technology provided Mrs. Rupe a copy of the requested records in PST format which she advised she could not open.
  • "Information Technology then provided Mrs. Rupe a copy of the requested records in PDF format which she also advised she could not open.
  • "Mrs. Rupe paid $30 for the CD referenced in the first bullet point.
  • "Mrs. Rupe after being unable to open files formatted as referenced above requested hardcopies and expressed to me her concern that she was being denied public records as a result of the long delay in providing her files in a format in which she could open. Again, her original request came sometime in August of this year.
  • "Mrs. Rupe on Tuesday again advised me that she was frustrated with the long delay in meeting her request and ask that she be provided hardcopies of the records. I advised Sally to provide Mrs. Rupe with the hardcopies.
  • "By copy of this email I am asking the County Attorney to advise as to whether or not Mrs. Rupe should be charged for the hardcopy records. Upon his response I will take the necessary action to invoice her if necessary."

To which I reply: IF the County Attorney says that Maureen Rupe does not have to pay Rupe's $595 County printing bill, then none of us should have to pay for copies up to the same amount. The law states that there is equal treatment under the law. For Maureen Rupe to get off scott-free from a $595 bill for her own use -- not for the benefit of all of us -- is special treatment for Maureen Rupe. That's not right. That's illegal. If you agree, write to Scott Knox, Stockton Whitten, and all of the Commissioners and tell them to make Rupe pay! After all, $595 in this economy is nothing to spit at. And if Maureen Rupe doesn't have to pay, why should we? We should treat the County the same way Maureen Rupe did. Equal treatment under the law.

Nov. 23, 2009 It has been eleven (11) days since my first request for a copy of the Maureen Rupe $595 public records request printing bill was sent to the County. I have yet to receive a copy. I have posted the results of my inquiries and Vince Young has posted more info on the subject. His show is on at 8:00 p.m. tonight and you can Listen Live to Vince Young's show (if their computer cooperates and it will be available; they sometimes have problems with that) and Maureen Rupe herself will be on tonight to tell her side of the story. I can't tell you that you'll enjoy it, but maybe it will be interesting. Listen and see if she tries to make it all about how terrible I am and how I've done everything I can to destroy her and how much I've tried to block all the "good things" in the community. Now that I've posted that, she may not have the courage to do it. Listen and see.

Nov. 17, 2009 Spent some time on Vince Young's radio show this evening talking about the Maureen Rupe $595 printing bill. Update on that subject is that Comm. Trudie Infantini has been contacted by Maureen Rupe and told that the County will have to sue Rupe in order to get the money. Isn't that special? She refuses to pay her bill, taking $595 out of the coffers and then she wants to take more out of your pocket by making the County sue her in order to get the money out of her. That's wasting taxpayer dollars and making you pay twice for her printing. It was RUPE who requested the information, the County who delivered it, but we who paid for it! Now Rupe is saying that she will not take care of her responsibility and Rupe will not pay for her responsibility and, thus, you, the taxpayers of Brevard County, shall have to pay her $595 or sue Rupe to get it. And she wanted to be our D1 County Commissioner? Can you imagine if she had won?

Nov. 19, 2009 Listen to Vince Young's radio show tonight Live on WMEL for more on the B-Rupe-haha. He has received a copy of County Attorney, Scott Knox's ruling on the Rupe records request and Scott Knox has ruled that,

"The short answer is yes.

"The county has satisfied its duty to provide the documents in the format in which the records are maintained (PST), as well as a format available in the county(PDF). Another manner of providing the documents is by hard copy. If that is the only alternative requested by an individual, the applicable BCC policy requires payment for every copy in excess of 30 at the rate of $.15 per copy. BCC-30"
Considering that Rupe has done a records request many times in the past and knows the procedure, and she has some sort of reasoning power, one would think she would have been aware of what the costs would probably be. After all, she wasn't unaware of the size of the files. She says she couldn't open the files, not that the file directory didn't show up on her computer, so at the very least she had a list of how many there would be, or an idea of the file size which would have to have been huge. Her campaign website states on her "Budgetary Challenges" page, "We must accept the fact that our resources are reduced... Waste and redundancy must be eliminated immediately.", and her "Education and Experience" page states, "This education system gave me a critical thinking foundation..." (her website, by the way, is still illegally available because it should -- according to campaign law -- have been removed from the internet within thirty days after being defeated and she was defeated in the August 2008 primaries). Taking her own words into consideration, I think it possible that Rupe should have known -- or at the very least used those "critical thinking" skills of her educational foundation -- what to expect when it came time to go pick up a stack of papers with every Comm. Infantini e-mail ever written. Taking her history of records requests, the info that was available to her via the CD she received from the County (even if it's just directory info), and the fact that she has "a critical thinking foundation", could it be that Rupe is pleading ignorance instead of poor mouse? It is tough economic times. That's a given. But shouldn't (Rupe's own words), "Waste and redundancy must be eliminated immediately" include the waste of not getting the $595 bill paid for printing 3,966 pages with the ink, paper and time the County Staff took to print these documents for a witch hunt? Again, I must say that I am glad she wasn't elected our D1 Commissioner. Who knows how big our bill would have been for that?

Nov. 30, 2009 Finally heard from the County and got a copy of the bill the County sent to Rupe. I had to "cc" State Attorney General, Bill McCollum and the Brechner Foundation to get it. The bill was sent via e-mail and it looked like this:

"From: Lewis, Sally A
"Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 4:07 PM
"To: Maureen Rupe
"Subject: Public Records Request

"I have not forgotten you. It has taken a long time to print all of the records that you requested.
"Here is the breakdown.
"You already paid $30.00 for the disk with all of the e-mails on it.
"I printed all of the e-mails like you requested and they are ready to pick up.
"There was a total of 4,200 pages.

"4200 – 30(1st thirty pages are free) = 4170 total pages
"$30.00 dollars pays for 200 copies (4170 – 200 = 3970)
"Total copies at .15 page is 3970 x .15 = $595.50
"I did not charge you for the time it took to print the e-mails which was approx. 7 hours.

"Total amount due for copies is $595.50.


"Sally Lewis
"County Manager's Office

(SCC Note: The $30.00 for 200 copies refers to the cost of the CD the County had already given Rupe with the e-mails on it. Rupe had already paid for the CD, so they subtracted the cost of the CD from the cost of the printing. Fair enough.)

So there you have it. Maureen Rupe was clearly and comprehensively billed way back in September for the over 4,000 page printing job she had done at your expense. For Rupe to say that she didn't think she was being billed for the printing job is perhaps a testament to her ability to understand the written word. The bill is clear: "Total amount due for copies is $595.50." The bill delineates which items are being billed and which have already been paid. Notice they gave Rupe a break in the price by not charging her for the employee hours it took to print the e-mails. That's enough of a price break right there. Should the taxpayers of Brevard County -- you and I -- have to foot the bill because Rupe can't read or understand proper, clear, concise grammar in the English language? I think not. I have written to the County and told them so. You can write to the County and tell them what you think about footing Rupe's bill. Tell them that you're not going to pay for anything the County bills you for unless and until we receive equal treatment under the law and Rupe is made to pay her bill. After all, if it's fair for the Rupe, it's fair for the rest of the taxpayers.

Dec. 22, 2009 Well, we found out who is "flavor of the month" with the BOCC. Maureen Rupe went down and whined to the BOCC about being legally and morally billed for a $595.50 public records request bill she received for 4,200 pages of printing she had done. They listened attentively and gave her a free pass. She was not forced to pay. So, I put in a public records request for something that should equal about the same amount. I included, of course, all records of anything with the name "Maureen Rupe" mentioned in any way. That way, I can see what she's been telling them about this public records thing and whatever else I find. If she can fish, so can I. I also informed the BOCC that I will NOT be paying for this request because if they are going to give to Maureen Rupe, they are darned well going to give to me, too. Equal treatment under the law. IF they discriminate against me and make me pay, I should have a lawsuit ready, willing and able. I may even include Ms. Rupe in order to find out why she is receiving special treatment. According to an e-mail I received from the County Manager's office, they let Maureen Rupe off the hook, "based on evidence that staff led her to believe she would be given hard copies after she had paid for electronic copies that could not be opened." Considering the Sept. 29, 2009 e-mail (scroll down) to Rupe from Sally Lewis that was clearly worded and delineated what Rupe would be receiving and what she would be paying for and what she would not be paying for, I see no evidence to support that statement: especially considering that, according to one source, Rupe didn't pick up her seven boxes of papers until Nov. 17, 2009 -- AFTER she was refusing to pay for them! However, if that's the game the County wishes to play, I will go along with it. They lie to me, I can hold their feet to the fire and demand equal treatment under the law, or demand to know why I am being discriminated against. On what basis are they not treating me the same as Maureen Rupe? I'm sure I'll receive a bill. I'm sure it will be plainly worded, as Rupe's bill from Sally Lewis was. I'm also sure I won't be paying it; as Rupe refused to do. Rupe said the County would have to sue her to get the money. Sounds to me like I should say the same thing. After all, what's fair for the Rupester is fair for me. One person commented on the Rupe public records thing like this:

"This was ridiculous, Linda. It's one thing to say you didn't know the cost was $600, I can buy that. However, once you walk out with the item you owe the bill, just like shopping.

"The request was purely dynamite fishing."
I agree.

Dec. 24, 2009 As I was changing a few things up above here, I realized something. Do you realize that the health care reform bills are smaller (have fewer pages) than the 4,200 page public records request that Maureen Rupe received on your taxpayer dollar? I was wondering how you like them apples? Write to her and tell her what you think. By the way, I'm working on another page about this because I received the verbatim record of the Dec. 15th BOCC meeting in which Rupester asked to be let off the hook for her request to print 4,200 pages of e-mails. I'll be getting that up in the next few weeks. First is Christmas and New Years, then it's my thirty-second wedding anniversary a few days after the New Year. So, I'll be a little busy but I'll get the new page (and a new page about Cullen, just to let you know) up ASAP.

Mr. Ware, as you can see, I have PROVEN that rupe-a-dupe has received special treatment and that it is not just at D1 considering the $595 bill she was allowed to escape after some loud and long whining.

Make no mistake: rupe-a-dupe’s letter to you was a threat --“I am sure you will not mind me passing them along,”. It was a threat to try to get you to distance yourself from me and it was a threat to spread the truth that you have agreed that you would be firing the staff and that’s a no-no in liberal-speak because those two (Lackovich and England) are favorites on the Liberal side because of the treatment they have received in that office while the Lackovich and England have been there. There is no doubt that there will be an effort to malign you and mudsling at you because you have spoken with me. Perhaps I should have warned you about that, but it is worth remembering that anyone who runs for public office should have spine enough to withstand rupe-a-dupe’s kind of pressure and threats.

You may wish to read my site (especially the pages linked on my “My Links” page and my “PSJ Information” page) to see who rupe-a-dupe really is, find out her history (the truth) and talk to others on the Conservative side who have had dealings with her in the past: Trudie Infantini, Mike Moehle, Scott Ellis, J. Roger Shealy, etc., etc., etc., are all familiar with her and her ways. They are my friendly acquaintances and they can vouch for me and my honesty. They may say I am harsh, too strong, or similar adjectives, but they will also say I am honest.

Again, I’m sorry you are in the middle of this. rupe-a-dupe is my opposition, but make no mistake she is also yours. She does not want your friendship, she wants you defeated and not a threat to her influence. She will help defeat you with everything she has, especially now.

Linda McKinney


That's what I sent to Richard Ware. On my website I posted this reply to moron dupe's e-mail to Richard Ware:



  1. 1st sentence: She makes it seem as though she's clarifying something FOR ME as if she was saying that she could make something I wrote clearer. She did not.

  2. 2nd sentence: She says she has worked with both Reps and Dems; true, but Truman Scarborough was a RINO, not a Conservative Republican. Nowhere close.

  3. 3rd sentence: She commits her biggest faux pas. She says that she has "had no special treatment in the past" but then goes on to say "any more than..." which is an admission that she has had special treatment in the past. Well, duh!

  4. 4th sentence: The Brevard County Ordinances allow Commissioners to hire their own staff, (See section 2-70(b) - Administrative role of county commissioners. "The power and administrative responsibility of each individual county commissioner under this section shall not be construed to include the power to authorize the purchase of any property not previously authorized by the board of county commissioners meeting collectively or to hire or fire any personnel excluding their personal office staff, except as a member of the board of county commissioners meeting collectively as provided under this article. [my bolding]") So is she trying to force Richard Ware to keep County Staff even though County Ordinance says he can hire his own staff?

  5. 4th sentence again: No matter who you associate with prior to being elected to office you get to staff your office with the folks you trust, not the leftovers from the previous administration. Given the fact that two of the three working there - Lackovich and England - are so used to working with liberals I'm sure they wouldn't want to stay under a Conservative boss anyways. Besides, what business is it of hers with whom Richard Ware decides to talk to about staff? He's a private citizen still and it would not be breaking the Sunshine Law if he were talking to me after he won the election because I'm a private citizen and the County has no say in who I speak to or about what. It's still America, is it not? There is nothing unethical in Richard Ware and I talking about staffing at his office if he is elected.

  6. 4th sentence again: "would be in my mind unethical due to the defamation in the article". It doesn't matter what her mind (if she has one) is telling her. As I have shown you, County Ordinance says that the Commissioner is allowed to hire and fire his own staff. So no matter what she thinks is "unethical", no matter what she considers "defamation" I can prove my assertions when it comes to the staff at D1 not giving me Sunshine Law requests and trying to hide behind the County Attorney; and not on just one ocassion! Thus, there is no "defamation" involved, no matter what miss pea brain says.

  7. 5th sentence: "a County Commissioner that relies on the rhetoric" is something she should not bring up. How often on her own 2008 campaign website (still illegally up) does she try to use rhetoric regarding "quality of life", "sustainability" "environmental impacts"? Wanna' talk "rhetoric"? How about hers? A big difference is, mine are about people. Hers are about controling people to "benefit" the earth.

  8. 5th sentence again: As Richard Ware is allowed via County Ordinance and tradition to staff his own office, and he told me that he had already decided to do so prior to speaking with me how logical can rupe-a-dupe be if she is trying to deny him that right? If she wants to talk "a well-known individual of twisted logic." maybe she should look in the mirror. After all, I've shown time after time after time how illogical rupe-a-dupe has been, how often her hypocrisy shows, how ill-educated she is and how farcical any contact with her is (as proven by every analysis of her writings). If she wants to talk "twisted logic" why is she not considering her own in this situation?

  9. 6th sentence: "I would like to know if conversation identified in the excerpt is an accurate account?" There's a little word missing there between "if" and "conversation" it's known as "the". Typos happen, but come on. Why did she not trust what I put up there? What I said was an accurate account of our conversation. I did not quote Richard Ware (no quotation marks), I presented a paraphrasing of the discussion. Yes, he did say he was going to change all of the staff; that he had already thought of that before I brought it up. He also said that he had two people in mind for the assistants and he wanted to advertise for and hire a secretary to work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as did Comm. Anderson and it saved Anderson a lot of money. Again, a paraphrase, but an accurate account.

  10. 7th sentence: This is the threat portion of the letter. "If so, I am sure you will not mind me passing them along," is her way of saying, "I'm going to tell!" Well, lah-ti-dah. Run to Momma (or Mum). Is there anything so annoying as a tattle-tale? Does she think it wrong for Mr. Ware to staff his own office, or to prevent the special treatment rupe-a-dupe admits in the letter to having received? No. That's the answer for every County Commissioner and every person in public office. It's never wrong to hire your own staff as long as the rules for that office (see 2-70(b) above) say you have the right. Yet, rupe-a-dupe says the same as "I'm going to tell!" When will she ever grow up?

  11. 8th sentence: Yes, this website "will tell all on" me. If I didn't want something out there for the general public I wouldn't put it on my website, now would I? It's not as if I tell what sexual positions I like, or what color underwear I have on, or my favorite Beatle (guy in the singing group, not bug; although...). I write about things that are important to me, sometimes to others in the area and what I find interesting or want to share. If that's telling "all" on me, my bad. Do I jump down the throats of those I disagree with? Yep. Do I fight hard and long for what I believe in? Absolutely. Do I use "twisted logic" to win my battles? Read my website - every page if you wish - and then you tell me. I have no problem with you being the judge of that and I don't care if rupe-a-dupe or anyone else thinks ill of me because I don't answer to her. I never have and I never shall. She can kiss my grits for all I care. What she thinks of me matters not. And that bugs the heck out of her.

  12. The whole letter: In March of this year I received an e-mail from rupe-a-dupe that said, in part, that she would no longer be reading my website: "I will never again look into your Website, ever." To which I posted on my response page:
    "Yeah. Right. I believe that like I believe obamination is my savior. Get real. I know you better than that. You're reading this right now. You can't help yourself. You think you've written something so clever, so cutting, so demeaning as to make me cowar and cringe. You have been patting yourself on the back since you hit the "Send" button. See how sad I am?"
    As you can see, today I received proof that I was correct again (as usual: especially when it concerns rupe-a-dupe). Apparently she took umbrage at the fact that I met with Richard Ware and he said that he would be hiring new staff for his office if he wins. I like that idea because of the treatment I and other Conservatives have received at that office for years.

  13. The whole letter again: Mr. Ware forwarded the e-mail to me because it was about me. Read it again.
    • "Linda McKinney of Port St. John"

    • "she writes"

    • (snicker!) "a well-known individual of twisted logic."

    • "look at her website"

    • "Ms. McKinney."

    • "Excerpt from Ms. McKinney's website" (twice)

    • "http://spacecoastconservative.com/" (twice)
    While she mentions Mr. Ware:
    • "Richard Ware" (in the address line)

    • "Dear Mr. Ware, (greeting line)

    • "you would make agreements"

    • "we may have a County Commissioner"

    • "I am sure you will not mind"
    She mentions me (counting the duplicates at the end) nine times. Take out the required lines (address and greeting) and she mentions Mr. Ware only three times. The letter is more about I than Mr. Ware. Not that it gives me an ego boost, however, I do get such a kick out of her rantings that I really do enjoy reading and disecting them. I must admit she did better on her spelling, grammar and punctuation than usual in this letter (did she write it herself?).

  14. The whole letter: So, as usual, rupe-a-dupe is up to her old whiny ways. She sees me say something about limiting her influence and she must rush to defend her influence and her special treatment in the D1 office! She can't lose that no matter who is in office: she must maintain! She used to have a weekly breakfast with Scarborough, I'm told, and she has fisher's ears and they think alike. What is to be lost if Richard Ware gets elected? The staff would no more be there to coddle her, protect her, look out for her. No more hiding her hand delivered lists, or getting scott knox, County Attorney, in on the act to protect both her and the D1 office and drag things out for six months. That's what is at stake.

I think Mr. Ware has more character and spine than to kowtow to that. I think he'll be good for D1 and for ALL of the people in it and throughout the county because we'd then have two strong Conservatives (which is what rupe-a-dupe is actually upset about) on the BOCC and maybe they'd be able to sway Andy Anderson to stand with them and there would then be a 3-2 majority voting for the Conservative ways of doing things! That's what scares her! Hopefully, I am right about Richard Ware and he'll be strong and stand without kowtowing. It is an election year and it's hard to be under the gun of someone who has such a history in the county (and state!). But, if you can know a man by looking at his friends, you can also know a man by looking at his enemies as well, yes? So wouldn't rupe-a-dupe be a good place to start in that direction?


Oh, she had to crow! She just knew she had caught me in a lie! She had to let me know how superior she was! She, in fact, sent me the following e-mail (the one that started this page into motion):


"From: "Maureen Rupe"
"To: "Lindy"
"Subject: Fw: Richard Ware Ltr 10-7-2012
"Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 07:55:27

"Linda, You forgot to add the email from Mr Ware. You can’t pick and choose to make the truth look different.
"'Find the truth' [my bolding]"


She got to crow for a little while. Crow as much as she wants dear idiot-extraordinaire, I have information she does not. Fact is, my information is not very flattering to Richard Ware, but I still endorse Richard Ware over robin fisher all day, every day! My Information, in fact, was protecting moron dupe from further embarrassment. But, since she demands, I suppose I shall indulge her:


"From: Richard Ware
"To: Linda McKinney
"Subject: RE: Richard Ware Ltr 10-7-2012
"Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 16:28:14 -0400

"Mrs. McKinney,

"My answer to Ms. Rupe was simply to advisor [sic] her that my political decisions are going to be made free from influence from special interest, whether from her or you. My door will always be open to any citizen that is willing to have a respectful conversation about issues and solutions to problems. And my governance decisions will be made according to what is in the best interest of the citizens as a whole. I understand what you are saying and I agree with it. However, I do think that the portion of your response to her was bus-inducing. She can now say that I misled the public and that you said I had done so. Thus, I am under the bus and what I claimed to have been your agreeing with me is now called into question. To me, that’s not a good thing. I have told nothing but the truth, yet your response was damaging to my reputation. Thank you for that.

"As we discussed I am a political conservative and will make my decisions about governance from that vantage. Good. The written answer about the staff of aids was phrased the way I felt would make her understand [my bolding] that your complaints about the present staff were not my motivation in deciding how to proceed. Please do not think that anything you say to her will be read properly or understood correctly. I have seen the simplest written words misunderstood and misconstrued by her. I have known her for over twenty years and we were not always political rivals. It was only ten years ago when she supported the incorporation of PSJ and I did not that we became opposition. In the meantime, I was on the PSJHOA Board of Directors with her for a while and I actually spent personal time with her on the phone and taking her to a doctor’s appointment and other such things. It is lying that I cannot abide and at that she is a master. If the truth passed her lips they would flee from her face. You will learn this and if you don’t want to learn the hard way, ask Mike Moehle, J. Roger Shealy, etc., or just read my website and see what the truth is compared to what she says. I do hope you will gird your loins and be ready for battle with her and her supporters because if you win, that is what it shall be. While I have a group of folks that I would approach to take those positions it is not narrowed to just 2, and likely will not be until after the election. As to the third position of secretary, I do see as being part-time as a cost saving measure and would be filled as an advertised job posting. You did say that you had a group of people you were considering; two you favored. We were walking toward your truck at the time you said it. I said that if they didn’t work out, I am available. I shall retract that statement as of this e-mail, including the position of secretary.

"As to the rivalry that exists between you and her, there is definitely some bad blood and is something that I see as something to avoid. I see treating everyone fairly without favoritism as being the proper course of action.There is no “bad blood” on my part. I simply use my website to tell the truth and set straight the lies she publishes and has published for ten years (see for instance http://spacecoastconservative.blogspot.com/2012_03_01_archive.html). That is all I do. Please do treat us the same – both with respect or contempt, whichever – but do not think for a moment that if she needed my blood tomorrow and we were compatible that I would not give it to her.

"I think Mr. Ware has more character and spine than to kowtow to that. I think he'll be good for D1 and for ALL of the people in it and throughout the county because we'd then have two strong Conservatives (which is what rupe-a-dupe is actually upset about) on the BOCC and maybe they'd be able to sway Andy Anderson to stand with them and there would then be a 3-2 majority voting for the Conservative ways of doing things! That's what scares her! Hopefully, I am right about Richard Ware and he'll be strong and stand without kowtowing. It is an election year and it's hard to be under the gun of someone who has such a history in the county (and state!). But, if you can know a man by looking at his friends, you can also know a man by looking at his enemies as well, yes? So wouldn't rupe-a-dupe be a good place to start in that direction?"

Mr. Ware, I had great hopes for you. I see now that I met the politician and not the man. My regret is that I still have to vote for you to get fisher out of office and I still think you’ll be better for the whole County than he. Please do not bother to respond. I am not interested.

"Sincerely,                 Disappointedly
"Richard Ware"         Linda McKinney


Read the bolded, underlined words again. "The written answer about the staff of aids was phrased the way I felt would make her understand". He was trying to say exactly how it's explained: I had nothing to do with his decision, because he had already decided to do those two things before I talked to him. He would treat her the same as everyone else: although rupester herself admitted in original e-mail to Ware, above, that she had received special treatment -- "I have had no special treatment in the past, any more than anyone who has always been willing to help the community and the county. [my bolding]" So she has admitted that she has had special treatment, and Mr. Ware, had to play to the idiot-extraodinaire's stupidity (my words, not his) and wrote down to her but she still did not understand. It does not speak well of her mental capabilities, does it? There's no saying she's going to understand 1+1=2 much less the written word, considering her misunderstandings of the past. I mean, really:

Although this is the truth and the e-mails and her own words on her website prove it, I suppose it could just be the "rhetoric of a well-known individual of twisted logic." I seriously doubt that moron wanted the truth to come out, athough she demanded it:

"Linda, You forgot to add the email from Mr Ware. You can’t pick and choose to make the truth look different.
"'Find the truth'"
Did she "Find the truth"? Did she learn anything? Did she learn that it's not a good thing to ask for the truth when it will only work against you, as proven here? If she learned anything, I'd be surprised.

Maureen Rupe, next time you want to demand something of me, make sure you ALREADY KNOW ALL THE FACTS AND HOW THEY WILL PLAY OUT BEFORE YOU MAKE THOSE DEMANDS or your embarrassment will double. You may want to learn that, live that and love that as it will come in handy later, I'm sure!

Remember, if you'll tell the truth, I can stop doing pages like this. Maureen Rupe, take your own advice: "FIND THE TRUTH!" It will do you good.


October 17, 2012   Received this ICK-e-mail from rupester today (I changed her spacing to make it neater and inserted [sic] comments, otherwise the e-mail is unchanged):

"Mrs. Mckinney,
"I must say you are getting much better at writing Rubbish [sic], must be all the practice you have had. All these years, and you have never changed a thing.
"No one has ever took [sic] any notice of you, certainly not me. I have carried on regardless of the insults, the lies, wonder how many hours you have spent trying to torment me to what you want me to do. You are like some dark creature, sitting in the madness hours, spewing out hatred. You say you do it for fun, and I am like a toy, we will see who laughs last.
"At least Mr. Ware knows you are a liar and anyone who reads your site knows. I am sending you your June 1st 'opinion’. I have never been as appalled at your viciousness as I was reading this. So your husband is now assisting you in your hatred of the community. Fireworks to celebrate to show our country's independence. [sic - sentence fragment] When you are always saying how patriotic you are. Your husband really is in a position to say no to his own community for a feud and obsession his wife has. When folks are standing in the blazing sun , trying to collect money, to give the kids a good show. [sic - sentence fragment] I can’t tell you how angry I am, [sic] You should be ashamed of yourselves. Don’t know what the Base [sic] commander would say or the Community. You wrote it, just as Ware email [sic], wonder how you will twist this one. Look forward to seeing this on you [sic] website, like you say you post everything [sic - no period] LOL [sic - no punctuation] Richard Ware [sic - should be possessive = 's] reply to me , you wouldn’t have posted it until I called you on it.
"Maureen Rupe
"no [sic] grammar here, on purpose."
My June 1, 2012 blurb:
"June 1, 2012   To end the day on a local level, the rupester wrote the same op-ed in the pooper-paper as she sent to the Toady [sic]. On page 4 you can read her anti-Infantini rant in its full. She really hates Conservatives and Infantini is one, so Infantini is her only target on the BOCC. After all, Infantini is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE on the BOCC. Read my response to rupester's rant and learn the truth. BTW, while we're on the subject of the pooper-paper, its owner recently sent an e-mail to certain people out at Cape Canaveral A.F.S. asking if they'd be willing to help sponsor "Thunder Over The Indian River". I seriously doubt that its owner knew that my husband would be one of those on the receiving end, and it was a big surprise for my husband to be getting an e-mail from the pooper-paper owner, that's for certain! Would it surprise you to hear that my hubby ignored the request? Too bad for the pooper-paper owner. When you send out begging letters I guess "beggars can't be choosers"!

Shall we all laugh together? As usual my job is to analyze it word by word. So, on with the show.

  1. I write rubbish (lower case "r")? Has she read her own writing in the pooper-paper or her e-mails?

  2. I have changed two things that were sent to me: the Amendment 4 info from 2008 (or 2010, not sure which) that rupester sent me and the info on Incorporation that my contact in Tallahassee didn't include in the original mailing: still available on the very first website page I wrote TRUTH, which she also hated.

  3. If "no one has ever took [her word] any notice of me" then why does rupe-a-dupe write to me and comment on my website? Why does her ilk have names for me and talk about me, referring to me as "that awful woman" and worse?

  4. She has carried on, this is true; absolutely true. But if she's referring to lies I have allegedly told, show me. I have asked her multiple times to show me. Prove that I am lying. I have pages and pages of proof that she has lied. So, maybe that's what she's talking about: her lies?

  5. "You are like some dark creature, sitting in the madness hours, spewing out hatred." This is such a well-written, poetic sentence I actually did a search to find out who she copied it from (Shakespeare, Poe, etc.) but found nothing. Of course Bing isn't all that great a search engine and Google for some reason isn't responding. I do give her kudos for it.

  6. "we will see who laughs last." Oh, I'm so scared.

  7. Who knows what Mr. Ware knows? I sent him proof of my assertions. You sent name calling and allegations: no proof. Whether he chooses to make the effort to FIND THE TRUTH or not, that's up to him. If he's smart, he will do so. If not, then D1 is stuck is it not?

  8. My June 1, 2012 opinion is a blurb and it's not offensive to anyone unless they're looking for something to be offended by.

  9. So she's "appalled"? What by? Read the blurb above and tell me what is appalling about it. Anyone? Anything? If this is what gets her knickers in a twist, that's very lame and rather sad. She should get a life.

  10. Truth is - as I said in the blurb - it was sent to my husband's work e-mail which should not be used for soliciting for funds for anything. It's a WORK E-MAIL address! Fireworks for the community (even for the kids) is not work related. I don't often send e-mails to him at work because of that. If it's not appropriate for me, his wife of almost thirty-five years, to send him e-mails at work (the last time I did so was back in June of this year), then why would it be appropriate for someone to send a community fundraising letter to him at work? Hmmm?

  11. Truth is also that I do not hate my community. I support it, I serve it, and I protect it from the likes of rupester. I have been involved with PSJ and the County for years and she knows this. Just because I oppose her in almost everything she wants for the County and community, that does not equal hatred for my community. Have I ever done anything hateful to the community, anyone? Anyone? If you have proof that I have done anything hateful toward PSJ or the County please let me know. I'll publish anything that comes in.

  12. Where, oh where, does she see any mention of my husband saying anything hateful in that blurb? Hmm? Is she reading things into my blurb, or just hallucinating? Where do I write anything at all about my husband's reaction except that he was surprised and that he ignored the request? Is that a sin? Is it against the law? Is it appalling that he was surprised and ignored the request? Did they receive money and support from everyone who received the request? If not, was she "appalled" by all of those folks, too? Apparently they ignored the request as well. What a stretch.

  13. Yes, I am patriotic. Not responding to a request for funds for fireworks does not make me unpatriotic. Did everyone reading the e-mail or this website help fund their local fireworks displays? If not, are they unpatriotic? Fireworks funding does not equal patriotism, especially when you consider that rupe-a-dupe funds the displays but is a socialist who supports a socialist agenda. Funding the display is a cover and it supports one of her biggest supporters, the pooper-paper owner.

  14. My husband is in a position to say no to whomever he pleases. You cannot force anyone to give to a fireworks fund. Whatever gave her the idea that it is bad or wrong to say no is a mystery to me. Is this kind of thinking what anyone would want as a County Commissioner? Aren't we all glad she was defeated in the primaries in 2008 (although her campaign website is still up)?

  15. She says "feud" and "obsession"; I say I'm obsessed with making sure people get the truth. Yes, with that I am obsessed.

  16. Why is she referencing people "standing in the blazing sun , trying to collect money, to give the kids a good show." when I wrote about the owner of the pooper-paper sending an e-mail to him? There's no "standing" and no "blazing sun" when you're sending an e-mail. Yes, maybe in other fundraising efforts people were standing in the sun. So? Where does it say that "people standing in the blazing sun" equals obligation to give to whatever it is they are trying to collect money for? If people stood in the blazing sun to collect money to elect Mitt Romney and she walked past them would she be obligated to give? It would be good for the community for Romney to be elected, isn't she obligated? If not, then she should forget that line of argument.

  17. She's angry and we "should be ashamed of ourselves". Boo.    Hoo. I don't care if she's angry and neither my husband nor I are ashamed. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be rupester because she wrote this nonsense!

  18. How about the sender of the e-mail, should he be ashamed of NOT ACCEPTING DONATIONS? How about that? I'm sure the public remembers back in 2004 when PSJ Bulletin was a part of the community. I'm also sure they remember the fact that the Bulletin tried to give to the fireworks display, but the pooper-paper TURNED DOWN OUR DONATION. Now, the fireworks display was still for the community and "to give kids a good show"; should he be held responsible for TURNING DOWN MONEY for the kids' sake? Hmmm? How about his patriotism? Isn't he unpatriotic for turning down the money that the Bulletin wanted to give but was TURNED DOWN by the pooper-paper? Hmmm? I think that's more unpatriotic than the fact that my husband chose to ignore a REQUEST for money. (Actually, it was a request to participate in a golf tournament to raise money for the fireworks, and my husband didn't want to participate. Now is it so very bad?) I think rupe-a-dupe should get a compass and figure out what is right and what is wrong. Hers is currently broken because turning down money willingly offered is more evil than choosing not to participate.

  19. The "Base commander": why bring him/her into this? My husband is not in the military and was not in the military when the e-mail came to his work address. The "Base commander" has nothing to do with whether anyone voluntarily supports or does not support any cause, fundraiser, or anything else. Why would she bring that up? Even if my husband were still in the military it is a VOLUNTARY giving situation; the commander would have no say in it. There is no mandate anywhere that my husband or anyone else support a fireworks display. No law, ordinance, statute, command, order, or rule whatsoever exists in the United States of America that says that anyone MUST GIVE TO A FIREWORKS DISPLAY WHEN REQUESTED TO GIVE. Maybe she should ask the owner of the pooper-paper if he wrote a law that everyone who received that e-mail must give? She's ridiculous, yes?

  20. Yes, I did write the blurb. Should someone else be writing the blurbs for MY website? What is her point? Is that supposed to be a nanner-nanner-boo-boo thing? Is it supposed to be a "Gotcha!"? Is it supposed to make me feel belittled, embarrassed, or what?

  21. She looked forward to seeing this on my website? I doubt it. But I do publish things sent to me as she well knows, and as she demands. So, here it is with the analysis. I hope she enjoys it.

  22. Is she still "LOL"-ing?

  23. The Richard Ware e-mail had something in it that, if she had any capability to understand anything at all, should have embarrassed her even more, so I didn't use it until she insisted. What's between rupester and I is my hatred of LIES, not of her as a person. I can hate the actions of a person without hating the person. I have a distant relative who wouldn't know the truth if it passed her lips and I can't stand her lies, either. Does that mean that I hate the relative? Well, this may be a bad example because I've had to turn this relative in three times to children protective services as well, but you get the drift. When people LIE that says something about what their motivations are, and brings into question what they are hiding. That's what I hate ABOUT rupester, not the rupester herself. If she were an honest person we may have still been friends. But I haven't any control over what she says or writes, so I must endeavor to shine the light of truth on her lies. For me to hide the comment Ware made that should have embarrassed rupester was a matter of humanity. She did not know the second e-mail from Ware existed until she insisted I put it all up. So, I obliged her and exposed her to the whole truth. It was exactly what she wanted, so I obliged. Sad to know she doesn't realize the truth.

  24. "no grammar here, on purpose" Yeah. Right. I couldn't tell the difference.

So that's the latest rupe-a-dupe e-mail and analysis. Why she insists on embarrassing herself time and time and time again, I don't know. When she gets it into her head to do so, she finds something on my site to complain about and I get her best efforts at a scathing e-mail. Well, it's getting tiresome. Maybe she'll learn to shut up. I doubt it. But you know, maybe you should write to her and tell her what you think of her e-mail assertions. Maybe a concerted effort would make a difference. Maybe it won't matter a hill of beans. I don't know. All I know is that it's tempting to block her again because it's taking too much of my time responding to my stalker. We'll see if she's stupid enough to write again. If so, she's going to be blocked. She is not worth the time.

October 21, 2012   I don't usually work on my website on Sundays, but I was relaxing and surfing and the following e-mail came in. Why she keeps doing this, I have no idea. But she sends it so I'll post it. It is what she wants. Who am I to not allow others to see her idiocy?

"Of course you will block me , you can’t stand someone else with an opinion different from yours. You must be the one dishing it out. You are a Bully. It’s fun, but only when you are hurting others.
"Yet you spout freedom of speech. You make fools of anyone that does read your site, by not putting writing the whole story when libeling me. Bad as a bare faced lie.
"I could pull everything you have written apart, just like you do, but you would get the truth with me.
"I saw what you wrote to Mr Ware, you love to go around and destroy my reputation, so I shall send him my resume, and how many awards I have, from the Sherriff, to Daughters of the American Revolution.
"Also newspaper clippings on FPL. etc. etc. There is a lot been added last 4 years. I am not a liar because I changed my mind about reading your Hate site. I just changed my mind, like people do every day.
"Mr Ware needs to ask his good friend Jason Steele about you, not Shealy or Moehle.
"Could you please clean it up some, what does Obama slipping the tongue and grabbing his crotch have to do with anything, Disgusting. Shows the content of your mind.
"Get a good attorney, the one that is advising you doesn’t know what he is talking about, or you have changed what he said to suit you. Like the Ware conversation.
"Maureen Rupe"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Gasp! Ouch. My sides. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! SNORT! Snicker! HehehahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Please. It hurts! Oh, make it go away! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I need to stop... hahahahahaha... and read the rest of it.... ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop. OUch! Hahahahahahahahaha!!..... block me... ...hahahahahaha... Enough... ennoo...hahahahahahahahaha!...hahahahahahaha..... free speech...hahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..... truth...hahaheheheheheh.... bully..... hehahehahehahehahehahehaa.... resume......hahahahAAHAHAHAHAHAAA... FPL clippings .... Hahahaha..ahahahahaha... Sheriff ..... hahahahahahaha.... Jason Steele.... Hahahaha... obamination.... HAhahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... she doesn't get it!....hahahahahahahehehehahahahahah.... ouch......ouch... must... hahahahahahahaha... stop.....ahahahahahaa.... stop.....shahahahahaha.... tooo funnnyyy!!.....ahahahahahahahaa...OUCH! It hurts..... hahahahahaha... ooh.... 'nuff said.

Until next update, folks. Remember, I have yet to reply via e-mail to rupester. She keeps writing to me.

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