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The Storage Room: 2013

December 2013

December 31, 2013: 9:52 p.m.   It's New Year's Eve and all around us the fireworks have been going off since just after dark. It reminds me of something that happened years ago. It makes me smile to see and hear the fireworks. I like them. Happy New Year. Enjoy your fireworks! See you in six days.

December 31, 2013: 10:35 a.m.: Goodbye 2013!   Well, that was a short year. I must tell you that I will be out of town Jan. 1st-5th 2014. Yep. You get to start the New Year without an update for a few days. I may or may not have my computer with me, but since I'll be going to a family reunion, celebrating a family member's 80th birthday, meeting with an illustrator for one of my stories (that's the big news from a couple days ago) and celebrating another big day in my life, well, it's going to be a busy, busy time. I don't have the courage (stupidity?) to open my website while I'm on a public WiFi connection so doing updates would not happen anyways. A computer just makes it easier to check my e-mails and to surf the net, so computer with me or not, the next update will be Jan. 6th, barring catastrophe. Look for it then. For today, let's get going on today's updates.

December 31, 2013   Government not trusted by 77% of Americans. Well, duh.

December 31, 2013   Another defeat for thevileone. Excellent! See me smile!

December 31, 2013   I think msnbc finds the most idiotic, progressive, hateful, ridiculous, shameless, hateful folks they can and hires them to be their anchors. After all of the crap msnbc hosts have said over the years I'm not at all surprised that their ratings are FAR BELOW that of FOXNEWS? Yeah. msnbc is losers promoting losers. They're also disgusting.

December 31, 2013   Smoking: the latest CONTROL and POWER target. If they can control smokers -- even in your own car -- although they've proven that "second hand smoke" is NOT dangerous, not just once in 2008, but a 2013 study found NO relation to second hand smoke and cancer, too. This is about CONTROL, folks. Nothing more. If they can make you smoke only where they say you can smoke, then THEY CAN CONTROL AT LEAST THAT PART OF THE POPULATION. If they can CONTROL part of the population with this sort of tactic, what will they find to CONTROL the rest of us? They've CONTROLLED the popcorn oil used in movie theaters, what kind of toilets we have, what kind of light bulbs we use (and we LOSE more choices tomorrow!) so what's next? Will they CONTROL what you can say to your child? Will they CONTROL what clothes you wear? Will they CONTROL what you THINK? Oops! They already do that! It's about CONTROL. Learn the way they do things. See what's coming and FIGHT BACK!

December 31, 2013   No drugs? No proven intent to have drugs? No problem! You're arrested anyways. Amazing. What happened to freedom in OH?

December 31, 2013   hillclintoon had an "unlucky" year? She made choices. She made BAD choices. She made herself a fool, a laughing stock and a scold. "At this point, what does it matter...?" Excuse me? She is NOT presidential material. She's a privileged, connected, spoiled, conceited, wannabe brat who thinks it's her DUE to be president next. My question is, Can the left CHEAT ENOUGH to make it happen for her? If we put up a strong TRUE CONSERVATIVE (absolutely QUALIFIED AND ELIGIBLE) candidate, can the progressives CHEAT ENOUGH to make their idiot the winner? WE MUST NOT ALLOW THAT. WE MUST show up in droves at each and every election and MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR OUR SIDE, FOR OUR COUNTRY, FOR OUR FUTURE, FOR OUR CHILDREN. If we do NOT VOTE we have no one to blame but ourselves! Show up. Vote. Make it impossible for them to win!!

December 31, 2013   It's strange to see the ACLU doing something I agree with. The world is full of wonders.

December 31, 2013   Using Challenger disaster audio clip: tacky, wrong and hurtful. But it got her attention, which is what she wanted (miley cyrus getting too much play with her stupidity?), so it worked. Now beyonce is all over the news so that's the way the game is played in Hollyweird. Isn't that telling? Whatever it takes to get attention. That's what's important to them. Don't ya' just wanna' slape 'em?

December 31, 2013   thevileone running scared of polls? With his numbers is it any wonder? And, naturally, the msm will do exactly as thevileone asks.

December 31, 2013   RACISM: Where is thevileone's [IN]Justice Dept. with an arrest in this knockout game assault? eric holder will never even acknowledge this assault because it's not white-on-black violence. It's only then that he cares. RACIST.

December 31, 2013   There is more and more evidence that the Bible is TRUE. Some folks will never believe, but those who have brains that work will be swayed by the archeological evidence found on a regular basis. GOD is real, folks. He LOVES you. Maybe your heart is telling you that but you're not listening. If you're not listening to that, maybe you should start doing so. It could be any day that the Lord returns and calls us home. Don't be left behind.

December 31, 2013   While I support the story's church's right to free speech, I question the wording of the story. The Blaze, to me, is notoriously unclear and riddled with mistakes. Pot calling the kettle, I know, but they've got editors and paid writers to do their website. I have moi. A little different between the two.

December 31, 2013   scotUS year in review. Print it out, read it daily, learn what is now the law of the land. Some of it will disgust you.

December 31, 2013   NYT defends their covering for hillclintoon. Despicable.

December 31, 2013   Gold to have biggest lost since 1981? I know everyone has been telling you to "Buy gold now!" It's been a mantra to some for a year or more. If you do buy gold, may I suggest "wearable gold"? It's more fun. Personally, I've not put that much stock in the "buy gold" mania. I think that if the monetary system collapses that it will take gold with it. After all, gold isn't easy to use at the grocery store, is it? How do you make change for a 24K gold ingot? So, I haven't been doing the gold thing. I put my trust in something higher than and more powerful than gold: the GOD who created gold.

December 31, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: How much you wanna' bet she gets a huge severance package or gets paid beyond her "I'm gone" date? Now, some auto workers are getting angry about it. It's about time they woke up and smelled the coffee. How long will it take others? Planned Abortionhood needs thevileone's healthcaretax in order to survive. Well, let's all make sure it works, then! (SARCASM.) Unsarcasticly, though, I prefer this news to the previous. That's good news!

December 31, 2013   2013: Fewest cops killed by guns since 1887. Even though we're buying guns in droves and there's no sign of it stopping. So it sounds to me like 2013 was a good gun year. Excellent!

December 31, 2013   Spirituality is good for your brain. Atheists, are you listening?

December 31, 2013   DNA predictions unreliable.

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith."
What you believe does more for your future than your DNA. If you believe that you will get cancer, heart disease, or whatever, it will happen. If you believe that
"by His wounds we ARE healed [my caps]"
then you will stay basically healthy. Example: On our first cruise, our eldest son got sick enough to immediately agree to go see the ship's doctor on the day we were in the Bahamas. I knew in my very soul that my son was going to be given bad news but also that the bad news was not what GOD had in store for him and that my son would be well, and not sick, and that GOD was in control. Our whole family agreed with this and our son and I agreed that no matter what the doctors said, he was not sick and that GOD was in control. The ship's doctor examined my son and sent us to the ER on the island. There, they took blood, x-rays and examined my son. The x-rays came back clean. When the blood work came back they wanted to admit him immediately. I said we couldn't do that because we were on a cruise. They argued. They wanted to send him to a specialist that day. I said we couldn't do that because we were on a cruise and the ship was leaving soon. They only let us go because we promised to see our family physician as soon as we got home. We went back to the ship with antibiotics and a cough medicine, his x-ray and his blood test results. I showed all of that to the ship's doctor and asked him point blank, "They're thinking he has leukemia, aren't they?" He said, "No", but his face said yes. We got back to town two days later and immediately made an appointment for five hours after our morning return. Our family doctor looked at the x-rays, the blood tests and answered my point blank question, "They're thinking leukemia, aren't they?" with a firm, "Yes." I told her that he doesn't have leukemia, and that I was certain of that. She examined him and said that she'd up his antibiotics and re-examine him in a week. IF he didn't improve in that week he'd have to be admitted for further tests. I said that admission would not be needed since he wasn't sick with anything but a cold. A week later my faith was proven correct. Our son's blood was rechecked and found to be fine. His x-rays were fine. His cough was much improved. The doctor said he was fine. Faith: it moves mountains and prevents illness.

December 31, 2013   On that faithful note, I'll close for today. Remember this will be the last update until Jan. 6, 2014, so be ready to be reading a LOT of blurbs on that day. Until then, I'm so thrilled to be meeting my illustrator and I'm looking forward to seeing so many family members and I'm looking forward to all of that, and to returning home to you. Until next time, See ya'!

December 30, 2013: 10:39 a.m.   Animals: Two thugs attack 70 yr.-old for no reason other than asking them to slow down in a residential neighborhood. Their Mommas didn't teach them any respect for human life whatsoever. Nor did the public school system. Sounds to me like it is time for parental involvement to be stepped up a notch or ten.

December 30, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Even howard "Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaaahhhh!" dean disagrees with it. (I never imagined dean would agree with me!) Is your doctor extremely busy right now? People are trying to get their operations done prior to this farce going into effect. Can you blame them? Remember back when thevileone shut the government down to make sure his healthcaretax went through as he wished? Yeah. Now who's being blamed for this debacle? Look at thevileone's poll numbers and you'll see that he is paying a price. Problem is, the price is not high enough. He's still in office after de facto declaring himself a dictator: Human Events says he's a dictator. In 2012, Western Journalism said he was a dictator. Rush has called him a dictator. Even Salon has said he's a dictator. There are others (besides myself and including:

Glenn Beck). Sounds to me like there is getting to be a consensus that thevileone is a dictator. Thus, he is no longer president and he needs to be impeached. Breaking his oath of office, creating his own rules and writing laws himself is unconstitutional. Breaking the Constitution is NOT what he swore to do. He's going against his own oath (shock. surprise.) and he deserves -- is asking for -- impeachment. But, now the DNC is fundraising off of the idea that if Republicans win, they'll try to IMPEACH thevileone. Sounds to me like they know what he's been doing is illegal, too, and they're scared that they'll have to PUBLICLY SUPPORT HIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IF IT COMES TO IMPEACHMENT BECAUSE THEY'LL HAVE TO VOTE TO NOT IMPEACH HIM. So the DNC knows that what he is doing is WRONG, but they want to support him anyways because if they don't, they'll have to answer to their constituents as to why they're supporting the unconstitutional acts of thevileone. You see, when right and wrong don't matter as much as POWER and CONTROL, this is the kind of thing that happens. dumborats have willingly abandoned us and doing the right thing in order to stay in CONTROL, keep their perks of office and stay in POWER. That's what is important to the dumborats. POWER AND CONTROL. They covet that more than serving as they are sworn to do. BTW, the enrollment numbers are still WAY short of what they needed to be and there are still problems with the process.

December 30, 2013   This is wrong: the officer SHOULD have gotten a longer sentence. I don't see the sentence as fair because I think it was racist and I think the guy was a perv. He should be on the sexual offender list and he should have been sentenced to at least ten years, IMHO. The guy was a COP and he should have been held to a higher standard rather than being given a lighter sentence because he once wore blue. The ruling is ridiculous.

December 30, 2013   Bwahahahahahahaa! Hamsters stuck in ice they say shouldn't be there! Aww.... too bad. Poor, poor hamsters. So sad to be SO WRONG! Someday they'll have to admit the truth: "global warming" was a MANMADE MYTH. It was a LIE all along. But, when it serves a purpose (CONTROL) it can't be let go of because then they'll lose their funding and their POWER. That's the whole thing with "global warming": it's a way to CONTROL you and give them POWER over you. Is that what you want?

December 30, 2013   Catholics fight to keep Catholocism in Catholic schools. I think that makes sense. Common Core is rotten to the Core and should be abandoned immediately, fought against tooth and nail and gotten rid of by any and all who acquiesced to it. In a Catholic school implementing Common Core would undo all that the parents who put their children in that school wanted done, as well as teach against what the Church teaches. While I am not Catholic (nor do I think the teachings of the Catholic Church are correct in every aspect), I do believe that when a parent puts their children into a Catholic school they have the right tho have their children taught the precepts of Catholocism within that school. Undoing the teachings of the Church within a Church school is rather silly, IMHO. What are they thinking bringing in Common Core? And speaking of Catholocism, the Pope is "shocked" over the idea of gay adoption. Sounds to me like the Pope speaks with forked tongue.

December 30, 2013   NSA intercepts computer deliveries? Go buy your computer in person. Don't order it online. That reduces the possibilities, but doesn't guarantee anything. Question: If this is what the folks who work for the NSA are willing to do to us, what are they NOT willing to do? Where is their line of "That's too far. I can't do that."? When will they finally be pushed to their "No go" line? Do they have a "No go" line? That's something to think about now. Because if they have no line, they have no boundaries and no right and wrong. That means that when the time comes, you have to have already decided what your line is. Where will the line of demarkation be for you when it comes to your rights, to when they come for your neighbor, or for your son? What/where is your FREEDOM LINE?

December 30, 2013   NYT changes history to help hillclintoon. Revisionism helps only those who can LIE while looking you in the eyes and with a straight face: the NYT and hillclintoon apparently qualify.

December 30, 2013   Another good reason to impeach thevieleone. His policies have made the world a more dangerous place. He has given "aid and comfort to the enemy" and he has given Islamic extremists weapons. Sounds like a Muslim helps Muslims.

December 30, 2013   thevileone's failed Community College agenda: BCC/EFSC suffers from it. I looked at their new catalog and found out that a lot of the real college level courses had been deleted and now it's more of a trade college than preparatory for a Bachelor's/Master's/Ph.D. level education. That's IMHO, of course, but it was so disheartening to read the catalog.

December 30, 2013   AMEN! Liberals win ONLY if we fail to fight back. There's no doubt that the statement is true. Consider the Phil Robertson and Word of GOD victory and you'll see that it is true. When Conservatives stand strong, hold their ground and refuse to cave WE WIN. Why can't Conservatives learn that lesson?

December 30, 2013   Well, Internet Explorer has started acting up so I'm going to go for today after giving you the link to the Minion Monday: Hank's New Year's Eve Party Costume. Yeah. He got several invitations (He's rather popular.) and he had to choose between them. He chose three to attend and the costume he chose for the costume party on New Year's Eve is the picture. Can you guess who he is dressed as without going to the clue? Until next time, See ya'!

December 28, 2013: 10:46 a.m.   Well, I figured out how to fix the problem: I downloaded the latest version of HTML-Kit and it fixed the problem. Now I can do a few updates on a rare Saturday update. Now if only I could fix our problem with our prezidunce so easily!

December 28, 2013   a & e finally figured out who butters their bread. Money talks. Numbers talk. This is the first time in a LONG time that the few didn't run rough shod over the many via making noise. It's a good thing. Lefties say that they want a democracy, but they don't want a democracy (the majority rules), they want the squeakiest wheel to have the power no matter how small the numbers. Change the laws (homosexual "marriage"), change society (we must accept it), change our schools (we must teach it), change our churches (we must perform the "marriages" and ordain them), and they're happy. While the majority are left scratching their heads and wondering how it came to this. Democracy? Majority rule? Lefties don't want that! They want CONTROL.

December 28, 2013   Animals beat a man because he was trying to get his iphone back. Mommas, don't raise your children to think that this kind of thing is okay. It's not acceptable behavior. It's wrong. If they go to jail because you allowed them to act like this and you taught them that it's okay, then YOU put them in jail as much as they did. Chances are, if that sort of thing is okay with you, it will only get worse. Remember, sometimes it comes back on you. Remember, children learn what they live and bad examples should NOT be given. They watch and learn. Teach them well.

December 28, 2013   More taxpayer dollars -- $19 MILLION more -- down the drain via a lie. I think this sort of thing is why GOD put "Thou shalt not bear false witness..." as one of the Top Ten. Lying leads to other things. Lying is bad for your soul and lying is, as a former pastor of mine used to say, the handle that fits all sins. Some may think that lying will help them, but it only makes matters worse for them. It tarnishes their name. It damages relationships. It prevents good things from happening in the future because their reputation precedes them. It follows them around like their shadow. Liars always get found out, one way or another, and if you're a liar your lies are there to taunt you, torment you, to shame you all the days of your life: if you have a conscience, that is. So don't lie, folks. It only hurts a little to tell it, but it hurts a lot in the long run.

December 28, 2013   Facebook: "dead and buried"? That's how some young folks see it. Sounds to me like it's going to affect the stock prices so consider that if you own stock.

December 28, 2013   LOL! Hypocrisy is a byword for dumborats.

December 28, 2013   There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Awww... too bad!

December 28, 2013   IRS guidelines say to NOT give to Conservative groups. That would include any Christian Conservative groups, such as the CBN organizations, etc. Sounds to me like the IRS targeting of Conservatives is ongiong and the administration (although they said they wouldn't "tolerate" it) has actually endorsed targeting Conservatives via the IRS. As I said, folks, LIARS LIE. thevileone wouldn't know the truth if it kissed him on the lips, slipped him the tongue and grabbed his crotch all at the same time. Truth never touches his lips, nor crosses his mind.

December 28, 2013   pelosipig wants extending unemployent to be "top priority" of New Year. Sounds like vote buying is her #1 goal. With her record I'd be loathe to see her re-elected, but with her constituency it would not surprise me.

December 28, 2013   thevileone's 2013 "under the bus" list. He never gets the buck so he never has to own up to it and take responsibility for it. At least, that's what he'd have you believe. Liars lie.

December 28, 2013   Another 1.3 MILLION lose their healthcare insurance today. Remember: December 9th I posted the video of his promise "If you like your healthcare, you can keep it."? Yeah. Who lied?

December 28, 2013   FBI had "ties" to BPA Brian Terry's death? That's just WRONG. Fast & Furious was done poorly, but to help kill one of your own? Criminal!

December 28, 2013   Common Core turns to Craig's List. They are looking there for their lesson writers/planners. I wonder if they're planning on paying them and if so, how much?

December 28, 2013   It took this admin to bring the ACLU to the Conservative side. Tells you more about this administration and how rotten to the core it is than anything else, agree?

December 28, 2013   Well, that's all for today, folks. It's Saturday and I really want to focus on other things. So until next time, go out and have some clean old-fashionsed fun. I didn't get to post the link yesterday, so here's the Flag Friday, Tribute To Our Heroes 144. Enjoy! Until next time, See ya'!

December 27, 2013: 1:25 p.m.   Bribery? Guilty. Show me a man's friends... Shock. Surprise. rahm emanuel surrounds himself with corruption. Takes his lead from his former boss?

December 27, 2013   My website program is acting up and I'm going to have to stop for now and get this thing working properly. I'll do updates as I can after I get this problem figured out. I'm having to open the page, type one blurb, close the page and save the page as I close it, open the page type a blurb, close the page saving it as it closes, etc. This isn't going to work. I'll be back ASAP.

December 26, 2013: 11:33 p.m.   It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and the year is almost over. Time flies when you're having fun; this year it flew a lot faster. Is it because I'm getting older? I've asked young people what they think the year has been like and they've agreed that as the years go by it seems like time is moving faster. Our world spins at the same speed, but (it seems) the clock speeds up.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! I did. We got up, read the story of Christ's birth then did something different this year. Our sons are older now and don't need Legos® anymore so we gave them cash. But we made them work for it. We made up clues and we put those clues in balloons (a tradition we started when they were young was to coat the floor with red and green balloons for them to wade through Christmas morning) and we had the eldest pop the green balloons, the youngest the red. They popped the balloons one at a time, found the clue inside each red or green balloon and then had to go find the envelope with cash in it where the clue led them. At the end of the cash scavenger hunt, we had a last clue in which the last twenty was found under the family room Christmas tree inside a regular wrapped gift. They did get a few stockig stuffers this year, so we had both the cash hunt and the wrapping to clean up. Great time!

We also tried something new this year. I bought my first leg of lamb and fixed it. I looked up recipes online and most of them had the same basic ingredients: rosemary, thyme, garlic, etc. Yuck. I don't like those ingredients. So, I made up my own recipe. I put a generous amount of dried, chopped mint leaves, crushed coriander and a little salt on each side of the leg of lamb, then marinated the leg of lamb for 48 hours in a 2011 Pino Grigio by "Entwine". Then we smoked the leg of lamb for about half of the cooking time, then finished it in the oven. Let it rest for at least fifteen minutes, slice and serve with Polaner Real Mint Jelly. YUMMY! Try it for New Years. You'll like!

So that's the news from me, let's get to the updates.

December 26, 2013: 10:28 p.m.   Found the most amazing book today at Books-A-Million: "The Art of the Snowflake: A Photographic Album" by Kenneth Libbrecht. He took pictures of snowflakes, close-up and personal. He got some amazing pictures and you may be surprised at what shapes GOD made snowflakes! They're gorgeous! Anyone who can look at this book and say that there is no GOD is not logical.

December 26, 2013: 12:43 p.m.   WooooHoooo! I just got finished talking to someone who gave me some REALLY GOOD NEWS! Merry Christmas to ME! This is so exciting! I'll let you know more about it when I get more information, but if this thing works out the way I think it will, it's all GOOD: VERY GOOD!

December 26, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax:   Think it's expensive now? Wait until the NEW fees set in! Yeah. They're making it even worse! I didn't think it would be possible, but they've found a way. How badly will hospitals be hurting then? Ever hear of "unfunded mandates"? Over half the counties in the U.S. cannot afford this thing. That's because thevileone's healthcaretax mandates certain things of each county, but it gives them no money to do so. Maybe those new fees will take care of that? Don't like thevileone's healthcaretax (A.K.A. communism)? There are ways to opt out. Seriously, folks. Give that one a good read. Opting out of a disaster is always a good idea. It's not just a disaster, it's a confusing disaster.

December 26, 2013   Idiots at msnbc: GAG.

December 26, 2013   Wall Street advisor: buy guns and ammo. I got more ammo just before Christmas. It's a good thing.

December 26, 2013   1/21/2014 Chick-PHIL-A day? Duck Dynasty support. I love it! I'll be there! For Christmas, my Mom sent me a DD throw with Phil, Jase, Willie and Uncle Si on it, two DD books and a DD calendar. It's all good!

December 26, 2013   Augusta, GA, V.A. hospital bans Christian Christmas songs. Duh. What is CHRIST-mas without CHRIST? It's NOTHING, that's what. It's a farce, a falsehood, a LIE. Oh. That's what progressives/liberals/lefties want. They prefer the LIE to the truth. Learn it: LIARS LIE. That's what lefties do. There is NO reason whatsoever to have any observation of CHRISTmas without Christ. What they are saying is that it's "Winter Solstice" which is a PAGAN holy day and it's more about witchcraft and druidism than anything else. So don't fall into that crap trap about a secular CHRISTmas. It's a pagan LIE.

December 26, 2013   How long until these U.S. arms are found to have been used against Israel? I'll give it six months or so. Watch and see.

December 26, 2013   Animals are out again. People, act like humans who actually have the capacity to think before you act, to empathise with other humans and who have at least a modicum of understanding of what is right and what is wrong. These four thugs had none of these things. And then there's the girls who beat a woman over her parking skills!? Really? Animals.

December 26, 2013   Feds charge white guy for "Knockout game" assault after doing NOTHING here, here, here, here, and ignoring the truth here. Hello? RACISM. Pure, plain and simple racism. thevileone's administration demonstrates its racism over and over and over again.

December 26, 2013   "Peace and tolerance" gives man seven years and 600 lashes. Sounds very INtolerant to me. Now he faces even worse? Yeah. Peace and tolerance.

December 26, 2013   Tacky.

December 26, 2013   "Sanctuary citites" not appreciated in this poll. I agree. I don't think that cities should be able to say "Okay. I'm going to decide that whenever anyone breaks law "X" that they can come here, cry 'Sanctuary! Sanctuary!' and get away with breaking that law because we're going to protect them." Not a good idea. Is it really going to be good for our future? Nope. But does that matter to lefties/progressives/thevileone? No.

December 26, 2013   Muslim Brohood named "terrorist organization" by Egypt's gov. Will that make a difference with how thevileone treats the Muslim Brohood here? Nope. He'll still meet with and kiss up to the Muslim Brohood here. They're his buds. He gives them OUR MONEY: $1.5 BILLION, at least. So will Egypt naming the Muslim Brohood a "terrorist organization" make thevileone change how he does things? Nope.

December 26, 2013   thevileone is such a commie. Using the Pope to try to sell "spreading the wealth"? Cad.

December 26, 2013   I'll close for now. I'll keep you posted when I can about the really good news I got in a phone call today. I can't tell you everything now, but I hope to be able to soon. Until next time, See ya'!

December 25, 2013: 12:51 p.m.   Just a note to say "Merry Christmas, Everyone!" GOD bless you and I hope you are surrounded by love today. I know that GOD LOVES YOU and I hope that you feel His presence today. His Only Begotten Son is whose birth we celebrate today. Have a Very Merry! See ya'!

December 23, 2013: 10:12 a.m.   Remember, my plan is to take December 24-25th off and do no updates for those two days. I may find something fun to share and share it, but right now the plan is to take family time for those two days. So this is the last update until December 26th. Let's get going!

December 23, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Judicial Watch asks that thevileone's healthcaretax be INVALIDATED. That would be a WONDERFUL Christmas present, would it not? Pray that it happens. Meanwhile, thevileone is allegedly going to enroll in it today. So he enrolls ONLINE and then he tells his "fix-it" people to delete his enrollment. Remember: he exempted himself from it. He didn't do that by accident. He is doing this for SHOW ONLY and will NOT stay enrolled. If he can LIE to you via a fake enrollment then he'll do so. It's just another lie no big deal to him. He's a liar and a fraud. Never believe him. People don't believe that thevileone's healthcaretax will save them money. I'm sorry, but DUH! No kidding, Sherlock. Do they think that's part of the reason enrollments are WAAAAYYYY down? I think maybe! Mandate delay due to "panic": More like due to DICTATORIAL DECISION. He doesn't have the Constitutional authority to change the law without Congress whenever he wants, just he, thevileone, himself. He's just a Dictator. They've asked us to take the focus off of Christmas and focus on thevileone's healthcaretax, and to do the same for New Years (and Thanksgiving), so them taking it to "homosexual clubs" (funny, I didn't know clubs could be homosexual; but whatever). Too even there it wasn't more popular than condoms. Which, to me, says a lot. Homosexuals don't want the alleged healthcare that thevileone's healthcaretax is allegedly offering. They don't want to get the treatment for the illnesses they can get via their own choices and actions; they want the condoms to help them continue those actions. Very telling. They may also realize that they can afford the condoms but NOT the healthcaretax. If people want insurance -- thevileone's healthcaretax or any other -- they need to understand the terminology before you sign up for anything. Otherwise you're buying blind: never a good idea. No matter how you look at it, with or without understanding the terminology, thevileone's healthcaretax is laughable and unconstitutional.

December 23, 2013   Pregnant woman FIRED for refusing flu shot. She has the right to protect her child. Fired, although the flu shot's own informative insert states:

"'safety and effectiveness […] have not been established in pregnant women.'" [Emphasis added]
So she's listening to the shot's manufacturer says and when she does so she gets fired. I don't think that's quite fair. If the employer needed to ensure that all of their employees were safe for their patients, why not re-assign her to a different area so that she didn't go around patients until she could get the flu shot, or put her on maternity leave early? Firing her is wrong and it shouldn't have happened; especiall not after she -- as a medical professional -- read and followed manufacturer's instructions. Those instructions are not included for the fun of it. They mean something. This mom listened and safeguarded her child. She did the right thing. Her employers did not.

December 23, 2013   BENGHAZI: rice hasn't any regrets about LYING to us. shock. surprise. Others lied to you, too, but she doesn't care. Show me a man's friends and I'll show you the man. It works the other way around, too: show me the man and I'll show you his friends. Liars like liars. They stick together like glue. It's rare that liars like to hang with honest people and vice versa. It's irksome (to put it mildly) to hear or read liars when you are addicted to the truth. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Thus, liars sticking together is no surprise.

December 23, 2013   Let the baby be born and find out if he/she suffered damage, don't assume. It's better to find out than to just kill the baby without knowing, isn't it? Come on, have a heart.

December 23, 2013   Target facing lawsuits and investigations after credit cards fraud found. No wonder! I'm still glad I've never spent a penny there. I've walked into the store and looked around maybe four times, but I've never spent a dime there. Now I'm very glad.

December 23, 2013   Cuba cracking down on entrepreneurs. When will thevileone follow suit? I think his lawsuits against the businesses that are not pro-homosexual, his healthcaretax assertions and other things are heading us in the same direction. Tyranny, here we come.

December 23, 2013   Will he run? If he does, I think it could be interesting. He could be a contender.

December 23, 2013   Believe it or not that's all I can find right now. So, I'll leave you with "Minion Monday: Hank's Christmas Party". Until after Christmas, GOD Bless, enjoy the day and remember the Reason: we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the fact that His life was lived without sin and he's alive today loving you, hoping you'll accept His love and sacrifice and that you have a wonderful, Merry Christmas! Until next time, Merry Christmas and See ya'!

December 20, 2013: 2:55 p.m.   Duck Dynasty: A & E t-shirts go on sale. A lot of people are in a kerfuffle about Phil Roberston's Christian beliefs. I am not. He's only quoting the Bible. If you're on GOD's side, you can't be wrong. So, it's no biggie to me. He's doing the right thing. Seems to me that the network is cutting off its moneymaker to spite Christianity. Which, reality bite here, is really, really stupid. I'm not "dismayed" by their stupidity. Nor am I surprised by it. For progressives/lefties/libs abortion and homosexuality are their hands-off (mouth, too!) "holy grail" and for anyone to say anything against either is a royal brouhaha to them. They cannot understand it, tolerate it, appreciate it, allow it. All they want to do is shut it up! That cannot stand! Oh, wah.

December 20, 2013   NJ trying to strip Christians of their religious freedom to make it easier to force Christians to have to do business with them. If they can force you to do business with homosexuals, can they also force you to do business with drug dealers, the mafia, etc.? Where does the state end and your rights begin? In NJ, your rights end at homosexuality. This as NM "supreme" court legalizes homosexual "marriage" statewide. I've said it before: GOD invented and ordains marriage and He never said "Adam and Steve" nor "Madam and Eve". It just doesn't work.

December 20, 2013   How do you threaten war? FAX IT! SMH.

December 20, 2013   N[in]SA spying on investigator who was investigating google. Remind me again: who is it who helps the government get our info? Oh, yes, google. Imagine the N[in]SA spying on someone investigating the person investigating google. Scratch. Scratch.

December 20, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: WH: Repealing healthcaretax will "cost too much". Keeping it will cost MORE. Repeal is the RIGHT thing because very FEW of us want it. To tell you the truth you have now the FEW forcing the MANY. It's that ol' "squeaky wheel" thing: they make enough noise and someone caves. (See Phil Robertson for lesson on not caving.) Did you know that you "owe it to" your Mommas to sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax? That's what msthevileone says. You OWE YOUR MOMMA signing up for thevileone's healthcaretax! Really! Amazing. My momma says she won't sign up because it's wrong, bad, she likes her doctor (or is she lying the way thevileone did about that issue?) and she doesn't think that socialized medicine is good for America. If I signed up for thevileone's healthcaretax, my momma would disown me! thevileone's healthcaretax is SO BAD there's even a heroin named after it and they're pushing it to kids waiting to buy shoes! Now, the reidster is delusional over thevileone's healthcaretax. He's throwing a two-year-old's hissy fit because he wants some credit for fixing it! It's fixed? News to the rest of us! Although they delayed implementation of thevileone's healthcaretax, they're not saying whether you'd have to pay the 2014 penalty for NOT joining. Sounds to me like they're wanting a cash cow and we'll all have to pay: except of course, those 135,000 people (as of Dec. 12th) who actually have been told they're enrolled. Yeah. They've even told SENATE STAFFERS not to trust that they're actully enrolled. That's bad. Of course, if you lost your insurance because of this crappy law, you have been given an exemption, but that doesn't mean that other things won't go wrong. From the start this thing has been a big screw-up, so don't count on it magically going right now. After all, when thevileone can change "the law" willy-nilly without Congress you know things are going to go wrong and things are going to change and you'll not be able to know if you're coming or going. Tyrants do that. It helps them keep you off balance and when you're off balance, you're easier to arrest and control. After all, if you're complying with the law today and he changes it lickety-split tomorrow, who knows who is breaking the law today? And, now, if you've lost your healthcare insurance, thevileone says he's fixed all that now. Don't worry. He is in control. He's all that. But I've got a question for him. If thevileone's healthcaretax is supposed to be good for people, why did he declare it a "hardship"?

December 20, 2013   thevileone will not negotiate over his dictatorial debt ceiling increase. He wants it so he MUST have it! Waaaaahhhh!!! Whiny baby.

December 20, 2013   HAMSTER ALERT! HAMSTER ALERT! 2013 one of COLDEST IN HISTORY! Here are the top seven setbacks for hamsters in 2013. Those seven things made hamsters weep in despair. Boohoohoo.

December 20, 2013   Krauthammer: Next big bailout - healthcare insurance?

December 20, 2013   Catholic University stands up to soros funded demands. Good! A spine among men. Whoodahthunkit?

December 20, 2013   Rush is right: "second hand smoke" is NOT a danger to anyone. It's been one of the lies pushed to help the State ban smoking altogether. Liars should never prosper. Liars lie. Learn that and you'll be better able to predict what they'll do, whether what they're saying is true (Nope.) and how you should react to it. Liars lie. thevileone to reidster to locals, liars lie. Period. Learn it. Live it. But only love it if it's going to make you be better able to predict their actions.

December 20, 2013   Thanks to thevileone and his policies that got you laid off, your hours cut, or your business shut down altogether, are you having a mini-Christmas this year? thevileone isn't. He's going to Hawaii while you're paying for it and struggling to buy three gifts for your child. Isn't that wunnerful, wunnerful? Being Dictator has its perks.

December 20, 2013   Serpent head is becoming "more conservative"? I still wouldn't want that man influencing how my children think, their beliefs, goals, or lives. Just the idea of it turns my stomach.

December 20, 2013   Don't fall into use of verbal ticks. It's a bad habit to get into and you sound less intelligent if you're saying, "You know?" or "Like..." or "Whatever." or "She/I/He/They went" (substituting "went" for "said"). When you use those ticks, pauses, or substitute "ummms" all the time you sound dumb.

December 20, 2013   WARNING: Aspirin regimes may be more harmful than good. Read the article. You need to know this information!

December 20, 2013   Showing up the hypocrites. They want to pay Wal-Mart employees $15 hourly -- as long as they, themselves, don't have to pay more to help the employees of Wal-Mart make more money. It sounds so good to say "Pay them $15 hourly", but the reality is that it would raise prices to astronomical and no one would shop there anymore and then Wal-Mart would go out of business and what would happen to all of those employees who wanted $15 hourly? Common sense, folks, it's really rather easy.

December 20, 2013   OH legislator wants State inspections prior to ALLOWING homeschooling. Where does anyone have the right to interfere with a parent's choice to homeschool? If the parent is not accuse of neglect, abuse, or sexually molesting their child... Oh! I see where the State is going there.

December 20, 2013   I'll close today with my Flag Friday pic (with a poem), "Tribute to Our Heroes 143: From Santa Claus". Oh! You need to know that I will be taking Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and MAYBE the 26th off. So that means that I take this weekend off, post Monday, off Tuesday & Wednesday (Christmas day), and Thursday I may or may not post, depending on what's up. Just so you know. Until next time, have a great weekend and See ya'!

December 19, 2013: 2:14 p.m.   Only a few updates today. I've had only about two hours of sleep when I fell asleep on the love seat early this morning and then woke up and got busy. I was thinking I'd go to bed when I woke up on the love seat, but I walked past the dining room table, where I stage my Christmas decorating base, and saw that it was messy and I needed to finish the final touches, so I started on that project and haven't stopped since. My Christmas decorating is finished except for changing out the china in the china hutch, putting in the Christmas dishes and removing spring dishes (pinks and greens). So I'll do a few blurbs then go lie down for a while. My eyes are trying to shut without my wanting them to!

December 19, 2013   There's no "may be" about it! Free speech is across the board; both homosexuals and straight folks get it. For the homosexual world and their cohorts to try to shut Phil up via whining is just plain WRONG. We let them speak -- heck, we even stand up for their right to speak -- and they should do the same for we straight folks. Period. All this hullabaloo over Phil Robetson's personal beliefs -- biblically based beliefs -- are allowed to be expressed just as homosexuals and atheists can express their wrong-headed views. I'll stand up and help them fight for it. I don't have to agree with their words, beliefs, practices, nor teachings, but I'll fight hard to make sure they have their First Amendment rights upheld. If the First Amendment can be taken away from Phil Robertson it can be taken away from homosexuals, atheists, or ME! Not going to happen. IF you SUPPORT PHIL ROBERTSON sign the petition. I did. BTW, a & e is doing a marathon of Duck Dynasty to show just how strongly they feel about what Phil said. When is the homosexual community going to gripe about that? Or about this? Hmm? Where's the outrage here?

December 19, 2013   Did paul ryan even READ the bodget [sic] bill he pushed? I don't know what happened to him, but he used to be considered a Conservative. Now? He's a nothing.

December 19, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: thevileone knew of the security risks before website launch. shock. surprise. It's now being reported that 70% of the people distrust the msm to tell them about thevileone's healthcaretax. So do the people trust thevileone any more than they trust the msm? If so, they're stupid. Considering this, what makes the reidster think thevileone's healthcaretax will help dumborats win in 2014? I'd ask if he's deaf, dumb, blind and stupid, but that'd be a rhetorical question. There are still sycophants who continue to kiss his backside but (finally!) some of the folks on the left have stopped supporting it. Heck, even thevileone himself has admitted it wasn't a smart move. Now, thevileone and msthevileone want you to RUIN CHRISTMAS by talking about thevileone's healthcaretax. Isn't that wonderful? (NOT!)

December 19, 2013   JUDGE SAYS: thevileone's DH[in]S complicit in "helping Mexican drug cartels and felons inside America smuggle illegal aliens into the country". thevileone involved in human trafficking. What more would you expect from him?

December 19, 2013   Jobless numbers rise; housing sales plummet. dumborats are pushing unemployment benefit extensions instead of pushing for JOBS and full time employment and ending thevileone's healthcaretax that is making employers fire, not hire and under-employ folks. dumborats want people on the federal teat because they believe that if they're on the teat, they and everyone with them will vote dumborat. Buying votes while keeping you hurting is their goal. Is that what you want? Tired of PB & J yet?

December 19, 2013   When it comes to being rotten, Putin wants to be as bad as thevileone. That is SOOOO backward!

December 19, 2013   Glad I've never shopped at target. Yep. They've got a problem.

December 19, 2013   reidster doesn't want to let go of power for a long time. Let's pray and work hard to make sure he doesn't get his wish.

December 19, 2013   BENGHAZI: Multiple "STAND DOWN!" orders to multiple places. thevileone did NOT want help given to those people. That's called murder, folks. He just plain killed those folks. May as well have signed the death warrant himself.

December 19, 2013   thevileone will be copying this guy as soon as possible. I wish that this story had never been printed because now thevileone will have new ideas as to how to shut us up. Sigh... Looking forward to the fight.

December 19, 2013   mccain't threatened to "kick the crap out of" reidster? He couldn't "kick the crap out of" a gnat. reidster porbably couldn't kick the crap out of a fly, but a fly's still bigger, so it'd be a tougher opponent. Although, a gnat may be trickier because it's smaller.

December 19, 2013   New mortgage rules make dumborat buddies happy. They can be more predatory now. Oh, boy! Watch out! They'll be after you night and day. We get all kinds of offers to refinance and it's not something that's ever going to happen.

December 19, 2013   $37,680,000,000 TAXPAYER DOLLARS sent to foreign countries. That's YOUR money. Is that what you want? I don't want that!

December 19, 2013   IRS trying to chill political speech? They're acting as an enforcement arm of thevileone, so something else to try to intimidate you into sitting down, shutting up and being "good" is something they like.

December 19, 2013   Well, I did more than I thought I would. So I'll close today with the Christmas present that I told you about yesterday. NOTE: Link no longer available. Here are the pictures of how I decorate for Christmas. Enjoy! Until next time, See ya'!

December 18, 2013: 5:37 p.m.   Oh. Exactly 24 hours between updates. How precise of me. :-) Anyways... I've made a decision about my Christmas gift to you this year. I usually post a Christmas story I wrote a few years back that is in my "Hearth Notes" series. This year, I won't be making that available, but instead, will post a page with pics of the Christmas decorations that are inside my house. My husband did the work of dragging out all 48 containers of big, medium and small sizes and I did all of the decorating for the "full" Christmas decs this year. I didn't do "full" Christmas decorating last year nor the year before so I decided that this year I'd do so and share it with you. Some say, upon entering my fully decorated house, "Wow!" and some say it's like a Winter Wonderland (which I dispute because there is no snow outside, unfortunately). So I will be taking the pics in the next few days, putting together a page for the pics and I'll be letting you take a glimpse into how I decorate -- with the exception of decorating the Christmas trees (we have two this year) I do it all myself, every arrangement, every placement, everything. I hope you are looking forward to it and that you enjoy it! Now, on with the blurbs.

December 18, 2013   Duck Dynasty star under attack. Why is it that straight folks must accept the homosexual world view but they can choose to ignore ours? Christians do not hate homosexuals; we pray for them, hope that they will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and turn from their sin (GOD called it sin, so it IS sin; just as my sin, although not the same sin, is also sin) and be able to spend eternity in heaven with GOD in the presence of TRUE pure love. If they choose not to do so, that's their decision and I feel sorry for them, but I do not hate them for their choice. It's so sad when anyone chooses to spend eternity in hell, eternally tortured, eternally being reminded of their choice, eternally shown their shame and sin and wrongdoing. But it is a CHOICE. You choose where you spend eternity. GOD gives you the option, without force, and you choose. GOD loves you that much. Don't spit in the face of the One True GOD because He loves you enough to allow you to choose. Look in the mirror and blame the person staring back at you.

December 18, 2013   Underwear bomber: We had "insider control"? Um... Wording?

December 18, 2013   dumborats urgin jerry brown to run for president. Ugh. dumborats want to go from kakistocracy to kakistocracy to clownocracy? May as well just shoot America.

December 18, 2013   Fake SSN for illegal? He'll SUE if you don't let him use it for state job. Ridiculous. Can you imagine how secure your future would be if the illegal wins?

December 18, 2013   GOP equivalent to "Jonestown cult" says thevileone's podesta. In this particular instance, it's definitely a case of someone blaming others for their own doings. If anyone is a "Jonestown cult" thing, it's those following thevileone and obeying his every whim and loving him no matter what he does and how bad he is. Remember all the followers?

Yeah. dumborats want a kakistocracy. If they can keep the people stupid and worshiping the government they can stay in power.

December 17, 2013   Speaking of a kakistocracy... This is going to hurt.

December 18, 2013   THIS TICKS ME OFF! My husband served over 20 years. My Dad, two of my brothers-in-law, my father-in-law and several other relatives served OVER TWENTY YEARS EACH. Now the House and Senate vote to CUT THEIR PENSIONS instead of cutting aid to those who have done NOTHING FOR THEIR COUNTRY BUT TAKE, TAKE, TAKE! Welfare recipients, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Education Association, the "green" company donations, funding for NPR/PBS should have ALL taken the hit BEFORE THEY DINGED THE RETIRED MILITARY PERSONELL! It's ridiculous that they've turned their backs on our U.S. Military retirees! This is WRONG! It's not just wrong, it's a national SHAME!

December 18, 2013   Part of that gov waste I told you about yesterday includes Facebook paying NO taxes. Friends in high places come in handy and we all know Facebook cooperates with government in giving your info out. Now we find out that they pay NO TAXES? I wonder why...

December 18, 2013   People waking up to the dangers of the kakistocracy? I don't believe most polls, but this one, maybe.

December 18, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: GAG. Double gag. And "Oh, Goody!" What a combination! People still want to know when thevileone knew. Honestly, I don't care. It doesn't matter what he knew or when he knew it. What matters is that HE DID IT! HE is the one who pushed through the healthcaretax and he is the one who wanted it (well, he and hillclintoon and every dumborat idiot who likes socialism: all of them) and he is the one who put his name on it. HE did it. It doesn't matter what he knew about the website. It matters that he was the author of it. THAT'S what matters. HE is the one who implemented the SOCIALIST MEDICAL PLAN. HE DID IT. Nothing ELSE matters. And while all of this crud is surrounding it, dumborats are stilly LYING about thevileone's healthcaretax. When does the truth ever escape dumborats' leaders' mouths? NEVER. I bet they lie when they're dead, too:

satan: "And did you ever lie to anyone?"
dumborat leader: "No. I was always as honest as the day is long. I never lied, obfuscated, or misled anyone."
satan: "Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!" (He drops dead from laughing so hard.)
Yeah. If satan could die (he is eternal, just as we are and GOD is), this is how it would happen.

December 18, 2013   Messiah? Especially NEXT Messiah?! It's only common sense that there is ONLY ONE Messiah. If you have more than one, then it's not a Messiah. By definition there can only be ONE Messiah. More than one negates the "Messiah" moniker. A Messiah is a savior, someone who is "unique" and unique by definition is one of a kind, not two or ten of a kind. Messiah is a singular. THE Messiah. It's not one here, one over there, and another ten, fifty years later. Messiah is ONE: Jesus Christ.

December 18, 2013   Feds slow pump? It may be good, it may be bad. We'll see what happens.

December 18, 2013   Liar-In-Chief likes a liar. Making up children? Ridiculous.

December 18, 2013   Well, that'll do for now. Until next time, See ya'!

December 17, 2013: 5:37 p.m.   Sorry about not doing updates yesterday. I had to go visit a friend who was in the hospital and prior to doing that I had errands to run. Problems started when my cat realized I was awake and immediately got clingy and wanted loads of attention. She wouldn't get down from my shoulders. Then after my shower she did it again and it's hard to get ready to go somewhere -- do your hair, get dressed appropriately, put jewelry on -- when you've got a cat on your shoulders refusing to get down. So I finally managed to get ready to go, ran my errands and then went to visit my friend, P.B., at the hospital. He was in Parish and that's the last hospital I want to go to, but when a friend is in there, it's where I go. My friends are worth the strain. Anyways, visited there for over four hours -- expected to stay a little less than that -- and got home to my hubby saying "Let's go out to eat dinner." Out we went, ate, then looked at Christmas lights for just a few minutes. When we got home I was hit with the "I'm tired!" bug and went to bed early (for me). So today I'll do as many updates as I can. Hopefully it will be as many as I want to get done. On with the blurbs!

December 17, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Microsoft exec to run Ever notice how close Microsoft/Gates and thevileone are getting lately? All buddy-buddy, kissy-kissy (butt)? Yeah. Something's up there. How much you wanna' bet Microsoft will soon enough have full access to ALL of our information and full access to anything they want to know about you? Hmmm? All those people losing their healthcare insurance have to get insurance somewhere, right? They'll turn to the only thing left: thevileone's healthcaretax. And Microsoft will have ALL of their info, PLUS be teaching their kids via Common Core, and they'll be watching our computer stuff on the ubiquitous "cloud" and recording every keystroke via their Office programs. So who, exactly, will be running the nation? Elected officials or a computer program company's founder? They've hit 365,000 sign-ups (IF they're actually signed up, instead of another glitch) but will they reach their deadline goal? Even with some Catholic providers kissing butt and getting grants because of it, and even though thevileone and msthevileone are pushing hard people are realizing that it's going to cost an arm and a leg (their's not the gov's) and 45 states still haven't reached their 10% enrollment goal. That's a BIG FAILURE. It's not even CLOSE to a win. People are starting to stay away from healthcare. Sounds to me like people are teaching themselves to NOT run to the doctor at every little hang nail, but those who have serious conditions need to see a doctor and some to be hospitalized.

December 17, 2013   Court: NSA spying "constitutionally flawed". Shazam!

December 17, 2013   The guy who got the ruling above? The NSA LIED about him.

"'People began receiving from me emails that I had never sent,' Klayman told WND, suggesting harassment in response to his work. 'The government just wanted me to know they were watching me.'"
If thevileone will do that to one, thevileone will do it to the many. What lies will be told about you if he stays in power? Rand Paul is considering a lawsuit against the NSA, and thus, against thevileone's administration. America is rising! People, don't give up the fight. Stand strong. Remember: WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, not just ONE man: US. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. That one man is a usurper, an interloper, a fraud because he is an acting DICTATOR, not a president. He was allegedly "elected" to represent US. The way thevileone is acting he is NOT keeping his oath of office, nor is he responding to OUR WILL. Thus, lawsuits are necessary to put him back in his place. WHEN WILL THE REST OF US STAND UP AND WHEN WILL SOMEONE ARREST THE CLOWN?

December 17, 2013   Twelve RINOs support ryan's anti-military "bodget". Yeah. RINOs are progressives and progressives are communists and they hate America. What's so surprising about the RINOs standing AGAINST AMERICA? Commies do that. BTW, check out the mccain't pic on this story. Excellent.

December 17, 2013   LOL! Phil and Jase did the right thing. Puts babawawa in her place and has his priorities straight in this.

December 17, 2013   Sickening. Just sickening. We need to get to the WHOLE truth about the 9/11 attacks: every jot and tittle. If it implicates thevileone, billybobclintoon and/or his wife, or Bush 41 or 43, the TRUTH needs to come out about 9/11.

December 17, 2013   When they voted for thevileone did they want high food prices? Or is that just a "bonus" for them? After all, commies don't worry about working. They let US do the work and THEY take the benefits. So why not want higher food prices? BTW, thevileone is going to HI again for Christmas: $4 MILLION taxpayer dollars. Is part of that the price of ground beef? I doubt it. He focuses on Kobe Beef at $150 per pound and WE pay for that. Ground beef? thevileone says, "Ooo needs it?"

December 17, 2013   ryan's "bodget" cut military pensions; INCLUDING pensions for disabled military retirees. That's despicable. Why would anyone cut the pay of those who gave so much? Heartless comes to mind.

December 17, 2013   Government WASTE: $1 MILLION to study romance novels. That's just to start. After all, thevileone's administration WASTAED $30 BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS in the last twelve months ALONE. Yeah. And you pay for it. Suggestion: Let's FIRE THEM ALL!

December 17, 2013   Man/Man/Woman "marriage"? Yep. ND does it. It's not a "marriage" it's a convenience. It's a rebellion against social norms. It's a spit in the face of mainstream society. And some wimpy attorney general says it's all okay because we don't have any morals to live by. That's just stupid. What's next, a dog/man "marriage" (mirage, more like).

December 17, 2013   Targeting Ted Cruz. Sounds to me like someone's on the "loser" side and I seriously doubt it will be Cruz.

December 17, 2013   Eighty-three dead --some put in ovens. Peace and tolerance sounds rather unpeaceful and intolerant.

December 17, 2013   Homosexual mag names Pope as "Man of the Year". I think it's possible that the way Rush Limbaugh looks at it is correct:

"The pope has moved their way, so they think this pope is movable. And so all these other groups are now basically -- I think it's like the rest of the left and their media. They hope they can induce the pope to move even further away from the church's doctrine. That's what's going on."
The Pope, basically, fried his own goose in order to be popular. Sweet! (sarcasm)

December 17, 2013   Travel relaxes you, helps prevent heart attacks. Time for another cruise!

December 17, 2013   "Voluntary" getting a new definition? In police parlance it definitely is.

December 17, 2013   Russia/Egypt alliance re-formed. Trouble on the horizon?

December 17, 2013   China's weapons not safe: America not safe because of it.

December 17, 2013   Utah dumborat to retire: seat shifts to "R". As long as "R" doesn't stand for RINO, it would be a good thing!

December 17, 2013   Are lefties waking up? They're realizing that even Nixon was better? Nah. They just aren't happy that he's not giving enough to them.

December 17, 2013   Guns in high demand. Considering the crap this government is doing, the police state we're currently living in and all of the government agencies that can make new rules for you and all the rest of us to obey, I don't blame folks for getting guns. Then there's the "knockout game" that some young idiot thugs are participating in, probably taking their cue from this government, and it's a sad state of affairs America finds itself in.

December 17, 2013   I shall close tonight with the Minion Monday pic, "Hank Plays the Roman Soldier". Since I didn't do updates yesterday, I didn't get to post the link to it. Hope you enjoy it!

December 13, 2013: 11:25 a.m.   NBEDZ has some critics: myself included. I hate that COUNTY is paying for the mistakes of the CITY of Titusville. I think that if the City of Titusville wants to have economic development they need to do something different themselves. They need to fix their own problems, not the rest of us bail them out. If T-ville wants a developer to redo their failed mall they should foot the bill, not the rest of us. If the residents were encouraged to shop locally instead of going over to the Waterford Lakes area, or elsewhere, then the mall would not be dead. The mall being redone will not make folks shop there unless they can get things there that they cannot get elsewhere and do other shopping as well. The NBEDZ, IMHO, is nothing more than fisher preparing to run for State office, or national office. That's all this is.

December 13, 2013   Brevard County judges won't be hearing the Needleman/DuPree/Harr cases. I think that no matter who hears it, with a jury that has a brain between them, they'll probably be found guilty. That's IMHO, but we'll have to see who the jurors are.

December 13, 2013   Snow in the Middle East. It's not political, important, etc., but I think it's so rare that it deserves a mention. I'm so jealous.

December 13, 2013   dumborat picks are not good for America. They choose people without experience (witness thevileone), without morals (bill ayers), without a clue (sebelius), without credibility (hillclintoon), but WITH hatred for America (witness all of them).

December 13, 2013   China is trying to start something. While in international waters it's an act of war to interfere with another country's naval ships. That's exactly what China did. What are they trying to start and why are they trying to start it?

December 13, 2013   CBS scrambles to cover thevileone's butt. But of course.

December 13, 2013   thevileone says to keep up the NSA spying. Sounds to me like the information gathered has come in very handy. After all, scotUS chief justice, john roberts, changed his vote on thevileone's healthcaretax at the last moment (proven and admitted to) then that NSA info has served its purpose at least once, n'est-ce pas?

December 13, 2013   Transparency? No? "It's not our fault!" The buck never gets to thevileone, his staff, his czars, his cabinet are all totally blameless in everything except the website that malfunctioned. Then it was the cabinet members' faults because they never tell him anything. Of course, if they could reach thevileone (remember in his first term he hadn't even met with six of his cabinet member in the two years after hiring them) they may be able to tell him something. But, no. Golf is so much more important that he has played golf 151 times since his first inauguration. Sounds to me like we have incompetence galore but very little responsibility.

December 13, 2013   pelosipig says bonehead boehner said "Wait until next year for immigration" (amnesty). bonehead's ready to betray us again. He's ready to give America up, hand it over to illegal immigrants who are handed citizenship on a silver platter and to hades with us. Sigh. Don't you love the benefits of American citizenship? Our "representatives" are so protective of us and our country. It's so very heartwarming to see how much they care about our children's futures. Our "representatives" are "representing" US so very well (sarcasm).

December 13, 2013   Another ill-educated judge removes a cross citing "separation of church and state". If colleges would teach their law students the TRUTH about "separation of church and state" America would be better off. You know judges are lazy if they can't find that article on the internet and teach themselves the TRUTH about the issue. They don't WANT to know about the phrase -- used once by Jefferson, in a private letter (as opposed to a policy statement) and under the premise that the government cannot STOP nor PREVENT religion (as opposed to imposing religion) -- if they don't do their own research. Those who have learned the TRUTH are willing to allow the crosses to stay. Those who have an agenda are not willing to listen to the TRUTH, nor do they care about teh TRUTH. Their agenda matters more than our Founding Fathers and the law. Oh, you need to note:

"Originally, the U.S. Justice Department defended the cross memorial. However, when President Barack Obama was elected, the government’s defense of the memorial under Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to become lackluster, and the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial Association stepped in to bolster the defense."
Yeah. He says he's a Christian. Actions speak louder.

December 13, 2013   It's stories like this that have made me cynical about sob stories, about other things. When people are so greedy, lazy, unscrupulous as to use their autistic daughter's disability to try to manipulate people with a false story about a break-in to get others to give them money that makes me cynical. Cynical about the motivations of some, the veracity of most similar stories and the manipulations of certain elements of the lazy-butt society. If they want a good Christmas for their child, teach the child (or children) about honesty, hard work and earning what they have, not how to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate. Christmas is not about lies. It's about the TRUTH being born and coming to save you and I. This mother needs to be taught that lesson.

December 13, 2013   This is what happens when LIFE doesn't matter. Children to be euthanized if they're dying. It's just to speed up the process. It isn't really murder, right? Wrong.

December 13, 2013   Senate GOPers to filibuster Ryan budget? The GOP can't get anything right, can they? Ryan goes all bonehead/thevileone, including funding for thevileone's healthcaretax in his budget. Some republicans speak against it. bonehead jumps on those who are against it, so he's for it. The Senate GOP says they'll filibuster it. Get your act together, GOP! Look at your platform, stand by the words in the platform with your actions and stop screwing things up and preventing the country from having any good news! In other words, stop handing victory to the dumborats on a platinum platter!!

December 13, 2013   Global warming! Global warming! LOL!

December 13, 2013   LOL! thevileone does it again. If he did something right the world would turn in the other direction and the sun would rise in the west.

December 13, 2013   Aaaahhh... taxpayer funded college...

"the cultural diversity coordinator with UCD’s Ethnic Studies department."
Running phone sex service while on college time. Isn't that what you send your children to college for? I mean, come on. It's "cultural diversity", isn't it?

December 13, 2013   I shall leave you today with my Flag Friday Tribute To Our Heroes: "No Matter The Season". I wish they could ALL be home for Christmas! Until next time, See ya'!

December 12, 2013: 12:04 p.m.   Girl Scouts homopunk spokesman still works for the Girl Scounts, but he's not "the front man". So he's not being touted as the "main man". Big change. Soooo much better for the girls in the organization (sarcasm). Amazing.

December 12, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: sebelius guilty of "obstruction of justice"? She IS part of thevileone's administration, so it's not really obstruction of justice, it's just the usual routine for thevileone's administration. No surprises here folks. Nothing to see. Move along. These are not the droids you're looking for. Add to that, sebelius gives the "navigators" another $58 MILLION of YOUR money. Remember, sebelius admits these "navigators" could be FELONS! And they're getting another $58 MILLION! Why? So few people are signing up that Oregon spent $300 MILLION to sign up 44 people! FORTY-FOUR! thevileone won't tell us the truth about how things are working here but from what others can uncover, EACH ACTUAL ENROLLEE is costing taxpayers $14,196! That's just SO FAR! How much more will each enrollee cost us when WE start paying for THEIR healthcaretax? This is single-payer: US. WE pay for everyone's everything else. Those of us who used to get a tax refund are paying for those who didn't earn enough to pay taxes or for those who found a way around paying. Now it turns out that thevileone and sebelius NEVER MET after the healthcaretax was passed. Remember, after the dumborats marched down the street with the huge gavel in pelosipig's hands, thevileone and sebelius never met. So all this time thevileone let someone else do the work on HIS signature legislation? Lazy butt. ON the other side, there is an "Opt Out" option that is being pushed at colleges and other places. I LOVE THAT!

December 12, 2013   rachel madcow: BLAME BUSH! Okay. So she's shot her wad. She's sung the same ol' song for the last hundred years that's all she has to say. So why did the WaPo hire her? They knew that all she can say is "Blame Bush! Blame Bush! Blame Bush!" Now they can fire her because that's all she's capable of saying. Oh. Well, maybe after her next article: [thevileone] IS WUNNERFUL! That's what it will be.

December 12, 2013   JW defends NC's voter ID law. In doing so, they are also protecting the integrity of YOUR votes, too. If the NC folks want their elections to not be defrauded, to be trustworthy and not rotten to the core (hanging chads and Sen. al franken, anyone?) then going state by state by state and defending voter ID and the purging of voter rolls of dead people, people who have lost the right to vote, felons still in prison, those who have moved out of state, etc., MUST be done. JW is doing the right thing and it will help prevent our votes from being negated by those who are defrauding the system.

December 12, 2013   "Top Secret" drone so secret you now know about it. Isn't that wonderful? Our country's "Top Secrets" are just another "Squirrel!" to thevileone. Our nation's security is at risk because he must hide so much of his own crap that he must make people "Look! Over there!". When will the TRUTH about this creature be known? Only after he's buring in hades?

December 12, 2013   thevileone bowed to and shook castro's hand. Bowing means that someone is subservient to the person being bowed to. Think of all the folks in England who bow to the queen. All of those people are her servants, lower than she. So the message thevileone has been giving all of the world's leaders is that he -- and via his representation -- AMERICA is subservient to them and their country. He's giving them and the whole world the message that America is not as good as the other country, not up to their standards, not qualified to be their equal. Isn't that the message you want sent?

December 12, 2013   Now we know that thevileone likes blondes? I think msthevileone was noticing that, too. The looks on her face are those of a jealous woman, not those of someone in on the joke, "funning it up" with the others. She was ticked. She didn't like being made to look the foolish little woman, the coat-tail rider (think hillclintoon) to thevileone's brilliant commadarie. Note the seat switch. She put an end to that! Question for you: What good does it do to live on the taxpayer's teat if your husband's going to make you look the fool in public, in front of the leaders of the world, in front of the whole world via television and tweets, and -- to boot -- the husband doesn't seem to notice that you're even there while he's doing so? I bet that big (used to be White) Red House she's living in offers little comfort when she knows her daughters got to see how much their daddy dissed their mom. All the taxpayer dollars in the world won't take that away.

December 12, 2013   DoD asked to stop using anti-Christian training materials. How did it get approved for use in the first place? Easy. thevileone's administration IS anti-Christian. Look at the last five years and you'll see the proof of that statement. It doesn't matter what thevileone's lips say (every time they move he's lying), it matters what he DOES. He probably asked the Southern Poverty Law Center to put the stuff together.

"It may seem unfathomable that the U.S. government would use training materials provided by an organization like the SPLC, though records obtained by Judicial Watch earlier this year show the group is quite influential in [thevileone's] administration. In fact, the files obtained by JW from [thevileone's] Justice Department reveal that SPLC co-founder Morris Dees, conducted a “Diversity Training Event” for the agency."
Yep. He probably asked them himself. And he says he is a Christian? Really?

December 12, 2013   Is hanoi jane fonda committing TAX FRAUD? Her "charitable organization" has given NO FUNDS to charities for the last FIVE YEARS. Read the story and find out.

December 12, 2013   State Dept. (hillclintoon) ORDERED BENGHAZI security company to dodge media questions. Sounds to me like hillclintoon has something to hide. When will "We, The People" get the TRUTH about BENGHAZI? Even more pressing, when will the families of those four brave souls get the answers to the BENGHAZI questions? What are thevileone and hillclintoon hiding? We deserve the TRUTH! Their families deserve the TRUTH! thevileone must be made to answer to US. He is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A DICTATOR. But he has definitely made himself so!

December 12, 2013   Aaahhhhh.... public schools. Now imagining something will get you in trouble. Homeschool your kids, folks.

December 12, 2013   Eeeeewwwww..... alan grayson does the creepy! He really is a disgrace to the human race. I can't imagine how anyone (even a dead person) could vote for that thing.

December 12, 2013   Knockout game now inside prison. Every unprovoked assault on a corrections officer should result in an additional mandatory ten years onto the offender's sentence.

December 12, 2013   WHY is ANYONE still a republican? They don't support, represent, believe in, want AMERICA as our Founding Fathers set her up to be. They've proven that time and time again. Now they've done everything they can to silence the TEA Party folks and to prevent the RINO republican party from losing power to those who believe in America as she was meant to be. Why is that okay? If you are still a republican, may I suggest a SERIOUS reconsideration? After all, it was the republican budget that FUNDED thevileone's healthcaretax yesterday. And you're still a republican? Why? What is the difference between the RINO republicans and dumborats? Can you show me any? If not, step away from the addiction to the "R" after your name. It's just an alphabet. It means nothing anymore. Go to your local Supervisor of Elections office and take the first step in a four step process: Register as "No Party Affiliation". Then go into your room in your own little chair and cry, scream, whatever until you feel better, or settle down from jumping for joy. Step three is that you now live like you owe NO PARTY ANYTHING -- especially not a party that has done nothing FOR YOU nor for the COUNTRY -- in years. Step four: Vote as though FREEDOM matters to YOU. It's that simple, folks. Step away from the addiction. It's only an alphabet letter. It means nothing.

December 12, 2013   On that lovely little note, I shall close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

December 11, 2013: 10:31 a.m.   Does the U.S. Constitution matter at all? Not to the folks running Washington D.C., the District. Now they want "residents" to be able to vote, regardless of their citizenship status! In the U.S. Constitution the right to vote in our elections is given to CITIZENS ONLY. I bet the folks running D.C. couldn't even spell "Citizen".

December 11, 2013   Snowden runner-up in Time "Person of the Year" choice. I think it's a good choice to include him (I'll say it again) as long as he's not divulging OUR military secrets to our enemies. If he's a patriot to America and just hated that our government is doing to us what our government is NOT supposed to do and took the proof and offered it up, then he's a hero. IF, on the other hand, he's also divulging our military secrets to our enemies, that's wrong and he's not a hero but a traitor. It's a fine line. But some can trod it. I have seen no proof that he has crossed that line. All he's done so far -- to the best of my knowledge -- is to tell us how far past the line of wrong our own government has gone.

December 11, 2013   Speaking of the Time magazine "Person of the Year" award, they chose the Pope. Yeah, you know, the guy who said you don't have to believe in GOD to get to heaven. Yeah. That Pope. Of course they're going to choose someone in the "High and Mighty" realm who will side with atheists! Come on! It's got to be someone who will say stuff like that. Would they choose, I don't know, Jesus? Nah. Why do that? Heck, they never even went so far as to choose C.S. Lewis. You don't need to believe in GOD to get where He lives. Person of the Year. Make sense to me? Nope.

December 11, 2013   They're going for your children again:

"[thevileone's] White House wants to dump $75 billion more into “free” preschool for all. [my bolding]"
I think he's trying to find another way to waste money. After all, you will recall that neither Pre-K, nor Head Start (really, it doesn't work) nor any other program that the government supports for children of that age actually does anything BENEFICIAL FOR THE CHILD. Leaving the child at home with a dedicated Mom and Dad who will start the learning process at home is what's best for the child. For example, while I was pregnant with our first son I took the time to stitch on plastic canvas the whole alphabet and decorated the nursery with them. I used primary colors and when our sons were very young, I took those letters off the wall and used them as a kind of "flash card" and started teaching our sons their alphabet, the sounds those letters make and their colors. They were still in diapers when I did this. That was the start of how I homeschooled our boys. By the time they were in sixth grade they were reading at the college level. That's what those programs should be doing. They don't have to spend a lot of money -- certainly NOT $75 billion -- to teach; but they do have to put forth the effort! There's the rub. That money is more about buying the National Education Association's votes than anything else. Remember, I told you thevileone was looking at -- and being encouraged in -- the possibility of running for a third term? He's going to need to buy votes.

December 11, 2013   Jealousy rears its double ugly head?

December 11, 2013   Atheists, I told you that Islam would come for you, too. Yep. Christians don't force you to accept their beliefs (but we do pray for your souls), but Islam will force you. Should you support Islam? Only if you want to be one.

December 11, 2013   Girl Scouts remove homopunk spokesperson from website. I wonder if it's because there's been some sort of backlash when the truth came out. "Shining the light of truth" on things often puts them back into hiding. Question: Is it that the Girl Scouts have had a change of direction and are now trying to go the right way, or are they just hiding the truth from the parents of Girl Scout girls? The story doesn't say the guy is gone from the organization and what replaced him isn't much better:

"Karen Parisi, who used to work for the Ms. Foundation, one of the most influential abortion advocacy groups in America."... "Stewart Goodbody, who comes from a career in public relations and issue advocacy."
Parents are you really willing to put your DAUGHTERS into an organization that first includes homopunk guy as an influence in their lives and then features an abortionist and an issues advocate? Really? There is an alternative to the gone-awry Boy Scouts organization and an alternative to the Girl Scouts called "Frontier Girls".
"Frontier Girls is a scout like club for girls ages 3-18 that we offer as an alternative to the Girl Scout program. We focus on patriotism, traditional values, community service and a love of learning."
So if you want your daughter involved in a scouting organization, consider the alternatives to the gone-wonky ones we belonged to when we were kids. If they're going to teach your children things that are antithetical to what you believe, why send your kids to them?

December 11, 2013   bonehead boehner doesn't like opposition. He really does need to be defeated in the 2014 elections. He's NOT good for America. He's a crybabying coward who caves anytime and every time anyone says "Boo!". If he had a spine, he took it out when he was four (days old) and lost it.

December 11, 2013   Cutting three (3) minutes to save time? It just happens to be the three minutes that features the story of Jesus Christ. Well, that's just a time thing, right? They couldn't cut anything else. They couldn't speed things up a little, start a little earlier, change the times, or anything else. They just couldn't find a better way to do it besides cutting Jesus Christ out of Christmas. Another reason to NOT do disney. Jesus is the Reason for the Season: not mickey mouse.

December 11, 2013   NSFW: Rush has a way with words, does he not?

December 11, 2013   sebelius "grilled"? To bad she wasn't FIRED, too. "Advice and Consent of the Senate". Boy, did the Senate screw that one up. Uhhh... Which part of the government is bonehead boehner in?

December 11, 2013   EPA knew they were paying someone illegally.

"The Environmental Protection Agency was warned as early as July 2010 that a senior executive who claimed to be a CIA agent was collecting pay and bonuses not allowed by law but took no action for years, according to a new report from the agency’s inspector general."
Ahh... thevileone's administration. Don't ya' just love the waste? More of your taxpayer dollars down the drain. Are you used to peanut butter and jelly yet?

December 11, 2013   Folks speculating that Sen. Ted Cruz is going to run for President. I think Sen. Cruz is a man of honor and either has asked the right people, or done the research himself to see if he'd be eligible under the "natural born citizen" law. The problem is, he's a first generation American on his Dad's side. While I adore Rafael Cruz (the Dad) and think he's wonderful, the fact that he was born in Cuba also means that his son, Sen. Cruz, is (unfortunately) ineligible to be our president. Our Founding Fathers thought of "natural born" as a person whose parents had been also born in this country. I explained it like this: If you say "Is 'X' a natural born citizen?" and you're asking about someone who is in Sen. Cruz's situation those with an education in the subject will say "No" or at MOST "I don't think so". While if you ask about, say, Rush Limbaugh whose ancestors here in America go back to the 1770s. That would probably make most folks say, "Yes!" Rush Limbaugh is a "naturaly born citizen" because his ancestry in America goes way back. That's a "Naturally!" type reaction. (Yes, Rush is eligible to run for president! That frosts so many lefties!) If you say, "Naturally!" to the question, then the person qualifies to run for president. If, on the other hand, you'd say, "Well..." then the person is not qualified. That's my simple explanation of it. It's no more complicated than where your parents were born and where their parents were born, or at the very least, if they were legal citizens of the U.S.A. when the second generation was born.

December 11, 2013   What happened to Ryan? He's keeping American on $25 TRILLION debt road. What has the NSA on him that would make him go so far from his alleged "core values/principles"? What other reason would someone stray so far? Money? He'd have gotten more of that if he'd stayed the course.

December 11, 2013   rangel's censure lawsuit dismissed. So the slap on the hand for his wrongdoing is allowed to stand. Better than nothing.

December 11, 2013   GOP Senator's CoS under investigation for child porn? Yep. And the cop charged with child porn is found dead in a river. Why anyone wants to look at that crap I have no idea. satan has a hold on them.

December 11, 2013   This tells you how far LEFT England has gone. Don't bother visiting there unless you hate Israel. Why not just change GB's name to "Middle West"?

December 11, 2013   On that pleasant note (sarcasm), I shall go for now. Until next time, See ya'!

December 10, 2013: 12:35 p.m.   For thevileone, it's all about thevileone. Whether it's Pearl Harbor Day, remembering Rosa Parks or anything else, for thevileone, it's all about HIM. HE is the center of his own universe. Ego, anyone?

January 10, 2014: 2:49 p.m.   I forgot to post the "Hand of GOD" link. This is SO COOL! I love space pics. GOD really shows off out there.

December 10, 2013   Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai ticked off at us. Join the crowd.

December 10, 2013   Colin Powell finally shows his true stripes. He was very secretive about what his politics were for so long that coming to the defense of thevileone's healthcaretax shows exactly who he is. Who was surprised by that? Not I.

December 10, 2013   Exercise helps prevent dementia? Are they crazy? (Little levity, little levity.) Coconut oil helps prevent it altogether so eat what you like, sit on your butt all day doing website updates and make sure you take some coconut oil. You'll be fine. (Not to be considered medical advice. I am not a MD, nor do I play one on television. Do not consider this as reliable medical advice. If you do, take responsibility for your own choice.)

December 10, 2013   It doesn't matter who thevileone hires, he's still a FAILURE.

December 10, 2013   Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! (Breathe! Gasp!) Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

December 10, 2013   Let's pray for Conservatives to win BIG in 2014. It may be the only thing to save America.

December 10, 2013   Have a daughter in Girl Scouts? Consider who they hire. And then look at how they react when the TRUTH comes out. If I had a daughter I wouldn't put her in Girl Scouts right now. Nor would I put my son in Boy Scouts. My hubby used to be a Boy Scout, made Eagle Scout even, but he's no longer proud of that. Thanks, Scouts, for screwing up something good.

December 10, 2013   Farm subsidy program totally defrauded by lefties. This is the kind of waste that the lefties condone because they use it to BUY votes. Isn't that what you want? Sometimes I think we should all STOP PAYING TAXES because so much of our money is wasted that if they can throw away that portion of the taxpayer dollars they collect, then they apparently DON'T NEED MORE!

December 10, 2013   Another amnesty nightmare. U.S. military members mean nothing to thevileone unless and until he can use them to his advantage. This is one of those instances. Read the story. Never trust thevileone.

December 10, 2013   Taking a lot of pics may prevent brain from storing the memories of what you're taking pics of. Me? I remember taking the pics and the event/place itself. Maybe I'm just weird.

December 10, 2013   When a government takes the place of decision maker for kids, replacing parents that's when FREEDOM has taken leave of its senses and PARENTS ARE ALLOWING IT! Are you really going to cave and kowtow to the government that says "Your child is now a ward of the State because we think YOUR child MUST GET a vaccination!"? If so, maybe your children would be better off under the government thumb.

December 10, 2013   Would these passengers have wanted the Christmas spirit to have been quelched in this instance? How many of them protested hearing "Merry Christmas!" that day? Hmmmm?

December 10, 2013   Reporter wins in court. And the Fourth Estate gets a bit of cover for now. I used to think that journalists were the safeguard against the government. Now they've become the cover FOR the government to hide under, behind, whatever. This reporter isn't giving the government cover and that's probably part of why she was threatened with jail time.

December 10, 2013   If this had been a girl/girl kiss would there have been a punishment?

December 10, 2013   GM makes changes; after bailout loss of $10 BILLION taxpayer dollars. Thanks so much, thevileone! We really wanted to waste that money from our pockets. What would we do without you?

December 10, 2013   I started today in a good mood but that quickly changed as I went through the news stories today. News doesn't usually get to me, but today it was grit my teeth and just do it when at times I wanted to throw my computer through the window instead of reading one more story about thevileone and how he's screwing things up in America. I shall stop now before I do throw my computer through the window. Better safe than sorry. So, until next time, See ya'!

December 9, 2013: 1:08 p.m.   Good afternoon! I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. We got a lot done on Saturday and Sunday I went to lunch with a friend and then came home to the Christmas lights up outside. I always enjoy that. Now it's my turn to decorate: a lot of work ahead! For now, though, let's focus on getting the TRUTH out. On with the blurbs!

January 9, 2014   I saw something on television ( last night that was very interesting and thought I share a link with you. The testimony of Hannah Parks is very interesting and may open some eyes. I hope it blesses you. I found the original video I had watched on television and posted it above.

December 9, 2013   Geminid meteor shower in progress! Peak time tonight 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Love meteor showers!

December 9, 2013   LAST DAY to comment on stupid rule thevileone wishes to implement. Do it NOW, folks:

"Further complicating the transfer process, the proposed rule would require each "responsible person" of a legal entity to get a certificate or "sign-off" from a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) before a transfer could be approved. Not only will this further tie up limited government resources by potentially requiring multiple sign-offs and background checks to be done for each transfer, it will allow CLEOs who refuse to process NFA transfers for even the most law-abiding of citizens effectively to veto the transfer. In these CLEOs' jurisdictions, the proposed rule would act as a de facto ban on the otherwise perfectly lawful transfer of NFA firearms."
thevileone's trying a back-end run around the Second Amendment. Pitch in via comment to PREVENT this. Or sue his butt afterward and try to stop it via the court system. With "chief justice john roberts" in the scotUS, good luck on that one.

December 9, 2013   $3 BILLION of YOUR dollars WASTED via a CIA "colossal flop. shock. surprise. The only thing government can do RIGHT is WRONG and waste taxpayer money. They do BOTH VERY well.

December 9, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: "If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period." -- thevileone. Well, you may be able to keep your doctor but you'll PAY MORE to do so, although, if you recall, they promised a $2,500 SAVINGS PER FAMILY:

Did he lie? Now we find out that top hospitals are not included in thevileone's healthcaretax options. You wanted to go to Cedar-Sinai? (*buzzer*) Too bad. Count that out. That's reserved for only the VERY VERY RICH who can afford to pay extra out-of-pocket expenses. (Elitism, anyone?) Remember when the American Medical Association SUPPORTED thevileone's healthcaretax? (They balked at a few things, but never all of it.) A lot of doctors DO NOT support it and won't participate in it. So we know that you can't keep your doctor unless you're willing to pay more for him/her. You can't go to the hospitals you think could treat you better. You can't keep your current insurance coverage either. In fact, as many as 16 MILLION people may lose their coverage. That's 16 MILLION people who lose their health insurance. Is that what thevileone promised you (see video above)? You also can't keep your DRUGS on thevileone's healthcaretax. So, did thevileone LIE to you? YES? shock. surprise. So what are you going to do about it? And, what are you going to do about the volunteer fire departments that could be FORCED TO CLOSE?

December 9, 2013   NSA spying on online gaming? Is it so that they can determine who's going to be the best shots if the Brown Shirts come after them? If so, they're hunting the wrong dog on that one.

December 9, 2013   Military retirees, are they going to take away your retirement? Watch this. They've got you in their crosshairs.

December 9, 2013   Will thevileone run for a third term? The Daily [Kommie] Kos says he could do it. As recently as Nov. 30, 2013 they were still talking it up. That's NOT a good thing.

December 9, 2013   TEA Party, don't blindly trust the Republicans. Trust ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVES. If they're not Conservative, they're progressives and progressives are your -- and America's -- enemies. Do not look at just the parenthesis after their names to find out what party they belong to and make your choice from that. Do your homework. Find out who is standing for what, who their friends are ("Show me a man's friends and I'll show you the man."), what organizations they've belonged to in the last ten years. Don't just dig into ONE year; dig deep. They can change their stripes long enough to be elected via joining the right groups and saying the right things. Look at the big picture of their lives then decide. Don't take their word for it. For it is only in VIGILANCE that we will maintain our freedom and our COUNTRY!

December 9, 2013   TSA makes a fool of itself again. They've become patently ridiculous.

December 9, 2013   It's now official: thevileone is such a BAD prezidunce that people are talking about CHANGING the U.S. Constitution in order to ever prevent this sort of preziduncy again. They trying to prevent the power grabs, the lawlessness, the dictatorship thevileone has implemented. They want to stop the "Executive Order" frenzy via which thevileone is ruling and stop the glut of new government agencies that can tell us what to do, make up new regulations and enforce them, and prevent government agencies from having so much power over "We, The People". I am NOT in favor of changing the U.S. Constitution. I AM in favor of doing something with the Constitution we currently have to stop thevileone. Problem is, there are not enough people with SPINE enough to stop him. We'd need a judge to issue an arrest warrant, someone with spine enough to serve the warrant, and his protective services to have the spine enough to ALLOW THAT ARREST TO TAKE PLACE, instead of trying to protect thevileone from paying the price of his own deeds. It's sad that it has come to this, but this meeting alone proves that it is desparate times and times like these call for desparate actions. Pray for America.

December 9, 2013   Putin catches up with thevileone in Putin's control over Russian msm. In America, the msm has willingly been at the beck and call servitude of thevileone (and Putin). In Russia, Putin just now ordered it. Here, it's willingly done: there, it's being ordered. Putin must have been jealous of thevileone's treatment in the msm here. After all, if the msm there would fawn over him the same way the msm here does thevileone, Putin wouldn't have a care in the world.

December 9, 2013   SPECULATION: What if soros owns AEON Financial and the money is benefitting thevileone? After all, soros is rich enough to hide this well and despicable enough to do the things in this article and he isn't averse to doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. So would that news surprise anyone? Would it make support for thevileone dwindle? I'm thinking it's possible, but I HAVE NO PROOF but note the CHICAGO tie.

December 9, 2013   IL, you've got a bad reputation. Amazing this guy could get a job anywhere but in the prison system? Really? Shame on IL!

December 9, 2013   Mandela's legacy different in South Africa than elsewhere. A lot of people forget that he was a murderer and make of him, instead a saint. They forget that he never renounced violence. They forget that, although his later life was spent doing some good, his country is still in difficult times and his latter years' accomplishments were not the whole picture of Mandela's life. Yes, he changed some things: but he wasn't someone to be worshipped. That privilege and right belongs to ONE person: Jesus Christ. Let us not make Mandela an equivalent.

December 9, 2013   Air Force Band flash mob? YES! Separation of church and state that!

December 9, 2013   Don't forget that Common Core is still out there. It's bad, folks, to the Core. Never forget that they're trying to use the educational system to dumb down your kids so that your kids will be incapable of thinking for themselves and in doing so they are creating generations of people who will believe nothing more or less than the government -- through the schools and the press -- tells them. Mind-numbed robots is their goal. What they accuse others of doing, they put into action!

December 9, 2013   November employment numbers nothing more than another LIE from thevileone. I said so on December 6th that the numbers were a lie and now someone else says I'm right. No surprise there. thevileone's lips were moving.

December 9, 2013   LOL. Hamsters at it again.

December 9, 2013   So I shall close with my latest Minion Monday: Hank Decorates His Tree. Until next time, See ya'!

December 7, 2013: 11:27 a.m. Pearl Harbor Day:   It's Pearl Harbor Day and yesterday I did a Tribute To Our Heroes that included a new "poem" (of sorts) that I wrote, I called it "America! (Where is your song?). GOD Bless all who served and all who are serving! (Also, "Happy Birthday" to my sis-in-law!).

December 7, 2013   Illegal immigrants SUE to get tuition assistance in GA. Then add this one: Considering stories like this and the previous one how on earth do illegal immigrants expect us to welcome them into our country? Best behavior would beget a more welcoming attitude. Instead they violate our trust, SUE to get OUR money FOR THEM and break our laws to get here! Does an unwelcoming attitude from Americans surprise anyone? It should NOT!

December 7, 2013   FINALLY! Congressional hearings into thevileone's lawlessness are allegedly going to be held. Don't hold your breath for any results whatsoever. I'd be shocked if anything at all came of this. I'd be very pleasantly surprised, but shocked.

December 7, 2013   Friends in high places, NOT "good moral character".

"Onyango “Omar” Obama had lived illegally in the U.S. for decades when he got busted driving drunk in Framingham Massachusetts. At the time of his arrest Uncle Onyango had already been deported yet continued to live and work in the Boston area and he had a valid Massachusetts drivers’ license."
Dictators get to decide who stays and who goes. This just proves yet again thevileone is a Dictator, not president.

December 7, 2013   IRS using googlemaps to SPY ON US. I see stories like these and I wonder what the cooperating companies are getting in return? Why would they be so willing to sully their own reputations with their customers by cooperating with this kind of crap if they weren't getting some benefit from it? Follow the money? Or is it something more sinister? You tell me.

December 7, 2013   thevileone CAUGHT in ANOTHER BIG LIE. shock. surprise.

December 7, 2013   WA state = 17% gay weddings. Which makes me think it's true: there's a gay divorce trend on its way. Welcome to the new America! Marry what/who/how many you want then get divorced when you're tired of it. Yes, I can say that. I've been married to the same man for over 35 years.

December 7, 2013   Breitbart: Media "Tires of" waiting for healthcaretax info. I seriously disagree with the choice of words there. "Tires of"? I think it's more like they're having difficulties coming up with their own excuses for thevileone's failures and -- if anything -- the media "tires of" making excuses for him. They've run out of new ways to cover for him. That's probably more what they're tired of than anything thevileone is doing. After all, they LIKE what he does. They just don't know how to spin it anymore and still save some, small, modicum of credibility. The msm has lost so much of their "street cred" most consider their reports as reliable as reading tea leaves.

December 7, 2013   Area 51 unmasked as "Look Over There!" by thevileone. Don't look at his failures! Look! Look! There's a SECRET he can reveal and get you to look elsewhere! Look over there! Squirrel!

December 7, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Scammers hit D.C.'s "exchange" while the despicable, harry reid's, rates allegedly climbed $4,500. Do I believe a word reid says? Nope. But considering it is thevileone's healthcaretax, I think it's possible the truth may have escaped his mouth. Maryland's healthcaretax director resigns because they can't get it right (Is there such a thing as getting it right, cosidering how many pages upon pages of regulations there are, I doubt it!). "Forget About The Price Tag" is the title of winning video for thevileone's healthcaretax. Excuse me? How can you budget for your family if the price of their healthcaretax doesn't matter? Duh? Amazing. I think this girl just wanted to be "discovered". That's all she wanted, IMHO. Disgusting to listen to except she does have a beautiful voice. The words are disgusting. Not porn, just the idea of not caring about the "price tag" when part of the price is FREEDOM! Disgusting. There are still many "glitches" in the system and still even those who signed up may not be insured although they believe they are. "Price tag" includes breaking up families. Anyone see that one coming? The regulations make it more beneficial to be unmarried so folks are getting divorced in order to sign up at a cheaper rate. (Isn't that sweet? A law that encourages the break-up of families. Awwww... How special.) At least one dumborat thinks you losing your insurance is "A Good Thing". He should apologize to Martha Stewart for using her catch phrase for such a stupid statement. Even the Government Accountability Institute is saying that there's "No Excuse for Colossal [healthcaretax] Failure". Well, DUH!

December 7, 2013   thevileone is a moron and proves it time and time again. Just another proof. How many times does he have to prove it before peole start realizing it? For some, they'll never get the memo and if they did, they couldn't or wouldn't read it anyways.

December 7, 2013   thevileone's sycophantic butt-kisser, matthews, goes gagaagaga. And Conservative commentator, Mark Levin reacts appropriately. If I had watched thevileone and his butt-kisser, I would have puked all over the television. I hope the inanity got the low ratings it deserved.

December 7, 2013   The Bald Eagls is our national emblem; a symbol of America's strength, of our ability to soar above the rest. thevileone? He don't care so much about Bald Eagles. (To use vernacular.) So the "enviornment" is more important than our national emblem? There are folks who don't like wind turbines for other reasons. I mean, besides killing Bald Eagles. Fact is, if we go wind/solar for our electricity, we'll be paying a WHOLE LOT MORE. Ask the Europeans. They've told you so in a report.

December 7, 2013   I didn't really intend to do so many updates. I meant to get on, do one update and go, but... So, I'm off until Monday now. Until next time, See ya'!

December 6, 2013: 2:49 p.m.   Sorry about missing yesterday, folks. I was shopping for my Mom's upcoming trip to Europe December 20th to January 3rd. She has a limited income and her sister is taking her to Europe, so Mom needed warm things to wear as her cruise up the Rhine takes her to sight-seeing stops in the middle of the winter. She is so excited about going, but she needed wool sweaters, pants, etc., to stay warm. So I've been shopping for those things and a few things that would just look good on her. I've just sent her the third box of clothing for her trip, or to wear during the winter months where she lives. I actually found a lavendar 100% cashmere sweater that I'm sure she'll love since she told me she loves cashmere. Glad to have been able to help her. I think all of you can understand that sometimes family must come first: and she is my Momma. Gotta' do for your Momma. Now, on with the blurbs!

December 6, 2013   Even when it comes to Mandela, dumborats chose to be RACIST.

"President Ronald Reagan sought to bury their 1986 anti-apartheid bill aiming to impose economic sanctions on South Africa by imposing his veto, saying he believed it would only lead to more violence and repression for black South Africans.

"But for the first and only time that century, Congress rebelled and overrode Reagan's veto on a foreign policy issue, passing legislation that slapped sanctions on Pretoria, snapped direct air links and cut vital aid."
The House at the time had 253 dumborats and 177 Republicans. So, as you can see, the dumborats were the RACISTS again. They did things that were detrimental to South Africa as a country, as usual, hurting the black man. So what's new? While Mandela was no saint what his long term legacy will be is yet to be seen. Are there things that we don't know about? Will history be rewritten to whitewash what he was, or will the "truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" be recorded as Mandela's legacy? Let us hope for the whole truth for that is the only thing that will last. The truth will always out.

December 6, 2013   scotUS to decide whether to force release of Osama Bin Laden pics. I wonder if "chief justice" john roberts will have another last moment change of heart. He'll do a gut reaction "Yes", then change it to "No" after someone from this administration contacts him. That's my guess. I could be wrong, but we'll find out won't we?

December 6, 2013   Only thevileone's think-alikes allowed to see Gitmo processes. It's always that way with thevileone: he wants only HIS voice to be heard, only HIS opinions to matter, only HIS rules to be followed. If you differ in any way, shape, or form, you are WRONG AND BAD! You must pay!

December 6, 2013   Dirty bomb material found safe? The story says that the radioactive material was found after six men were admitted to a hospital in Mexico, but it doesn't say that ALL of the material was recovered. Was it? I don't know. Hopefully we don't find out the hard way.

December 6, 2013   Yeah, right. Don't believe it for a moment. U6 numbers stand at 13.2. Sounds to me like they've all been "doctored" just like the November 2012 numbers were LIES, I bet these and ALL of the numbers released between now and the 2014 elections are going to be cooked, false, LIES. He LIES so easily, constantly and smoothly that we should all know by now that if his lips are moving, he's lying. Remember that: He's LYING.

December 6, 2013   WARNING: AMERICA, YOU ARE IN DANGER!!! Freedom, where are you without DEFENDERS? Without people who will stand up and tell the government "NO!" we lose freedom: every ounce, jot and tittle of it. Let us all STAND and tell our government "NO!" we will not allow them to do this to us! Our Constitution demands that we STAND! Let our "patient sufferance" be now over and let us STAND and be FREE AGAIN!

December 6, 2013   Hamsters everywhere are crying in despair. Poor, poor babies.

"[I]n 2005 I and others reviewed the entire hurricane record, which goes back over a century, and found no increase of any kind. Yes, we sometimes get bad storms — but no more frequently now than in the past. The advocates simply ignored that evidence — then repeated their false claims after Hurricane Sandy last year."
So those who are preaching "global warming" (A.K.A. "climate change") are LYING TO YOU, as usual. Remember, if they're lying to you, they're trying to CONTROL you. They're hiding the TRUTH so that they can use their LIES to CONTROL you. Is that what you want?

December 6, 2013   thevileone LIES about meeting with sebelious. So the legacy of this administration is going to be worse than the clintoon administration in that they will be known as incompetent at everything except LYING and spying on Americans without warrants. No surprise there.

December 6, 2013   Genetic testing company ordered to stop testing... They were in cahoots with Bill Gates, who supports thevileone implicitly, and with an administration that has a revolving door with corporations that push genetically engineered foods. With this administration's record of lying what is it that makes anyone believe that our food sources will be safe in the future after this administration gets finished with it? Hmmmm? Something to think about.

December 6, 2013   Making their Mommas proud...

December 6, 2013   Man of religion of "peace and tolerance" compares killing British soldier to killing animal. Sometimes people challenge my patience. I sometimes want to revert to that old saw "Do unto others" as they've done to someone while killing them. I think that if we started putting people to death the same way they killed someone. I think that would prevent some deaths. After all, what is it that you'd like to have to go through: something you put someone else through, slowly and torturously, or a quick, relatively painless death? Compare a hacked to death murder to a death sentence via injection and which is kinder? Sometimes I think if you hack the hacker to death as he did to someone else, there will be fewer people considering doing that to others. Would that not work? Of course, the problem would be to find someone in a civilized society who could actually do the hacking. In a civilized society that's a problem. Without a civilized society, it's apparently not.

December 6, 2013   "Unky" complicates immigration reform. Well, yeah. I think people should pay attention to the fact that he got special treatment and others are just being given the politics of "come vote for dumborats and help destroy America". Isn't that what it's all about for thevileone?

December 6, 2013   Well, gotta' go. Hubby's home and we have to run some errands for projects around the house this weekend. All kinds of fun! Who knows? Maybe we'll even get a Christmas tree today! Until next time, See ya'!

December 4, 2013: 12:20 p.m.   NFL apparently has a problem with you protecting your family. Or is it just caving and cowering because it's not PC to show a gun? They'll show a woman's breast (Ms Jackson), no problem! But a gun? Something mentioned in the U.S. Constitution ("keep and bear arms" is not about your upper appendages!) and that will enable you to survive a violent home invasion is not acceptable, but misogyny is to the NFL. So you can sexualize your women, and that can lead to rape, but you can't defend them? Is that what the NFL is about? Why not ask them about it? I did.

December 4, 2013   Some of the country is getting COLD weather. And I'm SOOOO JEALOUS!!

December 4, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: JW sues to get to the truth about early enrollment. You have to SUE this administration to get anything even close to the truth. That's how adverse they are to telling the truth at all! Special treatment in there? For harry reid there is since he EXEMPTED his staff from having to participate in it. If it's a LAW it's a LAW. There is no special treatment under the LAW. That's what America is supposed to excel in: equal treatment under the law. Too bad we don't have that anymore. We have a Tyrannical Dictatorship and that means that they get to do whatever they want while forcing us to do whatever they want us to do. Big difference between that and freedom! And of course, dumborat, wassy-shultz, LIES about it to defend it. If wassy-shultz was kissed on the mouth... Nah. Even the TRUTH would never kiss her. Maybe it's wassy-shultz who doesn't understand the system since even blarney carney says to make sure you're actually covered if you enrolled. I mean, come on! Can't they get anything right? No. Nor do they wish to. The more the folks know about thevileone's healthcaretax, the less they like it. So if they find out it's like Stalinism how much will they like it then?

December 4, 2013   shock. surprise. Unky stays. And thevileone lied. Yawn. Anything unexpected in that?

December 4, 2013   Disability numbers outnumber Greece's population. Americans are claiming disability by the truckloads. In my Mom's hometown almost everyone is either on disability or trying to get on disability. They think it's the easy street to not having to work and still have enough to buy a huge flatscreen television. Don't you love paying for that?

December 4, 2013   Progressive websites go to the cats. If that's what it takes for them to stay viable, that's pretty lame. Tells you something about their readership's priorities.

December 4, 2013   bonehead boehner abandons immigration standards; supports amnesty. I told you months ago he would do so. He's a coward with as much spine as a jellyfish. He cares not about you and what amnesty will do to the future for our nation, your children, or the federal budget. He thinks he must kiss the backside of his fellow progressives and America be darned. He's timing it just right, but he's still betraying America just like all progressives do.

December 4, 2013   thevileone cheers for himself. Ego, anyone?

Decmber 4, 2013   NSFW or Kids: Giving up pornography is GOOD for you. It does bad things to your sexual function, so give it up and have better sexual relations with your wife. If you're a woman looking at porn, it's probably got bad results for you, too, but there isn't a report on that yet. POrn kills relationships, people. Porn is not something GOD approves of. Don't start it so you don't have to give it up.

December 4, 2013   If History channel does a show about Jesus it will be a piece of garbage. But that's to be expected.

December 4, 2013   Radioactive material for "dirty bomb" stolen in Mexico. Who has it? Some of those Muslim terrorists who are massing in Mexico and trying to do bad things to America? We'll see.

December 4, 2013   $180,000 on booze that YOU bought the gov before shutdown. Did you enjoy it? Was it something that added to your celebrations? Don't you like the fact that you're buying BOOZE for the gov.?

December 4, 2013   TSA to search more cars at airports. That and facial recognition stuff put into place. Don't you love freedom under this administration?

December 4, 2013   Socialist to run for Prez? What difference would it be? NONE.

December 4, 2013   Interesting poll. I don't like publishing poll links usually, but this one interests me.

December 4, 2013   I think I'll close for now. I have other things to do. We'll see if I'll get back on later and do a few more. Until whenever next time is, See ya'!

December 3, 2013: 10:25 a.m.   Good morning! Let's get started with thevileone's healthcaretax (ugh): It wasn't built with ANY security for YOUR information. They never had it and they opened YOUR info up to being stolen and used by anyone who could figure out how to get into the system. No security means they didn't give two hoots about keeping YOUR info safe. If they're that concerned about your personal information when you sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax, how much will they be caring about your health? Also, for those of you with pre-existing conditions, a person with cancer was turned down for insurance and is now being AUDITED BY THE IRS FOR SPEAKING OUT about being unable to keep their health insurance because of thevileone's healthcaretax. So, where are all of his promises now?

Remember, folks, thevileone's not the only one who LIED to you. Many others, did, too. Remember how proudly dumborats walked D.C. streets with the huge gavel carried by pelosipig?


Did they LIE to you? If you don't think those are lies, you need to look up the definition of a lie. Remember, we warned you about this. Those supporters of thevileone who said we were the liars are now proven to have been lying to you all along and we were right. So whom should you trust? Those who have been the proven liars, or moi? I think the answer is clear.

December 3, 2013   Republican doctors running for Congress: trying to undo thevileone's healthcaretax will be their main goal. I support them as long as they're not progressives. TRUE CONSERVATIVES are the answer to what this administration has done to our country. Vote for the TRUE CONSERVATIVES -- those who believe in and support the U.S. Constitution all the way -- and you won't go wrong. (See bottom of page for disclaimer.)

December 3, 2013   Male and female brains different? Oh, heavens! Whowouldathunkit? Come on. Anyone WITH a brain doesn't need a scientist to tell them that men's brains are different from women's brains. If men's brains functioned the same as women's brains, wouldn't they be able to understand us? Mars/Venus? Cat/Dog? Hello?

December 3, 2013   Atheist details her journey to Christianity. One down, how many left? GOD is moving in America and around the world. Islam is coming to Christ in great numbers; in China Christianity is growing. Christianity is growing in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Even in the Middle East, Christianity is growing. Christianity frees people from their bondage, from their fear, from their sins and their past. Christianity brings peace, love and forgiveness of your sins. Romans 3:23 says "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;". That's EVERYONE: me, you, your neighbor, son, daughter, mom, dad, hubby, wife, cousin, the Pope, everyone. There has been only ONE who has never sinned: Jesus Christ, GOD's "only begotten Son" who, although He lived a sinless life, went to the cross and DIED for YOUR and MY sins. He gave His life -- willingly gave it up and went to the cross and through all of the humiliation and beatings that went with it -- so that you and I can have eternal life with GOD and Jesus Christ in heaven instead of spending eternity in hades like we all deserve. That's what Christianity does for you. It doesn't GIVE you eternal life because you already have that. It just changes where you spend that eternity. You will be in the presence of GOD and pure, eternal love, or you will be in torment, pain, humiliation, remembrance of all the bad things you've done, and fear forever. It's up to you. It's YOUR choice, not GOD's. He doesn't send you there. He sacrificed His Son for YOU. He offers His Son's blood to cover your sin all you have to do is accept that blood to cover your sins and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, ask Him into your heart and life to be your Lord and Savior. IF you are sincere in asking, you will be saved and your heart and future will change. You will live differently. You will try to not sin. What is sin? Start with the Top Ten list (A.K.A. The Ten Commandments). Then go from there: fornication (premarital sex), lusting after someone, cheating (a form of stealing), and all the stuff your Momma told you to NOT do. Common sense also tells you what is wrong. If it's wrong, don't do it. It's that easy. Remember: Thou shalt not lie (also worded as "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.") is one of the biggies. Don't lie. Simple, really. GOD LOVES YOU -- ALL OF YOU. Not just those who are "good" because "there is none good but one, that is, God:" come just as you are and Christ's blood will cleanse you and that's good enough. Don't worry about cleaning yourself up. GOD can do that if YOU allow Him. Christ's blood is enough to do that. Just ask Him to do so and you will be choosing your eternity: heaven or hades; with GOD and eternal love, or with satan and eternal torture. Your choice. Not GOD's choice, it's YOUR choice. He will not force you. Your choice.

December 3, 2013   Big Bro doesn't like kids. Not if they're doing something entrepreneurial and trying to make money. Braces? 'Oo needs 'em?

December 3, 2013   Doe Run allegedly NOT an EPA attack on guns and ammo. Do I believe that? No, because I know this administration. But, I am skeptical of anything that puts a positive spin on this administration, so maybe that's just me being hard headed. Watch this one closely, folks. Something tells me that the whole story still isn't out.

December 3, 2013   YOUR Taxpayer Dollars spent on art? $1 MILLION for ONE piece. Check out the pic of the piece. It's not that special. $1 MILLION? More like $10!

December 3, 2013   Detroit can go bankrupt: unions boohoo. (*smallest violin*)

December 3, 2013   Suspense! Will he be able to contain himself? After all, we know that he gets a "thrill going up [his] leg"

so will he be able to make it through the interview? Add to that the fact that thevileone is a "perfect physical specimen".... (*Twilight Zone music*) and you've got an interview of fawning sycophantic drivel. Look for kiss-butting extraordinaire.

December 3, 2013   HEIL!

December 3, 2013   FBI impeding investigation into IRS targeting of Conservative groups. They're just taking orders from thevileone. That's all. Following orders, just like the IRS was doing when they targeted the Conservative groups. They're marching to thevileone's tune. Heil!

December 3, 2013   Will he be deported? Or will he get some special treatment upon the order of thevileone? What thinks you?

December 3, 2013   clintoon supporter seems to think thevileone will make it easy for clintoon. They seem to think that his mismanagement will lead to a hillclintoon victory. PROBLEM: Unless hillclintoon is running AGAINST thevileone in 2016 there's no reason to be grateful for thevileone's mismanagement. Do they know something we don't? Makes you kinda' go "Hmmm...."

December 3, 2013   CDC says 62% of HIV+ men have unprotected sex. There is NO such thing as a protection against HIV except for abstinence. Condoms are NOT 100% effective: abstinence is. If you do NOT WANT HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases caught via sexual activity, don't have sex with anyone except your spouse who is free from disease and who is faithful to you. That's it, folks. Until you are married, don't do sexual activities. Stay pure. Stay chaste. It's that easy.

December 3, 2013   Chimp = human? Reality check? I understand trying to help the chimp if it was in a bad situation, but it's not now in a bad situation. Also, giving him the same rights as humans? No. Gopher tortoises and scrub jays have too much power to take away our property rights already. We don't need a chimp -- one leads to many -- who can exercise his "human rights" because some animal rights activists think it's a good idea. If the chimp's DNA isn't human (totally human) then he doesn't get human rights. Simple, really.

December 3, 2013   I shall close on that weirdness. Until next time, See ya'!

December 2, 2013, 3:18 p.m.   I hope all of my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was just the four of us. We had the "disasters" a few days prior to the holiday so we did some work during Thanksgiving day. We got the utility room painted, the new flooring put down (thanks to our malfunctioning freezer) and the trim work was completed the following day. Now we have a new wall color, floor and trim color in our utility room. The hard part is yet to come: putting all of the stored items back in after going through it to see what we can donate. That and not adding to the storage stuff again (don't we all do that?)! Anyways, it's time to do more blurbs, so let's get started.

December 2, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Considering how his healthcaretax has gone , do you really want him touching AIDS? If it's possible to make a mess of something, thevileone can do so. AIDS research has done some amazing stuff, so thevileone sticking his fumbling fingers into the mix will delay a cure beyond imagining. Now thevileone has folks going door to door to sell thevileone's healthcaretax. They're allegedly "non-partisan". Anyone who believes that I have some swampland on the moon to sell. They're falling WAAAAYYY short of their goals, so the hard sell push-push-push is meant to solve that problem. When no one wants to buy what you're selling, what's the next step for a Totalitarian Dictator? Stop giving you the CHOICE. It will be demanded, just done without your knowledge, or something that you will be signed up with, told about later and the money garnished from your paycheck. Is this what you want? Watch for it. If this thing does not work as voluntary sign-ups, it will be done as mandatory.

December 2, 2013   Healthcaretax is not the only thevileone mess up. shock. surprise.

December 2, 2013   thevileone gives goodies to his friends again. Isn't it nice that YOUR taxpayer dollars are used to benefit his buddies? Yeah. That's the way he uses his powers: benefiting his buddies and himself. Sweet!

December 2, 2013   Bwahahahahahahahaha! That's rich!

December 2, 2013   Thanksgiving sales down. Those who predicted a great Thanksgiving weekend were forgetting that the U6 unemployment rate stands at 13.8 even with Christmas hiring going on, what were they thinking? To be optimistic about spending in a country that thevileone has been trying, and trying and trying to destroy, is fruitless, ridiculous and blind! A reality check happened and the reality bites.

December 2, 2013   WaPo no friend to Israel; or covering for thevileone? After all, it was thevileone who was in secret talks with Iran so who is to blame? thevileone. WaPo, shame on you!

December 2, 2013   WOW! Titus does it again and again and again! That's one amazing talent! The kid's got a great eye for basketball. Don't know how he does it (I can't make a basket most days to save my life), but Titus is awesome! Watch the video and see if you agree.

December 2, 2013   They have the same vision of America. They have the same goals for America. Can you imagine another four to eight years of thevileone's policies under hillclintoon? She'd push the same thing and America would be no more. She's "wooing" the black vote, as they did in 2008; maybe she has forgotten her own words of 2011:

"So Blitzer then says, 'If the president is reelected, do you want to serve a second term as secretary of state?'


"BLITZER: 'Would you like to serve as secretary of defense?'


"BLITZER: 'Would you like to be vice president of the United States?'

"HILLARY: 'No.' (cackling laugh)

"BLITZER: 'Would you like to be president of the United States? [my bolding]'

"HILLARY: 'No.' [my bolding and italics]"
That was just two years ago, folks. Did she LIE? Yes.

December 2, 2013   MA gun rights being infringed by government bureacracy. It IS MA, so is it any surprise? But to see the Second Amendment rights of the people be trampled upon makes me want those bureaucrats to be kicked out of office. It serves them (Second Amendment ) right! Speaking of the Second Amendment, Allen West thinks the EPA is engaging in "backdoor" gun control. I think he's right!

December 2, 2013   thevileone has NEVER been a friend to Israel. He's not trustworthy in anything. Israel has to do without America's help during thevileone's tenure -- for however long it lasts.

December 2, 2013   I think Edward Snowden is a hero who did us all a favor. He brought the whole issue of government spying to the forefront of our conversation, to everyone's attention and into the light of day. Now, the U.N. is going to "investigate" all this spying. Where they get the "authority" to do so, I have no idea. The truth is that governments do not trust each other -- even allies -- and spy on each other all the time. It's been acknowledged in movies for years and it's been something given the wink and nod. With Snowden's revelations opening the truth to the public about how much governments spy on the CITIZENS, that's been the straw on the camel's back. Now WE know what they've been doing to US and that isn't flying with the citizens. WE have the right to be free from government intrusion into our private lives. They can read my website all day long (I'm sure they'd get migraines from it) but what I don't put online and what I write to my sister in an e-mail about sending her granddaughter toys is none of their business. That's the part that I think most Americans -- as well as other people in other countries -- are upset about. When the government says that what you deem private (as long as it's not illegal) is not something ANY government should be nosing into. For people to find out that their governments think differently has the whole world upset; and rightly so!

December 2, 2013   Hubby just came home, so I shall close with two links: Minion Monday: Hank's SOO FLUFFY! tells you how Hank celebrated Thanksgiving. And, of course, my Flag Friday Tribute To Our Heroes. Hope you have a great rest of your day! Until next time, See ya'!

November 2013

November 28, 2013: 5:25 p.m.: Thanksgiving Day!   I promised you something special for today, and I shall not welch on that promise. So, for your Thanksgiving enjoyment, here is something just for today and for you! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Day

© 2013 Linda McKinney

The turkey's in pieces, bits of it left
of all of its dressing it is bereft.
The pumpkin pie's stuffed down into the nooks
of the last little corner in pants unhooked.

And now it's the time to remember the cause
of the reason for Thanksgiving -- have ye' given it pause?
It's not the banana pudding, turkey, ham, pies,
the things that make us stretch out, sleepy-sigh.

It isn't the food for which we are grateful
Those aren't the reasons the pilgrims were thankful
'Twas for GOD's own blessings, Him seeing them through
And allowing them to make it another year, too.

So this year remember, after pies, puddings and such
to take at least a moment to say, "Thanks so much!"
For watching over you and from disasters escape,
before you nod off, your mouths all agape.

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you
I hope you enjoyed it and gave thanks, too!
© 2010 Linda McKinney

November 27, 2013: 7:32 p.m.   I took longer than I thought to run my errands today. It was very crowded at the grocery stores today and I had to go get some of the ingredients for tomorrow's eats. We're not doing it up as big as when the boys were little, thank goodness, but we do like to do some cooking, even if it's a day ahead and having sandwiches Thanksgiving Day. We're not picky about "tradition" when it comes to food because the food is not the focus of our thanks. So I'll do a few blurbs tonight and tomorrow I'll find something to post as my Thanksgiving gift to you. Now, on with the blurbs.

November 27, 2013   Is this who actually pushed for it? Why is Bill Gates so interested in gathering every iota of evidence on YOU? What does he want all of YOUR information for? What is he planning on doing with it? He wants all of your info, wants the future generations to all think alike, wants the government in control of everything... What's next: Stepford Wives and robotic voters programmed to vote however the highest bidder wishes? Just askin'.

November 27, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Your taxpayer dollars: $1 MILLION to create LIES about healthcaretax. Fiscal responsibility, anyone? If not fiscal responsibility, how about reproductive "responsibility"? YOU paid for that, too. And, as usual, the msm is helping thevileone look good in all of this. Even though, in real life, this is what thevileone is doing. There's no making thevileone and his administration look good. It's impossible to anyone paying attention. Those of us paying attention are seeing the Dictator-In-Chief make another carte blanch decision that breaks all of the Constitution's rules, but it means nothing to him.

November 27, 2013   EPA ready to release tons of new regulations. These are the things that our Founding Fathers wanted to guard against. Too bad the alleged constitutional scholar that is thevileone doesn't give a flip about the Constitution. To thevileone the Constitution is as worthy as the toilet paper he flushes. He's the stuff that is on the toilet paper he flushes.

November 27, 2013   The Do[IN]J blocks States' rights. I think that a revolution is going to be coming -- sooner than they realize because they're asking for one.

November 27, 2013   Considering how well the "secret" talks with Iran have gone, this does NOT bode well. I think it's a really bad thing. thevileone is selling us out to Hezbollah, too? Wunnerful, wunnerful. thevileone does not care about AMERICAN lives so why would he do something that was good for us?

November 27, 2013   More green money down the green drain. That's YOUR taxpayer dollars. shock. suprise.

November 27, 2013   Another reason to hate unions.

November 27, 2013   My reaction to this atheist organization's act may surprise you, but I don't have a problem with it. The nativity is still up, they are having their say in a peaceful way, and people get to choose which to agree with. That's fine with me. I'd have a problem if the atheists had chosen to remove the nativity via whatever fuss it took. This is the way America is supposed to work: free speech for ALL, not just for SOME. Atheists usually try to silence the religious view. A little surprised in this.

November 27, 2013   Our military is so dishonored by thevileone. He does everything he can to disrespect and hamper them.

November 27, 2013   Is lying a way of life for this waitress?

November 27, 2013   When your only rule is "Kiss the butt of thevileone", it's no wonder.

November 27, 2013   Got freedom? Yes? Rrrriiiggghhhtttt.... Not with thevileone in power. If you want FREEDOM, he has to be impeached. It's as simple as that.

November 27, 2013   Liar! Liar! Pants on.... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE the pic!

November 27, 2013   thevileone disregards families, too. Traditionally American values? He despises them.

November 27, 2013   DH[IN]S to use YOU? Like I said: Got Freedom?

November 27, 2013   Your kids go to college for how much and get THIS kind of "edumacashun"? Save your money. Send them to LaLa Land and they'll learn more.

November 27, 2013   Wow. Did more blurbs than I thought I'd do. I'll look for something to post for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Other than the special item -- whatever that may be -- I'll be taking the weekend off. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember that the reason for Thanksgiving is NOT the food: but to give THANKS to Almighty GOD. That's the TRUE reason for Thanksgiving Day, not the turkey (ham, whatever). Until next time, See ya'!

November 26, 2013: 12:02 p.m.   Sorry about missing yesterday. I had to take 25+ pounds of toys to the UPS store to send it to my grandniece and then did some shopping. When I got home I was online long enough to check my e-mail and then my hubby came home from a twelve hour day and he wanted to talk about Thanksgiving, our upcoming trip and other stuff, so I shut my computer down and didn't get back online until this morning. I did get online afterward on my tablet and saw the horrible headlines at Drudge and shut it down quickly. Sometimes I just want a little bit of good news instead of reading that thevileone is taking away more of our freedom, endangering our children and grandchildren's lives (and financial futures!) and breaking the U.S. Constitution as though it were an old, worn out shoelace. Sometimes I wish I could read that thevileone was just arrested by a CIA agent with a spine. Keep wishing, huh? Now, on with the blurbs.

November 26, 2013   thevileone sells America out to Islam. Shock? Surprise? Nope. There isn't one good thing in the Iran deal, and that's his goal: destroying America. If he can get Iran to take out Israel at the same time, BONUS!

November 26, 2013   JW has it right: thevileone's choices are "disgraceful". Medal of FOLLY, more like!

November 26, 2013   Volcanic rock covering Sicily? This could get worse. Keep an eye on this one.

November 26, 2013   There's something fishy about this. Saudi "student" number doubles in TWO YEARS? Be prepared.

November 26, 2013   Food prices going up, up, up! Chicken wings will skyrocket.

November 26, 2013   Listen to me on this! Karl Rove is NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA! He is a progressive and he's keeping Republicans from being in the "Conservative" column and has done so for years! His leadership has led Republicans in the WRONG direction for years. He needs to go. His "leadership" needs to be disobeyed, done away with, destroyed. He needs to be put on the shelf and ignored as though he were canned liver gone bad in the middle of the deepest jungle. His leadership STINKS.

November 26, 2013   thevileone uses planted "heckler" to make excuses and to LIE by saying that he can't do something because he's "constrained" by the Constitution. Since when did he give two flips about the U.S. Constitution except to destroy it and diss it? Since when? He's no more "constrained" in his own actions and deeds (Executive Orders, anyone?) by the U.S. Constitution than is Putin, Kim Jung Un, or any other DICTATOR on earth.

November 22, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: Another 80 MILLION LOSE THEIR PLANS.

sebelius isn't fired because... thevileone likes to surround himself with incompetence is my assertion. The more incompetent those surrounding him are, the better his incompetence looks. It's a matter of degrees. Add two drops of black paint to a gallon of white paint and you get little impact. Add half a can of black paint to a gallon can of white paint (new container, of course) and you get gray. The more incompetent those surrounding thevileone are, the better he looks. It's convenient. It's a ploy. It's easier to blame them. They're fall guys. They're useful idiots. It's not that thevileone isn't an idiot as well, but the evil behind him, soros, is not an idiot (he's taken down the economies of three countries, he can't be!). thevileone does nothing without soros pulling his strings. Remember, he's also a liar. He said there were no "death panels" but there ARE death panels. But maybe the scotUS will get it right this time and insert religious freedoms and rights into this mess. They have done one or two things right lately (allowing the Texas abortion law to stand), so maybe there's a glimmer of hope. Remember back when they were campaigning? msthevileone's "We'll all have to sacrifice" speech? Looked familiar to me, so I thought you may recall it, too. If not, now you know.

November 26, 2013   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Have a smile for Thanksgiving. Read that link!

November 26, 2013   thevileone's call to close American Embassy to Vatican is "slap in face" to Catholics. Well, yeah! Nothing less than he intended!

November 26, 2013   Hamsters are into deception. They have to LIE to get folks to believe in "global warming", "climate change", whatever. Trust me, folks, if GOD wanted us to have to worship the earth as the lefties want us to HE wouldn't have put the verse into the Bible that says,

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Do you need air that you can breathe? You do? GOD will supply. Do you need water you can drink? You do? GOD will supply. Notice how quickly the earth recovers from volcanic eruptions? Mt. St. Helen's recovery is on record and it's looking good! But, no. Hamsters like to try to CONTROL you with fears of damaging the earth. How much OIL is a naturally occurring entity in our oceans?
"Scientists have known since the 1970s that accidents account for only a small percentage of the oil entering our waters. In fact, accidental spills of all types—from ships, shore facilities, pipelines, and offshore platforms—contributed just 9.8 percent of the oil entering the marine environment on an annual, worldwide basis between 1990 and 1999 (but just 3 to 4 percent in U.S. waters)."
Yet the environmentalist wackos (Hamsters) try to stop oil exploration and drilling at all costs. (Find the TRUTH!) So why do people think that the water is going to be polluted so badly that we cannot drink it? Our water is designed by GOD to clean itself. That's the way HE set things up. So why do Hamsters keep screaming about pollution and "global warming"? CONTROL. Pure, plain and simple: CONTROL. It's another button to push to CONTROL you via environmental regulations, laws and guilt. GOD also reminds us
"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
If your master is the earth you will not serve GOD. That's what GOD reminds you of.
"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."
I refuse to be a Hamster. I will serve the Lord.

November 26, 2013   Grunches rein. Bah humbug!

November 26, 2013   thevileone wants your Thanksgiving to be about him, not GOD. In his own mind he IS GOD. thevileone wants worship and folks bowing down. Kiss his ring and pull the forelock and say, "Yessir" as you serve him. If this were not so he wouldn't be trying to take away all of the things YOU like and replacing them with what HE wants you to have. Serve him. Serve him. Focus your Thanksgiving Day on thevileone, look away from GOD. In his own mind, thevileone is GOD's "Mini-Me".

November 26, 2013   Hefty fee for someone who won't be able to run. I don't believe hillclintoon's health issues will allow her to run in 2016. I think she may have to sit it out because her body will not be able to take the strain, if her health issues have not taken her by then. I don't see her making it that long. I could be totally wrong, but we'll see.

November 26, 2013   mitch mcconnell needs to go away. Reitrement is too good for him because we'll still be paying him a Senator's retirement salary. He'll still be spouting off, but he'll have no Senate vote. As far as I'm concerned, he needs to retire, be totally disregarded when it comes to politics and to fade away into the history books of forgotten Senators. I HOPE HE LOSES HIS 2014 PRIMARY. That's what I want to happen. I SUPPORT MATT BEVIN!

November 26, 2013   They're spying on your e-mail, phone calls and even what television shows you watch. Isn't that FREEDOM? It is thevileone's version of FREEDOM. He's free to do as he wishes TO YOU.

November 26, 2013   Some cities are following thevileone's lead when it comes to freedom of speech. They are wrong. Very, very wrong.

November 26, 2013   Brad Thor's new jacket: WOW!

November 26, 2013   Smokers beware. BTW, LOVE the pic Breitbart put with this article.

November 26, 2013   Since I didn't do updates yesterday I didn't get to post a link to my latest: "Minion Monday: Hank Auditions for Boy Band". I hope you enjoy it and that you have a great day! I'll be doing updates tomorrow, probably post a poem, story or something special on Thanksgiving Day, then I may take the weekend (including Friday) off for the holiday. We'll see. Until next time, See ya'!

November 22, 2013: 10:47 a.m.   Fifty years ago today C.S. Lewis passed away. One of the greatest Christian authors ever, he lived a scholarly life, married late and lost his wife to cancer a few years later and wrote books that impact millions still today. His list of books is extensive and well worth reading. I've read almost everything he wrote. I haven't found some of his reviews and poetry, some of his literature compilations, but most of his other things I have read. I have read his "Letters to Malcolm", "Letters to an American Lady", all three volumes of his "Collected Letters", his journal "All My Road Before Me", all three of his Space Trilogy, all of his Narnia books, all of his classics ("The Problem of Pain", "A Grief Observed", "Mere Christianity", "Screwtape Letters", "The Great Divorce", "Miracles", "The Allegory of Love", "The Abolition of Man", "The Four Loves"), some of his poetry, etc. I look forward to the day when I can say that I have read everything he wrote. I also look forward to the day when I can meet him in heaven and we can talk. The world lost a great man fifty years ago today.

November 22, 2013   Yes, we also lost John F. Kennedy fifty years ago today, but I think C.S. Lewis was much more important.

November 22, 2013   Apprehending illegal aliens "not DOD mission"? Lame excuse.

November 22, 2013   Rush is right: Senate really screwed up yesterday. reid's "nuclear option" will be bad for America. Give them an inch and they want the world. dumbocrats never have enough control and power over you. Then the NY Times says "democracy" has returned to the Senate. Uh. Excuse me? Democracy is a rule of the majority. LOWERING the number of Senators needed to end a fillibuster only LESSENS the whole idea of democracy - rule of the majority. It's making the rule of the FEWER more powerful, not the democratic idea. DUH, NYT!

November 22, 2013   CO residents to recall more legislators. See me smile? THIS is what the rest of us should be doing to the legislators who do NOT represent us. Let us include pelosipig, reid and others (including the prezidunce) in this movement of enforcing the "YOU WORK FOR US" fact and those who do not follow our lead shall be FIRED! Let's all of us remember that every elected official WORKS FOR US. If they refuse to take our orders and do as the majority of us desire - whether it be regarding our Second Amendment rights or the way they are destroying the rest of the Constitution - we FIRE THEIR BUTTS! That's the way America was set up to work! Let us remember that and RECALL THE LEGISLATORS WHO REFUSE TO DO OUR BIDDING! Let us do that for local people (city, county, state) as well as for federal legislators. Do not let them bully you! Start with mitch mcconnell. The EGO needs to go.

November 22, 2013   Raising animals. Parents, your actions and INactions have consequences. Do NOT ignore your responsibilities nor hand them over to someone else. Ramifications are far reaching and permanent. Do NOT raise your children via pushing them away to let someone else raise them, to let their peers influence them, to allow them to search for acceptance elsewhere. Raise your children with your heart, with proper discipline and with all that you can do to teach them to do the right thing all the time. Otherwise, this is the type of kid you wind up with. Remember, if you do wrong, some may make you want to pay. The folks putting out the contract on these alleged two thugs are no better than the thugs. Animals do not value life. Ever noticed that? The two alleged murderers and the Aryans are both animals because neither value life. Life matters. Don't raise animals.

November 22, 2013   Transparency? Not for thevileone. He's absolutely opaque. Of course, he has his favorites...

November 22, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: russell simmons: it "saved millions already". LOL! What an idiot! Another DICTATORIAL delay decision. Law? What LAW? And, yes, it is going to affect EVERYONE. Well, except maybe thevileone and his family. They're special. Everything about thevileone's healthcaretax is BAD. It's so bad even thevileone apologized for it: three times. Apologies are not enough. Admit it was unconstitutional, repeal it and write a law that says that the government will never again be able to even TRY to FORCE us to buy X from Y; no matter what "X" is nor who "Y" would be. No more government telling us what to buy! Catholic organizations are now exempt for a little while at least. Let's see how long it takes thevileone to find a way around that. Executive Order, anyone?

November 22, 2013   WOW! THAT'S COOL! Look to the skies to see the awesome!

November 22, 2013   If Afghanistan doesn't want us there, bring our troops HOME! Come on! Let's do this!

November 22, 2013   Is there nothing bloombergermeister doesn't want to control? I want a world without progressives/liberals/lefties/commies/marxists/fascist/idiots. Wouldn't that be nice?

November 22, 2013   hollyweird getting in on the "EVIL TEA PARTY" movement. Don't watch it. Don't want to watch it. Refuse to watch shows that make Americans -- Mom and Dad and Grandpa and Grandma -- the bad guys. hollyweird is WRONG to do so and they don't have a clue as to what our country was supposed to be. Show me three hollyweird producers who have actually read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or even ONE of The Federalist Papers in the last year and I'll show you a miracle.

November 22, 2013   Hannukah, Kwanzaa, but no Christmas? USPS at work. thevileone's tentacles reach far and wide within the federal government.

November 22, 2013   Politico "turns on" MSNBC. Sounds to me more like a slap on the hand, not a real "turn".

November 22, 2013   CA town bans smoking INSIDE YOUR OWN HOME. Excuse me? Is that what our Founding Fathers would have considered FREEDOM? I think that CA has forgotten how to even spell the word! Think I'm wrong?

November 22, 2013   Would it surprise anyone? Another "financial meltdown" would suit thevileone just fine. He's trying to destroy America and this would play right into it. See him smile?

November 22, 2013   Don't worry. This murdering illegal alien will be out in time to vote for 2014 if thevileone has his way.

November 22, 2013   "Psychics" are hoaxers. Not just this one, but all. We're not supposed to have anything to do with all of that crap. It's something we've been warned against:

"And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:"
Yeah. Don't go to soothsayers (psychics, etc.). It's not a good thing.

November 22, 2013   Allen West is right. I love that man! He is correct, good and I want him to be president!

November 22, 2013   I shall close today with the Tribute To Our Heroes #139 that I posted today. I hope you will remember our Heroes, our troops who have served us so sacrificially. Never forget their sacrifices. Until next time, GOD Bless You and See ya'!

November 21, 2013: 3:12 p.m.   Just a few blurbs for now because I have a sinus headache and looking at the computer screen makes it worse. So we'll get started and soon be finished.

November 21, 2013   dumborats break the rules to get their own way. They must have their own way, no matter what it does to our country. Sounds to me like Dictatorship and CONTROL. This is not America as it was founded. Our Founding Fathers knew that this sort of change would result in a lot of bad judges and cabinet members, etc., being appointed. That's why they allowed fillibusters to take place and wanted to make it a 60-40 win in order to pass them. But dumborats don't care about how our country was founded, what is right, nor what the results will be. THEY WILL HAVE CONTROL no matter what is right, nor what rules they have to break in order to CONTROL every jot and tittle. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! Do you realize that eight years ago he, bumbler, thevileone, clintoon and others OPPOSED the nuclear option? Hypocrisy, anyone? Of course they are! They're dumborats!

November 21, 2013   Time magazine says:

"[T]he sign that the [redacted] presidency had reached a turning point came not when his poll numbers sank or his allies shuddered or the commentariat went hunting for the right degree of debacle to compare to the rollout of [redacted]care.

It happened when he started apologizing. In triplicate."
That's another ally gone. Sounds to me like the cheese may soon stand alone.

November 21, 2013   The boy the clintoons sent back to Cuba to a Daddy he never knew asks the prezidunce who would do the same thing -- if not worse -- to release jailed Cuban spies. Sounds to me like the boy is still being used by the Castro regime as a pawn.

November 21, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: thevileone and his buds stop calling it by its name so that the debacle won't be associated with them. Run away! Run away! Cowards. They are running away because they know things like plans sold at "exchanges" are not being accepted at some hospitals, people being forced into Medicaid and doctors being concerned about their pay scale. Why should doctors work as a doctor at all if they're not going to be able to pay their own bills that way?

November 21, 2013   bonehead boehner speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He used to say he wouldn't bring it up. boehner is a cowardly, crybaby liar.

November 21, 2013   "Knockout game" proves animals are on the rise. Three more in Philly, more in D.C., maybe a Representative was hit. The msm is ignoring the deadly "game". Why? It's all about not being called "racist". They're cowards. They don't want to face the truth nor the label because they're telling about a game that mostly black men participate in. I hear chickens. I warned people to be careful who they choose. These clowns chose the wrong guy. GOOD! Seecond Amendment folks: it comes in handy.

November 21, 2013   tehvileone's plan to kill online privacy rights everywhere. They won't be spying just on "We, The People", anymore. They'll be spying on the people of Canada, Japan, England, Russia, Norway, Greenland, Australia.... Where do YOUR rights begin and the government's end? With this administration and the dumborats in the House and Senate, there is no such thing as YOUR rights. Can you believe

"The United States and its key intelligence allies are quietly working behind the scenes to kneecap a mounting movement in the United Nations to promote a universal human right to online privacy..."
Can you believe the UNITED NATIONS is trying to protect privacy AGAINST AMERICA? Amazing. What has this world come to that I support a U.N. movement?

November 21, 2013   Finally! The video of this guy being WRONGLY arrested! It proves that the guy did nothing wrong. Ah... our local police and sheriffs. Can we trust them? Arrested for picking up a child at school? Arrested for videoing a cop making a traffic stop (Brevard County)? Arrested for questioning Common Core? Removed from a BOCC meeting because bolin felt threatened? It's NOT MY AMERICA that this stuff is happening in. This is a POLICE STATE.

November 21, 2013   Corporations spying on non-profits? Sounds like they're just following the example set by thevileone's administration.

November 21, 2013   thevileone wants an "infinite" debt ceiling. Trust me, he would spend it all, too!

November 21, 2013   On that wunnerful, wunnerful note, I shall stop for now. If my sinuses start cooperating and my eyes can stay focused, I may come back later and do more. Until next time, See ya'!

November 20, 2013: 11:01 a.m.   More wasting of taxpayer dollars. Instead of the feds funding kids' exercising with YOUR taxpayer dollars, why not just let parents decide what their kids are going to do? Isn't that what a parent's job is supposed to be? It's not JUST "Big Brother" anymore; now it's "Big Daddy"!

November 20, 2013   Just a little irony (and maybe "karmak payback"?) here. SMH. Repeal it? Admit it was unconstitutional, repeal it, take it out into a huge field and SHOOT it, stand it up and SHOOT IT AGAIN, bury it 1,000 feet deep, in cement with a titanium sealed vault, and then the top of it covered with sixteen feet of cement and "Hazardous Waste" signs posted on the 20' tall electric fence surrounding it. That is what needs to be done to thevileone's (hillclintoon's?) healthcaretax.

November 20, 2013   Not just the website, the WHOLE LAW! LOL! Speaking of payback.... Of course, if the website were finished it may help; the website at least, if nothing else.

November 20, 2013   Police state exists in TN? Not JUST in TN, though. It's happening in TX, too. In TEXAS? That's absurd! It's TEXAS! If it can happen there it can happen anywhere!

November 20, 2013   CO guv not so popular now as once he was. He signed gun control law into being and now he's lost support. Awww... too, too bad. (*sarcasm, of course*)

November 20, 2013   Terrorists let in to USA as "refuees"? Yep. They're in KY; with weapons. Now we have even more chances of being attacked. Isn't that special? Folks, the BEST way to deal with this is to hammer your representatives until they do something about the government's history of "Don't see, don't stop!" and to PRAY for the terrorists to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that He will change their hearts. The cops may not want to catch them, but if we pray for the souls of the terrorists and GOD acts (even if the cops don't), then the terrorists will have a change of heart and become an "infidel" and GOD will get the glory, not the terrorists! Pray that Islam accepts Christ. It's the best way to combat terrorism.

November 20, 2013   Paul Ryan caves. Sounds to me as though they've got something on him. But that's the way the progressives/liberals work.

November 20, 2013   Sarah Palin wants bashir to be punished. Good! It's time for liberals to start having a price to pay for saying stupidity like this. But it is liberalland on msnbc, so I wonder if there will ever be a price to pay.

November 20, 2013   "Youth" abandoning thevileone and his healthcaretax. Good news. Good news.

November 20, 2013   This is wrong. Why would anyone with a soul want to do this to a stranger? It can have deadly consequences for the victim, so far, but if they hit someone who isn't knocked out and that someone has a concealed carry permit, the hitter may be the next person to die from this stupidity.

November 20, 2013   This is a really, really bad idea. Let us bring our Troops home. Don't leave them in Afghanistan forever to be targeted by Al Qaeda and others. Bring them home to their families. Let them live.

November 20, 2013   Did you know about the Groupon mocking of the Gettysburg Address? I didn't until I read the story. Sounds to me like Groupon needs to be ignored when it comes to participating with them. A little side-story: A family event is coming up and a family member was organizing the event and found "a good deal" via Groupon. I investigated the hotel Groupon was giving the "great price" for and found that the general public had posted pictures of roaches in the sinks, paint stained curtains, and at least one box spring that had a huge stain that looked like blood. Yeah. I found a better place for the family event and got better rates and it's a place I've personally checked out. Much better than the Groupon thing. Do a search for Groupon hotels that are disappointments or ripoffs (or disappointing ripoffs) and you'll see at least a few things that Groupon is not good for. I don't know who they have that does "quality control" (if anyone), but from what those stories (videos and written) will tell you as well as personal experience, I deleted Groupon's app from my smart phone a while back. If it doesn't measure up to my standards, why should I have anything to do with them?

November 20, 2013   thevileone stole the 2012 election. Root says so because he says the jobs numbers led to people believing that things were turning around and voting for thevileone because of that. Okay, fair enough. But I say, add to that the ACORN folks and the cheating, fraudulent votes, double and triple (and more!) voting some did in multiple precincts, voter intimidation, etc., that made the 2012 election a stolen election, not just jobs numbers.

November 20, 2013   How can anyone be so heartless? Planned Kill-Your-Baby-hood opens a kill-your-baby clinic beside an adoption agency. I think their evil, heartless bodies did a stupid thing for their side, though. It could just as easily backfire on them as any other stupid thing they've done. Given a choice -- a REAL choice -- it's possible a mommy could see the adoption agency and CHOOSE that route instead of killing her baby. Let us pray so.

November 20, 2013   Israel cut electricity to those who won't pay electric bill. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and the non-payment folks fund terrorism: perhaps with the money they could have used to pay their electric bill? But that shouldn't matter to Israel, should it? After all, the terrorists just target Israel so why should Israel care if those folks fund terrorism? I mean, really? (*sarcasm*)

November 20, 2013   thevileone's buds get more of your taxpayer dollars. Must be nice to have friends in high places who don't think it's a good idea to do things the right way. Agree?

November 20, 2013   They make a strong case for homeschooling. This is ridiculous. BTW, a newspaper of the era of the Gettysburg Address is now apologizing for not acknowledging the greatness of the speech at the time it was given. Better late than never?

November 20, 2013   U.S. Ambassador to China, Locke, to step down. Who will thevileone tap next: Michael Moore?

November 20, 2013   You'd never see an article about progressives like this in America:

"Insurrectionary anarchists, with international connections, nihilist values and a penchant for arson, are moving to fill the vacuum on the left"
That's the SUBHEAD! You can imagine what the article says! TRUTH! AT LAST!

November 20, 2013   Have you heard about this suicide bombing? I had not. It happened yesterday. Where is our news about it? BTW, was OUR money used to fund this operation? Remember: a dumborat Senator says U.S. dollars are going TO FUND the Taliban and Al Qaeda. That's what thevileone is doing. Did YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS go to funding this?

November 20, 2013   thevileone is an absolutel moron.

November 20, 2013   I shall close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

November 19, 2013: 11:09 a.m.   New BENGHAZI photos: where is the TRUTH about BENGHAZI? Where is the accountability? We is the person who was responsible for leaving our people behind to DIE? Where? The Liar-In-Chief is responsible for FOUR AMERICANS DYING. Where is HIS accountability?

November 19, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: thevileone: "more than 100 MILLION" people have enrolled in his healthcaretax. Really? Yep. His lips were moving. Sounds to me like those who actually have signed up are being greatly disappointed. It's NOT "100 MILLION" people, that's for certain, so whatever number it actually is, some are not happy with the thing once they get it. Have you tried? Remember: it's all flubbed up and they're not sure when they can get it fixed. But, that's okay. Just trust them. They'll make sure that your info is safe and they'll be sure to get you the best price on the best coverage you've ever had. Right? (*snicker*)

November 19, 2013   Sigh: what if... What if the TRUTH had been told about the job numbers before the last election? What if thevileone had not LIED to us about the healthcaretax? What if the TRUTH had been told about BENGHAZI? What if the msm had told the TRUTH about thevileone's healthcaretax? What if people had been diligent and done some research for themselves? What if people had listend to that still, small voice that always speaks the TRUTH to their souls? WHAT IF... What if... FIND THE TRUTH! It MATTERS.

November 19, 2013   Court says religious rights violated when banned dagger not allowed in federal building for a Sikh woman who worked there. Excuse me?! Christians are not allowed to PRAY in federal buildings, to carry Bibles in public schools, or to practice their religion at all in any way, shape, or form, without weapons, and this Sikh woman is supposed to be allowed to carry a dagger into a federal building? What about Christians' First Amendment rights and equality under the law? In this administration, there is no such thing.

November 19, 2013   Speaking of religion, thevileone dropped "UNDER GOD" from the Gettysburg Address. Would a Christian do that? No. Only an atheist or someone who is NOT a Christian would do that. His actions speak loudly.

November 19, 2013   How many generations will it take to pay off thevileone's debt?

November 19, 2013   Islamic blood is better than YOUR blood. That's what they say in the Sudan. A man found guilty of murdering American Diplomat, John Granville, on January 1, 2008 is more important, his blood more precious because he's Muslim. The murderer should not be condemned because, well, the infidels just don't count. Peace and tolerance?

November 19, 2013   This administration has so badly messed with our economy that it's hard to say when the crash will come. Oh, it will come. The question is shall it be in the next fifteen minutes, months, years? I don't think it will take years but they're trying to put it off until at least thevileone is out of office. Problem: what if he declares a state of emergency because of the economic disaster he caused and stays in office another ten or more years? Are you ready for that? Where does your treasure lie?

November 19, 2013   Homeland [IN]Security still hasn't fired the bullet-buying racist. It's not high on their priority list to ensure that the people working for them are not racists. I mean, free speech and all of that makes it okay for this guy to be buying bullets for the government and still saying that they need to kill all the white people, right? It's not a priority.

November 19, 2013   Is this kind of nonsense coming to a school near you? In Canada you're fined if the lunch you send to school with your child is not deemed "balanced" enough. Government overreach is rampant up there and it's exactly where we are headed.

November 19, 2013   How now shall we live? Ask the federal government. They publish a new regulation about every 2.5 hours. Sounds like they know what we should do, how we should sleep, where we should shop, what we should wear, how we should stand, cook, buy things online, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. Can you imagine what the next three years of thevileone's administration are going to be like? How about a new regulation every hour, or twenty minutes? Shall we be able to breathe without violating one of them?

November 19, 2013   Veteran denied return to Citty Commission. It's all hokey, folks. There are rules about this, but he's a registered Republican and a U.S. Veteran. Doing the right thing doesn't apply to this situation because of those two facts: and it's IS Orange County, CA. They care about doing the right thing about as much as thevileone.

November 19, 2013   IF this story is true, the cops are breaking the law and should be held accountable. It's not a singular incident that happened here. Law enforcement is out of control and using thug techniques elsewhere, too. I no longer trust any law enforcement officer and will not consider them as a friendly entity because the law no longer applies to them; they ARE the law in their own minds.

November 19, 2013   Don't do business with They've got a lousy history and they wreck your credit score if you are brave enough to publish a bad review of their service. I haven't purchased anything from them so I'm safe, but this story is enough for anyone to learn from another's mistakes. Don't make the mistake of shopping there.

November 19, 2013   "Secure" base full of "hundreds" of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Sounds to me like "secure" is more a matter of opinion than of actuality. Speaking of illegal aliens, they blocked an office in Atlanta to stop deportations and one killed Border Patrol Agent, Robert Rosas, Jr. Seems to me that if you want a good reputation with American citizens (especially those with ancestors who arrived here LEGALLY) you'd obey the laws, try to assimiltate via learning English, get the proper identification cards, etc., etc. But, no. They don't want to do that. They'd prefer to be "special" and have "special privileges" and be allowed to do whatever they can to FORCE America into givng them amnesty. They don't care about the LAWS of America; they'll break every one of them if it gets them what they want. Question becomes what do they want besides being special treatment in being allowed to remain here without going through the proper procedure? What else do they want? Do they want California, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, to be theirs? Is that what they want?

November 19, 2013   What do you put on your social media pages? You may be surprised by how much some folks share.

November 19, 2013   Gitmo: MILLIONS spent on landscaping and art classes for the TERRORISTS. Isn't that why you pay your taxes: so that the TERRORISTS who tried to kill us or help others do so can have art classes? Priorities.

November 19, 2013   So, I'll close today with something that I forgot yesterday. Yesterday was "Minion Monday: Hank is Easily Puzzled". Have a great day! Until next time, See ya'!

November 18, 2013: 10:31 p.m.   Yesterday's tornadoes were devastating and our prayers are for those who were affected, and to the families and loved ones of those who were killed. To help, give via the link above.

November 18, 2013   JW calls thevileone "lawless". I've said so for a long time, but it's nice to see other organizations catch up.

November 18, 2013   thevileone's education czar is a racist. Of course, we knew that thevileone would push racism and use it to divide and conquer since his first campaign for the preziduncy. Now we know that he's not the only one in his administration who has done so. Racist remarks are always okay for the liberals/progressives/leftists. Let one Conservative mention someone's skintone (even in quoting someone's exact words) and that Conservative is a "racist", of course. Double standards work as a tool to keep the opponent down and in this administration ALL AMERICANS are the opponents. Never forget that. It is NOT America he wants. It is AmeriKa. Look at all of the crap he's done to us - legally or illegally, openly or secretly - and tell me I'm wrong.

November 18, 2013   dumborat Senator: we all knew thevileone was lying. But they stood by his lies and they defended his lies and they supported him in his lies. So that means that they were lying to us, too. If they have to lie to you that means that they are HIDING THE TRUTH FROM YOU and if they're hiding the truth from you then they're using the TRUTH against you. When they lied to you and said you could keep your healthcare insurance if you liked it -- and all of the dumborats knew it was a lie -- then don't you think that thevileone's healthcaretax has GOT to be something really bad and that they know it's bad, thus the lies? Come on! Think about it. If it's "Wunnerful! Wunnerful!" would they have to LIE about it?

November 18, 2013   ketchup kerry and susan rice, thevileone's SoS and Nat.Sec. Advisor, don't see eye to eye. Good leadership ensures the team stays united and on the same page. A mixed international message only proves a weak leader. Sounds to me like thevileone has no control over his people. Shock. Surprise.

November 18, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: pelosipig: stumble, bumble, hem, haw... LOL! What a moron. If she had a brain cell, she'd try to use it as a way to sell thevileone's healthcaretax. (Of course, it would fail miserably, but that's beside the point.) Sad, sad case, pelosipig. Her constituents are as stupid as she considering how often she's been re-elected. If they had brains they'd stop doing that. Oh well. Stupid is as stupid does. Meanwhile, "[I]nsurer participation in the Obamacare exchanges represents a 29 percent net decrease in insurer competition nationwide." So much BETTER than what we had. Yes? (Sarcasm.) Even the NY Times is suggesting thevileone's healthcaretax could be "repealed". What if it's repealed? What then? What about all of those millions of folks who were already given the heave-ho because of thevileone's healthcaretax? Where will they be? Left out and struggling to find coverage? What good will all of this do? Don't just repeal it; admit it was wrong and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the first place. Then and only then can you repeal it, go back to the way it was, and NOT HAVE IT BE DONE AGAIN. If we JUST repeal it we will see it again. If we JUST repeal it, the dumborats will change one or two things and they'll do it all over again. Admit the scheme was unconstitutional then and only then can you repeal it without it being tried again. Mark my words. Remember: this was a political scheme, not about medical care. Since that's all it was, they will try it again. Politics, after all, is win at all costs for them. Even when it comes to helping one child with cancer during the government shut down:

""Why would we do that?"
Remember? Politics, not health care.

November 18, 2013   Just say "No!" because it's not a good idea. Which means thevileone will probably say "Yes!".

November 18, 2013   When did we elect valerie jarrett as prezidunce? She sure does act as though she is. Remember she allegedly gave the "Stand Down" order for BENGHAZI. She's not our C-I-C, but thevileone has made her act as such. That's not what the U.S. Constitution says is supposed to happen. Oh, well. Who needs the U.S. Constitution anyways? With thevileone we have no prezidunce we have a Dictator anyways, so who needs a Constitution? Dictators don't need any such nonsense.

November 18, 2013   Navy Seals receive "shabby" treatment from thevileone's admin & his appointed military brass. The way they treat our heroes tells you about what's coming for the rest of us. Is that what you want?

November 18, 2013   Surprise! PUBLIC SCHOOL principal gets the TRUTH behind Common Core. Can you believe this? I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

November 18, 2013   Amazing: some folks still believe in thevileone and think he can turn it around:

"If three years is ample time to learn say Mandarin, or train to be a teacher, it ought to be enough to learn how to govern better."
The author seems to forget: this IS the BEST thevileone wants to be. TRUTH: thevileone is a Communist and his preziduncy is proof of his plans. If you can pass on life and death decisions to an equally unqualified (constitutionally unqualified) AID (link above); screw things up so badly with QE 1 through ad infinitum; give "green" companies OUR taxpayer dollars to go out of business (basically what is happening); LIE to the American people and make them lose their jobs and their healthcare in one fell swoo; etc., etc., etc., then you're TRYING to be this bad. The author refuses to acknowledge that thevileone is doing exactly as HE PLANNED TO DO IT. soros and thevileone WANT America to fail. It has been their plan all along to destroy America and if it were not for "We, The People" they would have already succeeded.

November 18, 2013   IMHO, bashir needs to be fired and made to apologize to Sarah Palin. Talk about mysoginy! bashir rolls in it, showers in it, drinks it down like whiskey. bashir has a visceral hatred of Palin and he shows it every time he opens his mouth about her. He needs to be fired. His words are not just offensive to women, but they're offensive to anyone who has a brain and knows how to use it instead of rolling it around the floor like a marble.

November 18, 2013   Income gap widening and it has done so even more since thevileone took office. In Washington D.C. there are more 1 percenters than anywhere else. Sounds to me like the governemt is doing what they can to benefit their cronies. Is that what you want?

November 18, 2013   Personally, I think if he ran the dumborats would wet themeselves./ He's the guy they sent busses of union thugs after to help recall him, but FAILED miserably. They've been after him ever since, but he's been able to fend them off so far. I wonder how hard they'd try if he ran for thevileone's spot?

November 18, 2013   Well, I have things to do and I'm going to stop here and get them done. Until next time, See ya'!

November 15, 2013: 12:47 p.m.   This is what passes for "art" and "being famous"? If anyone is desparate enough for fame and fortune to let a sleazeball take icky photos of them they deserve what they get. It may be fame, but it's fame at what cost? Afterward their souls are gone and their fame will be maintained only via getting sleazier and sleazier. Remember, Playboy magazine started out with what we consider "mild" porn in the fifties. I see the covers as I pass them in the antique shops and it's tamer than what we see on commercials for Victoria's Secret. I haven't seen a current Playboy magazine but I betcha' the pics in there now are not what passed for porn in the magazines found at antique shops now. That's what happens with pornography and fame via porn: it must get more and more outlandish in order to maintain -- titilation as well as infamy. So, folks, if you're trying to get famous, think about the course you're willing to take before you attain even the slightest bit of fame. We all know that Paris Hilton got famous for sex tapes, but is that the price anyone should be willing to pay? I hope you think more of yourself and your worth than that.

November 15, 2013   The CIA is spying on where you have your money. Yep. They take careful notes and I bet if you're trying to hide some of it, that's going to be impossible very quickly. Remember: Just because thevileone can fund Al Qaeda secretly (with YOUR money) that does NOT mean that you can fund a cruise for your family secretly (with YOUR money). He's special.

November 15, 2013   If you want to help natural disaster victims you can give through Operation Blessing and they'll make sure your dollar goes as far as they can stretch it and help as many as possible.

November 15, 2013   BEST Anti-Common Core speech yet! He really knows his stuff! Great job!

November 15, 2013   Want to keep an eye on our out-of-control government? Download Judicial Watch's "Transparency 101". It's a handbook on how to do just that via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and how to use them. Good Stuff!

November 15, 2013   James O'Keefe exposes more "navigators" telling folks to LIE to the government. Don't ya' love that thevileone supports hiring this kind of employee, the kind that will tell people to LIE? Isn't that special?

November 15, 2013   FL Mayor guilt of corruption. It's reported that he has ties to Gov. Scott. I don't hold Scott responsible for his friend's actions since the friend made his own decisions and choices. Do I think that it's unfortunate (mildly put) that Scott was buds with the guy? Oh, yeah. All public officials should choose their friends wisely.

November 15, 2013   Why have heads not rolled? Because when you're throwing people under the bus that's enough punishment. They're being used as excuses, scapegoats. That's bad enough. Their names have been sullied. Why should he fire them after telling the whole world they're incompetent? After all, if you can keep them around and blame them again later and they take it, isn't that the same as saying they asked for it? Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me? Same thing. Blame me once...

November 15, 2013   Australia jumps off the Hamster wheel!!! Japan is headed that way, too!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! People - and countries - are starting to wake up! When they jump off the wheel of "global warming" worship, it's better for all of us!

November 15: 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: thevileone used to tout RESPECT for the Constitution. (snicker-snort) He always has been a liar. This time, he's a wrong liar but that's a redundancy. House dumborats won't apologize for "you can keep it" lie nor for the fact that you're losing your insurance because of thevileone's healthcaretax. Isn't that special? They're not sorry for lying to you. Lying is justified if it gets them what they want. That's the rule for dumborats: the ends justify the means. Even if thevileone has to veto a bill that does exactly what he said he would do via EO, thevileone must maintain control. BTW, how much do you trust the news? If they KNOW thevileone is lying to you it was their duty as a journalist to tell you so. But they chose not to. Does that not tell you something? Now eugenics -- think Hitler's death camps -- is creeping into thevileone's healthcaretax discussion. After all, the Nazis were the National Socialists and thevileone is a socialist, so why not? Why not just do things the same way? Have a birth defect? Watch out! Meanwhile, 39 dumborats break from thevileone & vote for "fix". Um, how many of those dumborats are up for re-election in 2014? Question their motives because if they get re-elected they'll push FOR thevileone's healthcaretax again. Mark my words.

November 15, 2013   oprah's so lame she can think of nothing but racism as a reason for folks to dislike thevileone. It's NOT RACE! If Ronald Reagan had done this crap to America and our rights and our quality of life, I would dislike Reagan. But Reagan DID NOT do this crap. Reagan was FOR America. Reagan was FOR YOU. thevileone is NOT.

November 15, 2013   BENGHAZI attackers had inside info and knew where the safe room was. Question: how did they get that info? We know that thevileone has financed Al Qaeda and other terrorists, so why would He NOT help the mob attack the U.S. ambassador's safe room?

November 15, 2013   LOL! Silicon Valley nerds plotting revenge on NSA! LOVE it. The NSA getting their "come-uppance is a GREAT thing, IMHO. Love it!!

November 15, 2013   EPA ruling costing cities thousands of dollars. That's money out of the taxpayers' dollars gone to waste. That's this administration at work!

November 15, 2013   Your right to defend yourself is STILL under attack. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED! The Second Amendment: USE it or LOSE it!

November 15, 2013   Elk desparate for his seven minutes of fame. Amazing video. Tylenol moment.

November 15, 2013   Eeewwwwww.... Be careful what kinds of books you check out at the library. Keep them wholesome, folks. Keep it clean or pay the price. Icky.

November 15, 2013   I think I'll close on that one. That last posting makes me want to take a shower. No, I have not read the book, nor do I wish to, but, icky! Bleck! Until next time, See ya'!

November 14, 2013: 12:50 p.m.   dumborats are scrambling. People are losing their insurance left and right. dumborats are trying to keep from being voted OUT of office They'll do anything to keep from being identified as being RESPONSIBLE for thevileone's healthcaretax. The Dictator-In-Chief is changing the law again to make things benefit himself and his crony supporters. Another sign of his dictatorship. He's a dictator because we are a Representative Republic: a nation of LAWS. IF he can write, unwrite, not enforce, or double enforce, any law he so chooses, he is above the law and immune from the law. Thus, he is a dictator not a president. Our presidents are NOT ABOVE the law: ask Nixon. Thus, thevileone is a dictator. He has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to do this, but his dictatorial stance is that whatever he says IS THE LAW, no matter what's written down on the books, nor what was voted on in the House and Senate (our Legislative Branch, according to the U.S. Constitution, writes the laws of the land, not the prezidunce). Thus thevileone is a dictator.

BTW, a little aside: Have you noticed that now Rush and Glenn Beck are both saying thevileone is a dictator? I wrote Lawless: This Administration is an Acting Dictatorship for about three weeks ago and now they're using the term, too. Also note that Beck has started using the term "kakistocracy"; something I've been using since at least 2008, probably prior to that. So far ahead of the curve.

November 14, 2013   Bwahahahahahaha!!!

"Even taking the numbers below at face value, remember that twice as many people watched Sharknado."

November 14, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax taxes high end houses to fund it. Did you know that? Have a high end house to sell? You'll pay a tax to thevileone's healthcaretax to do so. Isn't that special?

"If you are single with an adjusted gross income of $200,000 or file jointly with an income of $250,000 or more, you may be impacted. Once you sell your home, any profits over the first $500,000 are already subject to a capital gains tax. And now those profits will have an additional 3.8% tax to fund Obamacare."
Hidden elsewhere? Who knows. But how many ways can they tax you to support other people's healthcare insurance? Thousands.

November 14, 2013   Judicial Watch hires "Clinton Expert" to do investigative reporting. I bet the focus for him will be telling the TRUTH about hillclintoon and that will help keep her out of the preziduncy. I can't imagine another term for thevileone, nor its continuance via puppetry with hillclintoon in office. They're of the same mindset and have the same backers (soros) so the two are interchangeable and it would be just more of the same if she got into office. Let us hope JW's newest member will make a huge impact to keep hillclintoon out of office. The truth about her should be known about all aspects of her past. Let's start with her own health care plan promise: If you like it you can keep it. She said the same thing for her own plan. I've thought for quite a while now that thevileone's healthcaretax is just clintoonism warmed over. Is that promise an indicator that I am correct?

November 14, 2013   $60 MILLION of YOUR dollars wasted each year via stolen malaria drugs for Africa. Is that why you work so hard: to have the government tax you, take your money and spend it on drugs they then can't deliver to whoever they purchased it for? Is that why you work so hard, or is it to provide for your family; feed, clothe, provide a roof over their heads and an education for them? That doesn't matter. The Dictator-In-Chief is in control. He has the final say in everything: even YOU.

November 14, 2013   KILL COMMON CORE! It's a vile thing and it will dumb your kids down so much that they won't even be able to write in cursif. It's a BASIC but they want to kill it. Who can use a signature line when legal signatures have always been in cursif if you can write. Way back when it was just put an 'X' if you can't write. Now it will be just spell your name if you can't use cursif? Not good enough! Common Core needs to die on the vine.

November 14, 2013   Beck tears mccain't a new orifice.

November 14, 2013   The Dictator's Cabinet is complaining. Awwwwwww.... too, too bad. They helped him try to destroy America and now they're complaining about being left behind by him, being "marginalized". Poor, poor babies. oh, wah.

November 14, 2013   People are not happy with the dumborats. TeeHee.

November 14, 2013   Solar panels kill RARE birds. Animal Cruelty Task Force kills thousands of animals. And then there's scientists who killed the oldest living creature because they wanted to know how old it was. Sounds to me like animals are better left to the Conservatives who want to eat them, use regular coal or hydroelectric energy, and those who wish to study them for their own benefit. The lefties doing this kind of stuff are clueless, heartless, or both.

November 14, 2013   Clueless is as clueless does. DWS is.

November 14, 2013   IRS, CIA, etc., got YOUR personal data because you PURCHASED CERTAIN BOOKS? Yep. Isn't that what the government is supposed to do: protect us from those who purchase books? I have three Korans/Qurans, does that make me a Muslim? Nope. I have four editions of the Book of Mormon, does that make me Mormon? Nope. I have Catholic Bibles and Catechisms, does that make me Catholic? Again, no. So what is the problem with owning certain books unless it's about nuclear weapons, chemical warfare, etc.? In those cases, maybe those agencies should be notified. Otherwise, they're messing with YOUR FREEDOM. It should NOT be allowed to happen.

November 14, 2013   Good! It took 'em long enough!

November 14, 2013   Whistleblowers: silencing the truth-tellers. It's a favorite pastime of this administration.

November 14, 2013   Germany has some difficult questions to answer. Why were these paintings not revealed earlier and returned to the families?

November 14, 2013   Teaching kids compassion and sharing is NOT a bad thing. But public schools can be raked over the coals for doing so if they team with a Christian organization. Don't ya' love public schools and the totalitarian rule that atheists try to employ over them?

November 14, 2013   E-cigs being taken to task now. I've wondered how long it would take.

November 14, 2013   Beck uses an awful lot of Rush lately. I guess that's part of Beck's "I wrote a letter" thing. Whatever the cause, he can learn a lot from Rush.

November 14, 2013   On food stamps? msthevileone is taking some of the money allocated for YOU. Yep. Her "Let's Move" program is now being funded via food stamp money. If you've taken a cut in food stamp money, you know who to thank.

November 14, 2013   I shall close with that for today. Until next time, See ya'!

November 13, 2013: 1:29 p.m.   Sex sells thevileone's healthcaretax. Come on, big boy. The ads want you to have sex: just do it! Morality, anyone?

November 13, 2013   thevileone's "toxic" administration now has a book written about it. "Life Inside the Bubble" by Dan Bongino is a MUST read for me. How about for you?

November 13, 2013   bonehead boehner says "No" to amnesty vote in House. So that's two things he's done right in the last six-plus years? At least he's got that record. Can't say the same about mccain't, pelosipig, reid, etc. Some say it's not dead, but will be pushed through. So we'll see what bonehead boehner's leadership means, won't we? Don't hold your breath.

November 13, 2013   Well, DUH! What took them so long to figure that out? The U.S. has been funding the Taliban and Al Qaeda for years! I asked the question on August 16, 2011:

"August 16, 2011   Lost or were ordered to give it up? Not an accusation, just a question: Is obamination funding terrorism against our troops with our taxpayer dollars? The wording in the story makes me ask: 'tallied the diversion of funds'. Diversion?"
Why does it take other people SO LONG to catch up with me?

November 13, 2013   Accountability on parade. Never mind that these "navigators" can be FELONS, they're advising YOU on how to BECOME a FELON, too! So one of them got fired. Wow. That's accountability. Not kathleen sebelius being FIRED for hiring FELONS to ADVISE you on how to LIE on federal forms (a crime), that's okay. But the "navigator" who does what they're allowed to do, well, that person must go. The buck stops at the lowest possible person in this administration. Responsibility NEVER goes to the top. All this crap happening while more Americans lose their "if you like it you can keep it" health care insurance. Where's the responsibility for thevileone's lies? He said that over twenty times in public speeches he made. Where is his accountability? The first month numbers for thevileone's healthcaretax are so LOW. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! It will starve to death before the middle of next year. That and all the dumborats distancing themselves from it -- and from their votes FOR it -- will doom it to failure before too long. At least, if we are NOT FORCED to prop it up via QE4-149,548,955,848.

November 13, 2013   WebMD cashing in on pushing thevileone's healthcaretax. I have visited that website in the past, but won't do so again. I don't like shills.

November 13, 2013   Unvillifying Republican moniker in unions leads to victory for Republican ideals. Something to think about: for how long have the dumborats lied about Republican policies and plans and gotten away with it? Tell the truth about Republican ideals (the written platform, not the way the leadership has been doing things lately) and you have a victory even in unions. IF the leadership would stick to the party platform I would return to the Republican Party. The written platform is good and strong and right. The leadership has gotten so far away from the written platform that it has become dumborat-right and nothing more. IF the Republicans want a huge victory in the future, they should stop giving lip-service-only to the platform and start living by their written words. That's what will win. That's what will bring this country back together. The platform is good: the leadership sucks lemons.

November 13, 2013   bumbling biden to Catholic clergy: No separation of church and state if we can USE YOU to pass amnesty. He's not offering a bribe, he's just ignoring what dumborats preach constantly. That's because dumborats want separation of church and state until and unless it would help them pass something via preaching it from the pulpit. If the pulpit is preaching against something dumborats want, then dumborats will make churches pay via taking away their tax exempt status. They like to use churches at their whim, but they will punish churches if the church goes against what dumborats want. Isn't that wrong and hypocritical? Oh, but it is dumborats, so it must be okay.

November 13, 2013   After Sandy Hook shooting gun permits skyrocket. It's things like this that make people realize that they want to be able to protect themselves instead of relying on the police who will be there in three to ten minutes. It's okay to protect yourselves and your loved ones. That's a good thing to do. Depending upon someone who is miles away when the bad person is right in front of you and they are armed but you are not is just a bad idea. Learn how to defend yourself. Go to a gun safety course, buy a gun, get your concealed carry permit and be able to take care of yourself. Don't rely on a cop being nearby when you need them. That only happens if you're the president. Otherwise, there's no one there but you to protect you and those you care about, or sometimes a complete stranger who is in imminent danger. Don't let the bad guys win. Learn to defend yourselves. Do it today.

November 13, 2013   Do NOT ignore the Islamization of America. It will lead to what is happening in Amsterdam and that's not a good thing. Men, look at that picture that heads the story. Which would you rather see your wife dressed in: the head to toe black hatefulness that is the burqa, or what we currently wear in America? Imagine all those dresses in which she looks so good disposed of and replaced with a gray, blue, yellow, whatever, burqa; covered head to toe and all because you refused to stand up to Islam in America. Women, is that what you want to wear: something that hides you so that men can rape you and you will go to jail for being raped? That's what Shariah Law does. It punishes the victim as long as the victim is a woman. Men do you want your wife, daughter, sister, mother in jail because they were raped, or do you want the perpetrator jailed (after the castration that you got to do to him)? Then there's the female circumcision that prevents women from enjoying sexual intercourse. Do you want your thirteen-year-old daughter undergoing that? That's what we need to learn from Amsterdam: WITHOUT OUR FIGHTHING IT HERE, IT WILL HAPPEN. Is that what you want?

November 13, 2013   Lotta' good that does us now. Besides, with thevileone in charge did this guy have a choice? Nope. thevileone gets what thevileone wants, no matter what it takes.

November 13, 2013   hillclinton making quiet moves toward 2016. They're still well-respected in the dumborat party so I can see a problem here. The only way to keep her out the race is if the truth comes out that thevileone's healthcaretax was originally the hillclintoon healthcare law that she worked on during her "hard dog to keep on the porch['s]" days as president. That would alienate her as the architect for this mess that is thevileone's (hillclintoon's?) healthcaretax. Never mind the website incompetence, that's all on sebelius. We're looking at the law itself; is it originally hillclintoon's? Considering how quickly this thing actually came into being, the fact that hillclintoon was thevileone's main opponent, and the deal that was struck that made clintoon the SoS, it makes me wonder. Which makes the question become, if she is the nominee for the dumborats will she embrace the healthcaretax, or distance herself from it? Hmmm?? Allegedly, though, she's not the architect. Or, at least, it's not being admitted to. Without testifying under oath, though, will we ever know? Even with testifying under oath, will we know the truth? KnowhatImeanVern?

November 13, 2013   Proves the fact: more U.S. supply equals lower oil prices for the U.S. May we PLEASE learn from this truth? Please let us develop our own supplies on a deeper, fuller, more continuous level. We need to STOP our dependence upon the Middle East for oil.

November 13, 2013   If caught, will these "youth" be prosecuted for HATE crimes? They should be, but will they? Probably not.

November 13, 2013   U.S. debt: 70% think we're on "wrong track". Sounds to me like another poll that will be ignored by the powers that be. What else would you expect: thevileone to listen to us? Get real.

November 13, 2013   algore cashing in again. So, raise your hand if you're shocked that algore is cashing in on another debacle for the American people. No hands? Didn't think so.

November 13, 2013   I must disagree with 90% of this article. I don't think that Islamic extremism is of more concern to those who practice the religion without being extrene. I think that those of us who don't SUPPORT Islam with our tithes and offerings are probably a little more concerned about extremism than those who go to the mosque and support extremism with the money they give their mosques. Otherwise, those who gave their money to the mosques would find a different way to give their money than to give in a way that could possibly support extremism. I don't think that those who do not practice the extremism that is killing people worldwide are as concerned about it because they learn via their reading of the Koran/Quran that it's okay to do so; it is correct to do so. If it's okay and correct to do so, why would it concern anyone who practices that religion that it is actually happening? Yes, it sometimes happens to those within the religion, too (thus, I have no idea why they say know Allah know peace, no Allah no peace: the message if not the exact words). When Islam gets a foothold, peace goes out the window. Sunni is against Shiite and vice versa. Where is there peace in Islam? Nowhere. It does not exist; not even within one's soul for you have no assurance of heaven. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and you will know peace. Real peace, real joy, real assurance of heaven.

November 13, 2013   Prince ready for retirement pay after NEVER DOING THE JOB. Sounds like our current Red House occupier. He hasn't done the job he was hired for, either. He just made himself a dictator, not a president. At least here he sits in the office for a few hours between golf rounds and vacations before collecting his retirement pay. In England, the "Royal Family" just gets whatever they want at taxpayer expense no matter what. I will never bow my knee to anyone; especially not a "royal" anything.

November 13, 2013   I doubt it. Oldest signs of life on earth would be finding the Garden of Eden. Otherwise, they're all wrong.

November 13, 2013   When drugs aren't enough... Sigh. Where has the idea of right and wrong gone? Is there never to be a "low enough"?

November 13, 2013   I knew in my heart that the scotUS would be too afraid to rule for LIFE. Whatever they have on chief justice roberts is enough for him to obey them. They are allowing children in the womb to be sacrificed on the altar of roberts' sin secret. He will answer to GOD for that. I almost hope that GOD won't have mercy on roberts' soul for it.

November 13, 2013   It's time to close for today. I hope that tomorrow roberts will tell the truth about what they have on him. I also hope that you have a good rest of your day. Until next time, See ya'!

November 12, 2013: 11:27 a.m.   James O'Keefe is back -- and so good. Watch the videos of O'Keefe's team exposing the "Navigators" who are paid taxpayer dollars to enroll people into thevileone's healthcaretax telling people to LIE on their applications so that they can get YOU to pay for THEIR healthcare. Isn't that special? Also of note:

"O’Keefe’s cameras then visit Enroll America, a nationwide nonprofit group that has launched a multi-state grassroots campaign to help millions of Americans sign up for health coverage. Daniel Clayton of Enroll America says the group is “purely nonprofit. It’s not partisan, non-political.” But when Brian Pendleton of Enroll America is introduced at a speaking engagement, Enroll America is described as 'the official group for the DNC [Democratic National Committee].'"
Remember: the "Navigators" are also doing voter registration so the fact that they are paying the DNC to enroll people into the healthcaretax and to sign folks up to vote is very telling. It's also probably illegal and dangerous to freedom and election integrity.

November 12, 2013   LOL! They're desperate to depict the healthcaretax as a success! So their alleged 3% may actually be a lie, too. How bad is it? That bad. Oh, and let's not forget that thevileone includes his usual discarding of the U.S. military and veterans in thevileone's healthcaretax. Isn't that telling? His actions speak louder than his words.

November 12, 2013   Liar 1 advises Liar 2 to keep his "commitment". Riiiiggghhhttt.... And this from the man who cheated how many times on his own wife? Commitment? clintoon can't spell the word. I'm surprised he could even make the word come out of his mouth.

November 12, 2013   hillclintoon "trounces" Christie in poll. Yeah? So? Who wants Christie in the first place? That does NOT mean that hillclintoon is unbeatable. Christie can't win against a sock. hillclintoon can't win against a hole in that sock.

November 12, 2013   Gotta' do it: "like criticizing the Preparation H people for not offering a replacement for hemorrhoids." LOL! Too good! And Palin nails Lauer; no surprise there.

November 12, 2013   Are dumborats scared of their past pledge of support for thevileone's healthcaretax?

November 12, 2013   The little thug of North Korea starts killing people. He allegedly killed them for owning Bibles and watching unapproved television shows. This is where thevileone wants to take America. Is that what you want?

November 12, 2013   Lefties always lie to slant things. Lefties: Who needs 'em? The Second Amendment: USE IT OR LOSE IT. I WILL USE IT!

November 12, 2013   It's getting weird out there, folks. Totally weird. This is what "normalizing" perversion leads to.

November 12, 2013   They're trying to track your every move. Big Brother is the prezidunce.

November 12, 2013   Dr. Ben Carson is correct. Racism is acceptable as long as it's coming from the left. They're allowed because they PROMOTE racism. It is one of their tools. They use it as a wedge to pry people apart and insert hatred. That's their thing: divide and conquer. Without the scream of "Racism!" by the left how many good things could happen when we work together?

November 12, 2013   Question: Did public university label Lincoln as Dem. for propaganda purposes or are they just that stupid? Lincoln is widely known as the president who freed the slaves. If they can rewrite history to make it appear that he was a dumborat then the dumborats can claim that it was they who were the good guys. The TRUTH is that the dumborats were the ones who were trying to KEEP SLAVERY. It is so TRUE that even PBS says dumborats were pro-slavery! That's astonishing! To learn more about the truth of slavery in America, go to and read their historic TRUTH about slavery in America. The TRUTH shall set you free and if people are interested in learning the TRUTH, dumborats will lose quite a few voters.

November 12, 2013   Ugh. Not again. Can't someone tell him to just go away? Or, maybe register as what he truly is: a dumborat?

November 12, 2013   This guy's got it right.

"'There is no constructive immigration bill that can become law because the Democratic Senate and President [thevileone] don’t want a constructive bill,' Brooks said."

November 12, 2013   Pushing the agenda: flawed study links gun ownership to racism. I want to know what their definitions were. How did they come up with their “symbolic racism,” or “racial resentment,” definitions? Is gun ownership a definition of "symbolic racism"? If so, then yes, everyone who owns a gun is symbolicly racist, but that is then a given within their alleged study. In this case, there is no study as per se, but a poll to see how many of the people questioned own a gun and the label of racist slapped on all of those who did. That's not a study. It's an agenda. It's propaganda. It's a LIE. In fact, the study was based on a biased definition of racism.

"Racism is related to policies preferences and behaviors that adversely affect blacks and appear related to a fear of blacks (e.g., increased policing, death penalty). This study examined whether racism is also related to gun ownership and opposition to gun controls in US whites."
It assumes that racism is ONLY TOWARD blacks, and not that racism is multi-racial: Blacks can be racist toward whites, Hispanics can be racist toward whites, etc. A flawed premise ALWAYS leads to a flawed result. Also, how many blacks did they interview or question who own guns? All those gangbangers out there admit to owning a gun? Or was it just legally owned guns owned by white folks they were concerned with? Hmmm? Flawed study. Notice that it was two public universities that did this study: Stanford University and the University of Michigan. Is this the kind of "education" you're willing to pay for? If their published "studies" can be this flawed then how can the rest of their "education" be any better?

November 12, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax ties gun control to mental health stronger than ever. If you recall, I wrote an article, "Gun Control Laws: Judge, Jury and Executioner of Rights? Part One" and and Part Two back in May and June of this year. Now thevileone's healthcaretax is making my five month-old article even more important than ever. Read it and learn.

November 12, 2013   Help rescue children from sex slavery. Glenn Beck's friend is doing the incredible. He's helping save children from sex slavery: in America and elsewhere. Do you want to help? You can donate now to save a child. They will go in and rescue children from this despicable abusive wrong that adults have put them into and work with law enforcement to get those responsible arrested. Imagine it was your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend's daughter or son. Would you help them be rescued? Because it could be tomorrow if we don't do something to stop it today. Give what you can.

"And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea."
Catch those who put children into sex slavery. Catch them, prosecute them and don't let them get away with it. In most cases I would pray that GOD would have mercy on their souls. In this case, however, that's so very difficult because of what they do to the children and the pain inflicted upon those innocents. It's wrong to hurt children. It's evil. Let us fight, together, against it.

November 12, 2013   US Airways and American Airlines merger approved. Makes it easier for thevileone to take over the airlines if there are fewer of them. (Yes, that's only HALFWAY sarcastic. Knowing this guy...)

November 12, 2013   We can't afford to give $29 MILLION to illegals in medications. But who cares what we can afford? It's only OUR MONEY. That doesn't matter.

November 12, 2013   LOL! thevileone is so incompetent! He probably can't even tie his own shoelaces. He's such an idiot.

November 12, 2013   I shall close on that note. I hope you have a great day and that your tomorrow is even better. Until next time, See ya'!

November 11, 2013: 11:04 a.m.:   Veterans' Day   Sorry I didn't get to update for the last few days. Our event was a huge success. It was a lot of work, a lot of errands to run for it and I was really exhausted on Saturday evening when it was all finished, but it was worth it. We had a great time and -- bonus! -- I found a piece of furniture across the street at a second-hand furniture store that I really liked and bought it and a porcelain figurine, too! The furniture piece is a 1950s mid-century modern desk with a rolltop area with a pullout writing formica writing surface, a door to open with a pull out surface to put a typewriter on, a filing cabinet drawer, cubbyholes to put things in and storage drawers for miscellaneous. It was in very good condition, but needed a good cleaning, and now that the cleaning is done, it's gorgeous! We also got a mahogany mirro in the deal, too, but I think it's older than the 50s. So anyways, I will do a few blurbs then go spend this Veterans' Day with the veteran I'm married to. Okay?

November 11, 2013   40% of U.S. Military Veterans need food assistance. Wounded Warrior helps our Veterans, as do Show Your Stripes and there are a lot of other organizations to help our Veterans. If you're a veteran and need help, don't hesitate to ask for it. We can help.

November 11, 2013   It's all good; until it isn't. Kiss thevileone's backside and then warn people "Signs are building that it might not last."? Typical liberal.

November 11, 2013   I agree with Judicial Watch. I won't be brainwashed, either. Which reminds me: Has anyone else been suspicious about all of those commercials that you've heard since thevileone took office that advertise "Get this important information at www.whateverthenamesare4(or 5,6,7,10, etc.).com"? Has anyone else ever wondered about why there are so many of those things nowadays? Has anyone else wondered what the truth in about those commercials? I checked into one of them once a long time ago. It put me to sleep and it gave me NO useful information. So I'm wondering if it's this administration doing some nefarious stuff via those websites. Are they using subliminal suggestion on them? Putting us to sleep and planting a suggestion into our subconscious minds so that we will listen to them after they make a certain announcement worded a certain way? Is that what's going on with all of those websites? Can someone save one of those videos and look at it frame by frame and find out if there is something in there? It's too prevalent to not be something bad. So let's find out. Someone with the program to be able to do so, go check it out and let me know. It could save the nation.

November 11, 2013   Disaster hits Asia. If you'd like to help, you can donate here to a reputable, reliable organization who had offices in the area and people there and are very experienced in helping out during times like these. They're usually the first folks in and the last folks out. Can you give?

November 11, 2013   I've said it for years, now someone else is agreeing with me: thevileone plans to destroy America. And he learned how to do so at Columbia University. Aren't you glad your taxpayer dollars helped teach him that? Come on, now. You gotta' admit that university education was definitely worth it! (Sarcasm)

November 11, 2013   ketchup kerry blows it again. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise! Not.

November 11, 2013   Is anyone surprised by this? Seriously?

November 11, 2013   If they don't have a warrant, don't let them in. Even if they say they have the right to come in and take a look around, don't let them in. Contact your attorney and only AFTER your attorney gets there shoul you consider talking to them. Until then, keep the cops OUTSIDE your home.

November 11, 2013   60% DON'T support amnesty. I guess they'll call that 60% bigots because we think that amnesty is a bad idea. Oh, wah.

November 11, 2013   Bwahahahahahhahahha!! Serves them right.

November 11, 2013   mr and mrs thevileone really care, don't they? Yes, that was sarcasm.

November 11, 2013   I'll close on a smile today. My latest Minion Monday picture. I hope you like it. If you have served in our military services, THANK YOU for your service. Happy Veterans' Day. Until next time, See ya!

November 7, 2013: 11:48 a.m.   I'm only going to have time for a few updates today so I'll get started.

November 7, 2013   House schedules "Keep Your Health Plan Act" vote. They won't get it past the Senate, but why not make a political statement a year prior to an election? After all, it has worked becfore and we'll all believe bonehead boehner really supports US with a vote like this, right? Meanwhile, another 250,000 people lose their coverage due to the requirements in thevileone's healthcaretax.

November 7, 2013   AGAIN, YOUR taxpayer dollars used to SPY ON YOU. The NSA, CIA and how many other goveernment agencies make you pay to violate your own Fourth Amendment rights? This administration is OUT OF ORDER and they're doing everything they can to CONTROL YOU. Is that what you want?

November 7, 2013   Have a child in daycare? Would you like to believe that they're safe, in a good place and away from most dangers: especially the dangers of pedophiles? thevileone doesn't want your child safe. He puts the LOST (Constitutionally lost) rights of pedophiles ahead of the safety of your child. Isn't that sweet? He cares.

November 7, 2013   thevileone will give Iran permission to expand their nuclear program. Then Pakistan is ready to give Saudi Arabia nukes as well. Considering how volatile and emotional the Middle East is, it sounds to me like the Middle East is ready to annihilate itself. Problem is, they'll take others with them.

November 7, 2013   thevileone paying back his cronies with YOUR money. shock. surprise.

November 7, 2013   This guy's got a real problem with America. Oh, wah.

November 7, 2013   GOD will NOT bless NYC because their mayor is going to help kill more babies. I think NYC residents who don't want to watch their city pay the price of their election stupidity should move now. Things are going to only get worse now and when this progressive mayor gets things going his way it can only go downhill from hades. You know that's bad. Run while you can.

November 7, 2013   Not a good idea. The idea may have been started with the best intentions (can you believe I'm saying that of schumer?), but it would lead to something totally different. Look at how things always go in government: give them an inch and they take your whole property, life, kids and money. Let us not do this.

November 7, 2013   If they want the gov. out of uteruses, shouldn't they also be out of our mouths? What we eat is OUR choice. Where does it say in the Constitution that they can tell us what to or not to eat? Hmmm? Find it anywhere? No? Then they don't have the right to do so.

November 7, 2013   If I get the chance, I'll do more updates later, but it's a busy next few days. I have an event I'm involved in on Saturday, but the set-up for it is Friday night and there are errands to run prior to set-up and I have to pick my hubby up today so I have to go. Until next time -- whenever that may be (Monday?) -- See ya'!

November 6, 2013: 1:41 p.m.   BCSO arrests man for filming traffic stop? Instead of asking that the man be sure to blur the face of the alleged violator (the person getting the ticket) they arrest the guy making the video. I WILL NOT TRUST THE BCSO EVER AGAIN. The Sheriff told me in an e-mail back in April of this year that he would not take away our gun rights (but that he would obey any laws deemed "constitutional" by the courts so where does that leave us?). With this kind of action by his Deputies, who will have the opportunity to HAVE any GUN rights? Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. The Sheriff should be ashamed, embarrassed and he should remind his Deputies that THEY are NOT the law. The law is written for US to read as well and for them to act in such a way is nothing but POWER HUNGRY ILLICIT ENFORCEMENT OF A NON-EXISTING LAW. It is TOTALLY LEGAL to film Deputies. It is TOTALLY ILLEGAL for a Deputy to arrest someone for NOT breaking the law. The false charge of trespassing on a public right of way is absurd. I'd LOVE to see a lawsuit out of this one. Then there's the New Mexico man who was stopped for a traffic violation, ended up with a colonoscopy at a cop's request. It happened to another man, too! (What is it with Lordsburg, N.M, cops and giving men rectal exams? Hmmmm....) This is a POLICE STATE. When cops start acting as though they MAKE THE LAW UP AS THEY GO and can ENFORCE IT, then we have no rights whatsoever. The BCSO should be ashamed and they should retrain their Deputies. The NM law enforcement? The officers involved should be FIRED, lose all benefits and never be allowed to work in that field again. The MAYOR should make that happen and if the Mayor does not make it happen, they need to fire the Mayor, too!

November 6, 2013   57,000+ pages of HillaryCare docs released. Now we get to see if thevileone's healthcaretax is actually HillCare in disguise, as I've suspected for years.

November 6, 2013   thevileone built this. No doubt about it.

November 6, 2013   $793K of YOUR taxpayer dollars spent on "souvenir"-type crap. That's ridiculous. That's thevileone's admin: wasting money as often as and however they can.

November 6, 2013   Gun companies leaving NY. I wonder why.... (Sarcasm.)

November 6, 2013   thevileone hasn't got a "transparency" problem. He's just too opaque.

November 6, 2013   They lie to get the guy they want elected. dumborats/leftists lie? Who'd have thought it?

November 6, 2013   Wanna' sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax? Don't worry. The healthcaretax navigators are there to help. Some are felons, but that shouldn't stop you.

November 6, 2013   Devastating healthcaretax facts. As I've said all along, it's bad: really bad. (BTW: I think item one's estimate is LOW.) BTW, unions WILL get their healthcaretax break as they asked thevileone for. Unions did get him elected and make his book a best-seller, so back scratching is going on. Shock. Surprise.

November 6, 2013   Why don't I trust this answer? google has done so much that is AGAINST our freedoms (given our info to the government, etc.) that I don't trust them any further than I could throw their barges. Do you?

November 6, 2013   thevileone being compared to Nixon in paper that endorsed thevileone. Truth will out.

November 6, 2013   dumborat leadership wouldn't know the truth if.... You know the rest.

November 6, 2013   TX, you can do better than this. This is NOT how veterans should be treated.

November 6, 2013   Another good reason to LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Don't just defund it. Stop allowing them to use YOUR name on THEIR roles. Leave the GOP because they are no longer "Grand".

November 6, 2013   Malkin nails it again! LOVE the title!

November 6, 2013   hillclintoon as "transparent" as thevileone. Can you imagine what kind of condition this country would be in if after thevileone we got clintoon? We'd all be trying to leave the PLANET.

November 6, 2013   I'm going to close for now. Working on a surprise for my hubby and want to make sure it's finished before he gets home tomorrow. I think he'll like it. Until next time, See ya'!

November 5, 2013: 10:45 a.m.   thevileone is now amending his "you can keep it" promise. He says he TOLD you that there were these "IFS" in his statement. IF the plan doesn't make ANY changes whatsoever (no matter how miniscule), that's when you could have kept your plan. Premium going up or down? That's a change! You don't get to keep it. Coverage increasing or cost share changing? Woops! Change! I suppose that's the "CHANGE" he was refering to when he campaigned in 2008. Remember "Hope" and "Change"? Now you know what he was talking about.

November 5, 2013   CO counties voting on secession. If they vote to do so, they'll have a tough row to hoe, that's for certain. I know that the cities ruin run the state, but it's still, IMHO, not a good idea to secede. Stay and fight. Stay and rule!

November 5, 2013   IRS's Lois Lerner shared Conservative groups' tax info. So that's what this administration thinks about YOUR privacy? Does that bother you?

November 5, 2013   If dumborats can't win by telling you the truth, they'll do whatever they can to cheat/lie their way into power. Yep. No surprise there. They'll back someone and put out false info about him in order to defeat a more Conservative candidate. Sounds like business as usual with dumborats.

November 5, 2013   DO NOT ARM THE TSA. That would be one of the WORST decisions ever made. I've seen some of those TSA agents in action. With all of the videos out there of TSA agents assaulting women, mauling old ladies, feeling up little kids do you really want to put a gun into their arsenal? What would result in arming the TSA once they are alone in a room with a woman they're allegedly searching? Do NOT arm the TSA. Doing so would result in a whole lot of really bad stuff happening.

November 5, 2013   Banana warning! Be careful when you buy bananas. They could have deadly spider eggs on them. Isn't that a surprise to you? It was to me. I always thought produce would have to be checked for hitch-hikers before they entered any country. Maybe England doesn't have that caveat. Maybe it's just England that has to beware of this problem. I don't know. I just know that I am now concerned about buying bananas. Spiders and I don't get along.

November 5, 2013   Michael Savage agrees with me: NO FLU SHOTS. If you trust this administration to do what they say they will do, or are doing, then you are deaf, dumb, blind and stupid: times ten. Flu shots? I'm not getting one. EVER.

November 5, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax has a paper application ruse. What he can't do online, he'll try to do on paper. He's a liar. He's a liar. He's a liar.

November 5, 2013   WaPo's Capehart has to blame Republicans. They can't face the reality that thevileone's healthcaretax problems were caused by thevileone's incompetence. It's just so difficult for the sycophants who are still kissing his backside. They're flailing around trying to find a way to keep worshipping at his feet and keep him on the pedastal in their minds. They must worship him and consider him their god or their lives are over, their hearts are broken. So sad.

November 5, 2013   Hamas does PR outreach via female spokesperson. Hamas is a terrorist organization and they're using a female to push the idea of them being the "good guys". Liars will use whatever tactic they must to get their lies believed.

November 5, 2013   thevileone's purge of military brass continues. He's ridding the U.S. military of everyone who is NOT totally, absolutely willing to put HIS orders ahead of their oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution. He does so because he knows that keeping that oath would PREVENT the military members from obeying the unlawful, immoral orders he will give if and when we rise against him. He'll order the civilian protesting crowd to be fired upon and he expects the military to back him in that. Those who would refuse to take that order are dismissed, false charges are trumped up against them and they are put in jeopardy of one sort or another, themselves. This is part of his bag of dirty tricks and he'll keep using these tactics if we oppose him. I say "Oppose Away!" Let the world see who thevileone is.

November 5, 2013   "Wounded Warrior" uniforms? I support them because I think it's right to remind people of what our TROOPS have given for their freedom to sit down and watch a football game.

November 5, 2013   Not sure how this will work, but it may be a good idea. I don't think a student should be given jail time and a record for "loitering" on school property unless they're doing something besides loitering; say, selling drugs.

November 5, 2013   EDC tries to keep records hidden. Sunshine, anyone?

November 5, 2013   Is Brevard School Board finding a way to KEEP Common Core? They're thinking of adding a "supplement" to one of the books instead of just undoing a bad decision to go with Common Core? How absurd.

November 5, 2013

  On that wonderful note, I'll close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

November 4, 2013: 7:20 p.m.   Sorry about missing Friday, folks. I ran and ran and ran all day, then in the evening when I got home I fell asleep almost immediately, feeling totally drained. Don't know if I got ahold of a slight touch of something or just getting old, but I couldn't stay awake. Saturday we ran errands again, this time going all the way up to New Smyrna. Then home late and again asleep. Sunday ran errands early in the morning (yeah, I was up early: amazing, huh?) and then a meeting. Forgot to set my clocks forward Saturday and was early for the meeting, so I did some shopping first then went to the meeting and home and asleep on the couch. Wow. That's not a fun weekend. I hate sleeping. It's boring. Anyways, I'll do a few blurbs today and tomorrow (as far as I know) I have no earrands to run so I'll stay home and get the website updated earlier than today and I'll do my usual twenty+ updates. How's that? Let's get started.

November 4, 2013   Death panels? They're here! Some believed the lies that it wouldn't happen. Now we get to say "I told you so!" Too bad some folks don't learn from their mistakes. Not listening to the truth that thevileone lies can make life difficult for those who are hit upside the head by the realization that their messiah has lied to them. Maybe they'll learn a lesson with this one? Probably not. Politicians are trying to not mention it, though. They know it's poison.

November 4, 2013   blarney carney loses it. Poor kid. He has lied so often that even he is fed up with the lies. Pretty bad when you can't stand the words coming from your own mouth, huh?

November 4, 2013   Free Speech? With this admin, what's that? They don't allow that. They'll try to shut you up in a heartbeat. Don't hurt their "witty-bitty feewings"... they'll cry!

November 4, 2013   BENGHAZI: We still don't know the WHOLE TRUTH. When will the TRUTH MATTER to these people?

November 4, 2013   Dictator-In-Chief jerks judge around. Glenn Beck is finally calling thevileone what he is: A DICTATOR. He's running roughshod over America in every way, shape and form. He is NOT the President, he's a total and complete DICTATOR. WE MUST IMPEACH HIM.

November 4, 2013   "Major credibility"? Really? If numbers give someone "major credibility" then thevileone must be the most credible (meaning "worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy" person on earth since he allegedly has so many followers and admirers. This preacher hasn't credibility with her message of anti-biblical Christianity. If she wants to experience GOD she needs to stop making Him "hip and cool" enough for her to preach Him and make Him the GOD of the Bible and use that as the standard for her message, not "cool". Everyone and all can and should come to GOD, just as they are, they don't have to clean up their act PRIOR to coming to GOD. He can do that for them. Liars can stop lying (even thevileone); sexually permissive folks can become obedient to GOD's word about NOT fornicating. It's all on HIM to change our hearts, lives, acts and words. We don't have to change first. He will do that for us if we allow Him to do so. Cool has nothing to do with it. GOD and His Son are all it takes. When she says

"She prefers a cranky, troublemaking and real God who at times of loss and pain doesn’t have the answers either."
That denigrates GOD and makes Him seem like He is not our ALL-KNOWING, OMNIPOTENT GOD. That's just wrong.

November 4, 2013   dumborat may be losing lead. Let us all PRAY so and I support Cuccinelli over his opponent. Maybe we'll see a Republica elected there. That would be good. Cuccinelli was the first politician to publicly oppose thevileone's healthcaretax. It would be good to have him elected.

November 4, 2013   Any Republicans who vote FOR this should be immediately ousted. Taking away our religious freedom is NOT acceptable. They need to remember that THEY SWORE TO UPHOLD THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, not to destroy it!

November 4, 2013   dumborats scrambling to make thevileone's lies into truth.

"While Upton’s legislation permits insurers to sell existing coverage plans that would otherwise be banned, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., introduced legislation during the day to go one step further by requiring it."
They've got thevileone's back. Oh, and she's up for re-election, so of course....

November 4, 2013   $3,567 EACH in ONE MONTH. That's how much your bill from the federal government rose because of the debt. Don't forget, your children and grandchildren are going to still be paying on this crud he's doing for a long, long time. BTW, that's a $409 BILLION jump DURING THE GOVERNMENT "SHUTDOWN". If the government was shutdown, how on earth did that happen?

November 4, 2013   "Global Warming" pause may last 20 years? So why did thevileone just sign an Executive Order making us "prepare for global warming"? if the hamster is not turning the wheel, why are we acting as though the wheel is still turning? He's using the LIE that is global warming to take more CONTROL over us and destroy more FREEDOM. He's a DICTATOR, not a president. He hates America and is doing all he can to destroy her. Don't allow that to happen. Stand strong!

November 4, 2013   I'm going to close for now because I have other things to do tonight. So I'll leave you with a smile: "Minion Monday: Hank Needs Milk" is what happens when Hank has a sweet tooth attack. Until next time, See ya'!

October 2013

October 31, 2013: 9:39 a.m.: All Hallows Eve   We don't celebrate, observe, or otherwise do Halloween, so our porch lights will be out tonight, but for those who are observing it, stay safe, check the candy before your kids eat it and be sure to carry a working flashight with you and use it when you're in the street walking from house to house. That's assuming, of course, that you're going with your kids to get the candy as should every good parent. I've seen years when young kids are out and I can't see an adult that I can peg as the person watching over them. That's wrong. Don't let your kids go out to strangers' doors alone. Not smart in today's world. I remember when I was a kid there were instances of razor blades, needles and other bad stuff in the candy. They were encouraging people to get their candy X-rayed prior to eating it! Yeah. People do bad stuff. Go with your kids. Watch them. Keep them safe. If you don't go and something happens you will regreat it for the rest of your life. Don't live with regret. Go with them. Besides, you need the exercise. (My bad.)

October 31, 2013   Pepper spray launchers in excess? What are they planning for? Why do they think they'll need pepper spray launchers? Expecially $500,000 worth of pepper spray launchers? What do they think we're going to be rioting against? A third term for thevileone? Control.

October 31, 2013   Was thevileone's healthcaretax a voter registration scheme, TOO? There's a loophole in the laws that allows thevileone's healthcaretax to be used -- at george soros's suggestion -- to register 68 MILLION people to vote in our elections. Legal, illegal don't matter. What matters is CONTROL. A third term?

"They believe one of the underlying intents is to collect personal data and voter registration information and share it with the federal government, which would in turn share it with left-wing groups—in Obamacare they are called “Navigators”—to conduct what is essentially a taxpayer-funded Get-Out-The-Vote operation for the Democratic Party."
If his lips are moving, he's LYING TO YOU.

October 31, 2013   Competency in government? Want to sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax in D.C.? Tell them your lotto/lottery numbers. Yep. They want to know everything. Not just a little intrusive, is it? Maybe this question would be the question that would finally wake folks up. After all, if you believe your lotto/lottery numbers are the winners, why share them and deplete your take home?

October 31, 2013   Mother Jones has a problem with America being a Christian nation. They rake Sen. Ted Cruz's father over the coals for stating that America is a Christian nation. Well, if they would investigate the truth, they'd find that America IS a Christian nation. It was founded as such and it continues to be so when you look at current research that tells us that Americans identifies themselves as Christian to the tune of 78.4%. If that's not a Christian nation, there is no such thing. Mother Jones must have a problem with Christianity if they're going to take Mr. Cruz to task for stating the TRUTH.

October 31, 2013   LOL! Creativity reins in the law enforcement community. That's determination.

October 31, 2013   The U.N.'s Agenda 21 has not gone away: unfortunately. This thing is SO BAD that there's even an organization called "Democrats Against Agenda 21". A description of Agenda 21 in a nutsell tells you the basics. Let's not let this happen here. We don't need "one world order" we need FREEDOM.

October 31, 2013   FAIL! "Hundreds of tests" failed, but it was launched anyways.

October 31, 2013   Even google is starting to realize that the government is OUT OF CONTROL. They've "infiltrated" google and they're spying on their own ally. That's paranoia and the pepper spray purchase comes to mind.

October 31, 2013   Some of the dumborats who voted for thevileone's healthcaretax are now distancing themselves from it. Poor babies. Their chickens are coming home to roost. (Couldn't resist.)

October 31, 2013 &nbssp Sanford, FL, to ban concealed carry for Neighborhood Watch volunteers. Right. Put folks out there to patrol the neighborhoods where they can be harmed but take away their right to defend themselves? Stupid, anyone?

October 31, 2013   thevileone can't be mocked? Another thin-skinned, scared of PC-ness organization that has no sense of humor, honor, or ability to recognize Free Speech. They need to get over it.

October 31, 2013   Being Human. It doesn't take much. A little thought and effort, that's all.

October 31, 2013   thevileone skips out. It's not a shocker there. It's only the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. That's not important, is it?

October 31, 2013   Fly much? Hate powering down your electronics? That will change, at least partially, soon. Now if only the TSA would stop feeling us up and being tyrants.

October 31, 2013   DeFacto amnesty is already in play. Who needs a new law when they're not enforcing the old laws?

October 31, 2013   prince charles is a hamster. His wheel just keeps going and going and going. He can't seem to get off of it. Totally out of touch with reality.

October 31, 2013   They know who broke the law, but I doubt anything will happen. The leaker will probably get some sort of quiet raise, promotion, change of position that has both...

October 31, 2013   "Peace and tolerance" smashes statute of Mary. I'm not a Catholic so I don't worship, pray to, bow down to, nor pray to Mary, but that doesn't mean I would ever endorse this. Tolerance is NOT part of Islam. Don't let them lie to you.

October 30, 2013   In CA, 900,000 lose health care insurance. Despite the 23 times thevileone said "you can keep your insurance". The thing is that thevileone's healthcaretax has clauses in it, from the governing board thevileone created to be over the healthcaretax, that made your "granfathered" insurance obsolete. If you had a plan you liked but didn't meet the requirements for coverage, then your coverage no longer met the requirements that thevileone's team put into the regulations covering thevileone's healthcaretax and without things like maternity coverage for men and for women over 70, their insurance is no longer valid. So they get letters from their current health insurance provider that says that their policy is not meeting thevileone's requirements anymore so it must be cancelled. It's thevileone's administration that is changing the rules and making it impossible for your insurance to be continue covering you, but thevileone keeps blaming the insurance companies. The insurance companies are NOT to blame when they kept you insured for as long as they can under the old rules. When the government changes the rules they have to comply and if the insurance you have cannot comply with the new rules, then they have to cancel. That's the way it works. That's the way it was SUPPOSED to work. That's what it was set up to do: destroy the American health care system, not fix it.

October 31, 2013   IF YOU LIVE IN TX, VOTE FOR HIM! If you don't live in TX, send him money when he establishes his campaign fund. Get this man into office!

October 31, 2013   Well, I shall close for now. I hope you have a safe evening. Stay out of the streets as much as you can and make sure you're watching your kids. Until next time, See ya'!

October 30, 2013: 4:17 p.m.   Dirty Republican politician gets three years in prison. They didn't give him enough time in prison. He should have gotten at least ten, IMHO. But I'm mean.

October 30, 2013   The liar-in-cheat hires liars-to-lie. Website never crashed? Okay. Then it must have just fallen over. Then she lied about men "often" needing maternity coverage in their health care plans. Really? I've never seen a DNA male pregnant yet. I've seen the women who was in the process of becoming an "outside" male get pregnant, but her DNA was still female and her uterus and ovaries were still working just fine. DNA males don't really have babies. But will the she-thug be fired? Not according to National Journal. I think she may resign if the heat gets hot enough. So if we keep the pressure on, thevileone will let her resign under fire then replace her with someone even LESS competent but to whom he owes a great deal and it will ba another "you scratch my back" devotees. Wunnerful, wunnerful.

October 30, 2013   Brain implants to get online? So if the website you're trying to reach crashes will your brain crash, too? You'd better not visit any government websites!

October 30, 2013  This administration thinks YOU are really stupid, ignorant, gullable, easily-led, etc. They think you've got the IQ of a dead flea, otherwise they wouldn't be saying this kind of crap.

October 30, 2013   Hollyweird raises $1 Million for opposition to Mitch McConnell? Really? Considering that Glenn Beck reported recently that McConnell told Republicans that if they don't support him they're basically traitors. I think McConnell is losing it. It's all gone to his head and he's so power-hungry right now that he can't stand not having power and being in complete control. He needs to be defeated, but not by a dumborat. He needs to be replaced with a TRUE CONSERVATIVE Republican, Independent, or NPA. If we can get rid of McConnell and replace him with a TRUE CONSERVATIVE that would be a really good thing!

October 30, 2013   $252 BILLION in unemployment benefits during "recession". We don't need this. What we need is for thevileone and the dumborats to stop hurting America and to start letting the American people do what they do best: TRIUMPH. They get down to the brass tacks and they do what they need to do to get the job done. They dream big, accomplish miracles and create success if the government will get off their backs and allow it to happen. THAT is AMERICA. That's what we do! To see the feds and the czars and all of the regulations that are destroying America and the American dream (including the amnesty bill they're trying to pass that will also deplete America's possibilities) just irks me to no end. If we can have FREEDOM again, we can have that dream back. We can have the ability to right this ship of American exceptionalism. Set us FREE! Let go of the CONTROL.

October 30, 2013   thevileone: "Just shop around" instead of "You can keep your plan". Will he EVER admit that he lied? No. He won't. It's not about the lies for him. He doesn't give a rat's patuttie that you know he lied. He's proud of his lies as long as they help him get what he wants: the ultimate destruction of America. He won't admit to lying to you, but he will lie to you about lying to you after lying to you about lying.

October 30, 2013   NSA is spying on EVERYONE! Tel Aviv, Madrid, Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Stockholm all have possible spy boxes in them. So did America do that, or did someone else and we're just "piggybacking" on their technology? Who else is spying on the whole world? It's not just us. Russia (Putin)? Israel? England? Who else? We didn't get those boxes in every city in the world without help. Holy Moly! They even spied on the Pope! But I'm sure he'll forgive them for their sins. After all, he's like that (can't we all just get along?), ya' know.

October 30, 2013   Another gun company leaving NY. SC is the beneficiary of this move and it serves NY right for Cuomo's interference. If he wants to shut down the state completely he's gotten a good start.

October 30, 2013   Trouble brewing on the Russian front. Pray that GOD will touch the Islamic people all over the world and bring them to Christ. It's the only way to avoid an Islamic world and total Shariah control. I pray for Islam to come to Christ twice daily, at least, and it would be a good thing for every Christian to do so. It will bring Islam to Christ, save their eternal souls from damnation and prevent at least a few wars if not WWIII.

October 30, 2013   The more I learn about the NSA and their spying on everyone (see Pope, above) the more I consider Edward Snowden a HERO because he's the one who told the TRUTH about it and let us know our rights are being infringed upon and thevileone and his administration are breaking the U.S. Constitution big time and not paying a price for it. WE should hold THEM accountable, not they hold Snowden accountable. It's the wrong way around, folks.

October 30, 2013 &nbssp Something stinks with this story. There's just something wrong with the numbers. With the record unemployment and the amount of unemployment benefits ($252 BILLION), how can this be true:

"The U.S. posted its smallest budget deficit in five years as employment gains helped propel revenue to a record."
When the U6 unemployment numbers have never been lower than 13.6% since thevileone was sworn into office, how can employment gains "propel revenue to a record"? Remember, the U6 number is the number of people who are unemployed, have given up looking and are "under-employed" (working at McDonald's instead of using their Master's Degree in Physics, for instance). Having that many folks unemployed for that long and paying that much in UNemployment benefits as well as all of the other wasteful stuff thevileone has done in the last five years, how can that story be even CLOSE to the truth? Something's fishy. So does that take the $1.1 MILLION every American now owes down any? Just asking.

October 30, 2013   Islam is recruiting on campus, and lying to your kids about who they are. Just thought you should know.

October 30, 2013   Third RINO joins current amnesty push. They're trying to destroy America and it's going to be messy. Why would anyone want to come here illegally and help destroy what they want to have themselves: the American dream? If this thing passes and all of those illegals get immediate citizenry and all of the incumbent benefits, then the system will be overloaded and the illegals who allegedly come here for a better life will have just helped make America into a third world country that can't help them do anything except wish to make it back over the border -- going SOUTH this time!

October 30, 2013   Report: Red House "pressured" insurance executives to keep quiet with the TRUTH about thevileone's healthcaretax. Shock. Surprise.

October 30, 2013   Look up! Look up! Astronomers discover an "earth-like" planet! That's pretty cool. Will they be able to tell if they're suffering from "global warming"? Can we ship a few folks over there?

October 30, 2013   I agree with the ideas here. If you're going to get money from my pocket that I could be spending on what my family needs or wants, then why can't I help set-up the requirements for what it takes to get that money? I think you need to work if you're going to get welfare. I think it's a character-building experience to learn what an earned dollar actually feels like. If you aren't willing to work, I'm not willing to feed you.

October 30, 2013   Halloween candy not made in U.S.A.? We don't "celebrate" (observe, whatever) Halloween. We've chosen to not celebrate the day intended for satan and we have never taken our sons out to get candy. We did participate when they were very young with my hubby's family's church event one year, but otherwise, they've never done that sort of thing. We stay at home and watch a video, and post a sign that says we don't do Halloween. If you're going to pass candy out on the day, though, it would be good to know that American employees made the candy that the American children are going to be eating, would it not?

October 30, 2013   On that sweet note I shall close for now. Remember that this weekend you set your clocks BACK one hour at 1:00 a.m Sunday so you get a little extra sleep Sunday. If you go to church remember to set your clock back or you'll be there an hour early for Sunday School and if you don't normally go, maybe it would be a good time to start. Until next time, See ya'!

October 29, 2013: 12:11 p.m.   Rush Limbaugh's "Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims" reaches #1 AGAIN. Good stuff! I am looking forward to reading my pre-ordered copy. I hope it arrives today!

October 29, 2013   dumborats need to get a grip on reality. A judge had to tell them it's not okay for people to vote twice? That's very telling about where their lack of morality and of any sense of right and wrong, or even constitutional. How can they even start to say they represent US when they have no idea that voting twice is wrong? If the ends justify the means in elections (as in their candidate wins), then what will they stop at when it comes to something YOU believe is wrong but THEY think is right? Where will a judge be then? Laws mean things. Laws are made allegedly to protect people's rights. Voting laws were made to protect YOUR vote from being denie via thuggery, nullified via cheating, or forced to change via intimidation. It's quite apparent that the dumborats do NOT understand that! Why would anyone want to maintain their status as a dumborat when this is their idea of right and wrong? As I said, what happens when YOU believe in something, vote FOR it and they've arranged for others to vote TWICE AGAINST IT? When will YOU be directly affected by their corruption? You already have been. thevileone is in the Red House and the dumborats passed his healthcaretax without reading it first and some of them were put back into office via people voting twice. Happy?

October 29, 2013   Even NBC is admitting that thevileone KNEW he was lying to you every time he said you could keep your insurance or your doctor, he KNEW he was lying to you. He looked people in the faces, straight into their eyes, and LIED TO THEM. If you believed him, you should have trusted me because I've told you all along that he was a liar and that every time his lips moved he was lying. If you didn't believe me, now you know you should have! Remember, he wasn't alone in his lying: all dumborats helped. He's also trying to raise money from this mess. Not satisfied with lying to you for years, hiring a company of questionable repute to build thevileone's healthcaretax website, and not grandfathering in your current health care policies -- which they told you they were doing -- now the dumborats want a refund from the company that built the faulty website. What, wasting $634 MILLION taxpayer dollars wasn't something they thought they could be re-elected on? Aw, gee. Why not? Pssssst! Remember sequestration? Bwahahahahaha! (My bad.)

October 29, 2013   NSA angry at thevileone? They say that he KNEW and OKAYED the spying on our allies. Don't you think that's very telling? He doesn't trust us or anyone else to not talk poorly about him behind his back. Insecurities, anyone? He's a whiney, snot-nosed, insecure but power-hungry, ninny who isn't fit to be a butler at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., much less the key occupant.

October 29, 2013   Hypocrisy: thevileone and racial profiling.

October 29, 2013   Another good reason to NOT do anything on google. What are they doing, with whom are they doing it, and what is the purpose? Full disclosure: I have an Android phone and I wish I had realized that it was a google product (although not started by google, it was purchased by them in 2005) before I had purchased it.

October 29, 2013   Even in Oregon, America is RISING! Fighting back and stopping the progressives in their tracks, taking back America from the greasy, crumb-filled hands of the leftists is something that is happening all across this great land! Hurray! Hurray! HURRAY!

October 29, 2013   $9.7 BILLION taxpayer loss on GM. Isn't that what you wanted? thevileone's "stimulus package" (or whatever he called it) gave your taxpayer dollars to GM and now that money has been lost. It hasn't been paid back. It hasn't been increased. It hasn't been put to good use. I bet you a buck-and-a-half that the money has been laundered and put back into thevileone's campaign. He will try to go for a third term. He doesn't want to get out of the Red House and all of the accompanying perks (vacations, golf, waited on hand and foot, travel, travel, travel). Dictators like that.

October 29, 2013   Amnesty unfair to legal immigrants. Sen. Cruz is correct: it is unfair. Since when did that matter to the dumborats and thevileone? There are illegals who are marching for their "right" to be here. Although they have no RIGHT to be here because in coming across the border without going through the proper process, they are breaking the law by just crossing the border. They know this but they insist that it is their RIGHT to break our laws and to make us pay for them doing so -- in healthcare, in welfare, in the cost of any of them having accidents while drunk driving, in paying for their education, child birth, housing, etc. They play, we PAY. It's not right and it's not fair: not to those who immigrated legally, nor to those of us who would be fitting the bill. In reality, that's every taxpayer! Just because they break the law to come here, does that mean that they'll automatically pay their own way, or pay their taxes once they get their free pass? NO! If they're willing to break the law to come over here, what makes anyone in their right mind think that they'll be willing to OBEY the law after their pass is given? Remember, some of those who are supporting the amnesty push will make a FORTUNE off of the thing if it passes. So what are they trying to do: what's right for AMERICA and your children, or what's right for their WALLETS? Follow the money.

October 29, 2013   grover norquist attacks Sen. Ted Cruz. I think norquist should get a reality check. His organization, Americans for Tax Reform, may look Conservative, but their actions speak louder than their words. They won't be getting any of my money, that's for certain.

October 29, 2013   Government "mining" social media for what YOU do. Yep. Twitter (which I've written against), FaceBook, etc., all being "mined" for info on what you do, when you do it, etc. Don't you love that? You try to keep your family informed and you're also telling the government what you have been up to. So if they're "mining" for health info, can it be used to deny you healthcaretax coverage because you participate in risky behaviors? Yep. Are you sure you want to post the party info on your account? Some things are better left unsaid, n'est-ce pas?

October 29, 2013   Peace and tolerance buries 13 yr.-old alive after raping her. Israel agrees to free 26 "peace and tolerance" criminals and The Blaze has the story of their horrible crimes. If you are giving to a mosque, you are supporting this sort of thing. Is that what you want? If so, you are funding terrorism. If not, find a different way to give, perhaps to organizations that help girls in Islamic countries get help after being raped, burned, or having acid thrown in their faces because a male somewhere didn't think she deserved to have human rights or freedom. Maybe that would be a better place to give your money?

October 29, 2013   dumborats are SOOOOO out of touch. They want an automatic debt limit increase for future "crises"? How much debt will your grandkids and great-grandkids have when they're finished? How broke can America be? They're trying to find out, aren't they?

October 29, 2013   Clueless? Totally clueless or just LYING again? I'd say LYING, of course. He can't be president and still be that ill-informed. I mean, really? IF he actually didn't know any of this, it's because he didn't WANT to know. He gave orders to do X then said, "But I don't want to know about it." He wants plausible deniabilit on EVERYTHING he does. The problem is, he's totally unbelievable so it's totally implausible!

October 29, 2013   Liberal judge strikes down TX abortion laws. Appointed by GW Bush, the guy has ruled FOR abortionists before. He needs to be off the bench. TX needs to recall, impeach, whatever, this guy.

October 29, 2013   To close with today, a fun bit of "costumery". This couple did it well! Until next time, See ya'!

October 28, 2013: 10:17 a.m.   I'm back! Wow. A lot of stuff happened while I was gone. I didn't have the chance to keep up with all of it because we were scheduled to do a lot of stuff. Our event in Virginia had a full schedule, time with my Mom is always a "go-go-go" time, and then we went to Knoxville, TN where we stayed one night. Then we went to Decatur, AL, two nights and I had time to do some updates, but I use a little common sense and don't open my HTML program while I'm on an unsecured network. I tried to post a picture to my Flickr account while I was there, but it wouldn't post. So, it's better safe than sorry and I have done nothing since the 15th as far as updates are concerned, and only one Flickr upload while I was at my Mom's house. Now, on to the blurbs and a lot of catching up!

October 28, 2013: 12:15 p.m.   "LAWLESS: This Administration is an Acting Dictatorship" is my latest article. I wrote it before I left and mailed it in for them to publish while I was on the road. Thus, it went up last week, but I couldn't tell you about it until now. My next article (which I'm still figuring out) will be posted in the next few days.

October 28, 2013   thevileone didn't know? Yeah. Right. Remember when he "didn't know" about the IRS targeting and then it came out that the IRS Commissioner visited the Red House 157 TIMES while the targeting was going on (as if it has stopped)? Yeah. thevileone knows nothing about all of the NSA spying on foreign leaders. Riiiigggghhhhhtttt.

October 28, 2013   Do[IN]J FORCES menu change? Did you know that a food allergy is considered a disability and that it's now something the Department of JUSTICE gets involved in? Is anyone else hearing Twilight Zone music? Why is it that the Do[IN]J has time to interfere with all of this, but no time to investigate the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation, or the Brian Terry murder with the Fast & Furious gun? Why do they have time to worry about what colleges have on their menus but not about the lawlessness of the IRS targeting, or BENGHAZI? Priorities are set from above and if the menu is thevileone's priority doesn't that speak VOLUMES about what he thinks is important? CONTROL.

October 28, 2013   BENGHAZI has been looked into by CBS. Miracles happen. They -- CBS -- said that the Red House knew and they tweeted that the Red House issued orders for the "quick reaction force" to WAIT. That is what the Red House ordered: WAIT. Four Americans: WAIT. Murder. But they never mention thevileone or hillclintoon by name. Priorities.

October 28, 2013   How many negatives have been found about thevileone's healthcaretax? People are finding out that what Conservatives said about thevileone's healthcaretax is true. A lot of people are losing their coverage and they're finding out their costs are going WAY up. It's all bad. It's all bad. Why they are persisting in this is because this is NOT about healthcare. It's about control. They will CONTROL YOU via the healthcaretax: how much you exercise or sleep; what and how much you eat; what you believe (some beliefs are not healthy, don't you know?); what it is to be human. It's all about control. Nothing else matters. And the SuperBowl champs are pushing it? Sweet! (Sarcasm.)

October 28, 2013   thevileone's admin wasting $8 MILLION more of your money. Studying how "at risk" populations recover from disasters? Really? $8 MILLION for that? Taxes going down?

October 28, 2013   What is soros going to gain by getting amnesty passed? Follow the money. He's all about money. Don't listen to his alleged "compassionate reasons"; he's all about money or he wouldn't have taken down the three countries whose economies he crashed while he cashed in. Was it compassionate of him to ruin three countries' economies and the people who were hurt by it? Pay no attention to the "niceties" he mutters. He's a monster and he is NOT about compassion. He's all about the money. What is he going to gain by bringing in a lot of illegals to America? Follow the money.

October 28, 2013   pelosipig wants her airplane back. Let's not allow this to happen. It would be an immediate, extreme, actual disaster for America. Imagine how horrible things would be if the House, Senate and Red House were again all controlled by the dumborats. Remember those two years when pelosipig flew around in her "Speaker 1" Air Force plane? Yeah. That and more we'd be paying for. It would be a total wrecking of our economy and we'd have an immediate kakistocracy (again).

October 28, 2013   Libyans to work in U.S. aviation again?

"Besides appearing on the State Department’s list of terrorist sponsoring nations for years, Libya is still a terrorism hotbed fresh in American minds after last fall’s Benghazi massacre."
I don't think it would be a good idea.

October 28, 2013   Stupido-rubio's amnesty turn-around "historic"? I think he turned around only AFTER the Ted Cruz win in Iowa. That's when rubio decided he needed to stop listening to the RINOs he has advising him and get back to the Conservative cloak. Question is, which is the cloak: Conservatism or RINOism? Will the real rubio please stand up? Look back at his record. His record is Conservative. So what influenced him to go nutso and back the Gang of 8 illegal immigration amnesty bill? I don't know but I will forever hold everything he says now as a questionable statement. Lie to me once your credibility is forever in question. Lie to me twice, you are never believed again.

October 28, 2013   $47 MILLION to get more little girls on Gardasil? Yep. Your federal government at work. We know that Gardasil is a dangerous drug and that our teenagers (now both girls and boys) are being put at risk because the government thinks that sexually active teens need the government's protection (not parental involvement, nor religious instruction). I think the liberals should be all up in the government's face about this because the government should not be in the reproductive decisions or sexual proclivities of anyone, according to liberals. But, no. They're all okay with this because it means the government controlling your children, and taking that control away from YOU, the parent. Isn't that what you want?

October 28, 2013   USPS worker stole $450K worth of gems and jewelry. I used to have absolute faith in the USPS, thinking that nothing I sent could ever be stolen from within the USPS. Then there were all those stories about postal workers who were dumping the mail they were supposed to deliver into their own homes, or dumpsters, or ditches. That shook my faith in the USPS, but not like this. I's another sign of the decay brought about by this administration.

October 28, 2013   Pro-baby-killing events scheduled. If you ever want to see the face of pure hate and evil, look into a rabid pro-baby-killing woman. To be able to WANT to kill such an innocent being, someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong but who is sentenced to death for that very innocence, is an indicator of a true lack of soul, IMHO. Someone who incapable of compassion for such innocence, without compassion for the potential of such a life, is someone I don't think I'd be able to be friends with. "What about the mother!?" they'll scream at me. What about her? Is she being killed via abortion? No? She's still alive and breathing? Then there is hope for her to have a better life. The child she carries has no hope if the mother is determined to kill that child. (However, there are mothers who are killed by abortions, too: never forget that, although it gets very little publicity. See Kermit Gosnell.) Now they're scheduling 100 pro-baby-killing events and, to me, that's deplorable.

October 28, 2013   Pump more taxpayer dollars into faied program? Study says to do so. Don't ya' love thevileone's administration?

October 28, 2013   IL taxing mecca. They have way too many government entities that can tax them. They need to cut back on that. I think Brevard County is close, but not quite caught up to them yet.

October 28, 2013   Aaaaahhh... public schools. Flag shirts? Not allowed.

October 28, 2013   Mileage tax coming? Oh, and tracking your whereabouts, too. Isn't that what the government should be doing, after all? Then they'll try to tax our breathing and our heatbeats. They'll tax our hair growth and loss. They'll tax our toilet paper use. They'll tax our sneezes. Sounds ridiculous? Ever think they'd consider taxing you for square footage of rainfall diversion from your driveway, roof, patio, etc.? Yep. Liberals/progressives want to CONTROL you in any way they can.

October 28, 2013   thevileone: Is he in CONTROL or is an unelected Valerie Jarrett? She holds too much of the CONTROL. That's not how our U.S. Constitution set our country up, but thevileone doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution.

October 28, 2013   Why does thevileone still have a campaign website? Why? Because he doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution. He cares about CONTROL.

October 28, 2013   I've linked to a story about this before, but I'm doing so again because the truth matters. It always has and it always will.

October 28, 2013   Really? Really?

October 28, 2013   thevileone has lost the Middle East? Maybe certain people in the Middle East, but not the entire Middle East because Al Qaeda still endorses him, I'm sure.

October 28, 2013   thevileone purges military of leaders not ABSOLUTELY LOYAL to him. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

October 28, 2013   bonehead boehner wants amnesty vote. I think it's a big mistake on his part, but he's prone to big mistakes. Why he is still the Speaker of the House I have no idea. Why have the rest of the Republicans not voted to kick him from the leadership spot? What has he got to hold over them to maintain his position?

October 28, 2013   grahamnasty taking a stand for BENGHAZI? Wait. How can he do so without a spine? He's never had a spine. How can he stand? This is an amazing assertion. I wonder how much of a stand it will be and for how long. I'm guessing not much and not long.

October 28, 2013   Elmo to spout msthevileone's eating dictatorship. Your taxpayer dollars at work. Even DURING THE ALLEGED SHUTDOWN PBS got $445 MILLION of YOUR MONEY. Now Elmo is going to be spouting the government line. Indoctrination? Propaganda? Both.

October 28, 2013   Black mob violence is on the rise. You need to know about it and beware of it. If you find yourself in a situation that feels in your gut uncomfortable leave that situation as soon as possible. Do not wait for it to escalate. Remember it's better to leave than to be carried out on a stretcher. Don't wait for the cops. Don't wait for help. Leave before it gets to a bad point. Listen to your gut. If you are surprised by a situation, remember the Second Amendment is always your best defense.

October 28, 2013   UPDATED with link to story: Rush is reporting that Charles Krauthammer didn't understand who thevileone was until at least two weeks into his administration. That makes me smarter than Charles Krauthammer because, if you've followed this website, you've seen that I had thevileone pegged since day one. I'll grab a link to Rush's comments or the story on Krauthammer as soon as Rush puts one up. Until then, I suppose you'll have to take my word for it.

October 28, 2013 on thevileone's healthcaretax. They even admit Rush is "mostly right" about the fact that you won't be fined or whatever if you don't have a tax REBATE coming to you. If you have to PAY taxes on April 15th, you'll not have your wages garnished, or your house liened, or anything else, except maybe a 1% fine for not paying the fine. That's a LOT LESS than paying the full price for thevileone's healthcaretax! I'd opt for that.

October 28, 2013   Minion Monday: Hank's Halloween is how I shall close for this Monday and I hope it makes you smile. His Halloween costume is different than what I thought I was going to do, but I had so many options that I did change my mind. I may still post a pic of what I was planning to do, but we'll see. Until next time, have a great day, and See ya'!

October 15, 2013: 11:38 a.m.   I'll be out of town for about two weeks (tomorrow until the 26th or 27th) so I'll be doing very little (if any) updates during tht time. Remember that I will be back and I'll be doing updates at that time. For now, on with the blurbs!

October 16, 2013: 1:16 a.m.   "Liberty's Bright Guiding Light" is my lateste article. I had to post it prior to leaving. Won't be posting much (if at all) until after th 26th, so until then, GOD Bless and See ya'!

October 15, 2013: 9:56 a.m.   First the NSA, IRS, FBI, etc., now it's grocery stores that want to spy on you? Is there such thing as privacy anymore? What's your toilet paper watching?

October 15, 2013   "Ice bombs" at L.A.X., this time they're near planes. Between dry runs for terrorists practicing on planes again and terorrists practicing planting bombs at L.A. International Airport, sounds to me like flying should be a last resort. Take a train, bus, drive yourself, or crawl rather than fly right now.

October 15, 2013   Conservative Catholics not thrilled with Pope's statements. He's done enough to make anyone question him. I don't know why he thinks he should continue to be Pope when the Pope is allegedly the go-between between man and GOD and he says you don't have to believe in GOD to get to heaven. So if that be the case, then there is no intermediary needed, so why is he still the Pope? Shouldn't he just resign after shutting down and dismissing all of the priests, bishops, cardinals, etc.,? If that's what he truly believes, shouldn't he disband the Catholic Church altogether? If that's NOT what he truly believes, then why is the Pope lying to you? It can't be both ways. So which is it?

October 15, 2013   thevileone still making it "as painful as possible". These monuments don't belong to HIM. They belong to US. They are paid for with OUR MONEY. What right does he think he has to close OUR monuments? He has no right to do so. OUR money does all this, so WE can visit them any time we want. Move the barriers. Move them and visit OUR monuments.

October 15, 2013   Border agents under attack by illegals but our government is SUPPORTING THE ILLEGALS instead of our border agents. That's WRONG.

October 15, 2013   Hannity says it may be time for 3rd party. It's about time someone besides me says so!

October 15, 2013   Deal time for government shutdown? Preventing the "default" is the excuse, but the government does not default so it's all just a game. They're trying to find as many ways as possible to mess us over again. That's all they're doing. Fiddling with us.

October 15, 2013   thevileone "on verge of impeachable offenses". He's been that way for a long time: in fact, since he got "sworn" in. I put the quotes around "sworn" because he doesn't tell the truth so any oath he takes is a lie. There is no swearing with him, unless you're talking about his use of curse words.

October 15, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax: "approximately 11,588,500 words of final Obamacare regulations". That's new regulations YOU have to obey. Don't ya' love thevileone's healthcaretax? Unions don't love it. They're still trying to delay its implementation. I wonder why... Maybe the corruption the leaders of thevileone's healthcaretax are involved in will get them all arrested and we'll be saved via prison time for them. We could wish. Did you know you have to sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax BEFORE you can see how much it will cost you? Yep. How many will claim "exemptions" for it? That matters because the more people claim "exemptions" (health issues, financial issues, etc.) the more you and I pay. Are you happy with thevileone's healthcaretax? I am NOT.

October 15, 2013   Aetna CEO says "There's so much wrong" with thevileone's healthcaretax. Well, DUH!

October 15, 2013   Sen. Ted Cruz is correct: TO A POINT. As long as those "bold colors" are also the candidate's TRUE COLORS without lies, obfuscations, misdirects, etc., then, yes, Cruz is correct. Be a BOLD CONSERVATIVE and you'll win as long as you're TRULY A CONSERVATIVE. RINOs need not apply.

October 15, 2013   Assad: "Mine!" (thevileone: "Mine!"?) Kick, scream and cry.

October 15, 2013   "Intellectuals" still in love with thevileone. An "Ivy League" education only guarantees that you've been indoctrinated enough to please the indoctrinators. It has nothing to do with intelligence; just "intelligentsia".

October 15, 2013   thevileone has "gone rogue" says jnap. Wow. jnap telling the truth? Miracle! Miracle!

October 15, 2013   Congressman: "Constitutional crisis" if GOP caves. Well, if it's not a "Constitutional" crisis, it will be a crisis in the confidence the people have in any Republican.

October 15, 2013   America getting MORE Conservative. So why is the leadership going more LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE? Because they are elitists. They don't care about the representative Republic that we are; they care about what they can make America become. That's what they want.

October 15, 2013   Sending your kids to college only leads to this. It's not always a good idea to get a "higher" education because (depending upon your professors) they a waste of time anyways.

October 15, 2013   "Extremists" welcomed. Don't ya' love that?

October 15, 2013   BILLIONS of your taxpayer dollars go to illegal aliens. Doesn't that just make you wanna' spit?

October 15, 2013   So that's going to be enough for now. I'll be out of town for almost two weeks so I'll do just a small blurb here and a small blurb there during that time: IF I get to do any updates whatsoever. So, until next time, See ya'!

October 14, 2013: 8:59 a.m.: Columbus Day   hillclintoon should return the money from now-convicted political pal. Will she? Watch and see. I'm not sure on this one.

October 14, 2013   You were ripped off over the weekend and you have no say in what to do about it. The Bible says "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." So why is there anything called a "Food Stamp Program"? Even severly handicapped people who want to work can find a way to do so. Ask Stephen Hawkings. So able-bodied people who refuse to work should go hungry. There should be no government programs for this. My Mom is working still and she's 76 and fell last year and broke her hip. She accepts no government "aid" and she provides for herself and my youngest brother. As far as I'm concerned, government aid programs should go by the wayside UNLESS those who want OUR help should be made to WORK to receive it. Even if it's just picking up trash alongside the road, sorting recyclables, or answering phones for the County, City, or State, they should be made to work and learn how to earn a living. That's what I think should happen.

October 14, 2013   KY Lowe's does something really DUMB. Fire someone for helping catch a shoplifter? Shoplifting raises the prices of everything you and I pay for because they have to allow for the shoplifters making the stores lose money and they add a little bit to the price to make up for their 3% (or more) losses to due to shoplifting. It's wrong to steal. It's actually one of GOD's big "No-No's". It's number eight on the "Top Ten List". So Lowe's did something really dumb.

October 14, 2013   "rev." al sharpton has a revolution on his hands. He may no longer have a strangle hold on the throats of Harlem's people. That would be a good thing because the representation he has been giving them has been lousy (Tawana Brawley, anyone?) and he's given them nothing but a bad reputation.

October 14, 2013   Veterans move "barrycades" from memorials to WH. They were tired of being locked out of OUR memorials and the WWII memorial that is on public lands, but funded and built with PRIVATE donations. They were not going to be locked out of THEIR memorial, nor out of OUR memorials. But, don't worry, CNN made sure to MOCK our Veterans and that was something they felt no compunction against doing. CNN had no problems mocking our VETERANS. You know, those who put their lives on the line so that CNN continues to have free speech? Yeah. Those people. CNN mocks those who fought for CNN's First Amendment Rights. Isn't that special?

October 14, 2013   Government shutdown? Where? Where?! For bumbling biden all a shutdown means is another vacation on OUR DIME. Tyranny does that.

October 14, 2013   People like Sen. Ted Cruz. Not the msm, but the "regular" people, they like him very much. I include myself in that group of folks who like him. But I will remind people that, unfortunately (very unfortunately) he is not a "natural born citizen" so he's not eligible to run for president. I wish it were different, but it's not and I have to deal with reality. Reality is, he's sadly inelligible.

October 14, 2013   This is what thevileone wants, too. I can guarantee you that if China and thevileone got their way that the world would destabilize immediately and the whole thing would go to hades in a hand-basket. America is a great influence on the world; taking our influence away would lead to great harm.

October 14, 2013   grahamnasty is nuts. thevileone's healthcaretax is NOT good for America.

October 14, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax enrollees become "urban legend" because they can't claim millions of folks who signed up. The last number I heard was 51,000 folks had signed up for thevileone's healthcaretax. That's not a lot of people. Some of the people who tried got turned away because of all of the glitches, and some found out that the costs would be way too high for them: whatever the reason, the program is a total failure.

October 14, 2013   Desperate times call for desperate measures and when you're so low in the ratings poll that you have nowhere to go but outta' there, you are desperate.

October 14, 2013   Dr. Carson's word need to be explained? I thought he was very clear, consice and correct. What's the problem?

October 14, 2013   60% want to FIRE CONGRESS? Wow. Sounds like it's time for Congress to bite the bullet and start doing the right thing!

October 14, 2013   Visa subsidiary says "No" to gun purchases. Sounds to me like Visa should rethink that. They'll be losing business if they don't.

October 14, 2013   If it's not the Feds spying on you, it's the State. Whatever happened to our Fourth Amendment Rights?:

"Amendment IV
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
Or did that go out with the bust thevileone sent back to England

October 14, 2013   dumborats continue to play games. The truth is so foreign to them that to them it may as well be from beyond Pluto.

October 14, 2013   If Conservatives win in France, what will France then look like? I think you'll see major changes, but it won't be reported here in the msm.

October 14, 2013   Washington D.C. "can't ignore" these two things? Make a bet?

October 14, 2013   I'll close today with a smile for you. Minion Monday: Hank LOVES Big Shoes. He seems to be able to find big shoes almost anywhere they exist! Until next time, See ya'!

October 12, 2013: 11:12 p.m.   Just a quick "Look OUT!" thevileone wants the government shutdown to end so they can pass "immigration reform." Thanks bucket-loads, stupido-rubio!

October 11, 2013: 10:37 a.m.   Planning to FLY anytime soon? Driving is an option, or maybe should be? Dry runs are being performed. Glenn Beck told the amazing story of the Actor, James Woods, having spotted the 9/11/2001 practice run performed on the plane he was on (and he notified the pilot, who agreed that something was happening), they're seeing those kinds of things again. Dry runs are being performed by both male and female potential terrorists. Do you want 9/11 again? What are they targeting? Are they targeting Disney this time? They're using a flight from D.C. to FL. Think about what your government is NOT doing to keep you safe. Why do burkah-clad women get a "go ahead" when it comes to the TSA checkpoints at the airports? Should they not be subjected to the same security measures because they're dressed in a burkah? If so, can I wear a burkah and get the same treatment? Why is the TSA not worried about keeping us safe, since that was allegedly why they were put in place to do? If these things are dry runs, why is it that the government isn't telling you to be extra weary of your fellow travelers during this time? Hmmm? Does thevileone want you to be safe, or just want you out of the way?

October 11, 2013   pelosipig is at stupid again. thevileone's healthcaretax has to be passed before they can know what's in it, now it's "implement it before you can change it". So does she go up to get down? Or left to go right? Or does she think stupid is actually smart? I think that maybe pelosipig lives in backwards world.

October 11, 2013   Red House gift shop reflects its occupant: bankrupt in ideals, bankrupt gift shop.

October 11, 2013   Enjoy your Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms? Watch the discussion panel that Judicial Watch is hosting on Tuesday. You will learn, be informed and probably be encouraged to stand!

October 11, 2013   thevileone is putting us in danger. He is allowing "foreign nationals" free rein at nuclear labs. That's a danger to US, to see thevileone doing this sort of crap really irritates me. He is doing everything he can to destroy America; even with a nuclear incident. Can we fire his butt?

October 11, 2013   FINALLY! Even Ann Coulter is finally agreeing with me! Why is it that I can see the truth so far ahead of the famous Republicans? Or is it that they see the truth at about the same time but they're famous and can't throw anyone under the bus until it's so very obvious that it needs to be done that even a fourth grader can say it?

October 11, 2013   Another atheist attacks Christ. As I've said in the past, there are no atheists in hell: once there, they all believe. I think that most atheists want to find a way to dispose with Christianity altogether. Sad that they can't accept the fact that we wish them no harm and don't want them to be the atheist in hell, but they want to make us go there. Why is that?

October 11, 2013   I LOVE THIS. Mike Rowe is doing a great thing. Read the pledge the kids applying for the scholarship he provides. THAT'S EXCELLENT!

October 11, 2013   thevileone "balks" at bonehead boehner's debt ceiling offer. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy. That's all thevileone knows. If he can't control it to destroy it, he won't cooperate.

October 11, 2013   One man's "Adventure in thevileone's Land". Nightmare doesn't begin to describe it.

October 11, 2013   This guy wants to have control (and mind control) of you kids birth to age 20. Isn't that special? He wants to control your kids and make HIS views THEIR views. Your kids are not your own. Your kids belong to the government. You were just the conduit from which their minions spring.

October 11, 2013   As of yesterday, 5 (count 'em: 5) people in Iowa managed to sign up. thevileone's healthcaretax sign up; so "easy" it hurts. BTW, did you know that when you sign up for the helathcaretax and the government gets ALL of your online info. We're talking ALL of the websites you've visited, your personal info isn't all it gets. The government gets to TRACK YOUR INTERNET USAGE and it's associated with your Social Security Number, which is now associated with your helathcare records. Don't ya' love it? Go to the doctor's office for a check-up and he'll be able to ask you what you've been doing visiting sites that sell chocolate considering your weight? Or going to sites that sell adventure tourism considering your heart condition? No bunjee jumping for you, no sirree! Don't ya' love that? In an aside, how can you keep your doctor (as promised) when doctors are being fired by their employers en masse? Hmmmmm? Yeah. thevileone LIED TO YOU!

October 11, 2013   Considering that google has been cooperating with thevileone will they be taxed on this? I think the tax dodge will be ignored because google has been helping thevileone in his effort to spy on you. Friends of thevileone always get special treatment. It's happened in the past, it will happen in the future. America is not about freedom and opportunity with thevileone in office. It's more about scratching backs.

October 11, 2013   Phony ceremonies to honor the dead? I know it's a government lie, but I think the purpose is correct. This is the ONLY kind of government deception I do not have a problem with.

October 11, 2013   The IRS has been "telling on" you. They've been telling thevileone about the people and groups who have been challenging thevileone's healthcaretax. The IRS has officially become a part of this administration's enforcement arm. Maybe that explains why the government has been buying so many bullets?

October 11, 2013   Aaaahhh.... public schools. Death panels and choosing who will live and who will die. Don't you love the way they "teach" your children?

October 11, 2013   thevileone blames Republicans for everything. I mean everything. If he had tracks in the back he'd blame Republicans. (Figure it out.)

October 11, 2013   I think they should have said "EVER".

October 11, 2013   BOY! Are their faces red? Of all the people who SHOULD get it right, these folks should. Well, we're all human, but what a mistake to make!

October 11, 2013   Scare tactics. Beck just said that bonehead boehner is in a meeting, caving to thevileone. Would anyone be surprised?

October 11, 2013   Would this STOP the NSA's spying program? I seriously doubt it. After all, once thevileone gets a taste of total control it's difficult for him to let go. He WANTS total control and in order to have that, he needs info on everyone. That's the way it works.

October 11, 2013   It's time to choose. Decided this day whom shall you serve? You need to understand what the truth is and you need to know that those who do not care about the truth are part of the problem.

October 11, 2013   Don't do this kind of thing! Nor this; treat your children like humans, not baseball bats. Don't be an animal!

October 11, 2013   hollyweird sucking up big time.

October 11, 2013   boehner CAVES. Didn't I say he would? UPDATE: Offer REJECTED.

October 11, 2013   On that irritating note, I shall close for today. I have things to get done and errands to run. Missed yesterday because of an unexpected visit from my son. (I'm a poet!) Until next time, See ya'!

October 9, 2013: 2:36 p.m.   New Federal Reserve person used to be thought

One is that President Obama or his key advisers think she would do a bad job.
The other is that the White House feels that nominating her would be a dangerous capitulation — it would show they could be pushed around by liberal Democrats."
She's a Keynesian economist who said,
"'We know that long-term unemployment is devastating to workers and their families. The toll is simply terrible on the mental and physical health of workers.'"
It's also said about her that
"She has been less inclined to wring her hands over the risks that the Fed's easy money policies could create new bubbles or stoke inflation."
So basically, we have another classic liberal progressive who doesn't care about what impact HER ideas will have on YOUR wallet. Wonnerful.

October 9, 2013: 2:33 p.m.   "Jury Duty's Duty" is my latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have What's funny is that the same day I sent the article in to my editor at the editor was in the jury pool for her County! That's timing! That's a GOD thing! That's hysterical!

October 9, 2013 &nbssp People are FED UP with thevileone's "make it as painful as possible" tactics! He's not doing himself any favors by being spiteful and egomaniacly controlling. He's doing the country a favor by waking even some of is own kiss-butts.

October 9, 2013   Bwahahahahahaha! Or is it "Boohooohooohooohooo!"?

October 9, 2013   College grad's letter may open some eyes. thevileone's healthcaretax is no good for anyone. It was meant to destroy America: NOTHING MORE.

October 9, 2013   Red House/IRS exchanged taxpayer IRS info. As early as May 13th I said that thevileone was responsible for this. Now we're finding out I was right. Again.

October 9, 2013   Programmer comments on thevileone's healthcaretax website. I think the rest of us could comment without being programmers: LOSER like this administration. That's what I think of it without having to visit.

October 9, 2013   Did you know that when you sign up for thevileone's healthcaretax, they'll share your info with law enforcement? Yep. Also, your credit score will help determine your premium rates? Yep. So if you have bad credit, you'll pay more. (Are we there yet?) And that with all of that info you have to give them your identity may be stolen - by THOSE EMPLOYED TO HELP YOU? Also, yep. But thevileone and his family are NOT ON THEVILEONE'S HEALTHCARETAX? That's right! They don't have to sign up. Aren't they special? Tyrants don't have to live by the same rules. Don't ya' know?

October 9, 2013   dumborats running scared. (*smile*)

October 9, 2013   thevileone makes the families of fallen heroes "feel the pain". He's a despicable lying worm poop.

October 9, 2013   thevileone's LYING to you AGAIN. That's, what, the 22,164,351,546,514,542,152,864,645,165,434,546,584,531,165,164,541,651,651,121,631,651,342,161,643,544,547,758,879,429,879,842,987,495,756th lie since he took office in 2009? About that.

October 9, 2013   "MAKE IT AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE". -- thevileone. Some were arrested for entering the Grand Canyon. It's PUBLIC PROPERTY -- OUR LAND -- how can they STOP US from USING OUR LAND? We have a GESTAPO! Is this not what were told would NOT happen if he got elected. Well, they LIED again. If the government is shut down, how can they post 4,000+ employment ads? "Shut down", huh? How can they spend $47,174 TAXPAYER on a mechanical bull if they're shut down?

October 9, 2013   Remember, if you have a (D) after your name, your leaders are sullying your name. This is the kind of thing they think is acceptable. Appalling.

October 9, 2013   Actor, James Woods, wonders if he'll ever act again. When I was on Twitter, I followed James Woods and James Woods followed me. He's a good man who LOVES AMERICA and that's why he stood up against thevileone. If he doesn't work in hollyweird again, I wouldn't be surprised, but I do believe he will work again. He's too good to go unemployed.

October 9, 2013   "Closed" D.C. mall but illegals still allowed to use it. Why the different treatment for illegals and WWII VETS? Hmmm? There's a message there. Who set up the stage and the port-a-potties? Hmm? Was that the PARK SERVICE helping the illegals? Hmm? Or did all those illegals do the work themselves since they'll "do work we won't do"? (How often have we heard that?) Hmmm? Also, where was stupido-rubio for the rally since he supports amnesty so much? Hmmmm?

October 9, 2013   If you know someone who lives and votes in KY, tell them to SUPPORT Matt Bevin in his run AGAINST mitch mcconnell! It was mcconnell who said that anyone who opposed him was a traitor in a recent closed-door meeting. Support Matt Bevin because he LOVES and KNOWS the U.S. Constitution!

October 9, 2013   This guy is an absolute disgrace and FL should be totally embarrassd to have him represent us.

October 9, 2013   I shall close for now. Remember to check out "Jury Duty's Duty" at Until next time, See ya'!

October 8, 2013:: 12:14 p.m.   Sign the Truth Revolt Petition! They're asking the advertisers on the Al Sharpton show to stop advertising there because he is a racist and using race to divide America. I like that idea. I signed the petition.

October 8, 2013   Illegals in CA get special rights. They break the law more than you know (read the report) and they get to rally on the CLOSED D.C. mall when WWII Vets are kept out of their memorials! Special treatment for those who are assumed to vote dumborat. That's what this is all about. It's wrong. It's UNFAIR to the American Citizen and it's unAmerican and unconstitutional! Oh, well, that's okay because, hey, thevileone gets to do whatever it wants, right? Would G.W. Bush have gotten to behave this way?

October 8, 2013   Congress's gym stays open, but Mt. Rushmore is close? SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR THE LORDS? We didn't used to have a "Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses, Prince and Princesses" system. Now? I'm not so certain.

October 8, 2013   Drones to make "kill" decisions on their own? That's not a good thing. We need to stop that altogether.

October 8, 2013   DH[IN]S advisor admits Islamist (terrorist) ties. So what do they do about it? Ignore it. Wow. They really want to keep America safe, don't they?

October 8, 2013   Robotic surgery? Not me. Not safe. I think if you're scheduled for it, you need to read this.

October 8, 2013   FCC ordering cable company's order of channels? Don't they have better things to do with their time than making sure a certain channel is in a certain place on the channel lineup? How amazing is it that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT would be doing this? To me, it's a huge -- HUGE -- overstep of the Federal Government's Constitutional powers. They don't have the power to do so, but thevileone has them do it anyways. Shows what's important to him, yes? BTW, that channel they wanted moved to a certain area of the channel lineup? Bloomberg News. Anyone surprised?

October 8, 2013   I think thevileone's healthcaretax is an ABOMINATION and should be stopped permanently not just delayed. But others don't have my resolve. In Maryland, no doctors have signed up to provide care. Sounds like doctors are totally enthusiastic (sarcasm) about thevileone's healthcaretax. Maryland, you're in good hands!

October 8, 2013   ketchup kerry's failures growing. No peace? Blame a dumborat!

October 8, 2013   Allegedly "unbiased" group says American adults don't measure up. If you look at the study group's history they are a very liberal group, so take their study with a grain of salt. Or just ignore it completely.

October 8, 2013   McConnel denies this but I don't think I trust either side completely. The source for one side hasn't come forward yet. McConnel I've not trusted for a long time.

October 8, 2013   thevileone is a TYRANT. He is going way past the boundaries setup for him in the U.S. Constitution and he knows it. He's hoping that his "You're a racist!" mantra will prevent anyone from going against him, but some in the Republican party are doing just that! Hurray.

October 8, 2013   Aaaahhhh.... public schools! They're LYING to your children and calling it an education! They're telling the students that the Congress is now "revisiting" the Bill of Rights and that the government has decided that the Bill of Rights is an outdated document. SAY WHAT?!!! It's Common [LYING] Core at its lying finest. Homeschool your kids, folks. Homeschool your kids.

October 8, 2013   Speaking out of both sides of his lying forked tongue, thevileone says he "won't negotiate". The problem is he says that, then thevileone tells the PUBLIC that he's willing to negotiate. So which side of his lying forked tongue do you believe? Believe neither. He lies no matter what.

October 8, 2013   So if we're in a gov shutdown, how can we afford all these park rangers to do all these terrible things? The WWII memorial shut down, but park rangers are there. They stopped folks from seeing Mt. Rushmore. At Valley Forge they're fining people. They allow an AMNESTY rally on the D.C. mall (with Park Ranger supervision). They're closing access to the OCEAN and there's an alleged "GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN" in which the PARK SERVICE IS SHUTDOWN? Sounds to me like all those rangers are getting overtime trying to keep YOU out of PUBLIC PROPERTY THAT YOU AND I OWN! Make sense to you? Sound like America to you? Dosn't to me.

October 8, 2013   thevileone's Hamster adviser finds a way out. Escape! Escape! Who can blame her?

October 8, 2013   NTSB NOT investigating metro explosion due to "Shutdown". Right. Any excuse. Any excuse. Lives? They don't matter. Ask harry reid.

October 8, 2013   Let us hope grahamnasty is GONE ASAP. He is bad for America; as bad as mccain't, mcconnel and boehner. Let us get rid of these people and replace them with people like Sen. Ted Cruz. That would be GREAT for America!

October 8, 2013   Pittsburgh's having a Trayvon Martin day in schools? Making a hero out of a guy who attacked someone for walking behind him? Making a hero out of a guy who was a known burglar? Making a hero out of him? That's just WRONG.

October 8, 2013   Nobel Prize for Science awarded although: "It is now almost certain the subatomic particle that brings together everything in the universe has been found". "Almost certain" and FOUND do NOT mean the same thing. I understand that they think they found something exciting and illuminating and all of that, but what if the "GOD Particle" is nothing more than something that helps things spin, or have a certain color, or totally unrelated to being the glue that binds the universe together? What then? And as I've previously pointed out, what happens if they do have the "GOD Particle" does it prove or disprove anything? It still had to come from somewhere. Where did it come from? The laws of physics are still the laws of physics which didn't happen out of chaos. Intelligent design is the only LOGICAL conclusion. Everything else is faith-based on a faulty premise.

October 8, 2013   I'll close for now. I will see you tomorrow and I hope that you have a great day! Until next time, See ya'!

October 7, 2013: 10:49 a.m.   In October's pooper-paper there was a statement that went like this:

"In my research, I also found a concerning statement on state land on the South Water Management District’s website, 'Private landowners and commercial entities that reside adjacent to District canals – who wish for more intense use of public land for their personal benefi t; or whose property is encumbered by a District interest, may wish to apply for the surplus or release of that specifi c interest.' I can understand if an easement is causing a burden, something has to be done, but I don’t understand why we, as taxpayers, should subsidize a landowner or commercial entity by letting them use public land for their personal benefit."
The State's website does say that but I looked over the .pdf file that the state links to there and thought I understood the process. To be certain that I was correct, I asked the State about it with this e-mail:
"From: Linda McKinney
"Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2013 12:45 AM
"To: Zehnder, Marcy
"Subject: Please explain

"Ms Zehnder,

"I was reading the information here and wanted to be certain I was understanding the “private land” portion correctly. The intro to the link states:
"'Private landowners and commercial entities that reside adjacent to District canals – who wish for more intense use of public land for their personal benefit; or whose property is encumbered by a District interest, may wish to apply for the surplus or release of that specific interest.'"
"Would this be taxpayers subsidizing a landowner or private company that wants to use public land for their own personal benefit?

"I want to understand what the rules are and how this works.

"Thank you for your time.

"Linda McKinney"
To which I received the following response:
"Ms. McKinney:
"After we receive a request for surplus or release of a right of way, together with a $1,000 non-refundable application fee and all required documentation, the following steps occur:
  • "Affected departments of the District review the request to approve (or deny) the surplus/release
  • "If approved by District staff, the land interest is declared surplus to the needs of the District by the Governing Board
  • "The land interest is appraised by a State Licensed General Real Estate Appraiser
  • "The applicant pays fair market value and all associated costs at a real estate closing
"Please see the attached package of information regarding the surplus process… let me know if you have any additional questions after reviewing the information.

"Sincerely yours,

"Marcy A. Zehnder
"Lead Professional - Title and Closing Unit
"Land Resources Bureau
"South Florida Water Management District
"(561) 682-6694 - voice
"(561) 682-5694 - fax
To read the .pdf file she attached, click here. So you can see that it's not "we, as taxpayers, should subsidize a landowner or commercial entity by letting them use public land for their personal benefit." One e-mailed question would have told the author of that statement that the land is evaluated by the State, appraised and SOLD TO the interested party at FAIR MARKET VALUE and, thus, it is no longer "public land" and it is NOT public land used for anyone's "personal benefit". It is then PRIVATE LAND. One e-mail. That's what it takes to do due diligence. (To even ASK if you can buy the land costs you $1,000 even if you're TURNED DOWN!) If you're not certain you've got the right end of the stick, ask a question. After perusing the .pdf file I linked to, I wanted to be absolutely certain I got it right before refuting the pooper-paper's author. Thus the e-mail. THE TRUTH MATTERS. FIND THE TRUTH!

October 7, 2013   Elderly couple forced out of home: Government shutdown pain. For thevileone to order his minions to "make it as painful as possible" is one thing. But it is okay to disobey an order that is immoral or illegal. That's part of our rights. For the PARK SERVICE MINIONS to actually DO the things that would "make it as painful as possible" tells you truckloads about their own souls. For the park service people to disrespect the WWII Veterans (and get thebumbler's support for doing so), keep privately owned businesses empty, close highway pull-offs so people can't stop and see Mt. Rushmore and other infantile, puerile things, tells you that not only is thevileone a self-centered whimpering, sniveling sissy, but he's also got minions who are evil in heart and soul and will follow wicked orders to keep favor with their wicked leader. All this panic over a 17% government shutdown? Amazing.

October 7, 2013   msthevileone's "Let's move" website up; Amber Alert DOWN. Pirorities. What the children eat is more important than helping them stay ALIVE? That's the truth for this prezidunce. (UPDATE: Now Amber Alert is back up.)

October 7, 2013   Check this out! I will keep an eye on this site, that's for certain! I like this very much. I want to see the msm have their feet held to the fire and to see who is financing their lies, misinformation and butt-kissing. This is a good idea!

October 7, 2013   HALF of disability claims fraudulent and YOU'RE PAYING. Sounds to me like we need to stop the program. Figure out how to fix it before we reopen it and we need to have FEWER attorneys involved in the process. In the small town my Mom lives in, the saying is that half of the town is on Social Security Disability and the other half on welfare. Yeah, it's a dumborat town. (Although even there people are waking up to thevileone and not liking what he's doing!) They say that if you don't receive disability the first time, try twice more and you'll get it; no matter what you are claiming. If you have something that you want disability for (laziness, whatever), just keep applying and they'll give it to you. Your taxpayer dollars at work.

October 7, 2013   Terrorist, bill ayers, laments being Sarah Palin's "road kill". Bwahahahahahaha! Excellent! Let's set her loose on all of thevileone's buddies and get more road kill! So good! I love Sarah Palin! BTW, note that ayers considers his bombings of forty years ago a "messy muddle" instead of what they were; domestic terrorism.

October 7, 2013   bonehead boehner may deserve caps again if he keeps this up. He's actually doing something right. His standing firm has all but shut down creation of new federal regulations and that's good. I wish I could find a link to give you that said that the NSA spying programs were shut down, too, but, no, that's apparently essential. Again, priorities.

October 7, 2013   CA may be waking up to the costs and loses of thevileone's healthcaretax. I can't guarantee it, but once people start getting their bills, they are starting to wake up. When it hits your wallet as opposed to someone else's, it suddenly matters to YOU.

October 7, 2013   Spirit of 1771 FREEDOM RALLY! People are getting tired of tyranny!

October 7, 2013: SKY ALERT   Meteor shower tonight. Get your telescope out! BTW, you may wish to watch for a 40 ton falling satellite, too!

October 7, 2013   Aaaaahhh.... public schools. Did you know that your child would be weighed by the State of Florida?

October 7, 2013   $6.5 MILLION Brevard County taxpayers would have to fork over? That's to revamp the Miracle City Mall in T-ville. I say "NO!" If they want to do that project, do it on their own dime, not mine. I didn't ask them to do it. I can shop elsewhere. I don't need it done. NO! I refuse.

October 7, 2013   CA: "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo). Brown signs bill making CA sanctuary state for "most" illegals. I wonder how that will affect the price of healthcaretax there. It's going to go higher and higher because they deserve "free" healthcare, too. After all, they can't live here and get NO healthcare, can they? It would be mean to make them pay for their own medical care. That's unamerican for illegal immigrants to have to pay for their own medical care. Isn't it?

October 7, 2013   Is the msm finally seeing the real thevileone? They may fear him but they still won't tell the TRUTH about him. That means you cannot trust them.

October 7, 2013   Four more American heroes lost in Afghanistan bombing. GOD bless their families and loved ones. Bring our troops home!

October 7, 2013   If this doesn't at least make you smile, you WANTED thevileone's healthcaretax. It made me smile.

October 7, 2013   Russia to mimic thevileone and NSA for Winter Olympics. Monitoring all communications and keeping a close eye on everyone and everything; sounds like thevileone will be in charge over there, too.

October 7, 2013   ACLU sides with Conservatives again? This is getting weird, folks. The ACLU is traditionally AGAINST anything Conservatives want. To have the ACLU on the Conservative side tells you something about the extent to which thevileone has gone astray. After all, in almost every -- if not every -- case in which the ACLU sides with Conservatives, it is them against thevileone. It's most bizarre.

October 7, 2013   England approves killing babies in utero based upon gender. That's the road to perdition and it's WRONG. Killing babies in the first place is WRONG. Killing babies because they're female (which is the most often choice; as opposed to killing male children) is going to lead to a future for "great britain" that is similar to China where the males of a certain age cannot find a woman to marry. They resort to kidnapping wives from other countries or "buying" a wife. England's making its own bed. I wonder how long before they'll have to lie in it.

October 7, 2013   thevileone could end the shutdown any time he wants. Problem is, he doesn't want. He likes having people HURT. It's a control thing for him. He's not hurting, nor would he ever allow that, but to allow us to hurt, that's just hunky-dory to him. He likes it. He thrives on it. He gets a thrill out of it because it means he can control that and -- he believes with that -- control us. That's what he LOVES: the thought, the idea, the reality of CONTROLING US. Got FREEDOM?

October 7, 2013   Even thevileone's advisors know the rules, too bad they don't worry too much about abiding by them. Of course, they follow their leader, so it's not a big deal for them.

October 7, 2013   North Korea's little chump threatens USA with "ruthless pre-emptive strikes of annihilation." After he takes his best shot we get to take ours? Or should we just warn them via MOAB after their rocket falls into the ocean?

October 7, 2013   I'll close today with a smile for you. It is Minion Monday and Hank visits the dentist for the first time. Until next time, See ya'.

October 5, 2013: 11:55 a.m.   Just a few little things that interested me and then to my weekend endeavors. First, let's take a look at thevileone trying to make everyone miserable. He's doing this despite the fact that we know that (as we saw yesterday) the shutdown is PROVEN to be a dumborat move and he's blaming Republicans. Too bad thevileone isn't making it painful for everyone. The shutdown tells us a lot about dumborats and they like to make things painful. He's still spent $63 BILLION and borrowed $16 BILLION in the first TWO DAYS! Yeah. He's feeling the pain. That's OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS! Ya' know, he can get away with this crap as along as people don't know he's a dumborat. Some think he's a Republican. Can you imagine if G.W. Bush did the things thevileone is doing? He'd have been impeached two weeks in! If we learn nothing else from this shutdown let us at least learn this: dumborats love power and it takes making US hurt to keep their power and get their own way, they'll make US HURT. Does that not say it all?

October 5, 2013   Hamsters released a report saying humans are to blame. It's so sad to see the hamsters clinging to their wheels of lies and deceit. They have a serious problem in that their report has some easily proven falsities. For instance, the report says that each of the last three decades has been progressively warmer than any other recorded decades. The problem with that report is that our air has been getting progressively CLEANER and even China's getting in on the clean air idea. If the whole world is focusing on "clean air" how is the world still warming when it's greenhouse gases (vehicle, smokestack and other emissions) that are allegedly causing the warming? When our air (this is Pittsburgh) used to look like this, Pittsbugh's air now looks like this. While L.A.'s smog used to be like this daily, it's rarer nowadays. So if we have less pullution, but it's pollution that is causing global warming, isn't it a cause and effect thing? They defeat their own argument via using something that is already negated via the changes we've already made. Man made pollution = global warming is their claim. Take away the pollution and with the cause gone, the effect, the alleged global warming, goes away also. They can't have it both ways: lower pollution = global warming continuing (or getting worse, or staying the same). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that their argument is totally bogus, their logic is nonexistent and their reasoning powers are deluded and totally faith-based. Global warming, Hamsterism, is a religious belief and faith-based ideal. Nothing. Since we have freedom of religion (notice that's an "OF" religion, not "FROM" religion) they are free to practice their religion but they cannot IMPOSE it upon the rest of us. If they wish to ride bicycles everywhere they go, use certain kinds of light bulbs, drive electric cars, flush our toilets with a certain amount of water. The ice caps are growing again and the lies of the global warming believers led to this dire prediction:

"Only six years ago, the BBC reported that the Arctic would be ice-free in summer by 2013, citing a scientist in the US who claimed this was a ‘conservative’ forecast."
When we see how very, very WRONG they have been and even the latest reports are proven false not to mention their "Holy Grail", the "Hockey Stick Graph". Hamsterism is truly a faith. We have an ex-VP who is a profiteer from it, if not a true believer. That doesn't mean that the rest of us must be forced into obedience to its precepts, if not into true believerism.

October 5, 2013   That's all that tickles my fancy for a rare Saturday update. Until Minion Monday, See ya'!

October 4, 2013: 3:16 p.m.   Rush says dumborats are scared because Republicans are WINNING. You can always tell when dumborats are losing. They start whining, calling names, threatening, being stupid and saying stupid stuff; basically throwing a baby's temper tantrum. Explains a lot, doesn't it? BTW, a Rush caller today pointed out that reid's "Why would we do that?" response to a question about funding care for kids with cancer response is the FIRST DEATH PANEL thevileone's healthcaretax implemented. It was a single man deciding, but it had the same effect. reid yesterday was a one man decision on denying cancer care for children who need treatment to survive. One man. One single, calloused, hateful, heartless man chose to state the dumborat position: "Why would we do that?" Why help children with cancer? That's what the leadership of the dumborat party thinks of the health of children in this nation. Truth. Why would anyone want to be associated with that? Why even pass thevileone's healthcaretax if that's all they think of actually providing healthcare to those who need it? "Why would we do that?"

October 4, 2013   Aaaahhhh... public schools: saving money? If this is the kind of math kids learn in public schools, don't just take your child out of public schools, but grab them and run as fast as you can AWAY from that school, do some remedial teaching in your newly established homeschool, and remember to encourage your family and friends to do the same!

October 4, 2013   Another lie from thevileone recorded. He's such a liar that that he even lies while sleep talking.

October 4, 2013   thevileone's admin takes a hit in court. Hijab ban non-discriminatory.

October 4, 2013   Disgusting. thevileone bends over backwards to insult our Veterans. He hates the U.S. Armed Forces. He does everything he can to insult them. From stopping hot meals in Afghanistan for them to TAKING AWAY THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE, he has shown his hatred for the military in many ways. Remember, he's the Commander In Chief and he treats our troops this way. If they don't have reason to disobey an order from him, no one does.

October 4, 2013   The Cost! The COST! Sticker shock sets in on thevileone's healthcaretax. Reality bites when your head is up someone's butt. Then there's the fake healthcaretax sites already popping up that are adding to the mass confusion that thevileone's actual healthcaretax sites are generating. Boy, this thing is so perfect! I bet they couldn't have done better if they'd given a troop of monkeys a billion years and a million typewriters with endless reams of paper! No one signed up in KS. Can you blame them? In KY the dead can sign up! But they're also the only ones who can get guaranteed coverage!

October 4, 2013   Shutdown: gov tries to close PRIVATE inn. They shut down a PRIVATE air show. Also, thevileone is ILLEGALLY furloughing defense civilians. What? thevileone doing something illegal? Like he's never done that before? Don't forget, now, thevileone is asking for sad stories about the government shutdown. Sob. Sob. boo. hoo. Gov. shutdown a convenient excuse. But that's all it ever is for the dumborats; convenient excuses. If the money was so tight, why is thevileone sitting for a portrait now? Hmmmm? BTW, Thomas Sowell PROVES it's the dumborats and thevileone who MADE the shutdown happen. So don't go blaming the Republicans. The dumborats did this. PERIOD.

October 4, 2013   Another good reason to quit Twitter. All "Social Media" is bad news, IMHO. I don't want to be part of it. Beck says we need to be there. I don't see why. On Twitter the only ones who see your tweets are your followers and a few hashtag searchers. Most of the people who follow you are like-minded people. So when you post on Twitter, you're basically preaching to the choir. What kind of good is that doing in a war? You're singing to the troops and keeping up their morale, maybe, but in actually changing someone's mind and getting the progressives/liberals/leftists/commies to know the truth? Not gonna' happen. So why bother being on "Social Media" when it's nothing more than a preaching to the like-minded? Waste of time.

October 4, 2013   D: All of the above.

October 4, 2013   I hope she's right. I PRAY she's right. IF the "GOP" caves on this, we should impeach every Senator and Representative who votes to cave. IF they cave, kick every caver out.

October 4, 2013   Why? Why would a newspaper need this information? Protect your Second Amendment rights, folks. Be vigilant. Stand strong. Use it or lose it.

October 4, 2013   Being held "responsible" in the U.S. Military nowadays equates to:

"early retirement and full pensions for their fatal negligence."?
Doesn't sound like "being held responsible" to me. Sounds like a reward. The world is upside down.

October 4, 2013 &nbssp IRS sieze privately owned store's savings for NO REASON. Welcome to Communism.

October 4, 2013   Income tax turns 100 years-old; 73,608 pages long. Tell me which IRS agent has read every page and that they understood everything they read. If you can prove to me they've ALL done so, then maybe I'd even come close to a glimmer of trust in them. But, no. Not an iota.

October 4, 2013   NRA threatens to sue CA if Brown signs "assault weapons" ban. It'll have to get past the 9th Circuit Court before they have even a glimmer of hope in winning.

October 4, 2013   Parental advisory: steroids available online. Don't let your kids get involved in this drug. They're dangerous.

October 4, 2013   Common Core: This is the kind of math the Gates Foundation wants for your child. They're the ones bankrolling the ads saying Conservatives like Huckabee, Jeb Bush, etc., support Common Core. "With an edumacation like this, who needs larnin'? Ain't no book larnin' I's needs." Right?

October 4, 2013   I'll close today with this story of a 9/11 hero. Read it and remember. 9/11 can happen again. It may not happen in that particular way, but I do believe they want to -- and plan to -- attack us, the "great Satan" again. Never forget. It's not just America they hate: it is us, our way of life, our religious beliefs. So many innocent people died on 9/11/2001 that we need to learn from their deaths and honor them by not letting it happen again. Until next time, See ya'!

October 4, 2013: 12:11 a.m.   Ran errands all day yesterday but I had to do a few blurbs to make sure they didn't disappear. Let's start with thevileone's "classy" healthcaretax phone number. Really? REALLY? Yes. It goes with the dumborats' "classy" words and actions lately. Add thevileone's lies and reid's caring concern about kids with cancer and you get the perfect picture of what the dumborats really are at heart. This is what they are. This is reality. Why can't their supporters see that?

October 4, 2013   Shutdown puts spies in danger? My question: WHICH spies: those spying on us, or our SPIES SPYING ON US? Hmmmm?

October 4, 2013   thevileone WANTS America to fail! He has done everything he can (legally or illegally; morally AND immorally) to destroy America. He's hoping to accomplish a complete destruction PRIOR to the end of his second term so that he can have a third term -- that lasts a lifetime.

October 4, 2013   Businesses trading in American employees for migrant workers to cut back on healthcare costs. Thank thevileone for that.

October 4, 2013   Aaaahhhh... public schools... stupid again. The sight of a cop in uniform "too scary" for kids? Why do they teach children that if there's trouble you go to a COP if a COP in uniform is "too scary" for the kids? Duh! They're also afraid of T-shirts. Public schools are making fools of themselves -- and teaching the children in them to be fools, too!

October 4, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax people sends SSNs to MN insurance agents. Yep. Sign of things to come. If they can screw things up on that part of the paperwork, what else are they going to be "accidentally" sharing with folks who AREN'T supposed to see YOUR information? Hmmmm?

October 4, 2013   30 yr.-old future lawyer now on Medicaid. That's right, Medicaid: at 30. Ridiculous. Now if you're working and paying taxes, YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT!

October 4, 2013   No __________ Sherlock! What was your first clue?

October 4, 2013   Healthcaretax, government shutdown, the economy, unemployment, and now immigration. dumborats will do whatever they can to destroy America and the opportunities our children and grandchildren should have. They're even hinting at Social Security being in danger. Is there nothing to which these creeps won't stoop?

October 4, 2013   I'll close this update with this strange but true story. I wonder if it hurts? Until next time (later today), See ya'!

October 2, 2013: 10:24 a.m.   Glenn Beck is today encouraging his listeners to "defund the GOP" because of bonehead boehner's letter to reid asking to help him get the House, Senate and their staff exemptions from thevileone's healthcaretax. I stopped funding the GOP immediately after they attacked Sarah Palin after the 2008 election. I could not support a party that thought it acceptable to treat someone like that. Palin came out later and proved that the things they said were lies and that she had done nothing wrong. But I chose as soon as the allegations started to stop funding the GOP because I don't hang with people who will do crud like that, nor do I give them my money or the honor of using my name on their membership lists. I have not been a GOP member since November 13, 2008. If bonehead boehner is going to ask for exemptions at YOUR expense, then he should be kicked out of office and if that's what the GOP stands for, it sounds to me like the GOP needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

October 2, 2013   WWII Vets threatened with arrest for visiting D.C. monuments! Don't ya' just wanna' slap this administration? So what kind of honor is thevileone giving the Vets for whom some of those things were erected? Ridiculous.

October 2, 2013   An almost MILLION DOLLAR OUTHOUSE paid for by YOU. Your federal government at work; using your taxpayer dollars so very frugally.

October 2, 2013   GOP says shutdown may last for weeks. GOOD! Let it!

October 2, 2013   TEA achieves 3 yr. goal of IRS tax exempt status. The IRS is still targeting Conservatives. Nothing has changed since the truth came out about it. Didn't really expect it to.

October 2, 2013   DOJ's attempt to stop Fast & Furious lawsuit is deied by judge. GOOD! The truth needs to come out and we need to get the truth about it.

October 2, 2013   reid did get some of the money his cohort went to jail for receiving. Sounds to me like he needs to be in the next cell.

October 2, 2013   thevileone's narcissism highlighted by malfunctions? The product reflects its maker. That's what's happening there. His unpopularity is showing, too. and his healthcaretax "navigators" a "fraud-stained". Yep. It reflects its creator.

October 2, 2013   Microsoft investors trying to oust Gates.

October 2, 2013   Interesting facts about our government when we were a young country. Look at how bloated we got. Look at the number of people we have in the bureaucracy now. It's time to cut back and the government shutdown is a good place to start.

October 2, 2013   Group claiming that "Conservatives" support Common Core is actually funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which is NOT a Conservative group. Think about what they're doing: they're lowering standards instead of raising, and they're doing everything WRONG instead of right. Read the stories that tell the TRUTH about Common Core and you won't want your kids to be in Common Core, either. Send the link to your family and friends in other states. Common Core here in FL is under the gun and almost dead. Gov. Scott took us out of Common Core; whether we stay out is up to "We, the People". Stand firm and strong AGAINST this monstrosity that uses graphic sex to "teach" children standards, uses immorality to set standards and dumbs down a curriculum instead of raising it. Common Core is UNCommonly BAD for America. BTW, did you know that Common Core is an initiative of thevileone? Think you should subject your child to what HE wants to teach them? You may wish to join Floridians against Common Core. Just to help your kids stay ourt of it.

October 2, 2013   The DNC says they're "broke"? DON'T FIX IT! Let them STAY broke! Considering how much damage the DNC and their beliefs, their people, the legislators in their party have done to America, I say let the DNC DIE on the vine, off the vine, on the hard dessert sand, wherever. Let the DNC die. It's BAD for America and for our future. Let it be broke, stay broke and die broke!

October 2, 2013   "Peace and tolerance" kills again. When they stop killing, maiming, raping, burning, beheading, etc., I may start listening to their claim of "peace and tolerance". Until then, nope.

October 2, 2013   What kind of impact is the shutdown having?

October 2, 2013   Employment report weaker than expected. thevileone is to be thanked for that. He built it.

October 2, 2013   Raising the debt limit again? CBO report says they've used "extraordinary measures" to do so without calling it such since May 2013. In other words, thevileone LIED TO YOU about it. shock. surprise.

October 2, 2013   Pell Grant spending up, up, up! We're BROKE how can we be spending that sort of money on Pell Grants?

October 2, 2013   scotUS to hear case agasint SEIU thugs' home invasion scheme. IF I trusted the scotUS, I would definitely say it was good news. Since I no longer trust the scotUS, I'd say the case has a 50/50 chance of the SEIU losing. If you'll recall, the case was about:

"Illinois Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn’s SEIU-pandering executive order to allow union recruiters into the homes of families who provide in-residence care for their developmentally disabled loved ones. The corruptocrats in Illinois violated the privacy of home care providers by releasing their names to union goons looking to beef up their membership rolls. Pam Harris and other parents banded together to challenge the big government/big labor racket."
Let us pray for the scotUS and that they will do the right thing.

October 2, 2013   On that note I shall close for now. Pray for America. Pray for the PEOPLE of America because the leadership has already shut down their hearts to GOD and to His leadership and guidance. Pray for revival and spiritual awakening. I do twice daily at least. Please remember that "We, The People" are the BOSSES here and if we say "No!" to our government, it's supposed to be "No!" But our government has decided that THEY are OUR bosses. Let us turn that around again to where WE are in control again. Pray for America. Until next time, See ya'!

October 1, 2013: 2:55 p.m.   thevileone's healthcaretax goes into effect in a shutdown government. Tell me, how does that happen? If the government is shut down every portion of thevileone's healthcaretax that is a federal entity should be closed today. But, as with thevileone's buddies who got exemptions, his laws and favorite employees get exemptions, too. Then, they "help" him do things and totally screw it up. Shock. Don't worry, though. This shut down affects Congress, too. They have to push the elevator buttons themselves now. I wonder if any of them went to their Congressional Navy Medical Clinic for a broken nail. thevileone pens a "partisan" (expect anything else?) letter after shutdown) and even uses a G.W. Bush quote:

"There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve your country and your fellow citizens and to do it well."
thevileone could have never come up with that one himself. dumborats blame Republicans, of course. And Republicans blame dumborats. I say "THANK YOU!" to both because as long as they're shut down they're NOT SPENDING OUR MONEY and they're NOT GIVING SPECIAL GIFTS TO PEOPLE and they're NOT SPYING ON US! It's NOT a bad thing for the government to be shut down. Let Congress learn how to tie their own shoelaces again. They're NOT SPECIAL, not Lords and Ladies, not Kings and Queens. Let America reset and get back to where it is supposed to be: "WE THE PEOPLE"! Is this America or a plutocracy? The "shutdown" doesn't stop the "elites" from traveling on YOUR DIME though. You can be unpaid for as long as it takes. How much you wanna' bet thevileone is still getting paid? He is, after all, the Commander In Chief of the U.S. Military and he signed a bill ensuring that the military would be paid. Take America back!

October 1, 2013   My latest article in which I go into detail about the Twitter connection to terrorism and why I closed my Twitter account.

October 1, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax went into effect, but no one said it's working properly. And in Michigan, their vehicle insurance rates are increasing because of thevileone's healthcaretax. Yep. That's the way it works. thevileone's healthcaretax makes insurance premiums go up and those who use health care (everyone) pays the price -- sometimes several times over. Don't ya' love it now?

October 1, 2013   Japan quits using HPV "vaccine" over fears for girls' health. Too many girls getting seriously ill with this thing. Why anyone subjected their daughters to this thing, I have no idea. It wasn't safe from the get-go. Like the "Morning After Pill" (or RU-486). All of these meds are bad for women but they keep being pushed by people who are allegedly "pro-women". What is so "pro-women" about what they are doing to women -- even very young women aged 10-15? Nothing. Don't you think it's time to stop listening to their nonsense and start teaching abstinence? It's the only truly effective, totally safe birth control and anti-HPV treatment known.

October 1, 2013   bumbling biden proves it. Classified document? What classified document? Oh! The one in my hands that I'm showing you? Ooopsie!

October 1, 2013   reid's helper gets 2 years: was he covering for reid? Should reid be in the cell beside him? I wonder if we'll ever know.

October 1, 2013   IRS still targeting Conservatives: Dr. Ben Carson included. After his Prayer Breakfast speech he was visited by the IRS. So is anyone still in denial on this thing?

October 1, 2013   Read the comments: Richard Charbonneau does NOT have my endorsement. Nor will he receive it. I also received an e-mail from him after I posted my first comment on that page asking me to elaborate on my not supporting Matt Nye for any elected office. To me the two of them, Nye and Charbonneau, are peas in a pod: lick finger, stick finger in air, see which way wind is blowing, agree with wind. NOT my kind of candidate. Charbonneau, in fact, told me in the e-mail that:

"Robin Fisher and I are not old high school foot ball [sic] buddies, in fact as a Reasonable Republican Conservative I probably don't agree with him on many subjects. Robin is not however a "sexist" that was a cheap shot similar to those that claim any one that doesn't agree with Obama is a racist or Hitler."


"I'm a reality conservative"
(Note to Charbonneau: That's called "fair use" and no court in the land will have a problem with that, even though you asked me to not share your thoughts with the public: strange thing for a candidate for public office to do while discussing politics with someone whose vote would effect their lives, n'est-ce pas?)

I called Fisher a "sexist" because I've never seen him treat a man in such a way. However, he treats Infantini that way all the time. When I had my one and only meeting with him, he barely listened, rarely looked at me (much less in the eye), and was very dismissive even though I was telling him the history of the staff he chose to keep from scarborough the dull's days in office. I had proof in writing of their actions and deeds and he dismissed them. Perhaps Charbonneau is correct and Fisher isn't a "sexist". Maybe he just hates and dismisses ALL CONSERVATIVES? If that be the case, how is he doing at representing YOU?

BTW, Mr. Charbonneau, as a politician asking to represent people it's a good thing to go on the record so that people can see who you are. Keeping things private doesn't tell people about you and if they can't hear every side how can they learn? TELLING me to keep it private only makes me wonder why you would want to hide your political views from the public you say you wish to learn from (and teach them about you) as well as what you don't want them to know. I have a FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to speak in public. YOU SHALL NEVER stop me from doing so about anything I wish to say: e-mails from politicians included and especially!

In his e-mail Charbonneau also said he was reading my site but that he didn't agree with much of what I said. Charbonneau, the "Reasonable Republican Conservative" and "reality conservative", stands up for Fisher because they're not old foot ball [sic] buddies and states he doesn't agree with Fisher; but he doesn't agree with me either. RINO, middle of the roader, "moderate", whatever you wish to call him, he is NOT getting my endorsement. Oh, and if you're a TEA Party member (which I am not) Charbonneau throws you under the bus. He says (paraphrased) that you have some great points but that you go "overboard" and that the msm uses that against all Republicans in a way that hurts all Republicans in our elections. No. Not supporting ANYONE who says that the TEA Party -- people gathering to voice their opposition to the government's trampling of our GOD given rights and our U.S. Constitution -- is bad for America. Would you? Neither Nye nor Charbonneau have my endorsement. Not going to happen.

Oh, and Mr. Charbonneau, if you care to respond, that's fine. Just know that I may accurately paraphrase anything you write and I may do "reasonable use" quotes as well. So you're free to write and demand all the secrecy you wish to withhold things from your constituency, but that doesn't mean you can hide from them here.

October 1, 2013   America is RISING! WWII Vets fought valiantly for our freedom and for the freedom of our allies. Did thevileone actually think that -- after facing bullets, bombs and bayonets in WWII -- a little cord would stop them? What a moron!

October 1, 2013   What a crock.

October 1, 2013   JW has your back. If you're a patriotic American or a Christian you should support them. They are always watching out for you.

October 1, 2013   104 Republicans considering special treatment for illegals. The bill stupido-rubio backs has special treatment for illegals and Michelle Malkin does an excellent job of disecting it for you. It's not a good thing, folks. Natural Born Americans will have fewer rights and different laws to live under if this thing passes. Maybe that's why thevileone's healthcaretax was pushed so hard lately: to distract us from the wrong of amnesty pushing? Squirrel!

October 1, 2013   Baby-killing quietly went BACK INTO thevileone's healthcaretax right before it started. Yep. Now you and I pay for abortions. Got freedom?

October 1, 2013   On that unlovely note, I'll close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

September 2013

September 30, 2013: 4:31 p.m.   Truckers going to D.C.! America is RISING!!!!

September 30, 2013   Fisher makes mountain of mole hill. When someone says they're quitting and the boss offers a pay raise to keep them on, but the employee quits anyways, then the person does NOT RETAIN that pay, nor the pay raise. So Fisher's point is moot at best, stupid at least.

September 30, 2013: 1:38 p.m.   bonehead boehner standing strong? Now for those atheists out there, doesn't this prove the existence of GOD because (if true) it's a MIRACLE! LET THE GOV SHUT DOWN! If the government shuts down, we won't have the FBI spying on people, the NSA doing the same, etc. We will have some of our FREEDOM during a shut down. It would be a good thing! Malkin has the truth that we are ALREADY ABOVE THE DEBT CEILING. So why is NOW the day when it's so important to worry about the debt ceiling? Think about that one. What do you come up with? UPDATE: dumborat Senators vote against House bill! They're pushing for a shut down, folks. They want to be able to blame the Republicans, but it's their moves that are going to do it. Possibility: thevileone wants you distracted from something else that is going to be released so he wants you looking "over there" instead of at his wrong doing. What will that revelation be? Don't know. Just watch for the late night releases, the little hints, or the stuff on the internet not covered or even mentioned in the newscasts.

September 30, 2013   Judge says thevileone's admin committed “grotesque prosecutorial misconduct”. That judge spoke the truth but whoever would have expected it now? After all, they've gotten away with everything so far. It's good to see one judge brave enough to do the right thing! I wonder if he qualifies for the scotUS?

September 30, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax website TAKES DOWN word "free". It's no longer being advertised as being "free" now that it's a day away from implementation (and the start of the disaster). They're having to admit that it won't be "free" to anyone. Everyone will pay. That's the part I don't have too much problem with. The part I have a problem with is HOW MUCH, all of the government intrusion into EVERY aspect of our lives -- not just health care -- and all of the government panels, committees, commissions, etc., that makes it a top heavy administration. I don't think many people WANT thevileone and his administration to be standing between us and the health care we want, the doctor says we need, the operation that oculd save our lives. However, that is exactly what this thing does: and it makes us pay exorbitant amounts for it! Don't want it. Don't need it. It won't work. Sign the petitions against it!

September 30, 2013   I support this plan: Take away taxpayer subsidies for Senators, Representatives and staff. Those who make less than $20,000 annually (like my Mom) shouldn't have to subsidize those who make $175,000+ annually. It's absurd that they even wanted that! But, our legislators seem to think that we are "the little people" and they are the elite, the upper class, the hoity-toity and we should pay for the privilege of them being alive. I've got news for them: We didn't ASK for them to be born and we could do fine without them. There are better people than every dumborat serving who could take their places. So they need to get off of their "we deserve" high horses and get back down to reality and STOP TAKING from the rest of us for their own conveniences!

September 30, 2013   Read JW's weekly update: they're suing for records as to why the USAF Academy removed all references to "So Help Me GOD" from their paperwork, and info on the contract with Huma Abedin (a. weiner's humiliated wife). I hope they get to the truth about weiner's wife. I believe she is a danger to America considering her ties with terrorist organizations.

September 30, 2013   CNN pulls out of hillclintoon documentary. Well, that free advertisement for hillclintoon 2016 is gone. There's still the "tv movie" by NBC (and possibly others), so all of the free publicity isn't gone, but we'll see if any of them do her any good. After all, we all remember this:

September 30, 2013   Twitter suggests terrorists to follow. I've been looking into Twitter lately. Did you know they are owned (majority ownership, not outright) by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who does things like support suicide bombings and "slitting of throats and shattering skulls.". Yep. That's who owns Twitter. I think I'm going to DID close my account instead of giving him any of my support in any way, shape or form. Then there's also this good reason to shut down Twitter accounts.

September 30, 2013   Twelve minute Susan Rice interview: ZERO BENGHAZI questions. CNN - a kiss-butt network of thevileone's admin.

September 30, 2013   billybobclintoon back to his old tricks in campaigning for hillclintoon. He says GOP and TEA Party are taking food from the poor. Anyone who has paid the least bit of attention lately -- or gone to the grocery store -- must know the truth of that statement. We've had a dumborat in the Red House for almost five years now. Does he think people don't know that and don't associate the prices there with the dumborat? Well, there are those deader-than-a-doornail brainless twits out there who still worship thevileone who will believe him, but those (THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE) are the minority. The rest of the people have at least an inkling.

September 30, 2013   Issa wants thevileone's healthcaretax to INCLUDE thevileone's participation in it. How hard will thevileone fight that? My guess? VERY HARD! He'll SUE to prevent it. He sues for everything else.

September 30, 2013   GROSS! Icky! Nasty! Not for me! Yuck.

September 30, 2013   Rick Perry's wife pro-baby-killing. Not a good thing for a Republican presidential candidate. I won't vote for him after the Gardasil decision, that said too much negative about him. Considering that he mandated vaccinations for every girl in Texas -- without parental consent -- and considering that now we know how dangerous Gardasil actually is I could not support him for doing that to anyone.

September 30, 2013   Do you know this hand sign? You should.

September 30, 2013   I say make funding for thevileone's healthcaretaxes incumbent upon thevileone and his family joining: at full price, without subsidies. I bet it would never get implemented.

September 30, 2013   We trust each other more than we trust government. Rightly so, considering the crap this administration and the dumborats (and some RINOS) have been doing.

September 30, 2013   thevileone's lip service to supporting Israel is shown up in treatment of leaders. thevileone lies, he lies, he lies. He supports Israel as much as I support thevileone.

September 30, 2013   Peace and Tolerance: "Sex jihad" on Islamic women. Where is the N.O.W. on this? Why isn't msthevileone focusing on this instead of what you eat? Why has thevileone himself said NOTHING about this? Islam gets a pass. IF the men doing this crap to women were Baptists, the world would be demanding the mens' heads. Islam? Nope. Silence. Hypocrisy has no standards.

September 30, 2013   This administration doesn't want election integrity. If we have to show VALID IDENTIFICATION to vote, then they can't cheat as much. That's why they try to prevent it. The U.S. Constitution is just in their way. Also, this lawsuit goes directly against

"Amendment X
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
That tells you what the "Constitutional scholar" thevileone thinks about the U.S. Constitution. He hates it. It's in his way.

September 30, 2013   I doubt it. I seriously doubt the veracity of that story. They have Hollyweird's money and soros's money. With donors that rich they aren't nearly broke. They're just bucking for YOUR money; the nickels and dimes of the people in "fly-over country". They want your pity and your pennies. Tell them "No!" that you need them to help you pay for thevileone's healthcaretax.

September 30, 2013   Pray for Maureen Rupe's soul, folks. I've heard she isn't doing very well. Pray that she has an encounter with GOD and that she will be saved and live to tell her family to do the same. It will save her, her hubby, her son and grandkids. I pray at least twice daily for her soul. I hope you will do the same.

September 30, 2013   Minion Monday: Hank Pampers Himself in a Candlelight Bubble Bath will close my updates for today. Until next time, See ya'!

September 27, 2013: 10:27 p.m.   I'm not the only person who doubts the Bin Laden story. I may have been the first, but I'm no longer the only.

September 27, 2013: 9:51 a.m.   Missed yesterday due to running errands and staying busy. I was on my computer yesterday for maybe fifteen minutes prior to leaving the house, so I'm making sure I do this today. Let's get started.

September 27, 2013   YOUR taxpayer dollars used to sponsor racist remarks. Yep. This is what thevileone supports. Isn't that special?

September 27, 2013   Let us hope it's a hard lesson learned. I pray we have learned the lesson.

September 27, 2013   JW's weekly update is interesting. They cover more Fast & Furious information. thevileone's administration is still stonewalling on everything.

September 27, 2013   I agree with GOP "leaders" -- who are actually listening to us. Amazing. While only 1% say that they now have health insurance there are others who have lost theirs thanks to thevileone's healthcare tax. So it balances out.

September 27, 2013   Poll: Putin better than thevileone on Syria. Well, I hate to say it, but Putin's more focused, stronger, more certain of his information, illucidates the facts better, and seems to have better information than thevileone. Of course, one could say the same thing of an inch worm, but that's beside the point.

September 27, 2013   Brevard County makes THE BLAZE. Aren't we proud?

September 27, 2013   dumborats are not listening to WE, THE PEOPLE! We don't want their debt, their ridiculously expensive healthcaretax, their intrusion into our lives (NSA, IRS, etc.), their abuse of our rights (gun control), etc. We don't want THEM.

September 27, 2013   Just think, if we shut the gov. down we won't have the NSA spying on us, IRS targeting us, etc. Wouldn't that be WORTH a government shut down? I think so! Let's do this!

September 27, 2013   Animals act like this. People don't. Don't raise your children to be animals. Teach them to have a conscience.

September 27, 2013   thevileone says health care is a "right". No. It isn't. We have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and none of those includes health care at the forced expense of other people. We can CHOOSE to have health care; that's our right. But to be FORCED into it via government programs, via law, that's government intrusion into our pockets, into our lives, into our business. It's not their business whether or not I have health care. Their intrusion into that personal choice is taking away my freedom. They don't have the right to do that. But thevileone must push Socialism down our throats and that's what he's trying to do. If Republicans and the people don't stand up and fight this even after Oct. 1st, then America IS "fundamentally transformed" into something we were NEVER meant to be. Some House Republicans are standing their ground? Miracles happen.

September 27, 2013   Your dollars for Denver tree planting. Isn't that wonnerful?

September 27, 2013   I can't tell you how unbelievable this is. He's a hero and they worry about brick?

September 27, 2013   Baby-killer asks if mother wants to hold baby just killed. I think that could be one way to stop abortions. Make the mother look at what they just killed.

September 27, 2013   Miss Burka World?

September 27, 2013   Send your kids to college for this? Thousands and thousands of dollars for them to be taught that? I don't think it's worth it. Do you?

September 27, 2013   Sometimes "lost causes" are real winners. Never give up on what's RIGHT.

September 27, 2013   Peace and tolerance --- NSFW. If this is Islam, why would ANYONE want to practice it? Why?

September 27, 2013   Good! She should get a retrial if the jury was improperly instructed. It's a case of self-defense and no one got hurt.

September 27, 2013   Some Hamsters still clinging to their "Global Warming" wheel. Delusions are difficult to let go of when you've built a life around them. Sad to see so many addicted to it. Poor, poor Hamsters.

September 27, 2013   Congress getting freebies: does it compromise their integrity? I'll let you answer that question.

September 27, 2013   On that note, I'll close for today. I'm going to soldering on scrap to learn for part of my sculpture later today. I've never done that before. I've soldered before, yes, but not on this material or in this way. We'll see how it turns out. Until next time, See ya'!

September 25, 2013: 3:20 p.m.   Do you or someone you love have Alzheimer's or similar health issues? What if there was a cure for Alzheimers? Coconut oil could be that key ingredient to helping them. There's no harm in trying it. If you're not afraid of success, why not try?

September 25, 2013   Sen. Ted Cruz stood up for America yesterday. Of course, mccain't had to attack Cruz for standing up for America. Even though most of America does NOT want thevileone's healthcaretax, and it's costing LOADS MORE than they said it would. You WILL LOSE the health care plan that you CHOSE, as did Michelle Malkin. (And to the haters who will say "Good! I'm glad Malkin lost her plan!", remember: you are next in line to do so!) The young people are going to be hit hard, too. America is against this. (Well, everyone except thevileone's buddies.) But thevileone keeps going, misleading people about the actual costs. Just because he -- with the help of reid, pelosipig and other dumborats -- can. The ONLY reason they can is because WE LET THEM. We're too lazy, too busy, too preoccupied to do something about it. "WE, THE PEOPLE," are the government. They are OUR employees. What's wrong with US taking control? Remember, the dumborats exempted Congress, the Senate and their staffers from it. It's not good enough for them (or they get OUR money to help them pay for it although they make more than you do) and yet, they make us take it? Where are we? Is thevileone our prezidunce or our dictator?

September 25, 2013   thevileone admits he raised taxes. Can you believe he actually told the truth? Why is there not a HUGE press buzz about this? He told the TRUTH?!!! Amazing!

September 25, 2013   The Feds (and thevileone) have an agenda behind printing money. They're out to make us into something we don't even recognize. I love this line:

"And if Americans find out that the lion's share of their income tax payments are going to service the debt, prepare for a new American revolution."
We need that. We truly do.

September 25, 2013   U.S. Post Offices are raising their rates again? Remember when we found out that they were paying "thousands of its workers" to DO NOTHING? And they expect us to understand and accept a hike in their stamps? Why should we tolerate that? I say go to the post office NOW, buy a hundred "Forever" stamps now and use those forever. After all, save the money you can while you can and when they hike the price again you'll still be using stamps at today's prices, which are high enough! If you're going to hike our prices to pay people to DO NOTHING, that's not a good enough reason to increase OUR prices!

September 25, 2013   I have a suggestion to make this television show more interesting. Let America choose which celebrities go into space via vote, and then we can also vote whether to bring them back! (Just kidding... Except for Michael Moore... and a few others... Piers Morgan?)

September 25, 2013   Okay. I've heard enough and seen enough of the bad cop stories like this one to make me say that I no longer trust ANY law enforcement officer or agency. I refuse to trust them because this kind of crap supports the truth that a lot of cops are being TAUGHT that THEY ARE THE LAW, and that the actual written law (i.e. the U.S. Constitution) does NOT MATTER any more. THE COPS ARE THE LAW is their current attitude. Never trust them until they prove otherwise.

September 25, 2013   You ARE paying higher taxes everywhere for everything. It's not me saying so, it's proven.

September 25, 2013   Eleven months straight of record food stamp recipients. When they employ people to go out and find folks to sign up for food stamps on the beaches of the land, don't you think they WANT it that way? They're trying to turn America into a Socialist/Communist country. Isn't this part of it?

September 25, 2013   ketchup kerry needs to be impeached because of this. He's breaking the Constitutional mandate that

"He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments."
IMPEACH ketchup kerry.

September 25, 2013   thevileone claims to be Christian, but enables attacks on Christians. Does anyone believe his claim? I don't. Never have.

September 25, 2013   Remaking the World: Progressivism and American Foreign Policy by Christopher Burkett. It's a good read and it will help you understand what thevileone and others are doing -- and why.

September 25, 2013   Upcoming scotUS cases are a mixed bag. The First Amendment cases are, of course, important, but National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning could be the most important case because it could UNDO four of thevileone's "recess" appointments that weren't recess appointments because the Senate wasn't in recess. That would be a big slap to thevileone. Let's see if the scotUS has the spine to do the right thing.

September 25, 2013   On that note, I'll go for now. Until next time, See ya'!

September 24, 2013: 2:55 p.m.   Hello. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I had a slight case of the flu. Got better Sunday and my son came over on Monday (nice unexpected visit) and we did crafts all afternoon. He made something for himself and I made two necklaces for me. I may post a pic of them later. Anyways, we didn't finish until after six and then my hubby came home and we spent some time together then I made us some delicious pork chops and by then it was late. So, I didn't get updates done because by the time I sat down to even consider doing them it was 11:33 p.m. and I figured I'd wait. Sorry. Now, on with the blurbs!

September 24, 2013   "A Class in Conscience Because Society is Lacking One" is my latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have

September 24, 2013   Transparency doesn't even apply to their Twitter accounts. That's how "transparent" they are: lying is the cornerstone of their existence. They couldn't spell it if their lives depended upon it. No matter what he promised, HE LIED. That's proven by the fact that even the HuffPo calls him on his lack of transparency. Add Salon magazine calling him on it and you've got even the lefties saying that he's totally opaque, INSTEAD OF transparent! Is anyone surprised?

September 24, 2013   Victory of Americans of L.A.! Hurray! It's rare for Americans to win anything with judges in CA and yet, there was a judge willing to do the Constitutional thing. Excellent!

September 24, 2013   Ex Royal Marine saved 100 lives from Islamic terrorists. Yeah. He used his own gun to do so. Anti-gun advocates would have prevented that. Peace and tolerance rears its true face in this attack. They were, according to the report, "believed to be members of the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab terror group. [I inserted the link to Al-Shabaab.]"

September 24, 2013   thevileone launders $99.8 MILLION through another "green" company that goes belly up. Don't ya' love how responsible he is with YOUR money? Didn't you feel the benefits from all your money going to that company? Aren't you just so grateful for his "investment"? Don't you love how much he does to for you?

September 24, 2013   Grab your guns and hold on tight: thevileone wants them! Yep. We knew it was coming. He's at it again and his buds in the msm are helping him. In uber-lib Maryland people are buying 1,000 guns daily ahead of new anti-gun law. America wants to keep and exercise its Second Amendment rights. It's the only thing that keeps America FREE (and we're learning that even more with this administration) so a lot of us are interested in doing what we can to keep our Second Amendment, GOD-given rights!

September 24, 2013   Sen. Ted Cruz starts fillibuster against thevileone's healthcaretax. I believe the Senate will support thevileone's healthcaretax and when they do that, they'll be spitting in America's faces. The rest of us will be messed over while the Senate will maintain their exemptions, and they manipulated the system so that they get a taxpayer-funded "subsidy" for their costs, YOUR family's healthcare costs will TRIPLE! Aaahhhh....thevileone's healthcaretax. Don't ya' love the "equal protection under the law"?

September 24, 2013   thevileone's CAIR buddies impeded FBI probe of terrorists. Shocked? Didn't think so.

September 24, 2013   Common Core gone in FL? I don't know if it's going to be permanent, or if it's just words, but it's a good start. It's also not safe to challenge Common Core in certain areas. You could get arrested. For more information on Common Core, or to share it with your friends in other states still saddled with this Communism, check out the thorough information you'll find at Grumpy They've really done the research there!

September 24, 2013   U.S. Military has tech vulnerabilities. It's just as thevileone planned it. If he can keep American soldiers being killed and vulnerable, he can prevent them from fighting FOR US HERE, against him. He thinks he's destroying the only capable opposition. What he's forgetting... Well, let's say that the Brits thought the same thing way back when.

September 24, 2013   LOL! pelospig is an idiot-and-a-half. Yes. She's that stupid.

September 24, 2013   The leader of the IRS conservative targeting scandal retires with full pension. Yep. You get to pay her for the rest of her life for targeting you. Don't ya' just love that?

September 24, 2013   CAUTION: Read link without liquid in your mouth or bladder. "World more stable now than it was five years ago..." says thevileone. And he takes all the credit for it to himself, even though thevileone has sent U.S. troops around the world. Isn't that humble?

September 24, 2013   CNN anchor hasn't a clue. From what I've read, most of their anchors fall into that category.

September 24, 2013   NY cop filmed stealing man's pro-Second Amendment sign. That's not good. If the cops are sworn to "protect and defend" or even "uphold and defend" the U.S. Constitution, this does not bode well for the people of that area. He must be a follower of thevileone instead of the Constitution. Some people just don't get the Second Amendment idea.

September 24, 2013   THIS is how cops should handle Second Amendment activists' activities! Hurray for this cop! Excellent!

September 24, 2013   Fired for opposing homosexual "marriage"? Whatever happened to free speech and religious freedom, A.K.A. First Amendment rights?

September 24, 2013   Could Christians go to Mecca and have a similar march? No? But, peace and TOLERANCE!

September 24, 2013   Witness list for Harr/Needelman/Dupree trials proves interesting. Kinda' makes you wonder if there will be other indictments? Just asking. Just asking.

September 24, 2013   Finished in Egypt? I don't know....

September 24, 2013   Pres. of Brazil "excoriates" thevileone. (*smile*).

September 24, 2013   Republicans leading effort to tax the internet. RINOs leading the push; Conservatives don't want it, but that's not all they're messing up. They need to go back and read their Party Platform. I think they've forgotten it already!

September 24, 2013   Some "elected without opposition" for 2013 elections. Remember to keep an eye on the 2014 elections. No telling whose going to turn up.

September 24, 2013   I'll close for now with a small smiley face: Minion Monday: Hank Visits a Fun House. Until next time, See ya'!

September 20, 2013: 6:14 a.m.   From the Ashes Comes the Phoenix. My latest poem. It's intense and it's a 9/11 memorial poem.

September 20, 2013: 2:51 p.m.   Mexico tries to order America around: give 'em a day and thevileone will wet his pants and capitulate.

September 20, 2013   GOP show vote to defund thevileone's healthcaretax. It won't get past the Senate so it's just show vote #41. Yawn.

September 20, 2013   thevileone's rRadical, pro-baby-killing feminist judge approved for D.C. Circuit Court. That's bad. Life matters and having a radical judge who hates babies still inside their mommies is not going to help those babies. Nor is it going to help the women of the area. Remember, abortion kills females, too. If you can't respect life enough inside the womb, you're going to have little regard for it outside the womb. Both genders are in trouble here: as is our U.S. Constitution -- again. Thanks (*not*), thevileone!

September 20, 2013   pelosipig: this lie's so big even satan is laughing.

September 20, 2013   Jeb Bush is supporting Common Core hard core. Why? What's he getting out of pushing BAD education? What's in it for him? Does he think it's going to be his ticket to the White House? If so, he's sadly and vastly mistaken.

September 20, 2013   dumborats walked out of the BENGHAZI hearing yesterday because they didn't respect the families of the victims enough to stay and listen to them. That's dirt. That's lower than dirt. Even worse is what the mother of Sean Smith has to say about thevileone, clintoon, et al:

Our government -- if the people in charge were capable of such things -- should be ashamed of themselves. Every dumborat who walked out of that hearing yesterday should be horsewhipped and then recalled by their constituents because that's how much they care about a hero's family, how much do the people think they give a rat's patutti about theirs? It's disgusting. It's disgraceful. It's dishonorable. It's predictable from today's dumborats. The names of those lower than worm poop dumborats:

Think about it. In order for this walk out to happen these 15 Congressworms had to have gotten together before the hearing. They got together and started talking about who the witnesses are. They talked about what questions those witnesses may ask, how they could avoid answering them and apparently decided that they could not answer the questions. Or whatever; they chose to disrespect the families of the BENGHAZI victims -- the victims thevileone and hillclintoon set-up to DIE horrible deaths -- and walk out on cue. Who came up with the walk-out idea, I'd love to know. I'd love to know how they coordinated it, who thought it up and how dark the hearts are of the people who chose to ignore the questions. How is walking out so that they don't have to answer questions "representing"? How is walking out anything to do with getting to the truth? That's what the hearing was supposed to have been about: TRUTH. But they turned their backs on the TRUTH, on representation (unless they believed that doing a walk out is what their constituents would WANT them to do!) and they turned their backs on the dead. Those brave men who went to save Ambassador Stevens and the other embassy person who died, and the Ambassador himself. Four dead Americans' families asking for TRUTH about what happened to their loved ones and the dumborats got together and decided it wasn't important enough to sit there and listen to the hard questions and to try to give them TRUTH as an answer. Fifteen disgusting congressworms. If they had a conscience to split between them they'd have to cover or break every mirror they had or came across. How much you wanna' bet they have mirrors everywhere and check them often? Lower than worm poop. Contact them and tell them what you think of their actions.

September 20, 2013   Is this why people are dumborats? So that they can say this sort of thing with impunity? Another thing dumborats do that is disgusting.

September 20, 2013   Support for gun control? Down! Hurray.

September 20, 2013   Yes! Let's hope it stays that way! Amnesty in the U.S. House may be a no-go! WooHoo! Let's keep the pressure on that it doesn't come to life again.

September 20, 2013   hillclintoon already opposing thevileone. I hope that she comes out with the truth about thevileone's paperwork, the truths she found out and the press would listen to her this time through and she could destroy thevileone's reputation and every law he ever signed, every Executive Order would be negated and he'd be put in jail and we'd garnish every cent that is in every bank acount he has! My dream.

September 20, 2013   thevileone's such a crybaby. Quick! Someone give him his pacifier! And a more accurate computer program. Oh, and a healthcare program that won't put your private information "at risk". Can you believe he actually admitted it? Shock.

September 20, 2013   Continuing resolution: $174,000 to dead senator's wife. What? Frustrating to have such nonsense passed and condoned! Stop it!

September 20, 2013   Unemployment down in Brevard? I'd love to see the U6 numbers for this area. The U6 numbers include the numbers of the unemployed who have given up looking for employment and I wonder if the "unemployment down" report would stand. Just a thought.

September 20, 2013   Pope is playing dangerously. If he takes the Catholic Church into the "everything's okay" category he will lose the Church a whole lot of people and gain them just a few. The numbers will be enormous. But it's his church to destroy if the people won't stand up to him. C'est la vie! Stand for what you believe in or lose it.

September 20, 2013   D.C. wages: Up! Everywhere else: Down. Does that tell you something?

September 20, 2013   Food stamp reform pass House but will the Senate pass it, or thevileone sign it?

September 20, 2013   thevileone takes on coal. Not a good idea. Coal is good for America and if he had a single brain cell he'd be able to see that.

September 20, 2013   This actually surprised me. America is one of only 4 countries that allow abortions after the baby could live outside the womb. Did you know that? I always thought that it was worldwide, abortion at any time prior to birth. That's the impression the pro-baby-killers leave us with: everyone else does it! So I learned something today: never trust a pro-baby-killer's messages.

September 20, 2013   I shall close with that today. Oh, well, maybe I'll give you a link to my latest Tribute to Our Heroes; Lapel Pins. Until next time, See ya'!

September 19, 2013: 3:25 p.m. Talk Like A Pirate Day!   Arrrrhh, me maties! Let's start doin' us some blurbs! Okay, it's not the same in writing, but if you talk like a pirate today at Krispy Kremes Donuts you'll get a free donut. Let's get goin' tah da donuts (got a little distracted there) blurbs, Matey!

September 19, 2013: 7:01 p.m.   ATTENTION CONCEALED CARRY & GUN OWNERS OF BREVARD: Starbucks has changed its former policy and GUNS are NO LONGER WELCOME in Starbucks. I have never stepped foot in a Starbucks. Now, I never shall. I won't buy their bottled Frappuccinos at any store. I even deleted from my Flickr photostream the one pic I had Starbucks Frappuccino featured. Starbucks does not exist to me any longer.

September 19, 2013   Family Research Council shooter gets 25 years in prison. Shock: the feds called the shooting "an act of terrorism"! Wow! They're admitting it finally! A "hate map" helped the shooter target FRC. If the Conservatives had published a map of progressive organizations and called them hateful and something similar had happened would lead to the Conservatives being condemned in the media but it's not going to happen for this situation. Double standards always apply.

September 19, 2013   $1.2 BILLION of your taxpayer dollars spent in "overpayments". Don't you just love all of this government carelessness? Just think. In a few weeks they're scheduled to take over your healthcare monies. Doesn't all this waste and all these mistakes just breed confidence? Kinda' makes you all warm and comfy, doesn't it?

September 19, 2013   thevileone built this. Dollar at seven month low. Thanks, thevileone! You're still right on track in your efforts to destroy America!

September 19, 2013   VINDICATED! Repbulican, Tom Delay's conviction overturned, thrown out, his record cleared and the judge says the case was,

"legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions."
The prosecutor in this case shopped six grand juries before he finally found one that would come anywhere close to handing down an indictment. The other five said there wasn't enough evidence to indict. Shouldn't that have told the prosecutor something? But, no. He was under orders from the dumborats and he had to get this done. This is what our judicial system has been brought down to by the dumborats: a tool to get their own way. Delay's nickname was "The Hammer" and he was very good at getting all of the Republicans (sometimes a few dumborats) to vote for what the Republicans wanted. The dumborats had to get rid of him in order to win any votes at all. So they found a prosecutor who did just that... six juries later.

September 19, 2013   Putin wants 4th term. He wants to be around while weak-willed, lilly-livered, incompetent prezidunce is in office so that Putin can mock him some more. Putin likes being the strong one and he's determined to display his strength to the mom-jeans-wearing, helmeted schoolyard sissy, thevileone. Putin's in his element. How far will he take it is my concern.

September 19, 2013   I support this bill. I think we should do this in Florida. I think EVERY state should do this: federal, too, should do this! If you want to take our money at least do something for it. I think it instills a feeling of accomplishment when people work to get something. It makes that something more valuable. Whether it's a car a teen saved up to buy, a house you're wanting without going into debt, or a book a kid purchases with his own allowance money, that thing, that adventure, that blouse, whatever, is more valuable when you work to get it.

September 19, 2013   I DON'T THINK SO! Why should WE pay for something WE didn't make, give them, or have anything to do with? When talking about getting rid of the chemical weapons in Syria,

"Assad also said if the United States wanted to pick up the $1 billion, that would help."
No way! thevileone has already wasted enough of our money, our great-great-great-grandchildren's money to go from here to Pluto we don't need to waste even more! No way! But thevileone will gladly give our money to them: WITHOUT proof the weapons will ever be destroyed thanks to "his" largesse. Mark my words!

September 19, 2013   CBO's records of our debt contradict thevileone's words yesterday.

"Now, this debt ceiling -- I just want to remind people in case you haven't been keeping up -- raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt; it does not somehow promote profligacy. All it does is it says you got to pay the bills that you've already racked up, Congress. It's a basic function of making sure that the full faith and credit of the United States is preserved."

Yeah. Truth MATTERS. thevileone wouldn't know the truth if it kissed him on the lips, slipped him the tongue and grabbed his crotch all at the same time. He proves it every time his lips move.

September 19, 2013   I bet it tastes a little like cigars.

September 19, 2013   thevileone is using the Navy Yard shooting to raise money? First: Tacky, tacky, tacky. Totally classless. Second: Raising money for...? To push GUN CONTROL LAWS. He's trying to take away our Second Amendment rights and he's using this and other shootings as a way to do so. Hold tight, fight back and stand now, while you still can! Remember, he extended the "state of national emergency" so he has extended powers still. What else does he want to do with his extended powers? Remember, also, that back in August he signed more gun control "Executive Orders". What others is he planning?

September 19, 2013   Did you hear about the MANDATORY AIDS TESTING FOR ALL CITIZENS? Executive Order on July 15, 2013 everyone ages 15-65 gets tested for AIDS, whether you've ever done anything to warrant it or not. Invasion of privacy, anyone? Do you feel like your life is now under someone else's control? Freedom, anyone?

September 19, 2013   Ted Cruz is doing the right thing which makes him a target for the progressives and idiots. (Sorry to be redundant there.)

September 19, 2013   thevileone asks NY Times what he should do about Syria. Excuse me? Asking "journalists" and opinion editors what to do about a national security and world diplomacy event? It's ridiculous! He's so clueless, he's the guy who takes advice from his teenage daughters!

September 19, 2013   scotUS to hear another case challenging thevileone's healthcaretax. Shall we be able to say "Hurray! Freedom and our U.S. Constitution won!"? Or shall we be saying, "Justice (air quotes) john roberts screwed us again?" Let us all pray for the U.S. Constitution's victory on this one. Let us hope that whatever they have on roberts that he's man enough to stand up and face it and do the right thing for the future of the country, not just what's convenient to his little secret. By the way, did you know that thevileone says you are WRONG for opposing his healthcare plan? You're wrong. He knows what's best for you and you WILL sit down, shut up and take it whether you want it or not! Arrogant a...hem.

September 19, 2013   I sent info to the Commies about this company suggesting that the commies don't grant a tax abatement to it, but the progressive three (bolin, nelson and fisher) voted FOR it anyways. They should not have, but they did. How do three commies spell "regret"? They'll regret it. I don't trust the company and I don't think this is a good thing for Brevard. I could be wrong. Gut instinct says I'm not.

September 19, 2013   This is a DESPICABLE, DISREPECTFUL, ARROGANT act on the part of the dumborats! How DARE they? Those families DESERVE a proper hearing and they DESERVE to have everyone present and they DESERVE to have their say and to GET TRUTHFUL, ACCURATE, IMMEDIATE ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS! But, no! The dumborats walk out, totally disrespecting their losses and the fact that they are supposed to be adults willing to deal with hard truths! That's why they get the big bucks, to deal with difficult, big picutre things, not to walk out when the going gets tough! What COWARDS! When the names are published, I'll find them and post them. Give 'em hades!

September 19, 2013   Okay. That one ticked me off. I'm going to go for now because I'm too irritated to not get really aggressive with the dumborats. If you think my daily postings are "full of hate" (you know who), you should see me angry. (*smirk*) Until next time, See ya'!

September 18, 2013: 9:34 p.m.   Had errands to do today, so I was out all day. Just a few blurbs tonight (planned that way, at least). If I find a lot of interesting items, there may be more than a few. We'll see.

September 18, 2013: 9:31 p.m.   "The Drafted Health Care Application: Summary of a Doozey" is my latest Girls Just Wanna' Have article. The questionnaire is just a wee bit intrusive.

September 18, 2013   thevileone built this. Another step toward thevileone's ultimate goal of destroying America. He must be crowing in his sleep. Maybe if he understood how things work he'd be crowing a little louder, but he keeps proving his incompetence.

September 18, 2013   Is this timing suspicous to you? Gitmo prisoner released and he's related to Syrian opposition? Kinda' makes one say, "Hmmm..."

September 18, 2013   Just a little more hollyweird hypocrisy. The original pot calls the kettle here.

September 18, 2013   msthevileone has no authority to spend taxpayer dollars on ANYTHING. A first lady (or first spouse) is not mentioned at all in the U.S. Constitution. She has no power over us except what we give her via obedience. If anyone listens to msthevileone, sounds to me like they deserve what they get.

September 18, 2013   House to vote on defunding thevileone's healthcaretax. This is, what?, the 40-somethingth time? Amptjer meaningless show vote. Whatever!

September 18, 2013   What the....???? If this is true, someone has to answer for the lives that could have been saved. It's just WRONG!

September 18, 2013   Michelle Malkin is correct: government is more dangerous than other things! It's ridiculous how bad our government has become.

September 18, 2013   IRS "flagged" groups in 2011 based upon anti-thevileone rhetoric. Some of these groups were newly forming, how can they have had "anti-thevileone rhetoric" if they were just forming? Ridiculous!

September 18, 2013   thevileone's speech was a problem. Not just that it had three to be pointed out, but that he hasn't yet been arrested and tried for treason instead of still being in the Red House!

September 18, 2013   Woah! I've seen a lightning strike that close. It made me run, but my dog still beat me to the door!

September 18, 2013   Robert Spencer is correct: Islam is a religion of hatred. They don't just hate the "infidels", they hate themselves and everyone else.

September 18, 2013   Now lindsey grahamnasty is formally rebuked. First it was john mccain't's folks rebuking him, now it's grahamnasty. Seems like their constituents are not happy with being misrepresented. I don't blame them!

September 18, 2013   What do Russia, China & Al Qaeda have in common? Hatred of us, of course, but what else?

September 18, 2013   Well, I said "a few" blurbs tonight and I'll stick with it since I have more to do and must get done. Today, I was blessed and found Hank's Halloween costume. We don't celebrate Halloween, but I can take a pic of Hank in a costume! (Of course, he won't go trick-or-treating.) Until next time, See ya'!

September 17, 2013: 5:11 p.m.: Constitution Day   Wrote my latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have today. I'll post a link to it when it's up. It's about the 60 page draft release of the application. Yeowser! It's a lot of very personal and intrusive questions. You may be interested in reading it to find out. Now, on with the blurbs.

September 17, 2013   Never forget: we're sill waiting for answers about BENGHAZI. The TRUTH matters.

September 17, 2013   Navy Yard shooter was a fan of thevileone who had mental illness problems. Anyone who supports thevileone is mentally ill, granted, but not everyone does this. The shooter really should have been off the streets and in a facility. Of course, the dumborats call for more gun control laws. Shock surprise on that one. The truth is that the guns he used weren't all brought there by him:

"[The weapons:] a shotgun -- that investigators believe Alexis brought in to the compound. The other two weapons, which sources say were handguns, may have been taken from guards at the Navy complex."
There was no AR-15 involved. And if billyboyclintoon hadn't taken the right to carry away from our soldiers (or not) this sort of thing would never happen.

September 17, 2013   DH[IN]S keeps the U.S.A. vulnerable. That's the way they want it. Destroy America and let others help.

September 17, 2013   eric holder has been sued by the House of Representatives over noncompliance. holder has been stonewalling and not letting the truth be known by Congress or the American people. So, Judicial Watch is suing him to find out why the stonewalling. Good! That's another reason to love and support Judicial Watch. I do.

September 17, 2013   CIA employee suspended over BENGHAZI. The person refused to sign a non-diclosure form because the person obviously has a spine and a conscience. Good for that person!

September 17, 2013   thevileone gets even more vile. He's absolutely disgusting and revolting.

September 17, 2013   Making less money than in 1989? That's what the numbers show. thevileone built that! And he's trying to make it worse. Naturally!

September 17, 2013   Imagine that! Scientists find source of imaginative abilities in our brains. So all of my Hank pictures and my writing and my paintings all come from a specific area of my brain. I always thought my whole brain was goofy.

September 17, 2013   sebelius says "Will" then "can" then "may". That's how the uninsured hear things here. It's maybe kinda' sorta' a thing where you could be covered.... maybe...

September 17, 2013   hillclintoon to open mouth; lies WILL come out.

September 17, 2013   IMHO, Starbucks CEO is nuts. Or just stupid. Or just very progressive. Or all of the above.

September 17, 2013   Anyone who values the lives of women would NOT say this: If elected I'll keep open substandard abortion clinics. Guess who: Terry McAuliffe (D) candidate for Virginia Governor. I guess he wants more women dying due to infections and all the other crud like Kermit Gosnell's clinic had wrong with it. McAuliffe should be ashamed of himself. It's not JUST the babies that are being killed by the horror factories. It's girls and women, too!

September 17, 2013   YOUR taxpayer dollars: $650 MILLION to illegal aliens in L.A. alone. Tell me something. What benefits do you receive for your taxpayer dollars? Postal service, roads in fair condition, the U.S. military and the IRS there to take your tax money? Yeah. Become an illegal and you'll get a LOT more.

September 17, 2013 &Nbsp I say GOOD for the art gallery director. a painting of thevileone is not more sacred than a crucifix, but they put it in urine and called it art (which thevileone refused to denounce). It's not more important than the Virgin Mary that an "artist" did in cow dung and it was called "art". Why not leave up the "defaced" painting of thevileone? Fair's fair.

September 17, 2013   More Common Core lies. They're teaching your children lies about the U.S. Constitution. Teach them the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and you can get 10 for $10 here. Keep them close at hand. I carry one with me in my purse. You should have seen how the security personell reacted when they saw it as they were searching my purse at the Viera court house. Funny stuff!

September 17, 2013   30 years of being in the U.N.'s minority. It's time we kick the U.N. off of American soil, get all of their "diplomatic immunity" people off of our soil and stop giving our money to the U.N. and all of the evil they want to do to diminish our GOD-given rights! Kick 'em out!

September 17, 2013   Rather gross, but WAY cool. Finger growing via pig's bladder. Who knew?

September 17, 2013   "Examining the Social Cost of Carbon" by Paul C. "Chip" Knappenberger is a good read. Considering the fact that we know that there is NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING, a "carbon tax" (to punish those of us who drive places, do things: the producers of America) to allegedly help fix what manmade global warming is hurting would be just another way for thevileone to launder more money to give to the Muslim Brohood and his other cronies.

September 17, 2013   I've used this link before, but it's time for a reminder. FIVE Ways [thevileone] Has Tramled the Constitution. Remember he has done this. It's time to impeach thevileone and get him out of our rights, and into prison where he belongs!

September 17, 2013   BOCC mulls a BIG mistake. Four of them will vote in favor of it. Infantini will be the only one with the sense to do the right thing.

September 17, 2013   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

September 16, 2013: 5:17 p.m.   I just found this: Aaaahhhh..... public schools LYING TO THEIR STUDENTS ABOUT THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. The students should be taught the TRUTH, not a lie. Public schools are nothing more than liberal indoctrination. Homeschool your children. Teach them the TRUTH.

September 16, 2013   Sunshine Laws ignored in Hialeah. Watch the video. It will make you wonder what the City officials have to hide since they called the cops on a group of folks filming a public records request and LIED to them about having to have the request in WRITING. The truth is that you don't HAVE to put it in writing. You can walk in off the streets and ask and it is SUPPOSED to be given to you, no ID required, no delays, no excuses. That's the LAW. Too bad some public employees don't give a flying flip about the law.

September 16, 2013   Had to get those in. Watch the whole video on that public records one, folks. It's really infuriating. Public officials need to remember that they work for us, not we them! Until next time, See ya'!

September 16, 2013: 12:22 p.m.   Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did. So let's start with this: Baby-killing clinics closing at record rates! That's a GREAT way to start the week! People are realizing that babies are babies when they're in the womb, too. The truth about the formation of a child is being told and mothers are choosing to NOT abort their babies. LIFE is winning! So we start this update with excellent news!

September 16, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax will question your sex life. That 60 page questionnaire or the 21 page questionnaire for thevileone's healthcaretax will be a bit invasive of your privacy. Want to take advantage of thevileone's healthcaretax? Kiss your privacy goodbye. You'll have to tell them everything they want to know about you, like it or not. Remember, this thing will be administered by the IRS and lying on federal IRS forms comes with stiff penalties. Privacy? What privacy? Is that what you wanted? Also remember, the Senate and House exempted themselves so those pesky questions won't have to be answered by them. Isn't that special? Would it surprise anyone if they made backroom deals to pass this disgusting government overreach? Except in CA, even if you sign up for it, you may not be able to get it. Is there anything this administration CAN'T SCREW UP?

September 16, 2013   There's been a shooting spree in D.C. There are currently differing stories about what happened, how many shooters, how many dead and injured, what's going on with the shooter[s], etc., so I'll just say "Pray for the victims, and the for the safety of the residents and law enforcement of D.C." Keep an eye on this story. There's more to be released. As usual, though, thevileone is vile during the attacks. How tacky.

September 16, 2013   CO: Hundreds still unaccounted for. The weather is clearing so that's good news. Maybe they can get out and find more people stranded on housetops or in trees. I hope they find everyone and that there are no more deaths.

September 16, 2013   Rich & poor gap widens. thevileone has to bear the full responsibility for this. He is the one who built this: without our help. But, as usual, thevileone blames Republicans. He points the finger at everyone and anyone else, but he never -- ever -- takes responsibility for his own actions. Typical progressive leftie.

September 16, 2013   CO residents want to build on their recall victory. Now they want to repeal the gun control laws the lefties put in place. CO, the rest of America should follow your lead! Anti-gun laws were struck down in Illinois, too. FINALLY!

September 16, 2013   NYC's dumborat nominee for mayor is De Blasio. He'll face RINO Republican nominee Joe Lhota on Nov. 5th. So the only difference between the two candidates will be what letter is after their names? Sounds like NYC will get what they deserve if they vote for either candidate.

September 16, 2013   Speaking of elections, Here are the 2013 candidates and issues for Brevard County (some candidates ran without opposition so they are already "elected"); and the 2014 Brevard County Candidates. Keep an eye on the Supervisor of Elections' website, folks. It keeps you well informed. District 1 needs to pay attention to this one:

"District 1 School Board
"Paul A. Chinaris
"Candidate Report
"5493 Jamaica Rd, Cocoa, FL 32927


"Misty L. Haggard-Belford
"Candidate Report
"1630 N. Singleton Ave., Titusville, FL 32796
Why this one? Because I know a little bit about Chinaris. He's married to Carmella Chinaris , of the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board. She was, as you may recall, she was recommended by the rupester. Birds of a feather. I'm not saying that Ms Haggard-Belford would be any better, but I will contact her and get info from her and share that info with you: IF she responds.

September 16, 2013   Wow. House on a buried treasure! Amazing finds all around that area.

September 16, 2013   Another fancy party at the Red House while you eat another supper of Peanut Butter and Jelly. Aren't you so glad you have a KING/TYRANT instead of merely a president? It means so much more for us to have a KING. After all shouldn't all KINGS live like he?

September 16, 2013   "Journalist" getting defined by Congress: Should that be called "fascist"? Yes. A journalist is someone who reports things. They get information out to others. This website is a place to come and get information. Does that make me a "journalist"? I get information gathered up for you. I sometimes even write the reports on local issues/events myself. So, yes, I am a "journalist" because of the research I do and the articles I write. Will my website -- or the others I write for -- be covered under the Senate's bill? We'll see, but if history is any indication, then I'll have to say no because my writing doesn't kiss the left's backside.

September 16, 2013   Peace and tolerance at it again.

September 16, 2013   Animals: these people should be shot at sunrise. Warning: Very disturbing content.

September 16, 2013   BENGHAZI: Did "probe" protect clintoon, thevileone, etc? They blamed "midlevel" staffers for BENGHAZI, not those at the top; of course! Just as they did for the IRS targeting scandal, it's always the "midlevel" folks to take the fall. It's never higher than "midlevel" that does any wrong in thevileone's world. He must be protected at all costs: inclding the loss of innocent lives and their loved ones never knowing the truth.

September 16, 2013   Brain-eating amoeba discovered in LA water system? I didn't know progressivism is spread via water!

September 16, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax causes more people to lose their jobs. And he parties at the Red House to celebrate the demise of America and blame Republicans for everything under the sun. Even though it's his doing, not theirs.

September 16, 2013   Crud. Now I have to decide if I want to stay on Twitter. I'm not on there very often, actually, but when I do use it, I don't want to be doing "business" with a Saudi Prince. Sigh... For now, though, if you wish to follow me I'm available at my Twitter name: @SpaceCoastCon. I may or may not be back, but if you wish to follow me, that's my handle.

September 16, 2013   We still don't know much at all about thevileone. So why are we not surprised?

September 16, 2013   One of the 9/11 memorial desecrators is found.

September 16, 2013   DO[IN]J "coached" black pastors on how to be political but not lose their pastorate. Does that sound like "equal treatment" to you? No? Shock! Surprise!

September 16, 2013   I'll close with a Minion Monday smile. Until next time, See ya'!

September 14, 2013: 8:00 p.m.   Just a few blurbs tonight because I'm starting late and have laundry and a few other things still to do. We went out to an early dinner with some friends and tried a new (to us) restaurant, Bonefish Grill in Merritt Island. The best way I can describe it is, YUMM!!! I recommend everything! We had three appetizers: Bang Bang Shrimp (spicy, so if you don't do spicy, don't dip the shrimp, have it brought on the side), the Coconut Shrimp (spicy) and (my favorite) the Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops! Oh, my goodness, those things are SOOOOOOOO good! I suggested to the manager that they be put on the dessert menu, too; they're that good! Then I had the Chicken Marsala with steamed veggies and broccoli, and for dessert we all four shared a Flourless Brownie with Raspberry Sauce and Ice Cream. Decadent! So very good! The service was excellent, too, so next time you want something good to eat, try Bonefish Grill. I think you'll really, really like it! I give it 10 of 10!

September 14, 2013   ABSOLUTELY! I AGREE 100%!!

September 14, 2013   Changing the story to fit the TRUTH. Yeah, the Matthew Shepard story was all a big lie. He wasn't killed because of hatred against homosexuals, but because of drugs. He knew his attackers and he'd bought and sold drugs with/to them, as well as having had sex with at least one of the perps prior to their beating and killing him. The TRUTH matters. Even if it doesn't fit certain people's agendas.

September 14, 2013   TSA officer arrested for smuggling illegal aliens. So, is anyone surprised.

September 14, 2013   U.S. troops on the ground in Syria? Not a good idea. Let's NOT do this!

September 14, 2013   Second Amendment getting some bucking up by several States' Legislators.

September 14, 2013   CO residents currently missing 172.

September 14, 2013   Poor, poor Hamsters! What will they do? Things are NOTHING like they predicted. algore is so disappointed. Poor, poor Hamsters!

September 14, 2013   I'll close with this tonight: Here Kitty, Kitty! Yeow! Until next time, See ya'!

September 13, 2013: 1:59 p.m.   Chi-town abolishes 1968 gun registry law. Two CO State Senators successfully recalled for their anti-gun stance, despite mega-money from Bloomberg, et al. And, of course, Was-Schultz can't handle the defeat and cries "voter suppression". Right. The dumborats are known to bus people from STATE TO STATE to vote in elections so if they wanted more people to vote, why didn't they put forth the effort? Or were they so convinced that they were going to win due to the amount of money they pumped into the election that they didn't bother busing folks in? Either way, the decision goes to those who actually vote so she has no tear to cry. Unless, that is, you count those over another defeat. America is RISING!

September 13, 2013   Why was a terrorist meeting with Pentagon officials for lunch? Kinda' makes me wanna' go "Hmmmmm...."

September 13, 2013   Religion of "Peace and Tolerance" calls for attacks on U.S.A. Acid thrown on Catholic priest. Al Qaeda beheads a young man. Here in FL, CAIR is threatening to get an employee fired for his remarks on his own Facebook page. They attack the U.S. Consulate in Afghanistan. They kill people for not paying their "protection tax". Islam: Convert or die. That's the goal. Never forget it. Never give in. Stand tall and fight back. Remember, their "Convert or die" stance includes ATHEISTS.

September 13, 2013   I will surprise some: I agree with Gene Simmons.

September 13, 2013   msthevileone creates an "environental issue" pushing water drinking. I guess she hasn't heard about this study. Oh, well. It's not as if she cares about your health. She cares about her power over your health just like thevileone. How much you wanna' bet he tries to give his union buddies a break?

September 13, 2013   The left is realizing thevileone is not who they wanted him to be. Boo. Hoo. He's not what I wanted him to be: ARRESTED!

September 13, 2013   The gubment's going to be watching YOUR credit card transactions. Oh, but don't worry: it's for YOUR protection! Don't ya' love communism in action?

September 13, 2013   thevileone's friend given a few helping hands. Shock. surprise.

September 13, 2013   bumbling biden blows own bugle. Modesty, anyone?:

"[I] understand the Senate better than any man or woman who's ever served in there, and I think I understand the House ..."
To quote Michelle Malkin: *snickersnort*. Yeah. Sure he does. Better than the first two U.S. Senators? He's such a liar.

September 13, 2013   Senate bill would define who is a "journalist". This definition would ensure NO protection for whistleblowers under the First Amendment. Sounds to me like they're worried about something they think could be coming at them. What could that be? The truth coming out about thevileone? Let us HOPE. Remember, thevileone has a LOT of ex-"journalists" in his administration. Maybe they're looking for a little protection, too?

September 13, 2013   $1.3 BILLION overpaid by Social Security administration. That's YOUR money, folks. Don't you LOVE COMPETENCE?

September 13, 2013   First Putin, now ketchup kerry's counterpart: Mocking America Russia's favorite pasttime. Sounds to me like they've got reason to do so with these two clowns in office.

September 13, 2013   harry reid crying again. Oh, Wah.

September 13, 2013   AZ school district pulls sexually explicit book from Common Core recommended reading list. Common Core is ROTTEN to the Core! Any school using that system needs to be shut down and any politician supporting that corrupt "education" (not an education, indoctrination!) needs to be kicked from office, or not elected in the fist place.

September 13, 2013   Student protestors defile 9/11 memorial. Why?

"The protesters told Ben Kinney, president of the conservative club on campus, they were "confiscating" the flags in protest of "America's imperialism."
Two of the protestors published other excuses later, claiming American Indian heritage burial ground, etc., but the school's administrator sent a response: "[T]he school's director of public affairs, Sarah Ray, admitted it has "never before been suggested that this is a Native American burial ground." Sounds like their first statement of "America's imperialism" is closer to the truth to me. They hate America. Let them go live elsewhere. I'll pitch in $10 to start the fund to pay for the tickets.

September 13, 2013   Speaking of... Aaaahhhhhh... public schools. Muslim poem but NO Pledge of Allegiance on 9/11? Anyone see a problem with that? I DO.

September 13, 2013   "Higher education" takes another downward turn. "Blame Bush" is his mantra now. You'd pay how much to have your child taught that nonsense?

September 13, 2013   thevileone to "focus" on the ECONOMY AGAIN! RUN! Run for your money! Hide it! Cover it up! Make sure your job is secure! He's trying to get the rest of us unemployed!

September 13, 2013   Why black on white violence matters. It's good for you to read and understand.

September 13, 2013   Bwahahahahahahaha! Blarney Carney's at it again. What a crock!

September 13, 2013   CA to allow illegal immigrants to practice law. Break the law to get there, be an illegal and profit from it, and be registered at the CA Bar? Riiiiigghhhhttt... They don't stop there, though: they're allowing Non-Physicians to do abortions. How much do you have to HATE babies to do that? How much? Then, CA raises their minimu wage to $10 hourly. Prepare for people to be fired in droves because businesses can't afford that. This will make people leave CA en masse. Which state will they try to take over? Will it be Texas or Florida, or some other poor state? Ugh. CA is becoming Communist California very quickly.

September 13, 2013   September 11th's "Million Muslim March" final number: 25. No. Twenty-five. Not 25,000,000. Just 25. As my sons would say "Gaheet!"

September 13, 2013   Detroit: Is it too late to save it? I don't know, but some residents are trying.

September 13, 2013   Judges getting dumber as courts getting more powerful. So tell us something we hadn't figured out, considering how many bad decisions they have handed down recently. Even the scotUS is -- if not dumbing down -- going PC on us. Laws? Constitution? Nah. That doesn't matter. It's what is PC that counts. Ask justice john roberts.

September 13, 2013   Lassoing asteroids? Ambitious NASA project sounds so cool... and dangerous... and Sci-Fi... and difficult! BTW, check the pics at the bottom of that page. They're amazing space pics!

September 13, 2013   Three storms, none a threat to FL. Good!

September 13, 2013   Keep CO in your prayers. They're being hammered by storms and floods.

September 13, 2013   On those notes, I'll close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

September 12, 2013: 2:08 p.m.   Just a few updates right now because I have an appointment to keep. So, let's start with Putin, who considers himself "all that", says:

"My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."
Notice that he's the one strutting around showing how wonderful he is without a shirt, shooting bears (or whatever) and "clamping down" on resistance to HIS rule because he's "exceptional" enough to stay in power and flaunt his alleged physical prowess. Note also, that a Communist is looking to GOD for affirmation of what he's pushing. They use GOD as a beating stick and have nothing else to do with Him. BTW, Putin isn't quoting the Bible there, but our own Declaration of Independence. I think that's a little "in your face" to thevileone. Putin probably knows it better than our "constitutional scholar", thevileone.

September 12, 2013   Pope may allow priests to marry. Considering all of the priest scandals of the last fifteen years, I think that would be a good thing. Two questions come to mind: 1) Would he endorse homosexual "marriage" considering the history of priests and boys? And 2) If priests marry, will the Catholic church then be forced to accept divorce of priests as well? One would think that would be a "No, no!" but, apparently not with this Pope. The problem he is running into is that GOD doesn't change His rules, but the Pope is saying something besides what GOD says. Choosing between the two, I choose GOD every time (of course, I'm not Catholic). So, what is the Catholic church going to look like by the time this Pope is finished with it? Also, if the Pope actually believes what he said yesterday (not having to believe in GOD to get to heaven) why bother having a Pope since the Pope is the messenger of GOD? Why doesn't he just resign? People don't need a go-between for GOD and them if there's no reason to believe in GOD to get to heaven, now do they? Why doesn't he resign? BTW, note the pic used with that story. That's creepy.

September 12, 2013   New e-mails prove it: Conservatives WERE targeted by the IRS. Like any of us had any doubt.

September 12, 2013   OUR money is going to our enemies: $1.14 billion of OUR money. That's what the money laundering was for: to give "clean" money to our enemies. It's called treason, folks. What shall we do about it? Sign the petition at the link above, then contact your representative and tell them to impeach thevileone, that's what.

September 12, 2013   mccain't formally slapped. Not that it matters to him what his constituents think. He doesn't give a rat's patutti. He's there to satisfy his own need for recognition and power. Constituents? What are those?

September 12, 2013   Aaaahhh.... public schools. Why not just close them all and we can create homeschooling neighborhoods; your neighbor can teach math because they're good at that. You can teach history because you're good at that. The person down the street can teach English usage (grammar, spelling, punctuation) because they're good at that. You would have total control and you would be aware of what they're being taught because you'd be the main teacher. Sounds good to me.

September 12, 2013   Have employee insurance that includes your spouse? Think again.

September 12, 2013   Unions say if it can't be fixed, it must be repealed. They're angry about thevileone's healthcaretax. Awww.... too bad. They're realizing they've been lied to by the liar. Duh!

September 12, 2013   Speaking of thevileone's healthcaretax, you're going to have to answer questions you don't want to answer. The draft application form is only 60 pages. The condensed version is only 21 pages long and you have to tell them things like your race, national heritage, provide proof of citizenship and give them a copy of your photo ID; amongst other things. Don't you want thevileone's healthcaretax now?

September 12, 2013   Well that will do it for now. I must go get ready for my appointment and get there. Until next time, See ya'!

September 11, 2013: REMEMBRANCE DAY   Twelve years ago today we were attacked by a belief that we must conform to someone else's beliefs. They will kill us to make it so. A year ago today, the deaths of four Americans proved that the same belief system is still willing to kill us to accomplish their goals. Let us REMEMBER to stand against this kind of tyranny, terrorism and hatred. We were wounded, heart and soul, twelve years ago. Let us not allow it to happen again!

September 11, 2013: 10:16 p.m.   Went to my podiatrist's office for my last visit for my foot injury (I'll miss them, they're SO nice!). The good news is that my foot is fine and the two injections he gave me (it could have been four) did the job and he fixed it in just the two injections! Dr. Simonson is SO VERY GOOD! And he's a sweet guy, too. He also has a sense of humor and when someone's going to be giving you an injection in the foot, that's important! Anyways, did other stuff when I got home and it's time to do a few blurbs.

September 11, 2013   9/11 Lesson Forgotten: Life is Precious and It Matters! is my latest Girls Just Wanna' Have article.

September 11, 2013   GOD BLESS BIKERS! The scheduled march originally named the "Million Muslim March" turned into a few hundred Muslims walking down the street hoping to not be noticed. They did something stupid and wrong by trying to rub America's noses in it on this day of all days and it turned into a flop for them and a victory for American Spirit! GOD BLESS BIKERS! America is stirring! Watch out dumborats!

September 11, 2013   hillclintoon associating with a corrupt person? SHOCK! Wow! I never would have thought that possible! Knock me over with a feather! (Sarcasm, of course.)

September 11, 2013   "No proof" Assad used chemical weapons, says paper. Considering that other countries say that it was the rebels who used chemical weapons and there is no PROOF on either side, why would anyone think it the WISE thing to do to send our people over there to bomb ANYONE? Consider what Judge Napolitano (no relation to jnap) says about this issue. Then consider what we should NOT be doing. BTW, the woman who suggested and led the charge to decide to get involved in Syria has been forced to resign for LYING on her resume. Birds of a feather. Now it's time to Impeach thevileone.

September 11, 2013   Pope goes against Bible. He says something that directly contradicts the Bible and that means the Pope is wrong. The Pope cannot be more correct than the Word of GOD. Especially when the Pope is saying something that the history of the Catholic church teaches against. Hmmm... Sounds to me like Pope Francis is letting power go to his head.

September 11, 2013   LOL: Transparency FAIL! thevileone's "transparency" agency has failed to be transparent about ANYTHING he does. Shock. Surprise. Tyrants always control the flow of information about what they're doing (or not doing) and this agency has helped him do just that. YOUR Taxpayer Dollars at work. Donchaloveit?

September 11, 2013   NSFW: so long short lived weiner. He lost the NYC mayoral primary (as Spitzer did in his race for comptroller: GOOD!) and his exit was classic progressive.

September 11, 2013   AMERICA IS RISING! There are signs all across this land that Americans are getting fed up with the progressive leftists who are trying to "fundamentally change America" into something she was never intended to be: communist. Americans are standing up in big groups like the Bikers in D.C. and in states like CO. It's not the T.E.A. Party by themselves (although some are still active), it's America. America as she should be: We, The People standing up and taking our rightful place of being out there and saying, "No! You're NOT going to do that to OUR Country! We're Americans and we're not going to take this anymore!" Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

September 11, 2013   Peace, tolerance and jizya tax? In other words, if you don't want to be beheaded, you pay to finance our war against your fellow Christians. Sweet? Nope. Right? Nope. Good? Nope. "Tolerant"? Nope.

September 11, 2013   Hijabs allowed; baseball caps not. The TSA's double standards don't keep anyone safe except the terrorists.

September 11, 2013   Sea World cuts hours to avoid thevileone's healthcaretax fines. Destroying your future is what he wants. Has anyone not had enough evidence of that?

September 11, 2013   On eagles' wings -- or wind farms' blades? Sixty-seven eagles killed in five years by the blades of the wind farms. Sounds to me like environmentalist wackos are ignoring the truth in an effort to save face. If their faces had feathers maybe the eagles would matter more to them, but who knows?

September 11, 2013   Child rapists won't be deported? Whoever came up with this should be sent to a Mexican prison for the rest of their lives!

September 11, 2013   It's almost midnight and I will close with my friend, Political Fireball's remembrance of the day. GOD BLESS AMERICA and keep her safe. Until next time, See ya'!

September 10, 2013: 5:31 p.m.   Those of you who missed Rush today missed a REALLY GOOD SHOW. He said everything I was thinking. I was so happy to hear my words get out there! Excellent. Excellent!

September 10, 2013   Again, thevileone does the wrong thing. Changing the requirements for Gitmo visitors to suit his pollitical needs? That's just wrong. Anyone surprised?

September 10, 2013   So a judge thevileone appointed rules that banning the facial covering for Islamic women violates their civil rights. I think that they should be allowed to wear the hijab to the grocery store, to the park, etc., but when it comes to places where WE would have to show our faces -- going into court houses, at TSA checkpoints, etc. -- they should be made to show their faces the same as the rest of us. Make one line just women screeners and they won't be breaking any Islamic laws. Otherwise, they're being given special treatment, being enabled to endanger the area, it could be used as a cover for a man and he not be checked, etc., etc., etc. There are arragements that can be made so that their religious rights are being observed. Can you imagine having a drivers' license photo with a hijab on? Could the cop tell if that is the license for the person it has been issued to? No. They should NOT get carte blanche to not show their faces in any situation whatsoever!

September 10, 2013   Poor hamsters. I think they are so delusiional. They want to believe in disaster and impending doom. Pessimists, all.

September 10, 2013   "No one appears in control" says the Washington Post. Welcome to reality! It took them long enough!

September 10, 2013   Red line, red line, whose for art thou red line? (With apologies to Shakespeare.)

September 10, 2013   Another animal attack and a death from a previous attack. I think it's so sad to see so many people turned to being animals under this administration. I think that says something very telling about thevileone and the example he's setting.

September 10, 2013   NSA spying on you is against is wrong; they're admitting they did the wrong thing. Not that it does any good for us, nor that it actually stops it. They are just admitting that ignoring the rules is something they do. It's like "Yeah, so what?"

September 10, 2013   Woops! google lost that lawsuit and may face wiretap case. That's another, "Yeah. So what?" They count on thevileone's admin (eric holder, specifically) to bail them out and to give them cover. The info they're gathering is sent the this administration so why wouldn't this admin give them cover?

September 10, 2013   Press got initial reports on latest Zimmerman story wrong. Press got something wrong? Really? Shocking!

September 10, 2013   The sky is fascinating. Sometimes it's scary, but it's always fascinating.

September 10, 2013   There is a LOT of Syria stuff out there right now. I'll give you a few of the best:

So, what are we doing? First, thevileone drew a red line. Then, thevileone supported the Syrian rebels because his administration -- even bumbling biden -- blamed the Assad regime. They were sure it was Assad who used chemical weapons. Then an off the cuff remark turns into national security policy? I agree with the "amateur" conclusion. He hasn't a clue. The world is not surprised.

September 10, 2013   Sen. Cruz says thevileone's healthcaretax isn't working. We got a reminder of that yesterday. My hubby, an Air Force vet, got a letter from the VA yesterday that is basically a "sales pitch", even though it tells my hubby that he is basically already under thevileone's healthcaretax. It states in part:

"Can the health care law help my family members get affordable coverage?
"Starting in October 2013, Health Insurance Marketplaces will be a new way to find health coverage. Your family members who are not eligible for a VA health care program may use the Marketplace to get coverage. They may get lower costs on monthly premiums or out-of-pocket costs or be eligible for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Starting October 1, they can submit an application for health care coverage through the Marketplace and learn the amount of assistance they are eligible for. For more information visit"
I refuse to go on thevileone's healthcaretax. I'll stop seeing doctors before I go on his despicable program.

September 10, 2013   I have to write my article for Girls Just Wanna' Have, so I'll go for now. Until next time, See ya'!

September 9, 2013: 1:10 p.m.   This one may shock you: Conservative Black group files articles of impeachment against thevileone. So will it do any good? No. I wish it would, but it won't. The House and Senate would have to have a spine in order for this to make a difference. What we have instead is a bunch of Jell-o® based life forms. Can't make a spine out of Jell-o®.

September 9, 2013   Senate probe into thevileone's healthcaretax hiring waaaayyy too many people. What in the world will they be there for? Enforcement? Snooping? NSA-type stuff? Coming to your house and checking to see what's in your refrigerator? thevileone's healthcaretax is still being battled here in Florida and it's losing participants, it's going to cost even more than the last few estimates thought and that refrigerator inspection WILL happen. But the dumborats still want to force you into it. Even though it's NOT WORKING, they'll force you onto thevileone's healthcaretax. Is what you want?

September 9, 2013   Syrian "Islamist" (terrorist) group now guides U.S. policy? I don't know about you, but I can see a few problems with that. It certainly doesn't seem like the U.S. Constitution condones that. It doesn't seem wise for the American people's future -- especially for safety reasons -- and it seems to me that we should be the leaders, not the followers. But it is thevileone who is trying to make all of this happens, so things should be bassackwards and inside-out. That's the only way things happen with him leading.

September 9, 2013   Bikers: I LOVE YOU! I'm so glad to see someone doing something in defiance of this administration and they're doing it in a big way. I wish every biker out there would show up and ride for America! If I had a motorcycle, I'd certainly try to be there. As it is, I don't even have a Vespa (although I'd love to get one: they're cute and I bet they're fun to ride). GOD Bless Bikers and be safe up there!

September 9, 2013   EPA operating "clandestinely". They're obeying thevileone's orders. Not shocked. Not surprised. The power to CONTROL YOU is all thevileone cares about. He'll use whatever he can to do so. EPA? NSA? IRS? All answer to and obey him. They're all his tools to control you.

September 9, 2013   People are signaling being tired of "Big Brother" watching them. Bikers riding anyways, people standing up. Watch out! America is stirring!

September 9, 2013   Robert F. Kennedy's secret diary has some truths in it. They may surprise you.

September 9, 2013   Assad answers questions about chemical weapons. He denies having used them. Russia says Assad is telling the truth. Germany says Assad didn't do it. In June, England said Assad did use chemical weapons. France, playing both sides of the fence, says Assad may not have ordered it, but he's still responsible. (No spine in France.) Some Americans have resources telling them that it wasn NOT Assad, but it WAS the rebels. Iran claims they have "proof" it was the rebels. But the rebels blame Assad. Considering all of this confusion, claim and counter-claim, HOW ON EARTH CAN ANYONE SAY FOR CERTAIN THAT IT WAS ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER AND CHOOSE TO BOMB ONE SIDE AND NOT THE OTHER? How on earth can any bomb be dropped in this confusion? What if we're aiming at the innocent party? IS there an innocent party in this situation? What if BOTH sides used chemical weapons (which seems more likely since there is alleged "proof" on both sides)? Do we bomb one side, ignoring the other side's wrongdoing? Or do we bomb one side and not the other because it is "in America's best interest"? How will that help anything in America? It will anger the side that is bombed as well as the side that isn't because they'll see it as intervention: the "Great Satan" sticking our noses into their affairs again. This is a no-win situation if we bomb Syria. We should NOT do it. Call your representative today and tell them to just VOTE NO! Oh, and don't count on their NO vote if bonehead boehner has his way. He's betraying YOU in favor of being on thevileone's buddy list, the kiss butt.

September 9, 2013   We've spent $1,010,354,195 in AID TO SYRIA in ONE YEAR. If we bomb them, how much more of our taxpayer dollars will we have to spend to clean up our mistake? Not to mention how much it will cost us to do so! Save some taxpayer dollars: let the Syrians figure out their own problems!

September 9, 2013   Peace and tolerance... Convert or be beheaded. And we're giving $1,010,354,195 in aid to a country that kills Christians? Why are we sending our taxpayer dollars to Syria at all?

September 9, 2013   Giggle: I love Malkin's take on the proposed attack. Good stuff!

September 9, 2013   I agree with this Veteran's stand. I think the troops deserve a real playing of Taps, not a cheap recording from a horn shaped MP3 player. Honor is not cheap; cheap is not honor.

September 9, 2013   ketchup kerry offers an "out" to Syria. Question: If we take control of their chemical weapons, what happens if they are faulty and OUR TROOPS are exposed to chemcial weapons due to the poor wokmanship on those weapons? Is that a chance we should be willing to take? I don't think so.

September 9, 2013   This is why it's good to carry your own gun. Calling the cops may have put a report on the books, but this woman would have lost her vehicle in the meantime, and who knows what her vehicle would have been used for by those four guys who were trying to take it from her? Not to mention that if she had complied, what if they had told her to get back into the vehicle? What if they tried to take her with them? Her gun saved her from all kinds of possibilities. That's why people should carry. Fight back. Stand up for yourself. Cops are minutes too late.

September 9, 2013   MERS cure on horizon? That would be very good news!

September 9, 2013   Fox. Hen house. 'Nuff said.

September 9, 2013   Can government control internet access for you? Or should it be limited only to those who have lost their civil rights due to criminal activity? I say the latter, but I'm not a progressive. I think limits like that should only apply to preventing porn (of any kind) from being spread, preventing those in prison from accessing the internet and maybe to prevent the government from spying on us. Otherwise, the internet should be protected from government interference.

September 9, 2013   43% now; it used to be 47% who pay no taxes. So thevileone is getting more taxpayers? How is that? Are some of the poor getting into taxpaying? Is thevileone not helping them, or are they just getting that much more in your taxpayer dollars? It's certainly not the job situation with total unemployment consistently between 13% and 17% since December 2008. So what's happening to make more people pay taxes?

September 9, 2013   Don't act like animals! Use your brains and words, don't act like animals!

September 9, 2013   Watch out! Bernanke and thevileone are at it again! Savings account allowing you to feel "safe" for future? Don't count on it!

September 9, 2013   BENGHAZI's whistle blower is being punished for speaking out. Of course he is! The truth doesn't matter to the msm nor to this administration. In fact, thevileone would PREFER that the truth stay hidden. Anyone telling the truth about BENGHAZI is goin to pay a price for exposing thevileone to more criticism. That's what this administration is about: keeping thevileone as a Messiah, not as a fallen angel like Lucifer (which is closer to the truth). thevileone must be seen as a savior, not as the egotistical, blundering, inexperienced, incompetent buffoon that he actually is. His is a true kakistocracy.

September 9, 2013   CA: Aaaahhhh.... public schools. Are they going to look in the families' refrigerators?

September 9, 2013   Let's hope thevileone is NOT reading about this. He'll be following suit.

September 9, 2013   The power of GOD's Word.

September 9, 2013   This report is true, I'm sure, but it makes me sick. Islam makes little girls (8 and 9 year-olds) marry men and have sex with them. It condones and pushes pedophilia. That's evil. It's sick. It's wrong. Why women in Islam do NOT stand against that is because they believe that they should emulate the prophet and he did the same thing. A pedophile is a pedophile, prophet or not, and it harming little girls should not be seen as a religious experience that should be promoted.

September 9, 2013   How do Hamsters explain this? Poor, poor Hamsters. They just get nothing to go their way. Their religious faith in global warming is proving to be a false religion. Too, too bad. (NOT!)

September 9, 2013   I shall close today on something fun. Minion Monday: Hank Dresses for Fine Dining. It may make you smile. Until next time, See ya'!

September 6, 2013: 3:33 p.m.   Again, started to shut down my computer when I remembered I hadn't checked my e-mail lately, so I did that. Amazing. She didn't take my advice, that's for certain:

"From Maureen Rupe

"Ms McKinney,
"You seem to have left off the Sulgrave Manor attachment.     Just like the Richard Ware email proving you a Liar.
"You want the truth, you claim to put out anything I write to you. Then leave out the most important part.
"Very deceitful, not giving your readers the chance to form their own opinions. Yet you say you are a supporter
of Free speech. You are an Hypocrite Ms McKinney.

"I noticed your Buddy of PSJ History fame, has no contact info to write to him.     Create a website that spreads rumors, libel, Defamation of character in the community, and the world, and it’s anonymous, scared to put a name on it,     Sniveling Coward.
"Maureen rupe"

Sigh. She wants the Sulgrave Manor attachment there it is. Why quoting from and linking to the Sulgrave Manor website two or three times below is not good enough for her, I have no idea, but it is rupester. She must have it her way. To make it easier to know what she's referencing, here is the Richard Ware thing too. I let my readers "form their own opinions" but those opinions should be based on TRUTH, reality, facts. I link to those things and she has a problem with that? (Anyone else hear Twilight Zone music?) As to my "Buddy of PSJ History fame", I don't know how famous the owner/editor is, but the owner/editor DOES post a contact e-mail. rupester has actually contacted that owner/editor at least twice. So her assertions of the owner/editor's cowardice are false and she knows it. She addressed her e-mail to me, but sent it to the owner/editor of PSJ History. She also sent the owner/editor a blank e-mail with no subject and nothing in the text prior to the e-mail FROM HER that IS posted on the PSJ History site. So she's the PROVEN LIAR.

In all seriousness, Maureen, why do you bother writing to me? Why do you do this to yourself? Are you under some duress when you do so? What is it that makes you do something so revealing to your own inadequacies? Maybe you should take some time to consider why you do so. Maybe you should heed your doctor's advice and avoid stress. You know that contacting me is going to lead to stress for you. PLEASE take better care of yourself and stop exposing yourself this way! There's nothing I can do to stop you from doing so, but I can and DO beg you: PLEASE stop making your own life harder on yourself. You really need to stop this. Your letters do nothing to me but give me more giggles. PLEASE stop making me laugh. PLEASE, for the sake of those who love you, for the sake of the gopher tortoises relying on you to get them more EELs land, for the sake of your pretty blue eyes, please, please PLEASE stop adding stress to your own life and writing to me. It really isn't good for you in any way, shape, or form.

September 6, 2013: 3:33 p.m.   Started the day this morning with this:

"Maureen Rupe
"September 6, 2013 8:15 AM
"To: Linda McKinney

"Why don’t you read English history,     where they have proof.[sic: This is a question without a question mark.]
"The Coat of arms I described, red and white stripes, on a shield with blue top with white stars.
"It is on the doors, gravestones and documents in the Manor dating back to the 1400’s.

"Find the Truth.
"Maureen Rupe."

Attached to this little screed was a .pdf file from Sulgrave Manor.

As usual, sentence by sentence deconstruction shall ensue.

Subject matter: We shall see who is wrong and who is correct. I think my readers know what the answer is there.

First sentence: I don't have to read ENGLISH history to find out what happened here in America. I'm sure their version of the Revolutionary War is told from a different point of view than the history of the Revolutionary War told here. So why go somewhere else to find out what happened here? George Washington, it has been proven, never even visited England. The Coat of Arms George Washington used here in America is shown below, and linked to his home's website which tells us:

"The more recent ancestors of Washington settled in Northamptonshire in central England. It was here in 1592, that Lawrence Washington of Sulgrave Manor had confirmed upon him by Robert Cook, Clarenceux King of Arms, the coat of arms that consisted of a silver background with two red bars and three red mullets.

"These details were confirmed to George Washington in a letter dated December 7, 1791 from Sir Isaac Heard, Garter Principal King of Arms of the College of Arms in London in which he also enclosed a copy of the heraldic coat of arms design."
I think the British King of Arms telling Washington the design below is proof enough. Or does she not accept the King of Arms' word for it?

Also, see the Sulgrave Manor website where it says,

"In the spandrels of the doorway were carved the arms of the builder's family [Washington's ancestor's], three mullets (stars) and two bars (stripes); not unnaturally, it has been held that here is the origin of the design of the American flag."
That little phrase "it has been held" is a sign of "we think" or "it is believed". A lot of things are "believed" but not true. People used to think the earth was flat. Did that make it so? Look at the facts and you find that Washington's alleged involvement in designing the American flag has been blown way out of proportion; even to the point of fictionalization. The truth lies elsewhere:
"As for the design, the vast majority of historians believe that Francis Hopkinson is the most likely candidate. Hopkinson was a Renaissance man of his era. As an artist, writer, inventor and musician, he achieved many feats. Politically he is known for his contribution to the design of the Great Seal of the United States, signing the Declaration of Independence, and serving in a variety of governmental positions."
So the Coat of Arms from Washington's family most likely had nothing to do with the design.

Second sentence: Um... Check the e-mail from her below. Anyone see anything she "described"? No? Nor do I. So where she comes up with that, I have no idea. Maybe she just thought she described it. I'll give her the benefit of a doubt here and let it go at that.

Third sentence: I don't care where the Coat of Arms she describes is displayed in England, nor how far back they go. It's not the one George Washington used here in AMERICA. The Mount Vernon folks have the letters: hard copy proof that Washington the confirmation from England that the Coat of Arms at Mount Vernon were correct.

Fourth sentence: rupester thinks she's got me on this so she uses my byline, "Find the Truth!" to try to needle me. Too bad she's lost that effort again. A little (very little) research would have shown her that her beliefs do not stack up to reality, history and proof.

Although, she can take some solace. According to the Coat of Arms page above: "The flag of the District of Columbia employs the design from the coat of arms." It's used elsewhere in D.C. as well, so there is that.

So that's what started my update day. Sigh. A note to the rupester: Give it up. Every time you contact me I prove my assertions and that you are wrong. There's an old saying you may wish to take under advisement: "'Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt." Think about applying that to your own life. It will make you look better than contacting me and opening yourself up to the truth, to the proof and to the word by word destruction of your assertions. Think about "remain silent" because sometimes it's better to do so. Otherwise, as here, you "remove all doubt" and show yourself in an unflattering light. Now on to something that isn't rupester!

September 6, 2013   thevileone being a wimpy one is not giving a good message. Iran is looking to attack our embassies and after BENGHAZI, I wonder how many of them will be closed, or how many more BENGHAZIs we'll have since thevileone is such a coward and inexperienced boob. How many dead Americans shall be the result of thevileone's incompetence? Whatver they have planned, though, I hope that statements like this would give thevileone some determination to keep Americans safe. Also, to threaten a teenager take so little courage as to make those making the threats into nothing more than worms. They're not men, but animals.

September 6, 2013: 5:37 p.m.   USAF Sergeant losing his First Amendment rights and facing prison time! Sign the petition to help Sgt. Monk stay out of prison and YOUR future rights!

September 6, 2013   Camp Bastion truth is still unknown. I really hate to say it, but the families shall have to wait until after thevileone is out of office -- and a Conservative in office -- to find the truth out about their loved ones. Hiding secrets is something thevileone is very good at because he has help from his administration, the dumborats in both the House and Senate and from everyone who is afraid to stir the pot because they don't want to be called "racist". Truth doesn't matter for as long as thevileone is in power and if a female dumborat is elected after thevileone (or if thevileone declares himself emperor) the truth won't come out until much later.

September 6, 2013   bumbling biden wants jnap in the scotUS. As long as she's replacing another liberal justice, Bader-Ginsburg, or similar, that's fine with me. jnap is one of the most incompetent people I've seen in national level politics (fits right in with thevileone), so she's well suited to being appointed by thevileone. Incompetenc is what he approves of and desires in his appointees. Their incompetence makes him look better; or as good as he can.

September 6, 2013   mccain't gets an earful on Syria. Syria is NOT something we need to get into. Let us NOT go into that mess and we can let them figure it out themselves. America, stand up. Stand up for NOT going. Contact your representatives and tell them "NO! No Syria!"

September 6, 2013   A lesson in hypocrisy: thevileone's 2006 statement on wars. Now he's pushing hard FOR wars. What changed? IMHO, he found out he could kill Americans with wars and make it easier on him to do things that he shouldn't be doing. If he takes out the warriors elsewhere who will stop him here? This Syria focus is all about thevileone, not about truth, what's right for the Syrian people, or "the children". It's about thevileone and what he wants for his future. It's not about a legacy; it's HIS about power. Hopefully our skeptical military leaders will choose to ignore his illegal orders. We have no business going into Syria. The military should know that.

September 6, 2013   Michelle Malkin has a great catch!

September 6, 2013   90+ MILLION no longer in labor force. That's what thevileone's policies have done. He's destroying America and the American dream. Ask yourself "Why?" Then think about what he could accomplish by increasing the number of people dependent upon HIS Executive Orders for their sustanance. Who will they obey?

September 6, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax will force Flagler County to outlaw nicotine use... For County employees. Starting October 1st, smokers, e-cigarette users, nicotine patch users, tobacco chewers, snuff users, etc., need not apply. Freedom anyone?

September 6, 2013   Harvard freshmen cheat.

"Of the 1,300 students surveyed, 42 percent admitted they had cheated on homework, and 17 percent took shortcuts on take-home assignments."
Is this how they learn to do homework in public schools? Come on, parents, raise your kids to do the RIGHT thing, don't ignore the wrong. It leads to worse things than cheating on homework. Boundaries are good for people. Even Adam and Eve -- arguably the freest (most free) people ever -- had rules. Yes, it was only two and they broke one, but they had the CHOICE. GOD had to punish the wrong, so He kicked them out of the garden. Can you imagine what they would have done if He had ignored their disobedience? Teach your kids to do the RIGHT thing always. It makes them feel better about themselves, teaches them to TRY to be good and to know that there are consequences to their actions. It's good for society, too.

September 6, 2013   thevileone's additional lies re. amnesty: they just keep coming, don't they?

September 6, 2013   I WANT ONE! I wish Florida would issue real ones! I want one!

September 6, 2013   Tamu Massif, world biggest volcano discovered underwater. It's amazing what they're finding in our oceans. New, strange looking creatures, volcanoes, and whatnot. Maybe even the City of Atlantis! What's next?

September 6, 2013   DOE decides to waste another $45 MILLION taxpayer dollars. Aaarrghh... Can we slap them?

September 6, 2013   Hurray for DC Comics! If they'll stand strong and not buckle to pressure, I have no idea. But for right now, they're doing the right thing.

September 6, 2013   This is being human. Their mothers didn't raise animals. They did the right thing.

September 6, 2013   First Amendment religious freedom rights take another hit in CA. Stand up for your rights or lose them. It's up to YOU to defend and use them, or lose them. What do you want for your children's futures? Freedom, or just PC slavery?

September 6, 2013   More money laundering through "green" company. Invest 50 MILLION taxpayer dollars and get a return of only $3 Million. That's thevileone's economic plan for America. Don't ya' love it? Competence at its finest.

September 6, 2013   I'll close today with another laugher: ms thevileone is taking credit for "cultural shift in eating habits". Bwaahahahahahahahaha! That's rich. She wishes! Until I can catch my breath and until next time, See ya'!

September 5, 2013: 3:33 p.m.   I was just about to close for the day when I checked my e-mail and found the following:

"From Maureen Rupe ""

"Ms. McKinney,

"I beg to differ on [sic] your assumptions.     I have visited Sulgrave Manor, and assure you there are many personal items belonging to George and Martha Washington.

"Apparently sent to the manor after the Revolutionary war [sic]. Who can say why,     to cut all ties would not make sense, or he would keep them in his possession. [What?] To disagree with a King [sic] or Government [sic] does not mean you have no love for a country of your ancestors. Almost all civil wars are caused by conflict with a ruling party. Not that this was a civil war, but a rebellion.

"The fact that the American Flag is his ancestors [sic] Coat of Arms, I think displays his regard for his ancestral home.

"I have a great regard for George Washington.

"Maureen Rupe"

She's referring to my September 3, 2013 response to her pooper paper musings in which I pointed out that there being items in Sulgrave manor that used to belong to George Washington doesn't mean that Washington had "regard" for England at all. It shows that someone purchased the items and took them over there, as I pointed out. Someone sending the items to Sulgrave Manor after the Revolutionary War does NOT mean that it was Washington who did so.

As to the alleged "ties" Washington had with England, what were they? His great-grandfather came from England, but that does not mean that George himself had any "ties" whatsoever. My ancestors came from Bohemia, England, Ireland (with a family crest) and America (Cherokee: not just cheekbone), but that doesn't mean that I have any ties whatsoever with the foreign countries. The only reason I'd like to go to ANY of the places is for the photographic possibilities. England attacked Washington's birth place and Washington chose to fight against England not to support it. If Washington actually held any feelings for the place of his great-grandfather's birth, would he have fought against it?

rupester's right: it was a "rebellion". It was a rebellion that Washington participated in in no small manner! He was a Colonel in the British army here in America for a time, but when it came time to choose sides in that "rebellion" Washington chose AMERICA, not England:

"After the battles of Lexington and Concord in April of 1775, the political dispute between Great Britain and her North American colonies escalated into an armed conflict. In May, Washington traveled to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia dressed in a military uniform, indicating that he was prepared for war. On June 15, he was appointed Major General and Commander-in-Chief of the colonial forces against Great Britain. [my italics]"
He accepted the position and fought against England. He's the one who "indicat[ed] that he was prepared for war." Someone who had feelings for the ancestral homeland would not induce such actions. Also, I cannot take this (click on it to go to Mount Vernon's website):    


and turn that into America's flag. Actually, nor can history:
"An enduring myth surrounding George Washington’s coat of arms is that it provided the basis for the 'Stars and Stripes,' and the Great Seal of the United States. There is, however, no discernible evidence to date that documents any connection between the two, and there are very few similarities. [my bolding: click on Coat of Arms]"
(BTW, it also has a crescent moon, was he pushing Islam?) Familial pride does not transfer to loyalty nor regard for a country you fight against. When someone has been away from a country for two generations -- never having visited that ancestral country -- it seems a bit of a stretch to say that Washington had a "regard" for the country. Just because the country gave the family the Coat of Arms, that doesn't mean the country is what he was proud of. It was his FAMILY he was honoring, not the country that family chose to leave. If he had such regard for the country, I think he would have either gone back in his earlier life when things started getting bumpy between the two countries or at least visited it after the war. It makes sense for him to have done so since he was well-to-do after the war and his marriage.

Another possibility that just occured to me is that England may have glommed onto the recognition that George Washington was receiving as being the first President of America -- the rebellious, brand new country that whipped England's butt -- and asked for some of his possessions to be sent to the ancestral home. Washington's step-children or adopted children (he never had any children of his own) may have sent some of his things over there upon England's request. Hangers on do that, ya' know.

You may or may not have a great regard for George Washington, I never addressed that and really don't care. What I'm interested in is the TRUTH about our First -- and one of our GREATEST -- president. That's what I addressed.

September 5, 2013: 1:16 p.m.   Sorry I missed yesterday. My son surprised me with a visit and I was doing more fall cleaning. We had a good visit, but he had a cold so I'm hoping I stay healthy. Colds are no fun. Today I have a lot of blurbs for you so let's get started.

Septeber 5, 2013   "Freedom? What is That?" is my latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have Guns. Think about who wrote the founding documents, their lives, beliefs and the words they chose to use before you say what "Freedom" means.

September 5, 2013   CAIR says Muslims are "above the law" and that Muslims don't have to obey the laws of America. They're trying to organize a "Muslim Capitol Day" (video starts automatically) and they're trying to push for our government to exempt them from having to obey our laws. They live here so, legally, they CANNOT receive special exemptions. It's unconstitutional for them to be exempted from the laws if they do not have "Ambassador" or other specific designations. If they're just ordinary, everyday citizens or visitors, EVERY law of America, the states individually, and the city, county, township they are in should apply to them. If not, this is no longer America. If they get their way, it America would then be a Shariah compliant country and we would be their slaves. That's what thevileone wants.

September 5, 2013   Jeb Bush to award hillclintoon "Liberty Medal" at Sep. 10, 2013 Philadelphia event. Another leftie gets a lying medal. This award to hillclintoon is about as accurate as the Nobel Peace Prize to thevileone.

September 5, 2013   Tropical storm, Gabrielle, is headed away from us. I'd say "Good. We don't need more rain!" but then I'd hear about how far below normal our water tables are or some such nonsense.

September 5, 2013   Investigation: U.S. "knowingly" puts our diplomats in danger.

"The report has not yet been released to the public but Al Jazeera America obtained a copy and it reveals government negligence that’s downright shocking. It shows that senior officials have stood by while some of the United States’ most dangerous diplomatic posts have for years been vulnerable to attacks like the one that occurred in Benghazi. The State Department has known about security problems but has failed to correct them, according to the panel’s findings. [my italics]"
1) Al Jazeera is the first to get U.S. GOVERNMENT unreleased documents? Does that raise any alarm bells in anyone's minds? If not, wake up!

2) "Senior officials stood by" while our people are "vulnerable"? Stood by as in did nothing to protect them. Sending our Ambassadors where they are in harm's way without providing for their security is murder. Is this what thevileone wants? Is that why Chris Stevens was sent to Benghazi: because they wanted to get rid of him? (We must ask the difficult questions to get to the truth!)

3) "[H]as failed to correct them" means that they are willing to let our people DIE in foreign countries if it serves their purpose. What does that say about America? What does it say about thevileone? It says he's a murderer. Or at least supports murder. Then we have peace and tolerance and ignoring what the local residents want. I think we get the picture here.

September 5, 2013   LOL! LOL! LOL! This is so ridiculous!

"A fraud-infested government program that gives low-income populations free cell phones should expand in Hispanic communities because it will help bolster employment rates, according to a powerful Latino rights group working to save the program as Congress considers killing it."
Stupid is as stupid does. I betcha' thevileone will agree and do what they want. Kissing butt is his fortè!

September 5, 2013   So who do you believe a tyrannical Putin, or a LYING administration? Putin has told his fair share of lies, too. So which LIAR do you believe? I say believe neither and DON'T GO INTO SYRIA. Going into Syria will bring about another 9/11. Remember, we've already beenin the region in an operation called "Eager Lion" with other nations. That coalition has fallen apart. No one wants to go in with us -- since JUNE that has happened. Why would we go it alone? thevileone is up to something here. It's not necessarily what the msm is telling you. "Squirrel!" has been a favorite tactic of the left since clintoon bombed an aspirin factory. What is thevileone up to? Remember, during NUCLEAR talks with Russia, thevileone said he'd have more flexibility after the election? Is this what he wanted to be flexible on? Is thevileone setting America up to be hit with nuclear weapons from Russia over the Syria difficulties? Have you EVER seen him push so hard for ANYTHING else? There's more to this than meets the eye. Folks, we need to stand firm AGAINST American intervention in Syria! Contact your representatives today! Tell them to SAY NO TO AMERICAN INTERVENTION IN SYRIA! Or we may all pay a price of "flexibility". Realize: he's already setting up his "I'm not responsible" cover story. So what's coming for us? Because whenever he's not responsible, WE PAY THE PRICE.

September 5, 2013   thevileone wants more of your money to give away to others. Shock? Surprise? No. Not really.

September 5, 2013   Sexual pervert finally losing NYC's support! Hurray! I was hoping NYC would wake up and come to their senses. Honestly, I am a bit surprised that they have, but I am glad all the same.

September 5, 2013   Why Congress should be "pressing" thevileone regarding Syria. Congress needs to say a resounding, firm, large majority, "NO!" to thevileone and Syria. It's okay to stand your ground for doing the RIGHT thing. This Congress needs to learn that. If we were to go into Syria, who would we support? Both sides are doing the WRONG things and we can't stop it from happening by sending our people over there to bomb them nor with boots on the ground. It'll just get more Americans killed! Or, is that what thevileone wants? Consider his whole history before you disagree. Of course, what's the first thing dumborats do? Blame Bush.

September 5, 2013   Gun grabbers using feminism techniques. It's laughable, but it's also something that will work on the mindless. How many mindless are there? Waaaaayyyy too many!

September 5, 2013   NSA starting gun registry? The NRA has joined an ACLU lawsuit that says it has. Is anyone surprised?

September 5, 2013   google wants "right" to continue spying on YOU. Even if the government hasn't asked for your records, they want to keep tracking and reading your e-mails. I got away from google years ago. I have an e-mail account there that hasn't been getting anything but junk mail for I don't know how long. I haven't even checked that account but once in the last year, I believe. Although, I do send e-mails to gmail accounts, I don't use mine. I suggest you consider doing the same. No harm in protecting yourself as much as you can.

September 5, 2013   "Exempt America" Rally to be held in D.C. September 10th. It's a rally to encourage Congress to exempt ALL of America from having to participate in thevileone's healthcaretax. I say defund every bit of it -- including the panel that was snuck into the first "stimulus" package -- and just do away with it. We cannot afford it and it will destroy more than it could ever build, no matter what billyboy says.

September 5, 2013   CA county voted to leave CA. Okay. I like their independent spirit and support their vote. I wonder what will happen to them, though. Will they be "picked up" by Oregon? They are right up against the northern border of CA. What will they do for the State funds they used to get? Where will they get help in an emergency, or natural disaster? Don't get me wrong: Hurray for them! But I wonder what now? I'm interested in seeing this play out.

September 5, 2013   thevileone has not been good for black people. Why blacks still support him, I have no idea.

September 5, 2013   Soldier should be Leavenworth bound. He broke our laws, broke his oath and should be in Leavenworth.

September 5, 2013   This is being human. It's a whole lot better than the things we've seen the animals out on our street doing lately, isn't it? Do this instead of the things the animals have been doing. It'll make the world a better place.

September 5, 2013   Ahhhh... those who support public schools... "Morally bankrupt" to NOT support public schools? Really? Then I must be so.

September 5, 2013   T-ville man blames "Bush doctrine" in murdering neighbor. Now, that's a stretch; and totally weird.

September 5, 2013   On that note, I'll close for now. Until next time, call your representatives and tell them to say "NO!" to thevileone's wish to bomb Syria or any other action in Syria. Remember: He doesn't care about the children he's been talking about he's using them as props (like he does his own daughters: remember, they "advise" him?). Don't be fooled by his rhetoric. Stand strong and demand your representatives do, too. Until next time, See ya'!

September 3, 2013: 1:00 p.m.   Sorry about missing the long weekend. Started my fall cleaning. Went through my shoe collection and found some to donate and some to toss (don't worry, they'll be replaced), did some closet and hat storage rearranging and helped my husband get started on organizing and putting together his office. Years ago he gave up part of his garage for me so that I could have an office. Out of that office I fought incorporation, the 1¢ sales tax and the campaign of you-know-who. It has a lot of good memories, but my office is now the room my son vacated when he moved out and I like it better because it has room for more books. My hubby now has my old office space and he's setting it up for computer use, for making his own flies for flyfishing, and a few other hobbies. We also use that area for storage right now, but we're figuring out how to change that. "This is a long process... You hire a planning consultant" (tiddlywinks, incorporation era, PSJ4T meeting). Anyways, I'm here now and I'll get on with the blurbs.

September 3, 2013   Speaking of you-know-who, I must beg to differ with her assumption of George Washington's "regard he held for his ancestral home, before the Rebolutionary War and maybe after." If Washington had such "regard" for it, why fight against it? Why not support the king? Why did he never, ever, visit England? I don't know if the wedding clothes are actually George and Martha Washington's. Their wedding may have taken place at church or at home (differing stories) but everyone agrees on two things: they were married here, in the U.S.A. and that her dress was yellow and her shoes purple (I didn't choose them!). IF their wedding attire is in England, then that's not something they had anything to do with, so there's no proof of "regard" indicated. Anyone can purchase items for sale and take them where they will as long as it's legal to do so. The wedding attire possibly being in England means nothing.

September 3, 2013   thevileone is a card carrying member of the Muslim Brohood? That would explain a lot, would it not?

September 3, 2013   40,000 longshoremen leave union (AFL-CIO) over thevileone's healthcaretax. It took them long enough to figure it out. They're not going to be helped by thevileone's healthcaretax, they're going to be hurt by it. For them to actually realize it and understand that, is a step in the right direction. It's a good thing.

September 3, 2013   The weepy one, bonehead boehner, supports going into Syria. No surprise there. What is a surprise is that Eric Cantor wants to bomb Syria, too. First, before we go bomb anyone, shouldn't we be certain of which side we should be aiming at? Should we be bombing the Assad administration, or the rebels? Who did the dirty? Which one gassed thousands of people? Who is responsible for the death of innocents? No one can say for absolutely certain. So who do we target? If we target the wrong side, we target the innocent victims of the other side. Would that be the right thing to do? No? Then why is anyone in America talking about the possibility of bombing (or any other military action) Syria without solid proof (proof, not hearsay) of which side is acting as the "bad guys" there? Bombing anyone without the correct information is stupid, folly, evil and adding insult to injury. Why on earth would thevileone or bonehead boehner, or anyone else, wish to do that considering what thevileone has already done to America's reputation? Or is that the goal: damage America's reputation even more so that we totally lose the world's respect? Destroy America in every way possible and it will take years to rebuild. Do we have that time?

September 3, 2013   Israel should do what Israel has to do to stay safe. I stand with Israel and pray for their safety at least twice daily. I hope Russia stays out of this. I hope that Israel stays smart about all of this and never trusts this administration.

September 3, 2013   mccain't is an idiot. I really don't think he has a clue. Maybe he was brain damaged while a prisoner of war or whatever, but this is ridiculous.

September 3, 2013   LOL! LOL! LOL! If they're "secret" how does she know about them? Moron. This woman wouldn't know the truth if it kissed her on the lips, slipped her the tongue and slapped her backside all at the same time. This one's a real doozy.

September 3, 2013   This kind of stuff tells you why the msm is not to be trusted.

September 3, 2013   Putin's alleged "plan" to put the Islamic terrorists out of business? I don't know if I trust this to actually be Putin's writing, or if it's someone telling us what they think Putin would say (after all, since when would Putin worry about "How do I put this?"?), but whichever; it's interesting reading. Also, Russia issues travel warning about USA. Amazing. Did you ever think that would happen?

September 3, 2013   I'm jealous.

September 3, 2013   I'm hoping grahamnasty is DEFEATED! That would be SO GOOD for America! Both he and mccain't need to go! The list is long of those who need to go, but let's start with those two and add to that all the others who need to be gone: bonehead boehner and rubio-stupido included.

September 3, 2013   NSA spied on Brazil and others. thevileone is so insecure he must spy on people to maintain control? I bet he sucks his thumb in bed.

September 3, 2013   I've never been a fan of ross perot (earman), but this makes me dislike him even more. Planned KillingBabyHood is not something that needs more money, it needs to go away.

September 3, 2013   Private companies are spying on you, too. Following thevileone's lead, Twitter, Google, etc., are reading your e-mails. Isn't that special? (Sarcasm.)

September 3, 2013   NY jury has some sense. Use of "N-word" between blacks still derogatory. Finally! It's about time this was said!

September 3, 2013   "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Atheists want to remove the "under GOD" part. Our history proves that America was founded by Christians as a Christian nation and the majority of people here associate themselves with being Christians, so this is another case of the minority wanting to control the majority. Squeaky wheel and all of that, so Christians, let's make some noise! The Becket Fund is standing FOR "under GOD" and we need to support that effort.

September 3, 2013   thevileone likes European ideas, why not follow this one? It's something to think about.

September 3, 2013   Economy worse than you think. People are hanging onto jobs that they want to leave, but fear being unable to find a replacement job. That tells you the economy has no bright future in their eyes. This is very troubling.

September 3, 2013   No pretzel positions for me, thanks. I'd rather pray.

September 3, 2013   Another animal; this time shooting a toddler in the head. What is wrong with the people who do this kind of wrong? Do they have no heart or soul? Do they put absolutely no value on human life? A baby, a toddler, an innocent person doing nothing to them and nothing wrong, and death and injury is in their power and they choose to destroy a life? Animals do this. Humans do not. Parents, raise your children better. Do NOT blame "society", it's YOUR JOB. GOD gave them to YOU to raise, not to "society". Do your job.

September 3, 2013   Drudge rips Republicans. I must agree with him.

September 3, 2013   Sequester must be over because thevileone "Executive Ordered" a pay raise for federal workers. Your taxpayer dollars at work. Remember, that "federal employees" includes those making $100,000+. Enjoying that peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

September 3, 2013   This is what being human is about. This is how humans act. These folks were not animals.

September 3, 2013   Why is there not a Republican rebellion in the Congress against bonehead boehner? He really does need to go.

September 3, 2013   Bakery that refused to do lesbian wedding cake forced to go out of business. Some people reading that story will say, "Good!" but if they'd stop and think about the possibilities, they'd not go there. What if all Christians stopped frequenting businesses that were owned by homosexuals? What would happen to that business? Would they support that? Are there enough homosexuals in every area to support homosexual owned businesses with just the homosexuals of the area frequenting it? If not, then think about the "Turn about is fair play" maxum and don't force Christian companies out of business via harrassment and threats of violence. Christians don't do that to homosexuals, why is it okay for homosexuals to do so to Christians? (And, no, Westboro Baptist and people like them are NOT Christians, no matter what they say.) GOD loves homosexuals just not their sin (nor does He love my sin), but that doesn't mean I have to frequent a business owned by homosexuals, nor that if I owned a business (and I've owned two) that I would feel compelled to do business with them. It's my right to say "No" just as it is their right to not do business with me. Do I have the right to force them to do business with me? If not, then the same holds true the other way around.

September 3, 2013   thevileone is not respected. In this ad, thevileone is mocked. He gets what he has earned.

September 3, 2013   My friend who lives in Texas is in town this week and we have an appointment to have dinner and see a movie. So I'm going to close with my latest Minion Monday: Hank Goes Fishing. Until next time, See ya'!

August 2013

August 30, 2013: 6:45 p.m.   My hubby used his debit card to put gas into his vehicle today at a gas station he had not used in quite a while. When he got home he checked our bank account info online because something didn't seem right at the gas station. What he found out shocked him. He saw that the gas station -- the Chevron station on the east side of U.S. 1 in north Cocoa (by what is or used to be Baker's Baskets) -- had put a $101.00 preauthorization hold on our account plus the actual cost of the gas he had pumped, $25.01: $126.01 total. Yeah. Our jaws hit the floor, also. We went back down to talk to them on our way somewhere else. They said "It's okay. It's normal. Everyone does it." I said that I'd never seen anyone else do it and that I was holding them responsible. Then I called our bank to talk to them. Our bank told us that, yes, Chevron does do ridiculously high preauthorization holds and that Texaco and Pilot also do high preauth holds. So I asked if they could post a website page with a list of companies that do that and she said that they haven't done so but she agreed, it would be a good service. (She also removed the preauth from our account while I was talkig to her! Hurray for our bank's Customer Service!) So I said I'd do it. Remember, getting gas and having preauthorization holds can have an impact on your finances. A hold means that the money they've put that hold on cannot be used somewhere else while the hold is on it. So if you have $157.54 in the bank and you get $35 of gas on the way to the grocery store (not our situation but some are dealing with that), you may not be able to buy anything at the grocery store because you have to have a minimum amount in your bank account and you can't go below it. See? It can really mmess with your financial situation if you are not aware of this situation. So, know that Texaco, Pilot and Chevron gas stations are all using ridiculously high preauths and plan accordingly. Otherwise, your debit card will be denied and you won't be able to buy what you wanted to buy with the money you have in your account. Personally, I don't think it's right that they tie up so much of OUR money -- even for five minutes -- and I won't be buying gas at those places any more. BTW, other companies do this sort of thing, too: Super 8 Motels, other motels and hotels around the world do this sort of thing as well. Debit cards are wonderful things to help stay within a budget. But being aware of how much different companies charge will help you plan appropriately.

August 30, 2013   thevileone's laundering more money through "green" companies. Is he laundering the money to give it to the Muslim Brohood? Or is he funneling it to his good buddy, george soros? Whoever it is, they're getting rich from your money. Is "green" in bed with the Chinese?

August 30, 2013   Again, I'm in good company and thevileone disses our Founding Fathers. Shock. Surprise.

August 30, 2013   Lightbulbs: Stock up NOW! They're still phasing out the 40-70 watt regular bulbs. If you want them, buy them now!

August 30, 2013   Sequestration and a war in Syria do not go together. thevileone's going to Congress with his begging cup to enable him to do his umteenth dozen war? A Nobel Peace Prize winner goes into another war. Is the Nobel Peace Prize committee SO VERY PROUD of their decision yet? (#SMH)

August 30, 2013   This is where thevileone is taking us. Children taken by force in Germany because the parents chose to homeschool. Now the parents have been told they'll never see their children again. Pray for the parents and children and boycott Germany. Homeschool your kids here if you don't want your kindergartners to have sex ed. Do it while you can.

August 30, 2013   pelosipig wants us to go into Syria although she didn't support funding the war in Afghanistan nor being there, until thevileone was in office. She was against the war in Iraq until thevileone's administration when, voilà!, she suddenly supports it. Hypocrisy is her first name, not middle.

August 30, 2013   Parents teach your children not to do this kind of crap. It's not that hard to raise your children to know right from wrong. Be a PARENT, not a friend. Be the one who says, "No!" (as Miley Cyrus's Mom & Dad wish they had) because you love them and love means boundaries to teach and protect. If you don't take the time to teach them right from wrong, the judicial system will. Is that what you want? Don't raise ANIMALS! Teach them right from wrong! If you don't they'll pay a price, as will society. Society needs to punish to the utmost things like this.

August 30, 2013   This is scary. How many more Islamic terrorists who want to kill American soldiers are themselves soldiers and just biding their time for the right moment to kill as many as possible?

August 30, 2013   Why does this not surprise me? I think it's going to come soon enough that the scotUS will rule in favor of homosexual "marriage". I also think it's time for America to hit our knees and pray that GOD will come down and stir hearts, minds and souls and send a revival to this land because we need Him now more than ever before. We need GOD in America! Hit your knees and pray to GOD for revival!

August 30, 2013   thevileone plans his wars based upon mockery. Yeah. He knows what he's doing, doesn't he? Will he make the attack on Syria worse because of an 11 yr-old's mockery? Or will he suck that up because it's a friend's kid? Flex, flex!

August 30, 2013   NYT admits to being pro-thevileone. Stating the obvious is now news?

August 30, 2013   This is a huge DUH!

August 30, 2013   Aetna out of another healthcaretax exchange. Who can blame them?

August 30, 2013   rubio is paying a price for his amnesty push. Rightly so. You don't go against what is right for America and expect those who love America to support you afterward.

August 30, 2013   Fast food pay increases & amnesty: similar results to bad ideas. My first two jobs were in fast food. I know what minimum wage feels like since I supported myself on that wage. As far as I'm concerned, it was a good reason to work hard, distinguish myself and get a pay raise (which I did at both places) and motivted me to go for advancement. If we just give everyone $15 hourly they'll have no reason to move up or on: just like with amnesty. Bad idea.

August 30, 2013   Appeals court rules the Red House visitors' logs to be kept secret for 12 years. Kissing thevileone's backside they help him hide the truth. Shock. Surprise.

August 30, 2013   SERVES. HIM. RIGHT.

August 30, 2013   The Benghazi families should SUE bonehead boehner to find the truth and to make him stop protecting the guilty!

August 30, 2013   I agree with David Horowitz! We must start fighting back!

August 30, 2013   On that note I shall close for tongiht. Look forward to Minion Monday. I took the pic today and it's fun. I don't know if I'll do updates this weekend. We have plans (if things cooperate) and I don't know how much time I'll have at home. Until next time, See ya'!

August 29, 2013: 1:06 p.m.   Just a few blurbs today because I have errands to run. Let's start with a despicable act: Back in January 2013 thevileone approved the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The numbers vary, but could be as high as 1300+. Now Syria allegedly plots cyberwar against USA. And Russia is getting involved, too. Our infamous Nobel Peace Prize winner is so screwed up. How many people have died because he has chosen the absolutely wrong thing how many times? Sounds to me like we need to contact the Nobel Prize Committee and tell them that thevileone's peace prize needs to be rescinded.

August 29, 2013   thevileone wants to stop background checks -- for EMPLOYMENT. Have a criminal history of rape, armed robbery, or murder? Nah... Your potential employer (nor the people you'd be working with) doesn't need to know about that. So what if you raped two female coworkers fifteen years ago and are only out due to overcrowding and "good behavior". The sixteen women in the office don't need to know about that. It's "discriminatory".

August 29, 2013   thevileone uses Executive Orders to go after guns again. It's time this stop. His tyranny is not welcome! thevileone arms the world while taking your right to keep and bear arms away. Impeach thevileone!

August 29, 2013   Considering recent events, I think we should defund the EDC. Just say "NO!"

August 29, 2013   Pakistani doctor who helped find bin Laden to be retried. His sentence has been overturned and he'll get another chance to stay out of jail. Good.

August 29, 2013   Two more terrorists released to country that supports terrorism. thevileone is arranging things to allow the terrorists to get back into the action as soon as possible. Isn't that special?

August 29, 2013   Lowest labor participation rates in 34 years. thevileone did this. He built it because this is exactly what he wanted. His dream is to destroy America and have it be a third world country ruled by Shariah Law and made into Afghanistan II. Little hope, no rights for women, sex with nine-year-old girls, and technology that is back to the 17th Century. Except, that is, for thevileone and his chosen few. That's his goal.

August 29, 2013   Some in Congress want thevileone to get Congressional approval for an attack on Syria. If he actually did approve of chemical weapons use in Syria, sounds to me like he's already gone around them. Were they expecting anything else?

August 29, 2013   Migraines may cause brain damage. I heard yesterday that migraines two servings of canned Dole pineapple will prevent migraines. So if you don't want to have a migraine, keep Dole pineapple in the house and eat it twice a day. No harm in trying unless you're allergic to pineapple. In other brain news: Are you forgetful? Umm... What did I want to say about that?

August 29, 2013   thevileone's hypocrisy is showing again. Shock. Surprise.

August 29, 2013   Woopsie!

August 29, 2013   Animal having a bad day kills.

August 29, 2013   thevileone as special speaker can't draw more than Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck's crowd was 300,000-500,000 and thevileone, billclintoon, al sharpton, oprah winfrey, Jamie Foxx, NBA legend Bill Russell, etc., COMBINED couldn't draw anywhere close to the crowd Glenn Beck did in 2010. Doesn't that tell you something?

August 29, 2013   Has chris christie gone insane?

August 29, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax is costing a LOT MORE than he said it would. He lied? Oh my gosh! He's never done that before! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! (If you're dense, yes, that was sarcasm.)

August 29, 2013   My "just a few" blurbs turned unexpected into quite a few more than I intended. I'll have to hurry to get things done. So until next time, See ya'!

August 28, 2013: 3:24 p.m.   Had a surprise last night. My mom told me that she had not yet received her income tax return check and was wondering what happened to it. My husband had done her taxes and that made me wonder even more what was up. So, I found an IRS website page that allowed me to find out what was going on. (Fill out the info here to check your refund if you've not received it yet.) The info came back that Mom allegedly owed $3,716.97 instead of receiving a refund of $236.23. Wow. That was a shocker. Keith rechecked his figures (we kept a copy, as did Mom) and they were all correct. Today, a three way phone call with Mom, myself and a very nice IRS representative and the IRS found out that my hubby was correct: he had not made a mistake, they had. Whoever did the work on Mom's taxes had made a mistake and never corrected it and never sent out the form that said that they "reworked" her taxes and she owed them. So the IRS person today checked it all out and -- lo and behold! -- Mom's refund check for the amount my hubby had figured is on its way! I was very pleased with the way the IRS person handled things. I admit, I knew it was a mistake on their part because, yes, my husband is that good. But I wondered what kind of reception our call would receive since I knew that it was their mistake. Overall, it was handled well and I was pleased with the treatment we received. If they had known I am a Conservative would it have been different? Considering the IRS's recent history, one has to wonder.

August 28, 2013   thevileone's administration knows he has no Constitutional authority to send us to war with Syria. But the tyrant does it anyways. When will America say, "ENOUGH!"? When? He's such a moron why do we tolerat his tyranny?

August 28, 2013   DHS "rebrands" advocate.

"As Congress moved to defund President Obama’s special advocate for illegal immigrants at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the title was quietly rebranded to protect the position, according to internal agency documents obtained by Judicial Watch this week"
Sounds to me like thevileone is doing another "work around" the rules. Shock. Suprise. The rules don't apply to him or anyone he supports or anything he wants.

August 28, 2013   What is thevileone hiding? Everything.

August 28, 2013   Know-Nothing Knox defends and protects BlueWare. The only reason I can think of for him doing so is to hide some involvement of his own. Is that what's happening here?

August 28, 2013   thevileone's administration wants to interfere with attorney/client privilege. Tyranny pokes its fingers into anything it wishes. If it sees something it wants to be involved in, tyranny does so. More proof thevileone is a tyrant.

August 28, 2013   Fort Hood shooter's sentence: Death. He got his wish. He now considers himself a martyr. I hope they shave his beard before they put him to death. He may die a martyr in his own mind, but at least he'll be one put to death under military code and dressed appropriately. BTW, e-mails prove the For Hood shootings COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED! The FBI could have stopped it. They did not. Fourteen people dead. Almost a full year passed AFTER the FBI had the e-mails and they chose to do nothing. Priorities and actions prove that this administration PREFERS TO PROTECT ISLAMIC TERRORISTS instead of protecting innocent AMERICANS. thevileone should answer for this. He is responsible as much as Maj. Hasan.

August 28, 2013   Harvard study proves there's no correlation between MORE gun control and less violent crime. (*raspberry*) to all libs/gun grabbers out there.

August 28, 2013   Trayvon Martin hailed as a "martyr"? At the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., rally, they're twisting everything and making a mockery of what MLK actually stood for:

Sounds to me like instead of celebrating MLK, they're using his memory as a beating stick to pressure people to think, want and believe like them. I think they're throwing in a lot of stuff that MLK would have hated and stood against. I wish they would read his speeches and stick to the same messages that Dr. King actually believed. As it is, they're just using it for a liberal/progressive rally to push for their agenda, NOT push for Dr. King's agenda. As usual, they're changing the message while exploiting the messenger.

August 28, 2013   Snicker. Smirk.

August 28, 2013   I found ununpentium's creation story interesting but I began to wonder, Why? I found that other heavy elements have been created but, what is a "heavy element" and how can it be used and what does our government do with it? So I got a bit of an education from my curiosity. Heavy elements. Who knew?

August 28, 2013   CO residents recalling gun grabbing legislators. Good. Any elected official who votes to take away our Constitutional rights should be recalled because they are breaking their oaths of office. They swear to protect and defend, uphold the U.S. Constitution then vote to limit our Second Amendment gun rights? Fire their butts!

August 28, 2013   People shouldn't act like animals. If these attacks continue there will be a backlash and it won't make things better. This needs to stop now! Parents talk to your children and tell them to behave, act like humans with hearts, souls and MINDS to use to think about what they're doing. They don't have to act like animals, they have a choice. If they choose to act like animals -- rabid wolves on the prowl for someone to hurt -- then they deserve to be treated like rabid wolves. It's their choice.

August 28, 2013   SC city makes homelessness against the law. Rriiigghhhtt. Sounds like a problem enforcing that one; or a big tax hike for residents.

August 28, 2013   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

August 27, 2013: 12:37 p.m.   Judicial Watch asks: "What Is [thevileone] Hiding?" Very good question. Aren't we all wondering that? Or maybe a better question would be "What ISN'T he hiding?"

August 27, 2013: 2:07 p.m.   "Illusions of Freedom" my latest Girls Just Wanna' Have article. Read it, learn and think.

August 27, 2013   This is what happens to children when parents abdicate responsibility. Michelle Malkin nails it again and I couldn't agree MORE with her. The adults surrounding Cyrus allowed her to be sexualized and to learn that sex sells and allowed her to be denigrated into nothing but another over-sexualized sales organ for the msm and the music industry. Parents, if you're going to allow your kids to try to get into the music industry, don't let them go the route of Cyrus, Beiber, or the other innocents turned lewd, crude money machines who look as though they came out of Hustler's centerfold at age 15.

August 27, 2013   Aaaaahhh..... public schools. As I've said time and time and time again: take your kids out of public schools. They've become nothing more than a hunting ground for sexual predators, for those who want to teach liberalism and lack of morals. They over-sexualize our children, teaching masturbation in fourth grade (9 yr.-olds!) and then leave parents to wonder, "Where did you learn this stuff?!" Hello? When you take your hands off the schools, take GOD out of the schools and allow the administration to do as they will with your child's "education", what do you expect? If you're not actively involved in the classroom, don't be appalled at what comes out of it. Homeschool your children or be satisfied with what they're taught by others.

August 27, 2013   thevileone takes us to war AGAIN. N. Korea's little punk is trying to support Syria and thevileone's lies are shown again. "Peace in our time" in his January 2013 Inauguration speech. It's now August. It took him eight months to prove himself a liar. Longer than usual. Hm. Maybe he's making progress toward learning how to.... Nah. He'll never know how to tell the truth.

August 27, 2013   I think the author here is wrong: thevileone is #1. Al Sharpton may be more vocally racist, but thevileone's position makes him a worse racist because of the example he sets when he demonstrates his racism.

August 27, 2013   More jobs lost due to thevileone's healthcaretax. Shcok. Surprise.

August 27, 2013   Non-doctors to perform abortions? What will happen if the aobrtion is botched and the mommy bleeds out? Will the non-doctor be licensed to do an emergency hysterectomy, or will an ambulance be called as the mommy waits, bleeding, for that ambulance to get to the hospital where a doctor can save her? Doesn't life -- any life -- matter anymore? Why is life so cheap to some?

August 27, 2013   Personally, I think the dumborats use MLK as nothing more than a beating stick. They club people over the head with his words, his name and his reputation, but they themselves ignore what he taught and refuse to apply it to their own lives, beliefs and practices. dumborats have turned MLK into nothing more than an useful tool: powerful enough to kow some, while nice enough to draw others.

August 27, 2013   This guy needs to be FIRED. Why are our taxpayer dollars still going to his pay? Fire his backside!

August 27, 2013   Are we raising children or ANIMALS? Why would anyone want their little girls to treat another little girl like this? Why? How can anyone support this sort of behavior? When will the parents start teaching their children that this sort of thing is NOT okay?

August 27, 2013   FB says thevileone's admin demanded info on 38K accounts. I'm so glad I left FB a long time ago. I was on it for maybe six months to a year but it was boring, unproductive and a waste of time, so I closed my account. Now I'm so glad I found FB boring!

August 27, 2013   TEA party saved you money? That's what one report says. Sounds like we need more TEA!

August 27, 2013   CA county offering home tests for STDs? Sounds like thevileone's healthcaretax is going to be getting a big bill. Of course, we'll pay for it.

August 27, 2013   Respect for life was not taught to all. Some women have no mother's heart.

August 27, 2013   CO Sheriffs trying to overturn local gun control laws. Good. It's about time someone stood for the U.S. Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights. Sheriffs doing so is a good start!

August 27, 2013   I really do hope a True Conservative will defeat grahamnesty. That would be so good!

August 27, 2013   Defund thevileone's healthcaretax. It would be a good thing.

August 27, 2013   thevileone's lies about amnesty exposed. His lips were moving again!

August 27, 2013   I'll close on that auspicious note. Until next time, See ya'!

August 26, 2013: 5:59 p.m.   More good news today: My hubby had an appointment with a dermatologist today to have some brown spots on his skin checked for cancer and none of them were even suspected to be so. They did take a skin tag off of his back and he's hurting a little, but that's a whole lot better than what the possibilities could have been. We went to lunch together after his appointment, came home to my son surprising us with a visit, but got a call and had to go do something for the post card club. Came back home and now I get to do my updates. So let's get it done.

August 26, 2013   The tyrant is at it again. He doesn't care what the law is, he cares what he wants. America? There's no such thing. It's his country now. He can do with it as he wishes and he wishes to ignore the law.

August 26, 2013   When ketchup kerry says it, it must be real. When the GW Bush administration said it, it was all lies because, well, "Republicans!" Then they blame the press for allegedly "blurring the red line" thevileone said would be his "action" signal. What a crock. thevileone is the one who is blurring the line. He wants nothing to do with going against the Muslim Brohood.

August 26, 2013   Amnesty agreement close. Call everyone you can and tell them to NOT cooperate with this travesty. Our laws mean something. Our laws should have made illegals be deported back to their own country. Our laws mean nothing to this administration. Even worse is the fact that the spineless Republicans are caving to teh denigration of our laws and agreeing to it, helter skelter, and fighting over who is proclaiming their treason louder: rubio-stupido, paulryannot, mccaint, all run to the microphone to scream at the top of their lungs: "I support AMNESTY!!! LOVE ME!!" Guess what. I don't.

August 26, 2013   Treasury to meet debt limit in October. Is anyone surprised?

August 26, 2013   Muslim Brohood not a favorite with Egyptions? I dont know. I think that perhaps they are not the favorite as far as their running of the country, but I bet you a buck-and-a-half that they like the MB as far as their radical views when it comes to other things.

August 26, 2013   It's gotten to the point of ridiculous. Feeding the homeless is a reason for arrest? Puhlease!

August 26, 2013   hillclintoon beats christie. We don't need either of them. If they both moved to Mars we'd be fine.

August 26, 2013   Lobbyists get taxpayer funded retirements? Why? Why would WE be stuck with the bill for their lobbyig efforts? Why? Because someone set it up that way.

August 26, 2013 &Nbsp The V.A. puts our troops first. NOT! They put themselves first and give themselves bonuses even though the vets are in backlog. This administration's priorities are so screwed up.

August 26, 2013   Bombing a Veteran's Memorial is WRONG! I don't care who you are, you did wrong.

August 26, 2013   Our soldiers need new boots. The ones they're wearing are making their feet sore. It's time to bring them home. Home to be with their families, to wear tennis shoes, flip flops and to play chase or catch with their kids. They've served us well and paid high prices. Bring them home.

August 26, 2013   Another animal raised by out of touch parents? Another animal, at the very least.

August 26, 2013   Der-Tyrant (thevileone) appears on flag again. I've known about hero worship for a long time, but this is more like making a false god out of thevileone. You know about the boy who prayed to thevileone and what's next? If I had my preference it would be that he is ARRESTED, TRIED & CONVICTED FOR TREASON and spends the rest of his life in prison. Solitary confinement sounds about right. He'd spend less taxpayer dollars there and be unable to write any Executive Orders.

August 26, 2013   You can tell a man by the company he keeps so thevileone must be a radical. sustein rears his ugly beliefs again inside the administration. Going more and more radical, thevileone gets closer and closer to Communism and making America go there with him.

August 26, 2013   Touchè! I like this college professor!

August 26, 2013   Lenders check your FB & Twitter, etc., accounts before deciding credit worthiness. So if you're not meeting their social media criteria, you may be able to borrow $5,000, but unable to borrow $50,000. I guess that is supposed to make us watch our Ps & Qs, but what happened to "Free Speech" in America? Should our credit score count that Constitutional right? I think if someone's writing about how tough times are and asking for a $10,000 vacation loan, they have the right to take that into account.

August 26, 2013   If so, see me smile....? I like cold.

August 26, 2013   Find a grahmnasty challenger you like & send them $10. Or, send each Conservative opponent $10 each, whichever. grahmnasty's got to go!

August 26, 2013   Hehehe... I like James O'Keefe III. That attorney does not.

August 26, 2013   I'll close on a fun note today. Since it's Minion Monday, here's Hank getting ready for bed. He likes to read a little first. Until next time, See ya'!

August 24, 2013: 1:25 p.m.   Aaaaaahhh.... public schools. Do we send children to public schools just for sex, or should they be taught something besides abortion is okay? If you value your children, for their sakes, for goodness' sake, for sake's sake, homeschool your children! Teach them values, morality, right from wrong, and that THEY are valuable. Teach them that their bodies are not to be given away as way to gain acceptance from whoever will take their bodies. Teach them how to read using Phonics, teach them how to write -- in cursive -- and teach them the truth about America's history (use for the TRUTH). Teach them that GOD loves them and that GOD loves them so much that He gave His only begotten Son to take the punishment for their sins and that the only way to heaven is to accept that wonderful sacrifice as the gift GOD gave for and to them. Teach them that GOD's love determines their value, not what their friends say about them; not what their enemies say about them. Or, you could have teachers coming on to them and their bodies being what school is about instead of preparing them for their futures.

August 24, 2013   Hamstergore really is an idiot. Can you believe he used to be Vice President? Yeah. With our current administration our standards have fallen even further than that. Disgusting.

August 24, 2013   thevileone is setting it up to make you and I "extremists" and to take away our freedom. After the labeling, comes the reason to "watch" us (spy on us) and after that comes some false pretense to arrest us. After that comes delays and changes, excuses and transfers. How many will disappear? Or will we stand up and fight before that?

August 24, 2013   Rodeo clown who wore thevileone's mask gets gig in TX. Good! The tradition is that presidents are presidents, not dictators and tyrants. To have the president -- or his minions -- bent out of shape over the rodeo clown wearing a mask of his face is a show of ego, not leadership. He's throwing yet another temper tantrum and needs to grow up and get over it.

August 24, 2013   ForAmerica puts pressure on bonehead boehner hoping to stop funding of thevileone's healthcaretax. Why not join them in pressuring bonehead? Call him at (202) 225-0600, or e-mail him and tell him to NOT fund thevileone's healthcaretax since he thinks defunding it is "not realistic". You may want to use the normal name for it, "*****care" but I won't use his name, so I'll let you use the words. I'll call bonehead and tell him not to fund the ACA, which you can call it, too, if you want to avoid having theveileone's name on your lips. Yeah. I abhor him that much. Anyone who has damaged America as much as he deserves to be abhorred.

August 24, 2013   thevileone is sending our troops into another war. If he weakens our defenses enough to basically leave us undefended, that is his goal. Destroy as much of the trained forces as possible to leave it to us, the armed citizenry to defend America. In the meantime, he'll work on disarming us so that we're defenseless. So be prepared to stand strong. Be prepared.

August 24, 2013   Four problems with thevileone's college "scorecard" idea. When morons try to think they create more problems than they're trying to solve. We all know thevileone is a moron so of course there will be problems with everything he does.

August 24, 2013   Peace and tolerance slits throats and gouges out eyes. So very peaceful. Tolerance personified. Maybe we should stop tolerating?

August 24, 2013   pelosipig milks MLK's "I Have A Dream" anniversary. She twists what he wanted, but that's okay. She doesn't have to worry about the truth because she can't even spell the word.

August 24, 2013   Here comes the storm and my web browser and HTML program are not working very well together today for some reason. I copy an URL and try to paste it into a link I'm creating and my computer forgets the URL somehow. Don't know what's up with that, but it's frustrating and I don't want to be frustrated, so I'll go for now. Until next time, have a good Saturday and Sunday. As you remember, I don't update my site on Sundays, so I'll probably see you Monday. Until whenever, See ya'!

August 23, 2013: 8:55 p.m.   Just a few blurbs today due to the late start. Hubby took the day off today and we went out and about and had fun. He found me a set of eight book, "Fatawa Islamiyah Islamic Verdicts" Volumes 1-8 Collected by Muhammad bin 'Abdul-'Aiz Al-Musnad. They're in beautiful condition and they're going to be great fun exploring! Just opening first volume I see chapters like, "He Who makes Offerings to Jinn shall have no Good Deeds of His accepted until He repents", "Animals slaughtered by Polytheists", "Seeking Blessings from Graves" and "Should We believe that Medical Doctors know what in in the Wombs". He had scooped the whole set up and had them in the buggy before I had even seen them. He knew I'd love to have them and he was so right! So on with a few blurbs, then I'm going to chek out those books! Who knows? Maybe I'll have some additional information for Chart: Compare GOD to Allah.

August 23, 2013   thevileone blames Rush Limbaugh for what thevileone has done. thevileone is such a sissy. He never takes responsibility for anything he does. He's such a baby. With all of those "green" companies he bailed out, all of the Executive Orders he has signed, all of the crap he has done he still tries to do the "Squirrel!" routine. The baby.

August 23, 2013   Don't you LOVE PAYING FOR THE FEDS TO SPY ON YOU? Yeah. That's exactly what happened. YOU paid to have yourself spied on by the feds. Don't ya' love thevileone's way of governing? (BTW, Sarcasm.)

August 23, 2013   The IRS is at it again. American Legion is now being targeted. I think it's time to have a rebellion against the IRS and their unconstitutional power. Remember that the U.S. Constitution says that the powers delineated to the government in the Constitution are the only power the government has. All of the rest of the powers go to the States and to the PEOPLE. The IRS needs to learn that lesson.

August 23, 2013   HHS Secretery, sebelius, touts thevileone's healthcaretax. They have to still go out and sell it because so very few of us who are paying attention actually want this atrocity.

August 23, 2013   There needs to be a change in the way some children are raised and it needs to change NOW. This is ridiculous. If people refuse to teach their children right from wrong, then they shouldn't have children in the first place. They need to get a gerbil because they're too irresponsible to have children or even a dog. Or are they intentionally raising their children to be animals?

August 23, 2013   Myanmar facing Tuberculosis strain that is drug resistant. If you have travel plans to go there, I think I'd check with my travel agent to see if I could get them changed.

August 23, 2013   15 people show up at anti-gun rally. Sounds like a big crowd to me! (Sarcasm.)

August 23, 2013   Rush's contract renewed. Rush is going to be on for a long time even if his contract had changed, he'd still be there, telling the truth, exposing the left, making the left angry about the truth getting out. It's always fun listening to Rush.

August 23, 2013   Court says Christian couple's refusal to photograph homosexual "marriage" illegal. First Amendment? What First Amendment? There is no First Amendent! This administration is taking it away faster than the speed of sound. With this court ruling, I heard TWO sonic booms! It's wrong! It's ridiculous! It's time to make this stop!

August 23, 2013   Okay. That's enough for now. I'm irritated and it's not going to get any better after the crud I posted tonight. So, I'll stop for now and until next time, See ya'!

August 22, 2013: 11:47 a.m.   Well, that was interesting. I use a certain HTML editor and LOVE it but was told when I "upgraded" to a Win8 computer that it was not possible to use my regular HTML editor and I had to upgrade to the $60 version. Lo and behold, today I did an experiment and guess which HTML editor I'm using. Yep. The one I started with. Have I told you lately that I hate computers? Why do computer companies and software companies think it's okay to do this to us? Now on with today's updates because if I dwell on this I'll get angry instead of just happy that I don't have to buy the newer editor -- again.

August 22, 2013   Hamsters took your money to prove you'll get violent? Is there nothing they won't do to prove their religion has merit? Yes, "global warming" is a religion: a voodoo religion, but a religion.

August 22, 2013   Is DH[IN]S employee a danger to others? He is one of the people who purchases weapons for the department to use and runs a homophobic, racist website. I say "Free Speech". He's allowed to say the things he wants to say. While I may not like his words (although he does say negative things about thevileone), he has the right to say them. Should he be a purchasing agent for the government? Maybe that needs a review.

August 22, 2013   thevileone's friends, the Muslim Brohood, are killing Christians. If you can tell a man by the company he keeps, what does this say about thevileone? I think it speaks volumes.

August 22, 2013   I stand with Israel. Anyone attacking them, they attack back. When Israel attacks, they win. I stand with Israel.

August 22, 2013   Illegal aliens should be deported. If they want to come here and make a life for themselves, they should do so legally as did most of my ancestors (my Cherokee ancestors were already here). That's the rigth way to do it. Illegal aliens should not be allowed to profit from breaking our law. They break the law when they come over illegally. That's all there is to it. It's as simple as that. To undo the law for those already here (amnesty) is discrimination based upon nationality -- wich is against the law. So to give them amnesty -- allowing them to benefit from breaking the law -- the government has to break the law to benefit the lawbreakers. If that isn't special treatment, I don't know what is and I scream "Discrimination!" because I won't get the same kind of treatment from our government.

August 22, 2013   LOL! If you're texting so much that you're sleep texting, you're texting waaaayyyy toooooo much!

August 22, 2013   clintoons spent their foundation's money on travel.... and what else? No one knows where all of the donations went except the clintoons and they have a history of not talking. So what will it take to get to the truth? Kenneth Starr couldn't get to the bottom of their scandals during the impeachment trial. So what will it take now that they're out of office and have even more money and more connections?

August 22, 2013   Australians threatening boycott of America because of gun violence here. It's another case of the pot calling the kettle if you look at the truth of Australia's gun violence. They may have strict "gun control" laws, but they haven't any success at gun control. Criminals get guns. They get them illegally if they have to. They have no sense of right and wrong so putting a law into place to supposedly control the criminal and their ownership of guns is a farce. Gun control advocates don't understand the truth of that matter although the evidence and history prove it. It's because "gun control" is not about gun control, it's about controlling you the law abiding citizen. Never forget that truth.

August 22, 2013   If "young people" want to save money they should ditch thevileone's healthcaretax. It's going to cost them a bundle and since they don't get sick or see doctors as often as older folks they're just paying for the care of others. If young folks back out of it, the plan is even closer to falling apart. Let's see, that's about ten different ways this thing is bound to fail. A true indicator of thevileone's competency.

August 22, 2013   Wasting $30,000 to make thevileone's healthcaretax video. That's YOUR money being used to make it all seem wonderful. Is this what you work all day long and miss your anniversary for? No? Do something about it. Vote for a True Conservative next time. Nothing less than a True Conservative will save America.

August 22, 2013   Remember when they said you'd get to keep your own healthcare insurance? They lied. Shock. Surprise.

August 22, 2013   This is what "colleges" have sunk to? Don't stories like this just make you want to send your child to these colleges? Don't they make you want to spend $250,000 to give your child a "higher" education (higher in which way, I'm uncertain, considering)? It makes no sense to me that anyone would want to spend that kind of money to have their child indoctrinated into the leftist mindset. Some do it, though, instead of letting their child mature, choose the college of their choice and be firmly grounded in the TRUTH and having a firm grasp on it prior to sending them off to the leftist brainwashing machines. Only go to college AFTER you're twenty-five or older. If you wait until then, you're sure of who you are (most of us would be at least) and you're not going to be pressured into caving on what you believe and made into a leftie yourself.

August 22, 2013   Filner reaches mediation deal for being a cad. Sexually molesting all those women (18 have now come forward) and getting mediation instead of being kicked out of office (he's mayor of San Diego) makes one wonder how much San Diego values women and their rights. War on women? Is he stepping down?

August 22, 2013   WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT: NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN: Common Core text books include filth. Aaaaahhh.... Pubic [sic] schools! Common Core should be renamed "Carnal Core". Take your kids out of any school that institutes "Carnal Core" unless you want your child sexualized with the textbooks they're supposed to be learning read, writing, history, science, arithematic and spelling from. It's wrong what they're doing. They should not sexualize the children. Or do they do this to accomodate the pedophile teachers? (Hey, just asking.)

August 22, 2013   Another group of people kill an innocent person. Why do some people seem to think it's okay to do this? Learn to do what's right instead of what is wrong. Murder is wrong.

August 22, 2013   thevileone built this. But not by himslef, the whole leftist system helped. Can you believe they're actually proud of it, too? Yep. They think they're doing a good thing. How stupid are they?

August 22, 2013   A police state is coming if thevileone's administration gets its way. They will FORCE you to obey or be put in prison. Or we can fight back and tell them to take a hike! Stand up, America! Don't be pushed around by those who presume to igrnore the U.S. Constitution and the power given to the people, not the government! Fight back! Stand strong! Don't let them walk all over us! This is America: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

August 22, 2013   Tampa's Town Hall meeting to defund thevileone's healthcaretax draws 500. It should have had 10,000, but it's a start.

August 22, 2013   I, too, want an audit of the EDC. I think there needs to be both kinds of audits AND any contract the BOCC enters into should include Sunshine Law compliance no matter who the contract is with. If they're spending taxpayer dollars, there should ALWAYS be Sunshine Law compliance. The BOCC also told the EDC to turn over BlueWare documents. That was an unanimous vote (shockingly) and I agree with it 100%. They should also have to turn over copies of the documents to the prosecutors in the Needelman, Dupree and Harr cases. They'll probably be subpeonaed. I wonder how bad they'll be.

August 22, 2013   The BOCC shocked me by voting to NOT raise garbage collection rates this year. Wait until AFTER the elections, then the rates will increase.

August 22, 2013   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

August 21, 2013: 12:43 p.m.   Missed yesterday because my son came over to visit and brought the computer we got him for Christmas of last year that had gotten a virus and had crashed because of that virus. It did what was said to have been an update of a "trusted" company and hadn't worked properly since. Being the family's computer person, I said I'd take a look at it. No luck. Windows 8 has more bells and whistles, but it's also more difficult to correct problems with. He's going to have to use the warranty and get them to fix it. Have I told you lately that I hate computers? Anyways, more later because I just wanted to get a link up to my most recent Girls Just Wanna' Have story, "Why We Must Elect a True Conservative in 2016". Yeah. We must. Read it. More after I get back from getting an injection into my foot. (Owwwiiiieee!!)

August 21, 2013: 3:40 p.m.   Good news for me: No shot! The injections are not needed anymore because the first two fixed the problem. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! I told you Dr. Simonson is a good doctor. Any kind of foot problem, go see Dr. Simonson. Take him chocolate. He loves chocolate. Now I can update my site. On with the blurbs!

August 21, 2013   How will the scotUS rule on this? I hope they rule that thevileone has to release everything he's got about the bin Laden raid. Then we'll see my suspicions are correct. If I'm proven wrong, so be it. If not... We shall see.

August 21, 2013   CAIR gets police to cancel terrorist training. The radical Muslim group is shutting down anything that would teach law enforcement, students, or anyone else that the last thousand terrorist attacks were done by... MUSLIMS! Amazing. Talk about a break with reality. Either they can't face facts, or they don't want you to know the TRUTH. If they don't want you to know the TRUTH and it's not your birthday they're keeping information from you about, then they're not your friends. Don't trust anyone who hides from you things that can hurt you, things they should have warned you about. They're not your friend.

August 21, 2013   Illegal aliens are demanding free organ transplants. Fine. Charge them for the kidney, liver, heart, whatever, the same amount as the operation and hospitalization would have cost. It's worth much more than that since it's saving their lives. Let the bill look like this:

Surgeon:       $00.00
7 Nurses:      $00.00
Surgery:       $00.00
Heart:   $359,999.00
That should shut them up.

August 21, 2013   The RNC hasn't got a clue when it comes to our borders. They really should figure out that millions of "suddenly citizens" would be bad for our economy, for Americans getting jobs, for employers, for our security and safety, for thevileone's healthcaretax, for everything. Brains do not come with elected office and a lot of the folks in office right now (especially the dumborats) prove that daily, but the Republicans are doing a good job of catching up with them!

August 21, 2013   I'm not the only one saying that thevileone's healthcaretax is full of corruption. The truth is that it was set up to be full of corruption because it's more of a system of punishing the achievers and rewarding the non-achievers, and putting more of thevileone's cronies into well-paid government jobs than it is about giving you affordable healthcare.

August 21, 2013   Prediction: This will happen in a LOT of companies. Want healthcare for your loved ones? Fuhgetaboudit.

August 21, 2013   As much as I totally disagree with most of what she says, I can still agree with the question asked What has hillclintoon ever done?. She is rumored to have baked cookies for her daughter, but besides that?

August 21, 2013   Syria used chemical warfare against its people. Remember, this is the same country thevileone sold weapons to so how will they use the weapons we sent them? Hmmm? Will they be used to kill Americans? If so, will that finally satisfy some people out there that thevileone has committed TREASON and will that finally make a difference to them? What will it take?

August 21, 2013   NSA collected more than "terrorism related" communications. Shock. Surprise. thevileone is getting as much as he can on people so that he can use it down the road. That's all it is. If he goes for a third term, how many people will resist him if he's got their mistress's name and number, the e-mail to their other wife, or the proof of porn site visits? Yeah. That's what is happening.

August 21, 2013   I don't really care that thevileone's brother is in the Muslim Brohood. It's thevileone's having his head up the Brohood's backside that bothers me.

August 21, 2013   Leave it to MA to do something stupid.

August 21, 2013   Peace and tolerance at it again.

August 21, 2013   Leave it to dumborats to do something this wrong. I am not surprised by it, but it's just a "shaking my head" moment.

August 21, 2013   $9 hourly to sign people up for thevileone's healthcaretax. That's what people in IL are being paid. How much is FL paying them? I don't know, but it's not going to make our future any brighter, that's for certain.

August 21, 2013   I don't know if this claim is true but I certainly hope so. America needs it to be true.

August 21, 2013   Unemployment numbers up again. That 8.9% is not true when you take into account the folks who have stopped looking for work. They're included in the U6 number which stands at 14%. The real numbers are a lot worse. Thank thevileone for this. He built this.

August 21, 2013   Will he use his own money for his plan, or will he want YOUR money for his plan? If he wants to use his own and NONE of ours, that's fine. Let him do it. If he wants a dime out of my pocket -- or yours -- I say "Go away. No way."

August 21, 2013   thevileone gives money to his cronies in what used to be called ACORN. Congress defunded ACORN, but thevileone never worries about the law. Tyrants don't have to.

August 21, 2013   Why would anyone who is NOT an animal kill someone for fun? Some people sicken me.

August 21, 2013   Closing with how people SHOULD behave. Until next time, See ya'!

August 19, 2013: 4:13 p.m.   Have I told you lately that I hate computers? Or, at least my Lemon DELL I hate with a purple passion and then Windows 8 is a big PITA (Pain In The Ahem...) Yeah. It won't let me import any of my contacts. It won't let me use my regular e-mail program without PAYING to have the advertising taken away from the e-mail program I used to use (only $19.95 annually!) and it wants me to PAY MORE to be able to use Word. Right. NOT. I have a WORD program that my husband purchased the rights to from work and I'll install that instead of paying more to use something here. I'm so fed up with being MILKED for more money from computer manufacturers that if I could get away with NOT having a computer, I'd shut everything down in a heartbeat! I'm fed up! When I buy a computer, or anything else for that matter, I expect it to work properly for a reasonable amount of time. I expect to be able to use ALL of it -- not just the bare bones -- without having to pay more for it after I've purchased the product I thought I'd be able to use. And I don't want to have to have all of my files stored "In the cloud". What the heck is a "cloud", where is it and why should I agree to that when I want my files here with me?! Aaarrrgghhh.... Also, make all of my Windows files and programs backwards compatible so that if I used them in Win 3.1 I can still get to them NOW. I'm tired of having to find a way to get into old programs that I created way back when but haven't accessed in a while when it was all done on the same format -- Windows! If I had created them on Apple or Linux, that's a different story, but when it's all Windows let me see the old stuff, too: without having to pay more! (Breathe, breathe....) Okay. I'm finished with that rant. Sorry. But I had to get that off of my chest. Now on with my updates. (Breathe. Breathe.)

August 19, 2013   For dumborats 2016 is going to be a choice between an idiot a racist with a long history of wrongdoing. Boy! If that doesn't delineate the dumborat party, I don't know what does!

August 19, 2013   Republicans, don't. Just don't.

August 19, 2013   Remember, we live in bear country.

August 19, 2013   Lower garbage collection costs? The County is looking at the possibilities. The $151 price was apparently a bit of sticker shock for some people, so it's a good thing they're looking at lowering the cost. But, still. When they lower the costs that doesn't mean they listened to us in the first place to NOT change the contract. What's wrong with being happy with what you have?

August 19, 2013   Remember when Chris Christie kissed up to thevileone after Hurricane Sandy? 100K+ NJ residents losing their healthcare due to thevileone's healthcaretax. I wonder if the kissing up would still be done? Remember, Christie's considering 2016 and a presidential run. I hope NJers and the rest of America has a long memory. If not, they can always count on me to remind them.

August 19, 2013   "Peace and tolerance" again shows its ugly head. The truth shows in their actions, not in their words.

August 19, 2013   UNemployment still something thevileone's policies have done. Lay this at his feet because he's the one who did it.

August 19, 2013   Sen. Ted Cruz makes libs NUTSO! Good! A True Conservative's goal should be to make libs/lefties/progressives nutso. It's the right thing to do.

August 19, 2013   algore gave a verbal hamster award. Such an honor for the recipient, I'm sure. (Sarcasm.)

August 19, 2013   When will they understand that the TRUTH matters? George Zimmerman defending himself was NOT the wrong thing to do! It mattters that he was able to defend himself when he was attacked. It matters that he survived because he was the innocent one. That's what the evidence showed. That's what the jury decided. The trial proved his innocence, but the left can't let it go. Stand Your Ground, people. Don't budge an inch on this law. It's important!

August 19, 2013   Aaaahhh..... public schools! This should tell us all what the unions are for and what power they think they have. They would rather bankrupt a town than that a pedophile teacher stay in prison for his entire sentence. That's not just wrong, that's evil.

August 19, 2013   Selling AR-15s again. Some day I'll get me one.

August 19, 2013   thevileone has missed at least half of the healthcaretax's deadlines. He's not worried. Tyrants don't have to obey the laws they write. They only worry about enforcing them upon the rest of us.

August 19, 2013   $1 TRILLION DEFICIT a year: thevileone did that. And we and our progeny will pay for it. Isn't that special? (Sarcasm. Of course.)

August 19, 2013   Good. This was the right thing to do.

August 19, 2013   "Asylum" claims from Mexico on the rise. What do they expect after giving classes on how to do so? Remember? Yeah. It's not a good thing they're doing. But it is the dumborats so what else do we expect?

August 19, 2013   thevileone releases "highly classified" material as he wishes but when Snowden says thevileone is spying on Americans -- breaking the U.S. Constitution -- it's a bad thing? Explain that to me. Why is thevileone allowed to release anything he wants to and that's okay, but a whistleblower alerts the American people that thevileone is spying on them and the whistleblower is a traitor? I think it's the other way around: thevileone is the traitor, not Snowden!

August 19, 2013   This is what Florida should allow! I like it!

August 19, 2013   With these numbers, how many teachers will quit teaching and go on welfare?

August 19, 2013   Kiss the bull goodbye. No. Not thevileone. The big Merrill Lynch bull. They're being "dissolved". Altough I'd much rather see thevileone go away, it's not happening yet. (When will he be arrested?)

August 19, 2013   I'll close with the usual for this day of the week: Minion Monday: Hank Dreams of Waves. He wants to learn to surf. It would probably help if he had feet. Until next time, See ya'!

August 17, 2013: 2:39 p.m.   Well, that was irritating. On Wednesday when I was trying to check my e-mail the computer I used to do my updates -- the Lemon DELL -- crashed again and I haven't been able to get it to come back. I'm so tired of that computer. The problem is that I have Windows 8 on this Toshiba and I had to download HTMLKit for Win8 and I'm not familiar with all of the new bells & whistles of this HTMLKit. I think HTMLKit is the best HTML program in the world, but this version (I'm working on the Toshiba today) has has so many more bells and whistles that I have trouble figuring out where each bell is found and each whistle is hidden. So, it's experiment time. Let's see if we can get this to work for at least this explanation. IF I can find out how to make things work, I'll use this computer from now on because my Lemon DELL is just not coming back. I won't give up on it, but I do want to throw it against a wall! Let's see if I can at least get this blurb online. Wish me luck.

August 17, 2013   I did it! WoooHooo! We'll do a few blurbs. Let's start with....

August 17, 2013   Scott Ellis is VINDICATED! He said that the ex-clerk was doing things wrong and the arrest of Needelman and Dupree proved it. BTW, their "partner in crime", Rose Harr. turned herself in and will also be prosecuted. Problem is, unless the judge orders restitution to the County, we'll never see any of the money back. Thanks for nothing, Needelman.

August 17, 2013   Will thevileone support this? I think it's Egypt's choice. I like the idea, but I don't know that it will happen.

August 17, 2013   So that's what I'm going to close with today. I figured out how to do this. I can do it on Monday with my Toshiba and I'll use this one from now on. So, we're good to go. Until next time, See ya'!

August 14, 2013: 5:45 p.m.   "Are Atheists Mentally Ill?" It's a valid question and one that someone besides myself asked. Love it!

August 14, 2013: 3:27 p.m.   Went and got another shot in my foot today. Ow. I hate needles, but I really like my foot doctor, Dr. Simonson in Rockledge. If you ever have foot problems, go see him. He's a good man and a great doc. (BTW: Me saying he's a good doctor and mentioning him here does NOT mean that he endorses my website. He may hate my website, but I like his doctoring! Okay?) I spent this morning writing my Girls Just Wanna' Have article so that's sent out. As usual, I'll post a link when it's published. So, now I'll do my updates for today. Probably just a few since I want to be more comfy with my foot up. We'll see what tickles my fancy.

August 14, 2013   "Detracting From the Detractors" my latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have

August 14, 2013   clintoon cronyism? Show of hands: Who is surprised? Seeing no hands, I'd say no one. (Hehe.) Seriously, though, it's not good:

"The review echoed criticism of Mr. Clinton’s early years in the White House: For all of its successes, the Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton hands, vulnerable to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest. It ran multimillion-dollar deficits for several years, despite vast amounts of money flowing in."
So how does it run at "multimillion-dollar deficits" when it has all of that money flowing in? Is it going to be hillclintoon for 2016, or hillclintoon in prison in 2016?

August 14, 2013   thevileone (the prezidunce) is "flouting the law"? Again, shock. surprise. Whoever woulda' thunk it?

August 14, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax gives planned murder-your-baby-hood $375K? Wait. I thought that the House of Representatives (who handles the budget) voted to DEFUND Planned kill-your-baby-hood. How can thevileone just stick a bit of writing into a law and suddenly the vote of the House is overturned? He is a tyrant, a dictator. That's how. (See blurb immediately above.) Along the same subject, this is just tacky. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

August 14, 2013   thevileone says (basically) you can't prove it! (Picture his tongue sticking out...)

August 14, 2013   The one on the left is more intelligent. And much better looking.

August 14, 2013   This is what thevileone supported. Remember, he supported the Arab Spring and wanted to fund it? Yeah. He helped bring about all these deaths and injuries. Isn't he just the cat's meow? (Gag.)

August 14, 2013   thevileone's priorities really STINK! Bin Laden raid happening so he plays cards? Really? Really? That's a crock.

August 14, 2013   Someone's lying. Question is, Who?

August 14, 2013   Zero. Zip. Nada. That's the attendance number for a "climate change" rally. I suppose they were more interested in something else. Life, maybe?

August 14, 2013   piers morgan is an idiot. 'Nuff said.

August 14, 2013   Clown banned for life. Too bad it's not the clown in the Red House. My how the standards have changed. Hypocrasy, anyone?

August 14, 2013   This story should have been a major story. Warning: Gruesome story; even Beck made it tamer to cover it.

August 14, 2013   thevileone acts as tyrant again and decides for himself what to spend our money on.

August 14, 2013   They're trying to take away another word: "Drones" is a NO-No! Fight back! Drones! Drones! Drones! Say the word! Keep the language!

August 14, 2013   Common Core to impact homeschooling? Common Core is bad news, in every way, shape and form. Read more here about how horrible and Communistic (new word?) Common Core is! Get rid of Common Core if you want to keep our country.

August 14, 2013   I'm very surprised they were sentenced to any time in jail. I expected - because of who they are - to hear that they had gotten "time served" or home arrest (ankle bracelets), or some community service. But prison time? Wow. I'm shocked.

August 14, 2013   I suppose that's enough for now. I thought I'd do just a few updates/blurbs, but I got a little carried away. So, until next time, See ya'!

August 13, 2013: 1:02 p.m.   We are NOT ALL Trayvon Martin and there should NOT be a mural depicting George Zimmerman as a guilty man displayed in the Florida capital! I think we should all contact Gov. Rick Scott and tell him to remove the lying mural! George Zimmerman was found INNOCENT and to have acted in self-defense because Martin attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman had the right -- even the DUTY -- to defend himself. The mural should be removed immediately because it stands in the Florida capital and is a lie. If we want lies in the capital let the politicians do the lying (it's not as though we can stop them!) instead of a stupid artist with a racist point of view!

August 13, 2013   Congressperson says that there are enough votes to impeach thevileone. Too bad there aren't enough votes in the Senate to convict. The problem is, they're too cowardly to TRY. IF they TRIED they could actually make some people more aware and they could actually succeed. They're using excuses in order to not TRY. Ridiculous. What they're saying is that it's more important to not try because it won't work than to do what upholds the U.S. Constitution.

August 13, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax delay in implementing caps "not a bait and switch"? The fact that they're changing the rules on an almost daily basis to help ensure dumborats are re-elected tells you something, does it not? Bait and switch? Maybe, maybe not. A useful tool to get the Low Information Voters' (LIVs) voting as desired? Yep. Puppets, all, they will do whatever those giving them the most wishes them to do. When you're hooked onto the taxpayer teat you really don't want to stand on your own two feet and anyone who increases the flow to that teat is going to get their votes.

August 13, 2013   Our healthcaretax costs will be MUCH higher than they told us during the selling process. Now, we know it's going to cost us an arm and a leg and there's very little we can do about it (short of rebellion and/or impeachment/jailing thevileone). But, add to that, they're making US pay to help BRAZILIAN WOMEN quit smoking. Don't you love worldwide taxes? Don't you love the fact that thevileone is taking money out of your pocket - taking what could have been spent on YOUR desires - and spending it on women in Brazil? Don't you love that?

August 13, 2013   The IRS's Lois Lerner used her personal e-mail to conduct official business trying to hide the truth. Don't ya' just love the way thevileone's administration is doing everything wrong? Why is he allowed to still be in office?

August 13, 2013   bonehead boehner getting booed by Conservatives? It's only fitting. When you're as cowardly as boehner and you cave as often on important matters as bonehead does, you deserve to be booed. boehner earned every boo. bonehead deserves every boo. Replace him with a TRUE CONSERVATIVE.

August 13, 2013   AZ Sheriff whose county borders Mexico blasts rubio re. amnesty bill. And rightly so. Hehehe... Then Michelle Malkin hands it to him on a platter.

August 13, 2013   While I peronally may agree with the sentiments of the judge, I disagree with the judge ordering parents to change their child's name. Parents should be allowed to choose their child's name and name their child as they wish (ask Bruce Willis), even if we don't agree with it. It's part of Free Speech and the judge has no right to deny that, nor to interfere in the parent/child relationship when the parent's naming the child "Messiah" will only lead to teasing but do no real harm to the child.

August 13, 2013   hillclintoon botches it. 2016? Heaven forbid.

August 13, 2013   Another book for my "Must Read" list. I love to read and the list is long, but I must get to all of them! Right now I'm reading about six books, including "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, "Breakthrough" by James O'Keefe, "Gulliver's Travels" by Johnathan Swift, and others, including the Bible. So, put it on my list and get to is A.S.A.P.

August 13, 2013   Israel shoots down rocket near its border and of course, thevileone's admin slams Israel over the way Israel handles its own land. There is no low too low for thevileone, is there?

August 13, 2013   This is not good. What I want to know is HOW they failed. In what way? Did they refuse to turn the keys, what?

August 13, 2013   In city run by libs for years, they can't even get the election date correct. Typical.

August 13, 2013   harry reid's comments are inexcusable. He's a racist using race as a way to further divide America and not looking at the facts and the history of thevileone and thevileone's lawlessness that makes our side stand against thevileone. How about setting aside the talking points and focusing on THE TRUTH? Nope. They can't do that. They must do everything they can to instill race and bigotry into the public discourse. I agree wholeheartedly with Michelle Malkin.

August 13, 2013   Lefties break the law and vandalize IO state fair display. Let us remember that just because you may personally disagree with something that disagreement does not give you the right to do that something (or someone) physical damage. Words work. Speak out against it; convince others you are correct. Don't like people eating meat? Speak out and educate others against doing so, but do not damage property that is not yours. If it's not yours, don't touch it! If it is yours, do as you will (property, not people: children, wives, husbands, etc., not included in that statement). Didn't their parents (or public schools) teach them anything?

August 13, 2013   States' rights mean nothing to thevileone. He's considering suing NC over their new voter ID law. They have the right to do this to protect the integrity of their elections, but that isn't what thevileone wants. He doesn't want voting integrity, he wants to be able to have people cheat to keep dumborats in office, or put more in office. That's the real reason thevileone wants no identification requirements for voting; so that there can be more cheating for dumborats.

August 13, 2013   dumborats don't classify illegal aliens as "criminals". Is that part of the reason they support amnesty, or is it because they want more dumborat voters?

August 13, 2013   Davis to run for Gov. of TX? If she does, I hope she's soundly defeated!

August 13, 2013   I'll end on that note. Until next time, See ya'!

August 12, 2013: 1:23 p.m.   The Perseid meteor shower is tonight. Best times: 1:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Don't miss it!

August 12, 2013: 11:28 a.m.   Missed an update on Friday because our whole area lost internet service. A friend walked over from about a mile and a half away and asked if we had internet service. I said that ours had gone out after a power glitch that afternoon and we haven't had it since. He told me that he called AT& T and they told him it would be Monday afternoon before they got it fixed. It did come back Friday evening very late, but it was too late to do updates at that time, so I skipped it. Saturday and Sunday were such nice days that I took them off and got more work done on my sculpture. Our big pieces of metal are cut, our final shaping is done on the base portion, and the under-painting is almost completed. Then, we put the metal on, put the whole piece together and I'll post a pic of it after we have it up. For now, let's get on with the updates!

August 12, 2013   PC artist paints the wrong message. She shouldn't have painted the mural to make folks think that Trayvon Martin was an innocent bystander who got mowed down (that happens all the time in Detroit and elsewhere: did she paint that? No? She's capitalizing on Martin's death then and that's wrong.). What the message should have been is to treat all people equally: even someone who defends himself from a thug who attacked him! HT: Amanda

August 12, 2013   thevileone embraces another radical Islamist. Shock. Surprise. When does he "embrace" a Christian leader? Don't you know a man by the friends he keeps? ("Show me a man's friends and I'll show you the man"?)

August 12, 2013   Is the Do[IN]J covering up for thevileone's buddy? If so, it wouldn't surprise anyone, would it? And, it wouldn't be the first time; and it probably won't be the last. So when does this lawless one get arrested? Come on! Someone do the right thing!

August 12, 2013   My favorite living being in the Red House gets special treatment. Don't get me wrong: I don't think using taxpayer dollars to fly a dog around is bad policy and a waste of our money. But, of all the "first family" he's my favorite one of them!

August 12, 2013   Americans giving up U.S. citizenship in record numbers. They're fleeing thevileone and trying to hang onto the money they've made.

August 12, 2013   Illegal immigrants getting "coached" on how to act "afraid". Illegals are being housed at YOUR expense and you're paying for the coaching! Now the whistle-blowers are being searched for:

"A San Diego California news station reports the story this week and now the feds have launched a “very intense” search for the leakers. A loophole in the administration’s backdoor amnesty plan is allowing hundreds of illegal aliens into the U.S. from Mexico, federal government sources tell the news station."
Don't you love the underhanded way this administration works? No? Nor do I.

August 12, 2013   Drug sentences being lessened? That's what the Do[IN]J wants. The "Choom" prezidunce making it easier to get ahold of. Sweet for those who do not value their brains. Their loss.

August 12, 2013   GaG!

August 12, 2013   Cruz 2016? As the GOP candidate? I would not complain.

August 12, 2013   "Official: Embassy closings had no basis in fact". It made no sense to me that they would do that before 9/11 considering the history of things, so I always thought this was just a show of feigned concern on thevileone's part.

August 12, 2013   Facebook bans Pro-Israel author. As a buddy of thevileone it doesn't surprise me that the Facebook folks would ban a Pro-Israel author. It just goes with thevileone's territory. Everyone in his sphere kisses his backside. This is just one more kiss.

August 12, 2013   Your taxpayer dollars used to run LIE on NPR. NPR ran a three part series of how the Social Services way back when were kidnapping American Indian children and giving them to white people to be raised so that the white folks could get government money for raising foster children. Too bad there was no proof that it ever happened. But, NPR stands by the story. Amazing.

August 12, 2013   LOL! This is NOT a good idea. I love the show and have seasons one and two on DVD because we don't get it over the air on HD antenna, but No. Let's not do this. Love ya' Willie, but no.

August 12, 2013   I bet bonehead boehner still wants to push amnesty through House. He's still "in negotiations" with thevileone. He shouldn't be in "negotiations" with him: it should be an outright, absolutely certain, "No!" on behalf of the American people!

August 12, 2013   Sinkhole opens under Disney resort hotel. As the mouse would say, "That's not good!"

August 12, 2013   Jackson proves he's a moron. It would be better if he'd just kept his mouth shut. Too bad he's incapable of that.

August 12, 2013   hillclintoon 2016: can she get past her past? I hope not! Remember Vince Foster, and all the other scandals surrounding her? Yeah. Let us remember every one of them: Especially Benghazi!

August 12, 2013   Talk about pigeon holing people! "UndocuQueer"? Really?

August 12, 2013   CA to register ammunition. CA's going to have a lot of problems down the road because of the way they're doing things today. They're making no sense and they're making CA more dangerous to live in. That means that people who are law-abiding citizens will leave the State for more freedoms and when they leave there will be only criminals left. Sounds like a bad thing to me.

August 12, 2013   The helicopter crash that killed U.S. Seal Team 6 members: A scandal BIGGER THAN BENGHAZI? Remember I wrote that there was something suspicious about it back in February 2012 with "Something Suspicious This Way Comes". I think this should be looked at in detail and the truth told for a change about what theveileone's administration is up to.

August 12, 2013   Rep. Rohrabacher: Snowden was "loyal to the rest of us." I agree: Snowden did America a favor by blowing the whistle on this stuff -- as long as he's not telling our enemies any secrets he may have learned while working at the job he used to have. I do have that caveat. If he's shared nothing with China, Russia, etc., except for the fact that, yes, we spy on them, too, then he's doing us a favor by letting us know the TRUTH. If he's telling the Chinese or others our secrets, then I have no respect for the man whatsoever and I hope he has to pay for his wrong-doing. If all he's done is told the American people that the government has been breaking the law and spying on US, then Snowden is a hero.

August 12, 2013   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools. Again and again and again, public schools sully their own reputations then wonder why parents would rather put their children in private schools or homeschool their children. Peronally, I chose homeschooling because I knew I could do a better job. Now public schools just keep proving me correct.

August 12, 2013   I think that's enough for today. I shall leave you with my Minion Monday just to get your week started off well. Have a great rest of your day! Until next time, See ya'!

August 8, 2013: 2:48 p.m.   "Dis-SQUIRREL!-tractions: Legalizing Drugs Is Not A Good Argument For 2nd Amendment Rights". My latest article is up. I just used the linked portion as the title, but the owner of the site wanted it longer. I hope you like it. If not, too bad.

August 8, 2013: 12:52 p.m.   Leon Panetta revealed "top secret" info, so why is SNOWDEN seeking asylum? Snoden revealed the same level of information: top secret. But Panetta gets to reveal it because he chooses to and he is not hunted down and on a CIA/FBI "Most Wanted" list? The only difference is what the title after the name is. So we need to reconsider what this administration is doing before we consider Snowden the enemy. Snowden told America what this administration is doing TO US. As long as he's not told other countries any of our military secrets, or any of our capabilities, then he's not done the U.S.A. any harm, so he's still a good guy in my eyes. He's the quintessential whistle-blower at the penultimate of good will toward his country if he's not releasing info to our enemies and only told Americans that thevileone is ILLEGALLY SPYING ON US.

August 8, 2013   More dumborats than Republicans say American dream is dead. Could that be because they're the ones helping kill it?

August 8, 2013   Feds don't vet airport workers very well. They really need to either hand off that responsibility to locals who can do a better job, or they need to step up their game. Whichever, they're not doing anything to keep you safe when you fly.

August 8, 2013   PayPal tests mobile app to use your face to verify payments. This is how it would work:

"Using the PayPal app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, shoppers can see nearby participating merchants highlighted on their mobile phones. They can then "check into" a certain store by clicking on its name and pay for an item by sliding an animated pin down the screen. The person's name and photo then pops up on the store's payment system. After the customer agrees to pay for the item, the cashier clicks on the person's photo to send the payment through."
What thinks you? Sounds convenient, but I'm waiting for someone to figure out how to scam the system. It will happen.

August 8, 2013   The Fort Hood Massacre: Remember these facts. Also remember that this guy, acting as his own attorney, seems to be trying for the death penalty in order to become a martyr (I guess he's looking forward to those alleged 72 virgins in heaven.). After killing 14 people (one en utero), he needs to be hanged from the highest tree with the shortest rope until dead. Then he can be cremated and his ashes shipped to Saudi Arabia to be scattered over the sands of his venerated Islamic area. Or, contrarilly-wise, find him guilty then ship him to Pakistan with crosses tattooed on every part of his body. Let's see how that would work for him.

August 8, 2013   Herr Bloombergermeister needs to move to his Mother Russia. He's such a Communist! He needs to go away. His ideas to encroach upon NYers' freedoms are never ending.

August 8, 2013   Ex-Border Patrol agents say immigration bills would help drug cartels. They would know since they dealt with it on a daily basis. Now, the House is wanting to get it done, too? I think it will be a danger to America in more ways than ten (as opposed to "more ways than one") and I think that if we don't stop the House from doing an immigration bill (that thevileone WILL sign) we will have regrets over every House member and Senator who voted in favor of this mess. When people go to Washington D.C. their brains fall out, is that what happens? There's a D.C. gray matter eater somewhere?

August 8, 2013   thevileone won't meet with Putin? Awww... too bad. What happened to his "flexibility"?

August 8, 2013   thevileone's planning on policing neighborhoods to enforce diversity? This isn't about "diversity", don't be fooled. It's about CONTROL. He wants it and he is finding as many ways as possible to get it. Fight back! Stand up for your freedom!

August 8, 2013   A friend in Victoria, B.C. told us about this now it seems to have moved to America. I wonder if it's the same person doing this.

August 8, 2013   Why hasn't Filner been arrested?

August 8, 2013   IL university stands behind murderer. He killed his parents and sister when he was 16, claimed paranoid schizophrenia, was treated for six years and released. No further time in jail. No probation. No house arrest. Nothing. He is out scott free. Now he's a psychology teacher? What is his specialty? How to murder your family and get away with it? I think I'd yank my kid so fast from the university that the admins' heads would spin off their spines.

August 8, 2013   82% of Americans say Congress doesn't deserve their August break. I'd prefer them to be on break than to be making new laws for us to obey and abide by: including the immigration law that some are trying to push through. Let them go on break. Let them STAY on break! Don't let them put through amnesty for illegals!

August 8, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax death panels becoming problem for dumborats. What did they think, that America would welcome death panels? If so, DUH!

August 8, 2013   Catholic Bishops funding amnesty advocacy. IMHO, they need to stop. They're not considering our laws and the impact all those illegals will have on America. They're not thinking. They're feeling and feelings without thoughts are dangerous. They lead to murder, to sexual activity without marriage, to theft; all of those things happen because of feelings not being ruled by thoughts. Think, people! Think! It's not hard to do!

August 8, 2013   This law needs to be rescinded. It allows law enforcement to be out of control when it comes to your property.

"Civil forfeiture allows police to seize suspected illicit goods from people who have yet to be convicted in court. This means that perfectly innocent people could lose their assets and property merely because they are suspected of committing a crime."
They're already out of control in so many other ways (no self-control to start with) that it's ridiculous and people honestly do NOT trust their law enforcement agencies anymore. Bot to have them allowed to legally take our property for no reason? Let's change that!

August 8, 2013   Can't get it right? Lower the standards. That's the way thevileone's healthcaretax is being run. Doesn't that make you feel good about your upcoming healthcaretax? Don't you have every confidence in this new program? (Yes, that's sarcasm.)

August 8, 2013   thevileone's showing his stupidity again. Shock. Surprise.

August 8, 2013   Lefties say 80% of Americans "economically insecure". Considering that dumborats control the Red House, Senate, the different departments that thevileone appointed the heads of, all his Czars, and a vast portion of what comes out of the House (Republican cowards don't stand up to them), remember that if 80% of Americans are "economically insecure", IT'S THE LEFT'S FAULT! They did this. Let them take responsibility for their own actions!

August 8, 2013   IRS offering fast track approval for Conservatives they targeted. Well, lah-ti-dah. It's about time and the targeting should've never happened in the first place. But libs will be libs and they fight dirty -- without having to pay a price for fighting dirty (unfortunately). So, the Conservative groups should accept that fast track approval, raise massive amounts of money and use that money to help defeat every lib/leftie running in 2014! That's what should happen!

August 8, 2013   Check out the new clothing line that an ex-Victoria's Secret model came up with. It honors GOD and it's way better than anything VC could come up with!

August 8, 2013   I shall leave you on that uplifting note. Until next time, See ya'!

August 8, 2013: 12:03 a.m.   Missed a few days there. Got busy and ran and ran and ran. Today I got that injection in my foot and it's not something I look forward to going through again, but I have to do it at least once more (maybe three more times). Then did some errands and visited my son for a while. Came home and wrote my next article and sent it in. It's not posted as I write this, but it will probably be up in the next day or two. As usual, I'll post a link when it's available. For now, I'll do a few posts and get back on a good schedule tomorrow.

August 8, 2013   eric holder's 4 yr. travel expenses: $4+ MILLION! That's out of your pocket and mine. Sweet! (Sarcasm.)

August 8, 2013   Woops! IRS docs tell how hidden intel is used! So the IRS has known for a while now about the spying on us? What does that say about whether you can cheat on your taxes?

August 8, 2013   Pentagon's change of same-sex rule another way to get homosexual "marriage" in all 50 states. Or all 58 states if you're thevileone.

August 8, 2013   How much money is thevileone trying to squeeze out of JP Morgan? The dumborats setup the system, now they're "investigating" banks that use the system as it is setup? Ridiculous, but that's the way they roll.

August 8, 2013   This is WRONG. People need to stop doing this sort of crud!

August 8, 2013   Rrrrriiiiigggghhhhhtttt.... Then what do you call this: Court rules no warrant needed to get YOUR cell phone records. Gathering e-mail data, too. Not spying? Rrriiggghhhhttt....

August 8, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax "months behind" in data security testing. So if they implement it before the data security is ready who will be able to find out all about your medical records? Who will be able to see your prostate exam results, or your mammogram results, or your AIDS test results besides yourself and your doctor? The teenage hacker three miles away can see those things? Is that what you want? DEFUND thevileone's healthcaretax!

August 8, 2013 &nbs I said only a few tonight and that's a few, I suppose. So, I shall go see what my hubby and son decided about a table. Until next time, See ya'!

August 5, 2013: 3:36 p.m.   thevileone wants backdoor amnesty for some without Go8 bill. Court says it's "contrary to congressional mandate". Will that stop thevileone? Nope.

August 5, 2013   Great! (Sarcasm.) Now YOU and I will be funding "global undernutrition": $4 BILLION. Do you work all day to pay for someone else's food -- someone in Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, or Fiji? If not, then this needs to go away!

"The cash is being distributed through three government agencies, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Treasury Department. USAID, which provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance worldwide, holds the biggest pot of money (north of $2.5 billion), according to the latest Feed the Future progress report. MCC, another U.S. government foreign aid agency that fights global poverty, has more than $981 million and the Treasury Department upwards of $326 million."
Do your children get any help from the money taken out of YOUR pocket and given to this "initiative"? If not, why do we allow thevileone to do this to us? When do we fight back?

August 5, 2013   Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! thevileone's healthcaretax events are not getting much in the way of attendance. I think that tells us something: no one wants to know how to use it because they don't want to use it! Defund this crappy program!

August 5, 2013   Deep analysis of debt ceiling debate. (Sarcasm.)

August 5, 2013   Al Qaeda: Gone, or not so gone?

August 5, 2013   Cover up a program that was covered up but used to investigate U.S. citizens. It's a totally illegal thing to do without a warrant and without cause, but thevileone had it done anyways. He's getting whatever he can on the everyday citizen so that he can use it later when needed. thevileone has no "too low to go" to get his own way. Will hillclintoon be the candidate for 2016? Only if thevileone will get out of the way and not go for a third term/dictatorship. We'll see what he uses all this info for and then we'll go from there. But, mark my words, it's being gathered for a purpose and will be used one day. It's for what it shall be used that is going to be an even bigger problem for ALL Americans.

August 5, 2013   Al Sharpton protege, Tawana Brawley made to pay up on her lost defamation suit. She said that she was raped the investigation proved otherwise. It was all a lie. Now she has to finally pay the judgment against her. It's about time.

August 5, 2013   Don't let a progressive get ahold of a news company. If you do, you can kiss it goodbye.

August 5, 2013   90% of new jobs since 2009 part-time. Thanks, thevileone, for tanking our economy and our pay! But, what do you expect from a progressive who hates America?

August 5, 2013   Speechless.

August 5, 2013   Good. It's about time.

August 5, 2013   VA gun sales up; crime down. That's the way it usually works out. When the thugs realize that their potential victims may be armed, they think twice about doing the crime. After all, they prefer to rob someone to getting shot. But if they have to face a gun, they usually run. So, crime goes down. It's all good.

August 5, 2013   I'm FOR a government shut-down as long as it includes thevileone! Stop him from writing more Executive Orders (tyrannical rules) and we'll be better off!

August 5, 2013   Indiana may leave Common Core, drops tests. That's for now, they may rejoin the college entrance exams later. That would be a bad thing to do, but right now this is a step in the right direction. Common Core is BAD for America and BAD for the children. It indoctrinates them to hate America just as thevileone does. A lot of future thevileones is NOT what America needs!

August 5, 2013   U.S. debt: $70 TRILLION. How much is that per person? That's $70,000,000,000,000,000 ÷ 315,183,801 (population of U.S.A.) = $222,092,632 (and some change) per person. Do you have that kind of money to give the federal government? That's YOUR part thanks to thevileone and Congress and the Senate. Is that what you want your children to have to pay back? That population number includes them. They have to pay that amount as well; and they're not even working yet (the younger ones)! That's what each of us owes to pay off that debt. And thevileone wants to give $4 BILLION to foreign countries to feed others - money taken out of YOUR pocket?

August 5, 2013   NSA spying on America predicted in 1975 by Sen. Church. He realized that if you give the government too much power the government will abuse that power. Case proven.

August 5, 2013   I'll stop with another fun thing: It's Minion Monday and this time Hank Goes For A Ride. Until next time, See ya'!

August 2, 2013: 6:34 p.m.   BENGHAZI: Read about the TRUTH before thevileone covers it up. Read it, send a link to family and friends, tweet about it. Let others know the truth.

August 2, 2013: 3:08 p.m.   Do you like thevileone's healthcaretax? Do you like the upcoming costs (avg. $3,300 per person annually)? Do you like the fact that now, YOU will be financing part of Congress's and the Senate's (and their staff's) healthcaretax costs? Yep. YOU will be helping them pay for their healthcaretax even though the Congress & the Senate get paid $174,000 each ("leadership positions" up to $223,500) Their staff makes a lot of money, too! Do you have that kind of pay? Are you glad to be paying for part of their healthcaretax? Let's not forget the rest of the money they get to spend. Won't you enjoy spending part of your $23,000 annual salary for those making $174,000+? Oh, and the amount you'd be "helping" the Congresspeople and Senators & their staffs pay? Only 75% of THEIR costs; plus your own. Happy! Happy! Happy! Will all those who voted for dumborats and supported thevileone's healthcaretax and want THIS to be part of it contact me and tell me that you WANT to help pay for Sen. Ted Cruz's healthcaretax, please? I'll let you know how many people send me an e-mail about that. Any bets on how many I receive?

August 2, 2013   I read an article about Benghazi yesterday and a particular phrase of the description of Tyrone Woods' death (one of the soldiers who disobeyed orders and went to try to save American lives) caught my attention. I wrote a poem about it, "A Gun Caked With Blood" is my tribute to Tyrone Woods. Remember Benghazi! Hold thevileone accountable.

August 2, 2013   Was thevileone doing a Fast & Furious at Benghazi, too? He ran guns into Mexico, so why would anyone believe that he WOULDN'T run guns in BENGHAZI? Now, thevileone is hiding the American survivors and, basically, putting them into "witness protection" situations to prevent them from talking to the press and telling the TRUTH? If George Bush did this would the left allow it to happen without saying a word about it? What would the msm be doing if it were Bush doing this? How loudly would they be screaming, demanding answers, howling for "the truth!"? thevileone is such a special person that he gets to do this without being questioned, doubted, or held responsible. Isn't that wonderful? (Sarcasm)

August 2, 2013   Al Qaeda rises: embassies close. I thought Al Qaeda was defeated back during the 2012 election cycle. At least, that's what thevileone said. Proving again, he's a LIAR.

August 2, 2013   dumborats want YOU to pay to bailout Detroit. Isn't that what you work all day for: to bailout a failed dumborat controlled city that they bankrupted? Isn't that just what you worked for? You don't work to pay your OWN bills, you work to pay OTHERS' bills! Right?

August 2, 2013   The NSA snooping crud is so bad that pelosipig is getting heat from even the left! Good. It's about time the left found something the government does that they don't like. To realize that they're unhappy with a government activity that one of their own came up with and put into practice, is astonishing when you think of it!

August 2, 2013   A belated "Happy 26th Anniversary" to Rush Limbaugh! He's been on the air for 26 years and I love every minuted I've listened. My husband teases me that Limbaugh reads my website because I'll get to a story sometimes before Rush talks about it on his show and he says similar things (if not exactly the same thing) about the story. We just think a lot alike, although I'm more Conservative than Rush, admittedly. If you ever do see my site, Rush, know this: I Love Ya', Rush. BTW, you'll never believe who turned us on to Rush. It was an installer for the old cable television provider that ted turner used to own! Yeah, I've been listening for that long! Happy 26th, Rush. GOD Bless you!

August 2, 2013   If you have not yet done so, you need to educate yourself on the TRUTH of Common Core State Standards and who supports this rotten program and who doesn't. Find the TRUTH and it shall set you free; and SAVE your child's or grandchild's education! "Common Rotten-To-The-Core" is what it should be called!

August 2, 2013   thevileone meets with only those who will kiss his butt. He's a Coward.

August 2, 2013   clintoon buddy, Terry McAuliffe, under SEC investigation. Sigh. This is getting old, linking to stories about all of the dumborats who are doing wrong. It's like playing the same song, only louder & longer. BUT, if I don't link to them, you may not hear about it, and if you don't know they get away with more. (Thus, the hush hush surrounding BENGHAZI.) So, I keep telling you about them because you need to know what the TRUTH is: dumborats break the law and they do it all the time.

August 2, 2013   "Phony scandal" update via Doug Powers of Michelle Malkin's site. Good stuff!

August 2, 2013   25% of new jobs in bars & restaurants. Other 75% mostly part timers. That's because the part timers don't get benefits, the bars and restaurants can pay less than minimum wage because of tips and they don't have to pay benefits, either. I feel for everyone trying to support a family on what thevileone brought to America. I seriously do.

August 2, 2013   charlie rangel is a disgrace to himself and the office he holds.

August 2, 2013   You think he'll pull a Lois Lerner and plead the Fifth after making a statement? Or do you think he'll do it the right way and just plead the Fifth? Whichever, he'll pleade the Fifth and not incriminate himself, OR thevileone. Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. Whatever happened to thevileone's "transparency" promise? Yeah. He LIED.

August 2, 2013   I guess that will do for now. If I find more later, I'll post it then. Until whenever is the next time, See ya'!

August 1, 2013: 9:46 p.m.   Late start today because I got up and started running errands almost as soon as my feet hit the floor. Didn't get home until about 8:30 and didn't touch my computer until 8:55. E-mail checks and a look at my latest article at Girls Just Wanna' Have "On The Road To Execution" (it's doing very well) and now it's time to do just a few blurbs. Already tired and my foot is hurting, so it's going to be just a few.

August 1, 2013   Let's start with a reminder that came via a HT from AC: remember that the Scool Board is taking a closer look at this book that the school is DEFENDING although the book states that Muhammed is "The Messenger of God"! I think Jesus Christ would argue with that, but ya' know, he'll get the truth into their little pea brains in the end. An eternity in a very hot place is what it may take to prove Jesus correct, but if that's what they want, it is their choice (and in this, I suppose it's okay to be pro-choice!).

August 1, 2013   If "DOZENS OF OPERATIVES" were on the ground during BENGHAZI why did thevileone not give THEM the order to help the Ambassador and the three other Americans? Why did thevileone not do something; ANYTHING to help those four Americans? They were asking and asking and asking! They wanted to live! But, no. thevileone had other plans for them, for their wives and Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters and their CHILDREN. thevileone knew what was best for all of them. Let those four Americans die because thevileone had other plans than to save their lives.

August 1, 2013   thevileone's free phones -- get as many as you want WHILE THE REST OF US PAY FOR THEM. Isn't that special?

August 1, 2013   Barbi twins now Christian, pro-life, pro-gun, etc. I just thought that was an interesting juxaposition to the Playboy appearance. Things change; people change. Let us hope it can apply to those we actually know. That and this story about another porn star finding Christ prove that Christ is more powerefl than porn!

August 1, 2013   Desperate times call for desperate measures. This woman is desperate; so very, very desperate. (A little delusional, too, perhaps?)

August 1, 2013   Find & contact your U.S. Representatives & tell them to NOT vote on immigration/amnesty bill! We've got enough. We don't need to make it more.

August 1, 2013   VICTORY! They ARE kicking playboy, penthouse, and other SMUT mags out of military bases. Excellent! (Imagine. This now gives us something to say thevileone did right. o.m. goodness.

August 1, 2013   reid, the dictatorial tyrant.

August 1, 2013   HURRAY! Good! We need that.

August, 1, 2013   I shall close for now. My eyelids are drooping and I need some coffee. Until later, See ya'!

July 2013

July 31, 2013: 1:04 p.m.   JW sues thevileone for records of luxury vacations. Why is it that the "most transparent" administration won't give up any records without being sued for them? Is that transparency?

July 31, 2013   clintoon's lewinsky sex tape is found. There are notes, too. When you do the wrong thing, you have to know that it can come back up later. It will bite you again. Too bad billyboy didn't care about that at the time. Of course, hillclintoon can always ask "What difference does it make now?!"

July 31, 2013   hollyweird supported HITLER! The Nazi racist. Him. Yeah. They supported him. Not everyone in hollyweird, just some. But still, isn't that telling? Makes McCarthy more believeable, right?

July 31, 2013   INsider attacks increase in Afghanistan. Our troops need to be brought home. Why isn't thevileone keeping his word... Oh. Sorry. I almost forgot that he is incapable of keeping his word because he never meant it in the first place!

July 31, 2013   NSA tracks your FaceBook posts. That's YOUR FaceBook posts, not just the bad guys; yours. They're watching YOU and gathering information on YOU. Doesn't that make you feel so much better?

July 31, 2013   mccain't is such a moron. Another look at the same thing: still a worm.

July 31, 2013   More work less of thevileone's healthcaretax?

"Working more could ultimately mean thousands of dollars less for you under a quirk in the new health-care law going into effect this fall."
Don't you love it?

July 31, 2013   Collusion to target Conservative groups? E-mails suggest that it happened. Will any price be paid by this administration? Nope.

July 31, 2013   hillclintoon couldn't stand the competition. She and Huma have had a break-up. Awww.... too, too bad. She shouldn't envy Huma too much, though. She's going through what hill went through previously. And what Huma is going through just keeps getting worse. Classy folks, dumborats. All of this and thevileone, too! So proud.

July 31, 2013   Congress's amnesty bill being qustioned. I dont' think there should be amnesty at all, so questioning is good!

July 31, 2013   "Peace and tolearance" at it again? Targeting Mormons and Catholics. Shock. Surprise.

July 31, 2013   thevileone is just ICKY. He chose bumbling biden as his running mate, found out how bad he was, but chose to keep biden on for the next election cycle and now that he's back in the Red House, he trashes the guy to the public? That's just NO CLASS. None whatsoever. But that's thevileone at his core.

July 31, 2013   thevileone's admin lies to you again. Actual numbers lower than first reported.

"On Wednesday, the Commerce Department reported that the economy grew by 1.7% in the 2nd Quarter. This first estimate will likely be revised in the coming months. The final estimate for the 1st Quarter was revised downward from 1.8% to 1.1% in Wednesday's report. The economy remains essentially stalled."
That's what Communism in control does.

July 31, 2013   I may have linked to a story about this before but it bears repeating. $36 MILLION to DEAD PEOPLE! thevileone is wasting your money! Do you pay taxes for that? Or is this a money laundering scheme? After all, who cashes those checks? If it was PAID, someone cashed the check. Who did that?

July 31, 2013   What happened to his "NO WAY!" statement back in May? Now bonehead boehner says he'll "slow walk" amnesty bill through House. I've thought forever that bonehead boehner would cave. I was right again.

July 31, 2013   Hahahaha! Very good title. thevileone makes no sense? He and the Republicans make no sense? SO true!

July 31, 2013   Even the ACLU doesn't like court ruling favoring warrantless cellhpone tracking. When the ACLU sides with the American people, you know it's bad!

July 31, 2013   Racism in America is getting worse. But it's black against white racism that's getting worse. Sooner or later it will backfire against them and it will be all out war if they're not careful. This admin is not helping, nor are the civil rights scheisters, Jackson and Sharpton. But I don't know that some want anything to be fixed. It's a "right" of "the oppressed" to strike out and do whatever they want to pay others back for their alleged wrongdoing. Problem is, some of us have done nothing wrong to others and for them to hold the whole caucasian population responsible for something that happened -- and was STOPPED -- a long, long time ago is just an excuse for being violent, obnoxious and beligerant. What is right is right, no matter skin color. What is wrong is wrong, no matter skin color. For this sort of thing to happen is WRONG.

July 31, 2013   One MILLION foreigners lost track of by DH[IN]S. When someone on Twitter tweeted a link to this story, I said it was a "voting block" they lost track of. Don't you trust DH[IN]S?

July 31, 2013   Declassified documents re.: phone metadata collection. Redaction, anyone? (Check out my favorite page, page 8.)

July 31, 2013   IF this is true (and I cannot say it is or is not), we were lied to. Shock.

July 31, 2013   Dallas's CAIR director says "Muslims are above the law." Really? They can break American laws and not worry about being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Hmmm. thevileone kinda' seems to agree with that.

July 31, 2013   Watch this video and see if you find any parallels between the bloggers and America's internet future.

July 31, 2013   I'll end on this today. It's time to start keeping an eye on the Supervisor of Elections' candidates page so that you can contact the candidates and ask questions of them. Start now and you'll be better able to make an informed decision for the right person in the January primaries. Until next time, See ya'!

July 30, 2013: 3:43 p.m.   My latest article for Girls Just Wanna' Have "On The Road To Execution" PROVES that thevileone is a COMMUNIST. Read it.

July 30, 2013: 2:12 p.m.   Five in critical condition after last night's explosion at Blue Rhino.

July 30, 2013   Bradley Manning trial reaches surprising verdict. I thought they'd fry the guy. But, he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, shocking many.

July 30, 2013   pelosipig thinks children are a burden for women. I bet her kids are so messed up. Wouldn't anyone be after being raised by her?

July 30, 2013   RINOs applying amnesty pressure to GOP. Why anyone would grant special privileges to illegals, I have no idea. But that's exactly what the Go8 bill does. To sign that into law takes America away from Americans and basically hands it over to illegals. Why do that? What does the NSA have on these folks that they have to betray us?

July 30, 2013   Coming soon to an America near you! Well, to what USED to be America.

July 30, 2013   Home ownership at 18 year low; rent way up! Welcome to thevileone's way of doing things. Has he made your life better or worse? Gas prices, food prices, clothing prices, housing prices... the list is almost endless of the things he has screwed up. But that's what his voters wanted. If they had to have a black man, why not vote for Allen West or Allen Keyes as write-in candidates? Even Bill Cosby could have done a better job than this Communist! Why not do what's best for America instead of what is worst? Oh, and scroll down and on that same page you'll see that wages are down as well: thevileone is getting what he wanted. Destroy America.

July 30, 2013   Her Bloombergermeister's sugary drink size law "unconstitutional" court says. How about that? A court that actually considers the Constitution is still in existence. thevileone will have to change that.

July 30, 2013   thevileone proposing buy off program. thevileone wants to

"lower corporate tax rates in exchange for a one-time tax penalty to fund increased domestic spending."
Tax penalty? For doing what would they be penalized? For being in existence? Why would they be fined for just being a corporation? That's a fine for employing people! That's a fine for building the American dream! That's a fine for choosing to work for yourself instead of the government! That's COMMUNISM!

July 30, 2013   Brain eating amoeba at Arkansas water park. Water parks can be a lot of fun, but I don't go. It's probably best. People don't want to see me in a swimming suit.

July 30, 2013   thevileone putting together a thought control squad? When was the last time you read the classic "1984"? Read it again if it's been a while. Then you'll understand what this means. A lot of propoganda is headed our way, too.

July 30, 2013   Judge ordered Fed Chief, Bernanke, to answer qusetions about bailout of AIG. GOOD! It's about time the Fed be held accountable for something! They've been operating without any sort of oversight whatsoever for way too long!

July 30, 2013   Drones used in U.S.; FBI it doesn't require a warrant. Sigh. U.S. Constitution means nothing to those in power nowadays, does it?

July 30, 2013   Lee County, FL, Sheriff doesn't support NAACP's agenda. He sent that info to them in writing. I'm proud of him. Read the article and see if you're proud of him, too. Wish BCSO's Wayne Ivey would do the same.

July 30, 2013   I don't think gambling is good, but I think the government messed up big time on this one. A legal business retroactively being made illegal? That's just wrong.

July 30, 2013   I disagree: GOVERNMENT "charity" is bad, not regular charities.

July 30, 2013   Saudis don't want us to use fracking to find our own oil. So, I say "FRACK! FRACK! FRACK!" Get our own oil, refine it here, sell it here. Stop dependence on foreign countries for our gasoline!

July 30, 2013   Pope's statements may do real damage to Catholic Church. He's all but condoning homosexuality and that could be a big problem because Catholics claim to follow the Bible and the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin and it's wrong and it's an "abomination". So for the Pope, the alleged representative of GOD here on earth, to say otherwise is a big risk (not to mention wrong and stupid). BTW, if the Pope condones homosexuality, does he condone homosexual "marriage" and, thus, homosexual divorce would be... what to the Catholic Church? Would it be then condoned because homosexuality is wrong and homosexual "marriages" wrong so divorce is now right? How does that work, Mr. Pope?

July 30, 2013   Teeth grown from urine? YUCK! I wouldn't want those in my mouth, would you? Whoever thought of doing that? Oh. China. Don't get teeth made in China, folks.

July 30, 2013   Communism in action.

July 30, 2013   Hurray! The injured vet whose apartment complex told her to remove her flag, now doesn't have to. Pressure from the public after the story aired made the apartment complex change its tune. Good!

July 30, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax makes lawmakers' and their aides buy into the program.

"But the law does not provide any obvious way for the federal government to continue paying its share of the premiums for the comprehensive coverage.

"If the government cannot do so, it could mean an additional expense of $5,000 a year for individuals and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular plans.

"Not surprisingly, that idea is unpopular on Capitol Hill."
LOL! LOL! They should have found out what was in the bill before they voted on it! Serves them right!

July 30, 2013   I think that's enough for today. So I'll leave you with a funny: News Bloopers. Have a great day and until next time, See ya'!

July 30, 2013: 1:42 a.m.   Explosion at Blue Rhino plant in Tavares, FL. Big fireball, injuries did occur but the numbers vary, there may be fatalities. Not certain for some things right now. More when I do my updates later. Pray for the employees and their families. I hope there are no injuries of rescuers.

July 30, 2013   Could NATO be a really bad thing & our military under its command? Read the article and think for yourself.

July 30, 2013   I started with a tragedy, let's finish with a guffaw: Sheila Jackson Lee to head DH[IN]S? Can you imagine? LOL! LOL! LOL! Until next time, See ya'!

July 29, 2013: 1:15 p.m.   Hope everyone had a great weekend. We got to spend some time together after hubby's busy schedule. We even went fishing. I caught two little "pig fish" (hubby called them that) and a trout and a catfish. I also caught a crustacean but it would lead to jokes so I'll stay mum. Anyways, I'll start the blurbs with a little giggle. Here's the Minion Monday pic for you to enjoy.

July 29, 2013   thevileone and family off to Martha's Vineyard vacation. Vacation from what is anyone's guess. I suppose he could be vacationing from his last vacation, but he's done so little actual work lately (probably a good thing, actually) that his vacation seems a bit superfluous. But, since when has a little superfluosity ever stopped thevileone? How much is this vacation going to cost US, the American taxpayers? I don't know, but considering the costs associated with most of his vacations it's going to be a bundle. BTW, enjoying that peanut butter and jelly sandwich again?

July 29, 2013   Republican, Jeff Sessions, may have way to stop GOP amnesty introduction on floor. Let's see if this works. I hope it does. But I don't trust any U.S. legislators right now. Ted Cruz is probably as close as I come to trusting one, since Allen West is not an elected official any longer. Ronaldus Magnus's "Trust but verify" is no longer my modus operandi: it's more like "Don't trust but verify."

July 29, 2013   Sarah Palin begrudgingly vindicated. Vindicated by howard dean, no less. Remember he of the scream "Waaahhh! Waaahhh!"? Used to lead the dumborat party. weiner, spitzer, clintoon, dean, thevileone, etc., etc., etc.: considering the "leaders" of the dumborat party, why would anyone want to stay in such a mess?

July 29, 2013   I told you on the 25th about a book about Jesus Christ, "Zealot", that was written by a devout Muslim. It turns out the author lies about his credentials. If you can't trust the author, then how can anyone believe the contents of the book?

July 29, 2013   CNN: biased, but that's okay?

July 29, 2013   It's happening all across America and there's one political party that is supporting this sort of attack: dumborats. This is wrong. All of those teens need to be tried as adults and put into prison appropriately.

July 29, 2013   thevileone is an idiot. Israel should not have caved and released terrorists who will only turn around and try to kill them and Americans. It's a bad thing to do, release those who are your sworn enemies. But thevileone only likes those who will try to destroy Israel and America, so that's what he supports. Actions. They speak louder than words.

July 29, 2013   9/11 museum director tried to cut famous, patriotic pic. It was too "Rah-Rah America!" for him. Well, excuse me, but we ARE America and that IS our flag the firefighters are raising and we DO want that pic in the museum. Its place is rightfully there because IT HAPPENED. It is part of the history of 9/11! That actually happened and it should be part of the 9/11 story. But, no. The museum guy said,

"I really believe that the way America will look best, the way we can really do best, is to not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently."

July 29, 2013   Space is so interesting.

July 29, 2013   Let us hope that grahamnasty will be replaced by a Conservative Christian. That would be good great for America!

July 29, 2013   VA Gov. not doing things right. He's messing up big time and he faces a lot of legal trouble if they want to push it to that. Don't do the wrong thing and you don't have to worry about being caught.

July 29, 2013   NSA low-level analysts have "powerful and invasive" search tool. Bend over and cough?

July 29, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax cost is out of control. That's an understatement by the link's author, but it's still true.

July 29, 2013   The taxman cometh? In Mogadishu, they kill them. I can understand how they feel, especially after reading the article. It's never a good idea to commit murder, don't do that, but I can understand.

July 29, 2013   College studen loan rates linked to financial markets. I don't know why, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to me. If things go wonky with that, there will be more whining and gnashing of teeth and we'll have to deal with it again. My solution: fix it by setting a limit of "X%" and no higher, and make all students pay back all of their loans. No defaults allowed. That would be a good idea.

July 29, 2013   LOL! Don't be stupid, folks. Just because you read "soft porn" (is there such a thing?) that doesn't mean you should try what is apparently mentioned in the book.

July 29, 2013   Veteran told she can't fly American flag. Her lease states that she CAN fly the flag according to the laws of the state, etc., but her apartment complex said she had to remove it. Free Speech anyone? I think she should sue her apartment complex.

July 29, 2013   Cyclospora hits Florida.

July 29, 2013   County Commission D4 candidates: read it and find out which current candidate may be the one you want to vote for. Remember: there is enough time for some to drop out, or other changes to happen, so be ready to roll with the punches. So far, all candidates for D4 are Republican: not necessarily all Conservatives, but all are Republican so far.

July 29, 2013   I LOVE THIS!!! That's too good! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for them! I agree with the group's stance 100%! I hope this works. Of course, if it does, it will probably wind up with the American taxpayer footing the bill for that, too! Taxpayers can't win with this administration.

July 29, 2013   thevileone is abandoning the SAFETY of our troops in Afghanistan! This is SO WRONG!

July 29, 2013   GA opting out of Common Core: FL could follow? Let us hope that at least Brevard County does. When you teach in favor of Islam while they're trying to kill us, that's not acceptable. Read the Koran/Qur'an and you'll find out the truth. Check out my Compare: The GOD of Christianity to Allah Chart and see which is better. There's a BIG difference, folks. Let us hope that the Brevard County School Board makes the right decision. Why not contact the School Board members and tell them to get Brevard OUT OF COMMON CORE and to do away with school books that teach favorably of the religion that has sworn to kill us. (BTW, HT to BM for the e-mail about this.)

July 29, 2013   I'll close for now. Until next time, See ya'!

July 27, 2013: 3:33 p.m.   Spain taxes the sun? Actually, they're taxing people who don't use as much electricity provided by electrical companies because those people have gotten solar panels. So, in Spain, if you go solar, you're taxed for not using electicity. Don't tell thevileone! He'll follow suit! We'll be taxed for things we DON'T use, too! Think I'm crazy? They already let phone companies charge us for NOT being in the phone book!

July 27, 2013   You all know by now that I am no fan of bonehead boehner. I wish he'd go crawl under a rock somewhere and never come back out. But, barring that event, there is another plan. I'm not totally in agreement with the last line. Supporting just any opponent would not do for me. I demand a True Conservative opponent. That I would support.

July 27, 2013   I.R.O.N.Y.

July 27, 2013   Coffee reduces suicide risks? I started drinking coffee just last year, but not because I was suicidal, just an experiment gone wrong. Thought I wouldn't like it (never have before), but I tried Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and I've been drinking coffee since! I just found Coconut Mocha coffee, too and... YUMMY!

July 27, 2013   Phony prez still calling BENGHAZI, etc., "phony scandals". He's such a LIAR. How many Americans have to die before he'll admit to any wrong-doing? How many? When will dumborats start holding him accountable? Or does he get a free ride forever?

July 27, 2013   This is WRONG. They were bought off. "They" includes Michele Bachmann. That's BAD. Put not your trust in man (or woman).

July 27, 2013   mccain't campaign put gag order on Palin. Told her she "cain't" talk about Jeremiah Wright (thevileone's pastor) and Bill Ayers (convicted bomber), etc. Karl Rove put on the gag order and did the WRONG thing for America. Don't trust Rove: ever.

July 27, 2013   thevileone: No more "whistleblower" protection. UNLESS, of course, they're blowing the whistle on Conservatives. Then they'll get all the protection they want, no matter what it does to the country.

July 27, 2013   Sowell taks on Ryan's amnesty statements. Go, Sowell! He's absolutely correct, as usual.

July 27, 2013   Why are the feds investigating this? It's ABSURD!

July 27, 2013   mitch mcconnell mum on defunding thevileone's healthcaretax. If he supports funding this, I hope his constituents recall him. I hope they take the opportunity to tell him exactly how WRONG he would be in funding it. I hope they fire his butt!

July 27, 2013   Okay. On this occassion, I can honestly say that I HOPE it's "As CA goes, so goes America". CA voted in a Republican in heavilly dumborat district. Sigh. Enjoy it while you can and hope that it happens again and again and again.

July 27, 2013   How much you wanna' bet this hillclintoon series sparks her 2016 campaign? They'll make her as smart as astrophysicists, as compassionate as Mother Theresa, as experienced as GOD, as patriotic as George Washington, as empathetic as you Momma and as conservative as Rush Limbaugh and I - combined. They'll also ignore the scandals surrounding her and BENGHAZI. But we won't forget. Will we?

July 27, 2013   Heart stopper? Watch this video. Totally amazing.

July 27, 2013   On that hold your breath heart stopper, I shall close for today. "Things to do. Things to do." (Fanny Dashwood, 2008 version, Sense & Sensibility). Until next time, See ya'!

July 26, 2013: 4:48 a.m.   I finally got it done. You remember back on July 1, 2013 rupester wrote me another ickee-mail and wanted more attention. I said back then that I'd respond, and I cannot lie about it, so my Response to rupester's July 1, 2013 Rant is now available for your enjoyment. How long before she writes back? I don't know. But I'll keep you posted.

July 26, 2013: 4:07 p.m.   Another friend of thevileone blows it & gets rewarded.

"Welcome to another installment of No Obama Bundler Left Behind. This chapter stars an elite Hollywood fundraiser who scored a plum diplomatic appointment, slacked off on the job and left her public office in disgrace, and then rebounded from failure as a new Obamacare promoter. Nice crony “work” if you can get it."
If you're a friend of thevileone, you could be in a vegetative state and still be given a cushy "job" in his administration and be paid by the U.S. taxpayer dollars and we have no say in the matter. Totally unqualified, inept, or comatose, he'll still give you a job as a reward to those he likes.

July 26, 2013   humaweinerabedin "under scrutiny". She was working part time at two jobs: at the State Department (with hillclintoon) and as a consultant for a private investment firm. The "scrutiny" is because she could have used her State Dept. info to benefit investors that the investment firm was advising. This possibility sounds similar to something hillclintoon did. Makes sense to me that huma & hill are doing similar things, not just "stand by your man" things, but possibly illegal things as well. Would it surprise anyone?

July 26, 2013   Distance! Distance! pelosipig pushes her former collegue away. He's just a perv, what's the prob? I thought lefties didn't discriminate. I thought they supported ALL SEXUAL PROCLIVITIES. What's wrong with what this guy is doing, huh, lefties?

July 26, 2013   Shaking my head. thevileone gets more and more disgusting daily.

July 26, 2013   al "Tawana Brawley" sharpton won't like what O'Reilly said. You remember Tawana Brawley, don't you? sharpton did that. He hasn't given up on that sort of sensationalism as a cause. Anything to get in the papers.

July 26, 2013   Atheists' slander against Bible debunked. They try, but the Word of GOD is more powerful than their pitiful, lame lies and twisting of GOD's Word. Truth will win.

July 26, 2013   Ruhroh. This ain't good.

July 26, 2013   What an idiot (and, yes, those are tampons hanging from her ears).

July 26, 2013   AMEN and AMEN! If you don't want to have a gun, that's fine! Just don't try to stop ME from having one. It's MY RIGHT.

July 26, 2013   Another Ramadan dinner at Red House. Sorry. I just don't get that. As an alleged Christian I don't see how he can host a dinner for those who are the sworn enemies of America AND of Christianity. I just don't understand why he would do that. I did a search for when thevileone hosted a Christmas dinner at the Red House (didn't call it the Red House, though, to get accurate results) and the results were disappointing, but they didn't surprise me.

July 26, 2013   Even the IRS employee union doesn't want thevileone's healthcaretax. They know that their members could not afford the $3,300 per person annual median cost. Yes, some will pay more, some less. But that's the middle of the price range. Is that cheaper or more than what you're paying now?

July 26, 2013   CA squirrel (no, really, a real squirrel) has the plague. It's not the kind of "Squirrel!" dumborats use to distract people. It's a real squirrel and it tested positive for the plague. How strange that sounds in 2013. When I think of the plague, I think long ago England, not current CA.

July 26, 2013   Why is the Defense Dept. (DARPA) studying how to digitally HIJACK YOUR CAR? That means, you're driving down the road and they can take over your car and make it do as THEY want it to do, not as you're telling it to do. Why would they want that?

July 26, 2013   Aaaaahhhh.... public schools. Again.

July 26, 2013   HP sues Brevard Clerk.

July 26, 2013   Because I have to run an errand in a little while, I'll leave you today with this little ditty: Man tries to rob gun store --- with a baseball bat! Bwahahahahahaha! Talk about being unprepared! Oh, my! LOL! Stupid is... Enjoy that one. Until next time, See ya'!

July 25, 2013: 10:25 p.m.   A late start tonight so I'll do just a few blurbs. I have to run an errand tomorrow evening so I'll try to get the updates done early, thus just a few blurbs tonight. Does that make sense? To me it does. So, on with the blurbs.

July 25, 2013   Sign the petition to DEFUND THEVILEONE'S HEALTHCARETAX. Do it today while you're thinking of it.

July 25, 2013   Darrell Issa says thevileone may have done something else illegal:

"'It is highly illegal for any federal agency to attempt to prevent employees or contractors from communicating whistleblower concerns with Members of Congress or an Inspector General,' Kohn added. 'If true, this conduct by government officials would be intolerable.'"
"Highly illegal" -- typical of thevileone.

July 25, 2013   From same-sex "marriage" to PEDOPHILES WANTING SAME RIGHTS: marry their CHILD victims. Canada is currently facing this: we are next. The scotUS said same sex was hunky-dorey with them. Now it's going to work its way south and we will be infected next if we don't fight this crap. Whatever happened to any sense of right and wrong?

July 25, 2013   Military Chaplain's column offends atheists. To all atheists out there: Oh, WwwaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhh! Grow a spine. No one in America has the right to NOT BE OFFENDED. It's not in our Constitution. Grow up. Get real. And understand that offense does not equal wrong.

July 25, 2013   rubio-stupido didn't know what was in the amnesty bill he sponsored. Doesn't that tell you something? What do they have on him? Why did he support something that he promised he would NOT do prior to the election, then change 180° when offered the chance to sponsor something he allegedly stood against. What do they have on him?

July 25, 2013   How pelosipig "saved" the NSA spying on you program. Don't ya' love that? She put forth an effort to make sure that the Fourth Amendment would be trod on. Isn't that special? Something that surprised and disappointed me though was that michele bachmann ALSO DEFENDED the spying. Put not your trust in men -- or women. That spy facility is seven times bigger than the Pentagon. That's a lot of information on what you are doing. And this kind of thing isn't helping. Don't ya' just love what the government's doing now? Is this the America our Founding Fathers envisioned for America? Is this what YOU want for America? You want an America that replicates the novel "1984"? Read it. Find out what the future is if we don't act soon.

July 25, 2013   As I showed you yesterday thevileone is saying "phony scandals" about BENGHAZI, Fast & Furious, IRS targeting Conservative groups, NSA spying on Americans, Justice Dept. gathering e-mails and phone call records of reporters. Top Ten Reasons the Scandals Aren't Phony. No matter how much thevileone tries to downplay them, they're real, they're illegal and it's wrong that HE DID THESE THINGS.

July 25, 2013   True The Vote counters holder's claims. They're fighting back and I'm glad! They've got a spine.

July 25, 2013   College republicans kept from thevileone's event. Lucky them! Well, actually, it's because of "security concerns". Just because they're Republicans they must be a danger to thevileone. Sound familiar?

July 25, 2013   Illegal alien raped & killed 93 yr.-old woman, and a 13 yr. old girl was gang raped by 10 illegal aliens. And the dumborats -- and rubio-stupido, mccain't and paul ryan, etc. -- want amnesty. So where is the common sense in that? Where?

July 25, 2013   Whatever happened to the First Amendment? Oh. Forgot for a moment. thevileone is in charge and government can do anything it wants. (See "phony scandal" posting above.)

July 25, 2013   Have you ever noticed how much Lefties want tolerance only on the part of the Christians but they don't have to be tolerant of Christians nor Christianity? Yep. One way street. Sounds a lot like Islam, yes?

July 25, 2013   LOL! LOL! LOL!

July 25, 2013   As pelosipig and reid passed thevileone's healthcaretax in the middle of the night thevileone stacked the deck. Meanwhile, your healthcare choices are going to be more difficult to come by. Is anyone surprised?

July 25, 2013   Gentle reminder: Weiner wife has CLOSE ties to Muslim Brohood. It's not as if thevileone doesn't ALSO have close ties to them, it's just that we don't need MORE people in "high places" with ties to the MB. You know, we ARE a Christian nation, not a Shariah Law nation -- YET.

July 25, 2013   So much for just a few blurbs, huh? There's so much crud you need to be aware of nowadays that it's hard to NOT give you easier access to the TRUTH. Sorry. Until next time, See ya'!

July 24, 2013: 4:30 p.m.   Sorry about missing so many days. Saturday I was busy around the house. Sunday is my usual day off. Monday my son was over and we ran errands then went to Wildwood Antique Mall and I found something in there that I bought. Got a great deal, too! Then we came home and cooked chicken and ribs (indoors because it was raining), then spent time laughing and talking. He left, then found out the storm had knocked a limb down near his apartment and he had no electricity because the limb brought down a power line, too. He came back. Tuesday I ran errands all day again. And when I got home I wrote Define This (that's the title I used; the owner of Girls Just Wanna' Have added thevileone's name: note I never mention it in the article: LOVE the graphic she chose!). Read it and you'll realize just how much he and his ilk are changing the language of America. Redefining words is a Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals tactic. Fight back and refuse to use their definitions! Don't follow where they want to lead you. It's better for America and safer for you!

July 24, 2013   The administration destroys $3 million worth of computers: OOOPS. They thought they had a virus and smashed the computers with hammer. Turns it was a false alarm. That's YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS they just wasted. Shock.

July 24, 2013   $3 Million of our money to AFRICAN YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: IN AFRICA! It's not African-American youth they're helping with our money. It's kids in Africa. I have nothing against the kids in Africa, but with AMERICA's economy so bad and them wasting so much of our money and our national deficit and debt being so darn high, why on earth is thevileone giving our money to kids in AFRICA? Doesn't he think it would be wiser to use that $3 Million to help kids here? Moron.

July 24, 2013   Good on NC! Concealed carry expanded.

"The measure will also allow concealed-carry permit holders to store weapons in locked cars on the campus of any public school or university. Guns will also now be allowed on greenways, playgrounds and other public recreation areas."
Good! Now in NC if a deranged person gets into the school, someone who is a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit can fix the problem. Excellent! Florida, are you watching? Follow suit!

July 24, 2013   No BENGHAZI terrorists have been brought to justice. Where is the effort to do so from thevileone? Why does he not give a crap that FOUR AMERICANS were murdered there? Was it because that's what he wanted? Has he adopted the clintoon tactics (Vince Foster, anyone)?

July 24, 2013   This is what thevileone supports and rubio-stupido's support is helping happen, too. This should never have happened. The victim is 13! She's still a child and she should never have experienced that horror. But this is allowed to happen in the name of "fairness", of "democracy", of "love" (BTW, Sex is NOT love. If so, all ten men really LOVED that little girl, didn't they?). Yet, she had to undergo that horror because our sick government has the plan of getting more dumborat voters to keep dumborats in power. If this is what a dumborat voter looks like, LET'S DEPORT THEM ALL!

July 24, 2013   A clintoon buddy in another scandal. Ya' know, the dumborat prezidunces certainly know how to pick 'em, don't they? Hire people who will break the rules but are so stupid and cocky about it that they get found out and the alternative media gets to call them out on it. Of course, the msm may make a fleeting mention, but if it's a dumborat who would be associated with the scandal, fleeting is all it will get. Of course, they could all be "phony scandals" as thevileone calls them. Who cares about the proof of wrong doing? It's all just "phony". Nothing to see here, folks. Move on. Another "phony scandal" involving another tie to clintoon. Some folks want her for 2016. Is this what we have to look forward to if she runs and is elected? OF COURSE IT IS!!! But don't look at the TRUTH, look at hollyweird actors who support the dumborats. That's what they're trying to distract you with. Truth? Ignore that. It means nothing. As usual.

July 24, 2013   I thought that dumborat females were feminists. I thought they were strong and determined to not be controlled by, intimidated by, or LIVE BY a man -- any man. Yet, all these dumborat women are standing by their cheating, sleazy "husbands" (cleave thee only unto her?) even when they should be totally enraged and leave the bumm! But, no. They stay with their hard dog to keep on a porch and live with the humiliation of the whole world knowing that their alleged husbands didn't think they were enough. How embarrassing. Whatever happened to having a spine? The Bible says that infidelity is the ONE good reason to leave a spouse. Even GOD condones divorce in that situation. Why are the dumborat women not taking that offer? Oh, maybe it's because GOD condones it? Or because it's politically expedient for them and they will then have power over their hubbies if they stay? Can you imagine him saying NO to anything they want after this sort of trash comes out and they've stuck with the cheating liars? Yeah. Have them by the zippers.

July 24, 2013   Speaking of fake feminists, pelosipig is one.

July 24, 2013   Blarney Carney lies again for thevileone. Paid liars: Spokespeople, attorneys and weathermen. Used car salesmen, you're certainly coming up in the world!

July 24, 2013   bonehead boehner joins thevileone in attacking a Conservative Republican Representative: Steve King. bonehead is on the dark side and never believe otherwise. He's a coward par excellance! I would LOVE for him to shock me and not cave to pressure for him to bring an amnesty bill to the House floor. I'd LOVE THAT! I'd be knocked out of my socks in shock! We're talking totally gobsmacked. I expect to yawn in bored "I told you so-ism." (NOTE: This last link was posted ten minutes AFTER I wrote my expectations and I found the article -- newly posted at Breitbart -- and linked to it. Prescient again.)

July 24, 2013   thevileone to give a communist speech. Watch for him to redefine more words as I point out he does in my Define This article. He is pushing communism/socialism/marxism and if anyone can't see that by now, they must be willfully deaf, mute, blind and stupid: e.g. ignoring the facts. Or just put to sleep by thevileone's speeches. Snoring prevents hearing. Problem is, in his curent round of speeches he's pushing the idea that prosperity comes from the "middle out" as in, the middle class out. That's a problem because, thanks to thevileone's policies, America's middle class is now ranked 27th in the world. As in, we've fallen to the lowest level of prosperity we've seen in quite a while. That's thevileone's policies for you. He has done this to us. And he wants to distract us from that truth with hollyweird folks. Sweet.

July 24, 2013   Will CO Sheriffs turn CO around 180°? They're suing over CO's new gun laws. I LOVE THAT! I wish I could trust our Sheriff to act like the Constitution matters. He disciplined a Deputy recently for free speech (First Amendment protected). What does that say about our Sheriff?

July 24, 2013   Devout MUSLIM author pens book slamming Jesus; left loves it!

"His book is not a historian’s report on Jesus. It is an educated Muslim’s opinion about Jesus -- yet the book is being peddled as objective history on national TV and radio.

"Aslan is not a trained historian. Like tens of thousands of us he has been formally educated in theology and New Testament Greek."
So why is this being loved on by the left? Because anything that takes a whack at Christianity is good to them. All other religions are preferable to Christianity. Although the GOD of Christianity loves them and wants to save them and sent His Son to DIE FOR THEM, Christianity is the worst thing on earth in their eyes. It's their choice, but their choice will make them pay a long, hot price for their choice. Everyone chooses.

July 24, 2013   Warning: Gag inducer.

July 24, 2013   Feds: Car manufacturers must make cars "talk to" each other. If they can talk to each other, who else can your car tell about where you are going, how fast you are driving, etc.? What else can your car tell the government about you if they get this done? Is that what you want?

July 24, 2013   thevileone's IRS appointee under "scrutiny". Like it's going to matter a hill of beans whether he was involved or if the Tooth Fairy did it? Nothing's going to happen. No one will be really punished for it. thevileone will see to that. He "punished" BENGHAZI LIAR, Susan Rice, by making her ambassador, remember? In this administration, lying is a badge of honor and a resume enhancer. Right is wrong and wrong is right.

July 24, 2013   With friends like this, who needs enemies?

July 24, 2013   I think I'll leave you today with this smile. Until next time, See ya'!

July 19, 2013: 1:15 p.m.   Reality is finally leaking INTO thevileone's healthcaretax statements. They are admitting that you "might not" be able to keep your doctor. Well, that's better than the outright LIE they told previously and it is closer to the (horrible word to them) TRUTH than they have previously stated, but it's still not quite there. The reality is that the system will assign you a doctor and if it's the doctor you currently have then you've beaten the odds because there are already doctors who are leaving the practice of medicine because they see the writing on the wall (and apparently can read it better than this administration). So you keeping your own doctor is a "slim to nil" chance, but the admin is finally admitting that you "might not" be able to keep him/her. Astonishing. They wronte the law, are they just now getting around to reading it? Also, more unions are finding out healthcaretax is not so good for them. Are they also figuring out that they should NOT have trusted thevileone? No one should trust thevileone. No one.

July 19, 2013   These people are just opportunists taking cover under a mass of people. They're like a school of fish: safety in numbers. If they want to hurt someone or break things, take things that aren't theirs, then who's to stop them or swear it was they who did so? After all, there were a lot of people out there and how can they be certain it was that particular person? Vandalism, theft, assault are all possible in these mobs and those who participate are using the crowd to do wrong and hope to get away with it. In other words, they're cowards.

July 19, 2013   thevileone's eric holder is wrong.

"Separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods. (sustained applause) These laws try to fix something that was never broken. There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if – and the 'if' is important – no safe retreat is available.

"But we must examine laws that take this further by eliminating the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat, outside their home, if they can do so safely. By allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public, such laws undermine public safety. The list of resulting tragedies is long and – unfortunately – has victimized too many who are innocent. It is our collective obligation – we must stand our ground – (applause) to ensure that our laws reduce violence, and take a hard look at laws that contribute to more violence than they prevent. [my italics]"
eric holder's just another liberal leftist trying to take my 2nd Amendment right to self-defense away and I won't give mine up. He can take a flying leap off the world's tallest building before I'll give up my rights. In the meantime, eric holder is keeping Zimmerman's gun from him just in case thevileone and his DO[IN]J can find a way to prosecute Zimmerman, taking away the civil rights of another American. This administration has no interest in doing the RIGHT thing, or in obeying the law. They just want their own ways like spoiled little babies who throw a temper tantrum until Mom and Dad cave. So Conservative, Brad Thor, is stepping in to buy Zimmerman a new gun. LOVE IT!

July 19, 2013   Slavery lives in America via Islamic countries' immigrants. If you look at history, Islam brought some of the first slaves to America -- but the religious Puritans donated money and sent them back, not wanting slavery here. That's the truth, like it or not. Islam still practices slavery. If you're black, you may wish to consider that when you consider which religion you wish to support, join, or encourage.

July 19, 2013   Detroit: bankruptcy is what happens to dumborat-controlled cities. It can happen to states who have been under dumborat control for a long time, too. CA and OH are headed the same way and if they're not careful it will be too late for them, too. CA seems to enjoy being broke and the people keep voting for going moreso. Stupid is as stupid does and Californians prove it. Problem is that they will look to the rest of us to bail them out when they go three fingers up, blurb blurb, too.

July 19, 2013   thevileone talks about Trayvon Martin; in neck-snapping take, tells politicians to butt out. Sorry. But when the penultimate politician tells politicians to butt out of something he's commenting on at the time isn't that just a bit of a "Say what?!" moment? He can comment, but no one else? Free Speech, anyone? Or is he all that and what he has to say is the final arbiter, the be-all-end-all of commentary, on any given subject? Ego. In its purest, highest form. Not to mention he changes the facts of the case:

"If Trayvon Martin was of age and was armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk?"
Martin was the aggressor. There was no ground for him to stand. He was the one taking ground!

July 19, 2013   So will the hillclintoon candidacy in 2016 be an easy win or an easy defeat? I don't know if by then another out of nowhere candidate like thevileone will not sweep her aside again and make the wannabe eat his dust. She keeps trying but she may never (hopefully will never) see that Oval Office as her own. I wish there would not be another dumborat president for another thousand years or more. Considering how sloppy the Republicans have been about standing for our Founding principles and our Constitutional rights, we need a third party to be in the White House (after thevileone is gone, it will hopefully be nore more Red). We need a party that will know, believe in, support, follow, and stand for our Constitution, our Founding principles and our GOD-given rights! Which party is that? I haven't found it yet.

July 19, 2013   Which photo tells the real story of the Boston Marathon bomber? His "found in a boat" photo? Or his "Rolling Stone" cover? I think Rolling Stone is so wrong in putting him on the cover. Libs. 'Ooo needs 'em?

July 19, 2013   What a way to make Breitbart News. Sheriff's Deputy, skittles and tea. SMH. On the other hand, it is Free Speech. So...

July 19, 2013   Rick Scott stand for SYG. So far, that is. I don't know if he'll ever cave (hopefully not) but so far he's standing strong FOR OUR RIGHT to not have to retreat. That's a good thing. I support him in this.

July 19, 2013   Sooner or later hollyweird will learn. Placing bets on later.

July 19, 2013   Four violent gang members off the streets of Atlanta. That's a good start.

July 19, 2013   Catholocism has got to get its house in order. Otherwise it will fall even further than it already has. People don't want to be part of a religion that won't police itself and do the right thing when wrongs are exposed. If there is to be a religion that condones wrong, then those who wish to do right will have to leave it in order to maintain their values and principles. Catholics have heard about rampant pedophilia, changing morés and questionable leadership tactics to deal with those issues. Now this? It's time to make it right.

July 19, 2013   Study proves throwing more taxpayer dollars at "greenhouse gas emissions" does no good. Okay. Show of hands. Anyone surprised?

July 19, 2013   No kidding.

July 19, 2013   HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! Hobby Lobby won again! Question: Will the scotUS overturn all these victories or will they do the right thing? Or, will thevileone just accept this latest court defeat and give Hobby Lobby and other Christian companies/entities a bye and let it go? I seriously doubt thevileone will allow Christians to "opt out" of healthcaretax, so I think it's "Supreme court" here we come.

July 19, 2013   The person or people who did this are inhuman. The person or people who held those men should be put in jail -- in similar conditions if I had my way -- and not released until they're carried out in a coffin.

July 19, 2013   So is $$$$ why rubio-stupido sold (literally) us out? rubio-stupido doesn't support thevileone's healthcaretax? But he supports destroying America via amnesty? Duh. Conservatives don't want paul ryan to do the same. IMHO, it's already too late, but we'll see.

July 19, 2013   First Amendment takes another thevileone hit. What is happening is the left is determined to destroy America and they're getting a lot of help from like-minded lefties. Conservatives have to get active, stay active and stay informed!

July 19, 2013   Brevard County unemployment back up to 7.8%. Sounds like it's going to be a while until things change for the better here. Of course, we all enjoy the landscaping projects our taxpayer dollars are funding in Merritt Island and I'm sure that money would NOT be used better doing other things. After all, don't we all want to have pavers of different colors in the median and along the sidewalks instead of grass there? Don't we want it "purdy"? (Sarcasm, of course.) Our County Commissioners who are voting for this crap are wasting our money but they apparently don't care.

July 19, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax REBATES coming? Uh, how are they REBATES if we HAVEN'T PAID ANYTHING FOR IT YET? If they haven't TAKEN any of our money for it yet, how on earth can they GIVE ANY OF OUR MONEY BACK? Think, people! This is NOT A REBATE: IT'S A BRIBE. It's a "Sit down. Shut up. Take the money and be glad to be forced into whatever we want you to do." That's what this money is!

July 19, 2013   That's all for now. Until next time, See ya'!

July 18, 2013: 12:20 p.m.   TSA searching cars at airports now? Is this what should be happening in America? Because you park at the airport you are automatically subject to having your car searched? Whatever happened to "reasonable cause" and the U.S. Constitution? Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Whatever happened to America? This administration happened. That's all it took.

July 18, 2013   Prosecutor hit with "whistleblower" lawsuit. The Zimmerman prosecutor, Angela Corey, deserves it. She did everything wrong. She broke the law in her effort to get Zimmerman. She should be fired, IMHO. I doubt it will happen, but she should be.

July 18, 2013   Jackson to U.N.: investigate Martin shooting. The United Nations?! Really, Jesse Jackson? Really? They have no authority on American soil. The last place you need to be going is to the U.N. Where you need to go is to a corner somewhere and suck your thumb and whine there. Zimmerman has been found innocent and that's all there is to it! He did nothing wrong!

July 18, 2013   IRS hearings still ongoing: Trail leads to D.C. So who believed that D.C. wasn't involved in the targeting of Conservative groups? Anyone? TEA Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell's tax records were breached. When is the IRS going to be held accountable for this? When is the person who ordered it (my belief is thevileone) going to be held accountable?

July 18, 2013   A journalist confesses "creationism" belief and gets excoriated. Until then, she was a believable, trustworthy, well-educated, interesting and correct writer. Let anyone confess belief in anything close to Christianity and the GOD of Christianity and that blows their lives to hades. They are now the complete opposite of what they used to be, at least in the eyes of the left.

July 18, 2013   How does the TRUTH about BENGHAZI come out when survivors are FORCED to sign non-disclosure? Ask yourself, Who has the most to hide about BENGHAZI that they would need non-disclosure enforcement, and WHO BENEFITS FROM THOSE AGREEMENTS? Is it thevileone or hillclintoon? I think it's thevileone who is doing this. I think he's the only one with the authority. Why does thevileone NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT BENGHAZI?

July 18, 2013   Repubulcan House leaders pushing for amnesty bill. Why do they need lefties to get it passed? Republican "leadership" is caving so quickly that they may as well have written the bill themselves. bonehead boehner is pushing amnesty. Call them all and tell them to STOP IT!

July 18, 2013   pelosipig speaks, removes all doubt she's an idiot. Every time the thing opens its mouth.

July 18, 2013   bumbler's "fire into the air" is actually done: man arrested. Why aren't people smart enough to realize that they shouldn't listen to bumbling biden? The fact that they do listen to him is very troubling. How stupid do you have to be to listen to and obey someone that stupid? If the person listening is dumber than the bumbler, that's scary!

July 18, 2013   FL Legislators unlikely to undo SYG: "boycott FL orange juice" MLK III says. We don't have to try to run and hide and be followed and beaten so the orange juice growers should suffer for that? Uh... I hate to say it, but have they stopped to think that those FL orange growers may LIKE SYG and SUPPORT the law, too? Yes, they like making money, but how many of us will double up on orange juice buying to make sure they don't suffer from a fly-sized boycott? I'll drink orange juice daily, all day if needed. SYG is MY RIGHT and I will not back down.

July 18, 2013   Thanks thevileone's healthcaretax and policies! Part-time workers getting fewer and more erratic scheduled hours. Sounds like those who voted for - and cheated for - him have a lot to answer for. The employment situation not the least of those things. Pushing for thevileone's healthcaretax, sebelius over-reaches & overstates. thevileone's healthcaretax is like the "civil rights fight"? Really? Health care, first of all, isn't a RIGHT. It's a bonus, a perk, but it's NOT a RIGHT. But if they tell the lie often enough, it becomes the truth, so they keep pushing it. If you oppose them you're like a segregationist. How desperate are they? That desperate.

July 18, 2013   I don't think this is true exclusively in TX. I think that the more the TRUTH about abortion comes out, the more people realize how horrible it is (graphic). The more they learn about a child's development the less they support abortion. When you find out that at nine weeks, your child has fingers, toes, lips, a nose, eyes, ears, etc., that makes the baby "more human" to those who have been told "it's just a mass of tissue". Nine weeks old and a baby has fingers and toes and it is alive, not dead, not in suspended animation. It will soon suck its thumb inside you! (I have an ultrasound pic of my son doing so inside me.) Yes. Your baby is alive and it is YOURS. Unless conceived via force, you made your choice when you chose to have sex. Now choose to not make the baby pay for your choice. Please. Choose life. Give the child up for adoption if you can't raise it. That's fine. But don't think that killing the child will make your life easier. Having an abortion can effect you the rest of your life, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It's all bad. Choose life. TX as a state is closer to choosing life.

July 18, 2013   Would he be complaining if those doing the frisking were hot college coeds? Just asking, folks.

July 18, 2013   This pastor has the right message. His congregants are blessed to have him.

July 18, 2013   NSA "analyzes" FAR MORE people's data than previously admitted. So if you're a lefty and you think they're not looking at you because you are a lefty, you're not safe either. Still support it?

July 18, 2013   piers morgan's "balls" (sorry, his word) did him NO GOOD in this debate. morgan really should have kept his "balls" out of it and his mouth shut. But libs never learn. They don't know how stupid they are until they're smacked upside the head with it. That is proven time and time and time and time again. Sorry about the language, but morgan chose the words.

July 18, 2013   Gun denied Army vet due to misdemeanor in 1971. He could have a gun to shoot America's enemies and that was hunky dorey. Now that he wants to own one privately, all of that is out the window. 2nd Amendment, anyone?

July 18, 2013   If charities are using donations to help others, that's one thing... But if they're leftist charities and they're going to be donating those donated dollars to a leftist candidate, or organization, that's wrong. Let's find out what the charities are doing with the money we dontated for them to (ostensibly) help someone in time of need. Hold them accountable for using the money you donated in the way you intended. Otherwise, they don't deserve your money.

July 18, 2013   Finally, remember: don't get too close to the animals, folks.

Until next time, See ya'!

July 17, 2013: 12:30 p.m.   For those of you who don't know, Martin DID HAVE a criminal record. So the idea that he was an "innocent child" is not just specious via the jury's finding of Not Guilty for Zimmerman because it was Martin who was the aggressor, but also because Martin did have a record. Michelle Malkin's piece today is about thevileone's attack on your 2nd Amendment rights via focusing on this case. It's all about YOUR right to carry a concealed weapon and defend yourselves. Don't you love this administration's hatred of OUR Constitutional rights?

July 17, 2013   Terrorist teen heart-throb? Rolling Stone has him, too. He kills innocent people at the Boston Marathon and he becomes a celebrity to the sicko left. That's stomach-turning. Good news is still available from one company, though. CVS has announced that they won't sell that Rolling Stone edition. I'm PROUD of CVS for taking that stand. Good for them! Shop CVS this week to say "Thank you!"

July 17, 2013   thevileone tracking your every financial transaction. Buy some groceries with your debit/credit card? They've tracked that. Go to the movies and use your card? That, too; they've got it. Go buy some undies at Macy's sale? Guess what? They know what you bought, what size it was and what color. They don't need to search your undie drawer, they've already found that on the receipt info. Don't you love knowing that thevileone knows what size, color, style of undies you wear? Maybe it will serve you well. Who knows when you'll need a presidential pardon... Oh. It's not clintoon in the Red House anymore. Sorry. It won't do you any good. They're also tracking everywhere your vehicle goes. I'm sorry. Is this America? Where is the outrage?

July 17, 2013   Spokeskid, car-toon-ey, has to lie like his boss. You cannot, after all, go out and tell the truth when your boss is lying through his teeth. That would make your boss look worse.

July 17, 2013   bernanke keeps our money's value low. He does so at thevileone's request, I'm sure. When you have someone in charge who is trying to destroy America, then all those who are below him follow suit. Isn't that special?

July 17, 2013   Coward mccain't caves to dumborats again; takes Republicans with him. So tell me, if rubio-stupido, Rand Paul, paul ryan, etc., are stuch strong, staunch, Conservatives, why can they not keep mccain't under control, instead of them following him over the cliff? In the House bonehead boehner's future would be D.O.A. if he passes an amnesty bill. Which is as it shold be.

July 17, 2013   Just part of the surveillance systems used to collect YOUR data (and mine). Do you use a "cloud" back-up service? Isn't that making it easier for them to get your info if it's all stored (backed-up) elsewhere? Personally, I stick with an external hard drive that I plug in to back up my stuff. I don't want to make it easy for them to get more info. Why make it easy? Something to think about.

July 17, 2013   Every time thevileone says something like this, he turns around and uses the "Executive Order" to do what he just said he CANNOT do. Mark my words: he'll try to use "Executive Orders" to push more "immigration reform" so that he can have more people to help him break the rules. Third term, anyone?

July 17, 2013   Genius Jeantel says it's "racist" based on ageism. What? If a teen says "N***a" that's NOT racist, but if an adult uses the same word that's racist? How absurd. Teens don't have one set of "allowed" words while adults have another. We are all Americans and we all get FULL USE of the English language according to the First Amendment. For the Genius Jeantel to say otherwise is absurd.

July 17, 2013   A poll worker who cheated FOR thevileone is going to jail. Good! Our elections should be protected more than almost anything else. If they have no integrity we cannot trust the results. Which, considering ACORN's involvement in the last two elections I do not trust the results anyways.

July 17, 2013   Her free speech trumps yours.

July 17, 2013   Hollyweird hasn't learned its lessons yet. Family movies are the best option to make money. After all, "Despicable Me 2" is doing well while others... not so much.

July 17, 2013   This is something to think about.

July 17, 2013   Watch the videos of thevileone's nominated U.N. Ambassador BEFORE you support her. She has no business representing the United States of America in anything but leaving the country and acquiring a residence somewhere in... Cuba? Russia? China? Somewhere freedom has no place.

July 17, 2013   thevileone is wanting more money, no matter what it takes. Leave the country? Don't worry. He'll get your money there, too!

July 17, 2013   Brevard County D2 candidate first look. Remember, some of the candidates may drop out; others may be added (I'm unsure about the cut off date for running). So read what's there and start now your education on the candidates and then keep current with it. It's easier that way. Do searches for their names on the internet (use multiple search engines to get different results), go to their speeches and debates, find out who they are and what they believe by not just listening to their words, but by watching their ACTIONS because they speak louder than their words. Then vote appropriately. Stay informed. You don't want another thevileone, do you?

July 17, 2013   Remember: You're getting new trash service soon. You'll have some changes:

"The curbside cart collection program will start on Sept. 30. Residents of the unincorporated areas can expect delivery of the new 64-gallon garbage cart and 64-gallon recycling cart between Aug. 1 and Sept. 27."
Here's how that happened. So if prices go up (and I bet they do), you know who to send a "Thanks for NOTHING!" card.

July 17, 2013   On that malodorus note, I shall close for today. Until next time, See ya'!

July 16, 2013: 2:57 p.m.   My latest article for Girls Just Wanna Have is now available: "Zimmerman Riots Not About Trayvon Martin's Death" is a bit controversial, but since when did I care about controversy? Remember: the DO[IN]J was involved in organizing protests.

July 16, 2013   Dershowitz says civil rights WERE broken: George Zimmerman's were trampled. Is anyone surprised, especially considering what thevileone and his DO[IN]J are doing?

July 16, 2013   Search results show 862,000 "Zimmerman verdict riot" results. That's people taking the opportunity to do wrong because they choose to do wrong. Their Moms and Dads should have raised them better.

July 16, 2013   Aaaahhhh... public colleges. Absurd.

July 16, 2013   Is thevileone tapping Zimmerman family phones? And the fallout continues: Aaaahhh.... public schools and "old school". Why don't we educate the children in how to use the English language -- and to understand it?

July 16, 2013   $2.8 MILLION: Purdue's healthcaretax bill. That's ONE university. Want your child to go to college? How much more will it cost you to get them there considering how much more they'll have to pay for health care? Yeah. thevileone did this.

July 16, 2013   IRS at it again. Now they're looking into political candidates' and donors' returns for political reasons. The IRS is NOT supposed to be doing this, but under this administration it's all okay. They do as the prezidunce wishes and they have no one to whom they answer. thevileone isn't going to stop what he orders.

July 16, 2013   thevileone hands over BILLIONS of YOUR dollars to G.E.: again.

July 16, 2013   Are his lips moving? Yep. He's lying.

July 16, 2013   I don't think this is a good idea. I just don't trust it.

July 16, 2013   This is ridiculous-extraordinnaire.

July 16, 2013   Thank you, Panama! They found this stuff headed to FROM Cuba from TO N. Korea. The little punkitator and Cuba thought they'd get away with hiding something in sugar. Nice catch, Panama!

July 16, 2013   He's done the deed, now he's silent about it? rubio-stupido has blown it on both sides and has a price to pay for doing so. His choice.

July 16, 2013   Rrrriiiiiggggghhhhhtttt.... Anyone who believes this stand on your head and spit in your ear.

July 16, 2013   Senate GOP screws up again. Surprised? Not.

July 16, 2013   Samantha Powers (U.N. Ambassador nominee) has said some bad stuff about America. That's probably why thevileone nominated her: she feels about America as does he.

July 16, 2013   I have to add this: thevilene is threatening to remove combat pay from our troops. That includes:

"About 56,000 U.S. troops stand to be stripped of combat pay, including those serving in the Persian Gulf region."
He really is vile.

July 16, 2013   I went and saw Despicable Me 2 last night. LOVED IT! I laughed until I cried. I love Minions and I love the whole storyline. I posted another Minion Monday pic and thought I'd give you a smile to close out this day's updates. So go see the movie (be prepared to laugh until you cry and your sides hurt and you have a slight headache) and have a great day! Until next time, See ya'!

July 15, 2013: 2:11 p.m.   I just sent in my latest article for It's not up yet, but I'll post a link to it when it's available. In the meantime, check out what the scotUS did to the Fifth Amendment while we weren't watching. Sigh. Kiss the Constitution goodbye.

July 15, 2013   Let us hope that the DO[IN]J is stopped by the FBI. Otherwise, George Zimmerman's legal bills will go even higher. BTW, do you appreciate this administration trying to waste your TAXPAYER DOLLARS via prosecuting (persecuting, more like) an innocent man?

July 15, 2013   Which is which?

July 15, 2013   Immigration bill has pork, bureaucracy and special treatment. Is this why you pay your taxes? To be discriminated against? To be made to pay for pork? To be taxed more for others' benefits? For instance:

"Bilingual and multilingual ski instructors made the cut in the Senate bill, thanks to Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo. (The word “ski” appears six times). Pages 1037-38 describe how they could have an easier time entering and working in the U.S. under a visa program normally reserved for athletes and entertainers and allows them to stay in the country for up to 10 years."
Welcome to the new America: Skiing and special treatment for SOME.

July 15, 2013   Thanks to thevileone's healthcaretax Part-Time is now the norm. Even restaurants and bars are only hiring part-timers. Question is, how will the tax rates handle a part-time economy? Will they have to go up in order to recoup the losses that should have been coming in with wide spread full-time employment?

July 15, 2013   Archeologists find King David era text. The Bible is proven true on a regular basis: archeology playing a huge part in doing so. How often do you hear about that, though? Yeah. There's a reason for that. If archeology is proving the Bible true, then GOD must be real and if GOD is real, then there must be a right and wrong. If there's a right and wrong, then some of the people are wallowing in their wrongdoing and that's what they want. They'd rather stay in wrongdoing than change their ways and do the right thing and follow GOD's way. It's their choice, of course, but it's also their choice to go to hell, straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. When people choose to do the wrong thing, they choose to pay the price for it. Their choice, not GOD's. He made the rules and gives people the chance to obey them. If they choose to disobey, then He can't break the rules to give them special treatment. If He did that there would be no reason to have rules at all, would there? It's your choice, folks. Do the right thing and follow GOD and His ways, or pay the price eternally. It's not up to GOD; it's up to you. He loves you and gave you the way to an eternity with Him via accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. I urge you to do so. We'll all live forever: it's up to each of us as to where.

July 15, 2013   Have you read Orwell's 1984 recently? That's what this administration is coming to. Don't go for the group-think. Stand up and fight back. The "thought police" should not get a footing here!

July 15, 2013   thevileone's healthcaretax exposes you to fraud and theft possibilities. Is that what you want? All those librarians -- and others -- who will be "helping" you sign up will also know your personal financial info. Now do you want to sign up for the NOT free healthcaretax? Do you trust them? You may wish to rethink that trust, if you do.

July 15, 2013   msthevileone advocates walking to school instead of riding bus. There are rules about how far away from the school you have to live before you get to ride a bus. So that's not far enough away, just walk. Okay. I get it. I'll advocate for the same thing if she'll walk to the places she wants to go in D.C. Or, if she'll walk to her shopping destinations in NYC. Or if she'll do nothing but walk while on another taxpayer funded Martha's Vineyard vacation. (Vacation from what? They just got back from South Africa, etc.! What is there to vacation from?!? Amazing.)

July 15, 2013   reid "at it again" and threatening to disregard the rules. Shock.

July 15, 2013   Orin Hatch did the right thing? Orin Hatch? WOW! U.N. Treaty NOT good for America and Hatch dissected it on the floor and did a good job of it. I'm shocked. I'm pleased, but surprised he actually did the right thing.

July 15, 2013   If you don't like corporations getting special treatment, you shouldn't support the "Go8" amnesty bill. Because in that bill corporations get special treatment.

July 15, 2013   What do you think of cities charging groups to do workouts in the parks? Personally, I don't think it's right. Their taxpayer dollars are already paying for the park, using it is their right as owners of the parks! Hello!

July 15, 2013   Traditional marriage (emphasis on "TRADITIONAL") guards children against poverty. The multiple benefits of traditional marriage should be part of the reason we stand with traditional marriage. It's best for all concerned with America's well-being as well as our children's well-being.

July 15, 2013   Shades of "Minority Report". Scans to predict which prisoners will "reoffend"? What about "innocent until proven guilty", anyone remember that?

July 15, 2013   Bare Bones 2014 Brevard County Budget: thanks to Tipton. This is another way to get a tax increase. Notice that it cuts the things that make people react:

  • Parks & Recreation: -16.39%
  • Brevard County Fire Rescue, which includes ambulances and beach lifeguards: -3.3%.

  • Emergency Management Office: -5.9%

  • Natural Resources Management: -32.19%

  • Utility Services (water supply, distribution, collection): -2.51%

  • The proposed budget cuts 35 positions, leaves county employees without a pay raise for the third straight year
If this were a serious budget: one meant to pass, it would put OTHER things in the cuts, not the stuff that is important to people. Instead, this farce gives the following increases:
  • County Manager's Office: +19.22%

  • County Attorney: +5.87%

  • County Commissioners: +1.82%

  • Animal Services: +3.34%

  • Library Services: +1.42%

  • Planning & Development: +36.55%

  • Solid Waste: +10.54%

  • SCGTV: +0.72%

  • Transist Services (includes SCAT bus): +8.04%
If this were a serious budget instead of a farce meant to be reworked, voted down, etc., he would have done the County Manager's office as taking a hit, scott snotty's office as taking a cut, and SCGTV doing the same, as well as others. But, not. Target police, fire and parks and everyone's in an uproar and they get to do whatever they want because the public won't support this sort of "farce budget". This is the kind of "budgeting" I'd expect from the Port St. John For Tomorrow group, not a real County Manager. I suppose having a title doesn't always mean having a brain.

July 15, 2013   Representative Steve King says "pressure House Republicans" to stop amnesty bill. Target those in VA, SC and OH. Lots of pressure would be a good thing right now.

July 15, 2013   So cool. A blue planet 63 light years away. We'll never find our way there, but it's still cool.

July 15, 2013   Well that's all for today, folks! See ya'!

July 12, 2013: 9:58 p.m.   Sorry about the late start. Got up and did housework, went to my doctor's appointment then did some grocery shopping, then some other shopping and then came home to supper and spend some time with my family. Good news from the doctor: My doctor said that my blood work was "perfect"! My HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and everything else were all excellent! That's a good thing. No cholesterol problems. No nothing. It's a good thing. I told them the joy of the Lord is a healthy thing! Proven right yet again. Not bad for an old lady. So on with just a few blurbs: important things only.

July 12, 2013   Secret is out: meeting with liberal journalists and thevileone. Meeting with just the liberal journalists means he's asking them to do something that will favor his ideas. Question is: which liberal journalist has enough integrity to remember the journalistic creed about "unbiased reporting" and will refuse to do thevileone's bidding? Anyone wanna' lay money on the number "Zero"?

July 12, 2013   One down, worse to come. How much you wanna' bet the person who replaces jnap is worse than she? Even money.

July 12, 2013   A leaky leak about leaking leaks? Wait. Is that right?

July 12, 2013   Silicon valley supports "Go8" immigration bill. They need to consider what it will do to their taxes and the cost of their healthcare program. Or, maybe they have and they're just so liberal that they don't give a crap about their employees, they just wanna' kiss thevileone's backside? Who knows. Whichever. It's their loss as well as ours. BTW, paulryan is pushing the thing, too. Whatsupwiththat? Oh, yeah. House R's doing their OWN DREAM act, illegal immigration bill. Everyone in a Federally elected position is trying to destroy America. Doesn't that tell you anything?

July 12, 2013   LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Too funny!

July 12, 2013   pelosipig is in denial, insane, or both.

July 12, 2013   Aaaahhhhh.... public schools == again.

July 12, 2013   Perry to run for prez: he's off to Israel. That's a sure sign of a presidential bid. I don't think I'd like a president who orders parents to sign over their parental rights and allow the state to make their daughters get vaccinated with Gardasil and all of its potential problems. Don't like that he even considered taking away parental rights -- for anything. The fact that he actually did it gives me pause when it comes to presidential power.

July 12, 2013   TX Senate to debate 20 week abortion limit bill. Baby-killers to attend and yell, scream, disrupt and generally make fools of themselves by being as ugly and irresponsible as possible. Shock.

July 12, 2013   Republican House lets thevileone's buddy slide on perjury. What? Like they had the gonads to do something right?

July 12, 2013   Black Panthers (voter intimidators) plan "rebellion" if Zimmerman acquitted. No matter what the verdict is, no matter what you think of Zimmerman's guilt or innocence, no matter what, to plan for violence is to plan for wrong. Everyone who participates should be arrested and jailed. If anyone gets injured, full charges should be pressed.

July 12, 2013   I shall stop for tonight. I hope to have the time to post tomorrow. If the weather is clear enough, I may be able to work on my sculpture. We'll see. Until next time (and if my doc is checking out this website, "Hi!), See ya'!

July 11, 2013: 6:40 p.m.   Is Zimmerman trial getting pressured by thevileone's admin? If so, how can there be a fair trial for Zimmerman? Something's fishy here. The DO[IN]J sends folks down to the Zimmerman trial to stir up trouble and ensure that there are protests depending on the verdict, and now this? Hmmmm... Can Zimmerman get a fair trial while this tyrant is in power? If he can railroad Zimmerman, who can he NOT railroad? Or is there another plan in action?

July 11, 2013   Hank is out and about again. He is getting around a lot lately.

July 11, 2013   HuffPo shocked that their readers supported STOPPING abortion after 20 weeks. I suppose they thought most of their liberal lefties would support abortion no matter what: even partial-birth baby-killing. I am glad they don't know America as well as they thought on this issue. There must be limits -- until we can get the complete outlawing of baby-killing.

July 11, 2013   Solyndra friend of thevileone won't face charges. Shock. Absolutely shocked. (Not.)

July 11, 2013   reid decides to go "nuclear". If he had an atom in his head to split, that would be feasible. Too bad he hasn't got an atom in there: it's a vacuum, a total vacuum. Break the rules left and right. Rules don't matter. Why would they matter?

July 11, 2013   Gas prices set to rise again. $3.39+ isn't high enough for them, they have to make them higher? Don't you love this administration for making sure YOU go broke?

July 11, 2013   Why is thevileone doing this? Why?

July 11, 2013   thevileone is buying ads to sell healthcaretax. Ummm... It's a LAW. Why are they trying to sell us on a LAW that is apparently ENFORCEABLE? If it's so wonderful, wouldn't we all go running TOWARD it and not AWAY from it? So they're buying ads that are needed to convince us to obey a stupid law they FORCED on us (unconstitutional as it was). Does this make any sense to you?

July 11, 2013   Microsoft cooperated with thevileone to allow them to spy on you and read your e-mails? Isn't that lovely?

July 11, 2013   More people losing their health care due to thevileone's plan. Isn't that wonnerful? People really did want that.

July 11, 2013   Divide and conquer: that's thevileone's plan. It's also another way to destroy America. Whatever tool he can use, he does.

July 11, 2013   msthevileone's school lunches aren't being bought by the kids. Anyone with half a brain can understand why. I know a few people locally who are covered by that assertion. Names won't be mentioned, but you know to whom I refer.

July 11, 2013   Politicians no longer have a sense of shame. spitzer, weiner, gingri[N]ch, clintoon, etc., etc., etc. (we could be here all night with that list!); none of them seem to think that what they did is wrong, nor worth getting out of the political limelight. Either they have no shame, no sense of propriety, or power is just so addictive that it blots out all sense of right and wrong. I think it's probably both.

July 11, 2013   Christians targeted in Egypt again. I think the religion of "Peace and tolerance" is way beyond their tolerance level. Why do we put up with this?

July 11, 2013   I agree with this guy. I think "Ooops!" is a big problem.

July 11, 2013   Student loans slashed on backs of poor? Read it and find out what I'm talking about.

July 11, 2013   That's enough for me tonight. I'm tired after spending so much time in the heat this morning. I wish you all well and I will be late posting tomorrow because I have another appointment, as you know. Have a great evening and until next time, See ya'!

July 10, 2013: 6:59 p.m.   This app kinda'... reminds me of something that just happened to me. I wonder why?

July 10, 2013: 5:35 p.m.   JW proves: thevileone's eric holder, USAG, is orchestrating the unrest against Zimmerman. thevileone's attorney general is making sure there will be protests. That's stomping on Zimmerman's Constitutional civil rights, but since when did the prezidunce care about the Constitution? That, and the fact that he likes to stir the race pot because that's who he is, and you get a lowdown, dirty, racist, scumbag as our prezidunce. Question: Is eric holder behind the "Free Jahar" chanters, too? Would you put it past him?

July 10, 2013   Cantor: delay healthcaretax individual mandate. No. Just get rid of the bill altogether. Destroy it like thevileone is trying to destroy America.

July 10, 2013   Judicial Watch, Standing Strong! Excellent! This is an important issue that will play an important part of the future of America. Let us not let this one go on without trying to stop it!

July 10, 2013   "Peace and tolerance" tortures Christians.

July 10, 2013   I know bonehead boehner too well to be too surprised by this. He's pushing immigration reform behind closed doors. Shock: NOT!

July 10, 2013   This bill's got a snowball's chance... Anyone betting on this coming to reality? Not I.

Juy 10, 2013   Is this ironic, stupidity on display, or govenment control? I'll not offer my opinion on this one. Some may not like it; others will agree wholeheartedly. What his actions wrought is police brutality and maybe illegality. But that's okay nowadays for the police to get brutal with Conservatives. It's okay. Conservatives deserve it.

July 10, 2013   Destruction is the goal of lefties: marriage included. For thevileone it is America he wants to destroy. Homosexuals want to destroy traditional marriage and the traditional family. They're pushing hard to do so. If they get their way, marriage will no longer be a state issue, but a religious issue only. Then they'll go after religion and try to destroy that. It is, after all, the modus operandi of the left: destroy things step by step, one by one, until there is nothing good left. Game, set and match.

July 10, 2013   dumborat, gov. quinn (IL), suspends legislators' pay as he throws a hissy fit. They didn't do what he wanted them to so he's punishing them. Waaaahhhhhhh... He should grow up. What AM I saying? He's a dumborat, incapable of doing so. Sorry. I momentarilly forgot.

July 10, 2013   Pro-LIFE of BABIES is making a strong come back. I think that's EXCELLENT! I think that as we teach people the TRUTH about this issue they've started changing from pro-baby-killing to pro-baby-living and that is as it should be. Just think what the implications are for the homosexual community and teaching the truth about homosexuality. Or the big government community and us teaching the TRUTH about big government. The implications are enormous and as long as we Conservatives are willing to keep teaching, America will keep turning back to its roots and its Christian heritage. (Which, to most liberals, is the real problem: Christianity is not their thing.)

July 10, 2013   Gitmo terrorists still on hunger strike: Malkin "Cry me a river." Bwahahahaha! It's their choice not to eat. I thought all lefties were pro-choice. If they choose to die, let them. The food is still being offered. It's their choice. No one is forcing them to not eat.

July 10, 2013   IF THIS DOESN'T TELL YOU WHAT THEVILEONE THINKS OF US, NOTHING WILL!!! Some of you still won't see it.

July 10, 2013   Rahm emmanuel "going around new law". Ho. Hum. Yawn. Tell me something I didn't expect.

July 10, 2013   HURRAY FOR TEXAS!!! They did GREAT!!

July 10, 2013   I think I shall close on that good news today. Hope you have a wonderful night and that I see you back here tomorrow. Until next tie, See ya'!

July 10, 2013: 12:59 a.m.   The problem with this is not just that HE ORDERED IT, but that some of them will actually do it. They won't be thinking for themselves, won't be independent enough to figure out that what the prezidunce wants is NOT what's best for America! It's what HE wants and ONLY what HE wants. Tyrant is as Tyrant does.

July 10, 2013   NSA spying on Latin Americans, too. So why does that not surprise me?

July 10, 2013   House to vote on bill prohibiting IRS enforcement of thevileone's healthcaretax. That would be nice. Too bad the dumborat controlled Senate